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  • Norrie and DebbieQ, I’m half way through Obesity Code right now! Dr Fung has really motivated me to go sugar-free over September. I know I’ll find it hard but I’m determined to do it. Norrie, do you have any tips? 🙂 I’ve already given up diet drinks, energy bars, smoothies etc without much difficulty.

    Hi, just keep going. After about 3 weeks of no sugar (not even fruit) your craving will disappear. There is an excellent book called The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie which gives some really good practical tips for breaking the addiction. Good luck with it – keep going, it is worth it.
    SSB x

    Thank you ssb – downloading on to my Kindle as I type 🙂 Pure White and Deadly, also on my reading list.

    Day -2 in countdown to September Challenge: Pacific NW USA, 2nd of b2b FD’s

    I had a successful liquid only fast yesterday until this morning which made it 36 hours. I decided I would leave it up to how I felt about whether and what I would eat today when I woke up. I felt like continuing fast and so had white tea at breakfast and miso soup at lunch. Very sedentary day at work with meetings, meetings and now ready to go home. I think I I’ll continue with fast over night.

    Norrie, Debbie and Pissupoosa – I started reading the Obesity Coda this morning. Didn’t get past the section dealing with the historical overview of all the dietary guidelines that we have been “force fed” (pun intended) throughout our lives but it was enough to make me wonder about all the standard “health” advise we get.

    I stopped eating refined cards, potatoes, sugar etc the end of April. I’ve had bites of chocolate pot de creme and coffee ice cream at restaurants 3-4 times but otherwise don’t miss it. A friend who has recently done same said he just felt like he passed through a small “depression” that he attributed to his sugar addiction letting go.

    Holly – hope your return to health is smooth and soon!

    It’s wonderful to have so many new names joining those of us who are continuing since May 1 with this group! The more the merrier and the more to maintain our strong foundation!

    Quebecoise … I already had you on my list..I must have just expected you ☺ Lisas .. I have you too.

    Here’s my complete list. Let me know if you are missing and I’ll add you in.
    and Exhale
    Brighton Belle
    Holly LJ
    kay 65
    Lou Belles
    Norrie B
    Rocy 65
    Skinny 55

    JFitzy.. you should be there too

    Hi Debbie, hi everyone,

    I’ve decided to not do the challenge this time. It was great doing the other 2 challenges with such a great group of people and such an international group of people. Have fun and enjoy the challenge,

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Day 9 Australia NFD
    I’d love to join in please.


    I’d like to join this challenge. I’d barely begun the 5:2 when the July challenge began and I wasn’t ready to join, though it looked inviting! So do we all begin on 1 September? I see some are posting days 1-9 already? Thanks.

    Thanks DebbieQ 😎

    If you really want a shocking revelation of how dietary advice has been manipulated by governments and big food manufacturers, you should try Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger – she takes an objective and scientific overview of all the food advice given for the past 100 years and the political/commercial interference and the shoddy science which was used to present the case. She doesn’t promote any particular diet but leaves you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. She writes well and it’s quite entertaining as well as informative. It really opened my eyes and I’m on a bit of a mission now!

    Great to have so many new people joining our group, great to have new views and ideas! Welcome to you all! Thankyou SSB for reading info I’ll look out for those.

    Off to buy new set of scales today, will then be ready to go for tomorrow mornings’ weighin.

    Preperation is my focus for this challenge. Making sure I’ve got the foods I need in the house to keep my NFDs under my TDEE and my FDs under control!

    I’m on 16.8 for this week simply because we have so many evening social gatherings and people staying this week. So just having my evening meal staying under TDEE.

    Onwards and DOWN! Good luck everyone.

    Welcome VioletP and Lael. Our official Day 1 is tomorrow. The other days you see are people counting from our last challenge to this new one. SSB… looks like I have a lot of reading in my future 😊

    What a lovely long list full of new names, you have DebbieQ!
    I have started eating today very slowly and don’t think I’ll Fast for the first week until i get my strength back!
    Best of luck to everyone see you tomorrow.

    Glad you’re feeling a little better HollyLJ. Merryme… good luck to you. We will miss you… drop in any time!

    Wednesday: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK: Non-fast day. Yesterday’s 36-hour water-fast was successful. Weight unchanged, but measurements down a little. As it’s my day off work today….I have to guard against snacking constantly.
    HollyLJ: glad you are on the mend. That sounded like a nasty bug you had.

    Hi Lisa this is Pat from the US and it is my first week and I need to loose 55 pounds also . I have never done anything like this daily conversation but I really think it’s going to help. I look forward to checking in on you because we seem to be on the same old road. My first day was Monday and went surprisingly well yesterday I tried the 16:8 – again that worked well. Sleeping very well. Have to get back to exercise – for me it is the key.
    It’s been a tough year for me and I feel like I’m finally doing something for myself thus my name – it definitely is my turn. Never understood depression was always an extremely positive person but this year- has sent me into a new place that I don’t lIike and this is my first step yo climb out! Sunshine and happiness to all.

    Thus is my first week and I need to loose 55 pounds.. I have never done anything like this daily conversation My first day was Monday and went surprisingly well yesterday I tried the 16:8 – again that worked well. Sleeping very well. Have to get back to exercise – for me it is the key.
    It’s been a tough year for me and I feel like I’m finally doing something for myself thus my name – it definitely is my turn. Never understood depression was always an extremely positive person but this year- has sent me into a new place that I don’t lIike and this is my first step yo climb out! Sunshine and happiness to all.

    Hello All! I am up for this as I had lost 15lbs in 7 weeks, then had a break due to illness and stress (no excuse, just being honest) and I’ve not dared get back on the scales. My clothes still feel loose but I am scared of seeing a gain after all that hard work! I think something like this will encourage me and I’m interested to know how to join in. Will it be on this website, or another? Many thanks to anyone who can explain how it will work x

    HevBen83 – I signed up… you are already on the link for the September Challenge. If you read the original post for this Challenge you’ll see that it starts tomorrow and if you can, please start your post with Day#, Location, FD or NFD. Our concentration for this challenge is on how we are handling our NFD’s as I think that is where most struggle. You will find lots of support from this great group.

    HevBen83..that should read I signed YOU up .. lol

    This is all new to me….. I have bought the books this morning and I am starting tomorrow which fits in nicely with your September challenge. I would love to join in and see what the results will be, please sign me up…..

    UK – day-1 – NFD today, but will be starting the challenge tomorrow with a FD.
    While we’ve been off I’ve managed a couple of fluid only FDs and found that really helpful as once I start eating in the evening it’s almost impossible to stop…QED better not to start! So at least 1 FD will hopefully be just fluids each week.
    I have a mini-aim to lose half a stone by half term…I’ve managed the first 2pounds, so September needs to see me keep those 2 off, and then for another 5pounds to gradually disappear and stay gone for a week or so before the school holidays up here on 7th October – hope springs eternal!
    See you tomorrow.

    Day 0 – USA (Illinois)

    Checking in to our new challenge. YEAH! Looks like we have some wonderful new people joining us. Thanks so much to Debbie for taking us on! 🙂

    Itsmyturn – I was in your boat just a few months ago. I am 68 and was always slow to lose but steadily gained post-menopause. This diet has been a whole new way of life for me.

    I began 5:2 on March 15 and have lost 25 pounds. Like you, I read the book and was convinced I could live on less than 1000 calories a day. Generally I have done the 2 FD’s as under 500 calories but lately have done liquid only (some bone broth) days and that seems to have given my plateau a new boost. I weighed in at 163 lbs. this morning. Really would like to get to 160 and hold it for a while before I see about losing any more.

    I will fast again on Friday which will be our day #2. It’s those NFD’s that I have to be so careful not to overeat!

    Hugs and best wishes to you all —

    PA-USA; FD

    The wheels fell off a bit on my NFD yesterday, so today’s FD must be a good one! I’ll be starting this challenge with a NFD tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone!

    A good link about fasting. Thought it might be useful to the group:


    Begin training for next year’s London marathon starting with weight loss from the 1st of Sept so this is perfect. Currently around 15st need to be about 12st ! Never dieted before so this could be interesting!!

    Count me in.

    Dorset UK NFD
    Im in for September but Im about to go away for a week, so apart from Day 1 tomorrow I wont be posting until my return on Thurs 8th!!


    Welcome VioletP and HevBen83.. glad to have you join us. Kay65… I made a note that you’ll be gone for a bit. Enjoy your trip!

    Please count me in, if possible, as I look forward to the participation and motivation. Currently I started week 4 of a 5:2 life style with good blood chemistry reports from tests last week. My goals for September are to establish 5:2 living as a habit plus avoid the comfort/poor nutrition/portion food choices I seem to revert to on the non fast days. This coming weekend is our end of Summer “Labour Day” holiday;I will try to be realistic about what I eat, as I enjoy friends and good weather at a cottage, and consider Tuesday the 6th as my true challenge start.
    Best regards to all, with a special hello to “Quebecoise” from a former Montreal resident!

    Yeahy! I am in too!

    Derby, UK,

    I’m in; thanks for this.

    I’m in my second week of the fast diet, trying desperately to overcome my negative thought demons (what’s the point, you’ll only fail again, you’ve got too much weight to lose, you won’t stick to it, etc.)

    Really up for the challenge – I WON’T fail again (partly because I find fasting quite easy and I still get to drink wine 😀)

    Day -1 countdown to Septenber Challenge: Pacific NW USA, NFD

    60 hour liquid only fast ended successfully this morning. With another FD on Friday to start this challenge that would make this a 4:3 week for me. Shakshuka and poached eggs may be hitting my stomach a little rapidly however. Maybe just eggs would have been better.

    Feeling a little conflicted as I read Obesity Code. Here’s a question to those of you who have read the whole book (which I’ve just started). Can you share what Dr Fung says the difference is between reduced cal diets and intermittent fasting? Specifically, with all the research Dr Fung cites which show reduced cal diets fail in the long term why isn’t 5:2 or 4:3 fasting considered as another version of a reduced cal diet and therefore fall into the same caution? Any short answers to set my mind at rest before I can go home and return to reading would be appreciated!!

    Looking forward to the month ahead!

    back2, Jason Fung posted this after the Biggest Loser article. Don’t know if it helps….

    -1/PA, USA/FD

    Hi, DebbieQ. Please add me to the challenge. : )

    An acquaintance recommended the Fast Diet so I thought I’d check it out this morning. This is my first time on the site and I like what I see. I’m excited to get going!

    I’ve read all the posts so far, and agree that NFDs will be the challenge. I’ve learned that it’s easier for me simply not to eat than it is for me to make good choices when I eat–so an emphasis on NFDs is great.

    I’m ready to think positive, so I’m sending positive thoughts to all!

    Hi back2:

    I would not worry about changing your metabolism as a result of going on a diet. The clinical studies, going from the late 1940s to present do not support that position. The latest study I am aware of followed people on reduced calorie diets for two years and found they suffered no reduction in their BMRs. In fact, as the original Dr. M documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer illustrated, dietary calorie restriction can lead to material, long term health benefits. Drawing conclusions from following a few people that starved themselves and over exercised, and perhaps took (legal) drugs, to lose weight quickly to make money is hardly a ‘scientific’ study that merits serious consideration.

    Hi all…I’ve added all below to the challenge. Welcome!! We are at 58 participants now… wow!

    Sweet Bug

    Thanks K-lo and simcoeluv! You have both contributed to me having a little less stress today on an already stressful work day. Both articles had very helpful info and sets my mind at peace!

    I will say, since it was reading the beginning of Dr Fung’s book this morning that started me questioning my good feelings about my hugely successful fasting, it was good to read his words in the article that K-lo forwarded. Specifically, “The difference is fasting allows for the numerous hormonal adaptations that keep resting metabolic rates elevated and preserve lean muscle.” “These help maintain resting metabolism so that energy expenditure does not decrease!” (My exclamation point.)

    I will stay on track with our WOL and remember my friends on this site can rescue me me with details when I need it! We are all on a journey as single case studies any way so I will carry on with mine!

    NFD Cornwall UK
    Hello! I would love to join as tomorrow is my first fast day since doing the 5:2 last year! I would like to maintain this WOE and not have the ‘I’ll eat that now because I’m fasting tomorrow’ approach!

    I don’t have any scales I was
    Going to go off of measurements has anyone done that? Top fast day meal recommendations would be great. The more simple the better!

    Gozo, Malta

    Bethany82 you won’t fail. Just do the best you can day by day and you will succeed for sure. You have nothing to lose except gain good health and lose weight. Go for it.

    Today was a successful fast day for me and tomorrow is the start of the challenge.

    Have a great evening/day everyone.

    Poppet123 on fast days I have salad made of lettuce and cherry tomatoes plus 200g cottage cheese for lunch about 200 calories. Dinner is either 200g smoked salmon lettuce and tomatoes or baked fish staffed with capers and tomatoes and drizzled with lemon juice plus lettuce and extra tomatoes which are 300 calories. For dinner this evening I had lettuce with tomatoes and two ricotini at 137 each which amounts to around 300 calories.

    I hope you find this helpful. Good night.

    Would love to join first FD today looking forward to reading everyone’s posts.

    Hi Fishing Gran… glad you can join us again. Poppet123..I’ve added you to the challenge also.

    Thanks Anna! In going to give both a try

    I have the same aim!

    California but currently in Tennessee, USA. Hi everyone! I am sitting in the airport waiting to fly home. I haven’t weighed myself in a week and I know that I have gained some weight. I have found out that eating the 5:2 way makes me feel so much better. I have not fasted this past week that I have been in Tennessee. I wanted to experience the southern cuisine, therefore poor choices were made but they tasted so good. I am so ready to get back on track and excited to start the September challenge. Tomorrow will be a FD.
    Glad to see new people are joining in the challenge. Wishing everyone a successful challenge.

    Poppet – I’m currently experimenting with fluid days, but on a 400cal day, I love the Skipper soup recipe in the Fast Diet cook book – essentially an onion fried in the oil from some chorizo chopped finally, stock and a couple of tins of beans (haricot, butter, kidney – whatever is in the cupboard). Whiz it all up with salt and pepper and you’re good to go! Alternatively, if I’m just doing a main meal with the family, I have a luxurious fish cake or burger at about 240cals and fill the plate with carrots, broccoli and peas – bon appetite!

    Annoyed at auto-correct…pretty sure there shouldn’t be an ‘e’ at the end of ‘bon appetit’!

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 1: NFD. Have put on weight since we finished 22nd August. I felt I had become quite obsessed and have not recovered from a binge type attitude even though only one episode of sugar and grains. Ate two helpings of hock and vege soup last night . OK. All excuses done. 106 kgs this morning. Waist 109.3 cm. Bust 111 cm. This is my baseline for this challenge. Welcome all newcomers. Will be interested to learn more about all of you. My goal is to manage NFDs better. I’ll be happy with any loss at this stage. This is my 5th month in come 26th September and have never managed beyond 16 weeks in the past. That always got me to goal initially. Now still have 36 kgs to go. Good luck one and all.

    Australia Day 1 FD weight 90.1 kgs. I bought new scales for this challenge and I weighed several things on it this morning – including myself – to test them and apparently walking downstairs to put the kettle on can add 2 kgs to your weight! So I have taken the heaviest weight and am making that my starting point because while it is heartbreaking to see a number which I thought I’d said goodbye to weeks ago I’d rather put down a heavy weight that might be suspect than a light one. I usually do liquid-only, 36 hour fasts but I am worried that is one of the reasons my NFDs are so out of control so for this challenge I will stick to my TDEE on NFDs and around 500 cals for my fast days. Good luck all!

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