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The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

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  • I had my weekly weigh-in yesterday and I was down to an all-time low weight for me. I tipped the scales at 86.6 kilos. My ultimate goal is 85 kilos so only 1.6 kilos away now.

    Yay, excellent result, Neil. You put it all down to the exercise?

    Well considering I rode 300 kilometers that week and loaded up on carbs before and during my big ride in the weekend, I’d say yes, it was mostly the exercise.

    I’ve forgotten, how long have you been on 5:2, Neil? P

    Hi PVE, I started on the 23rd January 2019 weighing 131.5 kilos, so I’ve lost 45 kilos in about 13 months. I started with the fast800 for the first 12 weeks, switched to 4:3, then 5:2, now I’m close to goal and exercising a lot more I’m down to 6:1, I fast on Monday’s.

    Well done, Neil. Now the hard bit…long term maintenance.
    We started in 2013. Lost about 30kg each, reaching our goals in 12 months, and have maintained this, more or less. We keep experimenting with different approaches (5:2, 6:2, 18:6 etc). It seems to require constant revamping to stay focused.
    How are you going to approach the long term? P

    I’m comfortable with 6:1 at the moment. I weigh myself weekly so my plan is to keep monitoring my weight, and if it starts to slip, I’ll go back to recording my food and up the fast days. I think the key will be to keep weighing myself. In the past I’ve lost 15-20 kilos and then stopped weighing myself, slipped back to my old eating habits and gained it all back.

    Congratulations, Neil. And I’m sure you’ll find that IF is the only way to lose weight and maintain. As I said before, we’re at risk of complacency now. Still doing 16:8, though.

    We (Mr P and I) weigh every morning, habitually. Not monitoring, taking your eye off the ball, is the biggest contributor to regaining.
    We have kept up 5:2 for years as I find the twice weekly “reset” is what keeps us on the track. For medical reasons, we stopped 6 months ago. We have been doing 18:6 instead. It really is not as effective, long term.
    We are in our late 60s. It seems the older you get, the less and less food you need. 🤔 P

    Urgh, I’m struggling at the moment. Always down when we come back from America and OH buying treats for me. I’m considering myself lucky to be on top wriggle room.

    With all the virus panic buying, it’s lucky we are all so good at fasting. We might need to implement a new fasting regimen … and it won’t hurt any of us by the sound of it! 😉😉

    Had a bounce-back this week. I gained 1.3 kilos over the week, I’m guessing it’s from the sugar that I ate in the few days while recovering from my big bike ride. I’m hoping that next week it will all even out.

    Happy says we are all yo-yo dieting. We just yo-yo in tiny bumps.
    Weigh every day, first thing Neil, to understand the natural fluctuations. P

    Oh-oh, I am fluctuating. Lost 3lbs since my Sunday shock. No carbs did the trick. 😁. Grumpies lunch on Thursday, followed by Dining club that same night. Have to choose carefully.

    Morning everyone. I hope you’re all safe in these surreal times. We’re finding no problem with our 16:8 daily routine, but from the boredom of staying in, my mind is straying to chocolate. I’m set on top wriggle room, but that’s ok.

    I do feel that Johnson and the Tories are seeing their chickens come home to roost, with their running down of the NHS over the last ten years.

    Take care, everyone.

    Similar story here, Poll. I woke up this morning needing to eat. Sometimes stress does that! A bit like being on the Titanic at present. 😒

    Interestingly, tonight on Aus tv is Eat, Fast and Live Longer! Wow! only 7 years old, but I guess there might be a captive audience and lots of chance for people to fast now!!!

    Seems I’ve been locked out again for quite a while. I thought you were all quiet! 😊

    I haven’t weighed for a while (I’m depressed enough), but can tell from my clothes I’m ok. I’m still following 16:8 and as gym has now closed my husband and I are doing a long walk each day, to relieve boredom but also to keep the weight under a bit of control.

    I’ve been thinking of chocolate a bit too but so far resisting.

    I hope everyone is going as well as they can be right now. Polly, I hope your family in the US are ok.

    We’re all ostracized now, borders closed even amongst the states here in Aus so no contact with family til god knows when. We were 3 days out from flying to Canada when they closed their borders but probably a blessing in hindsight. I wonder if we’ll ever get over there again 😥

    Hi across the closed border, Carol. You WERE lucky to not end up in Canada.
    I think all we can do is look after ourselves and weather this terrible storm. Keep safe. P

    I agree, you were lucky with timing, Carol. For the past two years we were were in America in March, OH’s birthday and Mothers’ Day there. The boys have been off school for a fortnight, son and wife working from home and taking turns to teach and entertain. Luckily they have a huge garden. I’m also worrying whether we’ll ever see them again.

    We did tai chi via a zoom site this morning. It was great to see people, especially since I’ve missed the last two. It’s a gorgeous day here, do I need to do a bit in the garden. Don’t feel like it, as I had a night of worrying last night.
    Take care, everyone.

    Ditto here Poll. 4am now, but I’ve been lying here, worrying for 2 hours. I get the feeling we are all just waiting to catch the virus at some point, and hope it isn’t a severe infection for us (Or anyone else!) That IS the reality until they develop a vaccine, and can somehow administer it, or everyone just stops by themselves until the virus dies out. Neither scenario seems likely.
    Sorry gang. Wee small hours…you know what it’s like! P

    All too well, Purple.

    Hi All,

    Scary surreal times for everyone! I’ve not been sleeping well either and I’m making no headway at all with my weight. I’m currently sitting between 2-3kg over my (former) upper maintenance limit despite 2 fasts per week and more exercise.

    Luckily I’m in lockdown at home, which means gardening and long walks over the fields… not hard to socially distance when you live in the middle of nowhere.

    Of course it does mean that the OH and I won’t be going our separate ways for maybe a year (unless one of us dies…!). But at least the weather’s picked up so we won’t be trapped in the house together….

    Stay safe everyone!

    These times are tough enough when you are isolated with someone you, usually, enjoy spending time with. Fingers crossed you get good weather to hang out with the chickens, Happy.
    We are having daily cooking experiments. One meal each. Must be appetizing, varied and healthy. Now that I’ve found an online food shop (not many groceries, but mainly fruit, veg and meats) we can experiment a bit, but don’t have to leave home. It also gives me a break to do something else for part of the day!
    Lots of video calls with family is also saving my sanity, a bit.
    Keep safe folks. P

    Dear all, an update from Down Under. We are in the third day of a national lockdown, only essential services open, a handful of people in ICU. On Tuesday we moved into our new home, so grateful that we managed this before the movers were forced to cease work. We are well set up, comfortable and functional, so I will just empty one or two boxes each day. We have 3,000 sqm of lawn and garden, so plenty there to keep me busy. We were going to buy the vendors’ ride-on mower, but it conked out just before we settled, and with the lockdown we cannot either buy a replacement or hire anyone to mow the grass, so will be making hay in a month!

    After a rotten row of nights, I have finally had a good night’s sleep. Long may it last – I did improve in that department six months ago when we first moved north, so fingers crossed.

    I have been hearing a bit about Zoom, Polly, must have a look once we have internet connected! 🙁 Not until next Wednesday, drat it, so currently using phone data.

    Permission to facilitate your OH’s demise, Happy, if really pushed 🙂

    Stay safe, all.

    Zoom is brilliant, B. Easy to sign up, and when you “start a meeting” it will send an email to one of your contacts. They don’t need to download an app, just click on the link! You can have up to 4 people in the meeting. We’ve had quite a few family “meetings” across the country.
    I’m finding it such a relief to be able to actually see everyone in their home environment, interacting. It is a fantastic resource. I hope you get connected and can join the fun. Cheers P

    We are told 1 April. Stuff-up by vendors’ ISP. With two children in Aus and a son in a tiny apartment in Wellington it would be good to have some family ‘gatherings’

    Wow, Barata, you will be busy! We’ve got a bit more land, but part of it is a small grassy paddock that the hens use, and I find the rest of it fairly overwhelming to keep on top of! I guess it’s very early days in the new home to know what plans you’ve got for it but you will enjoy being outside getting familiar with it.

    I’m just having an early breakfast (porridge) before getting out. I’ve got a large compost bin to empty and barrow the contents up a slope to the veg patch… with hindsight, it might have been better to build the compost bins at the top of the garden…! By which time my arms will be done in (my upper body weedy after winter inactivity!). But if I can still move I have vegetable seeds to sow.

    I’m feeling surprisingly positive, I guess the garden and polytunnel have given me a focus and purpose in these uncertain times.

    Fasting went well this week, although I’m still nearly 3kg over where I want to be.

    Oh blow!

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