Summary I have learnt on fasting

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Summary I have learnt on fasting

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  • Hi TrueMirror,
    What do you think is a reason that you feel that full and swollen? Did you eat something different? A lot of sugar/salty food? Did you try a steam room or sauna to get rid of extra water?
    I am regularly use steam room (once or twice per week), it is really good for skin, and helps to get rid of toxins in your body, and also extra water.

    I am fasting today, trying now Monday, Wednesday, Friday to make up for March, but not sure that I have enough will-strength to do it. Still I am trying.
    I weight myself every morning. For me, it works better because I could analyze what did I eat/not eat that creates loss or gain of the weight. Additionally, I could analyze what food creates bloating/stomach pains/constipation/other problems and adjust it quickly.

    Are you fasting today?

    Hi Coldpizza,

    yes, I am fasting today, now I am doing my meal, it’s evening here, so I have my 500 cal dinner. I know exactly what is the reason, I ate sugar during Easter weekend, it took almost 5 days to remove all the water from it. Oh never more, it was horrible. Now it’s gone and I feel much better. I tried to drink as much as possible, but still woke up swollen. I am in normal now.

    I sort of feel when I am losing or gaining, your approach is good, Dr. Varady suggests exactly what you do, to weight every day. But I don’t want to be disappointed.

    I also changed a bit my approach on fasting. I will fast every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday will be 1000 Kcal. I will manage it this way much better. Before I fasted one week 3 days and one week 4 days, but because I wanted to have Saturday off, I switched it with Sunday, so I had to have two fasting day in row – Sunday and Monday. So now I will fast 3 days each week and Sunday will 1000 Kcal each week.

    GRR, it is only 3 pm here, and I am fasting without calories. Now I am very jealous about your 500 cal dinner. :-\

    So…think about tomorrow. Actually I am not hungry anymore during the day, it’s so easy for me now. But anyway I’m still looking forward to next day.

    Ok, I was not strong enough yesterday to complete water fast, so I ate about 500 cal at evening time. Surprisingly, the scale was nice this morning, and I was one pound below my high limit, still far away from the month goal.
    Today, I already had nice unplanned breakfast, and now I am planning the next fast, which is easy on full stomach. I have to watch out for the rest of the day for what and how much i eat.

    I had fasting day today, I almost failed. I had a crisis at 2 and wanted to by something from machine we have in the office, but there was a lady changing stuff, so I let it go and forgot it. Today I had mozzarella and vegetable.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    Good for you!
    I wish that lady (guy in my office) stays near the temptation machine all day long.
    I did not fast yesterday. 🙁 The reason is that I did not go to work, and I simply cannot fast at home. I am fasting today.
    My weight stays the same for a while. I really need go back to 36 hours water fasts, I don’t know why it was so easy for first two months, and so hard now. According to this forum, it supposed to be easier with the time.

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I knew I shouldn’t weight myself, but I gained half kilo. I go on, cannot think of it, I want to lose 10 kgs until end June, so I hope it will work.

    I am staying the same. The reason – I cannot complete 36 hours fasts. I am fasting during the day, but at evening cannot keep myself from food. I am so disappointed in myself. The 5:2 is definitely working, but I just cannot complete my side of a bargain. 🙁

    Did you analyze and find reason why you gain this time? What did you do differently when you lost some weight? We cannot give up!

    Hi All

    I am starting on Monday, really looking forward to it!

    The evening are hard, that’s where I have struggled before, plan to keep myself busy and go to bed early! 🙂

    Palpitations can be caused by dehydration. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and not overdoing the caffeine.

    Hi Coldpizza,

    I think it still has something to do with that bad ending of March, Easter, I probably overeaten sugar stuff. I think I am back in my trucks as before. I definitely am not going to give up, so hope we stay strong. Regardless of this I still lost around 10 kgs from the middle of January, so it’s nice result and it’s still one of the best eating path and way to lose the weight. So I am going on.

    You are right, TrueMiror.
    Even though we have some hard time, still we are winner. I am fasting today. During the weekend I was not good, but stopped eating yesterday at 6 pm. Hoping to complete 36 hours water fast. Wish me luck and strength. Are you fasting today?

    Hi Coldpizza,

    yes, I have fasting day, boiled white meat and kohlrabi LOL, I wish you good luck, but isn’t it too much for you to have 2 consecutive days of fasting? Isn’t better for you to split them? Next fasting is Wednesday for me.

    I count it as one day (36 hours). I started at 6 pm yesterday and drinking only water (hot tea/coffee) until 6 am tomorrow. Then I have normally eating day. At evening tomorrow I will start Wednesday fast. So the fast day starts for me after completion of the last meal of non-fast day. It is easier for my mind to think the next morning “Oh, I already fasted for 12 hours!” – after waking up in the morning. 😀

    I tried twice in March and completed two 48 hours fasts, but found out that I start overeating the next non-fasting day. Hoping to avoid that with 36 hour fast.

    Oh yes, my fault, 36 hours is actually normal if you count second night too. Actually I fast the same amount of hours. I feel good again, so hope I’m going down with weight. And you were right before, we need to look at benefits, even if sometimes it’s hard.

    I re-read some of your posts and realized that you lost 10 KG from January, it means you lost more than 20 lb! I only lost 13 lb. You are doing very well!! Congratulations.
    I need to catch up with you. 🙂

    AWW, Kohlrabi, kohlrabi, kohlrabi- my recent dream food…

    I know that there is a chance that I don’t like it, but the fact that I cannot even taste it irritates me somehow. I still checking out for it when I am visiting different farmer markets.

    I lived in Japan for a while, and learn to like daikon. It is similar to radish, but milder taste and juicier. Since I cannot find kohlrabi here, I am using daikon instead.

    Still feel deprived… and keep dreaming… Kohlrabi, kohlrabi, kohlrabi…:-P

    Coldpizza, BIG daikon fan here! And kimchi.

    Yes, daikon has so little calories, even if I eat the whole daikon at once! 🙂

    So proud that finally i was able to complete the first April water fast. Scale reacted immediately. I will try to eat smartly today, and at 6-7pm will start Wednesday fast.

    I am thinking to send you kohlrabi by mail LOL. I am fasting today, but will weight myself next week. Now I am off to work, I am so lazy today, this morning is so hard.

    Hi TrueMirror,
    I am fasting today too. We can do it! 🙂

    My fasting went ok today, how about you, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

    I am still fasting, still here. Feeling that I can do it till tomorrow morning. Dreaming about food tomorrow, and definitely will have a breakfast.
    Already planning next fast on Friday. 🙂

    I fast tomorrow, too, so we have quite similar schedule. I took day off tomorrow, go to visit friend to hospital, clean the house, so hope all will go well.

    Good luck! I am also very hopeful to complete this first week with 3 fasts. 🙂

    And how is going your weight, if you weigh yourself everyday?

    Yes. I keep everyday data from January first. I always meeting my scale in the morning, after bathroom.
    So far this week:
    151.4 – Monday fast – 147.0 – Tuesday normal eating – 148.0 – Wednesday fast – 146.0 (first time for a long time!!!) – Thursday OVEREATING 🙁 – 149.6 – today I am fasting to make up for yesterday’s craziness.

    My goal for this month to hit 144 lb and step inside the normal weight category (Now I am officially overweight).

    How are you? Was your scale agreeable with your efforts?

    I weigh myself every two weeks, so will see on Thursday next week. Today went pretty well, after I came home I cleaned my house and completely forget I am fasting, tomorrow morning going to run and have eating day, so nice Saturday before me.

    Great. Have a nice lean weekend. 😀

    Have a lean weekend. I like that !

    How was the weekend?
    Are you fasting today?

    Hi, yes, I had a fasting day today. Yesterday I had 1000 Kcal and today below 500 and I have already enough, so cannot wait tomorrow’s breakfast. I eat two eggs and frozen vegetable, how about you? You have zero cal of fasting, but what do you eat on non fasting days?

    I am on vegan diet till May 1st and eat a lot of veggies (no kohlrabi!), mushrooms, tofu, all different types of beans, avocado, nori (i love sea weed), nuts, fresh and frozen fruits, papaya (we share half of papaya with my husband almost every day). I also have a cup of plum juice with my last meal before fasting day. Oh, I just gave up my chocolate waffles for 90 days (still cannot believe that i made that commitment – what I was thinking!)…:-O

    1000 cal on eating day – wow! 🙂 Cannot wait for your Thursday weight-in result.
    Have a great fasting day!

    Glad you remind me that papaya, I saw it in the mall, there is small farm shop and they had such a big papaya too and last week I said myself I am going to buy one. Actually 1000cal is each Sunday and 500 cal Monday and then I continue every other day fasting. You are great you manage this diet, I wouldn’t manage it by myself. Who on Earth gives chocolate waffles up? LOL

    Papaya warning:
    If you never tried papaya before – don’t smell it!! – i don’t know why, it has somewhat nauseous smell. It took a while for me to appreciate the taste too (my husband was fond of the papaya first and shared with me a lot of articles about benefits of papaya including research on anti-cancer qualities). Now we are eating at minimum two papayas per week, usually at evenings, and I miss it dearly if we cannot find yellow papaya in store for some reason. (it is not recommended to eat green papaya).
    A couple of days ago I found a strange fruit in central market – PITAYA PELONA. Did you ever tried that?

    I actually ate papaya, I was working in cruise ship and we had it quite often, but since then I didn’t eat, just now saw it and you reminded it to me. I never heard of pitay pelona, what it it? How does it taste? Must try.

    My scale shows me 146 today (after 36-hour-fast) for the second time this month. I will try to eat sensibly today. Looking forward to the next fast on Wednesday.

    Some of my co-workers actually tried Pitay Pelona, it has sweet taste. Apparently, it is fruit of a cactus(!) Insides is white soft flesh with small black seeds. Now it costs $8 each, which I was told is too high. So I will wait and try it when the price goes down. 😀

    I thought then you mean durian. Durian is very smelly fruit, it’s horrible smell, but inside it is quite sweet. I’ve never eaten in my life, but know it exists. Do you know this one?

    I think we are talking about the same. One of my colleague used that name. He also warned me about the smell. But others said that they did not notice the smell, and called it pitay. I picked up the name from the store. So I am intrigued if it is the same fruit or not. I guess it is only one way to find out. I will let you know. 😀

    This is it:

    durian is very smelly, it is not recommended to eat anywhere inside, don’t open it actually inside the house. It is very well known for typical smell and very good taste.

    So hi, today I checked and I lost only 1 kg. But better than punch in the face. LOL


    Congratulations! It is more than 2 lb in 2 weeks! You doing awesome. 😀

    I was not that successful yesterday. My fast day turned out to be an ordinary eating day. Morning scale was adding pounds to my yesterday weight, and I saw that I need to fast urgently. I am fasting today. Wish me luck.

    Found out that pitaya is different from durian:



    How are you? I failed yesterday’s fast again, but I ate 500-800 cal only, so I am fasting today. Hopefully today will work.

    Went today to Central Market and TA-DA! – found kohlrabi!. Now searching for a recipe.

    Where are you? How was your week? Are you fasting today?

    Hi Coldpizza, kohlrabi must be eaten fresh, you need young one. No receipt actually. I am sick, so was out, this week is strange I fast today, but didn’t eat much yesterday too. Hope you are still going on.

    Nice to hear from you, TrueMirror.
    I am sick also this week, and don’t really fasting.
    I bought a bunch of three young kohlrabi, ate one fresh, and put two in casserole with eggplants and tofu.
    I also tried Pitaya or Dragon fruit. It is not smelly at all. The texture is like in kiwi, but the taste is “soft-sweet”.
    So it was fun week new food wise. 🙂

    My weight is not really going off this month. I need to rethink of what I am doing and especially how much I am eating. I need to learn to portion my food better.

    Good news that my size 10 pants are big now. 🙂
    I might not lose much weight this month, but my butt is definitely shrinking. 😀

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