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  • Darling Wi. You have been fasting for so many years, of course you can chat with us. We ARE a nice group.
    Thanks for the thoughts. We spent the morning raking and binning mountains of dry leaves that have fallen with the strong winds this week. The worst of our gum trees..leaf and gumnut fall is in early summer, just in time for bushfires and using swimming pools.
    I hope our fires don’t create weather problems on your side of the Tasman, too. P

    Thank you Purple. I would love to chat with you as our thread is quiet.
    Look after yourselves in Sydney. You are uppermost in my thoughts.
    Xxx Wiwi

    Welcome to the group, Wi 🙂 Very quiet here too, everyone busy with their lives.

    I am now half way through alcohol-free November, being sorely tempted to indulge but planning to stay the course. Our three sets of visitors have left, nice to have the house to ourselves. We spent the morning visiting open homes in Kerikeri, nothing that we HAVE to have yet.

    Have a good weekend, all. 🙂

    We have been on alert all week, with a fire 4km from us, but, being suburbia, pretty safe. It’s going to be a very difficult summer here, fire wise. I feel for everyone in exposed positions. We used to be in the bush fire brigade and we KNOW fires are mych more severe these days.
    Fasting wise, I’m sticking to 16:8 and high fibre. It is very easy to adhere to and seems to have stemmed the increases I was experiencing a couple of months ago. P

    Good morning, all. Another welcome to Wiwi. It’s cold here now, but at least we’re not getting the dreadful floods that they have in the midlands and South Yorkshire or your nightmare fires. I’ve had a stupid week thanks to OH buying a pack of Crunchies left after the Halloween treats. Of course, they were irresistible! I’m a a pound over top wriggle room.

    There also seems to be so many meals out on the horizon, as we catch up with friends, as well as other Christmas meals. Considerably more discipline needed. 😏.

    Well it seems the answer to weight loss stalling is a nice steady bout of diarrhea! 😩

    Brought the grandkids down from Brisbane for the Christmas pageant and was sick the whole time. Fortunately didn’t pass it on to any of the kids although my husband, sister and b-I-l all had bouts of feeling seedy but not the level I was affected at.

    Hasn’t been the best time lately with the fires everywhere. We’ve been having very weird cool spring weather with the odd very hot day thrown in, such as this coming Wednesday when forecasters have predicted 40. No rhyme or reason.

    Have moved dad into a nursing home where for the first week he thought he was dying (he is) and was saying goodbye to everyone and then yesterday decided in a few days he’ll be well enough to go home. God give me strength!

    Oh Carol. Very tough times with elderly parents. You hope you are doing the best for them and you are met with confused disorientation. All the best with your dad (and getting over the tummy bug) Big hugs. P

    Carol – love and thoughts from me, too – from another one who’s been there. Please try not to entertain guilt feelings (they will try to sneak in !) – you are doing the best thing in the worst circumstances, and it’s ok if there’s relief as well as sadness at the end. I’m now working on preparing myself to accept it graciously when my kids have to do the same for me one day – I really hope I can manage it, but somehow doubt it!
    Hope the bug has departed – take it easy.

    Someone told me many years ago to teach your kids to negotiate well. They are the ones who make the decisions at the end of our life. I hope I did. 😏

    I second fast’s words on elder guilt, Carol. My aunt has run us ragged this year and now blames my cousin and me for ‘putting here in a home’. (5* btw). You must have had a very difficult time with your father and the fires. The last thing you needed was a bout of diarrhoea!

    Thanks for all the support everyone. The caring for dad does seem overwhelming at times and there’s always doubt as to wether I’ve made the right decision or not. Especially hard as he’s cognitively with it although slightly impaired and questions why he needs to be there. He’s been in once before when I went to Canada and checked himself out before I got home 😡. After about a week he realized what a mistake he’d made. He looks at being at home through rose colored glasses when he’s away and then gets the full impact of the reality when he’s at home. Just have to do the best you can. It’s been a good learning lesson for me though. I intend to be as prepared as I can be for our old age. Renovating our bathroom next year to make it easier for ‘walker’ access 😂

    Carol, my aunt was exactly the same. Thinks she can cope, then she’s calling her neighbour at 2 in the morning! Your dad is safest in terms home, although it’s hard for elderly people to face.

    Yes, still feeling the effects of two long periods like this, with mother and aunt – worse with mother because she had always been extremely demanding – ending in deaths in 2017 and 19 I suspect they will be with me for a very long time, and sadly they colour my memories of them both.
    Well done, Carol, for using the experience to get ahead for yourself and those who will in t urn worry about you. We’ve sorted wills, LPA etc, made garden lower maintenance, rearranged kitchen and edited underwear drawers and wardrobes. Still need to do bathroom, and – worst of all – ensure all basics are reachable by bus, mobility scooter or on foot, ready for the dread possibility of having to stop driving one day. Not nice, but part of parental responsibility, I’ve come to think…

    Interesting discussion on aging! I must admit it’s often on my mind as Dad isn’t getting any younger and he lives a long way away. He is doing well, but he’s nearer 90 than 80. At some point the large family home he rattles round in will be too much. And he’s at least 10km from the nearest shops, with no public transport, so he will lose his independence if (when!) he can’t drive. And while he doesn’t obviously have dementia…he has age-related mental decline. Of course, he’s in denial! He’s going to live healthily until he just drops down dead one day… hmm, nice thought, but how many people go that way?!

    So I think its sensible FFS to be future-proofing as much as you can while you can!

    On the subject of weight, I’m sat in the 61s. Getting back to 60 by Christmas is theoretically possible and it would be nice for this year just to have been a blip…but, but… we’ll see, no promises!

    P, I hope all is OK in your part of the world? I see the smoke is over parts of Sydney, not good.

    Aging effects us all. None of us can see the furure, but, like everything else in life, we need to plan and be rational, while we are capable.
    Thanks for your thoughts, Happy. The fires will continue as long as the drought, sadly. Sydney is surrounded by fires and burnt areas, with regular notifications of spot fires in bushy areas near suburbs. The fire fighting resources, both human and equipment, are stretched to the limit. We were promised rain this week, but it did not arrive. The smoke is so extensive, it has even drifted across the Tasman to NZ. I run an air filter in order to sleep. P

    Yes, the sky was a little hazy yesterday, from the smoke across the Tasman.

    I am very grateful, in hindsight, that my aunt fell and broke her arm when she did, forcing a move into resthome-level care from her villa where she was adamant that she was coping, thank you very much! It removed the battle, when I felt I didn’t have the authority to make her move. That entailed selling one right-to-occupy in the village, and buying another, so not a simple process.

    One of the benefits of our recent move is downsizing possessions. I feel a responsibility to make things as easy as possible for the children when we shuffle off, especially with two of them in Aus. So a timely conversation, and best of wishes with your dilemmas, Carol.

    In light of which, we have this afternoon put an offer on a house! I knew from the moment I saw the ad. that it would likely tick all the boxes, and it has – except for the price, so we have offered lower than asking price. Lovely garden, 3,000 sq.m. of section, which is pretty average in Kerikeri, space for visitors 🙂

    Fingers crossed thay it’s the one, B. 😏

    Happy, everything changed for my dad once he lost his license at 95. There’s been a rapid decline since. Luckily my dad is a WW2 vet and they’re looked after very well with free health services etc. that’s probably one of the main reasons he’s been able to stay at home as long as he has. Not sure what support services for the elderly are like in the UK.

    Fast I’m impressed! You’re a lot more prepared than me. I start having a clean out but there’s so much stuff I still use. I may not use it often but like to know it’s there if I need it. We’re coming up 70 and I think within 5 years I’ve got to start getting really serious and getting rid of things. Unfortunately though I’m a real sentamentalist and don’t think any family member is going to want much of my stuff anyway. The thought of throwing it out is too much for me to face just yet!

    Purple, we’re on a statewide fire ban. Expecting 40 tomorrow!!

    Been very quiet on our thread. I hope you are all swinging along happily. 😊
    We have had weeks of damgerous smoke from the terrible bushfires all over our state. The scale of this disaster is staggering. The drought has not only meant areas which would never burn niw have, and precious topsoil is being blown off thousands of hectares of good agricultural land, making its way to coastal cities and towns, and into the ocean.
    We are about to go onto water restrictions that forbid any use of hoses, only hand watering with buckets. I will get a lot of exercise keeping my vegetables alive. 😔
    16:8 is still working well for me. A daily reset of appetite.
    Keep fit and everyone. P

    Oh, purple it’s truly a nightmare. We’ve been thinking Of you. Our 82 year old neighbour had just left for Christmas in Newcastle, NSW. Worrying about her. And some still doubt climate change!

    We’re at a premier inn en route to Kent for my aunt’s funeral. Not easy to eat sensibly. OH still bring very careful, but we had a shock when seeing consultant on Monday – his markets for gout have increased rapidly since August. He’s eaten far more beef and lamb, as protein is supposedly more filling, as he’s kept off carbs.

    I’m ticking over at 130, up and down by no more than a pound.

    Take care all my 5:2 friends, especially you lovely Aussies

    Pol. 🙋🏼

    Hi P,

    Pleased to hear you are surviving, although it must be awful to be watching your country burn. I wonder what the future holds for the generations that come after us.

    Good to hear 16:8 is working for you. I’m afraid I am still eating breakfast most days, although I have managed to knock my granola habit on the head! I’m mostly in the 61s (134lbs for you Polly!), which actually I’m pretty happy with and as I’m not gaining I’m not stressing. I do a 24 hour fast on a Tuesday as I’m out all day, then skip an evening meal on Wednesdays as I’m out at Pilates, but I struggle to concentrate on work if I’m hungry…


    Sorry to hear about your OHs gout markers. I’ve just googled gout diets. Looks like he should be eating more carbs, less meat, and avoiding yeast products like marmite…and beer!??! What a nightmare.

    Hi all, everyone busy with their lives. We are getting a little smoke from the Aussie fires, dreadful to have such infernos so early in the summer and everything so dry. My niece in the Hunter Valley is packing her car again.

    Our house purchase goes unconditional next week. This isn’t the property that I mentioned earlier. We missed out on that one, but are very happy to have done so, this one will be great- until OH gets weary of mowing the 3,000 sqm lawn! Same as the other place, has to do with the need to distribute grey water on the land, being outside the municipal sewerage collection area. It has lovely mature exotic trees, fruit trees and a well-established garden that I am itching to get into.

    Really weird – after sleeping beautifully since we arrived in the north, I have had six dreadful nights. Back to nine hours last night, so grateful.

    We won’t mention my weight! 🙁

    I wouldn’t say I’m light, Happy, but I am finding this regemin relatively easy, and that, to me, counts for a lot. I’m healthy, I’m not gaining and I don’t feel deprived. Years of fasting has made it very easy to skip meals, hasn’t it?
    Sorry to hear about your OH and aunt, Polly. Take care of yourself.
    Your new, potential, garden sounds delightful, B. Mr B will have to give up work to maintain it 😏
    We are glued to the radio today as they are evacuating areas we know very well, having lived there. Glad we are in the city now, even with the shocking smoke, we are safe.

    Glad to hear it, P. Also my children, well urbanised, although my son’s section backs onto a tree-filled gully.

    Glad to hear it, P. Also my children, well urbanised, although my son’s section backs onto a tree-filled gully.

    Same with our son. They’ll be right.

    Oh, b***er, I’ve just written a very long post, answering you all, but I wasn’t logged in and it’s disappeared.

    Really good to hear from you, Happy. Hope life is getting better for you. Great news on the move, Barat, and Purple, thinking and worrying about the state of Australia at the moment. Very scary.


    SO annoying, losing a long post, Poll.😔 Thanks for the thoughts. The smoke has reduced a bit and the fire fighters have had a chance for a bit of containment, with milder weather, but another super hot day predicted on Tuesday. Flooding rains are the only thing to stop this and none is predicted.

    That’s a respite at least, purple. My lovely neighbour flew to spend Christmas with her son in Newcastle this week. Hope she’s ok, too.

    Newcastle is fine. Surrounded by the Hunter Valley farmland. The wilder bush areas are further away from the coast at that point.

    There are flooding rains here, P, whenever you want to fetch them… Not on our corner, fortunately, but rising lake levels and washed-out roads further south.

    Probably due to what’s happening here, B. 😕😕

    Who knows, it’s possible some of it is a smoke effect. 🙁

    Heavy smoke on the atmosphere DOES change weather. It is a phenomenon they are, sadly, finding out more about at present. 😕

    I have just wiped Aussie ash off our outside glass-topped table.

    What a series of calamities in our part of the world. Such a dreadful tragedy on White Island on Monday, an horrific way to die for the poor fatalities, and an horrendous road to recovery for those suffering dreadful burns. Our hospital burns units around the country are struggling to cope.

    Am I a fortunate one, Polly, never to have lost a post before I could post it? I’m always logged in, though, when I am writing. Stay safe, everyone.

    Barata, you’re right. The political world is alarming enough, but the natural world seems to be going mad, too. Some might call it a biblical punishment, those poor people in the crater!

    As you say, terrible way to die and recover from, both the volcano victims and the 5 people who have died in the bushfires. How sad for their families.

    Hi all, I wrote a quick post a couple of weeks ago but looks like it went to cyber space as I don’t see it on here.

    Purple, are you ok there? The fires seem to be getting worse rather than better. We’re on fire here too! Houses destroyed, deaths and injuries. I don’t know how those wonderful Fire fighters can keep up with it. They’ve sent Canadian firefighters over to help here in SA.

    My brief post that got lost was to let you know my dad died 3 weeks ago. Although he was 97 it was unexpected and quick – a blessing for him and us. We’ve had the funeral, all the family coming from interstate and overseas. Consequently I’ve been like the Christmas grinch this year – no cards, no tree, no decorations. I’d bought the immediate family’s Xmas presents in Canada so they’re at least sorted. My husband and I are going to Brisbane for Xmas to stay with our eldest son and then all the family (bar my son in Canada) will go down to my sisters in northern NSW for Xmas day. We felt the best choice was for all of us to be together.

    My other bit of news that was in that post is that I’ve stopped weighing. I’m following 16:8, I’m not gaining, I’m sitting on 60kg and that’s an ok weight. I just decided I’m doing the best I can, I’m healthy, I’m fit and that’s fine.

    It’s been a very sad, difficult time for so many leading up to Xmas, there isn’t a lot of Xmas spirit around this year. Let’s hope 2020 is better.

    Best wishes to all of you and your families xx

    Dear Carol, how sad to lose your dad, but what an amazing innings he’s had! I’m glad all the family will be together during your first Christmas without him. Share memories and rejoice that he made you what you are.
    You are doing brilliantly to still be 60kg! At your height, it is amazing. Well done.

    Re the fires…yes, a catastrophe for Australia. I think Tassy is the only state that hasn’t been impacted. The emotional and financial cost to communities, families, native animals and the economy is immense! Hopefully our “leaders”can start joining the rest of the country in actually doing something. This is definitely the new normal.
    We are ok in suburbia, but worry about our many friends in more exposed situations. We are all very grateful to the fire fighters, both local and overseas, knowing what they are experiencing, as we used to be in the Bush Firebrigade, ourselves, in the 80s.
    Hopefully rain comes. P

    Dear Carol, so sorry to hear your news. It’s a blow even coupled with a blessing as he was suffering. It will be a difficult Christmas. Thankfully you will be together and, I’ll bet, sharing many memories and probably laughs about him.

    I still weigh on 16:8, it works well for me. 129 usually, so that’s ok.

    Purple, we are still horrified and worried about the fires in the east of Australia. The tv reports we see are terrifying. Have you read The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by a Richard Flanagan? Whilst it’s mostly about his father’s experience in Japanese POW camps, the last part describes an horrendous fire in Tasmania. He captures the terror so well, I had a knot in my stomach

    I’m off to pick up my new car shortly. Talk about an impulse buy! And I didn’t want anything for Christmas. My old car will be passed to my daughter, her very old car is probably being bought by my friend who only needs to tootle about locally and I’ll be tootling about in an all-singing, all-dancing new, but pre-reg Corsa. It was a bargain, sold off as there’s a new model. I hate driving the big automatic.

    Nadolig Llawen, pawb. Have a lovely Christmas.


    Polly, I know of Richard Flanagan, but haven’t read that one. I have experienced a few bushfires, first hand. I have a deep respect for their power, but, in usual weather conditions, they are reasonably predictable. The current situation (severe drought, raised temperatures, catastrophic wind changes) is utterly abnormal, making it a whole new ball game.
    Your new car sounds fun. Enjoy. 😊 P

    It won the Booker Prize about five years ago. Excellent, but harrowing.

    Hard post-Christmas post! I can’t stop eating! It’s not Christmas stuff, like chocolate and mince pies, but comfort food, as I’ve had the cold from hell! Hardly sleeping as I’m coughing and choking, my face hurts from sinus pain and I feel weak. Result is two pounds over top wriggle room.

    Daughter has restarted 5:2 and been delighted by an eight pounds loss in the first two weeks. Hope she keeps it up and finally maintains: she’s a terrible yo-yo dieter.

    Still appalled to see what’s happening in Australia. Hope you’re all safe.


    I do sympathise. It was only a common cold but it sounds as though you and I shared the super-deluxe version with all the symptoms. Mine lasted for around 10 days. I’d never felt that ill since I was a kid in primary school, with a doc’s “cerstificate” confirming I had tonsillitis.
    This time. I lived on nothing but water and Strepsils for several days. Christmas stuff went out of the window and I didn’t regain my appetite until a couple of days ago. Result, 3 kilos that had craftily crept back disappeared without even trying. Now, I guess I’ll have to watch it.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy New Year to everyone, special wishes to all of you affected by the terrible works of nature happening in Australia.

    HNY New Zealand…we have 1 hour, 10 minutes to go!!!

    Herm, lovely to hear from you! You’ve been missed.

    To all friends down under, Happy New Year, when it comes. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

    Pol. 🙋🏼🥂

    Sorry to hear you are suffering winter ills, Polly and Herm. Glad you are still with us Hermaj 👍
    The weather (topped 44C.. 111F, here yesterday, then with terrible winds that dropped the temp by 20 deg in a couple of hours) created catastrophic fires on the south coast and in Victoria. Our hearts go out to the poor familues who have lost loved ones and possessions.
    We spent NYE with the family, dipping in and out of the pool, and watching the fire disaster unfold. Sadly, there is no end in sight, with more extreme weather on Saturday and no rain in sight.
    My New Year hope is that our Govt can start to wake up to the reality of manmade climate change and take some action.
    We have had both joy and sorrow this year. In many ways, I’m thankful we made it through.
    My best wishes to you all. P

    Happy new year everyone!

    Rotten time of the year to be unwell Hermaj and Polly 😕. Feeling sick is just a damn nuisance!

    It’s been a weird Xmas/new year. The weather has been all over the place, temperatures extreme, not even cooling down overnight. Too scared to watch or listen to the news because it will be about some poor families devastating loss. Not much Xmas spirit around. Celebrating doesn’t feel right with so many awful things happening.

    Take care all

    Happy New Year, dear fellow maintainers. So sorry to hear about your dreadful cold, Polly, just hope it isn’t what is in store for us in the SH in six months’ time.

    We are currently on the Gold Coast, having just had a fabulous four-day celebration for OH’s 70th with all the children, and three of the five grandchildren. Temperatures in the 30s each day, reduced fire risk after a good rain on Christmas Eve. But such dreadful news from further south and west. And we will be flying into it – taking middle grandson to Sydney to stay with our son for a week before returning to NZ with him for the rest of his summer holiday. There is a very good article in today’s Sydney daily newspaper regarding the climate change issues and continuing ostrich-like behaviour of Australian politicians – although I see ScoMo is trying to re-write the record book there 🙁

    Actually, B, I doubt Scomo can read! He is an utter disgrace of a leader.
    We managed a nice long walk, just now, as the temp has dropped from 46 yesterday to 24 today.
    We look forward to catching up with you and Mr B this week. 😉😉 P

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