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  • I blame COVID too Purple. Comfort baking and eating πŸ€”. It’s very cold and very wet here at present, bored to tears. It’s been a few years since we’ve been in Aus for a full winter πŸ˜• so it’s going to be quite long and hard uNless by some miracle Qu opens its borders and we can go up there at least.

    Hi, everyone. I’m still around top wriggle room, but very fed up! Thanks to friends posting memory pictures from a few years ago, I’m thinking I’d like to put a few pounds on – but of course, they wouldn’t be on my face where I need them.

    Chocolate has increased its appeal over this period and portions have crept up. Strangely, OH had a telephone Consultation with the practice nurse on Monday and was told that his diabetes medication is to be halved. Then I found dropped crumbs, large ones, of the biscuits left behind by the boys, which OH had eaten.

    I’ve been thinking about you and sleeping, Barata. I’m having a bad spell. I have to make sure I’m exhausted to go to sleep, then I often wake in the early hours.

    The weather forecast was very good, but it’s actually disappointing. Goodness know how we will manage if this whole social distancing continues in the winter.

    I doubt Qld will open their borders, Carol. You know you can come here…we didn’t close our borders…we believe in a Federation!πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ 18 deg and sunny is pretty good winter weather.
    Polls, does your OH have Type 2D? Mr P was able to go from insulin dependent to no drugs at all within a year of starting 5:2. And it still works 8 years later! He tests his blood sugars every day and has excellent results. Fasting is a miracle!!! P

    Yes, OH has type 2. I remember you posting about your OH. and tried to convince mine. But he’s hopeless. We should be clearing the dumping ground behind the garage today. He said his arthritis is playing up.

    Good timing πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been creeping up over the last 3 months but a lot of it seems to be muscle gain because I’ve been doing a lot of cycling and running.

    Well, some good news today! OH had a telephone consultation with the practice nurse today. His recent blood test shows he’s now just in the pre-diabetes range. So that’s why his meds have been halved. Possible bonus from not eating out for three months?

    OOo.. I hope that can be my excuse. I have upped my excercise significantly since iso started…but I wouldn’t rely on it. πŸ˜‰

    I was worried because I gained around 2-3 kilos over 3 months, but I didn’t feel fatter, so I got my wife to take a picture of me with my top off and I compared it to the one I took when I first hit my goal weight, and I seemed to have less fat and more muscle definition, so you can’t always go by what the scales say πŸ˜‰

    Sounds great, Neil. Well done.
    Scales are always only a guide…there are many variables in living organisms. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

    Wish I could say it’s muscle Neil, but I know it’s not πŸ˜‚.

    Good news for your OH Polly, surely that gives him incentive to keep going?

    All Borders meant to open in July Purple, so we will get there eventually.

    I heard Boris saying this morning England is allowing the elderly out of their homes and have eased a few other restrictions.

    I’ve heard through others Boris ignored the plight of the elderly in nursing homes and deaths in nursing homes are not included in CV death toll. Does that sound right?

    The UK Care Home deaths weren’t originally included. They eventually had too. Appalling attitude.
    Stupid Boris has said “No more 2 metre distancing”. He’s relying on ‘British common sense ‘. Hmm.. hasn’t worked too well so far!
    With Victoria having a rise in infections due to family gatherings, I can’t see Qld letting anyone in. 😐 You could holiday here, Carol, then do 2 weeks at home in iso on return. πŸ€”πŸ€”

    I don’t know when the trans-Tasman bubble will open up, with the new cases, as you mention P, in Victoria, and returning Kiwis testing positive en masse over the last week.

    Ha, don’t get me started on Boris Johnson! He wanted to be the cheery upbeat peoples PM, not a bringer of bad news. Hence the UK is pretty much open as normal just in time for summer. He’s completely moved responsibility for controlling the spread of covid to under-resourced local councils, businesses and individuals. But the rightwing tabloids and the masses are lapping it up! What a good bloke Boris is!! Grrr.

    Neil, I’ve been doing a lot more walking and running during lockdown and I’m hoping that some of my extra weight is muscle not fat! Certainly my legs are in better shape although my middle is still a bit squidgy…

    I’ve been doing back to back fast days for the last few weeks as a Mon/Thurs type regime wasn’t having any effect. The change in routine seems beneficial in terms of weight maintenance through the week and appetite/satiety control and there is a glacially slow creep downwards on the scale. Still 1kg over the top of my wriggle room, but that’s 2kg below my original goal weight, and it’s an OK weight for me. In fact I’m not sure I want to drop down under 60kg again (she says, like there’s any chance of getting there 🀣).

    On the subject of weight and health, outcomes from covid infection are far worse for overweight people with underlying health conditions. You’d hope it would be a wakeup call for people to look after themselves a bit better….

    Oh really Barata, hadn’t heard that. Seems you’re fine as long as you stay home πŸ˜•

    The whole Covid business has been a farce. Why introduce a quarantine now when people are returning from places with low rates of infection? It should have been imposed in February and March for Italy, the skiing season, and China, of course.

    That said, I am prepared to take some risk, as this is no way to live. There’s been an ominous upsurge in Wales this week, three factories, at different extremes of the country, have big numbers of infection in the staff. All three process meat, and ready meals. The common factor seems to be a cold, damp atmosphere. That doesn’t augur well for the winter.

    I’m with happy in the subject of our bumptious, mendacious PM, nor his crew of chancers.

    Yes, they should have had quarantineing from the beginning in the UK, but they still need it now. The virus is all over the world. There is no vaccine or cure, so it is not the time to act as if it is winding down. It isn’t. We just have a greater understanding of how it spreads (human contact) and how to contain it (keep humans apart).
    Interesting Happy, I’d forgotten that we had decided, before, that a change of fasting protocol often kick starts the system again. I am finding I am less hungry and portion sizes have dropped again, after switching from 16:8, back to 5:2. And considering it is midwinter, that is surprising.
    My calf muscles have definitely grown with all the walking and hiking, but my middle is very squidgy. I have no intention of starting abs exercises though! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I had a good result last week doing back to back fasts in desperation to get rid of some of what I’d put on, with 16:8 rest of the week. I’ve cut down portion size, tossed out all the CHO, just having veggies and 1 piece of fruit a day, doing 16:8 but creeping up again this week. Looks like B2B might be my norm for a while, hope it works.

    My calf muscles are great too! πŸ˜‚

    Polly, it was said the reason we’ve done so well in Aus is because it was summer here when the virus started. We’ve had an increase now in Victoria, maybe that’s linked with the winter weather, maybe not.

    I’ve started meeting friends for the odd coffee but have to say it’s not as fun as I was expecting. There’s little to talk about because we’re not doing anything so spend most of the time talking about CV and how bad things are. Not quite the uplifting experience I need. πŸ˜„

    The Victorian infections are a result of low paid workers who were employed to look after quarantined travellers, getting ill and not isolating. Then, transmitting it to family members at large get-togethers where they didn’t distance. Even when ill, people went back to work as they couldn’t afford not to work. Many were non English speaking and did not get current factual info about what to do.
    How on earth does this happen? It can spread SO quickly from this. Luckily contact tracing and testing are very high priority within the affected areas. Hopefully they can jump on it.

    I heard a little bit more detail about who was involved in the spread in the news tonight.

    That raises an issue IVe been thinking about today and that is how are non English speakers or people who’s English is their second language getting the information. At all the press releases there’s an Auslan interpreter but I don’t hear anything about how information is being disseminated to other non English groups.

    SBS has done a lot with a variety of languages, but obviously that is always going be limited, and leaves out all the people who don’t watch SBS. 🀨

    “Oh God!” I hear you cry. It’s that Hermaj person come back to have another moan.

    Not so, apart from sharing in Pol and Happy’s rants about the major “***k-ups and impending disasters created by the Boris and his band of merry morons. I can’t help thinking that our apology for a prime minister has chosen the 4th of July to implement the new rules as an excuse for a transatlantic bunfight with the Clockwork Orange.

    Far from whinging, I can report that I and Him Indoors have so far weathered the storm uninjured and are both pleased to find that face-stuffing has not been on the lockdown agenda. We’ve managed to fast and even lose a kilo or two. HI has been able to devote a lot of time to the garden, with very encouraging results, while I’m beginning to see translation jobs trickling in.

    I’m also in the last stages of an on-line course on writing for children with Cambridge Uni’s Institute of Continuing Education. Good brain exercise. I’m finding it just as tough as a Master’s. Being somewhat short of imagination, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this kind of writing, but I did get a hearty round of cyber applause from tutor and fellow students for a 250-word story told by a ginger moggy celebrating his 13th birthday – i.e. his 68th in human years. He’s fit and full of energy but is finding it increasingly difficult to jump onto his owner’s bed, his favourite kipping spot.

    It’s because of the most recent exercise in storytelling that I’ve come to seek advice and information from any UK practising or recently-retired teachers among us, although I’ve no doubt those mates, like Purple, based further afield might able to help.

    The story is about an 11-year-old who has just switched from primary to secondary school, who is a nice, bright, well-behaved kid, but is suffering from a clear case of social anxiety.

    Fast forward and her condition is much improved by a sympathetic, qualified person who leads her through Jung’s 3-animal game – first 3 animals that immediately come to the mind define 1) how the patient sees themself; 2) how they think others see them and 3) how they really are. The game is fun but also revealing in a positive way.

    I used my three – bear, penguin and elephant – as a topic of conversation for my Spanish degree oral exam conducted by three Spanish native speakers. It got me a First for that module, no doubt because of its entertainment value. All the examiners joined in and the session ended with one small, dainty lady announcing “I think I’m a ladybird”.

    My question is, who would normally suggest that the child should take part in this game – or treatment of any sort, what would be the process leading up to this form of treatment?

    Would the class teacher begin by talking to the Head Teacher, who would in turn invite the parents to come into school to discuss the problem?

    Might the case have been referred to an educational psychologist? Might the teacher herself whom the child trusts – and who (conveniently) read Psychology at uni- be able to play the game herself?- obviously with parents’and the Head’s consent.

    Guidance would be hugely helpful. I would hate to screw up a promising story by writing incorrect rubbish. I’ve put the same question to fellow students who are, or have been teachers. It only went up yesterday so no joy so far.

    I would do it if I were the girl’s form tutor. Probably discuss my concerns with head of house, but I’ve had to try a few things to get some kids to loosen up. My usually technique is to get them to see that I’m equally daft and insecure sometimes. The case is highly likely to have referred to an Ed psych – the ones around here tended to be failed teachers mid want to avoid medicalisation if possible.

    I need to start my entry for this year’s U3A short story comp, too. I have my character and situation, but not sure non how I get her there.

    Thank you Pol, that makes a lot of sense. Because a picture book is what it called for, (thankfully we don’t have to do the illustrations ourselves), our tutor was a bit uneasy at the idea of an 11-year-old as the central character, simply because it would not appeal to kids of the same age, which means publishers would no doubt turn their noses up.

    So I’ve put the unhappy child in Year 2 – ages 6 to 7. She has moved to a new school because Dad has landed a very good job a long, long way from their previous home, and Mum is an artist who is happy to move to nicer surroundings and more space.

    Good luck with you U3A short story competition entry. Once the writing for kids comes to an end, I’m seriously considering another ICE online course on short story writing,

    Fascinating, Hermaj. Best of luck getting the realism, and for many more! Our friend the published author?

    Not sure about published author, Barata. Published translator, certainly, hundreds of times over,and nearly always acknowledged in print. See minute 1.40,

    where I appear right alongside author and illustrator,both kind and very helpful (not all of them are!!). Translated from German it’s still one of my very favourite jobs.

    I wasn’t married to Himself at that point and was still using the surname of my half-Spanish ex. On colleagues advice I’ve since gone double-barrelled, in their words, “to keep the name under which you have built your reputation”. Now I’m like the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, except my first husband wasn’t assassinated and my second isn’t stinking rich. πŸ™‚

    Beautiful book, Hermaj, and just saw your name in type! As for the Jackie reference, I think you are much better off without the husbands of renown!

    Hi, folks. I’ve been in a bit of a dither this week. I thing I might want to gain a few pounds in the hope that I can fill out my face a bit. They’d probably go on my waist though. Not eaten much for a week because of two lost fillings, the temporary ones out in by my dentist just before lockdown and emergency care only. My tongue was catching on the edges, making it sore and swollen. I was lisping like Lisa Nandy.

    Had to go over the border to a private dentist in Chester. He will do the whole treatment now,,including crown. I dare not risk waiting for Welsh dentists to open.

    Anyway, thinking about you in Melbourne. That was a shock to see the spikes again. My friend said the lockdown is very there now.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Poor you, Polly. Teeth cutting into your mouth is horrible. I wear a mouth guard at night to limit teeth grinding and to stop the damage I do to my tongue!
    I don’t think any of our Maintenance gang are from Melbourne. I’m from Sydney. Sadly, they’ve become the pariahs of Australia now, just when their school holidays were starting and they thought they could travel. It seems the Vic Govt has mishandled their quarantine system by employing dodgy private security firms. In Sydney, wr use the Navy. They had that option too. The numbers are still low (70 today), but we all know a lot about exponential growth now!
    I agree, put on weight and the last place it goes, when you are older, is on the face. 😏 The tummy and upper arms do well on it. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
    I hope you sort your dental problems. P

    We had crocodile sausages for dinner tonight. Sustainable, farmed salt-water crocs. Healthy, tasty food.

    Yes, our friends complained about the private security firm – Boris type jobs for mates? Their son has finished his hospital stint in Melbourne and needs to restart in Coffe Bay. They’ve been told they can travel as key workers and our friends as key carers. They are desperate to get home here, though NO indication of when Quantas will fly internationally though

    Crocodile sausages! eeK!

    The croc sausages were great, and as Mr P said, “Better than them eating us!” πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Etihad are flying from here to the UK, but our COVID cases, even in hotspots in Melbourne are negligible compared with the UK.

    I had a good week last week, I had a drop on the scales for the first time in about 7 weeks. I dropped a whole 0.9 kilos to sit right on my goal weight.

    Spot o, Neil! How did you do it? P

    Hi PVE – I cut out my weekend alcohol, cut my daily flat white coffee down to just on my 3 bigger calorie days, and continued my exercise regime. I’ll keep that going for the rest of July and see how I get on.

    It’s interesting how small changes can make a big difference. I’ve cut back white cards this week and the weight dropped. Who would have thought? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ€£

    Keep up the good work Neil and Purple!

    Hope your mouth is now a lot more comfortable Polly.

    I like the idea of the croc sausages purple. 😊

    Coles sells the croc sausages, Carol. Very quick to bbq and lovely with chutney and a salad. πŸ™‚

    Well done, Neil. I found minimal milk in coffee worked for me. I didn’t drink alcohol when I was actively wanting to lose weight. Deffo need my nightly glass of wine now, though.

    I have a normal sized tongue now, thanks, Carol. Off for the impression prior to crown shortly. What’s the dental care system in Australia? Private provision is increasing in the. U.K. , although we have to pay a proportion of the NHS cost if we choose that. I think this private guy will cost me about Β£400 more.

    In Australia we have Medicare, like the NHS, but many of us also have private medical insurance…it allows us to get immediate attention, choice of doctor and hospital, but costs are rising as the younger generations aren’t signing up. Medicare doesn’t cover dental. They have been fighting for years to include it. There is a public dental service, very minimal, takes forever, hence our private cover.

    I forgot to add, because Australia is a Federation of States, it becomes complex. Each State has a Health Department that looks after hospitals, while the Federal (or Commonwealth) Government takes care of GPs etc, so it is not black and white. With the corona virus, states would prefer you to go to a GP (Federal funding), while the Federal Govt would rather you went to a hospital. It’s all who pays the bill that matters! πŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺ
    That’s why each state is getting ansty about others if they are perceived to mishandle the pandemic, as their own health department is in charge of how it will be handled if virus carriers come over the border. 🀨

    Oh, dear. Worse than the U.K. from that point of view, then.
    What struck me about this private guy I saw was, in spite of him being very charming, he has an amazing Audi sports car parked outside – personalised plate, of course, and the lavish nature of the building and furnishings. I think a lot of money is being made from cosmetic dentistry now.

    Not if you can afford private insurance 😢😢😢

    Can the average person afford it?

    It’s all about priorities. I don’t think you can afford not to. One son agrees. My daughter is more than happy with the public system. She says it runs rings around the NHS (She used to work with them in the UK.) The trouble is, many in our generation started paying private insurance when we first left home, and it didn’t cost much. Now, fewer and fewer are members, and they tend to be older (and more expensive), so the price has gone up a lot. But, I don’t gamble. I don’t want to leave, having paid in for so long. We were totally covered for all Mr P’s expenses, last year, and he was able to be operated on immediately. Happy’s husband had a very different experience with the NHS. P

    Good morning, friends. We’ve all gone very quiet lately.
    I hope everyone is well, wherever you are. I’m still hearing how bad things are in Victoria, as I have a lovely ex-pupil who teaches there. My friend and her family made it across the border with hours to spare and they are still looking after grandson while the parents work, both doctors.
    Happy, I hope you’re not inundated with tourists in Cumbria. Lots of problems here.

    Well, weight wise, I went over top wriggle, hardly surprising since the carbs have crept up, both in lemon drizzle cake and potato wedges. We went to Chester Zoo last Monday and found that the only place we could eat was the Malay Burger Bar, so that meant hips, too. Next day, feet were put down with a firm hand and we’ve had some strict fast days. Luckily it’s been so hot and humid, that I’ve only wanted salad.

    Hope yo catch up soon.

    Hi Polly
    We in NSW are holding our numbers low (8 today), but people have been noticeably shocked by Victoria and are respecting distancing far better, with many now wearing masks. The problem is, no matter where we are in the world, this virus IS unstoppable, at present. Total isolation is the only successful strategy. Sadly, this is ruinous, long term,economically. We are all in for the long haul, I’m afraid..
    My weight is higher than it should be, but controlled by 2 fasts a week. I’m at the end of Monday fast now, 5:40pm and feeling terribly cold. It’s been a beautiful 23 deg sunny day. We took a really long walk down at the beach, but now the sun has dropped, the fire is alight and my tummy is desperate!
    We basically don’t eat food prepared by others now. It is easier to just eat homemade. The occasional exception is a pizza with family…eaten outdoors. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
    Keep fit and safe. Cheers P

    Great to hear from you, P. We ventured as far as a beach one day, but it was so damn windy, we just had a walk for an hour and came home. Our friends are in Coff Bay. They say they have the beach and lovely walks to take the little one on.
    I’d love to walk into a restaurant. We have this ‘eat out to help out’ Β£10 off meals in August, but OH won’t eat indoors. I’m prepared to risk it. Fed up with living like this.

    Do you mean Coffs Harbour?
    The few times I’ve eaten out since March have been in outdoor settings. Indoors is not the place to spend time with others. Your OH is very wise.
    Try finding a food supplier who is doing interesting takeaway or go with your food, and a wine, to a park for a picnic. My grandmother always claimed “A change is as good as a hoilday”. I don’t totally agree with her, but it is worth doing at present. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Oops, yes, you’re right. We’ve had friends round for a drink in the garden twice, my sister one and we’ve been there. Plans this week for a take out afternoon tea – weather obliging, of course.

    The chairman of our U3A lets us know when he’s lunching in the local park each week. It’s clashed with our very busy garden sorting each time. Or we’ve had a delivery of something. Two tai chi sessions in te open air where great. Lovely to catch up in person.

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