First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • How about buying him a belt, Symba? 😛
    Good idea on the plant! I have no idea where to find silver paint, glass toys or tinsel though. But I’ll figure something out.

    17 weeks, after 32 fasts,

    We had a good week, got more walking in and continued with our two swimming sessions.

    I stayed the same this week, 25 lbs off to date

    Hubby got 1 pound off, making him 26 lbs off to date.

    A bit disappointing for me but now nearing my goal of 28 lbs so 3 lb to go. It looks like I might be hitting a plateau, must keep on and I hope next week I may get some off. I really would like it off before Xmas, but no problem if I don’t.
    Really pleased for husband, 2 lb to go for his Xmas 28 lbs.

    In the New Year…….. new goals will be set, we have to decide how much more we need to loose.

    I have been out this week and bought some new clothes. I was a very very tight 16, and if I was really honest with myself a 18! I am now a very comfortable 14. The skinny jeans I have bought look amazing, instead of been short, fat and matronly, I have got my height back, tall, slim and leggy ( I am 5.7 tall ). I have had 4 compliments in the last two days.
    It’s rather nice…..especially at 64 years old!

    Hi Symba7,

    I am starting on this coming Monday. Reading your progress on this forum has inspired me. Congratulations on you and your husbands success to date. Thank you.

    Thanks Patk,

    The plans is really good and works, easiest we have ever tried. The fast days are what they are, and you have to be good!

    Just go easy the other 5 days without going over the top. We always eat normal and have some wine/beer and a odd piece of cake, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but the other days quite thoughtful on what we are eating, and with smaller portions in general.

    Good Luck to you.

    Hi Symba, please accept my congratulations to you and your hubby, that weight loss is fantastic and something I can only dream about (at the moment?).
    I know what you mean about the very, very tight 16, so to slip into a neat size 14 VERY WELL DONE!

    GO YOU!

    Aud x

    Thanks Audrich,

    You will get there, I never believed I would……but in 5 months…very do able…

    We were both at our very very heaviest and something had to be done..just for our health.

    PS another pair of skinny jeans bought today! Three pairs to date.

    Good Luck, keep at it and be good…

    Wow Symba……just started this fasting last week……so two fasts done and the weigh in is on Wednesday. My husband and I are doing it (like you). I couldn’t resist getting on the scales though 5 days in (I know, I know) and up to now I’ve lost 3lb and hubby has lost 1.5 lb. I told a few people that we were doing it……only to be told ” It’s not good for you, you know” wait till they see a version of us that has shrunk haha. Just to say that you are inspirational and my hubby thinks so too. Keep up the good work. Catherine x

    Hi Catherine,

    Good weight loss for both of you, it’s good to do it with someone it keeps you on track.

    I used to get on the scales every day for the last 40 years! but my husband said once a week new plan and new way of doing things. He is right but I have on a couple of times jumped on…..and kept quiet…..

    Good Luck to both of you, keep going it gets easier.

    17 weeks after 32 fasts,

    I have lost 1 lb this week, making a loss of 26 lbs

    Hubby lost 0 lbs, making him the same at 26 lbs

    We seem to be slowing down but we are getting near our targets. The dark days don’t help having salads and getting up at 7 to do our swimming sessions, we really have to push ourselves to get out of bed!
    Must think of some new food ideas now it is getting colder to keep us on track.

    We are really pleased with the weight loss, it’s nearly as big as the large bag of potatoes you buy off a farm , the one you nearly can’t carry…….the loss between us …….I think that bag is 56 lbs.
    Just a thought..

    I have this weighted vest back home, it’s 10kg. I remember going for a brisk 5km walk with that thing on before I left for China. I even threw in some sprints. Daaaaamn I felt heavy and sluggish. Couldn’t wait to get that thing off of me.
    Now I’ve lost 11kg and am hoping for 12kg lost this Sunday. It’s like taking that vest off…
    Problem is because it’s so gradual I don’t really feel much different, but I just imagine that feeling of getting that thing off my body and feeling so light and fluttery. And that’s then the feeling I try to envision for myself ^^

    Also great job, you caught up with the hubby! It’s awesome how you’re losing the same amounts of weight.

    We eat the same, gain the same, loose the same ……..always about two stone/ 28 pound different. Although at the moment he is another half a stone heavier at the moment…..too many biscuits for him in the past…..Ha Ha

    He has to try harder in the New Year to catch up with me…

    The 10kg vest must of been so heavy and walking 5 k walk, wait till you get home and try and use it again. Your friends and family will notice the change in your weight loss.

    Are you doing 1kg a week? That’s really good, I only seem to do 1/2 kg a week. 1 kg away from my Christmas target. Think you are a bit ahead of us….but we have all done good.

    Have you much more to loose?

    Well as long as you keep losing the same weight it’s fine right? You’ll just even out a bit sooner than him and you can torment him when you’re doing 6:1 and he’s still on 5:2…

    Aye I can’t wait to get home and try that thing on again. Well I can’t wait to get home for many more important reasons, but that one is fun too 😛 I’ll most likely start going for jogs with that thing on or do some more HIIT just to see if I can. I may even wear it during Taekwon-Do practice, and do some sparring bouts with that thing on – then when I take it off I’ll be sooooo fast x)

    Aye I’m usually on 1-2kg a week loss. I had a plateau of two weeks just now, but it can be explained by eating a bit too much. Now I’ve started exercise and my (rather strict) regimen again. Really want to dip under 80 and am even aiming for 75 by the time I leave China. It’s an ambitious goal, but I realize that so when I don’t reach it I won’t beat myself up too much. Anyway, looking forward to the weigh-in tomorrow! Today is a fast day and I’m gonna go up the mountain here for a bit after finishing my round through the forum.

    Oh and yeah, I still have quite a lot more to lose. I started at 95kg, am currently somewhere around 84 and want to get down to around 65. So I’m about a third on my way 😉

    Keep going you are doing great….Hope you reach your 5k loss before going to NZ…

    Thanks Symba ^^ Hope to give you guys good news tomorrow!

    17 weeks and after 32 fasts,

    I lost 1 lb this week taking me to 27 lbs off, hoping to squeeze another 1 lb before Christmas!

    Hubby lost 2 lbs, taking him to his pre Christmas target of 28 lbs / 2 stones.
    He is so pleased this morning and he is looking really good……. He has another 7 lbs to loose in the New Year to his goal weight.

    It will be interesting tonight, we are meeting up with our work colleagues, for a Christmas drinks and a meal, we haven’t seen them since last Christmas. Hoping they will notice the weight lost. We are both thinking very carefully on what we are wearing, we want to look our best!

    Hi Symba, wow that’s amazing – congratulations – I bet you are delighted and I’m sure it shows. Let us know what reaction you get tonight!

    Cath x

    Thanks Cath x

    Well done, Symba! (and hubby)

    I hope your celebrations went well and maybe something tail-wagging was said?

    27lbs!! /

    Aud x

    Symba, this is a great story! I love the fact that you and your hubby are losing the same amount of weight. Brilliant!

    Thanks Audrich & Stef,

    Night out went well, although I had good comments, “you look good” “you look fabulous”. ” you look really healthy”. No one said I had lost weight! ….hubby said they know something is different but don’t know what! At least they didn’t say how much weight we had put on like the previous year!!!!!

    Symba, I think this is a tricky situation for your friends. I remember my sister in law had lost quite a bit of weight and my husband told me not to say anything to her re her weight. I could say that she was looking “great” or similar but not that she had lost weight.
    The reason was that if you say “have you lost weight” it means that you had too much weight before and that is not nice to say.
    So my guess is that your friends did probably see it, but did not dare to say it. It is easier to tell guys that but not ladies.
    Did they say anything to your hubby?

    Hi Stef,

    No comments to him but not called him a fat B….d like last year! and everybody was patting his tummy as well. Not good.

    Cheers x

    I recognise that as well, people always tend to say “You look good!” instead of “Hey, you lost weight!” Well in my case some people might, but just because they know that I’m working hard to lose it, and they know it motivates me. I hate pictures of myself though, so I’ll most likely not post a new one until I’m near my target weight… let’s see how people react then 😛

    Good for Nika

    18 weeks, after 34 fasts,

    Lost another 1 lb today, reached my target weight for Christmas of 2 stone / 28 lbs off

    Hubby 0 lbs off this week, maintained his 2 stone off.

    We are both really pleased can’t believe we have managed to loose this weight from 1st July. (We had a month of healthy eating then changed over to 5.2). We have gone down slowly really stuck to the plan, never put on….. but lost or stayed the same.
    No swimming for us this week as the swimming baths closed for maintance work. Christmas meals have started so we are trying to say the same weight wise. December will be a trying month for us all.

    So many congratulatory words and wishes for reaching your Christmas goal!! Enjoy yourself in December, do a fast day where you can and you’ll be fine ^^

    Thanks Nika.

    How’s the Christmas plant going?……. Or not?…….


    Hey Symba – 2 stones each – wow that is fantastic!! Congratulations you must be delighted.

    Cath x

    Great success Symba- congrats!

    Hey Symba, I bought a small plastic Christmas tree which is sitting on my desk 😉

    Thanks Cathy and Stef, a good 5 months…

    Hi Nika, , glad you found your tree, a bit of Christmas in China….Hope you have a great time when your family arrives.

    well done!! i am gonna start again soon….lol

    19 weeks, after 36 fasts,

    Its been a bit of a struggle this week. I have come down with a viral infection, throat, ears, headache and chesty cough although improving now, hubby now seems to ge getting it. We contined to fast but not as good as usual, and no swimming as well.

    I have lost 1 lb this week, making it now 29 lbs and I am now 25.1 on my BMI which I am very pleased about.

    Hubby has stayed the same with 28 lbs off.

    We are coming nearly to the end of our first 6 months of the 5.2 at the end of December, we wanted the 28 lbs off as our first goal and we have reached that. We are now having 2 weeks off the plan and re starting again on the 6 th January. Although I am nearly were I want to be and hubby possibly needs another 7 lbs, we will be continuing on the 5.2 .

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone


    Hi Jean, (& hubby!)

    Sorry to sound like a stuck record, but WELL ONE TO YOU BOTH! You are both an inspiration and please may I wish you both a very happy (virus-free) Christmas x Enjoy your ‘time off’ the plan and see you on the other side 🙂

    Aud x

    Thanks Aud, I am feeling much better, and hubby not too bad….keep taking the tablets and hot toddies. Swear by them.

    Have a lovely Christmas to yourself and family.

    Return in January and push on again……All of us


    Just got back from our 4 day away for Christmas. We are suppose to be off the plan for 14 days…..

    Why or why do we eat so much….wine, beer, mince pies, chocolate, puddings, turkey on and on and on….it’s there so you have to push it in your mouth as fast as you can….feeling ill, bloated and heart burn, swollen stomach and not sleeping because you are so stuffed!

    We have both decided to have a quiet and steady week eating wise, not Fasting but a very thougtful on what we are eating, we are out on Sunday having a meal with daughter so 1 day off…..all the chocolates are now put away. Weigh in day Friday when we will see what the damage is and back on track and decide our next target.

    Next Christmas will be no way be like this one, more like a normal day with a few extras, although we cut down a lot generally….really not enough…..because we have reduced our food a lot this last 6 months and eating differently, your mind still takes you back to your old ways and what you have always done because its tradition!!!

    3 weeks of eating and drinking, starting Fasting again Monday and start the swimming again ( stopped for school holidays).

    We both weighed in Friday and we both have put 2 lbs on, I think we have both done well considering. The first time we have put on in 6 months!……but it was Christmas.

    Our new goals,

    I am nearly were I want to be but I am trying for another 7 lbs and see if the 5.2 diet settles at its own level.

    My hubby is going for another 1 stone by 1st May.

    Hi Symba!
    Happy New Year to you and glad to see you & hubby are both better x
    I put on too, pah, but I’m back in the saddle.

    I thought of you on Hogmanay, 🙂 I ripped my favourite pair of jeans (admittedly, I only have two pairs), grr, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy a new pair until I can get into some skinny jeans, as you described in a previous post. I’ve never worn skinny jeans before; tight-fitting, yes, but that’s not the same thing, is it, lol.

    Skinny jeans, brace yourself, here I come!

    Aud x

    Hi,symba-caught up with you just before Christmas with a 28lbs loss but haven’t weighed myself since. Don’t plan to until next Friday with a couple more fast days and another few exercise sessions under my belt. I’m also going for another 7lbs but I don’t think hubby needs to lose any more.
    Keep up the good work!

    Hi Aud,
    Yes , I would wait for the skinny jeans, really well worth it, trouble is all other trousers now seem really big and flaggy. I am going to look for some going out trousers, like Capri trousers? maybe worn with heels looked in Next on line to give me ideas. My skinny jeans were from M & S they had a really good choice, leg lengths etc about £18 / £20. Good luck on your mission..

    Hope next week goes well and it’s a good weigh in day….my plans for swimming has gone out the window..helping hubby to lay a new wooden kitchen floor, I hit my finger good and hard at the side of my nail, still bleeding day after, nursing a big bandaged finger…wouldn’t trust the dirty water at moment……a bit annoyed really there was only two pieces left to put down. Well hey ho things are sent to try us…..

    17 weeks, and 32 fasts,

    We have had about 2 weeks off over the holiday, but fasted this week.

    We are both back to our pre Christmas weight, back to the 2 stone off.

    I have had a viral infection for 5 weeks and I also hit my finger really bad and I think it may be broken, so the swimming has been put on hold. Our daughter is delivering our new Grandaughter tomorrow so I am off on Wednesday to Dubai to help… off the 5.2 while visiting and helping…..joking…but trying not to over eat.

    So we have decided to try and maintain this month, ready to start again in February, hoping I am fully fit by then.

    Meep, Symba, you’ve got a lot on *hugs*

    Safe journey and all the best with coping with time zone eating and take care of yourself

    Aud x

    Thanks Aud,

    I think big hugs needed……..been to Doctor big antibiotics and nasal spray and got told off for not going sooner…hope to pick up soon. Finger a bit better not so numb.

    Cheers Jean x

    First week back on the fast after losing my way.
    4.5lbs off so only another 12.5 to go to be back to my 33lbs loss back in the summer. Not found it too bad and looking forward to sticking with it this time!

    All better now, finger also better. Just got back from Dubai from seeing my new Grandaughter, and holding the 2 stone off. Hubby also staying the same with the 2 stone off.
    Starting again in February to get some more weight moving. We are busy just finishing the new kitchen off and then going on holiday for 10 days for R and R.

    Looking forward to getting back on board but it is also nice to have kept the weight were we want it… control for two months.

    “In control”
    Two words that mean so much – well done to you both!

    Enjoy the R&R 🙂

    Aud x

    It’s great reading people’s posts and following your progress. I’ve been completing the fast diet for almost three weeks now and have lost 19 pounds. It’s just fallen off. I was over weight at 17 stone and felt very uncomfortable, too much beer and takeaways. I now weight 15 stone 9 pounds and will weight myself first thing in the morning. I find this diet very easy and have been completing three fast days a week and eat sensibly on the non fast days. No snacking and have made my portions smaller. I hope to loose a further 2 stone. Fingers crossed. I also do a six mile walk three days a week.

    Thanks, I am just starting the journey (day one) and am encouraged to read so many positive stories. I started the fast exercise program about four months ago and have had really good results. I think for me the feeling of control over my body will be the major motivator, I am at the stage of life (early 60s) where I want to be in the best shape I can be and the diet and exercise regimes seem to offer the benefits I am seeking.

    Hi Everybody,

    We have had the two months off, we have kept the two stone off and maintained the weight, we have gone up a couple of pounds and lost them. We have a new Grandaughtet which I have been out to Dubai to help with and also fitted a new kitchen between me and hubby, a long job over the two months. Working hard was difficult to keep to plan.

    Hubby enjoying his 65th birthday next week and wanting to be away from suprise parties, he has booked 10 days at an all inclusive holiday, not good on the eating and drinking…one big blow out before we are back on the plan. We are back on the 5.2 and weigh in on the 21st February. We must get back on board and loose another 7 pound each, then go on maintance. Then we have the hard work of staying within that range.

    Good Luck Leah, Ian and Chris, you are doing really well, it’s such a easy way of life. I just love my Fast Days.

    Just back off a 10 holiday on a AI, too much eating and drinking at least a bottle of wine every day not including g and t’s each!

    We have been very busy for 6 weeks so the 10 days rest and sun has been great. The big 65 has arrived for Hubby while away.

    Two days of coming down on the eating, starting to take it steady, ready to start 5.2 on Monday and Thursday and swimming both Fast Days. Weigh in will be Friday with fingers crossed of not being to much up on weight.

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