June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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  • Got you all – we’re up to 45 🙂

    Me too please – new joiner, need the inspiration from you all!!

    @strawberriesandcream thanks for hosting the June challenge, please count me in, I will keep an eye out for the spreadsheet as I never did one in May since I joined mid may.

    June is going to be an interesting month for me, I am taking a 1 week break while i’m on holiday (8th – 16th June) but I am hoping to get to my goal weight too, not sure if I’m too hopeful, only time will tell…

    Hi – just getting on this wagon again after 3 years – need support and help to get going, so think this 30 challenge a great idea – thanks! Count me in too!

    Thanks strawberriesand cream for raking on June. I’ll be here! May was a little sideways for me, so I am all over including being mia for the last couple days. I’m hoping for a better June!

    Hi I would like to be added to the June challenge I did my end of May weigh-in 94.2kg, FD for me are Monday and Thursday I started the 5:2 April 3rd at 100.8kg so I’m happy the scales are being good to me. Happy weigh-in to all for the month June.

    Can i join – new to the 5:2 diet after years of yo yo dieting – looking forward to the new challenge! 🙂

    Hi please add me to the June challenge. X

    I need to get in on this also!!! Thanks!!

    Hi @strawberriesandcream thanks so much for hosting the June challenge. Please count me in.

    Hi @strawberriesandcream – I’ve logged on today for the first time in about a year and the 30 day challenge is just what I needed to see. I’ve been struggling with fasting on my way recently so a bit of moral support will definitely help!! Looking forward to it 🙂

    Hello! @Strawberriesandcream I’d love to join the June group, thanks for hosting. I’d also like to send my warmest thanks to @pissupoosa for hosting May’s challenge. I missed my target, but this group is certainly a great help and motivation for keeping on the FDs.

    @strawberriesandcream – Please can you add me to the June Challenge, absolutely loved the support offered in the May challenge and looking forward to continuing with the way of life. Thank you for hosting.

    Hi I am new to the 5.2 I have started today but I would like to join the June 17 challenge .I would like to lose a,stone in June.
    My weight today is 12st 8.5.
    Good luck every one x

    Hello! Thank you @strawberriesandcream for hosting this challenge. I’d love to join! I’ve been playing around with fasting, but I haven’t officially done 5:2 for more than a week at a time. I want to get more consistent and I believe a group like this will really help me. The timing is perfect, because I would like to lose a few pounds in June in preparation for the July 4th holiday here in the United States. 🙂

    Quick questions for those familiar with the forums… Are responses to posts flagged in any way, or do you just scroll and read them all.

    And, is there anything specific to do to join this month’s challenge?

    Hi @strawberriesandcream thanks for hosting next month, I’d love to join too.

    Hi, could you count me in as well. Would like to lose 7lbs in June..I turn 40 in August so would just leave 7lbs to lose in July to have me party ready for August! 1st fast day today..hard but I survived! Next one thursday so will check in with u all then. Thanks x

    Hi @rerunirret – I’m adding you to the challenge spreadsheet. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see a box to tick if you want to receive all the forum replies to your email address. You can also come onto the forum and scroll down. Entirely up to you as to what suits you best. S&C

    Hi count me in I’m so looking forward to the journey

    Hi @strawberriesandcream I’d like to join the June challenge too. Thanks for hosting.

    Hi @strawberriesandcream please can I join the June 30 day challenge. I’ve been toying with the idea of fasting for ages and always talked myself out of it, but this group has inspired me. Bring it on! Thank you and look forward to it.

    Hi there just started the 5:2 today have really struggled over the years with different diets. Please count me in in this challenge !!! 😊 Looking forward to seeing the scales hopefully go down😍

    I need big support to loose weight

    I am in

    Hi strawberriesandcream please count me in for June

    Day 27 28 NFD NZ
    Day 29 FD
    Day 30 31 NFD

    I’ve been a little absent here in May. I think it’s just a case of new job and needing to put my focus on my children while they have each had some teen troubles.
    I feel so overwhelmed for them, growing up through the teen years is difficult at times, and probably always has been to some extent, but trying to navigate through all the same issues and have social media and constant bombardment from all those external influences surrounding them 24/7 is just so much pressure.
    Like most mothers I would give anything to take the pressure and pain on myself and spare them the suffering but that’s just not one of the options.
    So I’m still checking in here, but I’m far more focused on giving them as much time and energy as they need whenever they need it right now.
    I think availability can’t be underestimated for kids, they are such ‘here and now’ thinkers. If I miss the window where they need to talk or need a hug or just need in any way it doesn’t come back around the same way again.
    I am reading when I think to check in and I am still fasting 5:2 but I do admit my attention isn’t fully here.
    I’ve signed into June and hope to be more present in the forum again but time will tell.
    In the meantime thank a to all for the Birthday wishes and for listening/reading my story. It’s fabulous to get it off my chest to people I know will hear me, and not judge my need to have a little vent about my worries.

    Please join me in, not sure quite how the group works but i need to do this with a team!

    Hi @strawberries&cream. Would you please add me to June challenge. Somehow I’m not getting emails for a couple of days. Need to check if I’m unsubscribed somehow. Thanks for hosting.

    Day 1 / Shanghai China / FD

    Been following 5:2 for just over 3 months. Very happy with the way it is going. Tiny bit obsessed with the numbers. Probably have a bit of an addictive personality … which is usually focused on cheese and wine on NFDs.

    Hi @strawberriesandcream please add me to June challenge. I’ve been doing 5:2 since Jan 17 and have lost about 4kg. I’ve been lurking here for about a month and would love some support. My biggest struggle is to fast and still cook for the rest of the family. And to not binge after a fast day! Thanks

    Thank you for hosting, @strawberriesandcream!

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring for June. Aiming for a super-healthy summer.

    @EmmaTaylor – I’m in the same boat as you. Had terrific results when first finding 5:2, but then “forget” to make it a WOL (way of life.)
    Then I remember this wonderful international group of Fellow Fasters & jump on the wagon with them again.

    Even when I hit my goal, I’d like to stay on board so I don’t “forget again.
    I know I’m grateful for the successful maintainers that still contribute & give me hope, such as @at @songbirdme @lindasue @onahealthyhigh just to name a few!

    I start on June 1st so please count me in and I will work out how to find everything as I go along. Excited and nervous and I think I am already hungry!! 😂

    I’m new to 5:2 & looking forward to the support of this group.

    Would you please add me to June challenge.

    Got all new names since yesterday – we’re up to 76! Lots of new folks joining us for June.

    I’m in again too please. Thanks for taking this on @strawberriesandcream

    I’m in for June. Thanks @strawberriesandcream for hosting.

    eThanks @strawberriesandcream for hosting.

    Hi there @strawberriesandcream

    Thanks for hosting!

    Count me in please!

    Welcome to all the new posters :0)

    Hi @strawberriesandcream count me in as well. I will add my goal and start numbers tomorrow. This WOL has worked well for me. I have lost weight am close to my goal and moving into maintenance. The previous challenges were so helpful and so many on this forum have found their way into 5:2fasting as a way of life. What worked well for me in past months was alternative day fasting (it was easier for me to commit to, for some reason) but I will be moving to 5:2 for June. Looking forward to the group!

    Hi Strawberriesandcream count me in too please.
    A big thank you to @pissupoosa for the sterling effort last month. Didn’t meet my target this last two months because life got in the way. I must make a big effort – I saw a photo of me at a recent wedding and I’m not as thin as I thought I might be! Ha!
    Welcome to all the newbies. This is the best forum in the world!

    Hi. Please can I join in for the month. I missed the last one. I want to lose 8lb in the 30 days.


    @strawberriesandcream –Please add me to the list, thanks!

    Hi I’m Amy congrats to everyone who has lost weight.

    I’ve done this diet before and it works the best for me about 3 years ago so I’m going to get back to it. I’m looking to lose 3 stone. I had my first fasting day today and I go running/gym 5 times a week so hopefully the weight will fall off me!

    Count me in, please, @strawberriesandcream! Thank you!

    Hello all!

    Long post to follow… just want to catch people up on “me” before i jump back in here.

    Don’t know if anyone remembers me, but I’ve been faithfully doing the 5:2 (sometimes 4:3, and twice I even did 5:2!!) since the end of January.

    After January 3 – 31st, I’d lost 6.8 pounds. !! My highest weight was 165.2, back in November; on January 2nd I was 162.8, and had decided to try The Fast Diet.

    SO; since then, I’ve been, as I said, doing the day-long fasting, with a normal dinner at the end, and counting/tracking all of what I eat, to keep realistic and not play head games with myself.

    On fasting days, I have been keeping my calories below 1000, and don’t eat until dinnertime. In January and February, I tried to keep them at the recommended amount of 500 calories, but couldn’t be consistent, so I aimed for below 1000 and had great success at that number. When my confidence went up, I went a little lower, and now I reach about 750 calories on fasting days regularly.

    To compensate for the slightly higher calories than recommended on fasting days, I keep my non-fasting days pretty low — somewhere between 1200 to 1600 every day. So on average I am still a little hungry at times on non-fasting days, but then, when I eat, boy does it feel like a luxurious amount of food on those days! My ideas about what constitutes a “meal” or how much food I eat for a “snack” (actually I never snack anymore, interestingly) and how much food is “a huge amount of food” have changed a lot — I consider a bite to be adequate to address a craving, and a meal to be really satisfying at about half of what I used to eat.

    I’ve lost, so far, a total of 24 pounds.

    I am still riding horses, finding a lot of motivation for my choices there, as riding is easier, and getting on/off the horse, as well as managing my seat when riding, and feeling just generally stronger and lighter, have improved my confidence a lot. I’m walking back and forth to work, and using a balance ball (to improve my balance and core strength) on a regular basis. i added the balance ball because of an experience I had when I actually cantered a week ago. It was the first time I’ve cantered for the since I was 17. And it was clear that I needed more balance, and more coordination, and more strength, in order to be able to canter without getting panicked or lose my cool…

    so, although I’m not an “athlete,” I’m now far from sedentary and that has helped my confidence too.

    I am now within about five pounds of goal weight, and I’ve doubled down on a lot of my behaviors in order to get here without losing momentum. In the first six weeks, I 6.8 pounds — most of that was lost after starting the fasting diet on January 2nd; in the second month, February, I lost 4.6 pounds; in March, my third month, I lost 4.4 pounds, and in April, I lost 3.6 pounds. In May, I’ve lost 4.6 pounds so far (and have fasted more frequently in order to keep the pounds coming off).

    I hit a long plateau when I got to 150 pounds — it took me a month of going up and down to really crack the 150 mark. I think it was emotional as well as physical — I’d spent a LOT of time, earlier in my life, at 150, and my body was trying, I think, to convince me that I was just fine at 150. And I almost believed these “messages” I was sending myself.

    But I kept going somehow, thank goodness for my riding or I would have lost focus completely. And now I’m within sight of my goal weight of 137.

    I could never have done it without this site, and I’ve been reading your posts all along. So many success stories! I’m proud of everyone who’s not given up, sympathetic to those who are struggling, and proud of myself for sticking it out even in the face of my own struggles. .

    Here’s to my newly learned skills of tolerating discomfort without losing sight of my goal and without deciding to quit. I’m learning that hunger is not an emergency, I’m fine even when I’m not “full”, and I can handle a difficult and challenging goal just fine.

    so, count me in for the month. I’ll be posting as often as I can, likely every day, and hope to be able to keep up with your posts too. 🙂


    I’d like to sign up for June, please can you add me to the list.

    May was my first month, hopefully i can drop a few more pounds in June, i do have a 10 day holiday, so it will be more of a challenge.

    @strawberriesandcream thank you for hosting !

    See you tomorrow 🙂

    Hi @ strawberries and cream

    I would like to join the June challenge. Thank you for hosting .

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