June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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  • Day1, Guildford UK, FD

    Start 72.6 kg
    5ft 4
    Aim 4 Kg
    BMR is 1280
    FULL is 1790
    With exercise 2200

    Been on intermittent since Oct 2015, already down 19 kg ie 1 Kg per month, no losses expected Dec or Aug just hold. I have 9 Kg to target 1. I weight train and have good muscles just covered with the white stuff. Was slim until I had fungal lung infection when given steroids which was incorrect treatment. I have underactive thyroid. I am strict apart from one binge weekend per month. This month it’s this coming weekend as I am on holiday from Fri to Wed. I exercise 4 days per week at moment for 2 hrs. I hr cardio usually spin and I hr weights usually body pump.

    I do 4 fast days on the run before binge weekend (2500 cals Sat and Sun) and two immediately afterwards. I will not do structured exercise on holiday (usually).

    Plan is to lose 4kg in June this year so super strict.

    Today is day 3 of 4 fast days on the run.

    I am new to the board and making loads of mistakes, some days so hungry. I eat a large bowl of salad leaves with every meal (even breakfast). On the road tend to eat my own homemade protein bars.

    Very stressed as having a high conflict divorce with a compulsive gambler.

    Aim: to return to jive which I used to do every week (when heavier knees hurt) and new goal for 2017 to finish weight loss and go to maintaining. Wear my size 10 (UK) clothes in my wardrobe is immediate goal, discard size 14. I feel awful in all my clothes especially workout clothes some of which are too big and most too small. I want to date and have no confidence at this weight.

    Today won’t eat until 2 pm (leaves, green beans and protein bar) though will have coffee with milk as I am at an abuse divorce support group this morning. There will be biscuits and cakes which I imagine are mouldy sprouts so I can ignore.

    I will next eat at 6 pm (leaves and protein bar) at 8pm I will finish with an apple and ginger fried in coconut oil with quarter teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds with a spoon of low fat yogurt. I drink water until 10 pm otherwise I pee all night. Endless ginger tea or chai at work. I may have marmite broth or marigold powder and if desperate more green leaves (grated uncooked beetroot for flavour and colour) or fibre tablets or dried seaweed leaves.

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s reports to exchange achievements, disappointments ideas and recipes

    Thank you for hosting us

    Hi, am I too late to join this party?? I am on my second day of fasting, was going to do my first weigh in tomorrow morning, and thereafter every friday. What do I need to do?? Thanks. X

    Hi..day 1..fast day. Uk
    Busy mum of 2, works part time as a nurse. I want to lose 7lbs in June…please. I turn the big 40 in August having a party and want to look hot! Plan to then lose another 7lbs in July then would be party ready and at a happy weight. Weighed this am 149lbs. Plan to fast two days a week and then mindful eating the other days.. No calorie counting .nearly 40 done with points and sad syns.. Thank for this thread plan on using it alot x

    Day 1, London UK, NFD:
    Just found out about IF and have attempted to complete a 4 day fast.
    Almost successful emotional eating got the better of me.
    Just found this site and hoping it will help me stay on track.
    I am 61 yr and have been 50 lb overweight for 27 years. Need and want to look good for a family function in July.

    If I make my NF days still somewhat calorie restricted compared to my normal eating everything and a lot of it will that be good?

    Day 1 Tasmania Australia NFD

    Starting weight 65.2kgs this morning. Goal is to get below 64kgs and to successfully maintain. I think it will be a challenge for me to balance my maintenance. First to this last kilo or two!
    Have been doing this for the last just over a year. Got to goal end of last year but went a bit backwards over a long holiday away. Took me until end of March to get back again then lost it again due to a few things and not being able to do much fasting for the month. Finally almost there again and desperate to work out maintenance. Will be doing it this month with all your support. There are so many wonderful people here who have been maintaining for a while now. So going to follow them closely when I get there! Just finished a b2b2b this morning so not sure if I will fast again this week. Probably not until Monday.
    Good luck everyone and have a great June!😁

    Day 1: NFD – Hampshire, UK

    After doing 2.5 weeks of the May challenge, I am now about half way through to my goal so here are the numbers:

    Starting weight = 72.2kg
    May Challenge weight = 69.5kg (2.7kg/6lb loss)
    June Challenge target weight = 66kg (3.5kg/7lb target loss)

    Wish me luck!!!!

    @strawberriesandcream I dont know if you have already posted the link to the spreadsheet but I didnt do it in May because I wasnt sure what to do with it or how you share it, can you please let me know about the June spreadsheet as I would like to do it this month.

    Thanks 🙂

    Day 1 Notts UK NFD

    Another day, another monthly challenge. Started this walk middle of April since when I have eradicated 1.6 kgs. Not as much as hoped but better gone than not. More important is that my fasting blood sugar has reduced by 2 points – amazing what cutting out carbs can do for you.

    Change of tactics this month in an attempt to stay on track and speed up weightloss I am switching from Blood Sugar Diet to 5:2 and maybe the occasional 4:3 if I can manage it.

    Thanks to @pissupoosa for hosting last month and the amazing spreadsheet and to @strawberriesandcream for taking on this month. Welcome to all newbies, looking forward to hearing your success stories.

    Onwards and downwards, bon chance everyone.

    Hi all!

    Day 1 – Herts, UK – FD

    Starting weight 144lb
    Target weight for end of June: 140lb (4lb loss)

    I’m new to this challenge so here’s a little introduction… I started 5:2 a couple of years ago and had some success, I lost a few pesky pounds and it made me feel pretty good. However for multiple reasons (long-term health condition diagnosis, losing my job as a result of said diagnosis and studying for a degree at the same time) I started eating a bit more and a bit more on my fast days, and then binged more on my non-fast days to the point where I’d put on the weight I’d lost.

    Anyway, fast forward to 2016 – I finished my degree (wohooo) and had a wedding dress to slim down in to, so I picked up 5:2 and lost a stone. Brilliant result! I found it really easy last year, and the weight did drop quite quickly. I’m lucky in that I’m not considered overweight, but I carry my weight all around my middle and was starting to creep into bigger dress sizes and up near the overweight mark before the wedding. A month counting syns resulted in zero weight loss and then i remembered my old friend 5:2.

    Our winter wedding was great, but our honeymoon ran straight into the Christmas build up and before i knew it, I’d not fasted for about 6 weeks and piled on about half a stone! Ooops.

    I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of fasting over the past couple of months with a bit of success, as I’m keen to shift a few of those pounds again and feel that bit ‘brighter’, which I do with 5:2. On my FDs I’ll not eat in the mornings at all, if I’m hungry at lunch time I’ll have a low cal protein shake and then a low calorie dinner in the evening. I’m doing a pilates class tonight too, so will make sure I time my dinner well so my stomach’s not rumbling away through that. Protein is definitely my saviour on a FD!! Also, I try to stick to Mondays and Thursdays for my normal fast days, though do jig that around if I’m not feeling it / have other plans.

    Ideally, I’d love to lose 4lb this month. It’s harder with nothing big to aim for, like a wedding or a graduation outfit, but I think doing this without those motivators will make it feel even better when I achieve it. Looking forward to the month!

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Very quick post to say hello – I’m off to work and will catch up on posts later. We have loads of newbies joining lots of regular challengers. I’m really excited to be hosting and look forward to a great month together.

    Together we are Stronger!

    Day 1 London NFD

    Start weight 11 stone 2

    I’ve just completed the May challenge and lost a massive 11 lbs I can’t tell you how happy I am. I joined SW in January and only lost half a stone. Lost more in a month than I did there in 4!

    My goal for the month of June is to stick with it and lose 6/7 more
    My finish goal is 10 stone. I haven’t bee that weight in about 4 years but I can do this with the support on these forums.

    It’s half term so I’m out with my son and a group of friend to a place called Knole Park. Apparently a medical deer park. They still have deer just roaming around. It’s a beautiful sunny day so sun cream and shades at the ready.

    Thank you for hosting next challenge good luck everyone

    Day 1 – UK – FD

    Lost 2.1kg during the May Challenge and 4cm off my waist. Although thanks to 5:2 I’m within the healthy weigh range, I’m short and since hitting 60 my waist has increased out of all proportion to the small amount of weight I put on last year.

    Start weight 55kg
    Waist 76 cm

    June goal is to lose another 1kg and 2cm off the waist.

    Am on holiday for a couple of weeks with no access to scales (and limited internet access) – may need to pack a tape measure and/or pair of very tight shorts to keep me in check!

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD

    Wow page 4 already!!!! @strawberriesandcream, thanks for hosting this month, you have your work cut out but no doubt we’ll all be chipping in with our tuppence worth based on our past experiences, whether flops, fails or successes!!!

    Welcome newbies, Hello again oldies!!!!!

    I’m looking forward to June if only because the warm weather means my favourite comfort foods are highly inappropriate……………………. Although sticky toffee pudding & custard isn’t entirely unheard of in 30 degree heat!!!!!

    I’ve posted my mediocre results for May on that forum, actually a loss is a loss is a loss, so I AM happy with the 2.4lbs eliminated in May!! My stats & aims for June are……………
    • Start weight 168.2lbs (12st is playing a blinding game of hide and seek, glimpses here and there don’t count!!!!)
    • Aim for June ………………… Lose (Sorry, I ‘lose’ things I want to find all the time……… this does not apply to lbs of fat!!!) so, eradicate 4lbs OR lots and lots of inches. Exercise may foil weight eradication, so I need to balance lbs and inches this month.
    • Continue to weigh daily…….. just to keep me honest!!
    • ADF throughout the month as this seems to work best for me. (Alternate Day Fasting)
    • Practice 16:8 or less on NFDs, FDs probably closer to 22:2 (Fasting window : eating window)ensure the kitchen is closed at 7pm sharp!!!!
    • Continue drinking 3L water/ day………………… it’s the only way to keep hunger at bay, drowning the hunger dragon and his evil mate who moved in, ……….. The carb dragon!!!! The visual helps me when I see his flame being doused by my water consumption…………… works for me!!!
    • Exercise, exercise, exercise!!! HIIT 4 times/ week…………. I need to tighten and tone the loose bits!!!

    I hope we have a good month and manage to eradicate a loads of excess fat lbs!!!!! Keep the faith everyone, this WOL (Way of Life) works, it’s adaptable, not restrictive and educational!!!! Who would have thought I could do liquid fasts; surviving on water and herbal tea for 24hrs+??????????
    This really does work, but you have to work at it too!!!!

    Keep the faith!!!! We’ve got this!!!

    Day 1 Portugal NFD

    I hope to continue with ADF. Will weigh in on Saturday. Would love to meet my goal by end of June but I don’t think it is possible, still approx 3 kilos to lose. Will continue exercising at half an hour per day, cut out snacking and desserts (except for one on the weekend).

    @anaide morei no Brasil por quase 8 anos no nordeste, no estado do RN. Agora em Portugal. Bem-vinda!

    Hello all and welcome to day 1 of our June challenge (UK Co Down) FD – may as well get the month off to a good start. Dumped 5 lbs in our May challenge so beginning June at
    158 lbs – target will be 4 lbs for June and as that will include 2 weeks in the USA it will be interesting.

    Newbies be warned – this is a fast moving thread especially at the beginning – don’t get over whelmed – read what you can but if you can post everyday it will become a habit and the support is huge. This is your journey – no one else’s and never, ever think what you feel/eat etc has not been experienced before by someone else – we have all been there got the tee shirts. Also note this is a challenge for 30 days – Cross the days off on a calendar if you want but you can do this, you just have to believe you can and you are half way there. If you are here at the end then you will have achieved something to be very proud off.

    Also note just a few rules – the word failed/fail are not to be used on this thread – if you are still trying you are not failing. If you lose something – you generally want to find it again – I lost my keys, I lost my purse – so when you exterminate or eradicate lbs you get rid of them for good!

    Day 1 Wales UK NFD
    Start weight 178lbs. Goal weight 126lbs. Goal for June 7lbs.
    I’m 35 & I’ve stuggled with my weight for most of my teens & adult life but this is the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’ve had some health problems & I’m currently taking medication which has had a negative effect on my weight.
    I feel very uncomfortable in my skin & want to get to a happy healthy place.

    @tpmorgan – it’s never too late to join – jump in, we are on day 1 – post everyday if you can, start post with day of challenge (which is also day of the month so everyone is on same page no matter where in the world you are) state your location in the world and if it is a nfd or fd. Our host for our June challenge @strawberriesandcream will be putting a link to a spread sheet that we can update ourselves and put in our starting point, our goals, fast days, non fast days, controlled day, BSD (blood sugar diet 800 cals) over/under TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) or on holidays.

    @back2thefuture – left a message for you in our May thread but I have asked the Tech team here to send you an email with my contact email address. Just wanting to know if you will be around when we hit Seattle?

    Day 1…..Florida……FD

    I love writing day 1, is like the start to something so exciting. Well, I weighed in this morning, I’m up a whopping 2.2lbs since day 1 of May. So, this girl has got a lot of work to do.
    For the last couple months, day one has always been a day about putting goals in and how I plan to reach those goals. Since my plateau, I can even call it that since the 2.2 gain, none of my plans have worked. So, this month, I’m going to wing, Nilly Willy style.
    FD a couple times a week
    16:8 when I remember
    CD on other days.
    No set plans, a recharge of my system!

    Newbies……. Rome was not built in a day and I’m almost positive they had days where they just wanted to lay around and be bums, but they didn’t. They kept pushing forward and eventually Rome became a beautiful city. That is how life is now! We may want to lay around and be bums but we can’t…… because remodeling our temples is a lot of hard work. Everyday we must work on it, even if we have to redo the work we did yesterday because the wall wasn’t straight.

    I’m off another day, another dollar that can’t be stretched far enough!

    Surely NOT everyone was Kung-fu fighting!

    Sorry forgot to hit the dang button, to have replies sent to my email. Doing that now!

    Newbies…. click the notify me via email below the posting box to make it happen for you.

    Day 1 – Lancaster, PA, US FD 😊
    Well definitely a re-evaluation about metabolism is a good idea for me. For June… I’ll have to make adjustments about activity, excercise…. eating Whole Foods to speed up metabolism. ✨I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.✨
    My weight is at 155lbs. : 70.30 kgs. I seem to be plateauing at this range.
    I’ve been reading many articles about revving up metabolism. Drinking kefir, probiotics, eating yogurt daily. Are just some of them. 😊eating Whole Foods. 🥗 I’ve been doing most of them. A broken Tibia under my knee cap will be healed the way I want it within 5 more months I believe. I’d like to start doing aerobics, and dance classes again. I have been working my way up to walking, 10,000 steps two days ago. Mostly 5,000 steps daily.😊
    Because I will be traveling and celebrating … my nieces Wedding, June 10, my Birthday, June 14 😊, my hubby and my 30th year Anniversay😊 most of the month of June. Maintaining (or by some miracle, purging a couple lbs) is my goal for June. Then back to serious FD’s in July. I will check-in daily. To maintain, I’ll have to do 2 FD’s per week and stay below TDEE of 1,468.😊
    @slogan15 ✨Good for you! Your Persistence has paid off!✨✨🎉🎉Eradicating 10 lbs. in May!✨✨🤜🏻✨🤛🏻✨✨✨
    @coda Thanks again for starting these wonderful, supportive Challenges!😊 ✨✨🎉🎉Congratulations on purging 5 lbs in the May Challenge!

    Thinking about this today on my FD…
    Success begins with our first steps in the most beneficial direction. Making smart choices for our successes.

    ✨Good luck all!✨✨🤜🏻✨🤛🏻✨✨✨
    ✨✨Together we are Stronger✨✨✨

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Welcome to all newbies and lovely to “see” so many “old timers” back for another month of support and camaraderie on these challenges. Looking forward to getting to know the ones new to this WOL/challenge.

    I am proof that this WOL works both in losing the weight and in maintenance, however not sure if I would be successful without the accountability of signing in daily and the support provided by our global family on these challenges!

    My Weight loss story so far:-
    January 2 2015 = BMI: 27.9 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs (started walking and being more mindful about what I ate)
    January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.6 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs (started 5:2 WOL on my own for health reasons)
    October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.1 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs (had plateaued for 3 months previously so decided to joined the November Challenge – Best decision I ever made! and I have joined every challenge since then!)
    December 7 2016 = BMI: 20.3 Wt: 54.7k/120.6lbs
    June 1 2017 = BMI: 20.1 Wt: 54kg/119lbs

    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL in January 2016:-
    1. Total weight loss = 14.8kg/2st 5lbs, and since reaching target in December 2016 I have maintained that loss!
    2. My Asthma is so much better controlled – using half the dose of my preventer inhaler and not required any treatment inhaler for the past year
    3. My blood cholesterol has improved over the past year as follows:
    – Serum cholesterol down by 1.2mmol/L
    – LDL cholesterol down by 1.14mmol/L
    – Non HDL cholesterol down by 1.08mmol/L

    *I am happy to report that June will be my 7th Month in Maintenance 💃

    I still enjoy a small slice of cake with a flat white when out with friends/OH for a coffee twice a week and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine 3-4 times a week BUT JUST NOT EVERY DAY and not in the same quantities I use to indulge in!!!!

    Aims for June:-
    To keep maintaining below 55kg
    To drink 3L of water/tea daily
    To do 2 x FD each week
    To follow 16:8 pattern on NFDs with 2 meals/day
    To keep active – minimal weekly activity = 2 x yoga classes(1.5hrs each) 1 x pilates class (1hr) 1 x aerobic class(1hr) 2 x group walks(2hrs each) anything more is a bonus!

    If I stray on any NFD I don’t punish myself “I CANNOT CHANGE YESTERDAY, BUT I CAN CHANGE TODAY”
    Best of all I am full of energy and my mental health is a much happier and relaxed one and this WOL is definitely a permanent one for me!

    “Never give up on a dream – Just because of the time it will take to accomplish it – The time will pass anyway” Earl Nightingale

    Hi. Please count me in

    Day 1 – Montreal, Canada – FD

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum and I’d love to join the challenge! @strawberriesandcream, please count me in if I’m still on time!

    Current Weight: 75.9 KG (167 pounds)
    Goal for June: Loose 4 kg (9 pounds)
    Weight goal: 71.9 kg
    On 5:2 since 17th of April 2017 (7 weeks), weight loss to date: 7.5kg (16 pounds)

    Like a few people I read on this forum, I did once the 5:2 diet about 4 years ago in a mission to loose weight for my wedding. After having tried lots of different methods and diets, I found 5:2 and it was amazing because it just worked!

    After the wedding I went on a 6 months backpacking honeymoon trip and I left my fast days with the intention of going back to that WOL after the trip. That never happened and 4 years later I found myself again at my maximum weight, I fell horrible and I had to change that.

    Finally a couple of months ago I found the right moment and motivation and I started again, and after the first couple of weeks when my body is getting used to the new situation, I started to feel great again. I’ve been loosing an average of a bit more than 1 kg per week and my motivation has been high.

    In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed I’m not loosing as much as I was expecting and that’s when the June challenge got my attention. I have only 4 more kg to reach my goal (after that I want to continue for maintenance), but those 4 kg have always been my “real problem” and the ones that my body is always refusing to let me loose.

    So, looking for more information on the internet about the 5:2 I found this forum and this challenge, and I see this is exactly what I need. Your stories have already inspired me to find a little bit extra motivation, I hope that joining the challenge I will get those 4 kg once and for all.


    Day 1 Armagh, Ireland FD

    Here goes…..Mum of 2 hoping to finally regain control of my weight. Have spent several years looking after other people (as well as my own children). Time for me now – to get my life back, some fitness, a better shape and some confidence.

    Kickstarted my path to change last Sunday – completed my first 5k for Cancer Research. Ached for the next 2 days!
    May 28th – 69.5kg
    June 1st – 67.7kg

    Would like to lose 5-7 lbs this month and will keep up with the running. Aiming to drink lots more water – major struggle for me.
    Hoping to treat myself (non food treat) WHEN, not if, I complete this month!

    Happy June all! May flew by. My goal is to maintain my current happy weight range of 153 -155 pounds. Plan to continue doing what worked in May, adf with weekly b2b, exercise 5 days a week, get 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week, and enjoy the warm weather.
    Akron Oh, day 3 of b2b2b FD. I did eat about 800 calories yesterday. But I plan to do only 300 today.
    Onward and downward!!!

    DAY 1. Lancaster 🇺🇸. NFD.

    Day 1 USA-WA NFD
    My starting weight for June is 128 and my goal is 123 and then maintenance. I didn’t see the spreadsheet link but once I find it I will enter my starting weight and measurements. Nice to have a fresh start!

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Hi all! I am back from Europe after 6 weeks!😊😊😊

    @strawberriesandcream: I would like to join the June Challenge. Thank you so much for hosting. 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌸

    I am pleased to report that for the first time ever I did not gain weight. It is unbelievable but this WOE works and, believe me,I did not starve in Ireland, Austria and Italy.

    My starting weight is 124.7
    Goal weight for the month of June 121
    I am looking forward to see old friends and get to know new 5:2, BSD, etc.fasters.😊😊😊😊😊

    Day 1 — Colorado USA — FD

    Well, I’m so very pleased I finished up the 3 day b2b2b to finish out the month of May.
    It was the best & most thorough Fasting I managed since back in January! YAY!! Really feels like my mojo is back!

    Now for a great big “but.” I am unable to log a final weigh in for May or start to June.

    My Crohn’s disease flared up very badly over the Memorial Day weekend. I am back on massive doses of corticosteroids to decrease my intestinal inflammation.
    Instantly over night, my weight has shot up 10-11 pounds. I’m retaining water all over like crazy. My calves, ankles & feet are ginormous! I’m also getting the swollen moon-pie face….

    So…my plan is to continue with this wonderful forum into June, carry on with 5:2 & my exercising. Keep the faith & work the plan!

    Then hopefully when I’ve tapered completely off the Prednisone in July or August, I’ll be in for a thrilling whoosh & weight loss surprise!

    Let’s make this a fun & successful month, Fellow Fasters!

    Day 1, Belfast, FD
    Weight: 169lbs
    Aim for June 2017: Get rid of 7lbs

    Hi to all the new posters!! Wow, the group is really growing. And hello to the familiar oldies!

    Just a quick intro: I’m 42, 5ft 9, currently hovering around 12 stone, 25BMI. I started the 5:2 around 3 years ago after watching the TV doc and reading the Fast Diet book. I did well, getting down to around 11 and a half stone. But a change of role in work, getting complacent …it all piled on again. So I started again at the end of March 2017- not only to just lose weight but to hopefully reap in the other benefits (mental and physical). My brother has diabetes as did my granda so I’d like to reduce my risk of this (along with other illnesses).

    I just feel that this way of eating/way of life suits me. I love my food, good wine, cold beers – I am Irish 😉 – eating with family and friends but there has to be a balance. And I’m working on that.

    I started March 2017 at around 175lbs (12 and a half stone). I’m now 169lbs. My overall aim is to get to 147lbs (10 and a half stone). I’ve no strict time frame, but these monthly challenges are enabling me to set achievable monthly targets. And checking in every day, especially on Fast Days (FDs) really keeps me motivated.

    So that’s me. Good luck everyone!!

    Day 1, Ohio, US – FD

    I have been doing IF 16:8 typically, for months. I also do at least one extended fast every month. My last two have been water only fasts and have been great! I want to try the 5:2 plan to see how it helps.

    I follow a ketogenic way of eating (WOE). I had been doing rather strict Paleo for a couple of years before starting keto WOE. The two major shifts in what and how I eat have resulted in stopping all of my diabetic medications and no longer showing markers of Type II Diabetes.

    I am mostly focused on health, but over the past year my weight has fluctuated and has been increasing. I really want to be at around 128-135 lbs (my lowest three yrs ago was 122–I think a bit too low for me). I am currently at 148 lbs. I am working to make movement part of my regular health routine, as it has been in the past.

    Glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know folks!

    I’d like to join in please.I’m on day 1 and have just downloaded book so will be swatting up and probably asking lots of questions x

    Day 1 USA (Illinois, 2 hours west of Chicago) – NFD

    Very happy to join up this challenge, and special thanks to @strawberriesandcream for being our marvelous facilitator. I thoroughly enjoy this group and have made some very interesting virtual friends since I began with @coda just over a year ago.

    My journey is one of success, and for that I am ever so grateful! Yes, I am another one to praise the merits of this WOL no mattter what your goal.

    A WordsWithFriends competitor from Australia recommended 5:2 to me in February 2016. I bought the book, read with great skepticism, but decided to give it a try. I began in March at about 193 pounds (87.5kg) hoping to get to 160 (72.5kg). Even though I had been exercising at Curves for about 3 years, no weight came off. Sure enough, this WOL worked wonderfully, and I got to my goal in November, 9 months later, losing about a pound a week. Ever since then I have been on maintenance, now just under that today at 158.8 (72 kg). I am very careful with calories tracking on My Fitness Pal (MFP) and generally do a 6:1 on maintenance. BMI is right at 25 which is okay for me at 5’7″ tall.

    This forum has been a constant for me once I found it with @coda in May. Now we plan to meet as she arrives in Chicago next week for a USA holiday!

    I’m a retired school music teacher, just turned 69 so don’t really want to get any skinnier due to the “wrinkle effect” I have seen on especially skinny older women like me. I’m plenty active: still teaching private piano lessons, direct our local townspeople community choir, help with church music, and am on a children’s museum board. My OH and I are not living together due to circumstances of life. I try to make it 2-3 times a week to my gym and do a “Silver Sneakers” exercise class to keep me moving. I also enjoy a 15-minute power walk around my town. I travel to a daughter’s home in Utah quite often and help her with granddaughters there. Three other children also intersect my life at various times.

    The main joy of my new shape is getting rid of clothes! Each new season, I’ve had to see what still fits (almost nothing!) and giving multiple sacks of clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army. So my summer stack is mounting as I try on things, but so are the new items replacing them.

    Enough. My favorite statement for all: “onward and downward!”

    ***JUNE DAY 1 – POCKETEERS ***

    (I had a bit of time on my hands…)

    Below is a list of everyone who has stated that they are on a Fast Day today. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone or added you acccidentally.
    This is a GLOBAL, EPIC, MOTIVATING list for DAY ONE!!
    Good luck!!


    @cream tea
    @silverpearl (I hear ya with regards the wine!!)
    @steve toon taxi driver

    Day 1 USA FD
    @happymargo I’m very glad to hear about your b2b2b success! (For newbees 😊b2b is doing a fast day (FD) one right after another. Thus 3 days of fast days in a row is b2b2b. WOL is way of life. WOE is way of eating.
    @happymargo I feel certain when you are able to taper completely off of the prednisone. Soon after that you will have a thrilling whoosh and weight loss surprise.✨
    @redrockgirl302 Nice to see you here again.✨
    @basyjames It sounds like your month of May went well. We are at a similar weight. Your not experiencing a plateau?
    @belfastsink Thank-you for starting the Pocketeers FD support group!✨😊

    ✨✨Together we are Stronger✨😊

    Day 1 (Day 3 of 1st time trying the 5:2), North Carolina-USA, FD (2nd ever)

    Looking forward to losing some weight before our family beach trip July 4th weekend.

    Goal (total): -30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
    Goal for June Challenge: -1O lbs. (4.5 kg)

    Day 1, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Hello all, Happy June! It feels more like March here today, cold – rainy – windy. Good day to stay inside.

    Today’s weight 143, below goal weight of 145. No need to add me to the spreadsheet or worry about keeping track of anything. I just post my stats to stay accountable.

    Looking forward to sharing a good month with you all. One thing I have to watch this month is complacency. I have been at goal weight for several months now and find myself slipping back into some bad habits such as a handful of little shortbread cookies here and there or a diet soda – nothing that shows up as weight gain but does go against my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I need to be more mindful this month.

    Day 1 country West Australia NFD 73.4 kgs ( sigh)
    hoping to lose the 2 kgs I didn’t lose in May… or April…. or March!!!!
    Felt that May was going to be a good month and somehow despite being mindful and doing more reasonable FDs, only lost 500 gms.
    Still determined to stay with this WOL but not sure how to tweak and twang things as I have been doing this for a few months with little success weight wise.
    Am watching ‘That Sugar Film’ as I write this. Have just been to see Dr Michael Mosley talk about his latest book ‘ The Clever Guts Diet”.
    It was a very entertaining evening. I bought the book which Dr M kindly signed.
    So … will read THIS book ( have read the others he has written) and see if I can glean any new hints.
    Will see how June goes…..
    Hello to all the ‘old’ crew from previous monthly challenges and hello to all the ‘newbies’.

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Day 1 – Oregon, USA – NFD

    When you lose fat, where does it go ?

    By Washington Post , Herald-Tribune

    / Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    Q: When you lose weight, where does it actually go?

    A: It literally vanishes into thin air. For real.

    When we talk about weight loss, we generally talk about “burning” fat. That’s not incorrect. Many folks — including plenty of doctors — will mistakenly tell you that this fat is mostly lost as heat as the result of this “burning.” But the law of conservation of mass says that the physical stuff that makes up fat has to go somewhere. And no, it doesn’t all go down the toilet.

    Most of it is exhaled as carbon dioxide.

    “When you lose weight it’s essentially like you’re eating your own fat,” says Louis Aronne, director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

    When you consume more energy than you expend, it gets stored in fat cells as triglycerides — made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When you consume less energy than you expend, your body taps into that stored fat. Those triglycerides go into your bloodstream and break up into smaller chunks of fatty acid, Aronne explains.

    To fuel your body, those fatty acids get broken down yet again into smaller chemical components. The breaking of those chemical bonds produces energy, and then your body is left with a bit of water and a whole lot of CO2.

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the secret to shedding pounds is a little hyperventilation. An exhalation itself isn’t going to tap into your fat stores in any significant way, but the huffing and puffing that occurs during an intense workout will be full of the sweet spoils of weight loss.

    — Ask Science, The Washington Post

    Last modified: June 21, 2016

    Day 1- Mexico – FD
    Second FD, first week of doing 5:2 for the first time ever, first time joining a group challenge.
    I’m loosing my virginity here! Hope everything goes well, wanting to loose 5 pounds by the end of the month (not sure if doable, not sure if setting myself up for failure, just sheer despair here). But if anything comes off at all I will be the happiest woman alive (I’ve struggled with hypothyroidism for the past year and no matter what I do I can´t seem to lose the weight I’ve put on since my diagnosis). Good luck to everyone! A darle!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Second post: a little bit about me. Newly retired since 12/30/16; started 5:2 in earnest January 2017, found this thread in February and have been posting ever since. Started out at 191.6 lbs and am now at 180.4 lbs. plus a few inches overall lost. I did Atkins in the 70s (along with many other diet crazes) and again in 2000 and wound up at a scrawny 139 lbs., but at my age, the wrinkles soon made me look deflated and old. I discovered not only intermittent fasting 2x a week at 500 calories, but also found that cutting refined sugars completelely, as well as eating low-carb, healthy fats and moderate protein (ketogenic diet) was the way to go for me…EXCEPT I still enjoy beer, which I struggle about giving up completely. I know it will speed up my weight loss, but since I am happily married and OH loves me at any weight (and he’s the cook!), being fat is not the main issue. My blood pressure meds were increased in January, but since then I’ve dropped 2 out of 3 meds and only take 1 pill a day. That, besides feeling more energetic, better skin tone and better proportions is the reason why this way of life suits me. I love the comraderie and supportiveness and accountability of this thread and hope to continue each month until goal weight is reached, and then again during maintenance, which I hope to happen by the end of this year.

    Day 1 FD St. Louis USA
    Met goal of 136 lbs. revising to 132 lbs. think this might take a bit more work. Adding kettle bell class.

    Thanks for adding me @strawberries&cream and for hosting.

    Best of luck all.

    @lindasue – most interesting article about where fat goes! I have a dear friend who likened fat and fat cells to garbage bags. We have a number of fat cells that do not go away. (Just when we grow these, I am not sure… would take a Google search.) But we have the choice of filling up those bags or emptying them. Empty garbage bags take up very little room, but full ones are what we are trying to shrink!

    Day 1 Belfast FD
    Today’s stats: Weight 158; Waist 35.5 BMI 25.4
    My longterm goal: to despatch/get rid of 14lbs
    This month’s goal: to see 10 stone anything. Again!

    A quick summary of my journey. I lost around 18 pounds last year, took time out to travel and then returned half-heartedly to the diet after Christmas, despite the motivation of a holiday and a wedding. If maintaining were my goal, I’d be very good at it! I start today with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.
    Am adding myself to the list – thank you @belfastsink

    @cream tea
    @silverpearl (I hear ya with regards the wine!!)
    @steve toon taxi driver

    Thank you LindaSue for your post. What a pity about the hyperventilation!
    So my fellow fasters…. Onwards and Downwards. Cheerio for now.

    NFD UK Glasgow
    Scales advised Im 79.3 kg and 27.4 BMI. Goal is to get to below 25 BMI and than to 65 kg which is feeling my best weight. I used to fast Mon Wed and if I felt like on Fri and will continue with this pattern. I will use myfitnesspal to keep me mindful on NFD and on track FD. Other goals is to do my 10k a day walking and/or running and keep going with runs 3 times a week plus some strength training as I got all clear from physio yesterday yippe!!

    Day 1 — Colorado USA–FD.
    (2nd post)

    OMGosh! So many great stories here. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading them while I recuperate at home.

    @lilymartin – how awesome you got to hear Dr.MM speak & get an autographed copy of the book. You guys are getting me excited to read it on Kindle.

    @arvandee posted a link for info on controlling cravings & ditching sugar & MM’s new book on our May thread. Thought some would like to check it out. It’s a quick, but interesting read!


    Day 1–Albuquerque, New Mexico–FD

    Wow! How many continents are represented here? Now if only someone in Antarctica will join…

    My goals for this month are to lose about 4 lbs, get under 30% body fat and be comfortable in my ‘aspirational’ clothing. Yesterday I was able to close the respective fasteners, so I’m optimistic that it can happen by the end of the month.

    I also want to try cutting gluten this month to see if that helps my insomnia/headaches/aphasia. If anyone else wants to try it too, let me know and we can support each other.

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