June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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  • Day 31 Florida USA NFD Hi @strawberriesandcream-
    I’m going to continue with June challenge even though May results were very disappointing. Thanks for hosting!

    We go on holiday in July so would be good to keep it up till then as a trial…and hopefully a lifestyle change. Count me in!

    Thank you for hosting this month’s challenge, @strawberriesandcream! Please count me in as well. I’ll report my start weight and eventual other stats at the end of the week (Sunday), in case that’s necessary.

    I started properly on the 5:2 March 1 this year (after giving it a not so successful try a year or two ago) since my weight had crept up a few kgs after moving last fall. So far, I’ve managed to get down to and just below my normal weight (60 kg), but I’m interested in finding out how I’d feel a few additional kgs lighter. I’m hoping to reach the goal of <58 kg by the end of this month and then move into maintenance mode.

    Hi I’m a newbie and would like to join in for June.

    Hi! I started in May and just back from holiday so this will give me the motivation to get back on track! Would love to be a part of this πŸ™‚

    I would like to join for June. Thank you for hosting!

    Hello I ve no idea how this works but I am restarting my 5:2 which I had great success with last year liked it a lot and it fit with my personality lifestyle really well. Aaand than life happened I got injured yet again threw a pity party and I gained nearly all I lost back.

    I am finally in place where I am happy to do this again as I finished my half marathon and will be taking it easy with short and sweet runs for a wee while. I am unsure how to access the spreadsheet you were talking about – I am happy to update it myself and to post on here to keep myself focused.

    Vegan Chick
    Welcome! Great to hear from you. The group loves to have new people join. This thread doesn’t have a spreadsheet. We mainly chat and offer encouragement and support to each other. The June Challenge is the thread that you can join and check in daily. I did not join the May challenge, but decided to join the June Challenge. I have been at it since March and have come close to my goal. I need the challenge to be more accountable this month. I have found it harder to be motivated the closer I get. I certainly sympathize with you! I broke my ankle in April of 2016. It took a whole year for me to completely recover. I gained so much weight that I didn’t even know where to start. I am still ashamed of myself for letting my weight get so out of control! You took back some of your control today! Wow! I am impressed with your running! Way to go! I wish you luck! By the way, where are you from?

    Day 1 – NZ – NFD

    [post removed]

    Hi @strawberriesandcream thanks for hosting and please count me in. I’ll post numbers and targets tomorrow and will happily update spreadsheet as I go if that is easiest. Lauren

    Sou do Brasil, tambΓ©m quero participar do desafio.

    First time doing this – maybe the challenge will make it easier. Dana – Romania – hope to lose 3 kg in a month. ( from 60 to 57 kg)

    Thank you, @strawberriesandcream. Please count me in. I will be fasting most of the month as I am going through Ramadan, but I my goad would be just to maintain my current weight. I lost about 2kg in May challenge and my current weight is 80kg.

    @strawberriesandcream please add me. I am looking forward to the challenge.

    I have lost 35lbs so far with 20lbs to go. I generally lose 10lbs then try to stabilise the loss. This is taking a long time therefore. I was doing the 5:2 juice version of the fast for a while.

    Pre diabetic and holding on to hope. Aged 63.

    Hi, I’m back 🌈 Please count me in. Thanks for hosting. 🌺🌼🌸

    Hello fatteacher thank you for clarification. I ve been in the – injury pity party get better injury another pity party – cycle for few years but seem to have broken bad spell this time round. I used to be fit runner now Im a fat runner but a runner never the less. This is much better than limping barely able to do anything grumpy walker πŸ˜› Im originally from Poland and a self proclaimed Glaswegian for past 10 years. My accent is a curious mix of both. It makes people rather confused when Im abroad.

    I’m in Day One June 1, 2017

    Count me in pls πŸ™‚

    Newbie here – count me in!

    Please count me in for the June challenge. I fell off badly in May, but know that I need to get back on track. Thanks!

    [post removed]

    @strawberriesandcream thanks for hosting and count me in.

    June is going to be a tough month as 18 year old daughter goes travelling for 7 weeks to SE Asia. Either will be too worried to eat or consuming everything in sight. At best the 2 will balance each other out.

    Hi all to all the newbies, to our regular challenge members and to a couple of old friends @pamelav how lovely to hear from you again and to hear you are still horse riding and doing so well on your journey to slim and good health. @anaide our Brazilian friend welcome back, nice to hear from you again!

    If the new members could start their post with their location in the world as it helps to get to know you, the day of the challenge which is the same as the date of the month ie day 1 = 1st June and if you are on a fast day, fd, or non fast day, nfd. @fatteacher our hostess for this month, @strawberriesandcream, will be putting a link to a spreadsheet shortly which thanks to modern technology we can update ourselves. It is only 30 days, you can do it!

    Hi, I’m in Melbourne, so start a fd a bit earlier than some of you guys. Hoping to lose 17kg, previously lost 20kg with the help of phentermine, but didn’t eat well enough to stay there! Have learnt badly that I just didn’t eat enough protein, so when I reached my ‘ideal’ weight i still didn’t like what i saw! Now the heaviest ever in my life (except when pregnant) i want to get in control. Looking to ideas, support and success stories from others.

    Day 1 NFD Brisbane Australia 68.5kg still suffering from a nasty head cold.

    Day 1 FD NZ
    I’ve been following 5:2 for coming up 10 months and have lost some weight but nothing like I could have if I controlled my NFDs
    This month I intended to monitor every NFD and aim to see real progress in the vicinity of 3kg by the end of the month.
    I know I overindulge on NFDs thinking I’ll compensate with a FD but that isn’t how it works!!!!
    I fast well and I know i have cut back portion sizes on NFDs but I’ve not been as vigilant as I need to be.
    I am losing VERY slowly and I know I can maintain with current habits but I actually want a proper loss and I can only achieve that if I control my NFDs with real honesty.

    Day 1- Brisbane Australia – NFD

    Aiming to lose 25kg & maintain this weight. I hope to get rid of 5kg forever, in June.

    For the last 10 years my weight has fluctuated up & down. During this time, I’ve had two gorgeous sons, endured numerous abdominal surgeries (another one is still pending) & tried just about every diet under the sun – none of which have worked.

    My overall goal is to improve my health as a whole & decrease my chances of developing any medical conditions in the future. I am 37yo & have haemochromotosis, which if not managed, increases my risk of developing organ disease, cancer & diabetes. I need to act now!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s advice, tips & success stories. Have a great day!! πŸ™‚

    Hi, I just started the Fast Diet two weeks ago, well, this is my third week. On Monday, Fast Day, was my anniversary and Memorial Day, so although I was bound and determined to still fast, I broke down and ate 1/2 of the key lime tart (mini) in the fridge. I was so good until and after that point, but I will persevere. Tomorrow is Thursday and my fast day. I bought a nice steak, I’ll eat half and a huge salad for dinner. This has been working for me. I lost 5 pounds at the end of my second week, but then over that last weekend gained two back. Not happy, but I love sweets, my downfall, and had some over weekend. I feel determined to continue as I need, want to lose down to around 122-123 pounds where I feel and look best. So, I have about 7-8 pounds to go. I joined this forum to keep me motivated and straight! Thank you!

    As the last day of May ends shortly, here in my neck of the world. I figured you all our newbies, I would introduce myself. For all the old timers, please beary with me…..
    First, welcome!
    I’ve been doing 5:2 since Nov., I’ve lost around 25lbs, more importantly, I’m discovering the deep depths of my closet. You know the scary part none of us wish to visit. I’m think about setting up shop back there, I have conveniently carved out a nice path. So, I’m getting in and out now, with very few mishaps of late. You’ll learn more about those adventures later…..
    so, anywho, I’ve been on a plateau since March and oh May sucked for me. Not because of this WOL but because of my mother. It’s all her fault. The only good thing is my baby boy graduated with highest honors. He’s so cute, I could just eat him…..
    Let’s see what else can I say that at least a little bit interesting….
    I’ve been married to the same man for like 20 years, I’m still very much in love with him, so I’m planning on keeping him for 20 more. He’s super supportive and well pretty much a great guy all the way around. Plus, he’s pretty much willing to follow any stupid plan, I come up with. So, he’s a keeper! We got two very spoiled brats and a dog! Our boys are great kids, they’re pretty much willing to follow any stupid plan , I come up with, so, I’ve decided to keep them too!
    My plans for June…… nothing major….. just trying to keep my self in the wagon. There is still a hole at my feet, my seat belt doesn’t stay fastened and well, and I haven’t found the route to Home Depot yet, so I’m pretty much just Willy nillying it over here.
    Well, this is me…..
    I’ll give my official weight in the morning, so we can see how much work, I actually have to do!

    So, I’m off to find my silly ending!

    Hi @strawberriesandcream. Count me in! I’m new to 5:2 and the idea of a group challenge, but I feel ready for it.

    Day 1 NZ NFD Hi @strawberriesandcream I would like to join please. I joined the may challenge but the month went by and I didn’t do a darn thing. Was sick with colds and flu and immune system quite low so hopefully this month will be much better.

    Day 1 – UAE – FD (1st of B24B)
    Just a quick check-in…

    Day 1, Munic, Germany, FD

    Hope to loose 3 kg this month. Need to have a look at the NFDs …πŸ™ƒ
    This is my fifth month at 5:2.

    Day 1/NFD/Melbourne AUSTRALIA

    Introducing myself to newbies. Copy of post submitted on the 15th April 2015.

    Goal weight reached! 5:2 works!

    My journey began because I wanted to improve my health. I’d given up trying to lose weight and swore I’d never diet or count calories again because dieting didn’t work for me. I’d had my 62nd birthday and have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life. I’m a lifetime member of a well known organisation, had tried shakes, calorie counted, used pills …

    Yesterday I went to the supermarket and counted 28 500 gm packs of butter, equating to my weight loss so far. Such a great motivator!

    What worked for me:
    – not expecting to lose weight so weight loss was a bonus
    – having two flexible fasting days to fit in with my lifestyle
    – staying well hydrated on fast days
    – eating one meal in the evening
    – weighing myself daily and learning to understand my body
    – not counting calories on non-fast day
    – reducing portions by purchasing two small dinner plates
    – controlling food on fast days paid dividends on non-fast days because I felt like eating less
    – eating foods I enjoy, denying myself nothing
    – not fasting on holidays but not over eating
    – tracking using the fast diet tracker
    – eating a Mediterranean style diet
    – avoiding highly refined carbs.

    I’m 65 in July. Recently retired. I’ve been following the basic 5:2 since September 2014 and maintaining under my goal weight of 59 kg since April 2015. There have been rocky moments along the way but I’ve never exceeded my goal weight thanks to this wonderful community and the accountability of reporting daily. My current weight is 56.8kg, BMI 22.5. My June goal is to maintain under 56 kg ( my happy weight).

    Good luck everyone and remember this is not a diet but a WOL (way of life).

    Day 1, Melbourne, Australia, NFD.

    Hello all, and thanks Coda, Strawberriesandcream and others for the welcome.

    I’m 81.2kg today, and my overall goal is to lose about 10kg within a year and keep it off. For this month, my goal is to fast twice a week, have reasonable NFDs, and lose any weight at all – hopefully 1-2kg+. I’ve dabbled in fasting since 2013, but haven’t been consistent with it beyond a week. This May just gone I’ve managed it four times, with calorie-counts of 585, 835, 755 and 640. The less calories the better of course, but for me this is a great achievement! I will keep going. It feels good. I still have much to learn about this WOL, and myself. I try to plan my fasts when I’m not working or meeting people as I don’t feel very able to fast while doing either. However, this won’t be entirely possible if I’m to fast twice a week, so here goes! I fasted yesterday, and my next FD is 5th or 6th June.

    Good Luck to all of us,

    Day1 June 1st FD
    UK Southwest Cornwall
    Today is going to be a good day I’m off to Falmouth for an eye test weather is sunny looking forward to this month challenge.

    Day 1 UK NFD 🌈

    Hello all. Been doing this since November and have consistently lost each month, not as much as I hoped but definitely get out what u put in, and it’s not all about the scales, although I would like them to be friendlier, eventually they will give in, but clothes definitely fit better. Learned a lot along the way with a lovely group of people.

    Goals for this month:

    Exercise more, at least 30mins everyday.
    Drink water πŸ’¦πŸ‰ drown that dragon (long story, but update for newbies, someone mentioned you can drown the hunger dragon if you drink water – I loved that and have adopted this as my mantra, really must look back at notes and find who I stole this from).
    2 Fast days a week
    Control NFDs
    Close kitchen @7pm

    Good luck all πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜€

    @lany36 I hear ya, controlled NFDs, actually put that as one of my goals, no good having a good FD with a loss then to have a bad NFD that negates the loss! I.e. Stay the same. We will crack that this month. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

    @pashaw my son went travelling round Australia and is now in Asia, having the time of his life, he keeps in touch and we get fab pics through Facebook also. Don’t worry just think of your daughter going on a fabulous adventure. 🏞

    Day 1 – Brisbane Australia – NFD – read the book this Tuesday and did first FD yesterday. Looking forward to the journey. Want to lose 5kg this month. Cheers, Sue

    Day 1 UK FD

    Back for another month. Aim is to lose 5 lbs in June which will be really good going as away in Wales from Sunday for almost a fortnight. No cruella with me so should be interesting not weighing in. I don’t really do stats apart from weight -but I know clothes are starting to hang off me which were too tight a few months ago. My favourite jacket now zips up rather than blows in the wind! I’ve been posting here since March and the thoughts of the people on this forum have really supported me. Thanks to everyone for contributing and it’s onwards and downwards for us all. Good luck everyone for June.

    Hi – London, UK
    First FD
    Need to lose 30kg overall – not sure yet what’s realistic per month, 3kg would be very encouraging!!
    Water, water, everywhere…drink!!

    Day 1UK NFD

    Welcome to all the newbies and returners. Weight today is 64.4 Kg or 141.6 pounds. My goal for June is moderate as I have a week’s holiday coming up from the 17th when I probably won’t be able to post and there will be many temptations! So I will aim to reach 63 Kg which will be a goal of 1.4 Kg or just over 3 pounds. I will try to make good inroads into that loss before I go.!
    Good luck to all as we start another month!

    Day 1 | London, UK | NFD

    I started this way of eating in May and lost 9lbs. I did 2 strict FD each week and from this I found I naturally become more mindful of what I was eating and so the remainder of the week was controlled. There was still pizza and ice cream in Tuscany and fish suppers in Whitby! I’m trying to make the most of this time of year, where in the U.K the weather is milder and it’s easier to reach for a salad or lighter meal. In the winter I want all the carbs all the time!

    My weight today is 135 lbs and I am aiming for to drop 5/6 lbs. this forum is a fantastic source of support as well as tips and advice. Wishing everyone well this month, I look forward to you sharing your experiences.

    Let’s do this peeps.

    Hi there

    Another new signee here (and in need of a bit of accountability!). Please add me to the challenge – thanks @strawberriesandcream!

    My goal is 8lb in 5 weeks, as I’m walking the Macmillan Challenge Hike on 8 July down on the Jurassic Coast and could do with shedding a few pounds to make the 22 miles a little easier on my knees!
    I’m planning to do +30 mins exercise a day, so that’s 30 mins on top of what I already do (or don’t do!) with a daily dog walk. Plus 8 glasses of water a day and 5:2 on Mondays and Wednesdays. I did the diet when the book first came out a few years ago and lost around 9lbs so looking forward to getting back to that happier weight πŸ™‚

    Day 1: Dubai (hols) NFD

    Hi all Day 1 NFD Huntingdon UK

    166lbs this morning … goal is to lose 10 lbs in June through fasting on Mondays and Fridays and walking 10,000+ steps a day . Started this regime about 10 days ago and lost 3lbs in first week. Just want to keep going to look trimmer for my son’s wedding in August and to reach my goal weight .
    Good luck everyone.

    Day 1 UK FD

    starting weight 180.2 lbs, 81.7kg, June goal 170lbs.
    waist 32 inches June goal 30 inches
    hips/bust 40.5 inches June goal 39 inches
    BMI 27, waist to height ratio 0.47, June goals BMI 25.5, waist to height 0.44.

    I have been doing ADF since November with a months foray into the blood sugar diet following a plateau in March. I have lost approx 70lbs so far. (approx because I had no scales for the first 2.5 months) This is the 5th monthly challenge that I have joined. I have lost 10lbs in each so far and would like to do so again. My ultimate goal is still 40lbs away so I need to keep up the pace although I do struggle sometimes. I am a vegetarian and have cut out all carbs except those in veg, pulses, nuts, seeds, cheese and yogurt, which form the bulk of my diet. I love cooking and love that without the processed carbs and sugar everything tastes better. And you don’t miss them once the cravings pass, and they do pass. I try to eat within a short window of four hours everyday between noon and 4pm. That way I get at least a 20 hour fast every day for maximum health benefits and I can avoid equivocating about food outside that time. Habit is a powerful tool when you use it for you rather than let it act against you. I have had a lot of pain and fatigue from my fibromyalgia in the past and fasting really helps with that, I feel much much better when fasting so it is worth doing aside from the weight loss benefits. I live a rather mad life surrounded by idiosyncratic extended family, a multitude of rabbits and guinea pigs lots of languages and a grumpy wolf who spends most of his life hanging out the front window being admired by passers by.

    good morning.
    day one of fast day😈
    I’m 66kgs looking to lost 4 kgs.
    this is 3rd wk on 5.2 I think I over compensate with wine on nods!
    need support with that.
    I’m from Glasgow.
    good luck everyone!πŸ˜€

    Day 1 Newcastle UK FD.
    Count me in for the June challenge please. Last few days of the May challenge went out the window by choice I would say. Started the 5/2 mid march 215lbs down to 198lbs today so going in the right direction. Thanks for hosting this month’s challenge @strawberriesandcream.
    Thanks for everyone’s kind words too much appreciated.
    Weight 198lbs
    Neck 16″
    Chest 41.5″
    Waist 38″
    Hip 38.5″

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Away with work, so don’t get to weigh in today. My weight tomorrow will be my end of May challenge and beginning of June challenge weight. Aim is to lose 1 stone / 14 lb / 6.4 kg by July 1st.

    Day 1
    West Midlands UK
    Weight fluctuations in may meant in the end I didn’t lose any weight. However I lost 2 inches off waist. Ideally I’d love to lose 5lb in June but we will see what happens.

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