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Starting a long journey – ETJ

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  • Hello,

    I always enjoy finding and reading people’s stories, whether they were successful, still going or stopped posting, so I thought I would start a thread for mine. It is nice thinking that in the future I can go back and re read this as my personal journey.

    I started out dieting after my first son was born. I had put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy, due to being immobile and having cravings for fast food. After I had him, I weighed 76 kilos. I lost 11 kilos through shake dieting, then went on Sure slim for 12 weeks and lost about another 10kgs, ending up at about 55kgs. I had begun running at that stage and was running 5kms a day as well as weight training and felt really fit. My husband and I started trying for number 2, but due to PCOS found I needed chlomid to get pregnant. Thanks to chlomid I had put on about 7kgs before finally falling pregnant, even with the exercise everyday.

    For number 2 pregnancy, it went really well. I continued exercising every day, and after having him within a few weeks weighed about 65kgs. I again started the shake diets, tried sure slim again, but honestly it was much harder that time around. I had started going to the gym again, and through a lot of hard work stayed around the 60kg mark.

    Then life got in the way. We started trying for number 3 and needed chlomid again. By the time I got pregnant I was about 70kgs. After number 3 was born I weighed about 80kgs. I tried numerous diets within the first year, but just couldn’t stick to them.

    So, I started out on 5’2 with my Mum 2 and a half years ago. I lost about 6 kilo’s quite quickly, but as per usual with my diets, got very carried away. I went from doing nothing to fasting as many days as I could, exercising like a nutter, and doing Michelle Bridges body transformation on my eating days. Needless to say it was too much to quick and I gave up. My Mum has kept doing 5/2 ever since, and has lost about 20 kilos, currently reaching a plateau.

    Back in December we moved out onto a farm and due to no take away, and a lot more exercise, I had lost a pant size. I hadn’t weighed myself since giving up on 5/2, so it had been about 2 years since. I got on the scales at the start of March and was 92.5kg! Holy crap. And I had lost weight. Who knows what I was back in December!

    Anyway, after giving myself a good kick up the butt and realising that I have finally got some determination back, I am starting the long road to losing over 30kgs.

    Todays weigh in was 87.5kgs so slowely going down.

    Anyway, hopefully writing in here weekly will keep me honest and fingers crossed in another couple of years I can read back and remember my struggles. Better that than giving up and having to start again!!!

    Hi ETJ 🙂 It was nice to read your story. Look forward to your updates.

    Good luck, you can do this!!!

    Thanks Dragon Fly 🙂 Are you losing or stabalising? Good luck to you also 🙂

    It has been a long, busy week this week. We picked up a few Silkie chooks to add to our chooks. They are very cute. We have been busy converting half of our horse stables into a shearing shed, as we will be shearing at the end of this month. One of our older sheep had a lamb, and it is very cute. And besides that I am bottle feeding a poddy lamb, my brother found some tiny kittens dumped at a truck stop that we have also been added to our family. They were so skinny, but are putting on weight nicely. And today we are getting a horse delivered 🙂 Very exciting. He has a sore knee at the moment, but in a month or so, we can start riding him once he is all recovered.

    5’2 turned into fasting Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I am enjoying the 4’3, so will stick to it. I am doing from dinner the night before, all the next day, till lunch the following. I am just drinking either water, no sugar cordial or tea. No food. I am finding I am fine until around dinner, when I am really hungry. My hubby is making the dinners, so I just have to ignore them eating. After they are finished and it is all cleaned up, I find I am fine. Last year we were snacking a lot after dinner, but I got rid of that habit back in December, so am no longer wanting anything after dinner.

    Starting weight:92.5kgs Current weight:86.2kgs Weekly loss:1.3kgs Total: 6.3kgs.

    Great start!
    I am also doing 4:3 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 🙂

    Thanks Coldpizza. How are you finding the 4:3? The past couple of weeks have been every other day because I put in extra days because my parents were supposed to be visiting. I was supposed to be eating today, but hubby stuffed up the bread and I didn’t want to waste my eating day, lol.
    This week I have been so busy fencing and fixing up the shed. I think there are muscles I didn’t know existed, lol. Still got another couple of weeks of it. Looking forward to May!

    So I weighed myself today and 0.4kgs down for the week. Not as much as other weeks, but still a loss. I fasted Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

    Starting weight 92.5kgs Current weight: 85.8kgs Weekly loss: 0.4kgs Overall loss: 6.7kgs.

    Weigh in day. A 1.2kg loss this week! Very happy with that. It ended up being a pretty full on week. My parents came down to visit, and besides still getting ready for our own shearing at the end of the week, I was helping my brother out with his. So I fasted Mon, Wed and then I couldn’t do a full Friday due to Mum and Dad being here, so I fasted from lunch time Thursday to dinner time Friday night and then Sunday.

    I was in the kitchen cooking all day on Friday, to have some yummy things for the kids and family to eat, and although I could have some on Saturday, all I had was a mouthful of choccie cake and half a date scone. I am finding after eating my meals I am content and don’t really want the usual sweet thing.

    Starting weight 92.5kgs Current weight: 84.6kgs Weekly loss: 1.2kgs Overall loss: 7.9kgs or 17.4 pounds! It sounds like more when you convert it, lol.

    Hi ETJ,

    sounds like you are on the right track. It was nice to read your story. I am also trying to lose the pregnancy weight and can very much relate to that. Lost 10 kg so far and have another 10 kg to go. Reached a plateau a few weeks ago and struggle to find my way back to fasting. It was my birthday last week and a friend’s wedding a few days later. Lots of cake… Now I will hopefully get back on track. I’m fasting Monday and Wednesday and usually going for 18:6 on weekdays.
    How do you manage to eat nothing when your Family has dinner? My daughter always asks why I don’t eat and I feel bad because I don’t want to promote any unhealthy eating patterns in her.

    Hi Shaylee,

    Happy Birthday for last week. And congrats on your weightloss. I imagine the last 10 are going to be the hardest, but you are now on the downward climb at least!
    I am lucky that my husband cooks mostly on my non eating days. I have an 11, 7 and 3 year old. They are boys and barely notice if the shoes they are wearing match each other, lol. I have just said that I need to lose weight and that it is not fun, and that is why we tell you that you can’t eat the entire contents of a choccie block in one sitting or one day you will need to lose weight too! All things in moderation and all that. It really hasn’t been an issue for us thankfully 🙂

    Wow ETJ! – Congrats for the successful week loss!
    I even more impressed that you doing this with 3 young kids.
    My kids are grown up, still it is hard for me sometimes to stick to healthy food.
    I did not lose any pounds this week, so I am starting my Monday fast with hope to be able to complete my 3 fasts this week.

    Thanks Coldpizza. Congrats on staying motivated! I think it must be easier to stick with healthier food with kids, because you have to prepare them healthy meals! Whereas, if it is just you, it seems not as important or you can’t be as bothered. Where my husband and I always fell down, was snacking when the kids went to bed. He doesn’t have much to lose, but even he has lost weight just watching me. In fact he lost almost as much as me this week and he eats everyday. I’m helping him by not buying him any snacking food. Good for the wallet too!
    Good luck on your fasts this week. I’ll be doing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 🙂 Here’s to a good fasting week!

    Hello, I usually weigh in on Mondays, but decided to join the 42 day challange and today is day 1. This has been a very busy week. Our shearing went without a hitch, very happy that! It has turned cold here today so we have had to shed them again. Better that than sick sheep. We are relaxing today, first time in a long time.

    This week I fasted Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and am fasting today! I ate the 500 calories for dinner on Friday night as I was pretty hungry doing back to back days. I have lost this week 0.6kgs.

    Starting weight: 92.5 Weekly loss: 0.6kgs Current weight: 84kgs. Total loss: 8.5kgs or 18.7 pounds!!

    Hello, This week has gone well. I have successfully signed into the 42 day challenge every day which I was a bit apprehensive about and almost didn’t sign onto it. But, one week gone!

    This week has been really good. We have managed a fair few rest days, which has been wonderful. We met up with the family yesterday for a Mother’s Day lunch which was nice. We just had a sausage sizzle over a camp fire and the kids loved going and getting kindling. I made a potato bake and date scones and they went down really well. I decided not to make a dessert, to make sure I didn’t eat it, lol. Nobody missed it, so that was good.

    So this week I fasted Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday until dinner and Friday. And I have lost 1.3 kilos!! So, you have to be happy with that! That brings me to almost a full 10 kilos since I started in March!

    My Mum asked me yesterday whether I had been doing anything to lose weight and I mentioned that I was back on 5:2 or alternate day. She said that she is going to be much stricter with it, as she has put on a few kilo’s even doing it religiously, so we had a chat about that for awhile. She has been doing it now for 2 and a half years, so has fasting down pat!

    The only issue I have had so far with fasting has been constipation. Have upped my fiber intake on non fast days, taken Metamucil religiously, upped my water intake, once every couple of weeks take a laxative. Not much has worked to make me regular. So I am currently trying a different fiber supplement that has a small amount of laxative in it that you swallow everyday, which are like 2 tea spoons of hard grains, seems to be working, fingers crossed.

    Oh and it is Mother’s Day today and I got my Fitbit!! And a box of choccies, lol. The kids are pretty interested in all the different flavours, so I will be lucky to get to eat two. They are helping me out really, lol.

    Starting weight: 92.5 Weekly loss: 1.3kgs Current weight: 82.7kgs. Total loss: 9.8kgs or 21.6 pounds and lost now about 15 kilos since December. No wonders my clothes are getting baggy!


    This week has been a bit harder. My husband and youngest were sick all week with some kind of gastro bug. Headaches, temperature and throwing up. Thankfully they improved by Friday and then I started feeling crappy. My middle child made the mistake of swallowing a steel ball and I ended up having a night time trip to the doctors. The following day he had an X ray and the ball had already descended and thankfully made it’s way out yesterday. I think it has taught him a valuable lesson. No matter how many times you tell someone something, finding it out yourself is sometimes what it takes!

    I have found since I got the fitbit I have been getting up more and trying to be more active. The charge on the watch is terrible. Only lasts a day. I was planning on getting the kids a wrist band fitbit, so think I will swap one of them my watch and get myself the band.

    My loss this week is 0.4kg. It seems that I have a decent weekly loss followed by a smaller loss. The colder weather is making drinking enough water difficult. Today it wasn’t so bad though.

    Starting weight: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 0.4kg Current weight: 82.3kg. Total loss: 10.2kg or 22.4 pounds.


    Another week gone. This week was a pretty quiet week as well. We have been in town almost daily. The boys do swimming a couple of times a week and are now doing hockey. So have to drive in for their practice and then for their games. Plus doing just general farm stuff, homeschooling and keeping up with the house has kept me busy. The fast days were hardish this week, although have kept just to water fasting and still doing alternate days. Fasted Mon, Wed, Fri and fasting today 🙂 A 0.6kg loss. So 1 kilo down in the last couple of week. Have to be happy with that!

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 0.6kg Current weight: 81.7kg. Total loss: 10.8kg or 23.8 pounds. Since Dec: 15.8kgs.


    Anther week gone. I am still doing the 6 week challenge by Coda, so as I fasted yesterday I weighed in today, as I won’t weigh in after an eating day. This week has gone pretty good. Tuesdays and Thursdays fast, I was so hungry all day. But I managed to make it through and decided yesterday that as today was going to be uber busy and I didn’t want to have to fast I did a back to back fast yesterday. So this week I fasted Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Surprisingly, the back to back water fasting went really well. I was much less hungry yesterday than I was the day before.

    So my goal for the 6 week challenge was to lose 4 kgs and be under 80. Well, as of today I am only 300 grams off my challenge end weight, with still 2 weeks to go! I had hopes that by my husbands birthday in June that I could be under 80 and that seems like it might actually be achievable. The biggest thing I have learned this time around is that you just need to stick with it. Sure, some weeks when you only lose a couple hundred grams and you aren’t eating anything every other day it might be easy to become disheartened. But then just keep sticking to it. Besides being hungry, it isn’t costing you anything. I still do everything i have ever done, so I am not missing out on anything besides food. I never understood Oprah’s “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” but it is so true. If I am really struggling of a night time, I think about the kilo I would like to lose that week, how I have been hungry all day and keep telling myself not to cave. And I haven’t. Also this time around I am not weighing in daily. I try to keep to weekly, occasionally having a sneaky weigh in mid week. This stops me from seeing the numbers going up and down. I have found this way of eating a complete mind game, and anything that makes you start doubting it, don’t do it. And for me, I know I would be disappointed in weight gain and don’t want any negative voices in my head.

    So after all that. I am down 1.4kgs this week! Keeping on. So happy with that. I have been so happy all day. I am only 300grams off 80kgs, which I can hopefully achieve this week and then I will be onto the next set of 10 in the 70s. It will be so nice saying goodbye to the 80s and good riddance!

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 1.4kg Current weight: 80.3kg. Total loss: 12.2kg or 26.8 pounds. Since Dec: 17.2kgs.

    Hello – waves – I’m with you over on Coda’s thread but I just wanted to say how helpful I found this post. I tried 5.2 before and did well but got discouraged and stopped when I had a couple of weeks when I didn’t lose. Back on it now, taking the long view and determined to succeed. Thanks again!


    Dahliafan – Hi. Yes, I think we are all doing really well together on this challenge. Of course it is discouraging when the scales aren’t moving. But we just need to keep on. And good on you for being so determined.

    I thought I would post a quick update. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning and am at 79.9kg! Finally under the 80 mark. I am so happy. I kind of am visualizing the weight coming off in chunks. So now I am onto the next 5 kilo bracket. Really hoping to be under that by my kids birthdays in August. I kind of was hoping to be under 80 for my husbands birthday and it is a week away, so I made that goal! Now I just have to keep it off! This was my goal for the 6 week challenge too and it still has 11 days to go, so hopefully I can get closer to 75 before the next challenge starts in July! I don’t want to make my goals unattainable!

    I still haven’t brought a stitch of clothing since starting this. I brought a few new pairs of jeans in February because they were literally falling off me, but nothing else. I don’t even have any smaller clothing because I threw them all out in the move last year. So I am walking around with my new jeans falling down, lol. I told myself that when I got under 80 I would buy some clothes, so am really looking forward to going shopping. Even my underwear is baggy. So all going well I am going to buy some things on Friday. I think the weight loss will be more noticeable without wearing jumpers and jeans 2 sizes to big for me, lol. Even my rings are sliding around. I only resized them at the end of last year. I still have so much to lose that I plan on holding that off for as long as I can. I also decided a few months ago to start growing my hair out. I had horrible hair loss after my second pregnancy and chopped it all off and went with a pixie haircut and had it dyed platinum for a few years. Since my last child was born, I went back dark, then went platinum again, then went red, so have kept it super short. I have dyed it back a nice brown colour and am now in the process of growing it. Not fun!

    I will end this with a saying my husband tells me. This year is going to pass by whether you are dieting or not. So why not just get on with it?

    Thank you for your post! I am reading and re-reading your May 28th post. That is what i need-“stick to it”

    I really admire your determination and strength. Water fasting each other day with 3 kids and husband to feed it not an easy task. All my excuses seems so unimportant. You are so right – there is no need for any excuses, I need just do it, that’s it!

    I was fasting yesterday, and as usual, ate about 500 cal at evening. After reading your post decided to switch today’s non fast to water fast day.
    I will try to stick to it until tomorrow morning. thank you thank you for your simple truth and inspiration!

    Oh, forgot to congratulate you with impressive loss! Great job! 😀

    Coldpizza – You are doing so well too. You are finding it difficult and keep coming back to it. That is so important and very impressive. Also remember that consuming 500 calories is less than half what you would do on a calorie restrictive diet. And you are doing that twice a week. You don’t want to sabotage yourself by water fasting if you are finding it too difficult. Truthfully the majority of days I only really struggle at dinner time. All excuses that are used seem important at the time. It’s whether we recognise them for what they are and don’t let them sabotage our efforts 🙂

    I heard on the Coda 6 week challenge people talking about Dr Jason Fung and looked him up on Youtube. It was so interesting. He was talking about intermittent fasting and how insulin works in the body. It made me think of my SIL who did the CSIRO diet back in 2003. She was mid 80’s and brought the cookbooks and lost about 20+kgs following a low GI diet. The amazing thing is that she has followed it ever since, has had 3 kids since, and still hasn’t put on any of the weight she lost (baring pregnancy, but bounced straight back into shape). I haven’t really thought much about it, until last night. So I had a look at low GI food. Since moving out to the farm, we have cut down on the amount of bread, rice and pasta we were consuming by a lot. And now that we rarely have take away and cook the vast majority of food from scratch I think I might invest in some cookbooks and learn some new recipes. Also I swapped out pepsi max for diet cordial. I have heard a lot recently about artificial sweeteners and that they are bad for you. I would like to hear more and understand why. But for now, I am going to try and wean myself off the diet cordial. It is no sugar, but it gets its flavour somehow! Anyway, it will take time.

    I did it! Completed proper 36 hour no-calories fast. 😀 Thank you for inspiration!
    Water fasting is not new for me, but somehow lately I lost will to complete it, and gave up at evenings. Your words gave me a kick I needed. 😀

    There are a lot of video’s of Dr. Fung’s presentations. One of them is 6 parts video called “The Aetiology of Obesity”. I think in part 2 ( or 1) he talks about artificial sweeteners. Even though they have 0 calories, the have ability to spike the insulin level and insulin resistance in body. I think it is the reason why he does not recommend it or recommend to limit it.

    I don’t drink soda at all. It started way before this diet. Any soda triggers really bad case of bloating for me, so it was really easy to just gave up it completely. Thankfully, I don’t even have any cravings for it. Once in a very long while i try non-diet soda during parties, and that’s it. I never buy it myself. My husband also does not have any cravings for soda. Sometimes my girls with their husband/boyfriend visit me for a week, and at that time we have soda in our house for them. After girls and their family leaving, we usually have plenty of soda left. We drink it, but never refill once the soda is finished.

    I don’t know what is CSIRO diet it, but I will google it.

    Coldpizza – Yes, I was addicted to Pepsi Max for about 2 years. I had weaned myself off Coke to Pepsi Max and then Pepsi Max to Diet Cordial. Now Diet cordial to water. Hopefully it won’t take long. I always have drunk water, I just enjoy an icy drink of something else as it seems to lift me up. I’ll see how I go tomorrow when I am fasting.
    I’ll get around to watching more of Dr Fungs videos. I think it is good to get it in perspective of how good this way of eating is for you. And congratulations on a good fasting day 🙂 It’s evenings that are the worse for me too. After they have eaten and the dishes are in the dishwasher, I kind of get over it and am fine. But those few hours, I find hard.
    I used to be in the Air force and I remember doing the 2.4km run. You had to run it in under 13 minutes. I did it the first time and every time after that I kept saying to myself as I was running and getting puffed, that I had done it before, so I can do it again. I kind of keep the same message to myself on fasting days. I have fasted when I woke up hungry, when I was sick, when I was tired, when I was busy, when I was around other family, when the boys have gotten take away, when the others were sick and I haven’t broken yet. We can all do this!!!


    Well the scale ended up staying the same, which I have to be pleased about, so a 400 gram loss this week. Only 7 more days to go of the challenge with Coda and then a couple of weeks before we start the new one.

    Clothes shopping yesterday went well, besides shops not having much to buy! I went into 5 different shops and I am an AUS16 and even a 14 in some tops. I have been mainly buying from plus size shops online for the past couple of years and I was an Autograph 18 and now even their 14 was too big. So no shopping in there anymore. I still need to locate an extra pair of jeans, as I could only buy two, apparently a 16 is a popular size here in Oz. And I brought 3 jumpers and 2 long sleeve shirts. I don’t want to go too crazy, as I still want to lose a lot more weight yet!

    Today we are going to pick up 4 chooks that I saw on Facebook buy swap and sell. Our family of 5 go through a lot of eggs. Its funny. We feed our chooks scraps, scratch mix, corn, wheat and laying pellets and they free range on about 5 acres. The eggs we get, even free range one’s from other people are like a light yellow yolk. They come out here and within a few weeks it changes to the darkest yellow, almost orange and tastes delicious. It’s how you can tell whether you are doing a good job I suppose! We have to feed them in the morning though and keep the door closed, as the sheep we put in with Shirley our poddy lamb share the same paddock, although they get an extra 15 acres. And they have figured out how yummy chook food is, so race into the chook shed to eat the bread, vege scraps etc that we chuck for them. Last night we were home late and they ate the hay out of the chook laying boxes… Considering they are as fat as mud, it’s annoying. They are all tame as anything now though, so that is a good thing. Even one of their babies had a drink of the bottle we feed Shirley yesterday!

    Today they are predicting flooding rain, so we can’t stay long in town.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 0.4kg Current weight: 79.9kg. Total loss: 12.6kg or 27.7 pounds. Since Dec: 17.6kgs or 38.8 pounds.

    Don’t know about you but I reckon that rate of loss is fantastic and sustainable. I lost 20kg and it took 12 months. So whats that? About 400g per week? Ive been in maintenance since March doing 6:1. I now find it almost ridiculously easy. I think part of the secret is to lose it slowly. You don’t even think your dieting and it helps keep your metabolism high. Keep going, whats your target weight? Im a male so 72 kg for my height is I think just right. I haven’t been this weight since my early 20s which was many moons ago.

    Hi Bigbooty – I have seen you around the forums giving great advice. That is a great weight loss. I imagine as I get closer to goal it will come off slower. I am a female and only 5’2, so my healthy BMI range is under 63kg, so my goal at the moment is 60, but will re-look once I get there. After my first son I sat at 55kg for awhile and was very active (running 5km a day, plus hilly walks and weight training) and I needed a tummy tuck back then so can only imagine now. But I am feeling healthier and that is the main thing. It feels like so far away to be honest. But I know that I just need to stick with what I am doing, tweaking it if need be and it will slowly come off. I am finding focusing on the next 5kg is a lot more manageable than thinking of the need to lose the next 20 iykwim.

    ETJ, keep on trucking, you are doing great! Love the line your hubs gave you about the year passing whether you are dieting or not, wrote it on my diet planner to keep me motivated! About the diet drinks, I never thought I could kick them …and I did! I moved on to flavored sparkling waters without added sugars. That was about 4-5 years ago. It was a process. Didn’t happen overnight. The stores around me have really improved their variety of flavors too! La Croix makes some great ones. My last step was to eliminate Sweet n low from my morning coffee, took an extra few years, but I did it!

    Pink Queen – Thank you 🙂 It is great to hear of others that have kicked the habit. It is so addictive! I am weaning myself off very slowly. I no longer crave pepsi max, it got less and less. I don’t have any in the house any more and order a diet squash or something similar when we go out. I have had a Coke Zero or two in the past 6 months, but that’s it. It’s Diet cordial now. I don’t want to give it up completely. Just cut down to one or two a day.

    So the 42 day challenge with Coda finishes tomorrow, but today is an eating day so I did my final weigh in and stats today.

    Starting Bust: 107cm Current Bust: 101cm – Loss 6cm off Bust
    Starting waist: 103cm Current waist: 93cm – Loss 10cm off waist
    Starting Hips: 121cm Current hips: 113cm – Loss 8cm off hips
    and neck has remained the same although I only have a small neck 🙂

    And weight loss this week was 0.7kg. So that puts me at 79.2kg. Really looking forward to being 78 as then I will feel that the 80s are well behind me!

    This week was hard with a capital H! Two days this week I was feeling horrible. Hot flushes, then freezing. Headaches, aches and pains. General feeling of crap house. But I kept up with the fasting, just sat around feeling sorry for myself and like everything it passed.

    The rain this week was something to be seen to be believed. All our new dams are full, the rain just didn’t stop for 2 days. Our horses stock shelter roof caved in so we moved him into the stable area of the big shed. Then the back tank overflowed straight into that shed! Thank goodness we were checking in on him, as we went in and the water was up to his ankles> So he got moved out of there and put in with the cows. I am wearing gumboots everywhere, as everything is sloshy. We have been really lucky though as we are on a hill. The neighbours behind us were half under water. A lot of the roads were closed around the area due to flooding. Everyday since it has rained as well, so the ground isn’t getting a chance to dry out.

    Anyway, onward and upward. The challenge is over, so I have a few weeks before the next challenge starts. I am aiming to be under 75 for the boys birthdays in August so will be keeping on.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 0.7kg Current weight: 79.2kg. Total loss: 13.3kg or 29.3 pounds. Since Dec: 18.3kgs or 40.3 pounds.

    Wow, sorry to here about all of the flooding. It is terrible. Hope the water goes down soon.
    Congrats on your success! It is very impressive loss. 🙂

    Just read your whole thread, ETJ, and it’s very impressive I must say. You are being so disciplined and the rewards are there clearly. I’m going down at a much slower rate because I have days off. But you make your choice on that one!

    I’ve found a great substitute for colas and similar is lemon juice or lime squeezed and then the piece dropped in too so you get the zest flavour, plus cucumber slices and mint, topped with iced sparkling water and sometimes some apple cider vinegar (no other sort). It’s more thirst quenching than sweet drinks. I chop strawberries in too at this time of year in UK.


    Coldpizza – Yes, the water went down. They are predicting another big lot of rain tomorrow. Things are still sloppy out here, because of getting intermittent rain throughout the week. And I hope everything is well with you this week!

    Apricot – Thanks. I thought about trying the lemon in sparkling water. We have a soda stream, so could just use that. I have been good lately and getting down the water 🙂 And with weight loss, you just need to do what works for you. Find that something and stick with it!

    So this week, I had no loss. No gain either. Still at 79.2kg which is good. We ended up having a very socialising week, so although I still alternate fast, I have eaten banoffee pie, butter popcorn, maltesers etc. A week I would have put on weight for sure if I wasn’t living this lifestyle. We went to the movies twice, which didn’t help. I’m not going to go to the movies and eat air! We visited my brother and SIL and they both said “wow, you have lost a lot of weight” upon seeing me, and my SIL kept saying how well I was doing, so that was uplifting! This week should be much better for weight loss, as we haven’t got much planned and I have a lot of work to do. We also are helping my brother out by looking after 2 of his horses, so I will be very busy with 3 to look after. That’s a lot of brushing, hoof cleaning, feeding, walking etc! But I’d better get used to it, cause we will have them for a while.

    Onward and upwards and I hope to see 78 something next weekend! Good luck to anyone reading this. We can all do this. Just keep trucking along!

    It is great feeling when people start noticing your new slim figure! 😀

    Hope the weather improves in your part of the world. Here in Texas all rain are the blessings, since we had very dry 5 years. There is so little soil here, but mostly rocks, so with rain there is always flush flooding. It is still unusual for me to hear in the same sentence about flush flooding and drought season and lack of water at the same sentence.

    Still admire your discipline. It is probably much harder for you to fast, because the outside work creates big appetite. Nice to see you stabilizing firmly under 80. Keep it up!

    Colpizza – Hi :waves: Texas is always a place me and my husband would love to visit! We love watching Man Vs Food and watching him eat those massive cinnamon buns.. yum! And yes, it is hard fasting after a hard day of work outside. It’s not hard while I’m doing it, just those dinner hours.

    We had a great week this week. My brothers horses didn’t turn up last week because of the rain, but apparently come rain, hail or shine they are turning up today (and yesterday we did actually have snow and rain, lol)My horse Jack is all rugged up and so is my poddy lamb Shirley (she looks very cute btw rocking her maroon jacket). We had about another 70mills of rain this week, so everything is still super slushy. We went for a family walk around the farm and took heaps of great pics of our full dams, animals and farm (and kids).

    So weight loss this week I am down to 77.8kg!! So good. I had my monthlies last week which could have been the cause of the no weight loss. I have PCOS so they are completely irregular. And that is a 1.4kg loss. So, now I am firmly in the 70s and only 0.3 BMI away from no longer being obese! The new Coda challenge starts on Friday, so trying to lose as much as possible for the new challenge. So I will weigh in on Friday and take measurements again. This challenge I am hoping (fingers crossed) to be 75 by the end of it. It has always been my goal for August (which is a couple of my kids birthdays) because I hoped if I made it, I might be able to make it to under 70 by my birthday in October. We shall see. There is most definitely no way to make it happen any faster than it is! I just have to keep on keeping on.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 1.4kg Current weight: 77.8kg. Total loss: 14.7kg or 32.4 pounds. Since Dec: 19.7kgs or 43.4 pounds.

    Well done ETJ. You’re an inspiration!

    Thanks Merry!!

    Hello, it hasn’t been quite a week, but the new Coda challenge started today, so I did measurements and weigh in. No weight loss this week, still at 77.8kgs. But I have lost an overall of 5cms in the two and a bit week interim of the challenge.

    Tomorrow we have a family birthday to go to at a play center so the kids will have fun. Haven’t seen Mum and Dad in a while, so will be interesting to see what they say. This week has been a good week, although almost sprained my ankle on Wednesday. I was getting feed for my horse and my foot slipped on a wooden pallet and went in between the grooves, it couldn’t move and I fell down hard sideways. No idea how I didn’t break it. It was so painful straight away, I could hardly get my foot out. Finally made my way back to the house and got my boot off. It was so swollen and bruised straight away. All day I was getting sharp shooting pains up my leg. Went to bed and woke up the next morning and besides a bit of bruising – it was all better! What on earth! I am so lucky! Was busy at the start of the week removing fencing in the far paddock. Now that is hard physical work!

    I have also been getting throughout last week and this week this horrible gas pain in the middle of my ribs. I have never had it before. It feels like a tennis ball is stuck there. So I decided to start having on my eating days the Dr Oz green smoothie, which is spinach, apple, lemon, lime, celery and cucumber, blended. It tastes like grass. Then I have some bran, 1/2 banana, 1/4 tps of honey and almond milk. I have only had it twice now (two eating days) and today I haven’t had the gas. It is so filling and I haven’t been constipated either. I am a person of habit, so am going to have it either for lunch or breakfast most eating days. Today I took the kids to the cinema to watch The BFG and had some popcorn too. I have to stop going to the movies!! lol. Onward and downwards this week!

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg Weekly loss: 0kg Current weight: 77.8kg. Total loss: 14.7kg or 32.4 pounds. Since Dec: 19.7kgs or 43.4 pounds.

    Congratulations on your success! Wow, what a great loss!

    Hello, just thought I’d quickly update even though it’s only been a couple of days 🙂 I weighed in this morning at 77.2kgs. So finally hit 20 kilo weight loss! Only 0.2BMI away from no longer being obese. I have been weighing myself after every fast day for the past week. I am finding that there won’t be any weight loss and then bam. So want to keep track of it. Nothing is really fazing me with any of it, as I know I just need to stick with it.

    Not much going on today. We are getting a load of wood delivered today and I am marking out my new fence that I will try to put up this week. Yesterday my nephews birthday went well. My Mum and Dad seemed shocked by my weight loss, although it’s only been 4 kilo’s or there abouts since they saw me last. They both said it looked like I’d halved in size, lol. It’s boosted my spirit. We are planning on heading out and visiting them this weekend, as my other brothers and family are going to be out there. We are getting a poddy calf delivered this week, so will need to take him and Shirley with us when we go. I wouldn’t normally worry about it, but it’s important for the kids to be with their cousins.

    Anyways, best go. Good luck to anyone reading. You can do this!

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 0.6kg Current weight: 77.2kg. Total loss: 15.3kg or 33.7 pounds. Since Dec: 20.3kgs or 44.7 pounds.


    This week has been a very busy week. We have gotten a poddy calf and a Welsh Mountain Pony all in the one week! Our other horse hates him, very jealous, which is annoying. He is the most lovely little guy. The kids love him to bits. Our poddy calf is a friesian, so is going to grow enormous! We have started rope training him, and he is picking it up very easily. I went to the beauty salon yesterday and got a facial which was nice. I brought a pair of size 16 petite jeans from Myer and they are almost too big! Which is really nice actually, haha. I have ordered some size 14 jumpers, so hoping they fit when they turn up. It’s very nice to not be being forced to shop in the plus size section. I look at clothes and think “that’ll be way too small” and am amazed that it fits.

    So this week I have lost an overall of 0.9kg. Which I am happy about. I have been posting daily on Coda’s new challenge and the days really feel like they are flying by. I have my end goal weight of the challenge set at 75kg, so need to lose another 1.9kg by the end of July. Really hoping I succeed as then I will be nice and on track to be under 70 by my birthday in October.

    I have been thinking lately about stress. We had some news yesterday that was quite stressful. My mind went straight away to a delicious big fat juicy kebab and chips. It was a fasting day. I went into town alone. And besides the thought that 12 months ago I would have drowned my sorrows in that big meaty deliciousness, I thought about how things have changed. The only person I would be cheating would be myself. I never really understood how in times of stress you resort back to anything that makes you feel good in the now. We have to change that pattern. For me I went to town and went to my beauty appointment that by that stage I had felt like cancelling. I then got home and went outside and did some work. It was cold and raining. By the time I got inside I was cold, wet and tired. I had a nice hot cuppa, had a shower and sat and watched some Dr Phil. No matter what happens you have to stick to the mantra “this too shall pass”. It takes a very long time to lose a lot of weight. If you go one step forward, two steps back, it is just prolonging the change we need to make. So just say no. No, you won’t do that to yourself. And just do it. There is no secret to this. Some days the last thing I feel like doing is being hungry, others it is much easier. But it is on the hard days when we are tested.

    Anyway, enough of that. Have a good week! Oh and I am only 0.4kg away from no longer being classified as obese! Good news! haha.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 0.9kg Current weight: 76.9kg. Total loss: 15.6kg or 34.3 pounds. Since Dec: 20.6kgs or 45.4 pounds.


    Another good loss this week. 1.3kg! Our entire family has been hit with a cold, but I stuck with my alternate fasting figuring I was feeling like crap anyways. Drinking lots of hot tea to help with my sore throat and to break up mucus. Today finally feeling like I am on the mend. The kids are already over it. This week was very cold, even got snow one night. It was horrible doing the afternoon jobs. I forgot my beanie one day and the pain in my ears was awful.

    Today we are getting a quote for a concreter to come out and concrete in front of the chook shed and making a path to go down to it. We still have to paint the chook shed, but we designed it like a little house. It has a proper front door and a window. It’s fairly big, about 8 meters, by 8 meters, with a large yard coming off it. We let them free range during the day. My plan is to paint it American Barn colours of red and white, and put some pot plants out the front with a table and chairs 🙂 Everyone who comes out here comments on it. It’s pretty flash for a chook house, lol. Really looking forward to finishing it. I keep getting sidetracked with finishing off fencing and stuffing around with the horses. Oh well, that’s life!

    And good news. Finally in the overweight category of my BMI! 29.5 it says! No longer obese. My starting BMI was 38.2. Now to concentrate on getting under 75 so I can attack the next 5 kilos. I am only 12.6 kilo’s off a healthy BMI, hubby thinks I should break it up into 4 lots of 3 kilos. We’ll see what works mentally. I’ll probably do both!

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 1.3kg Current weight: 75.6kg. Total loss: 16.9kg or 37.2 pounds. Since Dec: 21.9kgs or 48.2 pounds.

    Congrats ETJ!!!

    Coldpizza – Thanks 🙂

    Ahh, so annoying. I had written a big spiel earlier today and I thought I had submitted it and it hasn’t worked! I only just realised.

    So this week I have lost 1kg. It was a very full on week ending this morning to finding our gorgeous few month old poddy lamb dead (: So incredibly sad, we were all crying this morning. She seemed fine yesterday afternoon. She came around with me while I did all the afternoon chores of feeding all the animals. My husband fed her her bottle around 7pm last night. It was freezing cold last night, but she was wearing her water proof jacket and had the other sheep with her. She just looked asleep. So sad. RIP Shirley.
    I’m too sad to write anymore tonight.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 1kg Current weight: 74.6kg. Total loss: 17.9kg or 39.4 pounds. Since Dec: 22.9kgs or 50.4 pounds.

    So sorry for you little ship. 🙁

    So sorry for you little lamb. 🙁

    Now you could see that I really not a farm person, but I love my pets. I had dog and 3 cats, and now only dog and one cat. It is so devastating losing your lovely pets. They bring so much joy and enrich our lives. Hug to you.

    Thanks Coldpizza. I am feeling a bit better today, still sad though. She was so loud and had so much personality that she was a good part of my day. I have lost a lot of pets also. Life is always better with them ❤

    Hi thought i would drop in and say hello after being directed here from our challenge thread. I have read all your posts and I must say ETJ you throughly deserve your medals. I will hold you as my inspiration – for your perseverance and sticking to your guns come what may. We could all learn a thing or two from you. Well done x

    Thanks Coda. We are all doing it 🙂 And thanks to you a lot of people have come together for support and many have stuck it out. I bet you didn’t think when you first posted that it would be such a mammoth success for people all over the world!

    I am back to back fasting today so that I can eat in Canberra tomorrow. The end of Coda challenge weigh in is Friday> So measurements and weigh in then.


    No loss this week. Been a crazy busy week. We have been going to town many times and super busy with the animals. I am a bit exhausted tbh. I really need a few days at home to relax and unwind.

    Our Coda challenge ended today and I lost 3.2kg in the last 29 days and a total of 15cm off my body 🙂 My husband has been commenting on how large my “new” jeans look on me so went yesterday and brought 2 pairs from Jeans West. They were an AUS size 14 and I thought “no way will they fit”. They fit perfect. Not super tight, just right 🙂 And all my size 14 jumpers fit. I went into the work wear shop today to get a new jacket, as I am still wearing my size 20 jacket around the farm. I tried on the new jacket and the lady commented on how nice it looked and I told her it was to replace my size 20 jacket that I wear everywhere. She exclaimed how massive that would be on me and that I must have been able to fit me and the kids in it at the same time. It was a bit insensitive as it wasn’t that long ago that it fit me perfectly, but it shows how far I have come that she would say that I think.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 0 Current weight: 74.6kg. Total loss: 17.9kg or 39.4 pounds. Since Dec: 22.9kgs or 50.4 pounds.

    Hi ETJ, just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me. You are doing such a fantastic job and are so committed. I love reading this forum, especially on fast days when I can use the motivation and I came across yours this week. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and keep up the great work. I wish you all the best in your 5:2 journey and in your life. 😀

    Hello Lou Belles 🙂 Thank you so much! I also read everyone’s posts. It helps to know you aren’t alone. I wish you all the best as well!

    This week I have lost 1.3kg. Was feeling horrible mid week, so went and got a colon detox. Did that on Wednesday and gees, I lost a lot! I am back on my fiber supplement and I have read around the boards off a few people that magnesium is good, so I have started taking a magnesium, calcium, vitamin d tablet. Hopefully that will fix it all, as I always make sure to drink plenty of water and to eat fruit on non fasting days.

    The farrier I brought my new horse off is coming out to take her back tomorrow. She is not a beginners horse. I have been spending at least 2 hours a day with her, walking her around, brushing her, feeding etc for the past non quite 2 weeks since we got her. She was pretty standoffish when we first got her, and fairly flighty, but he had said that she was in season and I thought it might have to do with that. So I have persisted. She has gotten better at being caught which is a good thing.
    Well, I haven’t been riding her because I have been getting a bridle hand made by a lady in town, but thought I would buy one in the mean time and try it out. So the day before yesterday I saddled her up and put the bridle on her etc. She was being a pain, so I thought I’d just walk her around with the saddle on, let her eat grass and make it a nice experience. I then took the saddle off etc, put her rug back on her and put her back. So yesterday, hubby said you should go and ride her. So I went and brought her up, she was easy to catch for the first time. All was good. I walked her around for awhile and let her eat some grass. Brought her up, took her rug off her, brushed her etc. Put the saddle, bridle on her. Again walked her around. Thought. Right. Got up on the mounting step, swung up on her. As soon as my butt sat on the saddle, off she went. Straight down with the head, legs kicking. Back and forth. She then swung around and off I got thrown. Straight on my head. She took off sprinting down the road. I am so sore, but thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t seriously injured, as I was about 10 cms from some huge stones in the garden bed. I have a black eye and some bruised muscles. I had a major headache straight away and got winded, but nothing serious. No way would I trust her again though. Our farrier is happy to take her back. I am sad as I think if I was experienced, she’d probably be a great horse. But I’m not and I already have Jack who can’t be ridden and Silver my son’s pony and the donkey. So not much that I can do.

    Today we are going to town to buy hopefully a platform for the front of the chook house, as I had been thinking about it and we can’t pave because it is too wet out here, we can’t cement because it is too wet, we can’t gravel because it is too wet, but we can build a small deck area on the front of it! It is so disgusting there at the moment because of the rain that we need to clean it up. We also brought a nice fountain for the front of the house. We have a driveway that ends in a circle at the front of the house. The people before us have bricked the large circle in the middle but have never planted in it. So we are putting the fountain the middle and then are going to plant around it probably in Australian natives to make it look like an English garden. We had beautiful gardens at our old house that I had planted the same. Everyone commented on them, and I was really proud of them as I like gardening.

    Have a good day all 🙂

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 1.3kg Current weight: 73.3kg. Total loss: 19.2kg or 42.3 pounds. Since Dec: 24.2kgs or 53.3 pounds.

    I weighed in this morning and had lost 0.3kg since last week. I have been weighing all week because two days after weigh in last week I had put back on a kilo! It wasn’t anything I had eaten. I thought that can’t be right, but all week it has been slowly going down. So annoying, but part in parcel with losing weight I’m afraid. You just need to stick with it.
    In the Coda challenge I joined the lose 5 pound in 3 week team (what on earth was I thinking!) So between now and next Sunday I need to lose another 800 grams to make it! So need to be really good this week. Which doesn’t sound that hard, except it is one of my kids birthdays! We always celebrate big time for birthdays – so he will have a big birthday and the next day all the family is coming over for a big celebration! You only turn 8 once! My husband brought a Yoda smoker, and he is planning on doing some BBQ. So I am planning on alternate fasting with another back to back fast next week, as I will have 2 back to back days eating. Hopefully it will be enough to get the weight lost!
    We had the first lamb born today from our main flock of sheep. We have gone into Australian Whites and it is the smallest, cutest, most pure white lamb I have ever seen. We have a mob of 50, so hopefully will have many more to follow! There are a fair few that are waddling around, so not far off for them.

    Starting weight of 5:2: 92.5kg loss: 0.3kg Current weight: 73kg. Total loss: 19.5kg or 42.9 pounds. Since Dec: 24.5kgs or 54 pounds.

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