If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • I’m fasting too- trying for 24 hours which seems like a tall order at 11am🤨 Dinner at 7pm ~ fish with veg.
    Weekend was so so I got the munchies yesterday but tried to keep a lid on it. No movement on the scale today but not too worried!
    Have a great fasting week everyone👍🏼

    Hi all,

    Am on it today as well

    Good luck to us all!


    Hello Everyone!

    We will be fine.We know that we can do it and its OK.

    When I did the 5:2 the first time around, I always felt that I should have been given an award for skipping breakfast and having lunch. But I like fasting for 24 hours as half the time I am asleep and then it just a matter of keeping busy and drinking tea until dinner this evening. No idea what I am going to have, but I do need to have something else that isn’t fish!

    I am too big to fit into clothes that I already own, which are also the wrong season. So I have ordered 4 dresses in the sale which look quite forgiving and will hopefully get me through the autumn/winter if its chilly.

    Wow, it looks like we’re all doing a 24 hour (or thereabouts–it will probably be only about 20 for me) fast today! You all, on the other side of the pond, will be in your last few hours before dinner by now. I’m just starting my work day. It will be black tea till suppertime.

    Yesterday I was very good, having only cottage cheese for lunch and a zucchini and tomato casserole and slice of ham for dinner. But then a friend came over to sit on the porch and I drank half a bottle of wine and ate several almond cookies. 🙁 We watched the lightning from a storm to the east. It was quite a show.

    So I stayed off the scale today, but hope that today’s fast will right the somewhat capsized ship of my diet and get things going in the right direction again.

    Hope you all found the day pretty easy.

    This morning was fine, but this afternoon has been difficult as I don’t have enough to do. I have washed, ironed, tidied and put away. I may have to force myself back in the garden for another hour before I can start cooking. This side of the pond, not long to go and strange to think that you are starting your working day over the other side of the pond!

    I hope that you are all having a straight forward day. Marginal gains.

    Apart from briefly fancying a cold beer from a very warm VR workout just now, I’m having an easy fast.
    Going through to Tuesday.
    So good to hear people getting positive results.

    How are you doing snedger? Have you made any changes to what you eat and drink?

    Last week was a bit of a write off – pubs reopened in Leicester last Monday, so that fast day got cancelled at lunchtime and I just didn’t try again – until today.
    After watching “What the Health” I’ve decided to try and make my diet as close to 100% plant based as is easy and practical for me – an awful term I’ve seen is reducetarian.
    But not straight away – have dairy & meat in fridge and freezer, so a phased reduction, whilst I empty that lot and get to grips with how I completely change how I get a nutritious plant based diet – a lot of the suggested foods are blooming pricey and won’t keep fresh when I’m fasting 3 out of 7 days, but maybe I’ll just eat Quorn prepared meals 🙂
    I’m doing it for nearly all selfish health reasons, some planet resource reasons and a little bit of ethical angst – but I won’t be wearing synthetic shoes.

    I did it! 24 hours ✅ DONE!!

    Hi snedger,

    To provide some balance to the documentary, would you consider having a look at Dr Aseem Malhotra-cardiologist or Dr Davis Unwin-GP with interest in obesity on You Tube?

    They both seem quite balanced to me and have nothing to sell, which I find encouraging. Might give you some ideas to contemplate too.

    By having 2 days with less food, I am consuming and wasting less, which is both ethical and sustainable.I want to eat good unprocessed food with less sugar in my life. I rarely drink alcohol, but if I did, I would look to reduce consumption for better health and less sugar.

    Having looked at the work of Robert Lustig and Jason Fung, I am eating cheese/fish/meat/full fat milk and yoghurt, nuts, fruit and vegetables. I am reducing the amount and frequency of pasta/rice/potatoes and bread. I don’t eat chocolate, cake, ice cream or biscuits since early July and I feel better.

    I have lost inches/fat % and weight so I know that it is working. My goal is to lose the inches and to get to a healthy waist measurement, which I can then maintain forever.

    Me too Iona!
    The last hour is always a struggle, I find.

    Congratulations, Annette and Iona! I’m up to hour 17. I’ll be happy to make 20 or 21 hours today (24s a little difficult given last night’s late night wine and cookie binge.)

    Do any of you find you’re kind of chilly on fasting days?

    It’s muggy in the UK, so currently melting! Yes, I do feel chilly on a FD sometimes, but I also love to make and eat homemade leek and potato soup when it’s cool.

    Keep going, nearly there.

    Marginal gains.

    MM yesI do. I’m not usually one who feels the cold so much, constant battle about heating in our house during winter, but on FD I do get chills. I’m really pleased to have succeeded yesterday with 24 hours. It has given me momentum to do it again!
    Off out walking the hills today dodging thunderstorms I hope!

    Well done Iona. I am fasting again on Thursday for another 24 hours.

    Have a lovely walk in the hills, hopefully you wont get wet.

    I am off to sit in a friends garden and chat soon. I can’t cope with the heat though and would love it cooler.

    How did it go MM?

    I watched a few Youtubes from Dr Aseem and one ran into a Youtube from Dr Jason.
    Quite entertaining.
    I can see that getting across fair and complete information is too difficult to both send and receive, so a simplified message is presented.
    Do you know anyone that subscribes to Dr Jason’s thefastingmethod – only $38 per month?
    I’ve decided not to demonise any food group, but also not to over indulge in anything either – so I’m going to carry on eating meat and dairy and still occasionally have sugar in my coffee.
    Today: bacon sarnie for breakfast; chicken sarnie for lunch and Quorn fishless fingers for my tea later 🙂
    If I can maintain 3 fast days a week, where I fast for at least 36 hours, then I will be fasting for approx 64% of the rest of my life – so any inflammatory issues from meat, dairy, sugar etc are going to be massively diminished and so that will be a lot easier than spending all of my time working out in minute detail what I should put on my plate.

    I’ve just done a 3.87 mile walk in 27C – it felt a lot more difficult than that.
    Now need to make sure that I stay awake for my dental checkup.

    I made it to 20 hours. I’ll count that as a pretty good day. Funny thing was that, while I was quite hungry at lunchtime, by the evening I wasn’t hungry at all.

    I have on-line meetings all day tomorrow, so will do my second day of the week then. Should be too busy to notice I’m fasting.

    Sounds like you all are getting the heat we had last week. While the temperatures weren’t that hot, the humidity was tropical! Now our winds are out of Canada and we’re having perfect summer weather.

    With 11 pounds gone I’m really starting to notice a difference in my clothes. It was funny–the first place I noticed I was getting smaller was my knees. Then ankles. Now, finally, something is coming off the belly and thighs.

    It sounds like we are all doing well.I am finding the support of you all very helpful.

    MM sounds like a good idea to fast while you are busy tomorrow. I have never noticed smaller knees, but I am stunned that my neck is an inch smaller!I like the analogy from Fung that we store fat in our bodies in a fridge and a freezer. The fridge is easily accessible and from food that we have eaten. When the fridge is empty from fasting, our bodies have to go to the freezer(visceral fat). Makes sense as the bellies start to shrink.

    I was a bit fed up after a 24 hour fast yesterday, that the tape measure hadn’t moved anywhere. Now, rationally I know that is bonkers but I felt that I ‘deserved’ to see a difference. I tried on that skirt, still no difference and then I tried on a favourite dress that I couldn’t get on and I now can! I can only assume that my shape is changing in ways that I can’t see, so I shall just have to keep the faith and keep going.

    My plan is to fast again on Thursday, in part, because the plan is to visit a friend in their garden in the morning which should keep me busy. If thunderstorms de-rail that plan, its going to a long day!

    Amongst my friends, my slim friend is the only one who knows what I am doing. She is baffled but supportive. I was explaining to her that I believe that I will need to lose at least 14 lb(It was 4kg/8.8lb at the weekend) before anyone may comment, but I suspect that it will be more than that. I am hoping to get close to 14lb at the end of the month and be able to breathe in that skirt.

    New clothes arrived in the sweltering heat. If I was labouring under any illusions as to how bad things have become, trying on these dresses has shattered them.I certainly have the incentive for another 24 hour FD tomorrow.

    How on earth did it happen?

    Another hour and a bit to go before another 24 hours in the bag. Its fine, but the last hour is always a challenge for me.

    Today I learned that the food pyramid in the US, where complex carbs are given high status and are deemed essential for good health, was actually a construction to deal with food surplus as a result of farm production efficiency.

    How is everyone getting on?

    Hi Annette. Congratulations on another full fast day! Yesterday didn’t work out so I’m fasting today as well. Still got six and a half hours to go. But this time I’m determined to make it the full 24 hours.

    Trying on clothes certainly is an incentive, isn’t it? I’ve vowed never to go so long without getting on a scale again. It’s amazing how those pounds just creep on when we’re not looking.

    Thank you!
    If my son moves out, his fancy scales will go with him and I will have to buy my own! I will keep up weighing once a week, just to keep a handle on the situation. I met up with friends in a garden this morning and it is as if the scales have fallen away from my eyes. All but one is in proportion and that is me!

    Well 3 out of 4 dresses are too long so are going back. The other one is cute and although tight now, should be fine when it is cooler. I will make a final decision over the weekend.

    Its certainly cheaper have 2 long fast days. I am having to be organised so that food doesn’t spoil, but it does feel great to plan to eat nutritionally well.

    MM-just keep the faith and keep going. I am researching family tree online which is brilliant for distraction!

    I was fed up that the tape measure hadn’t moved at all on Tuesday after a 24 hour fast. This morning, it looked as if there was still no change as I leave the waist(around the belly button) until last. But, it’s a whole inch/3cms smaller! I checked 3 times to make sure.

    So that’s more visceral fat gone. Hopefully the fat % will be another step nearer the normal range tomorrow.

    How is everyone doing?

    Fasting today aiming for 20 hours. Currently at 14 hours and starving but I’m at work with nothing at hand so no choice but to carry on!!
    Enjoyed the hike in the hills the other day but my it was hot! I intend to do more though.
    Just booked a trip to the Lake District for a few days in early September I’m really looking forward to it!
    Enjoy your weekend everyone but stay mindful 😉

    I hope all went well with the fast,Iona. Hopefully the weather will be kind in September. The sun always seems to shine when term starts!

    Did you see ‘how to lose a stone in 21 days with Micheal Mosley? I am looking forward to seeing the results next week. Lots of interesting ideas.

    Morning Everyone,I am pleased that along with the inch off the waist this week, that my weight has continued to reduce at an average of 2lb a week. I am hoping to reach 14lb/1 stone at the end of the month.

    I am now 6 weeks clean from chocolate/biscuits/cakes/ice cream/crisps. It has been easy not to buy and decline if offered. I simply explain that I have gone sugar free because my trousers are too tight. I can see that my body is changing shape.

    I am not counting calories or logging activity, just avoiding sugar and not allowing myself more than 2 slices of bread a day. I am eating more salad, less sweet fruit and meal planning.

    How is everyone doing?

    The wheels came off yesterday after my fast was over😤 went a bit crazy and ate biscuits with coffee and then had cheesecake after dinner 🤔
    Doing much better today though and feel more in control.
    I didn’t see the TV prog. but I will look on Catch up thanks.

    Which is why I don’t have cheesecake and biscuits at home, Iona.

    It looks like summer is over, which has made me think about making winter warming dishes that I can cook/cool/label and freeze. I am very fond of a beef casserole recipe that is for 8. I simply box it all up into portions in take away boxes. It’s something that I could eat after a FD with vegetables.

    Do you have any similar dishes? I am hoping for inspiration.

    Another 24 hours fasting tomorrow. Anyone joining me?

    Hi everyone!

    Annette, you’ll be most of the way through your 24 hours by now with maybe four or five to go. I’m fasting too, but just starting the day. Mondays seem like a good time, after a few indulgences over the weekend. And I have a busy day ahead.

    After not moving for two weeks, the scale finally reluctantly gave up a pound. And the tape measure said I lost half an inch from hips and waist each. This morning as I still lay in bed I noticed my pelvic bones have reappeared! So progress is occurring, though slowly. As you say, this is really moving to a new way of life. And that way of life will include fasting on Mondays from now on.

    Annette, you asked about dishes for cooler weather. Besides soups, I enjoy curries. As we have cooled off this week, I made a beef curry over the weekend with minced beef, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onions, and lots of spices. It would be lovely on rice or pasta, but I’ve been eating it on chopped zucchini with a bit of yogurt and find that quite satisfying. Tis the season for the neighbors to be offloading monster zucchini.

    Onward and downward (on the scale)!

    Hello MM,

    Just an over an hour to go and I can honestly say that I haven’t been hungry.Meals punctuate the day and give me something to do. Filling the time at home is proving more of a challenge each week that passes and I am looking forward to going back to work.

    Work is going to be interesting on many levels. Lunch is a hot meal and provided free, but for the first couple of weeks I will be offered a packed lunch. That will be bread and some sort of filling and I imagine things that I a trying to avoid.

    So I am going to have to think about what I can take in that doesn’t include bread, can be stored without a fridge and will be delicious. Time for research.

    Thanks for the recipe ideas and excellent news on the pelvic bones reappearing and the tape measure moving. Marginal gains.

    There has been a programme on here which is in 3 parts. Its by Micheal Mosley with his wife who is a GP and has an interest in weight loss for patients. Its called ‘how to lose a stone in 21 days’and I wondered if you can access it from across the pond. Its really interesting and looks at several adults and then gives them recipes and food to eat and exercise to try. The results are next Wednesday.

    Off to put the oven on and prep dinner.

    How is everyone getting on?

    Hi all

    Managed a 24 hr fast yesterday, it wasn’t very pleasant as had a banging headache but took away my appetite. I haven’t measured anything, but can begin to see my shape is changing, whoppee! Annette have been inspired by your progress and the thought of clothes fitting. I went to osteopath about my back, she recommended sitting on a Pilates ball for work, it is good, as gives the spine more mobility.

    will go on a long walk today-I hope..:)

    Onwards and upwards!

    Poor you, how rubbish to have a banging headache. Did you keep drinking? Brilliant that you can see you shape changing too and hopefully the Pilates ball will make a big difference at work. I wonder if the headache was linked to your visit to the osteopath. For me, sometimes its only clothes that ‘show me’ where my shape is changing.

    I did the usual mad thing of getting the tape measure out this morning and of course, no change. I know that its bonkers and that my shape is changing and probably not where I am measuring.

    Marginal gains.

    I felt very anxious this afternoon about going back to work soon. Having spent months, avoiding people and now meeting up with friends in the open air the thought of going back inside with lots of people feels very scary.
    So, I took my panicking body out for a walk, peering at front gardens and could feel my heart rate slow. Time in my garden calmed me nore, but it was chatting with my boy that I haven’t seen since Christmas that has helped me the most.
    No ice cream, chocolate, cake, biscuits or crisps. I didn’t even think about using any of them to soothe. Perhaps I am cured?
    I just feel better without the rubbish. Interesting.

    How is everyone?

    Tape measure has moved again in the right direction which is thrilling. Very heavy rain this morning so trapped inside with not a lot to do.

    I forced myself to go for a walk yesterday as the weather forecast for today is so bad – strangely still at the moment.
    As I was walking the air very suddenly changed to being very humid – I guessed rain was coming and had no choice but to duck in to the Old Horse for refuge – 5 minutes later the rain was really heavy – I had a huge beer garden to myself, though I had to stand in some bushes for shelter.
    Fast day ruined, nvm, try again tomorrow.

    re: anxiety – on Saturday I felt really anxious about going out – I forced myself to – I had a coffee sitting outside a cafe – very safe – maybe, when the weather is better, try something like that – the more times you do it the easier it gets.

    Shame to hear about everyone’s health problems – for me, some new liquid form probiotics seem to have sorted out an issue I had with bloating, nausea and headaches.
    And I took some timed realease capsaicin yesterday to sort out my sciatica – seems to have worked straight away.

    Glad to hear that you have found things that have helped you feel better, snedger.

    It’s not going out for coffee outside that is worrying me, but going back to work inside a senior school. So many changes to the day and how it will work. I think that it’s going to also be very lonely.

    But I have had more information today and raised queries specific to me, so I am hoping that the start of term will be less scary than it felt yesterday.

    Jeans on and are looking and feeling much better. Very pleased with any change whether it’s a number on the tape measure or how clothes look.

    Disaster day yesterday-ate far too much and didn’t really enjoy much of it! Hope I can learn from that. Doing 24 hours fast to try and compensate.
    Last day at work before 3 week’s holiday which will be challenging 😳 not only on the eating patterns but also in the fact that it has taken me some time to adapt to being back at work after lockdown, I don’t want that to happen again after 3 weeks off. On the plus side husband is off too so good to spend some time together and get out and about with the dog.
    Annette you are making good progress👍🏼
    try not to worry about work as it really doesn’t help trust me!!

    If you didn’t enjoy much of it, that should help you to make different decisions in the future.I am trying to focus on how I feel when I have eaten the high carb foods. Generally pasta, rice and puddings make me feel very tired afterwards. I wonder if its my blood sugar crashing? Its something that I notice more and more.

    Its going to be interesting to see how eating patterns pan out during your 3 weeks holiday. You are quite right about not worrying about work, and I do feel much better now that I know a lot of what the day will look like. I have a very supportive line manager, who will try and sort out my queries, so that’s all positive.

    I am fasting for 24 hours again tomorrow. I seem to have slipped easily into a Monday/Thursday regime.

    Just 2 hours to go until I break the 24 hour fast. I am not hungry but I am rather bored trying to fill the day. On the plus side, just 2 more FDs next week before term starts.

    I have decided to take in my own lunch and see how that goes. I know that lunch at school is very carb heavy which is not what I need, so will investigate what works as a packed lunch and is also delicious.

    How is everyone getting on?

    Good to be on this thread.

    Have had a tricky week, hormonal in the sense of headaches and nausea, which is a drag on fast days. Snedger know how you feel. Mood wise I’m ok, and cos am now on leave, will be really trying to get out and and about.

    I’ve lost another 4 cms (waist and bust) so am more determined. Also 2 Ibs lost, so at least a downward trend. I would like to fit into various items of clothing in one month time. Apart from that my next goal will be Jan. I’m going slow and steady (in theory)

    Annette,I know how you feel, I work in a school, and before lockdown was getting quite worried. We won’t be going back physically, it’ll be online, as we have overseas students who can’t come into UK.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Hi Beldyboop,
    I work in a large senior school in admin. Its going to be strange as every element of my job is going to be very different. I think that I am going to end up having lunch that I have prepared at my desk now, rather than take pot luck with the packed lunch option that is going to be available. Its also going to be rather lonely, when it used to be a sociable working environment with lots of people popping in and out.The plus side is that I am going to be able to keep going with the 24 hour fasting and can control what I am eating as I will be preparing it. That’s my homework!

    Well done on the 2lb loss and the 4 cms less of you. Brilliant!

    I will measure and weigh on the fancy scales tomorrow and let you know how its going. I am hoping to get to a running total of 14lb by the end of August, but another inch off the waist would compensate if I dont!

    Morning All,

    I was initially disappointed by the numbers this morning, but that it is quite irrational as pointed out by my son as who is managing my expectations. This is the first week that the loss has been one lb rather than 2 lb, so I think that the 14lb/stone first goal isn’t going to be the end of this month. However, my metabolic age is now 61(3 years down) and fat % has reduced again( and I have lost another inch.

    This is my last week at home. When I go back to work next week, I walk 45 minutes each way and will also be taking in my packed lunch which isn’t going to include bread. I am going to do some research to find food that I like/will keep/can eat at a desk.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends. Marginal gains.

    Morning all.

    Well, I was disappointed too, Annette. I lost only half a pound this week. So I won’t make my goal by my birthday in September. But hey, the scales are at least going in the right direction, right? I’ll take my measurements again on Monday.

    Looks like a lot of us work in schools. I don’t start teaching till late September, and have been given permission to teach on-line since I am over 60. I’m hoping to have lost four more pounds by then.

    In the meantime I had a first run on my closet and sent a big bag of clothes I don’t wear or that are now too big to our on-line second hand outlet. There’s still more purging to do, but the rest will have to wait till I’m closer to my goal.

    Have a good weekend, everybody!

    Hi MM,
    I was wondering how you were getting on.What do you teach? It is fantastic that you have have started clearing out clothes. Its a fabulous sign.

    I have been thinking about my disappointment all day and it really doesn’t make any sense, to set a figure of loss that I can’t control with a number that I have picked. As my son says ‘as long as its going in the right direction, be pleased’. I was up a ladder yesterday and when I was reaching up, had to hitch up my trousers. That hasn’t happened in a very long time.

    When I started this thread all those years ago, it took me 8 months to lose 23 lbs. This time it has taken 7 weeks to lose 10.7 lb and the difference this time is that I gave up sugar in my tea, ditched all of the rubbish and don’t have rice/pasta/potatoes regularly and have limited toast to once a day.

    I have found being at home much easier with regards to food and meal planning. I have been thinking about a menu plan for when I am back to school, what i can prep and batch cook to have in the evening that is going to be low carb and what I can take into work and eat at my desk.

    I had a real desire for chocolate on Thursday and decided that toast would be a better option. I didn’t have any, so a quick trip to the shops to buy the bread and yet at no point did I go down the chocolate aisle. I avoid all of those aisles and avert my gaze.

    Onwards and downwards Fast Friends. We can do this!

    How is everyone getting on?

    I have just had dinner and won’t eat again until tomorrow evening.The research for packed lunches for continues but I think that 2 FD mid week are certainly going to help. I am planning to continue with x2 24 hour fasts when back to work and see how that goes.

    Hello Everyone,

    I have missed my goal of losing a stone by this weekend, by just over a lb. The running total of inches lost is now at 13 inches/33.5cms. I was reading that each 4 lb loss of weight should equate to an inch off the waist, so if that is accurate, I should have a healthy waist measurement by the end of the year.

    Back to work next week after so long at home. My plan is to continue with the 2 FDs and to watch the carbs. My sons birthday today, so fish and chips take out and then his favourite chocolate cake, but only 3 of us to eat it so….

    How is everyone?

    Annette-well done so much to be proud of even if you just missed the goal.
    I’m still on holiday – not fasting – and the scale is going the wrong way atm!!! Back to normal soon🤞

    Thanks Iona. I have learned that the large portion of fish 🐟 and chips was too much and that the small bottle of fizzy drink( I rarely have one) not only had a horrible after taste but made me feel rubbish (sugar I suspect). We had cake the next day, lovely but didn’t make me want to have another slice. Maybe I am cured? A real test would be an Almond Croissant!

    Fast day today and then back to work with my own packed lunch. Currently salmon, tomatoes and cucumber, with some fruit.

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