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  • Dear all,
    This is Latha from United Kingdom.
    This is my first experience using a forum and posting.
    I am so excited about joining this group As I was talking to myself that September is the month this is going to happen.
    I am starting my first fasting day tomorrow and would like to stay optimistic.
    Regards and good luck to you all

    Debbie- thank you🙂

    Day 1, Australia, nfd
    I weighed in this morning after two water only fast days this week already, Monday and Wednesday, so have my starting point for this challenge. I have been doing three fasts a week sometimes, I did last week but probably won’t fast again until next week unless I really feel like it. When I do 4:3 I spend way too much time thinking about food!
    Am almost half way to my goal, but has been a slow journey. I have been doing this since May and have lost 4.5 kgs. I was hoping it would be more but very happy to be moving. I seem to have a couple of weeks where I lose really well them plateau for weeks which was why I turned to 4:3, though I was so stuck for a while. Anyway happy to be heading in that direction anyway whatever the pace. I have another 5.5 kgs to lose and apparently it can get slower add you get closer.
    Really want to do well on my nfd’s and continue in my journey. Looking forward to making it with this great group. Thanks do much for having me. 😄

    Australia, Day10, FD
    Thanks for including me DebbieQ.

    I’m new to this site so I hope it’s okay to ask this question here…..can anyone recommend good scales.

    I have w watchers digital ones and it seems like I have lost 10kgs in a day, they are now stuck at 0 so it appears I’m the most successful loser ever!!
    Thanks in advance.

    Wishing all losers every success. Thanks VP

    Hi VP… I have an Eatsmart Precision scale that I got on Amazon. It has 4.5 stars out of over 23,500 reviews. I’ve been pretty happy with it. Here’s the link on Amazon here in the US. You may be able to find in Aus if you’re interested in it.

    Latha..welcome to our challenge!

    Thanks Debbieq good to be back.

    Good morning everyone!

    Day 1 / Australian in Asia/ FD

    I’ve been doing 5:2 (this time round) since 8 August, including a week of overseas holidays. So far I’ve lost 3.5kg. This morning I was really down because the scales hadn’t moved for a week. But I did my measurements – since I got back from holidays a week ago I’m down 1cm on my waist and SIX WHOLE CM off what I call my “upper stomach” – the part above what would be my waist if I wasn’t so fat. So that has set me up for a day of success, I’m sure.

    I only drink water until about 6.30pm, when I have a dinner of about 250-300 calories. Then more water until early bed.

    I don’t want to put my weight in case anyone recognises me on here (I’m to embarrassed by it) but I have 22kgs to lose to get to the top of healthy weight range (my goal)

    Total lost in September: 0
    Total lost since 8 August: 3.5kgs

    Have a fantastic day and I look forward to hearing about your days.


    Croatia, Day 1,NFD
    Weight: 78.2 Kg

    Thanks so much DebbieQ,
    I’ve just ordered one so that’s me off the scales until it arrives.

    Extra post – day 1 of my (our!) new regime and starting with a fast day but STRUGGLING! Usually I breeze through them but I can’t stop thinking about food even though I have just had a cup of miso soup for lunch! Gritting my teeth …

    Hang in there Hannah. It’s only one day. Just keep reminding yourself of that. And stay strong! You can do it!

    Thanks DebbieQ; I would like to join if I may.

    Have been following 5:2 since mid Feb this year; lost almost 8kg, then hit a wall in June. Since then put back on nearly 4 kg. So i hope this challenge would kickstart the losing again.

    Day1/ Australia / NFD
    weight 84.6kg

    Switzerland – day 1 – FD
    Hi everyone!
    Feeling very positive about this new challenge. My aim is to take it one day at a time and let this WOE work for me, because I know it does when I stick with it.
    My FDs will be Mon and Thurs with Sat if I feel I need it.
    Starting weight 92.7 kgs / BMI 29.5
    Current aim is to get down to 88kgs
    Good luck to us all!

    Hi there, day 1 United Kingdom
    Up 2lbs since end of last challenge. So 182. Looking to be 174 by end of challenge.
    Now going into autumn hope to keep to Monday and Thursday for fasts. Haven’t done water only yet, just
    tea, coffee and miso soup.
    Not able to exercise at the moment due to back problem but hope to get back to it soon.
    Glad to have kept off the 9lbs lost since I started this woe beginning of June this year.
    Good luck everyone, this forum is the best place for us. X

    Day 1/Australia/NFD

    Weight 60.0 kg

    Current aim to comfortably fit into some pairs of pants that I wore over a decade ago. Having just reached a new low on the scales this morning after yesterday’s FD, I got the pants out of storage, tried them on and was not able to zip them. …Not even close!

    Focusing on NFDs is perfect for me since that is where I would benefit from bringing more awareness into my life. I’m sitting here hungry and want a snack. Rather than simply run to the refrigerator to gorge on the container of nuts, I’m sitting and being with my hunger, in a similar way that I do on FDs. I’ll be eating dinner in just over an hour. Handling hunger is a balancing act for me. If I’m too strict, I end up rebelling down the track. If I’m too lax and adopt an ‘anything goes’ attitude, I often end up eating irresponsibly. Developing the awareness and genuine care towards myself will be what I hope to get out of this month. Each increment in those directions leads me to more peace in my relationship with food.

    Italy Day 1- NFD
    I’m feeling better…at last. But, shall still be taking things slowly. Today i think i’ll try and eat a piece of toast this morning, for a lunch some plain, wholewheat pasta with a little olive oil and grana cheese, and maybe a little piece of chicken for dinner.

    London. Day 1. FD
    Current weight = 69.6 kg. Final target <60 kg

    Hello again,
    FD today. Planning to do a water fast for the first time. Then hot yoga after work.
    I skipped dinner last night (lunch at 2pm and no snacks), so tomorrow when I breakfast it would have been a 36h (+ few hrs) fast. Let’s see how that goes. I hope I can sustain it.

    Day 1 UK NFD
    Good morning, had my fast day yesterday because we’re going out today and I do enjoy a picnic! Weight still at 60kg this morning but 2cm off my waist where I really need to lose – yey!
    Good luck everyone – keep smiling.

    UK day 1 NFD Morning friends old and new – wow it’s an impressive starting line up, after being a bit despondent at the end of our last challenge,I’m in a good place I’ve gone back to basics 2 500(ish) FDs a week and being mindful the rest of the week and fitting in excercise most days and it’s working , but I think that’s the challenge to find what works for us as individuals, in the break I’ve lost another 2lbs so I’ve another 10 or so to go, and I really don’t mind how long it takes. Good luck all

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Weight this morning is 169 lb’s, that’s 4lb up from where I war 6 weeks ago.
    Will be doing 16.8 today as I’m going out to dinner tonight but I will be mindful at what I choose from the menu.

    Really fired up for this September challenge.
    I’m having a whole life change, been drinking to excess daily and eating whatever without thought.
    Starting with a FD and already feel good! No booze will be hard for first couple of weeks I think, but I’m confident. Anyone have any good detox ideas? I’m starting out with a gentle 5:2 but might step up to 4:3 when in the swing of it.

    Day 1 FD
    93kg (eventual target 80kg)
    Weight loss 0kg

    UK, Day 1, FD.
    Weight: 76kg.

    My goal is to lose about 10kg and manage my awful binge relationship with food which is getting worse and worse as time goes on. I’m also doing a dry September challenge so no alcohol, hopefully this can only help in the loss as there will be no beer!

    On fast days I tend to go as long as I can on just coffee and water and usually around 2-3pm I’ll have a banana or something small as I start to lose concentration at work. Then have a vege/protein based meal in the evening.

    Has anyone tried exercising on fast days?

    Good luck everyone!

    #10 / NFD/ Derby, UK

    Right then; I’m so up for this challenge!! Had 2 really successful 36 hour fasts on Mon and Weds. Started reading ‘The Obesity Code’ yesterday and am committed to fasting and reducing my sugar intake. Going to eat 3 good meals and not snack today and might do a cheeky 16:8 tomorrow to keep me on the straight and narrow.
    Come on folks: we can do this! 👊

    Edit: Today I am 16st 5lbs and measure 55/47/57 😬 The only way is up. (Or down 😆)

    Day #1/USA/NFD

    Good Morning!

    Scale says 173.8 this morning after a successful FD yesterday. As someone else mentioned, I’m going to do 5:2 as written and try to be patient. I have tried this plan before, only to become impatient and bag it. Less than 15 lbs to go now! I have lost 50 lbs in the past 3 years…very slowly! I lost the first 25 lbs in 3 months and then have been faffing about for the rest of that 3 years. But, better to have the scale heading down, right?

    I do a strenuous boot camp workout 3-4 days(mornings @ 5:45AM). On the weekends I play golf and I try to throw a bit of running in on my non-boot camp days. The golf & running will soon come to an end as we are heading into Fall/Winter here.

    It is time to get these last few pounds shifted as I am entering a new phase of my life. I am retiring from a 31+ year career in just 25 days. In mid October, we are traveling to Key West Florida for a celebration of both my retirement and our son’s recent marriage. I really want to be at my goal weight by then. I am retiring early at 56 years of age and want to have a long & active retirement.

    So…enough about me. Hope you all have a great first day of this challenge. One day at a time!


    I would like to join the September Challenge!

    Surrey UK DAY 1 NFD

    For a bit there I thought I had lost everyone, I wasn’t getting posts at all, and then realized I hadn’t ticked the box about keeping me notified!
    Okay so here we go…weight this morning, 97.8 kg. Using a very old scale because I am still away and will be heading home on the 3rd September, so don’t know how accurate this scale is. In about a year it would be great to be at around 70 to 72 kg. I do not want to rush this and am looking to establish a steady increase in health and well-being. Monday is always a good day to fast, and generally I try to go for Thursdays as well. Not today though.
    The better we the public are informed, the less we will be fooled by all the hype put out by various big businesses… We NEED to question, and this can only be a good thing. This is a great forum, and the support we all give to each other is invaluable. Thanks DebbieQ, I have no idea what it involves to run such a forum! May the God of Good Decisions smile on us all…

    Cornwall Uk day 1.
    HollyLJ so pleased you’re on the mend!

    Well its going to take a while to read daily posts!! Great that so many have joined this wonderful group!!

    itsmyturn (what a great name!), I’ve also been in your shoes and absolutely felt the same in May when I joined Codas first challenge! I seemed to be at everyone’s beck and call and at 67, now 68 it was time to look after me! and yes be a bit selfish! Which isn’t my nature! Posting every day has been key, and the support and motivation from this thread has been second to none!!

    poppy123 a buddy in Cornwall!!, All the best on this journey! I’ve now lost 12.5kg since May 1st!

    Ok so yesterday I went and bought my new scales they tell me everything weight, body fat, BMI etc!! APPARENTLY!OH is very sceptical!!

    So my starting weight for this challenge is 66.1kg.
    As I’m on holiday for 3 weeks of it (to bonnie Scotland), I will be happy to maintain but hopeful I’ll lose a few lbs!

    good luck everyone!

    Today is my fast day!I weight 63.8 Kg today which I am happy with, but if I can get down to 60 Kg I would feel much better.

    Egg whites with tomatoes and chard for breakfast and a cup of coffee.
    Lunch will be homegrown pumpkin and onion soup.
    For dinner I will have Zero Calories Noodles with Prawns.
    No exercise today, maybe one hour dancing in the evening.

    Hi all, I have just been looking at scales…the eatsmart one is not too badly priced, but the delivery costs are big, so it adds up to £85! Does anyone know of a scale that is accurate but not so costly?

    Morning DebbiQ et al. Checking in from London on the first day of the challenge (I am from Ireland).
    It is a FD for me today and I went swimming first thing this morning. I weigh on a Friday so tomorrow will be my first weigh in for 5 weeks since 29th July so will see what the damage is!!!! Have a great day one and all 🙂

    I ordered the eatsmart one today, it was recommended by DebbieQ. It cost me $179 au. I want something that’s accurate and doesn’t give me 40 bizarre readings in 10 minutes! My last one was a fairly pricey one from WW and was pretty hopeless.
    They are pricey so it had better be accurate!
    I wish you success.


    I’m glad i saw this in time! I have been needing a lot of help! my weight loss has halted over the last 2 months and it’s been getting me down! any advice and help i can get is greatly appreciated!

    I’m currently 106.5 kg, i’ve lost 12 kilos and have 46 to go!

    UK day 1 – FD
    Doing alright so far, but that’s because I’ve kept out and about on the bike. Now I’m at my desk, I’m hoping chewing gum and miso soup will get me through until tonight’s meeting. I’m going to try for a fluid day. Note to self -pick up ribs for the family tonight…I hate ribs and have no problem watching other people devour them without me!

    US, Day 1, good morning from overcast New Jersey.

    Starting off at 120.7. My goal for this month is STILL 118. I am so close to goal so it’s so easy to get sloppy…to rationalize…etc. My exercise is good, my chronic pain conditions MUCH improved through a brilliant massage therapist and the MELT method, everything in my closet fits. I went down a cup size. So many goals met, but I’m not done.

    For those of you who are new here, I am 5′ 1″, closing in on my 61st birthday. I have a wonderful hubby of 30 years and two great sons (24 and 20). I started 5:2 last March and have lost about 10 pounds. I am an avid knitter.

    Day 1/US/FD
    Welcome to Lshankar82, Nimee, Sazlovesmonkeys, Maui
    And so we begin… I’m looking forward to this challenge. I need to get back into my walking. I’ve dusted off my fitbit and have it attached today. Just a reminder to start your post with the Day # (luckily corresponding to the date this time) …. It makes it easier to keep track as we are such an international group… I’m in bed when you guys are halfway through your day!
    Sixofclubs Our last challenge focused on exercises … HIT and anything else you want to do. I don’t know of anyone having any issues exercising on fast days.
    VP….OMG I have to say I am blown away by the price of the EatSmart scale… Here in the US I only paid about $25 with free shipping…
    NorrieB I really hope I do as good a job as Coda. Setting it up is easy in itself… I think keeping track of all of us is the hard part … I have a big spreadsheet with everyone on it and will mark off each person every day…
    Bethany82 – I started the Obesity Code yesterday too and like you am planning on reducing sugar intake. I do love my sweets ☺
    Elphaba… I am very familiar with the “upper” stomach…lol

    I’m off to work now.. I’ll check in with you guy’s later!

    Hi All, I would like to join Sept challenge,
    I would love some company on this journey.
    Gooseylucey. England.

    #10 / nfd / UK

    Hi folks, is anyone else trying to follow the low insulin thing suggested by Dr Fung? I’m trying to figure out whether I can eat full fat dairy or not (on a nfd.)

    So far, I understand that the idea is to eliminate sugar and simple carbs, cut down on meat protein and eat more fruit, veg and good fats.

    So is it basically like paleo with added cheese? Or is that wishful thinking?

    UK day 1 FD

    Somewhat struggling through my FD – nearing 24hrs on only liquid. This is my first long fast and I’m determined to get through it! Been sipping water, just had a black coffee.

    My struggle is not in how I physically feel, but the thoughts about food and cravings! I guess that’s why I’m here – to conquer them 🙂

    I must say all you lot inspire me no end! THANK YOU :-*

    Pissupoosa: some people do miso soup or bone broth (not the stock cube kind, sadly) to stave off hunger. I find the best thing is to sit down and drink black tea or good coffee slowly and mindfully when I’m hungry, then go and do something to take my mind off it. A good chug of water is also helpful.

    In response to my previous post; just found this in ‘The Obesity Code;’ full fat dairy is delicious and can be enjoyed without concern of fattening effects.”

    Get in. 😊


    Fat will barely increase blood glucose and hence no insulin response. Protein will have a moderate effect. Simple carbs and sugar will spike your blood glucose through the roof WITHIN minutes. Buy yourself a blood glucose meter, theyre quite cheap. The fructose component in fruits does not affect insulin response. Fructose however must be processed by the liver and stored as fat. The sucrose and glucose components of fruit will spike your blood glucose but this is somewhat dampened by the fibre content. Never drink fruit juice (pure junk) or eat dried fruits.

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yeah for such a large group and new folk! Glad we are in this together.

    I’ve been on 5:2 since mid-March and have lost 25 pounds. I’m down to about 165 and VERY happy about that! This diet is really working for me. I hope to lose about 5 more pounds and maintain for a while to see if I really want to lose more.

    Yes, onward and downward!

    Day 1 // DE // IF 23/1 = one meal a day, around 1.000 calories.

    Starting weight: 71.3 kg.

    Good Luck!

    Challenge Day 1 |Toronto Ontario, Canada | FD
    Starting weight 86 kilos (apx 189.2 lbs)
    Starting Body Fat 30.02%

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all
    In my 4th week of first month after reading the FASTLIFE book and watching the original Mosley video and related calorie restriction programs on Youtube. Starting weight was 88.2 kilos and Body Fat of 30.06%
    Short term goals (September 30th)are 85 kilos and Body Fat 29.5 % or less; my immediate challenge is spending the Labour Day long weekend away with friends at a cottage.
    Best wishes

    Good morning. Day 4. Down 4 lbs – took a long walk at the beach last evening huffing and puffing after a mile … in such bad shape! Did some soul searching and realized the Sept Challlange just appeared in my life to get me going. 6 days ago I’d never heard of The Fast Diet ‘ I am a firm believer in ” everything happens for a reason” and the reason was to get me to a place to get out of the poor me state of mind and get back to myself 50 lbs lighter and in a happy state of mind.
    Thank you all for being there.

    Day 1, Québec

    Very happy to be back with this wonderfull group.
    129 lbs is my Starting weight.
    My goal is to keep it steady. I do’nt want to go over 130.
    I also want to loose but that goal is not precise yet.

    Have a nice day !

    Day 1/ California, USA/ FD

    I am glad to be home after my visit to Tennesse. I have gained a few pounds enjoying the southern cuisine. Today is my first day home, a FD to get back on track on the 5:2 WOE. I ate way too much, way too often and my gut has protested with bloating and distress during my vacation. Looking forward to feeling better.

    Wishing everyone a great day one in the challenge.

    Hello from Leicester, UK. I have just made my first entry in my diet tracker. I have taken my measurements (which I haven’t done for years) and am totally aghast to say the least. Despite the curves I see when I look in the mirror, the truth is I am a “sturdy column” with only a 2 inch difference between my chest, tummy and hips. Well here goes; one brick at a time…….

    Does anyone know of a good calorie calculator or book which will help me with the basics??

    Thank you in advance


    I use an app called Lose it and I would certainly recommend it. Very user friendly.
    You can have a free version. After a few months I decided to pay for a more complete version. It cost me 29$ can and I personnaly think it is worth it.


    Delilahblu, I use Myfitnesspal. It has a huge calorie database from pretty much every food type you can think of. Also a good app on the phone which syncs with the Fitbit ect to share calorie and step/workout data. Probably compatible with other fitness apps too.

    Day 1 – Los Angeles – FD. Hello again everyone!
    So glad to be back with you all. This has been an atypical week for me — didn’t fast on Monday as I usually do; tried to make up for it yesterday but fell off the wagon after foolishly buying a tray of pastries for my daughter. Back on the horse again today. Here we go!

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