First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Well jealous of your holiday,symba. Good luck for next week back on the wagon. X

    Welcome back Symba!
    Jump back on the wagon – you have done really well to stay at your pre- break weight so you must have been doing something right 🙂

    Hi Symba!

    It sounds like it’s going really well ~ congrats!

    Aud xx

    PS I bought my first pair of skinny jeans! Size 14 still, I’m thrilled!

    Well I am a newbie and unable to find where I posted yesterday. It was only my first day and obviously I am now going to have a feed day but I lost 3 pounds yesterday. I wasn’t hungry, I had lovely food and feel very motivated not to go over the top today. I will have an official weigh in on Friday as I always weigh in then, I really hope this will work for me as I am fed up to my back teeth of counting points, syns, calories and anything else really. I will report back on Friday! hopefully with a good weight loss. A couple of pounds would be fantastic. I love reading these posts, they are very inspiring and I hope I am one of the success stories as well

    Well done franksd!

    (I know what you mean about finding your own posts, scroll up to the top of the internet page… look at the right hand side… it should say ‘Your profile and forum activity’ – you get sent to a page that has exactly that *g* if you look on the links on the left, you’ll see a line that says ‘Topics started’ or something, click on that.. hopefully you will find your post, good luck!)

    And fed up of counting Points, etc.? I hear you, SO happy not to be doing that anymore.

    All the best for Friday,

    Aud xx

    Thanks. Apprehensive about it but doing what it says on the tin

    Wow symba7, I come on here to read threads like yours to help develop my own motivation. I really enjoyed reading about your progress, setbacks and feelings about it all. So helpful for someone like me starting out. Thanks for sharing it.

    I presume that you have found the very act of posting your progress on here helpful? If so how?

    Hi everybody,

    A nightmare week….having to sort my daughters rented flat out, so no Fast day Monday…waiting in for a delivery Thursday so missed two days swimming. Went out Wednesday to pub, drinks, chedders and chocolate so so naughty.

    I am feeling really hungry after eating AI on holiday, so really bad week with no motivation! In my head good, but hand to mouth is doing its own thing! So I have had three months sort of off now and Xmas, illness and new baby in Dubai now this holiday has really upset my positive thoughts. So hubby follows me so he isn’t good either!

    I think I will have to read my own blog from the beginning and shake me back on a positive line, and shake my hubby also.

    Audrich…skinny jeans well done, I bet you look and feel great……I am still in mine but a bit snug.

    Lindyw… I think a few pounds have gone on this time..a bit annoyed really We were doing well.

    Franksd and Kampernaut welcome to the forum, you are giving me the determination to get back and focused, Thanks.

    Fast Day Monday is another week! I WILL BE THERE, HUBBY WILL BE THERE. Weigh in week Friday

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

    I have just read my blog, I have realised how well we have done……as reading I am going through and discussing things with my husband…reminding him the walking around the village has stopped….the swimming must start again…..and good Fast Days.

    He agrees totally…but he says it really has been a busy three months! ….It happens…..but we have to get focused now!

    18 weeks…..33 fasts

    We have had three months off due to Christmas, illness and two holidays.

    A nightmare week to get back on track, we agained 6 lbs each on this all eat all drink holiday. So hungry every day after eating as we did.
    Although cutting back this week and only doing one fast day and no excerise we have lost weight. Thanks for kind responses as it has got us back on board!

    I have lost 3lbs, 25lbs off

    Hubby has also lost 3lbs, so also 25lbs

    Really pleased now to see it moving again, after seeing holiday pictures there are a few more pounds than we thought to move!!
    A good picture does the world to get you on the 5.2 again!

    Yey symba7. Glad to hear you’re back on track.

    Thanks Kampernaut….feeling very positive.

    Well done, Symba 7 – maybe your ‘time off’ did you some good, 3lbs GREAT!!

    Aud x

    19 Weeks….after 35 Fasts

    Another week without excerise …due to decorating …just too busy and is now coming to an end. We managed the two fast days this week, managed quite well. I really do think the excerise helps inches/weight to move.

    I lost 1lb this week….26 lb altogether

    Hubby also lost 1lb this week…26 lb altogether

    Well it’s nice to know the weights moving again and back on track, it gives you motivation to push on, and start looking for new summer clothes!

    Hi Symba,

    I think that decorating counts as exercise for sure. Well done to you and your hubby, I can only dream of a 26lb loss at the moment, but still hanging in there.

    New summer clothes sounds wonderful. I had to go support-tight shopping on Saturday (that’s the extent of my new clothes, LOL) but I was inspired by the lovely dresses and outfits I hope I might get into someday 🙂

    Good luck this week ~
    Aud x

    Thanks Aud…I am sure you are pulling yourself down…it’s slow journey but we will all get there!

    Jean x

    Just popped in to say WHAT A GREAT INSPIRATIONAL STORY keep up the good work, sense of humour and your spirit! You both did amazing job and should be proud of yourselves. I know I wouldn’t keep fasting on holidays and illness makes it difficult too. Keep posting please as reading your story got my spirit up, made me giggle and in doubtful times made me carry on. Big hugs for both of you. Xxx

    Thanks Issu! Back on track and back swimming. I am glad if I can help anyone. We will all get there…..


    20 Weeks……. after 37 fasts.

    We have had a good Fast week and we did our 2 sessions of swimming, although a bit slower than normal.
    Its about 10 weeks since our last swimming due to different commitments, and my broken finger! So back on track there. We had lunch out, and an evening dinner out with alcohol this week.

    I think when you excerise I think it puts you in a very focused frame of mind…why excerise and then expect results.

    I have stayed the same this week, so still 26lbs off.

    Hubby lost 1lb this week, 27lbs off.

    A bit disappointed for me, so no chips and cake this week!!

    Hi Symba,

    Sorry about no chips and cake (I’ll say it quickly) and wish you better results this week.

    Aud x

    21 Weeks ……after 39 Fasts

    I am hitting a plateau no weight lost over three weeks, I can’t seem to get it moving. A bit disappointing, I am wondering if my body is at the weight it is happy with? I would really like another 7 lbs off, so I will have to wait and see on who wins the battle!!!

    So no weight loss for me, but stayed the same at 26lbs off.

    Hubby loss 1lb, he has now 27lb off. ( my adding up went wrong last week!)

    Although away this weekend it was a bit heavy on the eating and alcohol. We really felt ill with heartburn during the night, we can not eat and drink like we used to, we both said we deserved being ill!!! But it was a good break and we enjoyed ourselves.

    We are still hoping for a weight loss. We are back swimming, walking and hoping to have a good fast week with thoughtful food in between Fasting.

    Hi Symba, you can get back on track……you have done it before…..see how far you can push it before Easter. My friend always says “You are never there until you are there” meaning even if you are just 1lb away from goal, you are still not there yet. Just think how far you have come and how much of an inspiration you have been to us readers. Well done !!!!

    Thanks Bosh, I or we will keep going

    symba7, plateaus are very tough, emotionally — all that hard work and nothing to show for it! They can make me nuts! I am fortunate, my doctor tells me that weight loss just works that way, for some unknown reason there are plateaus, but, if you keep following a plan that has worked for you, the weight loss will re-start again, and, so far, that has been true for me (almost 30 pounds lost in 30 weeks of the FastDiet plus walking). I hope and trust it will work out for you, too 🙂

    Thanks franfit for your kind words, you are right it’s worked up to now my body must be having a rest, there is no reason why it shouldn’t start again.

    We are having a good week and I must go carefully over the weekend, cut back like I do during the week even if it’s for a couple of weeks, no wine and treats.

    Sometimes we need to push our body that tiny bit more, but you will get there in no time, only 7 lbs to go! Be proud of yourself and do whatever you normally do as it works for you 🙂 did you look at your TDEE recently? Just be patient ( easier said then done I know) when we get closer to the goal it gets a bit harder. And think about it. Even if you lose half a pound a week it` s still 26 pounds less in a whole year! Take care! Xxx

    Cheers Issu

    22 Weeks….41 fasts

    Good news my plateau of three weeks has moved….pulled in the belt and thought about what we have been eating, maybe slipping a bit to old ways, maybe portions getting a bit larger! Only good thing about the plateau was no weight gain… although I didn’t think that way while going through it!

    My weight loss this week 2lbs off, 28 lbs off really really glad to be on the move again.

    Hubby Lost 0lbs, 27lbs to date, he seems to be alternating loose one week and stay the same the next.
    He’s OK with that as long as its a going down and not putting on.

    Another challenge this week, away for 4 days, hopefully keeping food in check, swimming before we leave on Monday and it will be a Friday swim instead of Thursday. Keeping fingers crossed for a good week.

    Hi Symba7,
    We are hoping to follow your good examples having started last Monday the 17th of March. So next Monday, having finished 1 week and 2 fasts, we will have a weigh in and start a diary like yours.
    It is so helpful to read your posts! Thank you.

    Hi rbc,

    Good luck to you both, Hubby wasn’t going to join me at the beginning but changed his mind, I am so glad he did. He saw the Michael Mosley picture, big belly to a smaller one!
    Hope the weigh in goes well.

    Have just been reading through this thread, it really is so inspiring to read right through all those losses. Just chip chip chippin away. what a great success you have both had!

    Thanks Monkeyslim,

    It proves it works if you give it a chance. Good luck to you.

    Hi Symba,

    Great that your plateau has moved along, good luck this week!

    Aud x

    Thanks Audrich, I am very pleased but we have been naughty had a large bar of chocolate each, only the second time since July….it was really nice….it’s nice to fit some bits and pieces in and the odd wine or two!! And continue on. Back on target after tonight’s meal..more thoughtful food for the week.

    Hopefully for me last 7 lbs to go!

    Good luck to yourself.

    1 week 2 fasts rbc and hmr have lost 1 kilo each.

    Question, anyone out there from Belair or Blackwood in Adelaide? Would love to get together with similar minded people with regards to the fast.

    rbc 🙂

    Really well done rbc and hmr…good loss

    Thank you Symba7! Oh my goodness! My cup of tea and toast with honey tastes so good this morning after yesterday’s fast! (fast 3):-)

    23 Weeks and after 43 fasts,

    A bad week for us, 4 days break away and had 4 meals out, 2 bars of chocolate, I came back with a really bad cold, a great believer in lots of hot toddies so I think I have turned a corner health wise. Only managed 1 swimming session. At least the plateau has moved up and down!

    I have put 2lbs on, 26lbs off to date

    Hubby also 2lbs on, 25lbs off to date

    Disappointed but we know why, if you eat you put on….if you eat less and fast you loose! Simples!

    Hi symba,

    I’ve had similar experiences. In fact, I now accept that short breaks or longer holidays, and in my case a major project either to do with work or relating to the MA I’m doing, will mean putting 5:2 on temporary hold, whether you plan to or not.

    The first time it happened I and hubby were at a similar stage to you two. We put on 2lbs each, but after 2-3 weeks back on 5:2 these disappeared. On our most recent holiday, neither of us gained weight at all, thanks largely to a lot of walking which clearly burnt off the extra calories. Also, it’s normal, and even sensible, to let yourself fall off the wagon with a bad cold – I’m still getting over mine. I’m pretty sure that the Fast Diet book advises us not to try fasting when unwell.

    You are both doing amazingly well. I’m envious. I’m a bit of a plateau queen, the record being 5 months without losing an ounce. It’s taken me nearly 14 months to lose 22 lbs, but it’s stayed off (a first!) and there have been several very good general health spin-offs.

    Thanks Herma for your thoughts….we are still on track with a few hicups on the way!

    24 Weeks, after 45 fasts.

    Although having Mothers Day feast with my daughter this week, we have had a good week. The cold is still about so no excerise at all, which was a shame, hoping to start again Monday if I can breathe!

    Rounding up the last three months for us both, we stopped for Christmas festivities, and Christmas week we ripped the kitchen out and due to the installation costs we both over two months put the new one in! Our new Grandaughter was born in Dubai January so we were away helping out…coming back to recover went on the AI holiday to Morocco. So we have maintained our weight within a pound or so, which I think is good. We are now back on track to loose some more.

    I have lost 1lb this week, 27lb off so far

    Hubby lost 2lbs this week, 27lbs off so far….he is very pleased.

    Hubby is getting close to the scales going to the next big number down, when he’ll be jumping around the garden!

    25 Weeks…47 fasts,

    We both had a good week, two swimming sessions and a couple of 30 mins walk around the village.
    Easter is coming and hope not to put on, away for 4 nights and with friends. A couple of house visits and meals this coming week.

    We both have stayed the same this week at 27lbs off.

    Although we both would like another 7 lbs off, we seem to be maintaining at this weight. Our daughter came to visit and she thinks we should stay as we are, she thinks we both look good without looking gaunt. The 2 stone off each has made a lot of difference. We are going to continue on the 5.2 because we are now used to it and don’t want to get fat again!…….but IF we loose more it would be good….if we stay about what we are we are OK also…..we will see.

    Hi symba,

    Just popping by to say enjoy your break away and well done to you and your hubby for keeping those pounds off.

    Maybe you’ll plateau for a while and then it will start to creep off again?

    Good luck!

    Aud x

    Hi Symba, I’ve started the 5:2 today and I just wanted to say thank you! Reading through your online diary is so encouraging and motivating. I’m tempted to start my own diary to log my progress!

    Thanks Audrich..I think you are right we will keep doing the same and if any weight moves all well and good.

    Hi Kelly…welcome to the forum and good luck to your journey…I think it’s good to do a blog, I have looked at ours a few times it gives you a boost when things are not going good or hitting the plateau. Keep focused.

    Just looking at my 25 weeks…half a year! And feeling much better!

    Just checking in every month now,

    We are both maintaining weight, it goes up 2lb and down again. Both have still lost 28lbs / 2stone. It’s now 10 months on and we are very pleased with the out come. It has been quite easy…OK a bit hard some times on Fast Days…but we keep busy, go out away from food and it soon gets to dinner time!

    We are still on 5.2, swimming seems to have stopped but really would like to start holidays (too busy) and away a couple of times a month gets in the way…excuses!! But must start again.

    I am back to my weight of 43 years ago so I am very happy, ( when I was 22 years old ) my fat short round body and with a few double chins……. is now tall slim and leggy, wearing skinny jeans, my daughter who I hadn’t seen for awhile said ” I know exactly what you mean you look so different, really great”

    Good Luck to you all

    Hi Fast Friends,

    We have been off the plan for about the 7 months and thought I would check back in.

    We maintained from April till August, then went on a cruise. Things started to go down hill. Hubby has been waiting for a double partial knee surgery which he had done in October. So the old eating started again and excerise stopped, our walking and swimming!! We put about half the weight back on!!

    We have started big time again on the 5.2, no more excuses we have finished our first week. Hubby has the all clear for swimming so we did one session last week, a tester for him and some steady walking.

    Week 1……After 2 fasts

    I lost 2 lbs, I have been eating thoughtfully for a few weeks, good result on 5.2

    Hubby lost 6 lb , maybe a good bit of water lost but very pleased

    Back on track and hopefully the weight will move like last time. We must get back to the excerise as I think it really helps moving the fat!


    1 Week, 2 Fasts, 4 lbs lost

    Hi Symba!

    I just read your posts for the first time today – I’m glad you’re back! Your posts (as everyone continually told you over the last year+) are really inspiring.

    It’s lucky for me that you and your husband are back here for me to compare notes with. I just started the 5:2 this week. I fasted weird days this week (Tues and Saturday); hoping to do Monday and Thursdays from now on.

    My husband is going to join me from now on. He’s a lot better at sticking to diet routines and exercise. I’m hoping his dedication will rub off on me a bit.

    My fast days haven’t been so bad. It’s just difficult in the evenings when you’re sat around with the telly on. Hard not to snack! Trying to fill up on warm sugar-free squash tonight. 🙂

    I’m nearly 30, but heavier than I’ve ever been before. We’re hoping to start a family soon, and I want to be as healthy as possible before that kind of life changing event, ha. I would like to lose three stone this year, maybe a bit more after that if all goes well.

    Please keep up the posts! I’ll do my best to do the same. x

    Hi SLexOr,

    A good 4 lb loss for you. I would get your Hubby on board I really thinks it helps if he will. Thanks for your views on my blog it even helps me to go and back and have another look.

    Try and do some excerise that pushes the weight off and tones you up. When we slowed the excerise down the pounds off really slowed down to a stop!

    I have just bought a sleep and step/movement band that’s quite encouraging me on. It buzzes me if I am idle for 30 mins which I set it at, I am doing 13000 steps to 14000 steps a day, It’s finding the right thing for yourself.

    Good Luck

    My Thoughts this week,

    Had a good Fast Day on Monday, and really pushing some excerise this week, swimming and trying to doing at least 14000 steps a day or about that. See if it makes a difference on Friday weigh in…I hope it’s more than the 1 lb off I usually settle at…..

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