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  • Day 29 fla usa nfd (again)!!! My road trip will be over soon and will get back on the program. Too much good food in these towns. Don’t want to get on a scale tomorrow.

    Ga/USA/Day 29/FD:

    Looking forward to my final weigh in on Friday!! let’s go!

    Australia Day 30 NFD The diet devil is trying to send me mad! I have had the best food and exercise week for the whole month and yet when I weighed in this morning I had PUT ON a kilo! I was so disgusted I went back to bed and read your posts to calm me down. Ten minutes later I got up again jumped back on the scale and had lost that kilo! At the same time my pants are so much looser. This stuff kills me!

    Day 30 / Australian in Asia / NFD

    Hannah sounds like you need some new scales! Although it doesn’t matter what they say – if your clothes are looser you are winning.

    So, last day of the challenge. This month has not been the best for me but I made it through. Don’t know if I’ll see any loss (I’m full of fluid at present) but I didn’t quit, and that’s a win in my books.

    My best friend arrives from Australia tomorrow night (I can’t WAIT! I’m so homesick!) and so I won’t be in the October challenge. However when she goes home after a week I will throw myself into 5:2 again (probably with a much better mindset after seeing a familiar face) and will join in the November challenge for sure.

    Thanks for listening to my whinges, and for all your inspirational stories.

    That’s a wrap, September!

    Croatia, Day 30, FD
    Weight: 76.5 Kg

    Day 30 – Switzerland – NFD
    So, final weigh-in is 90kgs, down 2.7kgs from Sept 1. Enormous thanks to everyone for their advice and support and especially to DebbieQ for keeping us on track – and Coda for kicking this all off with the May challenge. October is complicated for me so I’ll do what i can and see you back here in November. Good luck to all!

    Day 29: Pacific NW USA, NFD, I would guess very close but slightly over TDEE. I had very little evening will power although I chewed the heck out of several stalks of celery before I gave into the last piece with almond butter.

    Last day of the challenge tomorrow I think there will be several of us fasting to try to get rid of some final ounces and to begin Fuvvie’s challenge with a re-boot on Saturday.

    I have two work related trips and a grandchild due to be born in the month of October but that’s life and I plan to keep up my life with this WOL. So, better for me to practice with a daily report to you all as I try to persevere through airports, hotels, time zone changes and inevitably less sleep when the time comes to meet the new member of the family.

    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy our journey, Northern, I took it to heart. It was fun to have someone say I look skinny today (I’m sure she meant in comparison). Even though my instinct was to say what a long way I have yet to go, I just said thanks and accepted the compliment. Right there was a big improvement for me!

    It’s been a fast, fun month with you all, some of us will continue on Saturday, others when we re-group in November. There are many other old friends from the Coda days that we may hear from again, Debbie, we’ll keep the porch light on!


    Gozo, Malta

    Today I jumped on the scale about seven times and had two different readings. But four times I got weight at 66 kilos. I’m down 2.8 kilos from the start of September. I lost 13.2 kilos since 6 June when I started 5:2 fast diet. My bmi is 24.8 but my target weight is 64 kilos. I’m happy with my weight loss.

    Yesterday when to yoga/Pilates and although I lost my balance a couple of times I did well. I won’t have done it four months ago. I enjoyed it and mean to go every week.

    Today is a fast day for me and I’ll join the October 31 days challenge.

    Thank you DebbieQ so much for having me on board. You are a great person.

    I’m curious to know the weight lost of all the group and will read all the posts today.

    Have a great Friday everyone.

    Day 30 Australia nfd
    Lady day of the challenge. I didn’t think about the fact that I’m still away means I don’t have access to scales. I’m home Saturday night so DebbieQ is it alright if I weigh in Sunday morning and post it then? At least I’m in Australia so it will probably still be close to other’s Saturday weigh ins. I’m not really looking forward to that weigh in after this week’s holiday and no fasting. But really looking forward to getting back to it when I get back home.
    Good luck everyone, I hope this month has been great for you all.

    Day 30 / Tweed Coast Australia / FD

    Was a more challenging FD than usual! Worked at a health food shop which I do sometimes to help out a friend/owner. I was there on my own among all the goodies! When waves of hunger passed through was tempting to indulge. The activated pistachios caught my eye on several occasions! Though I regard gluten as poison, the goji berry spelt buns that had been freshly delivered smelled enticing! Anyway, I lasted. Thankfully.

    I still see the mouth sores when I inspect, though they do not hurt at all and no new ones have emerged, so I feel I’m on the mend!

    Going to a Bush Dance tonight, so I might work off some stored fat! Looking forward to posting my September Challenge final weight tomorrow morning.

    UK day 30, and I’m calling September a success. I’ve lost 4lbs, with just 1lb more to go before half-term, and one week left to do it in.

    Surrey UK Day 30 Yesterday was a much better FD than any I have had this month, and I feel that it has to do with a changing mindset…don’t quite know how that happens, but that is what it feels like.
    NorthernDawn, your words are most uplifting and encouraging, thank you. It is this sort of post which helps one over the humps. Will weigh tomorrow, and use it as a base for the start of October. Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Day 30. Australia, FD
    Just completed a 24 hour fast…hope the scales are kind tomorrow morning for the final Sept weigh in.

    Kick those heels high tonight Lael and dance those ulcers away.

    Good luck everyone. VP

    UK day 30 NFD will weigh in tomorrow then jump ship to our October page x

    Day 30 Italy – NFD
    I finish the month at 76.2kg a gain of 3.5 kg.
    I always knew i would gain as i was i’ll at the start of the month and had lost a lot of water weight. I’m sorry that my results will skew the group loss.
    However from when i started 5:2 i have lost 3 kg. Full of hope for October and i WILL be at my goal weight for Christmas.
    Thankyou DebbieQ for your gentle guidance.
    See you tomorrow Fuvvie…and many others i hope, i enjoy everyones posts so much.

    Day 30, NFD, NYC.

    I jumped the gun yesterday and I have in fact lost half a pound this month. I started at 120.3 (I think) and ended up at 119.8, with ups and downs in between. Slowly floating downward is fine with me. With the easing of my costochondritis pain (miracle masseuse), I have been ramping up my weight workouts — getting stronger rather than just trying to maintain.

    At almost 61, I feel pretty damn good. Thank you, 5.2. Thank you 5.2 pals!

    Day 30|NFD|Toronto
    Ending the month right on 85 klgs, down 1 from September 1st. Low point for month was 84.5 klgs on September 23. Body Fat down .5
    Not great but OK.
    Best to all with thanks.

    Sunshine ‘coast Aus, Day 30 NFD: I will weigh in on Saturday morning. Not looking forwards to that after such a topsy turvy month. I really appreciated your post, Northern Dawn. Such good advice. I had a fall at 10 pin bowling with the boys this morning. As I swung the bowl to get a third strike, I slipped and fell onto my right knee and pulled the muscles on the left inner thigh/groin. But the sensational part was that I was able to stand up unaided immediately something I couldn’t do in February. (2 falls in about 3 weeks. What’s that all about?) I can put socks on easily now and do up shoe laces, again, something that I struggled with hugely and with much huffing and puffing, nearly disgorging everything in my stomach with the effort of it all. So the journey is worth it even if I have had a weight gain this month.
    DebbieQ, thank you so much for this month and giving me the courage to take on next month’s challenge.
    Coda, may I please copy and paste your suggestions for exercise that you put so well in the 4 week challenge? I really don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, and you put so much thought and effort into a sort of prescription of what people might like to do in the way of exercise. I’ll be gutted if you say no, but will take it on the chin. I have Lolly’s permission to quote some of her thread. Again, I find her enormously inspirational and good things deserve to be shared around.
    I too went and saw Bridget Jones’s Baby with a friend this evening. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. It was a really good feel good movie. Hilarious.
    Goodnight everyone and see you tomorrow. Just signed up number 70. Somehow I would like to be able to easily organise those 70 names in alphabetical order to make completing the daily entries easier. Will ask my tech-savvy daughter in the morning if it can be done.

    Day 30. Fla USA. NFD. Trough week. Only one or two meals a day lots of fried food so I am up 3 and a total loss for the month of 7 which I’m doing the happy dance thank you all so very much I can hardly wait for October 1st look at the doors closed in the bedroom. Thank you allβ™‘β™‘β™‘


    So I started this journey on August 29th so that my week fasting would be solid. I had no real expectations outside of what I had read in the book about 5:2. I am now a true believer in this program. Its by far the easiest that I’ve ever done! Thanks to DebbieQ and all of you guys for this opportunity to share this experience with you. I will be signing up for the October challenge as I look forward to continued success. I started this challenge weighing in at 207 lbs. I weighed in this morning at 196 lbs. That’s a total of 11 lbs. lost since September 1st.

    How I did it:

    I combined fasting with High intensity workouts. I did strength training M-W-F. I did cardio 45 mins of sustained on T-Th-Sat-Sun. some weeks I took Saturdays and Sundays off. Just depended on how If felt. The difference for me is that for over 6 months I did 45 mins of cardio daily along with strength training. Even with all of this I plateaued and stayed around 206 lbs. for all of that time.

    This diet is a lifestyle change that I can see myself maintaining forever. Not to mention that I have cut my cardio down by almost 50%. Here’s to you all!

    Day 30 USA (Illinois)

    NFD today. Thanks one and all for the camaraderie this past month. DebbieQ, thank you for guiding us all. See you on the October board, I hope.

    Down 2 pounds this month, 161.1, but overall (since March 15) I have lost 27 pounds. I tell so many people who I run into about 5:2. I adore this WOL, and really want to just lost 1 more pound during October and maintain until January 1. Won’t that be the real challenge, to get through holidays?

    Day 30 US NFD. Looking forward to October. I’ll post my weight tomorrow.

    Day 30 Sussex U.K.
    Final day. Will post weight tomorrow. Will be happy to not have gained.
    Thanks Debbie and goodnight all.
    Looking forward to tomorrow and more wisdom from the cyber cafe.

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: Another non-fast day. I tried. At least my weight seems to be stable at (more or less) my goal weight.

    Day 30 FD
    Hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow.
    Anniversay dinner was changed to 7:30 so weight is up today as expected.
    Off for a morning walk. Trying to figure out a way to get out if a scheduled lunch with friends. Timing is not good for ending September with good weighin tomorrow. Will focus in all the positives as there are many – each person on this thread!

    Extra post – well it is already Oct 1 here in Australia so this will be my last post. Thank you so much Debbie for this month. I have learnt so much about making my NFDs more successful so mission achieved! Congratulations to all who have lost weight and to all of us who have learnt a little more about themselves through this process. See you all on the October board xxxxxxx

    Yes, many thanks Debbie…great work. Well done 5-2 team. See you on the October challenge day 1. I need to improve….

    Day 30, Australia, FD

    Final weigh in for September….lost 3.4kg (7.3lb)

    Thanks DebbieQ for hosting September and to you all for welcoming and supporting me.
    I wish everyone success on their journey. VP

    Day 30 Taunton UK

    NFD travelling from daughter in Edinburgh to daughter in Taunton. Such a long drive, fine til Bristol then horrendous traffic! Re-reDing the Fast Diet on my tablet very motivating!

    End of challenge weight – weighed this morning start weight 66.1kg today 65.1kg down 1kg, so pleased after my holiday to see a loss is great!

    Debbie thankyou for leading the September challenge you bave been a great leader.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s final weigh-ins.

    Fuvvie will now post on Oct challenge.

    Sunshine Coast Aus: final weigh in: πŸ˜³πŸ€”πŸ€—I started out at 106kgs and this morning the scales read 105.8kgs. My weight has been all over the place up to107.5 and down to 104.4kgs. So , with a loss of 200gms, πŸ˜‚πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸΎ, I’m pleased that I have more or less maintained for the month. That wasn’t my goal but I’ll take it. Thanks again DebbieQ. I aim to follow in your footsteps and Coda’s. Good luck to everyone in the futureπŸ’πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸ’ƒπŸ‘Œ

    Hi all day 30 UK nfd end of challenge.
    Will weigh in in the morning but will just draw a line under this month. Thought after my hols and not having done a lot of damage that it would be OK but just couldn’t get back on track, did more damage when I came home than away lol. New month new challenge – bring it on!
    Fuvvie off course you can use anything I have posted before if you think it will help anyone else. Sometimes moments of inspiration come and they resonate at the time. Well done all who saw the challenge through to the end, good or bad you are still a winner. Be very proud of yourselves that you didn’t give up!

    Final Post / Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    The Bush Dance must have really helped utilize some of my fat for energy last night on my FD. It was a fun way to exercise with both littlies and oldies joining in. I could have gone a lot longer on the Split the Willow dance, but the caller thought the oldies needed a break! Not sure if they categorize me as an oldie at 60 but because of 5:2 I don’t feel like one!

    Final weigh in: 57.0 kg

    September 1 weight: 60.0

    I credit this challenge with my stellar results! Yes, I’m very happy with having shed 3 kg in a month which is better than the average!

    London | Day 30 | NFD

    Skipped breakfast, lunch of salad and chicken, home-made chicken curry and rice for dinner.
    Well September Challenge has been an interesting one. I’d be glad if my weight has been stable. I’ll log weight tomorrow for the October Chall.
    Thank you DebbieQ for organising this πŸ™‚

    September was very difficult for me concerning eating. I fell back in old habits that I tough were settelled…. But were not gggggrrrrr.
    I left this challenge because I was to unstable.

    I went quickly over the posts and noticed that you had good fun and energy as a group. That is fantastic !

    I would like to come back onboard for the October challenge if I may, Fuvvie.

    Wishing you all a very nice weekend x

    Day 30, Minnesota, USA, NFD End of the September Challenge!
    Final weigh-in this morning was 142 lbs (64.6kg), down from 145.8 lbs on September 1. That’s a loss of 3.8 lbs overall for the month, or 1.7 kg, I think. BMI at current weight is 22.2.
    My goal was to get down to 140 and then stay within a couple pounds for a month or so. I got as low as 140.2, so pretty close. I guess I could say I’ve sort of met my goal, in the end, but like others my weight was up and down in at least a 5 lb range over the month. Maybe that’s just normal for me.

    My goal for October will be to hit that 140 mark and maintain or drift a bit lower.

    Congrats to everyone who is happy with their September challenge, and best of luck to everyone who is hoping to improve during October.

    Thanks again, DebbieQ, for all your time and effort, and a “thank you” to you Fuvvie, for picking up the baton and leading us forward! Onward we go!

    US Day 30 FD

    Wow did those 30 days go fast!!! Well, here we are are the end of another monthly challenge. I don’t have very many totals in yet but despite the difficulties some of us have encountered… so far we’re not doing too shabby. Can I ask that you post your loss/gain at this site here and not the October one? … it’ll just make it easier for me and I will post the totals on Sunday on this one.
    Fuvvie.. good luck with the October challenge.. you’ll be fantastic! Btw, I used an excel spreadsheet that I sorted alphabetically to help me keep track. Maybe your daughter can set one up for you.
    Coda.. did you even have an inkling of what you were about to start when you created the 42 day challenge in May? Here we are 5 months later.. some still going after all this time and welcoming new people along the way. It’s been a blast.. thank you!!!
    Onwards and downwards.. Debbie xx 😊

    Final weight: 75.6 Kg

    Day 30: Pacific NW USA, Water only FD, at 23 hours and going for 36.

    This is the first water only that I’ve tried in a long time. It is so weird that I have no desire to eat today. Even walked to our local really great pizza house with OH and felt no pangs. Now that’s in complete opposite of what goes on a NFD. On a NFD it’s like I can’t get the picture of food out of my mind’s eye???

    i will post my weights and measures here tomorrow and check in with Fuvvie too. Then check back here on Sunday to see our totals for the month and then off to the races with Fuvvie!

    Everyone’s attitudes are so up lifting and I’m proud to be a member of this group!

    P.S. Extra final post from Lael:

    I’ll write my September 1 and 30th weights in kilograms, pounds and stone so it is easier to tally the weight loss for whole group…

    September 1 starting weight:

    60.0 kg
    132.2 pounds
    9 stone 4.4 pounds

    September 30 ending weight:

    57.0 kg
    125.6 pounds
    8 stone 9.6 pounds

    September Challenge weight shed:

    3 kg
    6.6 pounds
    0 stone 6 pounds, 9.6 ounces (or just under half a stone)

    Day 30. Sussex U.K.
    September challenge, final result.
    Remained at 178 pounds. I think that is 80.739kg.
    Not what I was aiming for but nevertheless I am ok with it.
    No proper exercise due to trapped nerve and strong painkillers and then sore throats etc. As other people have said ‘bumps in the road’.
    Well done to everyone with their great results. Big smiles all day.
    See you all on the new page.

    Surrey UK Final weigh in for September stands at 97.9 kg. I was also all over the place this month, getting to 96 kilos and then up to 98 kilos. Goodbye to a month where all sorts of lessons had to be learnt and old habits had to be examined and a choice was made.
    When I started on the 27th May I was 105.3 kg. Hadn’t been under 100 kg for many many years, so at least it is moving downwards, and more importantly I am feeling so much better. Thank you Coda, DebbieQ and Fuvvie. May we all become true losers!

    Weight loss for month 3.5lbs. Howe’ve I have also lost inches so very pleased with the overall result. Thanks Debbie for leading. See you all over on the October Challenge 😊

    Surrey UK 2nd post Sorry DebbieQ, didn’t say…weight loss for September, 500g.

    UK final September post , delighted to report a 2lb loss,which may not be a lot but it takes my bmi under 25 and I’m fine with the slow and steady approach – see you all on the October page x

    Hi all uk

    Sadly no loss to report for this month (slight gain but I’ll say no more about that) but calendar printed ready for October. See you on the next page of our journey together 😘

    Final weigh-in: l lost 2 lbs during this challenge-2 of the 4 lbs I gained on my vacation in August. This keeps me at a total of 18 lbs lost since starting thr 5:2 way of eating. I plan to continue this WOE. Wishing success to everyone as the next challenge starts. I will not be joining this next challenge. Stay strong!

    End of September challenge. US NFD. 136 LBS. Down 4 lbs for the month. Down 9 lbs since Aug 1. Less than I hoped for. I have walked 16 miles each week and worked out with weights two days every week since Aug 1. Bring it on October!

    At the end of the September Challenge, my weight has remained at TARGET! No loss, no gain. So maintaining well, so far, one month.

    Final Post USA
    3.6 lbs lost in Seotember
    Thanks to DebbieQ for running Sept challenge and to all the team for sharing the journey and keeping me inspired.
    Ready now for October and putting into practice some of the lessons learned in September.

    Final post. Weighed in this morning after week away at holiday resort with too much food at the ready and extended family and no fast days. Very disappointed in myself with the number I saw. Despite all my earlier hard work I think I have a sadly large amount of food in transit. Fasting today finally so hope it will disperse quickly. But more than I started this challenge on so won’t wreck your stats. Sorry DebbieQ, that wasn’t with waiting for. The challenge had been great though, thank you do much. I’m looking forward to getting back on track with Fuvvie’s October one.

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