First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Week 185…after 310 fasts..

    Getting back on board has been difficult not the fast days but the non fast days…more my fault as making more full dinners which we have normally cut back on.
    I think the start of the year is more difficult for most people if they have over eaten at Christmas.
    We have both discussed the situation and realise we both must pull in on the food…we still have Christmas treats about leaving them just a small bit for a Friday which is our day off…

    I have lost 1 lb…loosing to date 31lbs

    Hubby is 2 lbs on..loosing to date 17 lbs

    Cutting bread down for hubby this week see if it makes a difference.

    Week 188…after 316 fasts…

    I seem to have missed three weeks of blogging usual for me….we have been away this week, celebrating birthdays and anniversary…lots of meals eaten…
    We have both been maintaining our weight managing the two fasts per week.

    I have stayed the same…loosing to date 31 lbs

    Hubby has stayed the same….loosing to date 17 lbs

    Just a birthday to celebrate tomorrow then back to trying to move some weight…always better in the warmer months

    Week 189…after 318 fasts..

    We have been celebrating another birthday and a overnight visit from step daughter. My hubby is going through hospital tests again and we don’t know what’s going on…I am suspended him from fasting as his mind isn’t very focused. We are both very worried.

    I have put 1 lb on…..loosing to date 29 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting..

    I shall continue to fast on my own, hubby trying to fast as he goes but I am not logging him.. no news on what’s ahead for us…

    Jean I’m so sorry. The waiting must be hideous. Hoping above hope you have positive news and outcome very soon xxx

    Thanks Sarah x

    Week 190…after fasting 320 fasts

    It’s been a hectic week hubby had been in hospital for three days, a big worry. I have managed the two fasts, dog walking with the coming and going as you do.
    Hubby has had confirmation his cancer has returned and we are devastated, one step at a time trying to keep positive.

    I have lost 1lb… loosing to date 30 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting

    One step at a time……

    March..Week 194…after fasting 328 fasts…

    I am continuing to fast, doing two fasts a week. Maintaining at the moment and very steady. 2 lbs under goal…..Checking in monthly.

    Life is not very good for us, my hubby is just going to start 12 weeks chemo and then three weeks of radiotherapy 4 months in all…so very hard for us both….then on top of this the virus I have to keep him safe from all bugs.

    I have stayed the same…loosing to date 30 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting

    Charlie the dog..lost 2lbs

    Trying time but I will try and not wobble and stay on track…

    Posting on here at the moment Monthly, while I am maintaining …if weight starts to come back…I will go back to post weekly.

    We are sending our best wishes and hopes to you and your husband for a speedy recovery from his treatment. You must be in the midst of the most trying times. Your positivity is an inspiration to us all. Take care and we send our very best wishes.

    April….Week 199…after 338 fasts..

    It’s a hard time for everyone doing this isolating and keeping safe. Trying to keep busy doing jobs spreading them about over a few days…hubby has just finished his second cycle of chemo, so we are 4 weeks into the treatment.
    I am fasting twice a week as usual, walking Charlie the dog, he’s keeping me sane some lovely long walks on our river bank, we are very rural so keeping well away from people.
    Baking possibly too much I did go up a couple of pounds but keeping my eye on it…it’s moving down again.

    I have put 1 lb …loosing to date 29 lbs..

    Hubby suspended from fasting

    Charlie the weigh in as vets closed.

    I am still one pound under goal and maintaining.

    Thank you for your kind wishes…it’s hard to keep him safe and away from this virus..I have to be really careful.
    He is better than I expected during his treatment. He is quite rough for 5 days out of a three week cycle before it starts again. It will be a long 15 weeks…

    Keep safe both of you..hope you are still fasting..

    Hi symba7
    Good to hear from you, also good to hear about your husband. I wonder if he is fasting during chemo, it would be hard but I seem to recall in michaels book that fasting did help some people re nausea. Just a thought. We send our thoughts,,,such a hard time to have to go through this for you.
    My wife and I are actually very lucky we are in Phuket, Thailand and are in lockdown so very safe, it’s been handled differently here, lockdown and checking much stricter consequently only about 300 cases and 1 death on the island. Face masks obligatory.
    Stuck here until end of May but we feel it’s the right choice for us. No work in the airline atm.
    Re fasting when I got here early feb I resolved to totally commit to following the 3 stages of my book (almost finished). We now fast 3 times a week mon/wed/fri. Really works for us consequently I’ve lost 12 kg or almost 27lb in 3 months. So to answer your question we still fast,,,,we’ve actually never not fasted for 5 years now just not been that good on eating days!
    Stay well and stay positive.
    Best wishes to your husband.

    What a lovely place for a lockdown..good luck in finishing your book.
    Hubby isn’t fasting at the moment, his choice but he will be when he gets back to normal …( my choice)😂
    Brilliant on the weight loss, 29 lbs in three months it’s a wow… I do the fasting with no problem it is the NFDs which let me down, possibly with being just under goal I go a bit overboard…I still would like 4 lbs off one day I will get my head down and loose it maybe three FDs are the answer. I keep baking through lockdown which doesn’t help, we are in the shielding group so can’t mix or go out. I am naughty I have my Dalmatian dog to take out twice a day but keep away from people he keeps me sane.
    Keep safe both of you and finish your book.
    Take Care
    Jean x

    Keep going you are doing great….Hope you reach your 5k loss before going to NZ…

    Wrong one Zaman..I wish…

    May…Week 203 fasts…after 346 fasts

    Continuing to fast over the month, finding it quite hard in lockdown. Hubby is starting his last chemo session next week. It has passed quite quickly it will be his week 10.
    I am walking 50 miles a week with Charlie our dog, I am sure he is helping me maintaining..I have put a few pounds on and off over the month but keeping quite level..
    I keep baking cakes which really should be a no, but helps while in total lockdown…Charlie the dog is back on his diet so joining us again.

    I have put 1 lb on….loosing to date 28 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting

    Charlie the dog…lost 1 lb

    Keep safe everyone….

    June….Week 207…after 354 fasts..

    Really struggling at the fast days are no problem my NFDs are slipping. My Friday and Saturday off is now creeping into three days off!!

    We have an anniversary this week and a few extra things organised this weekend before we go back into another 8 weeks of lockdown and isolation…My hubby is starting radiotherapy and we have to keep away from people due to his low immune system.

    This Monday I shall be really trying to get back on track and put my mind on thoughtful eating. My hubby shall be eating less food and different as the treatment progresses…that might help me too..

    I have put 2lbs on…loosing to date 26 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting

    Charlie the dog.. lost 1 lb…..loosing to date 2lbs.

    Hoping to loose this month 🤞Think before I eat…!!

    July …Week 212…after 364 fasts..

    Continuing as usual managing to fast, my NFDs seem to be more of a problem.
    Hubby has completed his cancer treatment and he has started to fast last week. He has been off and on but has declared he is back with me properly. His weight has gone up but it is what we expected as he was told to eat well and put weight on.

    I have lost 1 lb….loosing to date 27 lbs

    Hubby…..( after cancer treatment)……loosing to date 10 lbs

    Heads down now and try and get some weight moving together..


    A hard three months for us….my hubby’s cancer has returned, he was given three to six months to live…he managed three weeks, he died peacefully at home with me and Charlie dog…my wonderful hubby, I am totally devastated…

    I am watching my weight but totally in maintenance and a bit lower…I am still about and I am sure I will be back to fasting at some time, my eating is very low at the moment.

    Hello Symba7
    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. From your many posts it’s clear that you and hubby were a team. Our thoughts are with you at this most trying of times. Your posts also tells us of family links and we are sure that they will be there for you.
    I’m sure that fasting will return when the time is right.
    I know that you would want an update from us even if it all seems so un important. We are still in Thailand. We now have retirement visas which means we can remain here legally, meaning less stress for us.
    We fast 2 days a week maybe 3 depending on how we feel. I’ve lost over 3 stone and it’s staying off. Wife not so pleased as her weight stays stable.
    We will always fast, it’s now very much a way of life for us.
    We send you a socially distanced hug. Give Charlie dog a cuddle.

    So very kind and much appreciated….We were a good team and he was the love of my life, so very hard without him. It will get better as time progresses.

    Good news on your retirement visa, it will make things much easier for you.
    It’s lovely you are both still fasting and keeping the weight off. I am at goal but very much keeping an eye on my weight for the wrong reasons now. I shall fast again as I start eating again, I do enjoy fasting.

    Keep safe and enjoy your new life.

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    December 24th 2020

    I have finished the year loosing 34 lbs.

    December 24th ..2021..

    I have maintained this year. I am continuing to fast two days a week as it’s a way of life now. I go up and down by a couple of pounds but I am very steady.

    A very hard year after loosing my hubby, trying to get back into life again on my own with my lovely Charlie dog. Were would I be without you.

    I am still at goal weight…for three years on the trot…

    December 22nd 2023

    I have been doing the 5.2 now for 8 years and it definitely is a way of life. The only time I don’t do it is on holidays and then I really miss doing it.

    I am maintaining still which is now for 5 years..I was up 2lbs at the end of last year which is still just in my wriggle room.
    My 2lb up or 2lb under theory of goal.

    Weighed in this morning and bang on goal. I am so pleased.

    This is an unbelievable way of life to keep your weight off and keep stable.
    Over the 8 years of eating this way I haven’t been to the doctor! Only for Covid and flu jabs.

    Hi Symba I am so pleased to read your update. I am new to fasting and started today. I came across your post and was so sorry to read about your husband. Your weightloss is a huge motivation for me especially seeing when you stopped you still came back. That shows me it is easy to get back into unlike dieting


    It’s hard when you first do fasting, stick with it for a month it does get so much easier while your body gets used to doing it.
    I weighed in this morning and found I have put 1 lb on over Xmas, I was really surprised.

    Come and join us on Fat Busting Brits forum… Dave has lost 5 stone over I think in 3 years…

    Good luck
    Jean x

    Hi Jean. I’m on my second day of fasting and so far I’m doing okay. I think 1lb over Xmas is pretty good as there is far too many temptations. I’m going to join there now. Thank you for the recommendation

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