If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Hi everyone,

    Isn’t it funny how some FDs are a breeze and others are like pulling teeth. I heard on another thread that this is ‘the long game’…results are slow but as you both said, why do we expect miracles 🙂
    I have felt this week that doing the FD really resets everything, less hungry and less inclined towards any rubbish food. Will just trudge on, and see the FD’s mounting up, change will happen (she says a bit doubtfully). I tend to find I plod for weeks and then there is a penny drop moment when clothes look better. Wuu huu!

    Onwards and upwards!

    I find my FDs are like waves, sometimes it’s fine, then it gets a bit tricky so I have a cup of tea or take myself out for a walk, then it’s fine again. The last hour has always been a struggle.

    It’s a marathon and not a sprint! The weight and inches didn’t go on overnight and it will take time to make the changes,that shift it.

    This is why I have so many little goals. I need the positive reinforcement.
    Like you, I find that the FDs reset everything.

    I am back in jeans that were destined for charity which is a thrill. Get the tape measure out, try on the clothes and you will see change as time passed. I am quite impatient, so have upped my walking from an hour to two.

    I have also found that there are times when there doesn’t seem to be any change, just keep the faith an carry on. There was a woman on here who dropped 3 dress sizes but the scales hadn’t moved

    I think of every thing that I do as a marginal gain. Lots of small positive changes will add up to a big change.

    I was quite inspired by British Cycling who were not very good and then had new coach. Every aspect was broken down to see what could be improved by 1 % it all added up to winning and medals.

    I see every small change that I make as a marginal gain. I stopped having toast covered in chocolate spread, stopped having chocolate, crisps, cake and ice cream, started eating whole foods all the time, increased walking and now fasting twice a week for 24 hours. All these marginal gains add up and I am getting smaller.

    I thought about getting on the scales when I was washing my hair this morning – slipped my mind – quite happy about that really, as I completed a Wed 8pm to Friday (today) 11am fast, with just a cup of milky tea and two milky sugary coffees – and I don’t want a potential less rewarding than I believe that I deserve result to effect my mood.
    Non essential shops have reopened in Leicester today, so I went to Button Boutique and bought some good elastic and toggles and now my permanent mask (with replaceable filters) has changed from over the ear fitting to two back of the head loops that can easily be adjusted with two toggles – the fit is now luxurious.
    Had to do it as I went out this morning with: glasses; bone conducting BT headphones and my mask – all tucked behind my ears – felt that the mask elastic was in danger of being damaged.
    Point being that it has put me in a happy mood – not bad value for £2.10.
    Not sure whether my next fast will be Sunday or Monday.

    Congratulations, Annette! Unlike Snedger, I got on the scales this morning and they refused to budge from a week ago. But I have vowed to take my measurements and try on some clothes this weekend, since I think that might show some progress.

    In the meantime, I’m doing a 24 hour fast today. You all are inspiring. And will avoid the nasty scale till I get to the doctor’s office on Monday and am forced onto theirs!

    Morning All,
    Snedger sounds like all is going well. Have you thought about giving up sugar in the coffee? I found that giving up sugar in my tea means that I am less likely to search out the sweet stuff.

    MinnesotaMiss Thank You!
    I take a range of measurements (bust, under bust, natural waist, around the belly button, hips, thigh, calves and neck) and track the usual ones on the tracker on here, which I find very useful. I like to see the lines on a downward trajectory. But even then, clothes can look different, perhaps hang longer as the weeks tick by.

    Well done on the 24 hour fast. How did it go? Just remember that scales are just a snap shot of a moment in time and reductions may not be consistent or regular. Having a look at all the various measures of health, the one that seems to be the most consistent, is to have a waist size that is half your height.The way to do it is to use string to measure your height and then fold it in half around the waist.

    I am delighted with today’s results from the boys fancy scales.Body fat % has decreased along with visceral fat score which all adds up to losing another year off my metabolic age. I am still 4 years older than I should be but the 3 year old that is strapped to my abdomen is shrinking too. Hurrah!

    I tried on that skirt and I can now do the zip up. Breathing and moving is optional and it does look dreadful, but a great achievement. Hopefully, it will look better next weekend. Marginal gains…

    The plan is to complete 2 more 24 hour fasts next week.

    I only take sugar in my coffee if I have one on a fasting day – 2 hot beverage portions of milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar as the only calories in 40 hours is fine me thinks.
    Drinking a coffee now with stevia – not so nice.
    Thought about fasting today, but I made some turkey mince burgers, that probably should’ve been eaten yesterday, so got to eat today or bin.
    Probably wasn’t a good idea to go food shopping at 1pm to get some spinach to go with burgers, having not eaten – but on the other hand two Belgian chocolate eclairs made a very nice breakfast – not my fault, they were half price at £0.65 (it totally is my choice).
    I’m going to do some VR fitness, before the football starts – at least -300 calories worth.
    I did weigh myself – really, really must fast on Monday.

    You are absolutely right, snedger. It is all about choices that are made.

    The problem is, that it was a series of poor choices that got me where I am today. Life is so much easier for me if I avoid the processed and sweet stuff.

    Back to a 24 hour fast today and later in the week. One of my current missions is to get to a healthy waist measurement of a man, which is 37 inches/95cms.

    The summer trousers which I bought in the sale a size smaller, which I could barely get on, I can now do up. A way to go yet before I could wear them, but very pleased nonetheless.

    How is everyone doing?

    Good to hear that you are getting some positive, motivating results!

    One of my worst errors is to not exercise.
    It’s taken me a while, but I’ve just about managed to realise that my best bet is to go out for a walk first thing in the morning – 3 miles at 7am this morning – will repeat tomorrow, at the same time, if I like it or not – point being that if I don’t make myself exercise early, then later I will be even less motivated to go out.
    Fasting from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning/midday – see how I feel, as I really don’t like eating soon after waking up.
    Really helping to fast with other people.

    Hello. I’m fasting today also. Finished eating at 6:30pm yesterday and will next eat around the same time today. I realised at the weekend when I got weighed that I only need to lose 7 pounds to move my BMI from overweight to normal. Totally achievable and has given me a little boost.
    I did plenty of walking over the weekend and a bit of manual work in the garden doing patio preparation so feeling good about that too. Only downside is I am back at work for 3 days of sitting on my bottom all day!!

    I have been painting a chest of drawers and built in cupboard in the spare room. It’s kept me busy this morning and has cost me nothing as it was paint left over. The weather has been vile but is looking better this afternoon. My plan is to go out walking for a couple of hours later. I am going to need a raincoat I suspect.

    Well done Iona. I am quite a way off being close to a normal bmi, probably 28 lbs! Hoping to do the celebration dance at the end of the year.

    I was reading that an accurate way to measure health is to have a piece of string which is your height, then fold it in half, which should be your waist measurement.

    Good fasting all! I wonder how Minnesota Miss got on at the doctor’s today?

    Hi everyone, 20 pounds gone, 35 more to go on Fast 800.

    I was going to fast today, but I think I may take a break this week and resume on Monday. I find I can maintain or even lose just by keeping my carbs down, which I prefer to do anyway. Those two fasting days are icing on the cake! Slow going with weight loss, but I’m in it for the long haul.

    Hello everyone.

    Annette, thanks for wondering how the doctor’s appointment went. It went well, but, of course, we don’t have the blood work back yet. My blood pressure was good and, while I was at first disappointed that my weight was a pound or two above what I had hoped, I realized I was clothed, so that probably accounts for a pound or two! We’ll see later in the week how the cholesterol and blood sugar are doing.

    In the mean time, the doctor was really interested that I was doing intermittent fasting, as he hasn’t had a patient doing that before, but has read things and seemed to think it was a good idea. So we talked about it for a bit. I think intermittent fasting has caught on more on your side of the pond then ours. But it’s the first plan that has worked for me. Anyway, he said to keep on doing whatever I was doing. Since I had to fast for the blood tests, I did a 19 hour fast today and felt good about that.

    Iona, I passed that marker between overweight and “normal” two weeks ago and it felt great, so I’m cheering you on! That doesn’t mean I’m done. I have a very small bone structure, so being at the edge of normal still means I’m ten or so pounds overweight. So I’ll keep on. I agree, coffeebrian, it is a long haul!

    By the way, Annette, I did try on some clothes this weekend. A few skirts I haven’t been able to get into for a few years, well, I could zip them up but they didn’t look great. But to be able to get the zip done was a big improvement. Didn’t get the tape out. Next weekend. Still, it’s great to think I might be able to rehabilitate parts of my wardrobe that have been languishing.

    Morning everyone!
    I finished a 24 hour fast yesterday and then finally managed to get out for an hours walk in the evening.I tried on some clothes this morning and I am very pleased, I have a skirt that I love which I could barely get on 3 weeks ago. Today, I can do it up and breathe! It doesn’t look good, but I think by the end of August it should. I bought some cotton jeans in the sales several weeks ago which are a size smaller than what I am wearing now. I could hardly get them on, and now I can do up the zip. They look awful, but I hope to wear them at the end of August too.

    snedger, like you I find that exercise is so important, not only to trim and tone but it certainly lifts my mood. I love walking, its improving my fitness and helps to keep me positive. I don’t own a car, so walking is just what I do.

    Iona, very exciting to be just 7 lb away from overweight to normal. You should get there in the next few months, which is very exciting.

    coffeebrain well done on 20lbs gone. Have you changed what you are eating on non fast days? How are you doing fast800?

    MinnesotaMiss Great news at the doctors. Do you have to go back again? Sounds like its all going well. How exciting.

    There is a a lot of resistance to IF here. I am always hearing, ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘its not healthy’so I am just going to keep quiet and carry on. If I am asked, then I will explain, but I too am in this for the long haul.

    I am focused on marginal gains, which for me equates to looking at all aspects of what I eat and what I do. I have been thinking about what improvements I can make and then doing it. I am in for the long haul too but really want to shift another 2 kgs before term starts in September. My gaze is firmly fixed on a the end of the year with hopefully reaching a healthy waist measurement then.

    Hi Annette, yes I’ve definitely changed what I eat on non fasting days, I really need to watch my carbs. I learned this through trial and error, after I bought a book titled Target 100. One of the health targets was lowering carbs to 100 grams a day. Doing this, decreased my appetite so dramatically, I couldn’t believe it. I no longer walk around hungry all the time. I am doing two consecutive days of 800 calories each day. On those two days, because the calories are low, I’’m at keto level with my carbs. Everyone is different, but I finally found what works for me.

    I really like what you say about being in this for the long haul. I totally agree. I am so grateful to all the researchers who brought us 5:2.

    Hi coffeebrain,

    That sounds really interesting. I am not often hungry but bored.I have found that I feel better with less rice/pasta/bread in my life, although ice cream is a real challenge! I have been having one meal a day without them as an experiment and its been fine. I was eating rather a lot of toast with chocolate spread on top at the start of lock down, which is also no more.

    I started the 5:2 with a view that it wasn’t going to work and that I was destined to be overweight. In 8 months, I lost 26lb and 26 inches and gained a whole new wardrobe. I felt really happy and was evangelical about this new way of thinking. I used to have an almond croissant to celebrate a FD! How mad is that? I stopped snacking and gave up sugar in my tea after 40+ years, discovered Robert Lustig and Jason Fung, ate better on NFDs and all was fine.

    I just don’t know what happened. I stopped fasting, the rubbish crept in and I was in complete denial about the 3 year old that has crept under my skin and around my middle. My youngest son asked me to stand on his brothers fancy scales because he wasn’t convinced that the numbers were correct. What shocked me into immediate action wasn’t my weight, but my metabolic age. It was 65! I am 59.

    I logged weight, measurements and started that day on portion control and not eating rubbish. I was 44% fat, I should be 25-35% and have a healthy waist size-I do not. That first week, I skipped breakfast and logged 16 hours fasting and then did 24 hours with Jason Fung on You Tube, supporting me when I wobbled.

    Every Saturday the boy with the fancy scales, takes the readings. My focus is less about weight and more about the fat % decreasing and my waist becoming a healthy size. I can see that clothes are looking better, but some way off before I could wear them in public.

    Its so interesting to hear of all the different variations that people are trying. I have no interest in counting calories so skipping 2 meals and then eating the new normal is working well.

    The fat % is now 39.2%, an inch off my waist, can do the zip up on that skirt and the new jeans and metabolic age is now 64. Very pleased. But this is a marathon and not a sprint, so we just have to keep going while I try and figure out what went wrong before.

    Morning All,

    Sadly I woke at 5am which is irritating in the midst of a 24 hour fast today. I couldn’t resist getting the tape measure out and I have lost another 1.5 inches/4.5cms approx from all over, which is wonderful. Clearly the lard is made of sugar, I haven’t had visible sugar for 4 weeks now and I don’t miss the chocolate, crisps, cake or ice cream. I am finding that shopping for a few days at a time with food that will spoil means that I am not having much bread, so I think its going to have to go in the freezer.Quite a change from toast several times a day topped with chocolate spread to most days without any bread at all. More protein and salad and less processed carbs is working for me.

    Have any of you come across Dr Aseem Malhotra or Dr David Unwin? Both can be found on You Tube. Very interesting.

    How is everyone getting on? What changes have you made to your diet?

    what’s that 5 or so ADFs for me? Get in!
    Tuesday evening to 8:30am, just now, Thursday – really easy until I did my VR fitness app “training” yesterday evening – got ravenous, but luckily, just had to push it away for 10 minutes, as I rested on the sofa,before I fell asleep.
    Just had gently microwaved toms on a slice of bread and spreadable cheddar, with a handful of green olives – so delicious and probably for the first time ever, i only put 1 slice of bread on my plate! I’m not full full, but I’m not uncomfortably overfull either – I’m the teeny bit hungry side of being goldilocksy.
    My birthday today – please help yourselves to a slice of virtual birthday cake – it has zero calories, because it has zero ingredients, as it doesn’t exist – in the same way that a real birthday cake doesn’t exist – not my thing.
    I will miss not being able to go out for a birthday drink later, Leicester still locked down (announcement from govt to follow later today), but it’s probably just an excuse to have a boozy evening, as I really am not bothered about birthdays – so why have I mentioned birthdays so much in this post? mmmmm?

    what’s that 5 or so ADFs for me? Get in!
    Tuesday evening to 8:30am, just now, Thursday – really easy until I did my VR fitness app “training” yesterday evening – got ravenous, but luckily, just had to push it away for 10 minutes, as I rested on the sofa,before I fell asleep.
    Just had gently microwaved toms on a slice of bread and spreadable cheddar, with a handful of green olives – so delicious and probably for the first time ever, i only put 1 slice of bread on my plate! I’m not full full, but I’m not uncomfortably overfull either – I’m the teeny bit hungry side of being goldilocksy.
    My birthday today – please help yourselves to a slice of virtual birthday cake – it has zero calories, because it has zero ingredients, as it doesn’t exist – in the same way that a real birthday cake doesn’t exist – not my thing.
    I will miss not being able to go out for a birthday drink later, Leicester still locked down (announcement from govt to follow later today), but it’s probably just an excuse to have a boozy evening, as I really am not bothered about birthdays – so why have I mentioned birthdays so much in this post? mmmmm?

    FYI – bit of a bug in the forum software – I posted this before Annette posted her last post and as I am reposting this, the forum summary is stating that my post is the latest, but it would appear that if you post and edit that post, but forget to submit the edit, then the post goes AWOL

    Happy Birthday!

    Just been looking at Dr David Unwin on You Tube that has created this nifty picture of the amount of sugar in teaspoons in foods. Low carb seems to be the way to go. I didn’t realise that bananas and grapes had so much, or bread.

    Much as I love cole slaw, the sugar content is high, so that’s not making it into my basket next time, neither are the grapes or bananas. The bread is in the freezer.

    I really like a vinaigrette dressing on salad. If you have a small jam jar with lid, add 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar and 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Give it a shake. Lovely drizzled over salads,salmon etc.

    I want to be healthier on the inside as well as the outside, so sugar reduction seems to be key. So for me that is going to mean smaller portions of pasta(from 100g to 75g) less often, occasional bread and swap the bananas and grapes for less sugary fruit.

    Marginal gains. Lost 19.5 cms all over in 4 weeks. Very pleased.

    Hi all.

    Happy birthday, Snedger! Hope it’s a lovely day.

    My scale hasn’t budged for two weeks, so I finally took my measurements. They were not good. I need to lose three inches from my waist to be healthy. So today I’m doing a 24 hour fast. I have a lot to do, so it should be easy to keep busy. Also realized, like you, Annette, that I’ve let sugar creep back into my diet. I got some lovely lavender honey sugar for tea. Was only using a half a teaspoon, but it’s got to go to the back of the cabinet for now.

    The deerflies are dying down, so my dog and I are able to walk more. That’s a relief.

    Still haven’t gotten my blood work back.

    Hope you are all doing well. Congratulations, Annette, on the inches lost. I hope in a week or two I can say the same.

    Thanks MinnesotaMiss. Keep the faith and have a look at the sugar content of everything that you eat and drink. I am pleased with the inches lost but I am a woman on a mission, quite determined to be more comfortable in my clothes by the start of September.

    Just been to friends garden for tea, but out came the biscuits and offers of ice cream. She knows me well. I simply said that I had given up sugar because my trousers were tight. I ended up telling her that I had 28lbs to lose, that I was fasting for 24 hours twice a week. She is one of those slim people who lose weight when they are worried and I know that she will support me, but I had fully intended not to tell anyone. Ho hum.

    I will have clocked up 25 hours by the time that my dinner is ready. Its been fine, keeping busy is the secret for me.

    From what I have learned about the sugar content of bananas and grapes, the plan is to chose lower sugar options so that I can beat this sugar addiction once and for all.I want to get to the end of the year and either have the correct waist size for my height or be very close.

    Looking to the future I don’t want to be back in this same position in several years time, so I am quite prepared to make changes of all elements of what I eat. I am going to be 60 in January and while I have no desire to be skinny, I do want to be slim and I want to stay that way.

    Marginal gains.

    Morning All,

    Very pleased with the results from the fancy scales this morning. In 4 weeks, I have lost 7.5lb, metabolic age from 65 to 63, BMI from obese to overweight, fat % from 44 to 38.8,visceral fat down again and a total of 19.5 cms less of me.

    In the last 4 weeks I have cut out the chocolate,cakes,crisps and ice cream completely and have fasted twice a week for 24 hours. I have also looked at the sugar content of what I usually eat and see if I can reduce that too, either by choosing lower sugar swaps or reducing the frequency.

    Best of all, my arthritic foot is no longer painful to walk. I thought that it would take 14 lbs to make the difference, not half that.

    Has anyone else reduced their carbohydrate intake?

    Hi all,

    Annette you’re an inspiration well done!

    I’ve had a dodgy week, have been low on energy, so haven’t even really managed a FD. I have late onset menopause which means am still having periods late, 🙁 ergo hormone ups and downs.

    Will begin again this week. Who finds back to backs useful? or do you separate the FD’s

    happy Sunday everyone..xx

    I started the week well with 2 x 20+ Hrs fasting but since then I’ve let the junk slip back in 😤 Dinner with friends included bannoffee pie and wine. Daughter bought me a box of chocs. Usually I can easily have one a day but not this week somehow. Then to top of the week I found myself baking yesterday although most of it went in the freezer and DH will eat most of it. He has never had a weight issue in his life just naturally a slim build.
    Soooo needless to say no change in tape or scale.
    I’m back to fasting today and tomorrow and I’m determined to make the coming week better.

    Hello Everyone,

    If anyone had told me 4 weeks ago that I could go sugar free, I would have thought them crackers, but I have and I feel so much better. Robert Lustig-endocrinologist, Jason Fung-nephrologist, Aseem Malhotra-cardiologist and David Unwin-GP on You Tube have all lead me to reduce the sugar in my diet and look at the complex carbs and if it comes in a packet then I am reading the sugar content and then making decisions about the amount or frequency I am eating it. Baked beans being a case in point-high sugar and swapping them for scrambled eggs.

    Grapes and bananas have now been swapped for apple and apricots, bread is now in the freezer and makes an occasional appearance rather than a daily one. I am eating meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, butter, oil as well as vegetables and salad.I am having one meal each day that is either meat or fish and salad/vegetables-no carbs, as an experiment.

    I was given a box of chocs and they have put to one side for the festive season. I have been offered ice cream, cookies and cake- all of which I have declined by simply saying that I have gone sugar free. I have a sugar addiction, like many people, so total abstinence is the only way for me now.I want to see if it can be in my life no and again when I have shifted the many inches.

    Sugar is making me fat.

    I usually fast on a Monday and Thursday for no particular reason than I am often busy on those days and they are far apart. Now that I am doing 24 hour fasts, I feel that I need the gap, but I suspect that is more about psychology than anything else.

    Beldyboop and Iona, would you try 7 days sugar free as an experiment? I feel on an even keel without the white stuff, which means that I am able to be more determined and carry on.

    Four weeks until I am back to work and I am planning to lose more inches before then.Fasting starts from after dinner this evening, will skip breakfast and lunch tomorrow and then eat tomorrow evening.

    Hi everyone!

    After several weeks on a plateau, today the scale jumped down two pounds! As for measurements, I lost half an inch on thighs, hips, and waist this week but none on the upper body (seemed to gain on biceps and neck but imagine I measured in a slightly different spot). All in all, I’m pleased.

    Still haven’t heard back from my doctor on the blood tests. I suppose labs are backlogged with all the Covid tests these days.

    Annette, sounds like we’re doing pretty much the same things. I also do my 24 hour fasts on Monday and Thursday and this week I threw in Saturday as well (maybe that’s what got me off the plateau?) I have removed bread, potatoes, and rice from the menu. When I have pasta I now replace half the noodles with zucchini. It’s the season! I tried doing all zucchini, and can do that with some meat sauces, but otherwise I find adding just 1 or 1.5 oz of pasta makes all the difference. I’ve been doing my share of lockdown baking as there are a few elders that I take things to, so I let myself have one treat a day–a biscotti or a water ice or small slice of cake. Right now the cakes are full of zucchini or corn or some other vegetable so I tell myself their sort of healthy. Anyway, it’s working!

    Also, I’m not drinking as much as I used to, and do sleep much better for that. But I deeply miss the evenings out or sharing my table with friends and loved ones. So I know that will come back once we get past this plague. Like you, Iona, dinners with friends will always be a challenge (and joy!). But the fast days are something I also know I can continue for the rest of my life. My hope is once I reach my goal just Mondays will do the trick.

    Blessings to all of you. Great news on the foot, Annette!

    Hello MinnesotaMiss!

    Brilliant news on the inches and pounds lost.Plateaus are irritating but just keeping going is really the only answer. I can’t do one treat a day, it wouldn’t stop at one! Thanks, very pleased with the foot when I have only lost a quarter of what I need to. I wonder what the difference will be when I have lost another quarter?

    I feel powerful and in control with less carbs in my life. Like you, I can me fasting for the rest of my life. Its a bit like a re-set button on what I am eating.

    I have had a clothes try on today. There is a growing pile for charity. My trousers that I am wearing are going to be joining that pile, they just don’t fit anymore.

    Its hard being apart from family and friends isn’t it? I am looking forward to that changing in the future. Covid has also focused my attention on losing weight.

    Maybe a coincidence, but i have been so unwell with headaches and nausea, I have put it down to stress-anxiety.
    Last Thursday, remembered that I had a bottle of probiotics in the fridge and thought what the heck, so took two.
    Woke up following day with the most awful headache and slight nausea.
    But then about 9am suddenly felt a lot better and then at 930am in a work video call I felt about 90% well and had such mental clarity and acuity – bascially I found it hard to shut up, ‘cos I kept thinking of whole solutions.
    Since then I’ve carried on taking the probiotics and my uncomfortable bloating has gone right down.
    Now, this is in a week where I’ve walked 3+ miles 6 days in a row – Sunday no walk, but about -400 caloris in VR fitness, so it may be just one thing, combination of things or just that I am feeling better without knowing the explanation why.
    Anyway, I feel setup to do a fast from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning and motivated to go for a walk as soon as I hit “SUMBIT”
    Stay safe.

    snedger-are you reducing sugar/carbs on the NFDs?

    I have just decided to have lunch and dinner without bread/rice/pasta/potatoes and swap them with either salad or vegetables for this week.Breakfast is currently home made granola which is predominately seeds which I will continue with. I am also fasting for 24 hours today and Thursday.I want to see if less carbs does mean a slimmer me.

    Its an experiment of one that isn’t very controlled, but the number that I am most interested in is the waist(around the belly button) number. In 4 weeks, I have reduced it by an inch. I am 61 inches tall, so should have a waist of 30.5. Its much bigger than that so I would like to see if I can reduce it more quickly by eating less carbs. I have already swapped the high sugar grapes and bananas for apricots/strawberries/apples.

    The real challenge is going to be waiting until Saturday to see what the results are. Happy fasting all.

    Apologies for my double post on the 30th – after I reported my issues with posting, the two posts appeared, hours after they were originally created and my post for saturday did not take 🙁
    Just now I intended to go for a quick walk, took longer than I intended and then I passed a barbers – first time hairdressers open in Leicester since March!
    No queue, what was I to do? Unfortunately, I may be on Sky news, they were filming (i am working from home).

    The saturday post was mainly about me being content about having managed so many consecutive fasts and that I was exercising more, but here is a bit about the glycemic index:
    If people are interested how carbs/sugars affect blood glucose levels, I did a nutrition course about 13 years ago that was based on using the glycemic index – important NOT glycemic load, which tells you that carrots are as healthy as white bread!
    I’d forgotten about a GI newsletter that I receive from Sydney Uni – going to read it in a mo, but here is the link to their website:

    BTW I naively rejected the teachings in the nutrition course – portion sizes felt just plain difficult or “unfair” – e.g. for a meal only half a baked potato; or for a snack half a banana and being told that you should only have max one bottle of beer in a day, well that was too much for me, but not today.

    Stay safe!

    Who eats/keeps half a banana or half a baked potato? Completely impractical.

    Life got in the way and a carb free meal at the end of the FD simply didn’t happen. The tape measure looks promising everywhere but the waist!

    Met friends yesterday for a catch up in a garden and biscuits where offered. What has surprised me is that I was not bothered at all, even on a FD. I am hoping that I can become one of those people who can have a biscuit 🍪 and not want loads. That really would be a miracle!

    My slim friend cannot understand why I can’t have one biscuit, because she knows that she can have another tomorrow. I have tried to explain that tomorrow has nothing to do with it and that I think that I have a sugar addiction. If so, why do we have such a different response to the sweet stuff?

    When I gave up sugar in tea several years ago, I found the lack of a spoonful of sugar very tough for several weeks. However, months later I was given a mug of tea with a spoonful of sugar in error. I couldn’t drink it, so sweet.

    I don’t miss the sweet stuff at all, but there are birthdays looming. I am not sure how to manage these occasions either.

    Just when I thought I was getting into a fasting routine my shift pattern and shift times are both changing next week due to continued Covid19 considerations 😡
    I will now have to devise a new plan and then once I know when I’m eating I need to work on what I’m eating!
    Tape down half an inch on the waist after 2 x 22hour fasts but could well be up again after a few days of eating more.
    Not to be deterred though as we all know there are no quick fixes and it’s all about lifestyle adjustments.
    Good luck all for the rest of this week.
    Onwards and downwards!!

    Hi all. I fasted 23 hours yesterday. Knowing that some of you were also fasting on Mondays helped. And I was surprised at how easy it was. I really wasn’t even hungry at dinner time, though once I had food in front of me I was.

    Another half pound down on the scale yesterday, putting me three pounds from my next goal, which is to get below 130 by the end of the month. I find setting small goals rather than looking at my ideal weight helps. Getting down to the “ideal” just seems daunting.

    Carry on, everyone.

    Marginal gains.

    I have decided that I don’t want to give up beans or scrambled eggs on toast for lunch so the carb fee week never actually started and is now over. I am going to try to have one meal a day without bread,rice, potatoes or pasta. That seems a better compromise to me and something that I can aim for, but I do love to make and eat leek and potato soup when it’s chilly.

    I have been wondering how to navigate food too when I go back to work. Lunch is provided and carb heavy to fill up teens. I may have to go with the flow there and then go low carb in the evening. FD are also going to be more challenging, so trial and error is likely to come into play.

    Goal setting is tricky when we don’t know what’s going to happen. I am still rubbish free and I intend to keep it going for the end of the year. The real challenge will be sticky toffee pudding with custard at school which is scrumptious. I am not sure how that will play out either.

    Thanks for keeping me company.

    So excited, clothes try on this morning and work trousers are now comfortable. That skirt looks much better but I am hoping that by the end of the month, I could actually wear it all day.

    Another 24 hour fast tomorrow.

    It certainly helps me to know other people are on a FD, I’m doing it tomorrow.
    Had a good one on Monday, but Tuesday had a migraine which put me out of kilter 🙁 and had a drop in blood sugar. Keeping off carbs and replacing with vegs, and hummus rather than bread. Did anyone see the new Michael Moseley prog on CH4?

    Well done Annette, and good luck to anyone else fasting!


    Thank you! I find it helps me too when I know others are fasting.

    Yes, I saw it too. He looks trim as does his wife. I thought that it was interesting when he was talking about heart health, must see if I can find that. I think I am on the right track by reducing complex carbs and eating more salmon/salad/vegetables.

    I too have been clobbered with migraine, quite certain it’s linked with the barometric pressure. Just closed my eyes and it passed. Damn irritating.

    Busy morning and now out later to sit in a friend’s garden. Dinner later.

    It’s been absolutely fine fasting for 24 hours. I think part of it may be confidence issue.

    Morning everyone.

    I have just logged the numbers on the tracker and I am stunned to see that I have lost an inch off my neck! That’s my first number to reach goal-whoop whoop!

    The running total is in 5 weeks is that there is 10 inches/26cms and 4 Kg less of me. Metabolic age has gone down another year too to 62(I am 59).

    That skirt looks better but is too tight to wear. Hopefully, by the end of the month that should feel better. A bit disappointed that there hasn’t been any shrinkage off my waist, but an inch off my hips and half an inch off each thigh and off my neck is still fabulous.

    Marginal gains.

    morning all!

    Great progress Annette!

    I had a reasonable FD yesterday. Have had a bad back so was hobbling around and on painkillers which took away the hunger. Feeling a tad better today. I’ve lost a total of 11cms, which is not much, but happy it’s something.

    Mega hot, which is fabulous, but we need more air con in UK to make it bearable. Yesterday I wore a skirt that I was squeezed into, not very pleasant on reflection, legs felt like a the brushes on a carwash ;-/ I wore same skirt on holiday in January and it was loose. Today will keep moving for back pain, but nothing too radical.

    I saw the MM prog about losing weight, I think it’s fabulous to raise awareness but wonder how these folk will sustain the diet going forward? The recipe for mushrooms as a pizza was amazing..I also wondered why his wife, who is also a GP and gives advice on weight loss, was regulated to doing the cooking, it would’ve been nice to get her opinion.

    Here’s the link to mushrooms: https://www.realitytitbit.com/cooking-shows/lose-a-stone-in-21-days-recipes

    Good luck to anyone fasting today!

    Hi everyone!
    Buuu! I lost a post, maybe it will reappear?

    Happy fasting!

    Oh no!

    Could you re-post?

    How did the fast go?

    ok here we go again!
    Morning everyone!
    Congrats Annette on the loss, it all counts, and so fab to get back into clothes.

    Yesterday was ok FD, have lost 11cms from various parts, but was wearing a skirt which was too tight and my legs felt like the brushes in a carwash ;-/ note to self. I have a bad back today and yesterday and wasn’t very hungry which was good, as painkillers seemed blot the hunger pangs out. Am moving slowly and walking, nothing too radical.

    I saw the MM prog on Channel 4, there were some good tips but I wondered how sustainable the plan will be for the folk on it? Also is didn’t really look at the causes just the symptoms. His wife who is also a GP, was regulated to the kitchen which was a bit weird, but anyway the mushrooms she did were amazing, like a replacement pizza and full of Vit D/protein: https://www.realitytitbit.com/cooking-shows/lose-a-stone-in-21-days-recipes

    I love the hot weather but if it carries on with these high temps we should surely invest in air con, otherwise a bit unbearable..

    Happy weekend to all.

    I emailed the fast diet website people and was told that their spam filter wrongly picks out some posts and that they check what was been filtered each day and let the posts go on if they’re ok.
    I’ve had three posts blocked recently and one of them did not get added back in, I guess it would be easy to miss some legitimate posts if you’re was wading through lots of posts.

    That’s interesting snedger. I did see on other posts that some had gone missing. There must be many to plough through each day.


    Poor you with the painful back. Can you see an osteopath? Mine sorted out my very sore neck.

    Well done on the 11cms less of you. I did roar with laughter at your description of legs like brushes in a car wash! Yep, been there. I remember realising that the swish swish when I walked had stopped because my thighs were no longer rubbing together! I look like I am pregnant in a skirt, so wont be wearing one anytime soon, or a dress.

    I am able to disguise the pot belly in trousers. I have loads of trousers that i wear to work, but I am wondering whether any of them will fit in 3 weeks. Just not sure whether to buy a size down or wait and see where I am at the end of the month.

    I am curious to see all of the MM programmes. I gather that his wife, Claire Bailey, wrote the recipes as she helps patients lose weight. I wonder if she wrote the recipes in any of the 5:2 books? I thought the mushrooms looked lovely too.

    The heat is too much for me. Very happy with 22C. But salad and salmon are perfect when its hot.

    Whose joining me on a FD on Monday?

    i’m joining you, Annette!

    Today I tried on a dress that I had put in the give away pile a year ago because it really didn’t look good (shirtdress that gapped in the front). Today it looked great! So fun! I can go shopping in my discard pile. Can’t wait to try on all my clothes when another five pounds are gone.

    Brilliant to look fabulous in clothes that you already own. I too am looking forward to when another 5lbs are gone.

    I have done some online shopping. Not convinced that I will have anything to wear for the start of term which is also thrilling.

    Yes, I shall fast ‘n all.
    After watching the documentary film “What the Health”, I need some time to think about what I eat next.

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