First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Morning All,

    Friday morning and first week weigh in day.

    I talked my husband in to joining me with this diet, after I had shown him this forum, I thought I have tried most diets over the years so why not another one! Although I could see what Dr Mosley was getting at in his book, I thought we will see give it a month! If no results we will go back to healthy eating and portion control.

    We have been healthy eating for a few months and also lost a few pounds, the weight was still up and down. Both at 64 years and retired, the weights has gone up for the last 4 years. I need to get 2 stone off and husband 3 stone.

    The first week has gone really well. The fast days were fine a few rumbling tummies around noon, filled up on water. We both like breakfast and dinner and stayed within allowance. The normal days we have decided to eat three meals a day without any snacking. Our red wine which we enjoy in the evening we now take with our evening meal. No biscuits or chocolate this is our downfall!! And husband is very good he eats what I give him and asks me before he eats anything during the week.

    We try and have a 30 mins walk every day ( we both have walking difficulties) so not very quick, and also two 1 hour sessions at the swimming baths.

    I have lost 3 lbs and husband has lost 4 lbs. Really Really pleased.

    I only expected a pound each and thought 2 would be good.

    We are away for a 4 day break next week and I am hoping to keep us to the plan, looking forward to next Friday weigh in.

    The only thing which I have struggled with is keeping off the scales, I normally weigh myself every day, so to wait a week is sooooo very hard, still it was a very good result well worth waiting for.

    2nd week weigh in, after 4 fasts.

    We was away for 4 days but kept up the best we could. We managed to continued with two sessions at the swimming baths. A bit more tourist walking around cities, slowly!

    We both have lost 2 lbs this week, so both very pleased.

    Husband now 6 lbs off.
    I have now 5 lbs off.

    Wonderful results for both of you! It took 2 months for my OH to join me, but watching me “shrink” while enjoying normal meals 5 days a week convinced him. After 4 months I’m down 16 lbs, he lost 11 lbs in 2 months.
    Good luck to you!

    3rd Week weigh in after 6 fasts.

    We had a 80th birthday party this week, unfortunately 2 plates of buffet and 2 plates of puddings, and 2 wines, each, it was so lovely to miss.

    Husband 0 lbs loss, he must of had a extra piece of cake!! 6 lbs off up to date.
    I have 1lb off this week. 6lbs to date.

    We didn’t do our three, half an hour walks this week, so up the excerise this week, to get the weight moving. I would like 2lbs off next Friday.

    Well done both of you, I am 10 weeks in and 19lb down so it does keep coming off, up and down some weeks but well worth keeping it up and you can enjoy the odd “day off”, went to a ruby wedding last weekend and pigged out (best bitter being my “sin”) but still lost 2lb that week 🙂

    That’s amazing Bigfella, 19lb is great, we will keep chasing you and catch you at your goal!

    Maybe by Xmas!

    4th week weigh in after 8 fasts, and a monthly measure.

    First month gone very well and both very pleased.

    I have lost another 1 lb off this week, now 7 lb off
    I have also lost 6 1/2 inches around my body measurements………..2 1/2 off my waist.

    Husband lost 2 lb this week, now 8 lb off, he also has lost 3 inches off his waist……..his only measurement, he is delighted.

    Things have gone quite well, both feeling hungry a bit late on the fast day, also very thirsty on the day after although both drinking lots of water. Still if the pounds are going down that’s OK.

    Wow that’s fantastic symba7 – well done – and the 2.5 inches off your waist must make a real difference (can’t wait until my clothes start feeling a bit more comfortable!)

    Not yet had my first weigh in but 2 fast days down and feeling motivated.


    Hi Cath,

    Yes all my clothes are starting to fit and a bit loose, from a couple of decent outfits what fit when going out, now lots to choose from……..more of a nightmare ….but nice!

    Good luck to you

    5th week after 10 fasts.

    A bit of a busy week, two restaurant meals out and a Chinese take away in, and guests down to eat another day !!( she is now joining us on the 5.2. !)

    I have lost another 1 lb…. 8 lb off altogether

    Husband lost 2 lb….10 lb off altogether

    How we have lost this weight I don’t know, thought we might have gained.

    We are now on holiday for two weeks, hoping to keep the same. A bit more alcohol about! For the first time ever…..I am taking my bathroom scales for the weekly weigh in!

    Well done to you all. With a loss of 6 pounds in first month, I have a way to go to get to you, but I’ll keep going, thanks to you!!

    I managed 3lb in week 1, but had done a fair bit of eating out and I was away for the Bank Holiday so delighted.

    Completed 2 more fast days since then so fingers crossed for Monday weigh in 🙂

    6th Week after 12 fasts

    On our two weeks holiday, and one week in on weigh in Friday.

    I have taken my bathroom scales as we are lucky enough to have two holidays a month, but can be a nightmare if trying to loose weight!

    I have lost 2 lbs this week taking the weight lost to 10 lbs

    My husband lost 3 lbs taking his weight loss to 13 lbs

    We was hoping to stay the same but really pleased at the loss. We have managed to do our two swimming sessions and a bit more general walking around towns. So another holiday week ahead and hopefully as good!

    Well done, keep up the good work.

    7th Week after 14 fasts

    Just finished our two week holiday and did Friday weigh in.

    I have lost 1 lb more…… making it 11 lb

    Husband also lost the same 1 lb …….making him 14 lbs

    We are both very pleased and still very positive. Clothes on both of us are getting very loose but no buying until Christmas. My belt on my jeans is three holes tighter!

    very impressive results, well done to you both, at this rate you will need new outfits before christmas, i wish id logged my journey when i first started, its always good to be able to look back at your progress, keep on going xx

    Thanks Fast for Life

    You and your husband should be commended. Congratulations! And just think of the good you are doing to your internal organs and your cells! Way to go!

    Keep posting here to let us know how you are getting on.

    Thanks Melinda!

    It’s the monthly measure day Friday so keeping fingers crossed? I will keep posting.

    8th week and after 16 fasts

    After 2 months on 5.2, both feeling very good and positive. It’s getting very much a way of life, noticing now leaving some food on plate because of feeling full, including last nights Fast Day food! Alcohol is down on what we were drinking. Biscuits and cakes our downfall are now only treats at cafe’s or when visiting friends or family. So we have some but not many.

    This week weigh in and monthly measure,
    I have lost 1 lb making it 12 lb lost………3″ off my waist…..2″ off hips……9″ of fat off altogether all over my body!

    My husband 1 lb off making it 15 lbs……… As he says a large bag of potatoes!
    also 4″ off his waist his only measurement.

    I am getting into clothes I haven’t had on in ages, two pair of favourite jeans which have been put away as too tight, I started wearing I was really pleased, now have been put away in the fat pile! I looked like a sack of spuds! My belt is now 4 holes tighter.

    Husband wearing his shirt the other day,I told him to take off it looked like a long flappy dress, with him loosing his belly it was hanging longer!

    Still these are the good signs which we are all waiting for. Still pushing for Xmas before buying new clothes and staying wearing the older clothes we are now creeping into!

    Oh well done Symba7, so pleased the plan is working for you both. I’m due a weigh in tomorrow, nearly always do it on a Saturday morning. I agree it is a temptation to keep jumping on the scales, but can be a bit disappointing when weight loss doesn’t show. Keep up the good work!


    Thanks Ann, good luck for tomorrow

    Inspiring, really great going symba7 and hubby!!
    Can’t quite believe I’m 6 fasts/3 weeks in with 7 lbs/5 inches off, feeling bright & breezy and looking forward to getting out of my ‘kaftan-wear’.
    Here’s to our ongoing success.

    Thanks Lozlex,

    We have to keep going forward and keeping positive, getting this weight off and getting healthy.

    Good Luck to you.

    9th week after 18 fasts

    I have lost the usual 1lb making the weight lost 13 lbs

    Husband lost 2 lb making his weight loss 17 lbs

    We are both looking a lot better. We both had a try on of clothes unbelievably ALL my clothes I am getting into and now getting loose! Some of these must be 5 or 6 years old all not worn much always trying to get into them. I think on loosing some more weight I shall move these to a charity shop and buy just enought to wear without going over the top and having wardrobes full of unworn clothes!
    My husband has a fat end of his wardrobe with the other end his old slim self, he is also getting into most of his clothes, some still a bit snug but getting there. He has a bit more to loose than me.

    10th week after 20 fasts,

    I have lost 1 lb making it 14 lbs

    Husband lost 0 lbs this week keeping his weight the same at 17 lbs

    He is a bit disappointed this week but in 10 weeks it is only his second time of not loosing. We have done nothing different so it’s one of those things. We are both within half a stone of our target, so the weight may be slower.

    Well done to you both! The book says to expect to lose an average of 1 pound a week so you’ve both exceeded that! Tell your hubby to keep up the good work and not be discouraged. I’m on my first week, it’s not been as hard as I’d expected and I’m looking forward to my first weigh-in on Monday, Im hoping to 2 pounds but would be happy with 1.

    woohoo symba7, how great for you to hit the 1 stone milestone, the last half stone for you both is just around the corner!!

    I’m now 10lbs lighter after 11 fasts/5 weeks.

    Good luck cc79, this really is a brilliant way of life.


    ı want to start tomorrrow mornıng. bu t ı need your advice.
    24 hours or 36 hoıurs.
    which one?

    Hi Ossi, I wondered about this too so I decided to try 36 hr and see how I got on and could change if too difficult. I’ve only done 2 days but 36hr working ok for me I was surprised how well I managed. My advice would be to try 36 first because the results are quicker. All the best and keep us posted.

    11th week, after 22 fasts,

    I have stayed the same this week so 0 lbs but still 1 stone off

    Husband has done 1 lb making his weight loss 18 lbs

    Had a busy week, away for three days at the weekend, a bit more naughty eating and drinking and eating fish and chips which was lovely!

    This coming week again away for four days, a bit of a heavy weekend ahead! So we will try and maintain. Then the big push to Xmas nothing planned, except for me one week away maybe visiting. Hoping to reach target by then, hopefully, nearly there!! Ish

    3 months…….12th week after 24 fasts……weigh in and measure

    I have lost 2 lbs this week, making it 16 lbs off,
    also…..4″ off my waist and 3″ off my hips…..12″ of fat altogether off from around my body.

    My husband stayed the same today 0 lbs, keeping at 18 lbs ……he has lost 6 1/2 ” off his waist.

    Our clothes are getting really loose now but still holding out from buying new ones. I replaced my jeans one size down as the others were too bad to wear. Going away abroad in 10 days so going to try on clothes today, it will be a nightmare I think the sewing machine will be coming out!

    We are still very positive with what we are doing, still swimming twice a week, this is the new way of living for us.

    13th week after 26 fasts,

    I have lost 1 lb this week making it 17 lbs off

    Husband has done a great 3 lbs this week making him 21 lbs off.

    My husbands weight slowed down last month and he thought he had reached a plateau, he is really pleased with his loss this week.

    Reading through all this is really inspiring! Keep up the amazing work! I’m only on my second day, but I’m hoping it’ll work as well for me as it did for you.

    Thanks Nika and good luck to you.This way of eating is amazing, it just works.

    On my third day, and was lighter this morning than I’ve been in a while – I know it doesn’t go that fast and is probably due to something else, but I like to see it as a motivation to push through 😉

    14th week no fasts

    On holiday a week off!

    Enjoy your holiday! Including all the yummyness 😉

    My starting weight was 79 kilos and BMI was 27.3 one week in and my weight is 76.2 and BMI is 26.3 I was amaaaaazed after only fasting for 2 days Monday and Thursday without really depriving myself of anything I normally enjoyed. To be honest I expected maybe a kilo to a kilo and a half but when I seen the scales I could not believe them. I have also lost 1 cm off my waistline with another 20 to go.

    Looking forward to the future now and feeling great. Have also noticed my skin becoming smoother and I am a fifty year old woman.

    Yahoooo! cheers to the 5:2

    15th week, 28 fasts,

    Missing a week due to a holiday and no fasting, flew back in Wednesday and weigh in Friday. I had been quite naughty Halloween, eating out also eating grandchildrens sweets! Husband at home doing his own food, fish and chips etc !

    I had lost 1 lb, making it 18 lbs… plus 5lbs loss of healthy eating the 3 weeks before the 5.2… Now making 1 stone.10 lbs

    Husband 0 lb so he stayed the same at 21lbs ….plus 4 lbs loss of healthy eating before 5.2… Now making 1 stone.10 lbs.

    We started on 1st July, 3 weeks healthy eating changing ing over on 23rd July to the 5.2. We were both hoping to loose 2 stone before Christmas. It looks like we are on track, hopefully.

    I have no idea how many pounds are in a stone, seeing how I use the KG system – but from what I’ve read around here that’s great progress!
    It’s funny how everyone wants to lose a certain amount “before Christmas”. I’m just thinking why, because Christmas is all about food and enjoying yourself right? So I’d rather set my goals a little later and not worry too much about it during Christmas time. Not that I’ll be celebrating Christmas sadly, they don’t have it here in China so this’ll be my first Christmas away from my family. Bit sad. But I’ll live 😉 And it’s good for my diet I guess!

    Hi Nika,
    There are a few of us on another thread trying to get 2 stone / 28 lbs / 12 1/2 kilos off for Christmas, we are giving each other support. It’s just a goal for us to aim at. We all have more to loose so I am sure another goal will be set!

    We are having two weeks off the plan over Christmas as the 5.2 is now a way of life for us, but Christmas is Christmas and we have declared not to fast. Usually we have a 31 days of December as Christmas, no wonder we got into weight problem!

    Hope you can find someone to share Christmas with you, show them our way.

    Good luck with your fasting.

    I’m hoping to find someone, one of my colleagues has showed some interest so maybe I’ll dress up a cactus… who knows.

    Hi Nika,

    That could be a different look!…….good luck ( in finding someone)..


    16 weeks, 30 fasts and monthly measure

    I lost another 1 lb this week, making it 1 stone 11 lbs off.
    also 1/2 off my waist…1/2 off my hips….15″ from around my body

    Hubby also lost 1 lb, making him the same as me at 1 stone 11 lbs.
    also 1 1/2″ off his waist, he has lost 8″ off his waist altogether, amazing.

    We are really very pleased with the progress of the plan and so very easy to put it in a daily lifestyle.
    Our clothes are now getting so very loose and will be going out to replace a few before Christmas to make us look decent!

    I am now getting very near my goal with hubby maybe looking at another half a stone in the New Year. We will make our new targets then. We are continuing with this way of eating for life.

    Wow this is so inspiring Symba.
    You are proving to us all a sensible (IF) lifestyle is no bar to enjoying holidays, clothes and leading to a longer healthier life.
    Fab u lous!

    Thanks Lindyw,

    It’s even nice for me to look back on our progress, it’s the best plan I have ever been on…..and I have tried them all!

    If it gives anyone encouragement to loose weight and get in a healthy lifestyle, that’s really good. To think its only 5 months since we started.


    I’ve just decided (when reading back these posts) to buy a plant, decorate it and put it on my desk. Maybe colleagues will ask, I’ll explain and we’ll have a bit of a Christmas together!

    Anyway, I think people have said this a million times but I can imagine it never gets old – amazing, amazing weight loss, posts and inspiration!

    Symba – it is so inspiring reading your posts – well done to you and your hubby – and I hope you really enjoy choosing some new clothes 🙂

    Thanks Cathyork
    I have been looking today but I think first week in December we will start looking. I bought new jeans about three weeks ago, now starting to get quite loose and husband bought new trousers about two weeks ago they are getting very loose.

    He’s wearing same old jeans from the start of the plan every time he moves they are around his ankles, I’m just hoping they don’t fall down in Tesco’s………..

    Hi Nika,
    Good idea with the plant, it will look lovely on your desk. A long time ago I cut twigs off trees ( no leaves) spray with silver paint, put in a vase and hang glass toys and tinsel, you could hang shiny sweets on! Just a idea, give them out at Xmas……

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