Summary I have learnt on fasting

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Summary I have learnt on fasting

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  • I’d like to summarize what I learned and what works with me and what I learned and still didn’t put into practice. I don’t have to be right in all statements, but this is what I believe and understand.

    1. Weight loss works well if you have one meal a day and not divide it into more portions during the day. This works for me and I also read that the point of the fasting is to stay without the meal as long as possible. Eating simply stops the cell repairing and this fasting benefit can be destroyed, even if you may lose the weight. Dr. Varady’s statement on this topic is actually the same, however the reasoning of hers is different. She simply thinks, that if you split your food, you will cheat more, because e.g. instead of 200Kcal you will eat 100 more and to do it 3 times a day is already risky. However later she admitted, if you follow 500Kcal you can do it either way. But I eat one meal, because references to other articles about fasting are saying this approach is better.

    2. Exercise on fasting days. If you fast during a day, your organism switches into special regime (not necessarily ketosis) and your fat cells are more accessible. If you do your training on fast day, it is more effective in fat burning than on the other days. I read somewhere here it is dangerous or you are tired and so on, but this simply is not true. Also is not true as some poster stated, that your fat cells are turned into muscles during the training. This myth was disproved years ago, but seems some people are still following this demagogy. Fat cells and muscles are two completely different items. There is no way how fat could turn to be a muscle unless you are Harry Potter. Only disadvantage of fast day training is, you must do it in the morning or before your meal. If you work out after that, you probably will be hungry and tend to cheat (Dr. Varady says so and it is actually true). However I do ran only on my fast days and I have much more energy than other days. Running is so easy and I make more distance and run faster. You don’t keep the water as was stated before as well. You keep the water only in case you don’t drink enough during your training. However even if you keep the water during training, it comes off very soon after that. So this cannot be the reason of gaining the weight at all. To avoid uncontrollable hunger after training try to keep your heart rate in the range of fat burning. If it is too high you run on sugar, below is nothing. You can calculate it or simply check, if still can talk during your training, you are in right range, you shouldn’t be able to sing, though.

    3. If you don’t exercise quite often and if you don’t do body building exercise you cannot lose inches with the same weigh. If you don’t exercises ok, but if you lose inches in this case, you must lose weight as well. Where otherwise would that energy disappear? Inches losing without weight losing is only in case you work out quite hard. 1 kg of muscle and 1 kg of fat weigh the same of course, however they don’t have the same volume. If you take two extremes for imagination 1 kg of feather and 1 kg of iron, you will get two different packs. For one you must work hard to gain for one you must work hard o loose. However it is so easy to gain fat, but not so muscle. So don’t be afraid you will gain the pile of kg because of training. But in case you do this body building, then you really lose inches but not weight. If you don’t exercise and don’t lose weight you eat over your TDEE and there is no way you lose inches without the scale shows lower numbers. You probably lose fat, but kg must go down too. If you don’t lose weight, don’t exercise than even your inches don’t go down. By this logic you would stay slim model with 100 kilos. That’s my experience also with previous diet (Atkinson).

    4. If I want to be more free with food I must fast every other day. It was Dr. Varady’s statement you can eat what ever you want on the other non fasting days. But she did research with EOD not 5:2. And even she stated that with the mind, that you never are able to eat 200% of your TDEE the other day. Her research showed that people binge only 10% over it, whilst she expected 175%. That is why she said you can eat whatever you want, don’t need to cut any food you like. Dr. Mosley tried more manageable way of fasting, but then you are not free to eat whatever quantity you want.

    5. Health. This I cannot say is my experience, but fasting helps to prevent diabetes, however if you are already diabetic you cannot fast, because you need to keep your blood sugar consistent. My grand father and uncle suffered this disease, so most likely it would be my case in the future too. What I only can say from female’s point of view, I don’t convulse in pain during my period anymore. This is huge benefit for me. But there are pending researches on cancer, too.

    6. Don’t check calories only during your training. You burn more of them after the training too and your metabolism speeds up for the next 48 hours. Calories counting right during the training is not a good indicator, there are much more of them burned after the training. E.g., if I go to run I burn around 500 Kcal, but then I go to make some shopping and walk home (10 mins from shop) and my calories go up to 800, so 300 more for doing shopping only. It is because your body is still in training regime at least 2 hours after. If you do it on fasting day with 500 Kcal and lose 800, you are actually in negative rate and lose more.

    7. Eating 5 to 6 meals a day is a myth. We never did it in the past as a human beings. This is the trend of last 70 years and people get fatter. Reasoning was the metabolism rate speeds up, however it has no logic for me, because in reality metabolism doesn’t work alone, but needs this help (eating to work). I have an example, not scientific of course and maybe I am wrong here. But I need glasses for reading, I have office job and work with notebook all the time. Notebooks are smaller and smaller with modern technology, so I bought glasses because it made me upset I cannot read comfortably without developing special effort to watch the screen. But once I put the glasses, it was perfect, however in the moment I put them down, I can see much worse than before. It takes several hours my eyes adjust to normal “mode”. My notebook at home is bigger, so I can read perfectly. But the point here is, the glasses made my eyes quite lazy. If they don’t get help, they must work, if they do, I am blind (not really, but can’t read). That’s why I think metabolism can be the same principle, it’s still the body, so the same organism. If you let it some time without food, it simply works alone and maybe much better. However this conclusion I read also in another article about fasting, actually metabolic rate is much higher during fasting, process of food processing keeps it in permanent stress to work, but not actually help to speed it up. On my feast days I don’t snack anymore, I eat 3 meals a day and I am fine. I never can reach my TDEE, even if I take some sweet (I am sweet tooth). I wouldn’t give up sugar completely, after all brain runs on sugar.

    I am sorry for long post and some grammar faux pas, but English is not my first language, but was thinking it might be helpful for some.

    Thanks for this summary. I totally agree with you about the longer periods of fasting. It does state clearly that when you eat is just as important as what you eat and if you eat your 500 cals throughout the day, you take the body out of its fat-burning state so that it can focus on digesting your food again. As you say, all the health benefits of fasting are then lost. I think that’s why there is another 5:2 diet out there which just restricts calories but does not talk about going without food for prolonged periods of time.

    The only downside for me is that, while I find it pretty easy to go without food for a 24 hour period (which only means missing a breakfast and a lunch), I do get awful palpitations which can be quite scary. But I’m losing a steady 1lb a week.

    Excellent post.

    I totally agree with only one meal whilst fasting ( although my preference is a full fast with no eating at all ). Several smaller meals, even amounting to 500 calories seems to me to be counter intuitive to the concept of fasting.

    I’m afraid to admit that I don’t exercise at all. But clearly the benefits of exercising whilst fasting are well documented. I cant jog any more but perhaps I’ll make an effort to power walk on fast days.

    What are your thoughts on fasting in a block of two days rather than a spread over the week? I especially find the second day of a two day fast to be much easier.


    Very interesting good read and room for thought. We all have different ideas and do different things but it’s nice to take onboard anything which helps us to achieve our goal.

    Thank you very much for answers, I hope this is helpful for at least some of you.

    Christine that palpitations I suppose are due to adrenalin and maybe you don’t drink enough water. It sounds strange, but organism without water might have strange reactions. During the fast days you miss the water you usually get from food, so this might be some reaction. And don’t you drink too much caffeine?

    Vet272, I think person must be also psychically ready to exercise, so don’t worry about it. If you wouldn’t enjoy it, it is worse than nothing. So enjoy your days. Maybe one day you get in mood by yourself. I started with playing badminton first and enjoyed full hour as it passed so quickly, because badminton caught my attention. It was such a fun. Also I run with one other girl, so we support each other and must admit that I am always hesitant to go alone. That’s all in our head. So if you enjoy walking, walk, btw you can measure your heart rate too, sometimes faster walking is the same as slow running. Important is this rate and fat burning range. No matter what activity you are doing.

    As for block of two fasting days in raw I do it every two weeks. Because I want my Saturdays off, so every two weeks I must switch them with Sunday, so I have two fasting days in row (Sunday and Monday) after two feast days. It is not that heard for me and it’s beneficial, also Monday at work is much easier than Sunday at home :-). I eat all 4-500 Kcal in the evening at 7 and during day only water + coffee in the morning.

    But what happened to me. I had those two days in block last Sunday and Monday. Usually I weigh myself every two weeks on Thursday after fasting day and I consistently loose 1.5 kgs/2 weeks. Now I weighed myself 2 days earlier on Tuesday and it was after 2 feast days following 2 fast days and saw I lost only 0.5 kg for almost two weeks without 2 days. And it intrigued me. The true is I quite binged on Saturday with sweets and some on Friday too. But anyway. So I went to work and had my another fast day yesterday and today my feast day and this morning I weighed again after two days according usual schedule and imagine that after one feast day and one fast day I lost that remaining 1 kg. So I am again 1.5 kg down after two weeks. So whole kg I lost just in 2 days, whilst 0.5 kg I lost within almost two weeks. But I know what happened now. It wasn’t all fat.

    Because I binged on Saturday with sweet, it is known sugar keeps the water (it can be up to 4 following days after you ate it) and I had two fasting days after this and water didn’t go out, however yesterday I drank much more water than usually and that’s why my organism could remove more water, so basically I lost that kg due to keeping the water after eating sugar and if you don’t drink enough after that, you will not remove it appropriately. So this is another knowledge I have. Even if you eat sugar, be ready you will keep water afterwards. Then during fast day you must drink much more water then usually to remove it. If you don’t drink enough organism will save his water and keep it. If you drink, organism knows it’s going to get more water, so removes also extra water you shouldn’t actually keep.

    I wish you nice day today and looking forward to hear your experience.

    Hi. Thank you for the summary.
    My goal to loose 5 lb per month. I started from January 1 with 2 36 hours complete fasting per week. Pounds flied off very fast. After reaching my goal for a month, I switching to once per week 36 complete fast.
    Two month was easy. I lost 10 lb. What I found out that during the third month, I cannot finish my 36 hour fast. I am starting bravely, but during evening succumb to temptation. It is already March 11th, but I did not complete a single 36 fast. My fasting days now from 19 to 23 hours long. I am not really losing any pounds, but thankfully, not gaining either.
    Great Lent is starting on Monday (I am Orthodox Christian), I am hoping that the lent motivates me, and I will finally complete my goal for this month.
    How you fight your temptations?

    Hi Coldpizza,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I started this EOD in the middle of January. Strange thing happened to me that I am looking forward to being hungry. My crisis is always between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. But my receipt is simple, I don’t keep any food at home during my fast days. I only buy, what I eat during feast days and that’s it. But I understand it’s not manageable for everybody, especially those who have children. First time I weight myself was beginning of February and I lost 6.5 kgs since. The last four weeks it was 1.5 per two weeks and if I keep this trend I have 11 months to reach my goal. It’s amazing you have one month to go, wish you good luck.

    Hi, TrueMirror,
    Thank you for support.
    Today Great Lent started. I am fasting from 7:30 pm yesterday. My crisis is also from 5 till 10 pm (when I am home). Today I prepared two ropes (one for refrigerator, and one for cabinet with nuts and cookies). Hopefully it will help to stay away from food for 36 hours. 🙂
    My total goal is 45 lb. I already lost 10 lb; 35 to go. So if my rate is 5 lb/month, I have 7 months to go. I will keep you company for a while.
    I am glad, that I found this blog. It is nice to have support, and little competition also helps. Please keep us posted on your success.

    Hi Coldpizza,

    how are you? I had last feast days quite crazy, I binged a lot, not sure why, maybe after two months of fasting diet I have some crisis. I keep my fasting days ok, but once I have feast day it’s all about sweet. I better don’t even count calories.

    I am going to weigh myself next Thursday after another two weeks and let you know whether another 1.5 kgs is down or my recent bad eating habits made some damage. How about you?

    Hi TrueMirror.
    I did it! 48 hours. I was trying to make 60h (two consecutive days), but start eating Tuesday evening. Still it is very good, since I could not complete a fast during March. I decided to do small 24 hour fast today (Thursday). I am hoping to reach my goal for the month soon. I weigh myself every morning and put the weight in excel. I am visual person, and I like to see the graph that showing my weight goes down, also the graph give me a warning when the line turning north.
    I also ate too much during couple of weeks, together with not completing fast days, i gain 3 lb back, but they gone with my first fast. I actually love that method because it allowed sometimes do crazy things like drinking and eating cakes.
    I also found that rope on my refrigerator helped: I tried to open it at least twice without thinking, but the rope reminded me – NO FOOD ALLOWED! 🙂
    Good luck! Don’t give up. When is your next fasting day?


    rope is great, you made my day. My fast day is today, I still follow those 500Kcal or 400, depends within 36 hours, if I count night. So I still didn’t eat today, only drink water. In the evening I’ll have some white meat cca 300 g = 303 Kcal (I just boil it in the water) and or frozen vegetable done with salt and garlic (vegetable is 64 cal/100 gr) or mostly I eat kohlrabi, this is my the most favorite vegetable. It has only 26 cal/100 gr. This week I am also switching Saturday again, so tomorrow is my feast day and Saturday as well. Then I will have two consecutive fast days (Sunday and Monday).

    I am sure you reach your goal. I am curious if we can go on next 7-8 months.

    Kohirabi? I don’t even know what it is… 🙁
    Need to do some research on that.

    It is easier for me to do complete fast (no calories), I simply cannot eat a little bit at the time. I am stuffing myself with food, and then fast (and enjoy both!).

    We HAVE TO GO, and not just 7-8 month, but longer to maintain the weight. Please don’t give up. I count on your support.

    :-)) it’s Kohlrabi, here is the picture:

    Yes, I agree we have to go on even more, actually I have 11 months to go and then maintenance. I understand, many people say what you say, that it’s easier for them to eat nothing, I am still fine with 500, but actually I eat 390 mostly in the last time.

    I have to say in any case this is the most manageable path for me as for diets and loosing weight. It’s so easy to follow it. I am just curious when the plateau hits me, I hope I will avoid it somehow or won’t last too long. I don’t give up, I will support you, if you support me :-).

    LOL! It took me a while to figure out the difference between Kohirabi and Kohlrabi! 😀
    I will definitely try it. What is your favorite recipe? Do you prefer white or red one?

    You must be really good at controlling yourself if you can stop at 390 kcal. Good for you! Don’t be afraid of plateau – for me if I don’t gain for a week – it is also a success! And it is double sweet if I lose. If we hit plateau, we just increase number of fast days per week; and your 390 kcal will be more like 200. Piece of cake! or should i say Piece of Kohlrabi!

    :-)) I eat just white one and it cannot be that “wooden” one. I eat it just fresh with meat. If meat has 300 Kcal and the rest around 70Kcal of Kohlrabi is cca 280 grams I am ok, important is to eat it in the evening, so you fast 24 hours at least.

    I am thinking once I hit plateau I will check more what I eat on feast days, rather than add another one. I am doing now EOD fasting, so not sure, if I’d manage one more day. Will see once it comes what works more.

    But what I like to eat is that frozen vegetable. I buy only the one, which contains carrot, corn and red paprika or pea. I throw it on frying pan with half glass of water, whole piece of garlic (this I remove once it’s done), salt, pepper and one spoon of tomato paste. I wait until water evaporates and it’s great. You can eat full pack of it and it’s only 224 Kcal (one pack is 350 grams), plus cca 20 Kcal is tomato paste. Then I take 150 grams of white meat and I have quite good dinner.

    In the beginning I ate during the day a bit, too but realize much better approach is to eat all in in the evening.

    What is EOD fasting? Eat Once per Day?

    Hi cold:

    EOD stands for Every Other Day fasting. There must be a new book on the subject, because old timers call it ADF, or Alternate Day Fasting.

    Coldpizza, I don’t do 5:2, but every other day fasting. I actually follow Dr. Varady’s model, I read the book too.

    Simcoeluv, thank you. I thought eat once per day would work too. 😉

    TrueMirror. Wow, so you are basically fasting 3-4 times per week! That is hard. Somehow my way (fasting only 2 times per week) seems too easy.

    Yes, that’s why I said I switch Saturday, I also wanted to be more free with food on normal days. But 5:2 works well for many as I read here, but I need more discipline, because otherwise I would go down the other 5 days.

    Well, it was not very good weekend for weight loss.
    My daughter came to visit Friday-Saturday-Sunday. How could I lose any weight? 🙂
    Starting new week today. Fasting. I need to be a little bit more determined to meet my goal for March. How are you doing TrueMirror?


    I had also pretty feasting weekend, resp. Friday and Saturday. So Sunday and today is my fasting day and I cannot wait for tomorrow already or at least evening to have my 500 Kcal. I am going to weigh myself on Thursday, so I’ll see. This last week I quite binged and not sure if I reach my 1.5kg/two weeks.

    Just find out that we have a party today at work. Thus, I move my fasting days to Tuesday-Wednesday this week. I will try again two days in a row. I weight myself today morning as usual, and was surprised that my weight is still about the same, even though I ate too much those days. But I also find out that if I compare my monthly average for previous and current month, I lost only 2 lb so far. At the same time last month I lost 4.5 lb. 🙁

    So at least you eat well and didn’t gain any weight, so this is success too. I think I will have similar problem :-).

    Today my scale gave me another kick – adding another pound. GRRR! Those chocolate waffles were tasty, but now I am disappointed at my weekness.
    Fasting today. Last meal yesterday was before 8pm, so I already completed 12 hours of fast! (trying to stay positive).
    My 11-year-old German Sheppard start limping, poor boy. Our usual 30 minute morning walk turn to 10 min. 🙁

    Hi coldpizza, I’d say it’s water, as I said above happened to me once after having sweet weekend and in two days it went out. In any case during fasting day you remove the water easily. Also it’s not good time to weigh after celebration at work :-)). And pound is nothing it’s half kilo. Go on and after two days it’s back down.

    Hi TrueMirro,
    Forgot to tell you that couple of days ago I checked our food store and guess what – NO KOHLRABI… 🙁
    Thanks God for black coffee – a real savior during fasting days. 🙂

    Hi, how is that possible actually, it’s quite common veggie, are you European or American? Now is quite good season for Kohlrabi. Anyway if you go for zero cal on fasting day I believe it’s hard. So you have two consecutive fasting days to go, right? I had two behind me, tomorrow is another one.

    I live in Texas. Maybe I could find it in Farmer or Asian market. I will check it out after the fast. Yes it is my first day out of 2 (48 hours). I started yesterday at 8 pm, and hopefully till Wed 8 pm. Will see. Sometimes I have big plans, but very little will to complete them. I usually drink a lot of water, tea and coffee without cal. I do it because it is easier for me to stay away from food completely. If I start eating it is very difficult for me to stop.
    If I understand correctly, your fast is consuming less than 500 cal once per day and you do it every other day. Impressive. It is hard for me to be that consistent.
    Some people tell that it is easy for them to fast, but for me it is kind of hard not to break fasting. My mind create every possible excuse to start eating. I count every hour when I am fasting. So far I completed 15 hours. Hopefully we will fast tomorrow together.

    It is 11:40 am in Texas. what time is in your country?

    Hi CP, I have fasting day today, and yes, I am fasting every other day, because I need this discipline, moreover it is very hard for me to lose weight at all and this approach works for me the best and is manageable.

    I didn’t do many diets before, only Atkins, but it was horrible to follow especially when summer has started and I couldn’t eat any fruits, so I stopped it. I didn’t lose much weight anyway on this.

    I was actually in shape 5 years ago, but I stopped to work out and got 10 kgs per year, so now I need to get them off.

    I am from Central Europe, so here is now 1 p.m. So we have both eating day tomorrow, so we can dream about some good food :-))).

    Hi TrueMirror,
    What a beautiful Wednesday morning! Yesterday I have a slight headache and felt very cold. Hot bath fixed that, and I also went to bed before 9pm to avoid food temptation. Today my head is fresh again and my scale was very supportive and encouraging. 36 hours and still counting. Will keep myself busy.

    I always was in shape, gaining and losing 5 – 10 lb easily, but always stayed around 120 lb. After 40 I start gaining approximately 5 lb per year, and not losing anymore. Finally I found myself 45 lb heavier and it was shock when I realize that I am officially overweight. I still have a lot of nice clothes that I cannot wear anymore. I decided that if I don’t lose this year, I will give up all of it. Hopefully it gives me extra push. 🙂

    Today my scale for the first time gave me the number that is below 150! I know that it is temporarily and it will go up when I start eating, still I am thrilled!

    That’s great, I had headache yesterday too, I had to fix it with pill though. Today I am fresh too and feeling well, not hungry at all. I am drinking just water and in the evening will have 500cal meal. I hope I will lose majority this year too within the Christmas. So we have still majority of year to go on.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    I am still fasting, 43 hours, almost…
    You are probably sleeping already. How was your weight-in?

    Hi Colpizza, I have only 1 kg less after two weeks, but today I have P first day, so think maybe water. I try on Saturday morning again. But at least I didn’t gain.

    1 kg is more then 2 lb – not bad at all. I completed 48 hours. Today morning I hit my March goal. After breakfast the weight is already went up. To make it stay I decided to fast on Friday again for 36 hours. But today I am EATING EVERYTHING I WANT! Hooray!!

    Yes, but still I have every other day. But I have eating day too today and Friday fasting, so we have the same schedule this week. Congrats btw.

    What time you think is the best to start fasting? or What is the latest time you eat before fast day?

    I eat the last at seven mostly and then fast whole next day and night with 500 cal at seven again. Then I eat in the morning at 9,30 if I go to work. If not, I start to eat in the afternoon. I try to not eat after 9 p.m., but e.g. on Saturday I break it sometimes, because I drink red wine even later. But during the standard week and Sundays I eat around 7p.m.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    How is your fast day so far?

    Yesterday I went wild with my food choices – coffee, chocolate waffles, potato chips, veggie wrap, french fries, and plums for evening. I was sure I will gain at least 3 lb. But today my scale added only 0.8lb compare to after fasting day. I hope that today’s fast give me a chance to stabilize my loss.
    My 11 year-old dog starts limping badly. Poor guy cannot walk for 30-40 min anymore. Today I walk with him less than 10 min. 🙁

    Hi Coldpizza, my fasting day is going surprisingly well today, I don’t even know I am fasting, not hungry at all, yesterday I eat some sweet, too, but today all taste disappeared, so I am doing well. We have public holidays here on Friday and Monday, so happy to have days off. I wanted to go to run today, but will go tomorrow. Today I’m lazy.

    Good for you, TrueMirror.
    I went to gym yesterday for zumba class. Then relaxed a little bit in steam room. Today we have half day at work, that make me a little nervous, because I am not so good fasting at home – too many temptations. Enjoy your days off.
    I will not post during weekend, so “see” you on Monday.

    Hi Coldpizza, how are you doing? I screwed up during weekend, tomorrow is fasting day, I must take it more seriously, well we had holidays, but anyway.

    Hi TrueMirror.
    I believe that there was something in the air this March. I did not post because I felt ashamed. I could not complete fasting on Friday, binged on Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Tuesday I tried to maintain some calories intake and spend some time analyzing what is going on with me. This is end of March, and I lost only 2.6 lb. I realized that fasting 48 hours somehow triggers binging behavior for me. I will try 36 hour fasting 2-3 times per week (the same way I did in February), and I need to start counting calories during non-fasting days. Today I am fasting.
    I am disappointed in myself for March screw up, but looking forward for April. Overall, 12.6 lb for 3 months is not too bad, but I really need to go back on the path. 🙁

    Hi ColdPizza, I completely understand what you mean, I did in March the same. I have feeling March didn’t go so well for me too. And I had the same, originally I was supposed to fast on Sunday, but then broke it, so I moved it to Monday and in the evening broke it again. Today I am fasting, but being at work it’s so easy. So let’s start new set in April. At least you are not alone, so we can say something’s in the air for this month. I have to take it seriously, otherwise will fail and this is the last thing I want. I did so well since January and didn’t fail even once. We have to move on, it’s not end of the world.

    Agree, It is not end of the world.

    It is nice to know that we are both fasting today. Somehow it makes the fasting a little easier. I am at work too, and it is also easier for me to fast at work. I keep my fingers crossed for the evening cravings.
    We need to work some strategy against binge during non-fasting days. Any suggestions?

    My first butch of kambocha tea was made. Do you have any experience with kambocha?

    I also went to farmer market, and still could not find kohlrabi. Feel deprived of necessities of life!!!

    LOL, that’s strange kohlrabi is so rare there. My problem is staying at home. The strategy might be to slightly binge during the weekend only. If I am at work it’s more manageable not to binge during feast days. I’ll follow the path as before. Max. 3 normal meals a day, no snacks, no sweet. Wholemeal on breakfast with cheese and ham plus some veggie, normal lunch and dinner. I can screw the weekends then. However once I am at home like now, when there is holiday or something I tend to eat more.

    I don’t have any experience with kambocha, so try and let me know. I drink water only, no tea and one coffee in the morning.

    I missed my cheese and ham! It is still lent time for me ( I am Orthodox Christian), our Easter will be May 1st this year.
    HMM, maybe that messed up March for me? Normally, I did not eat on fasting days, but eat whatever I want for non-fasting days. But in March I could not eat any meat, eggs, cheese, fish and so on. Basically, I am on strict vegan diet. Maybe that created this binge mood and extra craving for bread and potato chips/fries.

    I will try prepare something proteinish like eggplant today. Oops, not today, tomorrow.
    No food thoughts for today!

    Friday – fasting. New month, new day. I am hopeful with a new goal for April. And I am not fooling around! 🙂

    I had fasting day today and on Wednesday, but I feel I didn’t fast. I have not that feeling like before, when I sensed it. I wouldn’t weigh myself now, because it would be disaster. I feel so full and swollen, I think it’s still result of that weekend disaster. I hope it will go away in April, I am going to weigh at the end of April and see. It’s like I still keep the water.

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