If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Oh dear. Tough start to the day, I stood on my sons fancy scales and the figures are grim.

    Although the figures are grim, my trousers are tight.I am pleased that despite my shock and despair, I have continued to avoid the rubbish and to simply carry on.

    I have been thinking about goal setting and how important it is not have unrealistic goals that are going to set me up for failure. I have two time goals, one is the start of September and the other is the last day of this year. I am back to work in September, so I really want to be comfortable in my trousers by then.By the end of the year,I am hoping to be able to get into all of those clothes that I can’t now and those that I can, look awful.

    I have several body goals. One is to put on the trousers and them not feel/look tight. I am aiming for a healthy waist(around the belly button) measurement for a man which is 37 inches, which will mean a 2 inch loss.I am actually aiming for a 35 inches.I am aiming to shift 2 stone, hopefully by the last day of the year.

    I have input the statistics on the tracker too. My usual approach is to weigh and measure once a week, look at how my clothes are fitting, and stick to good food that I enjoy, no rubbish and 2 FD each week.

    I am finding that ditching the hot buttered toast several times a day is comfort that I am missing but I am on a mission to reduce my metabolic age from 65(I am 60 in January). Logically less fat to muscle ratio should mean a lower age.

    Exercise for me will be walking and gardening, my two great loves. I am going to increase my walking up to 2 hours a day and will always get out in the garden weather permitting.

    It’s good to have a plan, and an idea of what you are up against. I had a day of no will power on Saturday, family bbq which also included birthday cake. However I’m back to fasting today and on track with my walking. It’s my last week of furlough but I’m trying not to think about that! At least being at work there is nothing to tempt me. I’m off to try white bean mash for dinner, I’ll let you know my verdict!

    Family BBQ’s and birthdays are very much part of life and are important.How was the bean mash?

    I have been reflecting on how I find myself here again with inches and fat % to lose and thinking about my denial in terms of weight gain. I don’t have any answers.

    I am rather impatient for the days to pass, so that I can see what impact 2 weeks of not having rubbish at all, skipping breakfast for 4 mornings and eating good food but less bread and chips has had overall.

    I have a whole load of goals, this weekend, the end of July, the end of August, wearing my trousers and they are no longer tight.I have lots of clothes that I can’t get into, so that will be great to get back to wearing them too.

    How are you today?

    I decided to get the clothes out and try on a few things.If I was under any illusions that the scales were wrong, along with the tape measure, then that was soon shattered by the attempt to try on a favourite dress.There was no chance that the zip was ever going to meet and when I turned to face the mirror, there was this barrel shaped belly!

    I love that dress and want to wear it again. I felt good in it and that made me happy. So that’s another goal. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t wear.

    Also back to Jason Fung on You Tube to remind how fasting will help me to shed the inches and remind me about insulin. Breakfast has been skipped and the current plan is to skip lunch too. Lots to keep me busy and a 2 hour walk to fit in as well.

    Morning All,

    feeling chuffed. I did complete a 24 hour fast yesterday and it was fine.

    Hopefully, my endeavours will be reflected at the weekend with the tape measure and those posh scales!

    Well done Annette it is a long time since I did a 24hour fast.
    I’m struggling this week, possibly because I know it’s my last week on furlough??
    My daughter brought me a box of chocs last night – I intended to put them away but OH was straight in so I did have a couple and now they are just tempting me all the time.
    I will definitely get back to 18:6 tomorrow and report back in a few days.
    Oh forgot to say, scale down slightly this morning but tape measure the same 😀

    Thanks Iona. I haven’t done one for ages either. I had been thinking about it but lacked confidence. I watched Jason Fung on You Tube who both explains why fasting is a good idea and also really plays it down. That was enough to give me the shove and the belief that all would be fine. It was, several mugs of tea saw me through although the last hour was the worst when I had run out of things to do to distract me.

    I am just avoiding any rubbish. I have never been able to just have one.

    I have the grand weigh in tomorrow. I don’t think that the tape measure has moved either, but I really hope that there is less fat on these fancy scales.I read somewhere that it takes 10 weeks to see any difference from fasting. I am hoping that I will see some evidence before!

    I have had a big clothes sort out and reorganise this afternoon. I will have a whole new wardrobe that wont have cost me a penny, when I have shifted the lard.I have found clothes that I had forgotten that I owned.

    Morning All,
    Good news, there is half an inch less of my neck, and inch off both my hips and calves.I have lost the pound on the scales that I was hoping for, but the really big news is that I have lost a good % of fat which all makes sense.

    Certainly inspires me to do another 24 hour fast next week along with a usual FD.

    Have a good weekend.

    Hello Everyone.
    I have had a good sort out of clothes and retrieved some clothes from the charity pile that are the same size of clothes that I can’t get into. When I have shifted the lard, I will have a whole new wardrobe!
    The trousers that I am wearing now are tight, uncomfortable and don’t look good. I have tried on a skirt that I love but I need to lose several inches off the waist before I can wear it.
    So, today I am skipping breakfast and lunch. Off to paint the fence and then out for a walk with my friend this afternoon.
    Seven weeks until September, so that’s one of many goals. I am hoping to lose 7 lb in 10 weeks, more inches, decrease fat percentage overall.
    I have changed what I am eating. The rubbish has gone, it was making me fat.
    The current plan is to do 2 24 hour fast in the next 7 weeks. I am hoping to be able to wear this skirt in September.
    How is everyone doing?

    Hi everyone,

    Am not new to this WOL, but back again as have piled the weight on in lockdown πŸ™ as now working from home, hence loads less physical activity.

    Did my first FD yesterday, and all good. I usually don’t share the fact I’m fasting as have found friends/family don’t really get it, and/or are shocked, “you mean you starve yourself? or “I couldn’t survive without breakfast” etc….

    All I can say is I’m never very hungry in the morning, my ‘hot spot’ is around 3-6pm, so that’s when I usually have my FD food, tuna salad…In the morning I have a coffee, and that’s me done. Trying for a back to back today. I keep telling myself, I’m giving my body a well deserved rest, and helping it restore itself.

    Am stepping up the activity, but working from home now inevitably means less, but trying ‘lunch time’ classes, and upping walking etc.

    Have tried to make small monthly goals, but mainly going by my clothes and what I can wear. That is my ultimate goal to wear some clothes that have lying in wait πŸ™

    I have also given up diet coke, after a long time using it to keep my energy up, jeez not much logic in that. As I read on this forum somewhere, ‘don’t head for the kitchen without a plan’..:) I’m a comfort eater but do have a ‘core’ healthy diet, but I tend to ‘graze’

    How’s it going for everyone today?

    Hi Beldyboop,
    Welcome. Can I suggest that you have a look at some of the films of Jason Fung on You Tube? I find him sensible, considered and inspirational. If you don’t have any need for breakfast but look to eat later, why not ditch the afternoon meal and push it back to an evening meal 2 days a week? I actually find it easier on all fronts to ditch breakfast and lunch, 2 days a week rather than have a meal. I am a woman on a mission though, having sorted and organised all of the clothes that I actually can’t get into anymore. I am currently furloughed and will be back at school in September, but my trousers are rather tight.One of my goals is for them all to feel comfortable.

    I am not sharing that I am back on the 5:2 with friends either. I am planning to shrink over the coming months and see if anyone notices. I found that last time I did this, no one notices until you lose a stone and I have 2 to lose which will allow me to wear clothes that are a dress size smaller. My focus is on my waist measurement, which is far to large to be healthy.

    What is really puzzling me, is how do we deny that the weight/inches are piling on again? In my head, all was fine, but I was buying clothes a size up rather than taking action and addressing the issue. I told myself that it was small sizing. Why?

    My son found that a photograph taken at the end of a running race, shocked him into action. He has lost 50 lb. My shock was standing on his fancy scales and learning that my metabolic age was 5 and a half years more than it actually is.

    Well done in stepping up activity and ditching the diet coke.I think Lustig said, don’t consume anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise, which I think is helpful guidance. I ditched sugar in tea after 40 years and made quite a song and dance about it, but feel so much better without it.

    My plan is to fast for another 24 hours on Thursday. I will have dinner on Wednesday, skip breakfast and lunch on Thursday and then have dinner on Thursday evening. I know it works and will try to imagine less abdominal fat as the weeks tick by.

    Morning All,
    After a rather depressing clothes try on this morning, I decided to skip breakfast on a whim and then do another 24 hour fast later in the week. Clothes look better this week than last, but it’s going to be a while before I would wear any of them out in public.

    I am fasting from dinner last night until dinner tonight. An easy way to clock up 24 hours as I have been asleep for 8 hours. I will skip breakfast and lunch today and then eat at 6pm. Dinner will be salmon and salad, followed by fruit.

    The key to this is to keep busy. I am out walking with a friend this afternoon and have a list of indoor and outdoor jobs for this morning.

    Morning All,

    The stats are another lb lost plus another inch and a half lost too. Fat percentage is down too. I am still obese according to BMI, but I expect to become overweight next week.

    Running totals are 4 inches less of me and 2 lbs less.Very pleased.

    Finally getting a hair cut today too!How is everyone doing?

    Hi everyone

    Well done Annette!

    Also have had a reasonable week, first back to back FD in a few years, and feeling accomplished. I’ve taken all measurements and will do it again in a couple of weeks, as well as the scales, which I try not to do everyday.

    I’ve seen Jason Fung, thanks Annette, yes I like him, and he’s quite down to earth, and funny. Trying to see FD’s as a day of looking after myself..and TLC..it can be hard though..:( but I did feel less hungry all week.

    I’m in the perimenopausal stage, so lots of changes (mood and energy) also get migraines, so that can put my plans out of kilter, as always have bad nausea.

    Anyway, this is all good, and am looking forward to trying on some clothes to see if they are looser, maybe

    Have a great weekend

    Morning Everyone,
    I operate best with lots of goals. I know that some weeks it doesn’t look as if either the tape measure or scales are moving, but then I try on that skirt and I can see an improvement. I can’t do it up, but I am hoping to be able to at the end of the month. Certainly wont be able to wear it out in public yet but to do it up will be a huge achievement.
    I am operating on 1 lb loss each week, which should mean that I can lose 7 lb by the end of August and 28 b by the end of the year.My plan is to see what I look like then and either maintain that or lose another 7 lb.
    My son and his fancy scales mean that I weigh myself once a week. I can try on clothes whenever I like. Following a big sort out, I will have a new wardrobe of clothes to wear when I drop just one more dress size and back to the clothes that I used to wear.
    I am going to be 60 in January and seem to have acquired weight around the middle, inches of it. My waist is far too big to be healthy and I want to be a healthy and fit older person. I also have arthritis in my foot which limits my mobility when its sore. I am sure that 28 lb less of me would have a huge impact there too.
    Before term starts I am going to do 2 24 hour fasts each week. For me that means dinner one evening and then skipping breakfast and lunch the next day, then eat the evening meal. I have removed the rubbish from my diet too. No more crisps and chocolate and I have to say, I don’t miss either.
    I am delighted to see that my waist is an inch smaller this week, so although I am obese currently, I am another step closer to being overweight, with a view to become healthy.The waistband on my trousers is more comfortable this week and I hope that will continue to improve as the weeks pass.
    Hi Beldyboop,
    Well done.Its great to feel accomplished. Out of curiosity I decided to weigh myself every day for a week. I learned that I could lose and gain 10lb over that week. So I use a combination of weight plus waist measurement and clothes try on as a more reliable guide of improvement.
    I used to have lots of migraines too. You have my sympathies. They are few and far between as I have got older.I used to think that more food helped, but I don’t think that it made any difference.

    Seems like things are going well for you Annette, keep up the good work. It’s amazing what we can do when we set our minds to it. Not a bad week for me, not much to report in the way of statistical change but I’m not deterred. I never mention fasting to anyone either these days, I wish more people were interested in the concept rather than the usual response we have experienced but then that’s their loss I guess.
    Beldyboop -hello- good to have another voice here! I have the opposite problem with work and activity. After being furloughed for months I’m finding it really hard to have to just sit for 8 hours a day. My step count has gone from an average of 20000 to about 9000 and I don’t like it.
    Good luck to you both for the week ahead.

    I was wondering how you were getting on, Iona. Nothing much to report is often positive. Sometimes its just a matter of faith that good things are happening but no evidence to support it at the time. I always remember reading about this woman who dropped 3 dress sizes but the scales hadn’t moved.

    I have been furloughed for months too and need to get my walking up just to cope with my walk to work and back, which is 45 minutes each way. The walk there is up quite a hill, so need to get in training!

    Can you get more steps in after work?

    I tend to clock up 10,000 on my walk to and from work. I have been thinking if I can get more steps in after work before the winter chill.

    I am having pasta tonight and then skipping breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

    I’m off work for a few days now so will get the steps up. Yes I can walk after work and I’m going to try a shorter walk early in the morning before I leave. I’m just doing my meal planning for the week ahead and deciding the best fasting days, I like to feel organised and in control or else I will revert to cakes and biscuits!

    Sounds good Iona. I don’t have cakes or biscuits in the house. I simply can’t be trusted. I also have a no buy policy on anything which isn’t good for me, which is currently holding up. Work is often a struggle though, with a constant supply of biscuits available. I am fine as long as I don’t have any, but the minute I have one, its game over.

    Tried on my summer trousers that were straining at the waist, but are now feeling and looking so much better and I can get into and do up my jeans again. There is plenty of lard to shift but these things really help me to ditch breakfast and lunch twice a week. I can see the difference in my clothes. Delighted.

    I hope all goes well at work and the organised meal planning avoids the sweet stuff.

    Keep the comments coming please!!!!
    Can’t explain why I’ve not even been trying to fast lately – but today I’m doing a funny fast.
    Pretty sure that I’ve only considered a fast because I get emailed comments in this thread and fasting has been pushed to the forefront of my thinking.
    Did my first walk since 8 days – apart from going to nearby shops – really don’t like going out in lockdown, but have worked out that there are fewer dodgies in the city pre 9am.
    My fast is funny, ‘cos I’m not being religious about what I drink – I’ve had tea with milk and I had a Red Bull after my walk – 335ml can = 160kcal – less than I thought it would be. Might have a sugary coffee, but I’m nearly out of my favourite brand and I can only get that online and if get that online, I will end up filling my basket to reach the minimum spend and I will have either eat the food before it expires or bin it – I can’t keep on buying tons of baked beans multipacks.
    I saw your comment about your walk uphill to work and can see that you are not looking forward to that – I’ve learned to swallow my pride a bit about my walking speed capability – getting to work all hot and flustered just makes me resentful about walking, so lately I’m giving myself a lot more time than my pride thinks I need and I turn up to wherever, as if I just got out of a car/bus.
    I did that this morning didn’t like people walking past me, but I was feeling too warm and had adjusted my speed so as not to get warmer.
    Be strong willed and be safe!

    Hi all,

    that’s great news Annette, I also sometimes have ‘mixed up’ FD’s where I bend my own rules, but today am trying to keep on a fairly even track. If I make it to 3pm or 4pm it’s usually ok, as have a small meal in the evening.

    It’s great to start loosing some inches, I’m a great fan of the tape measure and also trying on clothes, the scales are ok, but only for the general downward trajectory..

    I drink sparkling water and coffee in the morning, and then nothing until about 6 or 7pm, try to have an earlyish night. Also keep as busy as possible.

    I’m working from home, which is ok, as my job is quite stressful and noisy, which meant FD was a bit wearying, now I find it more manageable ..also do a lot of yoga..

    Hello Snedger,
    How the devil have you been?
    I have no interest in counting calories but I did give up sugar in my tea a few years ago now. My focus is like Jason Fung and seeing the action of fasting as the most important element. I have plenty of lard to shift-mainly around my middle and I imagine that my body is fuelling itself with my fat.It seems to be working as my clever boy was able to work out that from the 2 lb that I have lost, three quarters of that was fat!
    very pleased with those numbers.

    I live in a city that is surrounded by hills. Unfortunately my place of work is up one of them. It takes me about 45 minutes, but I will allow an hour when term starts, so that I don’t have to rush. Hopefully I will have lost 7 lb and more inches by then, so less lard to haul around too. I have arthritis in my foot which will no doubt feel much better with less of me as well.

    I wear layers too. I don’t want to get to work all hot and sweaty, but even on a chilly day I have often taken off my coat along the way.

    Hi Beldyboop,
    I am not working and it can be a challenge to fill the time on a FD. I am so desperate to fill the time that I am working my way through all of those dull jobs.I have just bought 4 pairs of cotton trousers a size smaller, which are in the sale and will be the right size when I lose the lard. I am trying on that skirt and various dresses every few days. I can see an improvement which spurs me on to keep the faith and just keep going.

    Good morning, Annette52

    I’ve enjoyed looking at these posts. I have been pretty good with the scales the first two months of the 5:2, but have definitely slowed this month. Really, the scales just help keep me accountable long term, to ensure I’m not doing something like gaining 10 lbs. in a month.

    Now my tape measure is getting as wonky as my scales. I try to measure my neck and waist at the same place each time, but just a little bit up or down can mess up the figures. I got excited a few times in the past few weeks where I thought I lost 1/4 inch or so on the waist, only to remeasure and discover that wasn’t true. But who knows for sure?

    So now, I am starting to find that, although I will keep weighing in and measuring with a tape, the best measure of success is the old clothing that was too small to fit. My body hates to try to squeeze into tight clothes, and for years on end, I’ve had to keep buying the next size up. I’ve lost about 25 lbs. since starting 5:2 (and have about 100 more to go) and at the end of last month, my clothes had become too loose to keep wearing on a regular basis. I dug out my older clothes that I had just put away last year and tried everything on. Some were still way too tight, others were ugly and I didn’t want, and a lot more actually either fit or “almost fit.” I kept out the fits and almosts and put them in my closet and drawers. I also hid the now oversized clothes on a shelf, putting away just the trousers for now.

    I called it a “transition phase” between XXL to XL, and from 46s to 44s. Of course, even though clothing may have the same size label, there are still different sizes. The 44s I hung in my closet were OK, maybe hugging a little tight, but fine to wear. I realized the pair I put on today felt more than OK; they feel quite comfortable. I think that by this weekend, I may need to dig out the “too tight” 44s and see how they feel again.

    This is great encouragement when things seem to slow numerically. I had forgotten about doing this. Thank you!

    Welcome NorthGeorgia,

    You should be delighted with the 25lbs lost-great achievement!

    I completely understand the problems with the scales and the tape measure. Clothes seem to ‘show’ where the improvement is when the scales and the tape measure sometimes don’t. The real challenge is to keep the faith when nothing seems to show any change.

    My friend, who had a similar amount to lose, got very demoralised when the scales were not showing any change. I pointed out that her skirt had become longer, so her shape must be changing, and it was. Skirts were becoming longer until they almost slid off!

    Hello all. I’ve been following this list for awhile, but haven’t posted, mostly because my fasting wasn’t going all that well. But Covid 19 gave me a bit of a shake-up, since I’m in my early 60s and have high blood pressure. I decided to give fasting another go.

    So far I’ve lost 10 lbs. which gets me half way to my goal weight. I see my physician next week for my yearly physical and have my fingers crossed that the blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down a bit.

    Annette, you inspired me to try my first 24 hour fast yesterday! I only had a few hungry bouts and a light dinner kept me under 500 kcal. This morning the scale showed half a pound down. Hoping it will again tomorrow morning. Otherwise I’ve mostly been following Dr. Mosely’s Fast 800 plan–the 5:2 part where I eat in a 15-16 hour window, do 800 kcal. twice a week, and try to go light on the processed carbs. That’s not too hard in summer with all the fresh veggies and fruit. But I’m going to try another 24 hour fast later in the week since I’d like to lose another half pound before I have to get on the doctor’s scale.

    I haven’t tried on the too small clothes yet. I’d like to get a few pounds further down before I do. My clothes want a major sorting–right now all different sizes are scrunched into my closet. Haven’t sorted them in a few years since I kept telling myself I’d lose weight before I did so, and never did.

    Anyway, you all have been keeping my spirits up, unbeknownst.

    Hello Minnesota Miss
    Welcome and thank you for your comments. Sometimes when I post, it feels like it’s just for my own benefit. I look at several threads, but rarely post on them
    Well done on the 10 lb loss, which is s great achievement. Glad that you found the 24 hour fast quite ok too. The though of it is far worse than the reality I find.
    Get the clothes out and just try them on. You may be surprised at what you can wear now.
    If I had one piece of advice it is don’t weigh more than once a week, with a clothes try on.
    Weight is only one part of the picture. If you add in reducing inches and an overall downward trajectory with a healthy waist measurement, that is a far more accurate assessment of success.
    Keep posting with how it’s all going and I hope all goes well with your check up.

    Second post…

    Well, had time just now to look at the three pairs of trousers in the drawer. One pair fits now! A little snug, but they go into the closet! The other two wouldn’t, but upon closer observation, they are 42s. I’m just now transitioning into 44s from 46s, so that makes me happy.

    North Georgia
    Great news! You must be thrilled.
    Are there any changes that you can make to your diet on the non fast days?

    I have made a series of swops, from something that is not so healthy to something that is healthier. I like salad, so rather than have chips with something I have salad.

    I am also aiming to have one meal a day that doesn’t have chips/rice/pasta/bread in it either.

    I like chocolate, biscuits, cake and ice cream but I also know that if I buy any, I will eat it. So I avoid the aisles they are on and don’t buy them. I do but fruit that I like instead.

    I used to make my own meusli for breakfast which was full of dried fruit. One day I estimated how much sugar was in it all and the figure was shocking. Now I make my own granola, full of seeds instead and much better.

    As this is not a diet but a way of life, I am looking at making healthier swops on the non fast days so that I can both shrink over the coming months and then maintain that when I am a healthy weight for my height.

    Incremental steps.

    Hi there,!

    I didn’t have a great FD yesterday, some biscuits got in the way πŸ™

    Today has started off better, just trying to forget hunger.

    I have thin Miso soup to keep me going. Since I hit peri-menopause try to make each mouthful count, I can be a terror with biscuits, but mainly eat plain greek yoghurt, lentils, hallumi/feta cheese, avocado, vegetables, some fruit, not bread, pasta etc…I also eat tuna/sardines.

    Certain food don’t grace my cupboards as would just become a permanent ‘party’:)
    e.g biscuits, crisps, bread (as would eat toast) also have to be careful with nut butter.

    Online work (teaching) so dress my upper half, not the bottom! it’s great, as no-ones sees the love handles, and tummy..

    Back to back today and tomorrow, keeping busy and mindful..

    Hello Beldyboop,

    Biscuits are tyrants aren’t they? I can’t have them in the house. Don’t beat yourself up, it really doesn’t help. Plan how you can avoid the little devils.

    Maybe play around with the fast days? I find that skipping lunch and dinner is far easier for me than eating at lunch time. Have you tried it? I also find Jason Fung on You Tube very inspirational and that really helps when I am fasting. I am planning another 24 hours later in the week, with a whole list of jobs lined up to fill the time.

    I read somewhere that a Japanese company had designed pyjamas that looked like office wear on the top and pyjamas on the bottom. Genius.

    I operate on a one day at a time approach. I struggled yesterday with skipping lunch and dinner because I didn’t have enough to occupy me and I was in a funny mood. I took myself off for a long walk and listened to podcasts. When I got back I had used up 2 hours and just had 2 more to go before I ate. I set myself a series of little tasks and got to 24 hours.

    I have been food shopping this morning so will be eating salmon and prawns with salad which I love. I also like quiche but instead of having half, it will be a normal portion of a quarter.Portion control with some food is clearly out of control.

    I had a little try on of clothes this morning and although someone has shoved a bowling ball under my skin, clothes are starting to look better.Not sure how they are going to look when term starts, but they will look considerably better than they did when I tried them on a few weeks ago.

    Quick check in just to say I’m currently at 20+hours of my fast so should make 24 hours!!
    Been watching YouTube videos about fasting and need to reassess the type of carbs I eat!

    Well done Iona. Keep going, nearly there.

    Looking forward to hearing about it later and about the carbs.

    Where you watching Jason Fung?

    Still don’t get how some fast days are really easy.
    All I had from 7pm Sunday ’til 1pm Tuesday was tea with milk,no sugar and one Red Bull (of course plenty of water).
    Ate a pork pie tomato and mango chutney wrap at 1pm and had a Snickers bar and now at 6:30pm I have no appetite for my tea.
    And ‘cos I’ve overdone the exercises on my VR headset two days running, I’m too comfortable to get off my sofa to go the kitchen – still got a litre of fizzy water to hand.
    Maybe I’ll surprise myself with the next fast being as easy.

    That is long time!

    It’s weird isn’t it? Some FD seem a breeze and some I find are really up and down. I try to imagine my fat shrinking when I am fasting, which helps me to keep going.

    I think that having a time focus is helping me too. Hopefully comfortable trousers for the start of term.

    Very pleased that I have completed 24 hours of fasting, ending at 6.30pm with a light meal of chicken and salad followed by greek yogurt. I may do the same tomorrow as I find it easier when I’m at work all day.
    I got a new dress in the sale today and it will look a lot better without the belly, so Im going to hang on to it and hopefully will be able to wear it confidently before long!!

    I am a fan of Fung Annette and was thinking about re-reading The Complete Guide to Fasting.

    However the guy I saw on Youtube was just one of those “recommended for you” a guy called Dr Dan Maggs. He gives 14 examples of high carb foods to avoid, some of which I am guilty of relying on. I watched a few more of his videos and I like his simple approach. Not sure if this link will work?


    Keep up the good work everyone and check in soon.

    Well done Iona. It will be lovely to see the dress fitting better over the coming weeks.

    I really like The Obesity Myth by Fung. Really interesting if yo haven’t read it.

    Thanks for the link. Did you ever see That Sugar book? by Damon Gameau? Really interesting read.

    My rule of thumb is if it says ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ it simply doesn’t come home with me as I know that it is pumped full of sugar. I am also looking at portion control.

    I forgot to add Dr Robert Lustig he is a paediatric endocrinologist in the US. He advocates avoiding sugar and eating whole foods. I can’t find the book of his that was my bible. From what I remember, don’t eat anything that comes in a box, avoid the processed and anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise. He has a number of You Tube videos.His approach is that obesity is the result of poor metabolic function that is the result of the sugar in food, both the hidden and that in plain sight.

    I think that I remember Fung saying that if you are dieting then you are only doing half of what is needed and that fasting is the other half.

    My shopping now looks like fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and salad. I am avoiding anything that has been processed and sticking to whole foods. Anything beige to be avoided at all costs.None of us became overweight overnight, so I think that its reasonable to make changes to what we eat every time that we go shopping. I have made some positive changes but there is room for improvement and my plan is to improve those choices each week.

    Just getting dressed and noticed that there is a bilateral indentation just above the waist! I didn’t expect to see any muscular definition for a couple of months.Another pair of trousers that are not straining at the waistband. Delighted.

    The belly is still very much there, but look what 3 weeks of no chocolate, crisps and cake can do. Its clear that without the rubbish and fasting that it is working.

    That will certainly help me to continue with another 24 hour fast tomorrow.

    I have just looked at the sugar content in a tin of baked beans. It’s 9.8g per half a tin! I will either be having half a tin now and again or more scrambled eggs.

    fyi: I’m holding a Heinz no added sugar tin in front of me – per 1/2 tin: 19.6g carbs; 3.9g sugars.
    I usually add Henderson’s Relish πŸ™‚
    mmmmm, I fancy beanz on toast now
    **eatit, sorry, I mean **edit – that was delic! I also added some cubes of double Gloucester cheese – but no santini toms – they’d gone off in my too warm kitchen πŸ™

    Shame I’ve decided to cancel my fast today – but I couln’t eat enough yesterday – i got a raging hunger when I thought about beans on toast, so I went with it – feel somewhat sated now

    I always thought frozen yogurt was healthy but found that had twice the sugar of ice cream!

    Lustig book is Fat Chance and it’s a very interesting read.
    Fast today was just over 18 hours which I’m happy with. mackerel and more salad tonight, I’m already looking forward to being able to eat lunch tomorrow πŸ˜‚
    Will step on the scale and check the tape measure on Friday. I’m off work then and hopefully will get lots packed in. Hedges all need cutting so hopefully the weather will comply.

    I had gained a little from my NFD. I nibbled after 8 pm and only got about six hours of sleep, so my own fault! On my FD today and doing well. At one point, I found myself standing up and rebuckuling my trousers and… WHAT? Wow, I can tighten this belt to the next smallest notch…woohoo! I only have been able to start wearing this size belt again last month.

    I am looking at NFD choices. Right now, I think my major pitfall is stuff in the refrigerator that will spoil if not eaten, which leads to overconsumption of goodies. If I can move some low calorie healthy things into the diet on those days, it will help. I love avocados, nuts, fruit, and whole grains yet tend to steer clear of those on FDs due to the calorie count. I thought about it yesterday as I ate one of three bananas already getting speckled. “Do I even need to buy bananas when our garden is producing an oversupply of cantaloupes with just about the same amount of potassium and fewer calories? Duh!!”

    So, my first step is housekeeping. Buy healthy and buy what you will consume. Use the vegetables and lean meats already in the freezer to prepare something delicious. Instead of leaving huge quantities of leftovers in the refrigerator, leave a little, freeze a little, and give away a little. If I can get into that habit, that will be a major first step to better cooking and eating management.

    Thank you, Iona. I think that I am going to have to get another copy, such a good book. I also have The Obesity Myth-Jason Fung on my kindle which I must find, charge and read!

    Well done on the fasting. It sounds as if its all going well and you seem very positive.

    I am playing around with what I eat the evening before a 24 hour fast.Last week it was pasta before and at the end, but I don’t think that I need that. Last night dinner was a portion of cold salmon, 2 tomatoes, cucumber and some cole slaw, finished with fruit. I really enjoy it. Today I am skipping breakfast and lunch and will have the same for dinner.

    I am so thrilled with the little bit of muscular definition at the side of my waist, that it as spurred me on to try and reduce this bowling ball belly a bit faster. On my sons fancy scales that measure fat percentage I was 44%, I am now 40.8%, which means that I am obese. The goal is to get to 35% for my age and sex.One of the things that is spurring me on is I am trying to get into the 30s this weekend.

    I have been looking at the hidden sugar in my diet(baked beans) and trying to reduce that too, so that should help to reduce my fat percentage and my belly. Not blessed with much patience, I am hoping to be able to do up that skirt at the end of this month. I don’t think that I will be able to move or breathe, but the goal is purely the zip!

    North Georgia,
    Lovely to hear from you and the fantastic news of the next notch on your belt.

    I did exactly the same as you and looked at the contents of the fridge and what needed to be eaten. I now shop every couple of days for the next few days and that has made life much easier. I know what I am having when.

    Menu planning is key. Have a look at what is in the freezer and then plan every day what you are going to eat for 3 meals. Then think about what you are going to eat on a FD. I find it easier on a FD to skip both breakfast and lunch. I keep busy and stay out of the kitchen, only popping into make a cup of tea.

    It sounds as if the contents of the freezer and the produce from the garden will feed you for quite some time! Just be mindful of portion size and put food on a smaller plate, then you don’t feel cheated about the amount.

    If I make a bolognaise for 4 or stew for 8, then I lay out those take-away boxes and fill them with how many portions it is for. Each portion did look small, but then the boxes are designed to be filled with take away food. If you label it and pop it in the freezer, then you will always have a meal for another day, and you will know what is in it.

    I really like salmon. It comes in 2 portions and I cook them both at the same time, and eat one and put the other in the fridge to have the next day. I have it with salad. Its an easy meal to prepare, is good for me and I like it.

    Keep us posted on how the freezer sort goes and meal planning has worked out for you, and of course, the belt on the trousers!

    Hi Annette – I do feel positive, and I checked the tape a day early……. and half an inch has gone which I’m very pleased with. We are having dinner at a friends house over the weekend so that will test my resolve!! Weirdly I’m looking forward to my 24 hour fasts next week already.
    Good work North Georgia, I love bananas but Dr Maggs say keep away from them, like most tropical fruit actually. I’ve been enjoying apples instead this week. I’ve had a meal of leftovers from the freezer today, paprika chicken with 3 beans, it was great, need to do some batch cooking as I’m running low now.

    Fabulous Iona!
    I have just finished my 24 hour fast. The morning was fine but I had wobble at lunch time with not much to do, but phoned a friend and managed to keep going. Out walking with a friend this afternoon and cookies were offered but I managed to decline and wait until dinner. Mostly it was fine, but I was pleased to have kept going.

    I might get the tape measure out tomorrow too.

    I couldn’t resist trying the tape measure this morning. I have lost half an inch/ 1.5 CMS approx off each thigh, which brings up the running total to 5 inches or approx 13 CMS all over.

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