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  • Day 29. USA. NFD. In beautiful Charleston South Carolina this morning for those of you who have never visited the US you can find just about any kind of weather and scenery you might like so enjoying this trip with a close friend. Our bucket list in the low country. We are only eating two meals a day or yesterday one meal but unfortunately it was all fried. Working hard to get to this end of this month was down 10 pounds sure I’ll be up a couple by the 30th but I’ve loved every minute of it have a great day.

    Gozo, Malta

    Today it’s a fast day for me only. My husband is eating normally. I’m doing liquids only but with two smoothies, one I had for lunch and the other is for dinner total calories today is 500 as I went out with the mother of two of my sons in law with my 10 month grand daughter and 8 month old grand son and had a large cappuccino with no sugar ofcourse. The smoothies are 180 and 277 calories each.

    It’s my last day of fasting before Friday morning weigh in to report here. At the cafe there was the salesgirl who started commenting on how good and slim I was. I had to write this site for her to look it up on the Internet and explained to her how the fast diet works. I also recommended her to get the book of Dr Michael Mousley on the 5:2 fast diet.

    I have to get new clothes. We just received an invitation from my husbands cousin for her daughters marriage on 5 th November. I need to buy a dress for it before then.

    As back2thefuture said it’s important to keep on going even if we have a weight gain as going back on track would mean we lose the weight again. This happened to me when I went for a long weekend for holiday and indulged in excessive food. My weight has gone back to what it was before then and I’m feeling so much better.

    It’s the middle of the week. Happy Wednesday everyone.

    Day 28|NFD|Toronto
    A bit over TDEE yesterday after attack by “The Comfort Food Dragon”, it came hidden in the guise of home made cookies at a gathering last night; terrible how I was held down and forced to eat them!

    August 2004… thank you for my belly laugh of the day 😊

    Day 28/PA, USA/NFD

    Elphaba – I’m doing the same thing. I fast for approximately 20 hours and then eat all my calories for the day, and more! I really need to get myself under control. My behavior is terrible. I do not eat small amounts; when something is good, I want MORE. So fasting and binging works great for my mindset; I get to pig out, which I enjoy doing. But this is not a healthy behavior. I know it and yet I repeat it–daily. Ugh.

    I really want to end this month well. I intend to eat a small, healthy dinner tonight, and then finish with a lengthy fast. I CAN DO IT.

    Positive thoughts to all!

    Correction: I WILL DO IT.

    Day 29: Cotswolds, UK:
    Oh dear…it WAS a fast day, which WAS to make up for my failure on the 36-hour water-fast yesterday. Sorry, Back2thefuture. I caved in mid-afternoon, and then ate myself silly until I actually felt ILL by bedtime.
    So, the plan was to fast today and rest my digestion (which feels a bit “off”) but, again, mid-afternoon, and I’m eating for England. Or, at least…I’ll try not to, but I’ve already consumed a fair bit.

    Day 28/USA/NFD. Walked 4 miles this morning. Not hungry so I might as well do 500 calories today.

    Gozo, Malta

    This evening I didn’t have the 277 calorie smoothie I intended but one 400g tab of 0% Greek yogurt with three teaspoons of local honey and two thirds of an apple 290 calories. So I didn’t do liquids only today but as I felt like eating yogurt all went well and stayed within 500 calories as I normally do on a fast day.

    Good evening/ night everyone. Stay strong.

    Day 28 Edinburgh UK

    It’s starnge but after downloading Dr M’s Fast Diet and Dr Fungs Obesity Code last night; it’s as if a switch has clicked in my brain!

    This morning I decided to have a fast day and it has been successful at under 500cals! Though as I write this my daughter is getting a plate of cheese and biscuits which I do intend to RESIST!! Cheese being my biggest temptation it will be hard!!
    More sparkling water!! Now watching ‘Bake Off ’- must be mad!!!

    I will weigh in the morning and check holiday weight gain!!

    Coda without you and your May challenge I wouldn’t be 2stone lighter I’m so grateful to you and my 5.2 friend o this forum! I really thankyou for all your support for us all and your truely motivational posts!
    Stay strong and get back on that horse! Tomorrow is a new dayx

    We can do this Fuvvie and HollyLJ you have been great buddies, we have come so far!

    It seems a good plan to get back to basics. Personally I’ve become complacent over the past couple of months. August was emotionally traumatic and September I’ve relaxed on holiday!

    But on a positive note I haven’t totally lost the plot, and I’ve resisted the cheese, so a successful fast day!!

    Stay strong everyone.

    Day 28 / FD / UK

    Wheels came off a bit yesterday. FD today has been okay, but difficult. I read a few bits on Dr MM’s Blood Sugar Diet website today which made me lose faith in what I’m doing a bit. It suggests that the 5.2 with a low carb diet is for people without a large amount of weight to lose. I’ve done quite nicely so far, losing 6lbs since the start of this challenge, but I’ve got another 56lbs to go!
    I’m trying to stay positive, but that sneaky old thought demon is back … ‘You’ve got far too much to lose; you can’t do a stricter diet so just give up.’ Although I’m quite committed to making this a lifestyle, rather than a flash in the pan diet, it’s difficult knowing that it’ll be at least a year before I get anywhere near my target weight.

    Stick with it Bethany!

    6lbs in 4 weeks is great – a steady, sustainable, healthy loss. If you’re anything like me, the weight crept on gradually: having kids, finishing their leftovers (!) and eating a bit too much on a regular basis. I’m resigned to the fact that it will take time to get to a healthy weight again, but I’m confident I can do it, without having to deprive myself or get hung-up about food.

    Much as I love the idea of losing 14kgs in 8 weeks (thank you Daily Mail headline!), I’m not good with feeling that I’m missing out on food, either through hunger or just having to deny myself. 5:2 works for me because I can negotiate with myself – ‘I’m not eating that juicy scone today, but I’ll save one for breakfast’ etc. Maybe not nutritionally very advisable, and I know I’d lose faster if I ditched the cake altogether, but I’m not sure I’m a ‘no cake’ sort of person.

    I used to do WW, but having to continually eat less than I needed left me feeling hungry, deprived and sorry for myself, and then reaching for the biscuits to cheer myself up, then depressed about not having enough willpower to resist, and so on. In the long run, I put on more than I lost within a year of stopping, each time I put myself through it. I still have to fight my demons on NFDs, and have a long way to go, but I know this plan works for me, so I’m going to slog through it.

    I do like the advice about the Mediterranean diet though, so might have a read of the Blood Sugar Diet website and see if there’s any bits I can ‘borrow’… I’ve lost 13kgs on 5:2 since Aug 2015, have another 13kgs to go before I get under BMI 25, into the ‘healthy’ zone, and would like to aim at another 7kgs lighter than that. At 1-2lbs a week, you’ll have lost your 56lbs by Easter next year. It just feels like a long time when you’re on a FD. The wheels will come off now and then, and you’ll shove them back on again and keep a eye out for next time!

    Australia Day 29 FD – well the last FD of the September challenge. Thank you Debbie for ushering us all through this month. You have done a great job. I think many of us have struggled a bit compared to the first challenge but I think we can put that down to initial enthusiasm vs realising this is a WOL. We all didn’t become overweight overnight and so we must celebrate the small steady losses as that is more sustainable than big swings. At the same time the most valuable lesson I have learnt this month is that I can’t reward myself with food on NFDs after a FD. I have learnt to have a small, low fat and low carb vege soup, or similar, on a FD to enable me to stick within my TDEE on NFDs. Thank you Debbie – the focus on NFDs this month has really helped me straighten my approach to 5:2 and I am seeing the benefits. Xxx

    Day 28 Sussex U.K.
    Late checking in. Sorry. Have fallen by the wayside since a very emotional weekend with bereaved brother.
    Managed well sat and sun but caught a sore throat.
    Scales on Tuesday showed a loss but then the comfort dragon arrived! Why is it that I can see a loss and then sabotage it. So frustrating.
    On the plus side, overall, these challenges have also made me more relaxed around food and I look back to the beginning of June and think yes there is a downward trend. Slow but sure.
    Coda- thank you so much. Now look back at your journey and see how far you have come and how many people are grateful for your support. Stand up and be proud. Say it out loud. Oh dear have I overdone it? Lol.
    August2024- you make be laugh out loud. Love it.
    Debbie- thanks for getting us through this month. I hope we can all continue on through the coming months and get to our Shang-gri-la, maintenance, together.
    Will post weight along with everyone on Saturday.
    Good luck for the final push everyone.

    Hi all UK day 28 nfd
    Wow Fuvvie you brought tears to my eyes. I knew you would be a candidate with great leadership qualities and you are not disappointing. Thank you!
    Holly you made me laugh. Thank you!
    B2tf for reminding me that I need to listen to my own advice. Thank you!
    Rocy for helping me to my feet. Thank you!
    Thank you all for being here for me while I held onto this thread (what a lovely comparison Fuvvie). I already feel better, I feel the resolve returning. It is just a blip nothing more. I need to put things into perspective and just keep on with the job in hand. Thank you again to all you wonderful people.
    Something someone else said made me think my low mood may be related to a mineral i maybe low in as I am sure this happened before – is there a pattern? I’ll take a good mineral supplement for a few days anyway as it can’t do any harm.

    Bethany I agree with and…exhale, stick with it. It does work and really what is the alternative? It is a wol which even when you get to goal you will stick with it for all the other health benefits it brings. You have after all got the rest of your life to look forward to – what’s a year? Don’t think of the big picture remember any journey starts with a first step. Think of getting your first 10 lbs off then the next 10 and you then have only 3 more lots of 10 to be almost at your ultimate goal or break into 5’s which means you have already the first box ticked!. May not be all plain sailing (trust me I know about self doubt and bumps in the road) but with all these lovely supportive people to help you along the way. Stick with it!
    Thank you Debbie for taking over the reins for September really much appreciated. I don’t believe I will have helped the overall weight loss this month at all but resolve to get a better grip next month. Sorry guys 😞
    Thank you again – everyone x

    PS just seen your post Patti thank you and for making me smile lol, I looked at my tracker and at times a little higglety piglety but a definite downward trend. Nite all – so much for an early night, I really had started my post on day 28!

    Day 28 US NFD
    Trying to eat very light today – anniversary dinner tomorrow night so need to save my calories. Thankfully the boys made an early reservation so at least we will not be eating late into the evening.
    September has been amazing. Thanks to all for sharing your journey. Will do final weigh in on Saturday morning.

    Another lesson learned this month – never tell anyone you don’t have a problem with fast days because, sure as eggs, that’s the day you will feel you are STARVING! So hungry … 🙂

    Day 29 FD NŽ

    So as I’m typing my head is turning FD into ‘Fat Day’ instead of ‘fast day’.
    I’m totally on board with Hannah today – soooo hungry! I’m sticking with the fast but anyone who waved food in my direction would be at serious risk of losing a limb right now!!!!

    And exhale…I just love the way you describe being not a no cake sort of person and shoving the wheels back on when they fall off. I’m so there with you on that, having counted calories and rebound binged when I felt just too deprived by restriction I’m absolutely aware of my bone deep need for cake…and chocolate….and licorice…but 5:2 has certainly decreased my quantities. I’m happy to be satisfied with less, but I don’t believe I’ll ever be a no cake sort of person completely 😊

    Debbie…thanks for the September challenge input, I’m actually looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow. Mine will be Friday morning as we are away to the holiday house Friday night and I don’t have scales there.

    Happy fasting everyone, I hope some of you are doing it easier than me today…i’ll not give in but I’d trade my meager kingdom for a tasty morsel right now

    Day 29 / Australian in Asia / FD (maybe)

    PositiveinPA I’m so glad someone gets it! We need to fight this and we will. I’m sure of it.

    Today is meant to be a fast day but my mental health (I still have 9 months til I’m an ordinary Australian in Australia and I’m struggling with life here at the moment)always takes priority and if I think fasting is going to make me crankier I won’t do it. I will still try and make sensible choices though.

    Yesterday’s NFD I stayed in TDE but, as PositiveinPA is aware of, I didn’t necessarily make healthy choices. Didn’t eat until dinner, then afterwards ate / drank the rest of my TDE (actually only 1,200, so not my whole TDE). I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted stuff. Sigh.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Croatia, Day 29, NFD
    Weight: 75.6 Kg

    Day 28/USA. Today was a FD. I am still struggling with the evenings at home on my FD. Tomorrow will be a NFD. I will need to save my calories for the evening so I can enjoy a charity event. Wishing everyone a successful end to the Sept challenge.

    Day 29 Italy – FD
    Still full of cold along with my little one. Decided 2 minutes ago to try and do my usual Thursday Fast and not give up on September…It’s not over til the fat lady sings, right??
    We’ll see how it goes. Yesterday my partner got on to me because i went for a handful of crisps after eating a pasta salad for lunch. I was on complete automatic pilot and was ‘grazing’ in front of the cupboards. He stopped me in my tracks and i just thought why on earth did i do that?? Glad he seems to be taking an interest at last. Best of luck for these last couple of days everyone, make them count!

    Day 29 – Switzerland – FD
    Mental note not to stay up late reading interesting diet facts / watching Jason Fung videos when i have to be up at 5.30 the next day…
    Anyway, I’m up and sticking with FD as planned, as, like Maui, we have an anniversary dinner tomorrow night!
    I’ve printed off the BSD info on Mediterranean eating to see if that can help me with NFDs going forward. Doing the 8 wks at 800 kcals per day would give me a calorie deficit of 8,400 per week so almost three times what I’m working towards here on 5:2 – that’s a bit radical for me right now, although i can appreciate how it gets results…
    Last couple of days of the challenge – stay strong everyone!

    Day 28, Australia, NFD

    This is yesterday’s report and truly it’s not that very exciting! It was a poor eating day for the first bit of it but improved as the day went on.

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 29: NFD: Hello everyone, I have had some lovely laughs from August2024 and Lany36. I so enjoy the humour shown here. I feel sympathy for those struggling, being in that boat myself. I think that, in my case, 5 months is a long time to stick to a commitment every day. If one hasn’t ever done this before, then it’s not surprising that we start straining at the bit and want to break out. But it’s like bringing up one’s children, you are stuck with feeding them every day when they push the food away and don’t want to eat it after all the trouble you have gone to. You can’t just pack it all in and say ok, I’m not doing this anymore. It is just something you do and keep on doing. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. You turn up at work everyday as otherwise you can’t pay your bills or do any of the things that we need to do in life. So now we are committed to doing this, day in and day out, because it is getting us where we want to be. Yes, we can stop, but why did we start this journey in the first place? Because life had become a struggle and we were discontented with ourselves. Nothing that is worth achieving ever comes easily. And it is so reassuring to know that it can be done. We are doing it and will keep doing it as the end result is worth it.
    Do you think I would have made it as a preacher? Forgive me, but these thoughts are all buzzing around in my head. Got to keep my eye on the goal.
    Hey Bethany, know how you feel. Still have over 30kgs to go myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that Jazz. Gazing into the future, I see us all standing at our individual goal lines, so thrilled we stuck it out through thick and thin, highs and lows. Lows allow us to appreciate the highs. Unfortunately, at this point, 100 kgs seems to be like a huge magnet and i’m holding one with the same polarity so that the closer I get, the stronger it seems to push me away. But I will get there. I was at this point 7 years ago when I hoped to be under 100 kgs for my 60th birthday. This time I’m going to get there. It’s only being part of this group that hasn’t allowed me to shoot back up again. See you all tomorrow. Tons of hugs for all of you.

    Day 29 / NFD / UK

    Thanks so much for all the support folks, and…exhale and Coda, you’re right – the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. I might follow your lead And…exhale and pinch a few of the more viable bits of the BSD.
    Fuvvie, it’s really good to hear someone else has/had a lot to lose. You’d better sign me up for October, because it’s you guys giving me the inspiration to keep going!
    Btw, weigh in today; same as last week, so 6lbs in this challenge, 10lbs since starting the 5.2, 6 weeks ago. Which I realise, is actually no bad thing. Thanks everyone. 😍

    UK day 29 …tail end of a long FD.
    Nearly there (well, to the end of September!), and I come back to a phrase that struck when I first discovered this website back at Easter – a year from now, you’ll be glad you started today!

    Day 28: Pacific NW USA, end of a 41 hour mostly FD.

    Ciren, me too, famous last words, I also had a midnight snack last night after lasting 28 hours. I was so tired after a really long day and could hardly get up enough energy to go to bed after I finished reading everyone’s posts. So I peeled an avacado quarter and popped it in my mouth! Had four bites of pâté and went to bed. But it was noon before I ate today so even though I’m not counting it as a liquid fast it was still under 500 cals for 41 hours.Tonight after dinner I had chia seeds with strawberries and cream which may have put me closer to TDEE for the 8 hours I was eating today. Also walked 6 miles today and rode my bike so I’m trying to remind myself it’s all good.

    Bethany – I’m interested to find out why Dr M in the BSD says 5:2 + low carb is only for people who don’t have very much weight to lose. It’s been working for me and I have definitely been someone with weight to lose!

    A goal is a fun way to focus but it’s also sort of an artifice. The real challenge is to make a habit of the best healthy choices that we can most days. Then a few imperfections won’t mar the whole picture. Our bodies are stronger than that!

    UK day 29 NFD Morning all, so happy about yesterday’s FD ,well under 500 cals and resisted the dreaded afternoon munchies so feels good to nail a FD and as long as I’m sensible on the NFDs I will lose weight – sounds so simple doesn’t it ha ha ! Great to read the posts,was chatting to an old friend last night who is thinking of joining WW I and realised we have our own global support system going on, real people no hype and it’s free Thanks all x

    Day 29 Edinburgh UK

    NFD today but it will be low cal, I feel back in control so will be making good choices!

    Catching up on posts, what a roller coaster we’re all on!

    Whether we want to lose a little or a lot, all of our lives are so different!

    Divided by Country , age, health, family dynamics and work /retirement lives!
    BUT joined by this thread to help, support and motivate each other and we can do this/ WILL do this over the next days, weeks and months. We are here for each other to reach our goals!

    Stay strong, stay with us 5.2 works !

    Debbie, I’ll weigh in tomorrow because it’ll be the same scales I weighed on when I arrived 3 weeks ago!

    Fuvvie, I’ll be back on my home scales on Monday and will log my start weight for the October challenge then!

    Surrey UK Day 29 Today is a FD for me…I was busy making tea and had a strong desire for a piece of toast with peanut butter, first thing this morning. So I asked myself if it was worth doing something now and then spend the rest of the day regretting that, and probably the whole day would have gone south. So I made the tea, came upstairs and started reading the posts on this thread, which is what the choice was instead of the toast. Thank you to all you life savers!
    And…exhale, your description and reply to Bethany was almost a mirror image of my own path. It was so useful to read it!
    Fuvvie, so succinctly put! Yes this way of life should become second nature and we ARE committed to doing this. The alternative is back to the old ways and that is just miserable. As B2tF says, the real challenge is to make a habit of the best healthy choices. We are all thinking these things through in our minds, and each one of us has a slightly different perspective. When you put them all together it just gives a very strong base to work from. It has been very interesting watching most of us hit similar hassles during this challenge, and it almost seems as though collectively we are re-grouping for the October challenge. I think we are growing up!
    BrightonBelle, you are so right…real people, no hype, and it’s free.
    I was watching a video where Dr Jason Fung describes how, over the years, we fill our bodies with particularly sugar, and what insulin resistance really is, and my word, it made so much sense! He also pointed out that each person IS different, what works for one may not work for another…and the total beauty of this way of life is that we each find what works for us within the framework of 5:2. Those of us who have loads to lose (25 Kg), it will take a while but guess what? For the first time I can actually see that it is possible. Thank you all. I plan to see this fast day through, because I know there are others who are also fasting today. Good luck!

    London | Day 29 | NFD

    Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday!
    Apart from Monday, it’s all been NFDs this week, and will be until I go on my meditation retreat. But I’ve been conscious of what I eat, I’ve skipped breakfast and kept well below my TDEE. Scales have been very stable – no gain no loss.
    I’ve only managed a quick glance at the posts. I saw someone has watched JF’s YouTube video – I’ve saved it but haven’t quite got round to watching it.

    Have a good day all. Good luck with FDs/NFDs

    Gozo, Malta

    We’re really a great bunch. It’s good to feel inspired by everybody’s posts because we’re in the same boat. When I started 5:2 in June I did so as I wanted to do something to start really running after my grand children as I was constantly catching my breath on the sofa. I did it for myself also because I was tired of wearing baggy t shirts and extra large pants. And so for health reasons which my daughters were constantly harping about. Today I know I even regained my balance as its no joke to carry about two stones wherever you go. 5:2 fast diet is a way of life and has thought me to thinkbefore I eat though I have the occationL feast days. I’m getting better doing TDEE on nfds. When I reach target weight I hope to be able to maintain on 6:1 and if I have some kilos extra I’ll just do 5:2 fasts until I reach my target again. Tomorrow I’ll weigh in and report here.

    Today is a nfd for me. I had around 140 calorie breakfast namely a brioss and coffee with semi skimmed milk with no sugar or sweetener. My husband and I have been taking coffee with no sugar and sweetener this past year and a half.

    For lunch it’s chicken and chickpea soup which is cooking on the hob right now and some melon. And for supper I’ll have something lighter such as a smoothie and banana or yogurt and an apple. That will keep me within my TDEE.

    This evening I’m starting a yoga/Pilates class although when I’ll have my other daughter grand daughters to babysit I won’t be able to make it on Thursday but they are doing another one on Mondays. And I babysit my grandaughters every other Thursday’s until 8.30 pm. Today it’s my 8 month old grandson whom I’m babysitting.

    Onwards and down the last couple of days of this challenge. Stay strong everyone and remember tomorrow is another day.

    Day 29, Australia. NFD

    Had a good food choice day. I’m planning on a fast day tomorrow to end the month well and to kick of October on a good note.

    Lael I hope you get relief soon and speedy recovery to you JFitzy.

    Success to you all for the last day. VP

    Day 29 / Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    Thank you for the good wishes Violet! I’m happy to report that I experienced almost no pain today! I’m being very careful about what I’m eating and continuing with the oil pulling and a few other things which are helping and eliminated things that I’d thought were helping but apparently not so, according to the doctor!

    I’ll be joining you on your FD tomorrow Violet!

    This morning after yesterday’s FD, still weighed the same as before FD, though sometimes my weight is lightest the second day after FD! So we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

    Fuvvie, I’m about at maintenance and am wondering if the October challenge is open to maintainers? I feel like it will be a challenge for me to maintain, so could use the extra support. Thanks. I understand if you’d like to keep the group for those actively shedding fat.

    US Day 29 NFD

    Hi all…. Thank you for your thanks! It was my pleasure to lead this challenge. I think one of the biggest benefits is that you really get to know everyone because you have a responsibility to read each and every post. I’m totally addicted to these challenges… I truly believe that the reason I have stayed with this WOL is from reading about all of your struggles and successes. I thank you all for that and especially Coda for starting it all back in May. I look forward to continuing on in October, albeit intermittently at the start.

    This month was a tough one for me too. FD’s were hungrier and NFD’s were fraught with temptations that I gave in to. BUT… here we all are, still logging in every day with the ups and downs we face. In the end, that’s what matters because if we just keep pushing ahead we know that we’ll get where we want to be eventually. As many said before, we didn’t get where we are overnight so we can’t expect to get where we want to be overnight either.

    A co-worker that I adore said to me recently in her beautiful southern drawl…. “you know when you see someone and say to yourself.. Hmm she looks like she’s lost some weight.. well, girl, when I look at you I say wow! she’s lost a LOT of weight! ” I know I still have a long way to go but I was so chuffed 😊

    I’ll start recording losses as you give them to me from today (Bethany) through Saturday for those fasting tomorrow. Wishing you all luck!

    Hi everyone UK day 29 FD or NFD haven’t decided as yet so no pressure but will just see how it goes.

    Have a hair dressers appointment later which will help give me a lift. Had a small jar of homemade bircher muesli with a little almond milk about 11 am with a couple of cups of coffee – so far so good. If I can make it home I may make a smoothie and make it a fast day or depending on what I will make the family I could have a small portion and still make it a fast day and do the same Friday. Think it may be called damage limitation ha ha. Would like to get back my success at making my fast days liquid fasts as I felt good on them but no rush. Will maybe even do a few smoothie/juice days to see how they go. I and along with my friends here – we will get there. Have been watching the JF’s clips and will read the book again to be inspired all over again.

    Day 29 Australia nfd

    Day 29|FD| Toronto
    OK NFD yesterday, as far as quantity being at or under TDEE,but poor for nutritional quality.

    Day 29 USA (Illinois)

    FD for me. Have an out of town appointment, so will just drink lots of water along my trip. Not sure if I will make it a liquid only or get some salad supper. At my gym yesterday I had a good time to share about 5:2 with my old Curves buddies who have known me for years. They are just all so complimentary about my weight loss. Makes me feel so good! I have learned that exercise alone will not make the pounds and inches come off.

    Couscous – thank you so much for “The Blood Donor” from “Hancock’s Half Hour” – that was hilarious! British humor indeed, but oh so true. I had never seen Hancock before so read up about him from Wikipedia. Interesting fellow. Even that article said his “Blood Donor” was his most famous sketch. Things have really changed as to how we give (and I have seen it evolve from my first time 40 years ago) with creature comforts being tantamount.

    August 2024 – home made cookies are just the worst for me too! Loved your humor as well.

    Hard to believe September is nearly over. Debbie, thank you for your encouragement on this month’s challenge. This has been a good one for me bringing me to nearly my goal weight. Got 3 more days to get there, just need to lose 1 more pound!

    London Day 29

    2 more days to go! DebbieQ thanks for running the September Challenge – I will post my monthly result on Saturday.

    If anybody needs a good laugh do go and see Bridget Jones’ Baby – I went last night and it was the best of all of them – very funny and light relief for anyone who is feeling under the weather.

    Also just a quick reminder, if anybody wants a free annual membership to my hubby’s house and pet sitting site that I mentioned earlier this month please send an email to and he will send you the coupon. 🙂 🙂

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: Another non-fast day….hey-ho!
    However, trying not to be a pig. Daren’t weigh at the moment…maybe tomorrow first thing…maybe!
    Good luck all.

    day 29 NFD
    173.4lb but still hoping to see 172 on Saturday.
    I was just reading Dr Mosley’s 800 calorie diet plan and he made a comment about combining the 800 calorie plan with 5:2. He said even though he had originally recommended 500-600 calories for FD, he saw little difference if you did 800 calories on FD and stuck to Mediterranean low carb the other 5 NFD. Has anyone tried this with good results? Sounds like it could make life less stressful and much simpler. I think the key is to keep everything out of the kitchen that’s not on the diet plan if you live in a household where that’s possible. My challenge is making sure I bring food with me to work or eat before work and just drink water at work. One thing I like about this WOLZ is that there seem to be various ways to apply 5:2 and you keep at it till you find what works for you. This is a life changing WOL. Hoping these last two September days will go well for all of us!

    It’s the middle of the night for me. I did a post straight after Lael saying no problems with maintainers remaining in the group. It hasn’t registered even though it showed it had at 22:22. Maintaining would seem to be as big a challenge staying there as getting there. The challenge is what you want to make of it.
    I often wonder how ABC1 is getting on in France. She had such a lot going on.
    Better try getting back to sleep. 😱Talk about being one’s own worst enemy. I was alone in the lounge last night as daughter and her family were out and MIL in bed. I was watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a great movie, when I finally gave in to the call of the siren in the deep freezer. Yes, vanilla ice cream. I said this was the month for trying on all the things I miss. That was preceded by Chinese takeaway of steamed Dim sims , combination short soup and the meat out of s shandy wit a small portion of the rice. So here I am unable to sleep with the worst dose of reflux in 5 months. I’m sorry to do this on your watch, DebbieQ. It’s almost as though I know I have to be soooooo good in October and am getting all my bad behaviours over now. It’s pouring rain on our tin roof right now. Double whammy when it comes to trying to sleep. Hope this entry sticks after I submit it,

    Day 30 NZ NFD
    Weight this Morning only down 200g for the week BUT total loss in 24 days (didn’t check weight until 6th September) 2.9kg.
    I’m very pleased with almost 3kg in 3weeks even if it’s more some weeks than others it’s all in the right direction eventually and that’s a substantial amount of weight.
    Another 4-5kg till goal weight – although as I’ve said before I’m much more interested in fitting my measuring pants than getting a number but I cant be the one to skip the weigh in when we have all come this far together.
    I must get home from the gym (typing on my phone on the cross trainer – multitasking Mum extraordinaire) so I can motivate my monkeys, because this is my circus, and if I don’t rouse teen bodies before I leave for work they’ll still be standing by their beds holding one sock and a toothbrush when Nan gets there at lunchtime to take them out!
    Best of luck all you lovely people, I couldn’t be happier with my September and I truely hope you all finish feeling the same way.

    Day 29. Sussex U.K.
    Trying out the Konjac noodles and agreeably surprised.
    Just hanging on in there, by a thread! But loving all the posts.
    Every day it makes me so happy and warm just to read them.
    Next time around I am going to make a big effort to get the nutritional density thing sorted. Maybe it will stop me from tripping up later in the day.
    Fuvvie – can you include me for October please.

    Extra post – hey Fuvvie your post got through!!

    Don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is another day to get back on that bloody horse!!

    You have a lot to contend with in your home life and this is just a bump on this rocky road we’re travelling, but we travel together my friend x big hugs x
    staying strong with you, sending positive supportive vibes.

    Day 29, NYC….FD, doing well so far. A hard boiled egg and some miso.

    My boss has started asking about IF after overhearing a colleague who started a couple of months after me bragging about “shopping” the small stuff in her closet. I gave him the book references. I hope he follows through.

    I am finishing up this challenge at the same weight at which I started…which is a happy weight. I’d like to lose a couple more but I could stay right where I am and be fine.

    Day 29 Minnesota, USA FD (hopefully)
    Sorry for not signing in yesterday, DebbieQ. I think that’s the first time in 5 months that I’ve just totally forgotten to.
    A couple of thoughts:
    Bethany, Fuvvie, and….exhale, and all others who are looking down what feels like a long road until you reach your target/goal weight; I’d just like to point out to you, or remind you, that you will have landmark days of joy well before you hit that final goal! Days where you will feel so good about the way your body is feeling, and the way you are looking! Days of people noticing your loss and complimenting you. Days you suddenly realize that you are fine with passing on a food that use to control you.

    I think people forget that there will be victories all along the way, not only at the “end goal”. Every size down, every significant drop in weight, even the loose waist bands or pant legs that you suddenly notice, will encourage you. Being able to get up off the floor easier! And I hope you relish each and every moment like that when it happens!

    Second thought: The change of seasons, especially in Spring and Autumn, can be a difficult time of transition for people, it seems, when it comes to health. I speak as a retired nurse who worked in both medical/surgical areas and also psychiatric nursing. It can affect our appetites and moods. It certainly does for most animals. I think October may find us all on a more even keel, when it comes to our appetites, anyway.
    Thank you so much, DebbieQ, for hosting this month. You’ve been a calm and encouraging voice.
    Best of luck to everyone!

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