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  • Day 1 – Texas – FD
    My scale gave me a big kick today – 144. Would like to be back to below 140. Did not complete fast for a while. Need to start again. Hoping that September challenge will help me to lose some. Nice to see all familiar names again. Fasting today.

    Day 1: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK: Fast day. A really busy day at work, delivered electoral-roll letters from the council to every single house plus little boxes of cat-food from Tesco to ALL cat owners who shop there, etc etc… I swear it doesn’t do us any good at all to have a bank holiday, we always suffer for it on Royal Mail! My round went over by at least two hours today.

    Day #1 /USA/FD

    Day # 1 /Georgia USA/FD – 204lbs

    Day #-1 / Australia/ NFD

    starting tomorrow! Excited and anxious to start, have done an extensive amount of research into it. Am up for this challenge! Question: has anyone had experience with exercising on a FD and has it affected them much?

    Day 1 Minnesota, USA FD

    Welcome to all the new names to the challenges, and it’s great to see so many old friends joining again! Glad to see you back, Fishing Gran. ☺️

    Weight this morning shows me up 1.4 lbs, at 145.8lbs (66.3 kg, BMI of 22.8) from end of last challenge, when I was 144.4 lbs. That doesn’t sound so bad, except that a few days ago I was 2 lbs less than this morning. I had an unusually heavy carb intake yesterday with some salty foods. Hopefully, that accounts for such a swing. That yo-yoing is what I want to stop, going forward.

    My goal this challenge is to get to 140lbs (10 stone, or 63.6 Kg), and then stay within 2 lbs (about a kg) for about a month or so, while just doing the 5:2 diet as originally written. Two fast days at 1/4th my TDEE (which is 1460 at goal weight of 135), and eating less or equal to TDEE the other 5 days.

    I know that 4:3 works a little quicker, and I know from the last challenge that doing two to three water only fasts a week REALLY moves the the scale down and melts the fat. But, I’d like to see if I can still lose, albeit slowly, while following 5:2 as prescribed, especially so close to my goal weight.

    Good luck to everyone! I’m so glad to be back in challenge mode and look forward to enjoying all the camaraderie and supportive posts in the month to come!

    Hello to Gooseylucey, therealwil78 and Rachiiil… glad you can join us!

    Hi Rachiiil,
    I have started an exercise program that includes FDs, just 4 weeks in I do not push my “luck” on FDs and listen to my body. This morning I did light weights prior to my first meal, on my Monday FDs I go for a walk and attend a restorative yoga class. Neither are very aggressive but they are gateways to what I hope will be an established incremental program. Over time my goal is to adopt FastExercise along with the FastDiet as part of an ongoing life style with Intermittent Fasting and High-Intensity Training; as in all things I follow an approach with small steps as a start.
    Best wishes

    Rachiiil I exercise on FDs. I’ve worked out both at the beginning and at the end of FDs (not both at the same time obviously!). I already had an established exercise routine by the time I started 5:2. So getting used to it wasn’t a problem. I’ve done spin, body pump, TRX and hot yoga on FDs without much problems.

    I completely agree with august2040 – listen to your body. It’s important that you don’t push your self too far. Do it in way that enables you to incorporate it into your daily/weekly routine. My advise would be to establish your self with one (fasting or working out) first and then incorporate the other steadily.

    Hope that’s useful. All the best

    Hello Quebecoise, the only “Lose it” app I can find on Amazon is to stop me losing my phone… Thank you for the advice though.

    Day 1 Maui USA FD
    Weight this morning 177.8
    Goal for September is 169
    Plan for today is bullet proof coffee and lots of water all day and a salad of organic greens mixed with natural fermented sauerkraut for the probiotics and a little salmon or boiled egg for some protein.
    This is my first venture being in a forum. Hoping to receive the support to stick with the program and also give support back.
    Question: is it best to weigh in everyday?
    Also are there specific guidelines for this challenge?

    Maui – the only thing we ask for this challenge is that you post every day..even if it’s just the Day and whether FD or NFD. Other than that it is purely a support group of like minded people who help each other out.
    Regarding weighing in every day… I have done it since starting 5:2 in early April. I find it keeps me accountable. There are many who prefer to weigh weekly. It’s really entirely up to you.

    Day 1: Pacific NW USA, NFD staying below TDEE

    We have a great group starting this challenge!

    My beginning stats: 188 lbs, 27.8 BMI. Short term goal this month is to lose 10 lbs.

    I was hesitant to set weight loss goals for my first 3 months on 5:2 because I was afraid of failure and disappointment. By experimenting and learning from this group I found out that I could affect my weight loss outcome! So a month ago I set my first weight loss goal slightly optimistically and came very close to acheiving it. At this point in my life I think setting my goal just a little high helps me get further than if I had been conservative. So I will try it again!

    My medium goal is to be under the overweight BMI by the end of October and into the healthy range and my long term goal is to be somewhere in the middle of the healthy BMI range and MAINTAIN this WOL!

    I won’t repeat my background here because you can find it in my Profile (something I like to click on when I read your posts) but that does remind me that I should update it!

    Good luck this month everyone!

    Day 1: NFD: UK. Hi all, this is my first time joining the group. I’ve been doing 5:2 over the summer and have lost about 8lbs. So my starting weight for Sept is 140lbs & my target is 125lbs. I’ve found my best 5:2 days are when I eat nothing until about 5:30pm then have an M&S calorie counted ready meal with extra veg. I like to drink sparkling water with a squeeze of lime throughout the day. I’m really interested to see what happens when I pay attention to my food intake on NFD’s!!

    Day 1 Maui USA FD age 70
    Thanks for the information Debbie. I agree that daily weigh in helps with staying accountable. I told my husband about the challenge and he’s decided to join me! He just weighed in at 185 lb and has a target goal of 175 lb for the month. He will probably follow the 16:8 as that’s easiest for him.
    Day 1 is just starting here in our time zone. I just had my mug of bulletproof coffee -organic maui coffee with 1T organic butter, collegen, stevia and dash of cayanne pepper. 140 calories and delicious! Taking ginger tea bags to work and hope to make it all day on water and tea until dinner tonight.
    Good luck to all of us!

    Count me in!

    Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    Day 2 FD

    Finished at 520 Cals today. Did have to rely on a mid afternoon Diet Coke- which I would like to cut out as I know they are full of rubbish!

    Saltyseabird I am 156 and probably have a similar BMI. I haven’t got scales as I don’t have a good relationship with them. Using measurements instead. Prepped my food for work and my breakfast ready. It’s the Friday night wine I over indulge in!

    Day 1/PA,USA/FD
    Goal #1: Drop from 134 lbs. to 118 lbs.
    Goal #2: Stay under 120 lbs.

    Yesterday was my first FD, and I’m doing another today because it suits my schedule. I finished a 500-calorie salad around 3 p.m. yesterday, and ate the same thing around 1:30 this afternoon. All morning I was super-motivated by the realization that I was burning fat!

    Positive thoughts and best of luck to all!

    We’ll do this together Poppet123!
    My husband makes amazing real ale – very wonderful but high in carbs and calories!
    I am finding Primal/low carb very effective – I just don’t get ridiculously hungry when I cut out the carbs.

    65 years old. 5’4″ (some shrinkage due to osteoporosis) which means I have more fat weight and less bone weight. My average adult weight was 120 lbs until I reached that “certain age.”
    May 2016 weight was 152.
    145 on July 29th.
    I’m still in hawaii on September 1, trying to maintain. I think I will do a FD just to make it simpler.
    I like reading everyone’s posts about progress, hints, setbacks.

    Day#2 after reading a link yesterday i decided to ease back in with 16:8 as last challenge i kept waking through the night with indigestion i was getting so tired i couldn’t fast now i have gained 5 kilo like you NorthernDawn I need to stop the yoyo dieting I know this great group will get me motivated.

    Day#2 starting this week doing 16:8 just posted so i hope this goes in as last one vanished NorthernDawn i am a yoyo dieter hoping to make this a lifetime way of eating.

    Australia Day 2 NFD – well I completed my fast day successfully and thank you to those who sent encouragement when I was struggling at lunchtime. I completed 24 hours liquid only and then had some chicken and carrot and celery sticks for less than 500 calories. I also had a short walk in the morning and an hour walk in the evening. Well yesterday was my first weigh in on my new scales and I thought they were suss – today proved it: apparently I lost 2kgs in one day! With the focus in this challenge being on NFDs I have planned my food and drink for the day to be able to stay within my TDEE yet allow dinner out tonight. For me I have to plan if I want to succeed. Just winging it is what got me to 90kgs! Happy day all

    Gozo, Malta. Day 1

    Starting weight for this challenge is 68.8 kilos. My target weight is 64 kilos. I’ve lost 10.4 kilos since starting 5:2 fast diet in June 6. I switched to 4:3 fasting to speed up the weight a bit in June. My husband fasts with me but twice a week only. He too have lost weight.

    I eat around 500 calories on fast days and try to eat below my TDEE during non fast days. I enjoy my non fast days very much but have learned to plan ahead a bit and rarely snack. On fast days I try to stick to two meals and 16/8. Fast days have ceased to be difficult for me but I drink plenty of sparkling water throughout the day. I enjoy eating out and do not always choose healthy food mainly because my thirteen year old son prefers to eat Chinese food and that’s what I do too. I’m not exercising if you don’t count chasing after my grandchildren or looking after them. However recently I’ve started to go up our stairs as fast as I can for five time and going downstairs slowly. I mean to start going to aerobic classes after my holiday from 16 to 21 September.

    Today I fasted for half a day only to continue tomorrow until lunch time. In the evening I’m going out with my widowed sister in law for dinner. So I’ll have fasted one whole day from Thursday lunch to Friday lunch instead of whole day on Friday.

    Good luck everyone. We must take one day at a time. Good night/ day everyone.

    Hi all uk day 1
    Getting ready to fly out early tomorrow for a relaxing week. No trains to catch for a while.
    Good to see so many new members joining us but could I suggest if you haven’t done so, would you update your profile with a little bit about yourself? Nice to see familiar names/friends and the determination to continue this wol.
    Can I also just say in our previous challenges those that stuck it out gained the most benefit from this group. For previous challenges nearly two thirds of those signing up had disappeared by the end. If you are really determined to get healthy then make sure you stick with it – it is only a month – a day at a time.
    Thanks DebbieQ for overseeing this challenge and keeping tabs on everyone – have I missed Coolcat?

    Additional post. Cornwall uk.

    A successful NFD day under Tdee. No breakfast out to lunch with a friend and had a lovely salad. Decided to cycle and ended up doing 11 miles, felt really good. This evening we have a house guest so veg and pulses spicy bake with cheese topping. Fresh raseberries, from our garden with greek yoghurt for pud. Tomorrow will also be a nfd, house guest leaves on Satuday which will be a fast day, looking forward to that!!
    Back tracking calories with My fitnes pal app, so easy and it scans bar codes, which really helps!

    Good luck all onwards and down!!!!

    Ireland day 1 nfd
    All present and correct for the start of the new challenge…lost my way for the past couple of weeks and have done some damage but it’s amazing how when you get used to a certain way of eating it is always in your mind and you become so aware of what you are eating…I love knowing there will be no recriminations returning to the fold after my lapse…thank you DebbieQ for taking up the reins from the amazing Coda…looking forward to the coming weeks…onwards and downwards

    Mmmmm … tinned tuna after a 36-hour FD …. mmmmmm …..yuk! πŸ™‚

    But its low fat, low carb and full of omega oils so am just gritting my teeth and getting on with it πŸ™‚

    Also had baked pumpkin left over from last Sunday’s roast – yes it was 5 days old but delicious. I don’t think I make standard food choices – tinned tuna and cold, old pumpkin – but hey, its breakfast sorted πŸ™‚


    The app is ” Lose It ! ”

    You can look for it in Google or in the App Store.

    Day 2 Australia NFD
    weight 84.5 – 100g – it all adds up πŸ™‚

    goal for September is 81.5kg

    US Day 1- FD

    First day fasting on a lab day at school. Only had a cup of tea and an apple until I got home at 6pm. Not used to waiting that long to eat, I’ll have to move my fast days next week. Starting at 155lbs at the start of the challenge, not going to set a goal. I want to focus on the lifestyle and not the weight! Great to see everyone back again and all the new faces! Good luck everyone!

    Day 2 / Australian in Asia / NFD

    Well after yesterday’s fast day today I was up .1kg. While I am now in a VERY BAD MOOD I shall persist because I refuse to do otherwise.

    Lost since 8 August 3.4kg
    Lost in September -0.1 OUCH!

    Good luck to everyone fasting today, and anyone not. Happy Friday.


    Dead man walking/day 1/England/ weight 335pounds/wont reweigh myself dont want to be disheartened

    Today, was a shocking day for eating. Had a one day fast only water fast yesterday. Broke it today with fish burger and chips and Chinese chicken sweet sour balls. But left half, and had upset tummy rest of night. Then had half a pack of biscuits and a beer shandy. Back onto my 2nd water fast day for the week tomorrow.

    Extra post – you may enjoy this article it focuses on what we eat as opposed to how so does not conflict with intermittent fasting and perhaps will help us approach our food more positively.

    Day 2/Aussie in Sydney/FD

    Struggled yesterday (binged all day) but fine today. Seeking to get more control on NFDs. I have tried to remove sugar however unsuccessful so far. I believe I have a true addiction to sugar and struggle with severe binge eating once I start on anything sweet. I am great on FDs, sometimes 36 hour liquid fast, sometimes the traditional Michael Mosley 500 calories approach. I do know that I cope better on FDs if I don’t eat anything until later in the day.
    Scared of tomorrow when I will be on NFD. So worried about binging.

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 2: NFD. Doing 16:8 and will do the same tomorrow with a fast day lined up on Sunday. Spent the morning spring cleaning the kitchen, and feel a lot better about it. This afternoon will be devoted to the main bedroom. Glad you are recovering, HollyLJ. And Rocy65 continuing on with quiet achievement.

    Croatia, Day 2, FD
    Weight: 78.8 Kg

    Day 2 / DE / trying also IF 23/1.

    Day 2 – Switzerland – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went fine, even fitted in some gentle swimming. NFDs are the tricky ones for me – good luck to everyone today, fasting or not!

    Day 2 Australia FD
    Didn’t originally plan to fast today, but this morning I felt like it. Will eat a small dinner tonight, not water only this time.
    Didn’t have the best nfd yesterday. Did stay under tdee though, so I’ll be happy about that.
    Good luck everyone, everyone fasting or not. πŸ˜†

    Day 2. NFD
    Joined yesterday, in a bit of a panic, realised I was out of control.
    I had previously achieved my target weight and eating sensible balanced choices.

    First job this morning
    Order new set of bathroom scales, (mine have been broken since May)
    Empty cake and other rubbish into bin/ skinny hubby.
    Put nuts into screw top jars- not so handy.
    Chicken salad
    Chilli on spiralizer courgette.
    2x Red wine
    Thank you Goosey.x

    London Day 2. First weigh in since Friday 29th July as I have been away on holiday. Had promised myself I wouldn’t gain this year on my long holidays and I am thrilled, that having spent 5 weeks not fasting but doing a lot of exercise, that I only gained a measly pound woo hoo so pleased! Goal for September is a 4lb loss. Have a great Friday one and all 😎

    Oops also forgot to say NFD for me. Plates class shortly then need to tackle the garden as it has been neglected!

    Day2 Sussex NFD
    Yesterday was a NFD but we went out walking (along the seafront) and I took a Primal (carb-free) picnic. I confess I had a very nice ice-cream made with organic clotted cream but hey! I’m not giving up treats. When I went to bed, my pedometer was reading 16000 steps and this morning I’m another 1/2 lb down. Today is also NFD but I am going into work to get some prep done for next week so I won’t eat while I’m there. Then Primal dinner.
    For those of you who who struggle with bingeing, I can really recommend sugar/carb-free – both spike you blood sugar, but sugar (fructose ) has been shown to by-pass the normal ‘full-feeling’ meaning however much you have, you always want more. Good fats (not low-fat) and proteins will definitely keep you full longer.

    Day 1: FD: UK
    Good morning all, today is a fast day & I’m planning to have one meal only this evening. My husband is also joining me on this journey. So thats the easy bit. I’m getting concerned about tomorrow & don’t quite know how to approach the NFD. My TdEE is 1700. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 2 Italy – NFD
    Another steady Day planned. Slowly trying to get more active, i plan to get out of the house for the first time in a week!
    Just wanted to give my compliments to deadmanwalking on successfully fasting. Congratulations
    Trishdelish i use my fitness pal, It’s a free app. It has a great calorie counter, put your planned meals of the Day in and see how many calories they are. When you’re happy ( i always try and calculate a glass of wine or two), print it off and there is your NFD ready.

    Day 1 Maui USA FD
    Made it through Day 1 FD fairly well – will tighten up on calories next time.
    Looking forward to NFD for Day 2 tomorrow.

    Day 2/ Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    Doing well. Attended conference which provided lunch of white bread sandwiches and all you can eat cakes, slices and lollies. Brought my own lunch and healthy snacks and felt happy and satiated. The salad I enjoyed for lunch was the envy of those around me!

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