Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Good afternoon F B Brits.. a mixed day rain this morning now dry and warm.

    A lovely lunch and catch with my old friend.. we sat for 3 hours today.. then a nice look around at the garden and home things. Buckingham is my favourite garden centre for lunch and shopping.

    Again.. left lots of chips.. my stomach has definitely shrunk…

    Nana have e lovely time.

    Dave.. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. You have done so well.. if you dont lose you will next week . Hopefully Denise will soon feel well again.

    H H .. Hope you are having a good day.

    Sym…Sometimes you just really need a good roast dinner .. I soo miss a Sunday roast with my loved ones around the table.

    Enjoy your afternoon everyone..just going out to play with my boy in the garden..

    .. Your best effort is also a success because every time you try your best, you find yourself a step ahead. Xxxx

    Hi all!
    Had a lovely break away, great weather, some nice walks on the beach, Xena was mostly good! Only put 1lb on, that’s the good news, the bad news is that it’s alot over where I want to be! I did a liquid FD yesterday, & kept the fast up until a late lunch .. .Have done quite a bit in the garden, but my veggie plants don’t seem to be growing well at all, they look very weedy! I thought it was the weather but it’s been better the last week 😕
    Nana- hope you have a lovely break!
    Dave- hope you do lose this week, you’ve done well so far…hope Denise is better soon.
    Jean- how is Charlie now, does he seem okay?
    Hemmy- you’re doing well keeping your weight so stable…enjoy the garden if you get time with all the work!

    Evening All.
    Chicken dinner was tasty a lot left for tomorrow.. I don’t have a lot on this week, see what it’s like in the morning.

    Lovely to catch up with your friend nothing like a good chat. Lucky to get out to play in a dry bit, it was still a lot of drizzle we managed dry walk.

    It’s nice to go away and enjoy yourself.. make the most of it.
    Charlie seems to be fine now, he’s off all his vets tablets.. he seems more lively…more you delve it’s quite frightening.

    Night from us
    Jean x

    Good morning everyone.I turned my phone off yesterday because I didn’t want to know the football score. It’s like an episode of the Likely Lads.I still don’t know the score so I’ll turn it off again. I watched speedway instead last night. Going to get weighed at MoreLife soon.

    Jean- glad Charlie is better, hopefully no more funny turns…
    Dave- how was your weigh in?
    Nana- hope you’re having a good break, has the weather been iffy?
    Hemmy- have you got friends who are on their own too? Maybe do a roast for friends instead? Weekends must be hard for you & Jean 🤗
    Couldn’t do just the one meal today like I’d hoped, neck painful again, it’s frustrating but I can’t have ibuprofen on an empty stomach & that’s the best pain relief for me…did okay though & skipped lunch. Rainy start here, no jobs done, not up to that so have been writing out recipes for eldest, I have very few recipes I do exactly like I’ve seen online or in books, I usually adapt them so can’t send him links or photos! He’ll be moving out end of May, trying not to think about it!
    Have a good evening all 🥰

    I lost 2lbs at my weigh-in so I’ve lost 11lbs since I started going a month ago. Very happy with that. The sun is trying to come out now but it’s a very milky sun.

    Afternoon All..
    Drizzly start but much better now. Forecast rain all day???

    I am fasting so keeping busy. A bit of bottoming down stairs so it’s kept me busy. Just having a cuppa while the floors dry.

    It’s a worry with Charlie’s turns but he seems ok for the moment.
    I am much better on my own now, very hard the first two or even three years. Cooking is always difficult for one, strange after all the years of cooking, you just can’t be bothered!
    Hoping your neck is feeling much better today, you must rest it.

    Well done adding another 2lb off.. it is really working.

    Jean x

    Weather mixed today hope it’s better tomorrow. Just had a baked potato and chicken breast dinner in my airfrier oven. Spud was lovely and crispy outside and fluffy inside, chicken was perfect. Had some green beans with it.

    Dave- well done another 2lbs off! It certainly adding up 👏
    Jean- good keeping busy on FDs; we were out all morning but I opted for snuggling on the sofa with a cuppa & hot water bottle this afternoon! Back to being cold here!
    Nana- hope your weather is better than here…have you enjoyed walks with Poppy?
    Hemmy- you’ve gone quiet, hope you’ve had a nice few days?!
    Got drenched this morning with Xena! Should’ve rung a new HS family this morning but her daughter was at home poorly. My other family are very unreliable so she’s been told one more chance to remember the phone call! It’s been a bit frustrating recently 😞
    Have done a liquid FD again today, have made baked oats for breakfast though!
    Have a good evening!

    How were the oats HH? Another dull day here, bowling this afternoon.I think I’m bowling to much so may cut it down next year, need time to do other things. Chloe follows me around like a little puppy, if I stand up and walk out of the living room I just put my right hand behind me and Chloe puts her jaws in it😁.I love that🤣.

    Hi F B B Friends .. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day Xxxx

    The lovely weather has really put me in cleaning mode lol.. I love the warm sunshine.

    Good walk earlier today.. then came back and washed all Pips bedding and winter cushion covers etc.. time to bring summer into the house. lol

    Maybe silly on a hot day but got some cubed beef I had in the freezer .. with peppers mushrooms onions carrots and celery in the Croc pot ..lots of fresh herbs from the garden .. Worchester sauce a bit of tabasco .. and some red wine.. It smelling beautiful. I needed to make something substantial as just been eating bits and bobs Weight good.. .

    Well done Dave on your loss.that way of eating seems to suit you.

    Nana .. hope the walking Poppy is going well.

    H H .. Well done on you liquid FD do you weigh today.

    Sym… I agree about cooking for one is not very joyful.. I always said when friend s that live alone remarked that they couldnt be bothered just for themselves,, ” Oh I will always love cooking lolol

    Enjoy the afternoon everyone. ” Its Friday ” Xxxx

    I wouldn’t have a problem coming for one, just do it and freeze what I done eat. I do most of the cooking for myself anyway. In a slump at bowls won one game this week. Think I’ll cut down the bowling next year definitely.I want to go fishing more often.

    Dave- the oats were very nice, thanks! Shame that you don’t have time for fishing…
    Hemmy- your casserole sounded nice, hope it was good!
    I did weigh today- lost half a pound since Tuesday so that’s fine. I do like cooking but not sure how much I’ll do just for me, it’s so much nicer cooking for others! I’m terrible at putting stuff in the freezer & then I don’t fancy it 😞 Did more in the garden today, saw our neighbour who was very ill at new year, I know it’s hard for her as she’s very independent but she was complaining about the carers she’d had, very petty stuff, & taking legal action to get her dog back from the people who took him in when she was ill. Very sad, trying not to get too involved again.
    Made a Chinese chicken/ tofu & pineapple tonight, it was really good!
    Have a good weekend everyone 😊

    Evening All…
    A beautiful day..
    I bought a new phone so setting it up.. most I managed to do, then struggling with a couple of things.. everything I need to go in.. are passwords, putting in and putting in..
    I turned my old phone off I think it was getting confused…

    You always seem to ge doing proper cooking.. hope you enjoyed it. A good day to get some of your washing done..

    You always enjoyed your fishing.. you usually do both?

    Quite upsetting with your neighbour hope she doesn’t upset everyone.
    Jacqui called to see my sister… she thought it was me and called me by name, the first time in two years, she’s said my name….then she realised it was her ‘niece’

    Well bedtime for us…get the boy in the garden…
    Jean x

    I can go fishing at weekend but when I retired I planned to go fishing in the week when it’s not crowded. Then I started bowling and that got in the way. I will try and cut down on bowling next season. The way I’m playing I might as well give up now. Need to form a plan for next season.

    Good afternoon F B Brits .. and what a lovely one too. Xxxx

    A good morning walk .. we had to walk to a different field this morning as the car is in the village garage. Yesterday a coil spring thing broke by the front wheel and was cutting into the tyre. Awful smell of rubber.. Lucky I got home.
    So we are carless at the moment. Will be ok for a few days .. use the village shop..

    Kristy coming on Wednesday so hopefully it will be up and on the road before then.

    I am cleaning windows .. did all upstairs before lunch now going to do downstairs.

    The croc pot casserole was the best ever .. will have some more this evening.

    Dave.. Maybe go fishing a bit more still do the bowls. .. Sometimes it goes like that we lose our knack at something we have been good at for a while.

    H H .. Funny thats what I do .. make things freeze them in portions then I don’t fancy them.. lol

    Well done on your lose this week. .

    Sym.. Its so upsetting for you I am sure re your sister. Its good she could remember your name.. I expect your daughter looks like you.

    Enjoy your afternoon everyone. The greatest wealth is health.” Xxxx

    It’s been nice weather today and tomorrow is looking good I bought some Samsung earbuds hoping I can use them as hearing aids but they will be great for the TV, phone and laptop anyway. Not paired them yet, will do it later

    Evening All..
    A visit to Jacqui for lunch and sat out with the boy when I got back..
    Lovely to walk in the dry warm weather, flash of the eye it will be autumn, plenty of flowers on the brambles.

    My daughter does look like me with the same colour of hair when I was her age. I shall try and go up this next week hopefully…
    Hope you soon get your cat back you will miss it. Nice to have Kirsty back again.

    You are maybe doing too much bowls a bit of fishing would be nice.

    Night from us…
    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone.Roast beef and all the trimmings😋😋😋. Will be a late tea today football starts at 4pm. So I’ll get thing ready before then. It’s brilliant sunshine so kept Chloe in the shade where I could. She’s fast asleep now.

    Good afternoon F B Brit friends hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day Xxxx

    Just having an easy day today.. just a bit of hand washing .. so everything up to date. Now its relaxing and reading time.

    Its just a bacon sandwich today a sI cant be bothered to cook much. After going to the local shop called at my friend s for a cuppa took some eclairs Lovely chat.

    Her hubby had gone to Wembley yesterday to see the Oxford final and it had cost £38 to park in someones driveway !!!!

    Weight good .. it doesnt seem to fluctuate much now .. I think its a good weight for me..

    Dave.. Ohh roast beef that sounds wonderful..Hope you enjoy it. and that Chloe does too.

    Sym… I expect it s hard going to see your sister.. i guess these sort of times is when having a partner helps as you can talk about it and have their support.

    Funny I am not really missing my car at the moment ..I expect I would if it was for a long time ..My local shop is a good size and a Coop .A bit more expensive but not using diesel Neighbours both offered lifts to go shopping but I like to save favours for when I really need them.

    H H and Nana hope you are enjoying this lovely weather.

    “Sunday checklist: do nothing & chill.” Xxxx

    Hemmy- hope your car soon gets fixed & not too expensive! Nice to have Kristy coming again next week 🤗
    Dave- hope the beef was good, & I’m sure you enjoyed the football! Hopefully you’ll start bowling better again soon, very frustrating 🤞
    Jean- so sad your sister having to be there…my friend I walk with, her Mum in law has just been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia, & her mum has Alzheimer’s, they’re going to have their work cut out 😢
    I walked with Claire & her dog yesterday, we had to go into town & then saw mum in the afternoon, did a 500cal FD. Today has been a lazy day, just loaded up the car ready for tomorrow, we’re off to help son with cleaning the cottage they’re renting, will be an early start. Won’t be a FD, will hopefully swap with Tuesday…

    A bad day calories wise yesterday,I celebrated city’s win with a big bar of chocolate. Not like the first time city win the premier League.I then went straight to the pub with hundreds of city fans and got home late Monday morning from Sunday afternoon. Don’t actually remember coming home😬.I must be a homing pigeon because I always had home🤣. So will have to be a fast day today and tomorrow to try and pull it back before I get weighed on Wednesday.

    Evening everyone,
    It’s been a lovely warm day here in the fens. Went to get my nails done this morning and then did a tidy up in the garden which was needed after our week away.
    Made today a fd which came in at 700 calories.
    Our holiday was lovely even though it was raining every morning that we woke up but had cleared up by mid morning so some nice walks with OH, daughter, son in law and Grandog Poppy were possible.
    Wasn’t able to catch up with all of the posts whilst away so hope everyone on here is okay.
    Nana xxx

    Just had a butty so it will have to be salad for tea. Lovely day here. I had a practice with 2 sets of different bowls to see how it went. Wasn’t too bad. Don’t the shopping do having a cuppa now.

    Dave- good news with the football but not the chocolate! Hope you have lost this week 🤞
    Nana- glad you had a good break, well done getting back into fasting 👏
    Hope you’re both okay Jean & Hemmy 🤗
    Yesterday was busy, gave Xena an extra long walk very early, then spent most of the day helping son & gf clean- they are being very thorough (which I totally understand) so it’s slow going! Will help next weekend too, son will move in the end of the month & starts his new job a few days later, his gf is revising for her finals so can’t do as much as she’d like.
    Woke at 4.30am- aching well! Still managed a liquid FD though. Saw my friend who’s really having a hard time with her autistic daughter, a worry how low she is but can’t do anything to help except listen as her daughter is too difficult 😢 Rang my HomeStart family this afternoon, cut son’s hair, maybe the last time 😢

    Hi F B Brits.. hope you are are having a good day. xxxx

    Its rained on and off all day today.. and pouring just now.. That lovely weather was soo enjoyable.. lol it doesnt look up to much for Kristys visit tomorrow. .

    Still no car so it will be back tomorrow they will drop it off after work. So I will have to do a bit of a shop at local .. then shop Thursday in town.

    Not had much today.. just scrambled eggs tonight .. and some wine. lol

    Dave.. if you lose a pound a week its probably better than losing a whole lot at onc ethen I think there is a danger in then eating for England after. I have done that over the years. Slow but sure I think is the answer..

    H H … Its soo sad when they leave home. you have to rethink your life. Will they be far away?. Be careful doing the Liquid diet while under par. .. maybe you should just get yourself right again before fasting.

    Sleep well all. Don’t starve yourself, nourish yourself. Xxxx

    Evening All..
    A lovely day again.. played boules but lost both games, a wet pitch doesn’t suit me.

    The cottage sounds delightful a shame it needs such a clean.. it should all be done before taking it on….exciting times for them both… you will miss him.

    Hope the car is all sorted, nice to have wheels. Enjoy having Kirsty about.

    Lovely to get away with family and the weather was kind.

    Good city win… a bit of practice always good. I need some too.

    Up early meeting Natalie at 8am.

    Jean x

    Jean- hope you had a nice walk with Natalie but it probably was a wet one!
    Hemmy- hope you have a lovely time with Kristy! Son & gf are about an hour & a quarter drive away, not too bad but not near enough for them to just pop by…
    Dave- Fingers crossed for a dry bowling day!
    A bit fed up today- somehow have put on a pound with doing 2 liquid fasts & another 500cal day, nonFDs have been better, very frustrating! Not eaten yet, we did shopping too, I need to get cracking with some ironing…

    HH maybe have a good feed then do it again. It’s good to have time off. The bowling today was rained off they are going to replay it next Tuesday.I called them all whimps but it was very heavy rain.

    Evening All..
    What a wet day drenched twice I had to put the heating on to dry our clothes..

    A bit of shopping and I sold my old phone for £260 which I was pleased with it’s going in my holiday fund…

    A fast day tomorrow..

    Your son is quite a way from you. When are they moving in?
    Keep pushing on with fasting it will start to move again.. keep positive..

    Weather stopped play.. shame.

    Jean x

    Jean I hope you wiped your old phone clean before you sold it. Still raining here but very light at the moment, yesterday was torrential rain and I was driving in it too a place in not sure how to get to, I used the satnav fortunately but still got lost twice🤪. I’ve just changed my power supply tarrif still with octopus 🐙 but hopefully it will be cheaper. The price changes every day, they let you know at midnight how much you will be paying for the day so if it’s cheaper get the tumble dryer on but if it’s dearer wait for the next cheaper day.

    Morning All..
    A very chilly walk looked like rain but it stayed dry… a lazy day I feel tired.
    I and fasting…

    Dave ..
    I get lost following sat nav’s too, they are not easy..
    I did put the phone back to factory settings but the guy did it too before I left…
    I will be interested in the octopus prices mine is variable..

    Jean x

    Our satnav has died! It doesn’t know where we are 😂 Keep forgetting to ask son to have a look…
    Dave, I have had some days off fasting – it’s only a week since we were away! And I didn’t fast Sunday or Monday…I’ll do another FD today, see how it goes.
    Hubby finally went to see an osteopath today, he’s had trouble with his neck & shoulder for a couple of weeks, I’ve suggested it quite a few times, needless to say it helped! Rang my new HS family today, seems to be getting through them quickly! She has alot on her plate but does sound as if she has a fair bit of help from family & friends so I wonder how much help the phone calls will be…
    Hope everyone has a good day! 😊

    Sick of the rain,non stop for last 2 days. Tomorrow at bowls the 2 teams I play for play each other. Should be interesting.

    Finally lost 1.5lbs this week, so feel a bit better about that, although it’s very hard work! Had a busy day, did lots of cleaning, cut the grass as hubby’s neck is worse again this morning, made sandwiches & brownies for tomorrow (helping clean son’s house again), took Mum to a garden centre to get bedding plants & then planted mine up in a few pots…easy dinner tonight thankfully!
    Have a good weekend everyone 🥰

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    Good evening everyone,Another day under my allowance so all good. I won my bowling match and the team I was playing for today won the match by 8 points.I have just set up my Octopus energy so I can tell how much energy I’m using pretty much right away.

    They’re is a strange shiny thing in the sky, hope it hands around for a while. Sick of all the elections already. Don’t watch the news now. I’ll watch after the 4th of July. It’s so nice to do the dog walk in the sunshine with no coat needed. It’s the FA cup final today so I’ll be a nervous wreck untill it’s over.

    Good afternoon everyone the sun is out but rain is not far away. Roast chicken tonight so Chloe is on high alert, if anyone goes in the kitchen she follows immediately 😄. Think I’ll make Yorkshire puddings,I don’t usually do them with chicken but if I have roast potatoes instead of mash then I do. I’ll do it now before the footie starts.

    Hello everyone I am back after a couple of years break. I recently had an accident and had to have a full hip replacement which has been a painful and long recovery. That means zero exercise and a lot of meds. So today I decided enough is enough and to start 5:2 again tomorrow and Wednesday as the weight has crept back on. Have a holiday at the beginning of August to look forward to, so a great incentive!

    Is anyone else restarting again or now a way of life?

    Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    A good walk this morning on the riverbank avoiding the cows… getting used to where they are and then deciding where to walk….

    I have been out to Jacqui’s for lunch last minute decision.. very nice…

    Thunder and lightening here, now hailstone..black as night and very heavy rain… no walk till later.….Charlie barking at it !!!

    Trying to fast Monday….

    Hope hubby’s neck is feeling better…. and all your son’s cottage cleaning nearly finished…
    Well done at moving some weight…

    Well done on MU winning… a surprise…

    Are you joining us on here, get back on board again…

    I don’t know were you fit in with us.. are you promoting or trying to join us????

    Jean x

    Heavy rain now, sick of it raining. Managed two dry walks though so will wait until later for the last walk of the day.No thunder or lightning. It was forecasted but didn’t appear.

    Ali- hi & welcome back, when were you here before? Very tough recovery for you 🤗
    Dave- was your roast good? Shame about the football…
    Jean- nice you had a lunch with Jacqui 🙂
    Hemmy- hope you’ve had a good time with Kristy!
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good weekend, any more BBQs?
    Got on fairly well with the cleaning yesterday but still a bit more to do, the kitchen was quite grimy & they’re being very thorough! Have done some cooking for him for his freezer today. Tomorrow hubby has a driving experience day with an Aston Martin, son got it for Christmas, should be fun!

    Hi F B Brits I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend. Xxxx

    The weather here is a bit up and down with showers in-between warm sunshine.

    It was a lovely time with Kristy. We went to Oxford and Aylesbury.. She said about going away with Pip again but I said I will leave it for now as lots to do in the garden.

    Dave.. Lots of sport on this weekend for you to enjoy.

    Nana I hope you are having a good weekend. Not sure if you are still away.

    H H .. Your son and G friend must be very excited about to start a new section of their lives.

    Sym.. The riverbank walk sounds wonderful .. I bet lots of lovely wild life sights to see daily.

    Just having bits and pieces today no cooking as such .. Enjoy your day everyone. “Every step is progress, no matter how small.” Xxxx

    Hi all!
    Busy day here- went for hubby’s driving experience, he had 2 drives in different Aston Martins, alot of waiting but he really enjoyed it .. resisted the churros or chips 😇 Had to stop for some shopping on the way home, then popped round to Mum’s. Son’s been packing, had a good clear out, he has so much stuff! Decided not to do a FD, last meal I’ll cook for son at home so did one of his faves- carbonara.
    Out for dinner tomorrow night, my step cousin is over from NZ so having a family meal out, not a FD either but am just having the one meal each day…
    Love to you all xx

    Denise bought some churros in the gran canaries. She got about 12🤣.I don’t like them so she threw most of them away. The weather as been awful here, rain most of the time and it’s pouring down now. Got soaked twice yesterday taking Chloe out and the speedway got abandoned because of rain.

    Afternoon All..
    Two dry walks which make a change…

    I managed a fast day, finished at 600 cals ish.. I seem to be really struggling at the moment. It’s 9 years since Kay and I started fasting having no breaks…a bit longer for Hemmy.

    Jacqui is coming to see me tomorrow so a bit of lunch and a few treats. I have a problem with my fall pipe it needs some sealant hoping she will hold my ladder while I do it.. it’s not too far up above my kitchen window too high for my steps.

    Glad hubby enjoyed his drive of the sports cars… nice when your son gets into the cottage.

    Lovely to have Kirsty company it makes a change. You should go away, life is too short.. it’s making the effort…
    We have swans with their babies on a fishing pond near the riverbank… baby owls at the beginning of the season, a few people saw them but I didn’t. In low bushes the adults were very small. Plenty of geese about. It is nice so peaceful…

    Churros are nice you dip them in thick hot chocolate in Spain. Hope you get a dry walk.

    Jean x

    Good evening FB Brit friends.. hope all is well in your world. Xxxx

    What a day.. I don’t think its stopped raining here. .. Got soaked walking this morning…

    I dont seem to do so much on dismal days .. I know it should be an opportunity to do work inside lol. I am soo my Mothers daughter loving the garden.

    Getting into my reading again and enjoying it..

    Shopping tomorrow.. out Friday with Pam for lunch and some retail shopping. ( Charity shops ) lol

    Had my favourite this evening eggs chips an beans mushrooms.. I had planned pan fried in butter and garlic Thyme chicken breast .. with jacket potato’s and broccoli but as per usual changed my mind lol.

    Dave .. hope you and Chloe managed a dry walk some time today.

    H H … You are busy as usual.. I hope it was a lovely meal this evening xx.

    Sym…Well done on todays Fast.. Do you have much to lose. .. I cant believe we have been here all those years lolol

    I did notice and Kristy remarked while having coffee at Marks and Spencer .. looking down at peeps walking by It is absolutely amazing at the average sizes today of young people compared to years a go.. Such a shame as the health must suffer.

    Hopefully a good dry day for us all tomorrow. When times get tough the tough get going Xxxxx

    Morning everyone, I’ve decided to post here in the morning from now on as I keep forgetting to post in the evening.
    Enjoyed a nice bank holiday weekend with the weather not being as awful as forecast and we even managed a BBQ on Saturday afternoon.
    We went and had lunch with our widowed friend on Monday which was nice as we’d not seen her since February but she’s been quite busy and we’ve been having our mini breaks so we had to pick and arrange last Monday over six weeks ago. I’m pleased that she’s getting back to being able to have a social life after recovering from her breast cancers return for the third time last year.
    She’s an amazing person and we count ourselves lucky to have been friends for fifty four years.
    My Aunt continues to plod on bless her and we can see a small improvement in her when we visit.
    Eating wise I’m trying my best and managed a fd yesterday and looking to have another one tomorrow.
    Off to St Ives shortly for our usual Wednesday lunch meet up but the weather is not looking good for us at the moment dark clouds and windy. I enjoy the cycle ride to the guided busway stop now as I have no fear of falling off anymore due to having my tricycle which I’ve named Geraldine – I’m mad I know.
    Enjoy your day everyone and hopefully I’ll manage to remember to post here again tomorrow morning.
    Nana xxx

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