September Challenge

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  • Pacific NW USA

    Debbie – Final stats for the September challenge:
    Down 7 lbs ( goal was 10 but I am very happy to have set a high bar and come so close)
    Down .5 inch in each waist, bust and hips

    Thank you for a great month, Debbie!!! See you on the other side!

    End of month stats:
    Weight = 67.7kg (2.4 kg down)
    Waist = 73 cm (3.5 cm down)
    Hips = 93.5 cm (2.5 cm down)
    Average body fat (with callipers) = 24% (down from 27%)

    Goal was to go below 65kg by the end of the month, but I’m happy with the results.
    Thank you again Debbie!
    See some of you on the October Challenge.

    Hi all… here are the stats for the September Challenge:

    We ended up with 34 people who completed the challenge to the end.

    5 people maintained their weight for the month… which is a success in my book.
    1 person gained during the month and I’m sure will do much better in the October Challenge.
    4 people didn’t post a loss or gain.
    24 remaining participants lost a combined total of 106 lbs (48.18 kgs) (7st 8lbs)
    Congrats to our biggest loser… therealwil78 with a loss for the month of 11lbs!!

    Contratulations to you all whether you lost weight or not (or even gained) .. You showed up here daily and stuck with the program. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, life happens, but we followed through with our commitment and that is what is important. Good luck to all who are taking up the October challenge with Fuvvie.. See you over there!!

    Thank you DebbieQ – it was a really positive experience! Have a great time on holiday and hopefully catch up with you again in November!

    Thank you DebbieQ

    Gozo, Malta

    What an incredible weight loss.

    Thank you again DebbieQ for the September challenge. Hope to see your posts on other challenges soon.

    Thats an amazing amount of weight to have lost. Congratulations to therealwil78 an incredible result and to all the other losers as well. As the one Who gained i can assure you that i will indeed do much better in October. Thanks once again DebbieQ, you did a great job.
    Over and out!

    Well done, therealwil78 you star.

    That’s an awesome weigh loss everyone and a fantastic motivation for October.
    Thanks DebbieQ for all your work and effort, it’s much appreciated.

    Best of luck for October everyone. VP

    Wow! Great result, 106 pounds shed, for our group!

    I agree that maintaining weight is also a win!

    Thank you again Debbie Q for hosting this group!

    That’s great, DebbieQ. Thanks so much for the September Challenge. It’s a real time consumer but an inspiring challenge🤗😉🎉💐🎶

    Hi Debbie, My final weight loss for September:
    Sept 1: 90.01kgs
    Sept 30 – 85kgs
    All measurements stayed the same except for 1cm off my hips
    Many thanks xxx

    Georgia/USA/Day 4/ NFD:

    Thanks DebbieQ, HollyLJ, and VioletP! I couldn’t have done it without the support from this group. This has been a great way to hold myself accountable. Looking forward to this month’s fitness goals!

    Today I had a banana for breakfast and a salad for lunch. Not sure what dinner will be yet. Something with boneless chicken breast that I’ll probably pull from the freezer. I’m trying to cook more in order to save money and calories. Haven’t been to the gym in 4 days. Ughh! gonna get back into my routine tomorrow. Going outta town this Thursday thru Monday, but I will take the 5:2 with me.

    GA/USA/Day 5/NFD:

    I’m trying to decide if I’m gonna make today a FD. I’m going out of town for an extended weekend and I don’t know if I can make a 5 hour flight with out snacking. So I thought I’d fast today instead of Thursday. Thing is.. I don’t wanna go 4 days between fasts. Also, I’ve pretty much trained my body to expect the fast days so I’m kinda stuck here.


    Hi therealwil, I’m thinking you meant to post this on the October Challenge page? I almost did same thing myself!

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