Summary I have learnt on fasting

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Summary I have learnt on fasting

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  • TrueMirror,
    I am fasting today. How are you? Feeling better? When will you fast this week?

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I am fasting today, last week was weird and I have no feeling of losing weight, so April is lost too. So I have to do it properly as of now. I am doing fine already, tomorrrow go to work after one week.

    My weight is 148.I lost only 2 lb in April, not very satisfactory, but better than nothing. 🙂
    Overall I lost 15 lb for 4 months. I need to speed up my process, or I will not complete my goal for this year (120 lb). I joined 42 day challenge (another thread here), the requirements to report every day on the thread. I am hoping it give me more discipline and boast my will power.
    When is your next weight in?

    My next weigh is on Thursday. Tomorrow I am fasting, but I am afraid there will be no move ahead, so maybe I will leave for another week. My plan 3 kg per month is going down, but well, still continue. There is no other way.

    Probably 3 kg per month is too much. I am aiming 4 lb per month, and cannot complete that too. I lost 5 lb for first and second months, and than 3lb in the third month, and 2lb in the forth. My weight loss corresponds with my completion of fasts and eating calories during NF days. So I know the reason of my slow loss, and working on it. 🙂

    What about you? Do you stay under your TDEE during NF days?
    Yes, please continue! This is the way of life, eventually, the loss will show little by little. Even if you lose 1 kg per month, it is better than gain one. Stay positive! You are wonderful! You are doing right! 😀
    I am fasting today.

    Hey Coldpizza, so I weighed myself today and lost 1.5 kg again in two weeks. I suppose I ate low calories all last weeks during sickness. I am trying to keep my TDEE in NF days, or slightly above. Sometimes though it’s difficult. But I am happy now for new loss. Tell me you new results, what about you. I am sure you will reach your goal this year.

    So happy for you! Great loss!
    I am also struggling to keep both – my fasts, and not overeating on NF days. I am 1/3 thru my goal, but now kind of marching on the same place. I know what is my problem – and it is mostly luck of will power. Still, I count my small victories – I definitely eat about 90 % less sugar, and about 60 % less bread. I start counting calories, not every day though, still getting better understanding how much I am actually overeating. I was so shocked to learn that my favorite nut – Brazil nut- has 33 cal in SINGLE nut. I easily chomped about 10 per day. Now I limit myself to 3 and maybe not every day.

    Now, when the great lent is over, I am eating a lot of meat, but lean meat – turkey, chicken. You should see me cuddling on sofa with smoked turkey leg… Dog is sitting next to me and drooling.

    I had a little scare this week (did not go to loo for 3 days). I was so panicky that did not even keep my Wednesday FD properly, and ate at evening with a lot of laxatives. I had the problem before, but thought that I am so careful to eat fiber and drink a lot of water and prune juice. Probably switch from vegan to meat eater diet trigger that problem. But everything is ok now. 🙂

    I am glad that you are happy with your loss. I believe that our mood have real effect on our determination and success. I am not losing much this week, but every day morning my weight is less than my set up maximum (148). My goal this month is 143, but it is probably not achievable (still we are allowed to dream!). 🙂

    Sure, that’s why they are dreams, that we must have them, what would be then life about? Today I ate pizza LOL. But tomorrow I am fasting.

    Important for us to feel well and comfortable, even if weight is not going down so fast as we wish, it’s still the best eating pattern with no struggling. So slowly we can manage. We don’t have to be in a hurry, I believe at least me didn’t gain all that weight in few weeks, it took years, so….I wish you all the best and keep the updates.

    I just brag yesterday that my weight is below 148 this month, but today my scale shows 148.4. There is no free binging. I am fasting today.

    Interesting that some food is so easy for me to give up, but some are so hard. For example, I live without soda for really long time now. Once in a while I try one, but no craving at all. The same way is pizza. We just don’t crave it. My daughter bought a pepperoni pizza some time ago, I ate half of the piece and fell nauseous, probably from grease. I buy sometimes frozen vegetarian thin crusted pizza, but still don’t have any cravings for it. I also don’t crave ice-creams anymore.

    I wish I could give up french fries, or cheetos, or donuts, or cookies, or chocolate candies as well. I try to avoid them, but it takes a lot of will power, and I still have strong cravings for them.

    Happy fasting today!

    Great Post… thanks for sharing it!!

    So I fail yesterday with fasting, not sure what happened, but I started to get so hungry, that I couldn’t stand it and in the evening I started to eat normally. So next week should be really strict.

    I guess we both fail. At least we are not alone in it! I was fasting the whole day, but at evening gave up and ate at least 1000 or even more cal. Good side – I slept like a baby, with very satisfied stomach. 🙂
    My next fasting is Monday. I will try watch tomorrow what I am eating. I agree, we need to show more determination and will power!
    What are your fast days next week?

    I fast tomorrow on Monday, hope I will manage, something has changed, when I was at doctor, she gave me pills for higher pressure and I have feeling it makes me more hungry, moreover I still go to pee so often. I feel like my metabolism works 200% faster. It makes my fasting day much harder.

    Hi TrueMIrror,
    I am also fasting today. To my surprise, my scale shows 147.6 today, so I did not gain any this week, and even manage to lose a pinch. 🙂
    I hope to do better this week.
    I am sorry that you have to take pills for high pressure. I wonder what cause it?
    All medications usually make it harder to fast. I am rooting for you, and wishing you successful fast today. Stay in touch.

    coldpizza, I had a dinner party for some old college friends on Saturday. I was doing pretty well, even made baked apples for dessert….and then out comes a gift box of really fine chocolates. Well, the box did not make it to the next day. And the scale showed it on Sunday. I did a great job on Mother’s Day of staying well within TDEE, and back down today. Phew.

    And it’s Monday, so I just slid right into a fast.

    It is simply impossible to reject fine chocolates! It is maybe not good for our weight, but once in a while it could be a magical for our spirit and good mood. And we need it too! 🙂
    Great that after a little sweet enjoyment of wine and chocolate, there is a way to keep all of the joy and feel not guilty – fasting! 🙂
    Happy fasting today, it was great to hear from you!

    Thank you for reminding me of this great dessert – I used to “bake” apples slices covered with cinnamon in microwave. Have to do it again – so little calories and great taste.

    coldpizza, sounds yummy and lot more waistline friendly than the way I made them. I did however resist the vanilla ice cream that I offered my guests.

    Leftover swordfish will be my break fast dinner of fish tacos, if my men can leave the fish alone today.

    I’ll see, I try to help it naturally, I have never had high pressure, so not sure, but now I finish those pills and will see, I heart Vitamin C helps a lot. Today was my fasting day, so I managed quite well. Congrats for loosing pinch LOL, everything counts.

    Ok, I survived yesterday’s fast day with veg broth and miso soup, everything about 60-80 cal. Eating under TDEE today hopefully. 🙂
    The next fasting on Wednesday?

    Fasting today, I go run at 8 pm now and then will have my 360 Kcal. So you have eating day today, what did you eat?

    I am fasting with you! It is only noon here, still long way to go till evening. 🙂

    I’m fasting today too, though it was tricky this morning as I was in a B&B. But no toast so I just had egg and bacon with tomato. But now I’m rather hungry, in spite of a piece f baked salmon and some broccoli. I’m going to choir practice but will need soup when I get back. So will be a bit over, probably about 650. All low carb though.

    I am trying water fast (coffee and tea are ok), but lately added broth and miso soup with sea weeds in evenings (about 60-80 cal).
    Apricot, how often you are fasting?

    If I eat in the morning I am hungry then all day. All food goes in the evening on fasting day. The best after working out. In the beginning I ate little in the morning too, but stopped it after few days.

    I am the same: the earlier I start to eat – the more I eat during the day.

    NF day today. I bought more tea yesterday, and have nice choices now – white Chai tea, red Caramel Chai, Rooibos, Lemon Herbal, Orange & Spice herb tea, Saffron tea blend. After giving up sugar in my coffee, I become tea fun. Black unsweetened coffee does not attract me much anymore (used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee before). I only love the smell of it.

    I saw 144.4 on my scale today morning. I know it will go up after NF day, but still it is nice to see that future goal is getting closer and closer after fasting. 🙂
    My official weight is on Monday, after two non-fast days. Will see if I could keep it up. Planning fasting on Friday.

    Hi cold pizza, congrats on your success. Ran into this post and decided to read along you guys’ journey the past few months, how fun! I am in Texas too, but I have lots of weight to lose. So far I have managed to lose about 10lbs in 10 weeks. I wish it was coming off faster…but I don’t exercise. Pretty lazy.

    10 lb in 10 weeks is an excellent result! It is actually perfectly recommended loss! Well done, please continue and keep your chin up – you are doing wonderful treat to your body. Congrats!
    I recommend you to read a thread “Buttonboots-My weight loss journey” She keeps it for a while and her weight steadily melting away. I found her post so inspirational, and read it when I have my doubts. 🙂

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I am fasting today, going to run in a while. As for coffee I have never used sugar, but drink it with splash of milk. I drink usually one coffee a day before going to work, if I am at home, I drink maybe two or 3 coffees. Fasting went well this week, I have good feeling, bought new clothes. My weight day is on Thursday again, so will see.
    Great loss for you, even if you gain something starting point is lower, so it’s still loss.

    Hi PinkQueen, are you doing 5:2 or every other day? Still great result in 10 weeks, stay with us, keep us updated how it’s going.

    I have a classical binge yesterday instead of normal NF day, ate much over my TDEE.
    My scale today was showing 146. I thought that it is not too bad after the binge. Only a few days ago that weight I saw after fasting, and no after binging. 🙂
    Still I have to be careful. Making my third fast today.
    I planing to survive with many cups of tea during working hours, and have some chicken broth and miso soup at evening.
    I noticed that I eat more when I watch tv, I need to break this habit.
    Will spend some time to wright some projects to do at home at evening instead of watching tv. Not sure if it will work though, my mind can do wonderful tricks, and magically turn the tv on. :-\

    coldpizza, that’s what knitting is for!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeps your hands and your mind distracted while you’re watching TV. You can’t eat and knit.

    I have another coffee now, watching ice hockey championships. Surprisingly I am not hungry after running at all – YET lol. I think I will binge tomorrow.

    I am slow when deciding for a new project, choosing yarn, and so on.. I sign up on (saw some of your projects – nice job!). So I start looking. 🙂

    Great that you regular running! I am not good at running, I am more walking briskly type. I walk with my dog every morning, and sometimes join in when my husband walking the dog at evenings. But my husband is a runner, and he does not have any fat in his body. So I believe that running is really great when trying losing weight.
    You make me laugh with your statement that you think that you will binge tomorrow. 😀
    I never plan to binge, it is just happened, always in current time. Good for you that you can predict or feel your binging ahead of time, maybe you could prepare some resistance plan? Go for clothes shopping? or plan a closet clean up?
    I also noticed that after gym visit, there is not hunger. Paradox right? Maybe running will help you with binging?

    Yes, that’s true, if you run on “fat range” so you have right pulse during running you are not hungry. That’s the indicator for running or working run on fat and not sugar. You shouldn’t do very intense exercise, otherwise you are really hungry after that. Saturday is my binge day usually, because after that I have two low days, Sunday is 1000 kcal and Monday is usual fasting day. Tomorrow I have some meeting with friends, it’s regular each month, we usually drink some alcohol and eat.

    Sounds like you will have fun tomorrow! 🙂

    It is soooo cold in the office! And HOT outside! (it is Texas). I don’t know why they are putting the air-conditioner that low. I think I need to knit something really warm and add some gloves!
    That is funny, that I have to wear a sweater in-side, but light summer outfit outside.

    Yes, we have the same, we have so cold inside due to air condition and especially during the summer it’s too big difference then. It’s not even healthy. Do you have the same issue as me with clothes? I never know what I wore last summer and in the winter I have the same problem LOL.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    I am fasting today. How was your week?
    I screw up Friday fast, but I guess I ate reasonably Saturday and Sunday, so today’s weight was not too bad. 🙂

    Yes, I had fasting day today, now I am preparing my food. It went very well, I was so busy at work, I didn’t even know I fast. My next weigh is on Thursday.

    Hi TrueMirror.
    Today, after the fasting my scale gave me 144.0. This is a significant number for me – the top of my healthy weight! 🙂
    I was so thrilled, and all of the excitement made my hungry. So I had breakfast after walking my dog (usually I don’t have any breakfast at home): smoked salmon sandwich and coffee.
    Of course, I could not resist to see the damage from the breakfast – 144.8 – overweight again. My husband cheered me up pointing out that the whole HOUR I was “healthy” today. And now I just need to make that period of healthiness a little longer every day.
    As you guess, no fasting today, but I will fast again tomorrow.

    Well done, Coldpizza, that’s brilliant. I’ve got 20lbs to go to catch you! But next time don’t weigh your breakfast!

    Hi Coldpizza,

    that’s amazing, you are far ahead of me, so congrats. I fast today, I go run too and my weigh day is tomorrow, so I am curious. I let you know.

    Apricot, TrueMirror, thank you.
    Of course my healthy number disappeared after non fast day. But today I am trying to lure the desired number back with my fasting. 🙂

    I am also cannot wait to see your results. I admire your strength not to step on scale for couple of weeks. I record only morning number every day, but I am actually “checking” my scale 2-3 times per day. My skinny husband do it too. I guess it is our addiction. 😀

    Yes ColdPizza, I agree it’s addictive. But since I know that my lightest for the day is going to be first thing, before I’ve drunk two cups of tea, I only weigh myself first thing. I did weigh myself post-tea once, I’d gone up a quarter of a pound. So no more!

    I am quite fine once a two weeks, I think it shows me real loss or gain, considering overall calorie intake. During day or from one to another day water plays role in your weight, but after two weeks I know it is real loss. I’d appreciate 1,5 kg down, so I can see, if it makes sense. But as usually I go on in any case.

    Today I re-read some fasting benefits in various articles again, just to keep motivated.

    catching up!
    in response to truemirror: I lost the weight by using an eating window of 16:8 and then 20:4. I suddenly got sad when the weight stopped coming off, I know it was only a few weeks, but I plunged into 22:2 after I didn’t see the scale move. Unfortunately it made me depressed to only eat in such a small window, and to top it off I didn’t lose any that week! So, I am back to implement 4:3.
    coldpizza: thanks for the thread rec! and congrats on the 144! I hope to be there myself someday.

    It is Thursday – updates?
    I did not survive the yesterday’s fast – start eating greedily after lunch time. 🙁
    I am fasting today to make up.

    You will be at 144 lb soon too, just keep going, don’t give up!

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I didn’t have time to come here, but sadly I lost only half kilo. So I am staying somehow, but hope next two weeks will be better. I still have long journey to my optimal weight. Moreover I read another topic here, that there are cases this diet made them high blood pressure, so I am thinking if it’s not my case. I never had high BP before, so it’s a bit strange, that now I have it high. Actually I was vice versa. But why on Earth it would cause high BP is mystery for me. Maybe organism works on higher speed? In any case I go on..

    How about you?

    I think I jinked it! My weight today is 149.4! I am rapidly gaining back. Struggling with overeating and not able to complete fasts lately. 🙁

    You are losing, maybe slow, but steadily!
    My BP is also a little higher, and normally I have low BP. Still, it is not high enough to go to doctor.

    Ah, not too many worries Coldpizza, one day at a time! I was a little stressed that my SO’s birthday is throwing off my fasting day. I really want to fast! But I decided to let it go and just fast 2 times this week. Today I shall enjoy some crab & wine. I am not going to stress, easier said than done though!

    LOL! I just posted on your other thread. 🙂

    Trying to stay positive, but it is hard with such gain. Really disappointing in my weakness…

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