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  • A group of fantastic people (and I shall include myself☺) have been engaged in multiple challenges since May 1, previously led by Coda. We have shared experiences and had such success, that we are excited to continue our challenges. I will be running the challenge for September. After a hectic summer and some great results with fast days… our focus for this month will be on our non-fast days. We open our “cyber café” to all who would like to join us on our journey … no reservations required ☺ As a group, we feel that posting every day has kept us accountable so if at all possible, please sign in regularly. Our group represents people from all over the world so we would like to continue our posting protocol of Day # /Country/FD or NFD. This challenge will run from September 1st through the 30th. Remember to note weight and measurements prior to starting so that at the end you will know how well you’ve done. I will take roll call of participants over the next few days (we already have 22 signed up) and we will begin our journey together on Thursday. Welcome aboard!

    Counting down -4 days: Pacific NW USA, NFD

    Joining in great new challenge! Yay DebbieQ!!!

    Day #/Australia/FD

    I have been trying to follow 5:2 for a while now. Lost some weight but have hit a brick wall. I’d like to join the challenge and see if being part of a group helps me stay on track. My FDs are not a problem, I look forward to them. My downfall is the binge eating on NFDs.I hope this team approach will get me on track. Thanks for organising.


    I would love to join in if I could. I’m about to start week 4 and could use the motivation and encouragement.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

    I bought a new set of digital scales today so am all set to go! 🙂

    Brilliant – looking forward to shifting this weight, and it’s definitely the NFDs I find the most difficult. Thank you DebbieQ!

    Surrey UK…..Answering roll call DEBBIEQ, and thanks for leading this. CODA’s last advice was really useful, basically I understood to keep it simple, stick to 5:2, there is a very good reason for this way of life.

    I have been reading The Obesity Code again, and can highly recommend that we take in what is said there. All our very strongly held beliefs are challenged, and I for one, still have an underlying belief that ‘calories in should be less than calories out’ in order to lose weight. Dr Fung explains very clearly why this is not so. I have been asking myself whether this is ‘just another new thing on the market’ but I have to say that he makes so much sense and I think one just has to test it.

    I have not counted calories or done much exercise over the last few days, got on the scale this morning expecting to see a gain and there was none. this just underlined what is being said by Dr Fung. So September is going to be an interesting month!

    Cornwall UK.
    Hi Debbieq, thankyou for taking over from coda!

    Good luck to us all.

    Hi @rocy65 I would like to join as well please

    I started fasting in August – lost about 3 kilos in the last week – i wish i cld say i have been diligent but it the non fasting days that gets me- i think certain times i need to add an extra fast day just to make up for the extra calories in.

    I am 153cm starting weight was 69.7 now down to 66.8. i started doing yoga 4 times a week and gym cardio for 4 times a week. (hoping to be strict with it in September)

    My wedding is in December and hoping to reach 55 kilos by than – cross fingers as i have a travel for two weeks in october for wedding shopping in india.

    i will post final measurements and weight on 1st sept.

    thank u for this group

    Hey there! From The Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, UK: Just a quick call in from the Coda challenges. I started at the beginning of May and thanks to this site and Coda setting up various challenges and keeping us accountable, I have lost nearly ALL the weight I gained since having my daughter 25 years ago. See you here on the 1st.
    Non-fast days are certainly MY problem now!!
    Thanks, DebbieQ, for keeping the ball rolling for us.

    UK day -3 NFD Hi all, enjoying the break but also looking forward to getting back in the saddle on Thursday, will weigh and measure then x

    I want! I’m in!

    Would love to join the September challenge I’m brand new to this – day one. By way of introduction I am 72 years old from America I have never used a web system like this and I’m ready for some newness in my life. I have always been a very slow loser and it tends to make me stop sticking to a program. After reading the book I feel like this is something I can deal with on a daily and weekly basis I’m looking forward to feeling a whole lot better very soon and looking to make some new friends on my journey.

    Good morning, all. I’m on board for September 1, fasting today. I have a big reunion coming up on 9/27, so I am PUMPED!!!!

    I’m in!

    Gozo, Malta

    Thanks DebbieQ for leading the September challenge.

    NorrieB does what you say about Dr Fung mean you can eat over your TDEE on fast days and still lose weight? I have sometimes done this and I still lose weight. But then I’m careful on my TDEE and lose none.

    Hello everyone. Have a great Monday.

    Hello! +1 from Germany.

    38 years old, 1.65 m, around 72 kg (I will update on 1 September) and in the last 10 days I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting 20/4 and 23/1 and I hope this to help with my insulin resistance and binge eating problems. In the last years I’ve tried all the classical strategies to lose weight (restrict calories // restrict junk // restrict carbs) but without success on long term, because all forms of restricted eating trigger my binge eating problems. Now I want to try if this IF pattern (daily fasting 20-23 hours), without restricting anything else, helps me to lose weight, without triggering binge episodes.

    Thank you DebbieQ for running the Challenge and Good Luck to us all!

    I’m definitely in. Please let me know how to sign up x

    I’m definitely in. I’m off to the states on the 11th October for a road trip around California and would love to lose some weight before I go!

    Pennsylvania, USA/FD

    Perfect timing! I have a goal of 10-15 lb loss in the next 6 weeks. I’m retiring in 5 weeks and heading to Key West FL in 6 weeks for a “retirement” party! Look forward to getting to know you all!

    US 3 days to start!! FD
    Welcome Raed312,Elphaba, Skinny55, itsmyturn, Adaline and MrsP2008. I will add you all to the list. Happy to have you join us! A big welcome back to all my old friends from our previous challenges.
    Skinny55 – we’ll be rooting with you to reach your goal for your wedding!
    Itsmyturn – I think you may well find that this way of life will work for did for me when all else failed.
    Rocy65 I’m answering your question from the 4 week challenge. I think with so many of us we may get a bit bogged down with listing all of our food. What about reporting an under/over on NFD’s instead? I’d be happy to do that with you. I still use MFP and as long as I keep a record of everything I eat, and I mean EVERYTHING ☺ I can easily report a plus or minus to my NFD calorie goal. My goal is below my TDEE as I find it difficult to lose weight if I eat close to it.

    It’s great to see so many new faces and old. I’m looking forward to staring this new journey with you all on Thursday.

    Welcome AMC18 and Lori_PA… I must have crossed posts with you.

    Day -3 before Sept Challenge begins: Pacific NW USA, liquid only FD

    I’ve had a sedentary day at work and so am sticking to a liquid only fast today.

    Norrie – you’ve convinced me I need to read Dr. Fung’s book! I’ve had consistent weight loss success since May 1 but I’ve been experimenting to see what works for me. I started out with 5:2 following the recommendation for 2 non-consequitive FD’s eating just 1/4 TDEE and then I added 16:8 on my NFD’s for a while. I’ve also tried b2b fasting with 2 consequitive liquid only FD’s once a week. I, like lots of us, have a harder time sticking to TDEE on NFD’s so your reference to what Dr Fung says intrigues me. Thanks!

    Just walked past masses of delicious (but unhealthy) choices in the food court and an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet and finally chose low fat, low carb, fresh vietnamese rolls. I think I am ready for the September challenge! 🙂

    Sunshine Coast Aus: fasting today. Choir tonight. Have had a big day today. Will weigh and measure Thursday morning.

    Italy FD (6th in a row😱)
    I am keeping Tuesday as my weigh in Day so i’ll post my starting figures now. I’m still i’ll and haven’t eaten anything for nearly a week so i expect to put weight on but, never mind. I have lost 4.5kg this week and still feel terrible. I’m not going to use my measurements as they will surely be way out.

    Start of challenge: 72.6kg

    Once i can start eating obviously i won’t be fasting for a little while but will slowly build my strength up and then get back on with things…in it for the long term!

    HannahWatto thats amazing, you should be very proud of yourself. Looks like the result of some seriousl brain re-wiring. It can only get easier from here.

    Sussex, U.K.
    NFD for today but keeping to the 16:8 this week.
    Good luck all.

    Amc18, what parts of California will you be visiting? First time?

    PA, USA
    Starting Friday as my first day of the fasting diet. Looking forward to the health benefits of the diet.

    Hello from London!
    I am interested in joining! I have experience with raw vegan meal detoxes, intermittent fasting with short windows and short water fasts. Just finished the 5:2 book yesterday and looking forward to implementing it to all my other methods. I have hashimotos with its accompanying low energy, weight gain and IBS. Cant wait to move quicker in my healing journey!

    Hi I would love to join this September challenge please DebbieQ. Have been doing this for a few months, happy with the results I’ve been getting despite a few week plateau. Still have a little while to go. Really want to work on my nfd’s so really keen to be a part of this challenge.

    Hi there,

    I have done the 5:2 and it was great but can’t seem to get myself back into things again so the challenge seems like a great idea, just let me know what to do to register as it great on these forums ha ha 🙈 Anyone got any advice on what they consume in calories on nfd’s? I know your meant to eat what you like but a rough estimate would be good as I always need a guide xxx


    Have lost 31lb in 18 months with 5-2, but for the last 4 months or so I seem to have lost my way….. fortunately I’ve not gained but I’ve not lost either.

    I will weigh in on Thursday, however Friday is my normal weigh in day.

    Day # /London UK/NFD

    Hello from sunny London, I’m a 39 y/o female. Been on the 5:2 since June, but only lost just over 4kg. Want to step it up a notch and lose another 10kg (22lb) minimum by Christmas!

    I’ve already had one FD this week (yesterday/MOnday) next will be Thu – I’ll count that as my day 1 to keep counting simple.

    My normal routine is to fast throughout the day and have 500cals at dinner time. Worked well so far.
    My struggle is refined carbs on NFDs – sugary stuff mainly and also snacking.
    I keep track of food and exercise using MFP and the Fitbit.

    I also work out 4-5x per week – hot yoga, TRX, cycling and running. Also tend to average 10,000 steps/day.

    I’ll weigh in on Thu as start of challenge.

    Thanks DebbieQ for re-starting and leading this group 🙂
    Good luck all!

    I’d like to be part of this! I had huge success with this diet a few years back but unfortunately i was unable to sustain it by myself, looking forward to having another go with you lot!


    Successful FD yesterday as a lead up to the big restart Sept. 1!! Went out and did a 5k this morning…..took me forever as I do a 2:1 run/walk split, but I finished it! I normally do 3-4 boot camp workouts a week, but have added in some running the past few months. This was my first day to do the full 5k. I’m doing a 5k event on Saturday, trying to prepare for it!

    Have great days!

    Itsmyturn. First day of 5:2 just had some eggs at 7pm
    Lots of tea water and coffee – great night’s sleep. Feel good… going again on Thursday. Really looking forward to the September challange abd learning all I can.

    Hello, just jumped over from the old thread (Coda’s) Fasting day today. Going well so far….hoping for the usual 36-hour water-only job. Just got back from work….I deliver the mail…a hot and sunny day here in UK.
    HollyLJ: sorry to hear you haven’t got over your illness yet, the length of your fast is more than impressive…..take care….try not to let your body slip into starvation-mode.

    Ciren2 could you please explain your 36-hr water fast?
    Apart from your daily walking delivering mail, do you do any other exercise on FDs?
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi DebbieQ

    I was away for August so I am ready to join the challenge for September. My weigh in day is Friday so this week will be the first time I have weighed since Friday 29th July so no idea if I have gained or what I have gained!! I did exercise most days so I am hoping that I haven’t done too much damage 🙂

    Also Coda I said I would run the October Challenge but I am going to be away on a business trip for 2 weeks over October and November so it won’t be possible for me to run it – sorry about that.

    Hi. Greetings from hot sunny NJ USA – good beach day. Just started 5:2 yesterday – what is 16:8?

    Hi all and to the newbies joining us. Just lurking on the forum lol. Had a lovely time at our friends 40th anniversary celebrations in Kingswinford. Made our way to Chiswick in London and had a great few days with our son and girlfriend. Now arrived in Newbury for a couple of days with other family before we fly to Portugal. Trying to be mindful (most of the time ha ha) and doing lots of walking – I have the blisters to prove it. I’ll start this challenge when I return from holidays. Was nearly half way to my ultimate goal so hopefully our holiday won’t have put me back too much.

    Gozo, Malta

    Amigos4 go to the front page of this website and calculate your TDEE. TDEE is what calories you burn upon a day calculated on your weight (Put your target weight not present weight) and active lifestyle. Once you do that you can eat within or under your TDEE during non fast days.

    Today is a nfd for me. This evening my husband and I are going with a gift to a newly ordained Catholic priest who is a relative of my husband and expect to eat party food and drinks.

    I’ve been drinking some waitrose smoothies and they are really good and low in calories.

    My youngest granddaughter still has the virus and is still sick. I hope she gets better before they go on holiday next Friday.

    Onwards and downwards. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

    itsmyturn, 16:8 means eating only during an 8 hour window each day, and “fasting” for 16. Yes, today is a gorgeous day.

    Pissupoosa: Just to explain what I do with 36-hour water-only fasting. Basically from the evening before, then the whole of the fast-day, til breakfast the following day; That is approx. 36 hours. I drink LOTS of water. I work as normal, lots of walking involved delivering mail. I also (usually) go for a brisk 1-hour walk in the evenings.
    I normally fast on work-days, 3 X per week, as I find it easier….being busy and out of the house. I take no food and no money, so that I can’t weaken!!!
    Right now, I am just looking forward to a lovely breakfast tomorrow morning.

    I was so excited when I found this website august 1. My metabolism had screeched to a halt and no matter what I ate, I gained weight. I was so relieved to find it’s ok to eat under 1000 calories a day in spite of what all the “authorities and experts” say about dieting. The first two weeks showed slow weight loss, about a pound a week. Then I left on a vacation to Hawaii for two weeks and I was nervous about continuing the IF. I think I have been able to keep from gaining weight ( I don’t know how reliable this scale is here). I feel so much better not eating so much. It is not fun but I have finally accepted the fact that I can no longer indulge in overeating, even for one day, without gaining immediate weight. IF and hawai vacation is a difficult combination but I am quite proud that I have been able to maintain my minimal weight loss. I think I am going to have to have fast days more often when i get home to see the results I want. But I know I will have to keep busy so I won’t have time to think about eating. Boredom brings on eating, unfortunately for me.

    Day # UK NFD
    Hi, would love to join you all. I’ve been doing 5:2 on and off since the Horizon programme and have had some success but this year has been a challenge and I have got into the vicious cycle of depression-eating crap-depression and have gradually seen my weight creep up. I’m 160cm and 60kg which sounds ok but I have realised I’m a TOFI as my waist is more than half my height so I really need to reduce body fat.
    I have returned to 5:2 for the last 3 weeks and have lost 1.5kg but would like to lose a bit more.
    I am setting myself another challenge of eating a mainly Primal diet – eg plants and protein but very low carb – I know from long experience that the more carbs I have, the more I want. I have cut out sugar (again!) and already feel a million times better.

    Hi all. I’ve taken note of Meok2, Mery, Lou Belles, Amigos4, Jayne.Lizzy, Pissupoosa, sixofclubs, Grammaspice and Saltyseabird… welcome!

    JFitzy – sorry you can’t take over in October. Hopefully someone will step up in your place.
    HollyLJ – I really hope you feel better soon. That’s a long time to be sick like that.
    Norrie – I’ve ordered the Obesity Code. Should have it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I’ve been reading that a lot of you have a plan or goal in mind for September. I am going to try to stick to my 1200 cals on NFD’s and have a secondary goal of having a walk after dinner every day. I’m excited to get started on Thursday.

    I am in Lisa from UK on FD. My first week have 52lb to loose to get to target weight one day at a time for me but pleased to be joining this support group.


    Debbie, Please count me in for the new challenge.

    I’ve been on this thread since May 1 and I lost some 12 pounds. For a little one like myself, just 5 feet high, it is a lot ! This group counts for a big part of my success. Thank you once again to this beautifull international group.

    I had a liquid only 36 hour fast yesterday and it really paid out on the scale this morning.

    I will be fasting again on Thursday, as usual.

    Bonne journée everyone x

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