First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Week 144…after 227 fasts..

    We have still been ill this week but improving…managed to do our 2 fasts…being quite thoughtful as we know we will be upping the food over Christmas…
    We are going away to visit our daughter on the 28th Dec, to Louisiana, a big surprise as she and the grandchildren don’t know we are coming..son in law is keeping it a secret hoping it will hold till we get there..

    We have changed a bit around foodwise these last few weeks and I have been in charge of breakfasts, hubby has joined me in having fruit, fresh, tinned or frozen, a mixed bowl…it definitely has given him a kick start..unless it’s being ill too!!

    I have lost 1 lb…loosing to date 26 lbs

    Hubby lost 4 lbs….loosing to date 16 lbs

    Our body is so very strange…I will never understand it….we will continue as we are so pleased of this way of life..

    The conclusion on our third year…
    This time last year, I am 1 lb up….hubby is 3 lb down…a positive result.

    We both wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year…our first weigh in will be 25th January after holidays…

    Wow, what an achievement Symba! Congratulations!Have you guys ever been tempted to fast more than 2 days a week? I’m on holidays at the moment , which can make easier and more difficult. Easier in that I can have as much water etc without having to worry about frequent bathroom visits when working. More difficult in that were tend to go out and socialise more. When I am working, I fast 5 days a week as I am so busy , I get distracted and don’t think about hunger, food etc. on the weekends, we have a very active social life, so I basically party all weekend (within reason , don’t eat fried chips etc). This has resulted in me losing a maximum of 1.7 kg in a week and a minimum of 200g. I have monthly weigh ins and blood pressure checks with my dr. My blood pressure has gone way down to a healthy level and I have gone down 2 dress sizes. My BMI is 24.6 and I would like it to go down to 22.5 ish. 8 kg to go !

    Rosey Posey..
    Thank you … we do two or three fasts a week, as it’s a way of life for us and we feel that is enough.

    It’s the feasting and fasting which is Michael Mosleys way of doing 5.2 but we all tweet it to suit ourselves..

    You have done very well yourself good luck to your goal.

    Thanks Symba so do you have much further to go to reach your goal ? It is certainly easier when your partner is travelling the same road ! X

    Rosy Posy..
    I am at goal but would like another 7 lbs off of it happens, hubby too would like another 7 lbs off.. just going away on holiday for three weeks so by the time we are back it will be a lot more but that’s life… too many holidays get in the way…

    Back on the 19th.. fasting and more focussed I think ..

    Agreed but you also need to enjoy life by having holidays . You can always get back on the horse !

Viewing 6 posts - 401 through 406 (of 406 total)

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