Summary I have learnt on fasting

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Summary I have learnt on fasting

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  • 😄 Thanks for the positive reply in that post. We all go through this right? Better to focus on the positive, you are having a bad week or 2. Jump back on tomorrow. Think about it like this, better to gain a few lbs and jump back then giving up. I gave up last year and now think…jeez, I wasted a year of losing weight! Try to cheer up and remember, we are all allowed to fall, dust yourself off and get up, laying on the ground is no fun 🙃

    My fasting day surprisingly is going well. I am not hungry at all, even in the evening, what usually wasn’t the case before. I think I will slightly change my pattern and do now two consecutive days. Today is one, so tomorrow second one. I’ll have to go to the blood test on Friday, so I think is better to fast before it.

    No worries about the gain at all. You have small amount of pounds to lose, so it’s usually the most difficult part. It doesn’t make sense to fast, if you don’t feel it. A lot of days ahead of you, so not the end of the world. Wait for the better time to fast, evidently it’s not these days, so don’t force it, just be happy.

    Thank you for sharing your feeling after you gave up last year. It really put things into perspective. It is almost noon here. I am still holding up and fasting without calories so far.

    Thank you for nice words. I am trying to get back on track. Gosh, it is hard…

    Hi CP,

    how is it going, are you back in your tracks? My BP is back to normal again, I was at doctor, but still using this pill a day, I think I will stop it after few months. I am somehow in plateau with loss, so trying to change something, I am doing two consecutive days during the week, so Monday fasting, Tuesday eating and Wednesday and Thursday fasting, then Sunday half eating or fasting. I need to speed up the process.

    Btw. here is the interesting link about fasting, Dr. Fung is answering some questions about it, just for motivation:

    Hi TrueMirror, I am glad to hear from you.
    Thank you for the link, I will read it today.
    I am fasting today. Today my scale was showing the same number as for May 1st – the whole month i did not officially lose anything. So it is kind of depressing, but I am trying to cheer myself up, and start fresh in June.
    I also try to find new determination and rethink and maybe restructure my fasting process. I am doing something wrong obviously, and need to figure out how to deal with that.
    What I know for sure, I am not going to give up. 😀

    cold pizza hello,

    reading your post resigned myself, I do not lose weight in this month of May, today I want to try to just take an evening bone broth and fasting tomorrow also to see if I will decrease

    Yes, it seems that May was not good month for losing weight. Let’s hope that June will be much better! Happy losing! 🙂

    Hello Coldpizza,

    Sure was not a good month for weight loss, but I am optimistic for June, let dry, hehehehe

    Hi CP,

    yes, if we do all the same for a long period, I think body will get used on this, so there must be changed something, there is some hint about it in the link I have posted above. So I do two consecutive days each week, so will see if something change. I didn’t lose too much in May, I am still around the same, maybe two kilos. Today is my fasting day and tomorrow too. Otherwise I feel good. I bought some new clothes today again and I look better then 3 months ago. So I am with you and not giving up definitely.

    Hi Truemirror,

    Isn’t it lovely to have new clothes that are fit better now? I cannot wait to go shopping too.
    Yesterday I was fasting till evening, and ate about 500 cal around 7 pm. But I was a little bit frustrated because I planned to water fast for 36 hours (till morning), but was not able to do so. Today supposed to be NF day, but I was so busy at work, so did not have time to eat. Than at lunch time I was reading ETJ’s thread and was impressed that she was managing water fasts every other day and take care of 3 kids plus husband. Her result is amazing, and she gave simple advice – yes it is hard, but you just have to stick to it.
    I feel ashamed that I am trying to find excuses for my failure instead of “just sticking to it”. Now is already after 3 pm in Texas, and I did not eat yet. I am hoping to fast till morning. Let you know if i were able to do that.

    I did it! The proper 36 hour water fasting is done! Hooray! 🙂

    Hope that everybody else are sticking to their plans and fasts. We can do it!

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I failed in second day of fasting, I fasted tomorrow, all was well, but today I couldn’t make it, so I have cca 1000 Kcal today. But have to say the work was so stressful these two days, end month, so I was probably too exhausted for 2 consecutive day fasting. Tomorrow I eat normally, start fasting on Sunday and Monday. Great you made it, Good job.

    I mean I fasted yesterday and today haha. Today I failed.

    So I am half kg down in one week. Seems those 2 consecutive days work

    Hooray for TrueMirror! Congrats!
    I am also in a good mood today, because my morning scale showed me some support, finally. Seems for me 36 hour no-calories fast works the best, but not sure how long I will be able to do those. I am trying again today.

    Coldpizza what is that thread with the person doing water fasts every other day? Congrats on the 36 hour fast. I have been wanting to do one too, just have not done it. Seems like I always cave and have the small dinner instead. But if that is what keeps me on track, so be it.

    it is ETJ’s thread, see the link below.

    Whatever works, right?! I did not fast lately, but spend 4 days packing and moving to new house. Did not have time to fast or overeat. As a result the scale shows me today the lowest number ever. Seems that physical work and sleepless nights also helping with weight loss. 😀

    I was out of the blog for 4 days, and you never posted during those days. Are you ok? Please don’t disappear!

    Oh, thanks for the link coldpizza! Yes, whatever works, Congrats on the new low!

    Where are you? We supposed to stay together thru all of our loss, remember?

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I was out of city too, I continue, but last week didn’t go well for me, so I hope this week is better, today and tomorrow is my fasting day, I feel I gained something, so not going to weigh myself until next week. How about you? I am still with you of course.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    So glad to hear from you. 🙂
    I am trying to fast today. I was trying on Monday and Tuesday, but failed and even ate some chips and sweets. Today hopefully will break the pattern, since my scale was not very nice today. Well, at least I see the pattern – if I behave (fast and watch what I eat) – my scale is nice, but if I skip fasts and eat refined carbs – my weight quickly stick back. I was 8 days within my healthy BMI, but today I am “overweight” again. Need to do something about it – great reason to stick to fast. 🙂

    Hi Coldpizza,

    how all is going, I am finishing my second fasting day, but I couldn’t manage, so eat peanuts, no big deal, but anyway. In the evening I plan mozzarella with vegetable. Next fasting will be on Sunday. Great to hear your scale is moving right direction. I have much longer way to my ideal weight, but still going on.

    The whole week I was not able to complete my 36-h-no calories fast. But since I started every day, I was able to complete 3 days 20-4 way of eating. So this week was not completely bad. I never fast on weekends and kind of relaxing with food as well. Hopefully, my next week will be better.

    Great job for finishing two fasting days in a row! Wow!
    Have a great weekend. 😀

    Was very good at weekend, and ate below my TDEE. Scale as smiling at me today. 🙂
    Fasting today.

    I am finishing second fasting day today, but somehow have no courage to step on the scale. As soon as I feel something moved I will check :-). But I cannot wait for my 500 Kcal in the evening and then two normal days.

    Hey Coldpizza, where are you, hope you still going on. I have my fasting day today and tomorrow as well. Today it went well, but day is still not over :-).

    Hi TrueMirror,
    Nice hearing from you. 🙂
    I am still here. I am fasting today. Hoping to get 36 hour fast, but I failed so many times, it is hard to predict if the fast will be successful or not. Let you know tomorrow.

    Well, my fast on June 30th was not completed… 🙁

    But yesterday I finally completed my 36-hour-no-calorie fast. Scale was very supportive, and showed me lowest # so far. I am excited!
    My mom is here and also fasted yesterday. It is so much easier to fast together!
    She will stay with us 1.5 month, we are planning to fast 2 times per week. I have great expectation to lose a lot during her visit.
    Hooray for supportive mothers all around the world!! 😀

    Missing you, TrueMirror. I hope you are ok and well.

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I am here back on tracks, I had vacation and didn’t fast at all, it was hiking vacation and some wine or beer each evening, so it wasn’t possible to fast. First I wasn’t hungry at all and couldn’t eat sooner than in the evening, but after so many hiking I’ve got hungry daily and ate whatever.

    I am first week back now and couldn’t make the fasting any day, I wanted on Monday, but failed, then on Tuesday too, so gave up, ate on Wednesday too and today is my first successful fasting day after vacation. I didn’t expect it to be so hard after just one week . Oh God. So I am starting slowly and also don’t want to see how much weight I gained, so once I feel I am lighter I jump on scale again, for now I must be ok with myself as I am now.

    How about you, I missed you too. What’s new?

    Hi TrueMirror,
    So glad to see you back!
    We just completed the 4 week challenge, and i lost 3.1 lb. 🙂

    This week my girls were visiting, and I also screw up my fasting for the week.
    Add some cakes and sweet pastry to my menu – my scale is not happy today.
    I set up a new “high” weight – 140 lb. Today I went above it and trying to perform emergency fast. Will see if I could do it or not.

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