First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Well done, Symba – I thought I had a good fast day Monday, but forgot about a handful of seed/fruit mix that put me 100 cal over. Remembered after I’d gone to bed! Not too bad overall though.

    Hubs is on board! He had his first fast day yesterday, and succeeded. In fact, he stopped at 500 cals (apparently I didn’t explain well enough – he’ll know for next time, haha).

    We’re being sensible on our non-fast days, and are currently moving house…so I think that counts as a moderate bit of exercise at the moment. Normally, we’re just “lightly active” I reckon.

    Good luck for Friday – fingers crossed it’s 2+ for both of us!

    Week 2…. after 4 fasts..

    I have had a very excerise week as I wanted to get the weight moving, 2 swimming sessions at 40 mins each, also my stepping/movement band has shown me moving 1400/1500 steps a day, less on a swimming day.
    Hubby is continuing with his leg physio he does 45 mins per day plus his 2 sessions of swimming.
    We have had a very good Fast week, thoughtfully thinking before eating.

    I have lost 3 lbs this week, making my loss to date to a 5 lb. I am very pleased

    Hubby has lost 4 lbs this week, making his loss to date 10 lbs….. Brilliant….

    We are very motivated, having a few treats this weekend and a wine or 2 , then back on track for Monday to Thursday. We are both really pleased with the weight loss.

    3 Weeks….after 6 fasts..

    We have had a good week doing the 2 swimming sessions, I have done about 14,000 steps a day and physio for husband.
    My thoughts on excerise, is can I do this for the rest of my life? Maybe not…I am thinking more on 10,000 to 12,000 steps more normal routine. If you do heavy excerise all the time, weight will come back on when slowing down….

    I have lost 1 lb this week, to date loosing 6 lb.

    Hubby stayed the same this week, to date loosing 10 lb.

    Hubby lost a lot of weight the first few weeks, maybe some water…now the steady loss will continue. We are both happy hoping it will be at least 1 lb a week.

    3 weeks, 5 fasts

    Hi Symba!

    I assure you I was following your progress – we don’t have Internet in the new house yet. Broke down and decided to use the smartphone.I lost over 3 lbs in my first week, and was thrilled.

    Recruited my husband for second week, and fasted better than I thought I would. I went over a bit, but am hoping to stick closer to 500 as possible in future weeks. Would you believe that I put 2 lbs back on?! That’s the weekend we were properly moving and eating takeaways, etc.

    Well, the week just gone saw me lose more weight than ever – and with just one fast. We broke down and had Burger King on Monday after getting our heat turned off and a new boiler installed. :/

    I’m ALMOST annoyed that I didn’t pay for it. Was down to 81.4 kg from 85 when I started. Glad this is a five-week month! Hoping February will see me 10 lbs lighter than December did. 🙂

    Hope you’re both doing well. I’m impressed with your activity! Putting me to shame…just stripping wallpaper and removing pavers at my end.

    Hi SlexOr,

    You sound a busy bee, all that work always counts to excerise! House moves and broken boilers involve takeaways….

    February’s another month and I am sure you both will get cracking again…glad your Hubby’s onboard I do think it helps. Even just reminding each other if you are slipping..

    Good luck on the house move hope you soon get settled.

    Good Luck for February

    4 Weeks…after 8 fasts..

    A busy weekend, eating out at a restaurant and family down to th house eating on Sunday, but these things have to be included in the general living on the
    5.2 !
    I have slowed down on the steps as hubby thought I was doing too much, we did the two swimming sessions. I will monitor this and see how the weight goes. This very cold weather makes salads a bit hard on a FD but it is just easier to do.

    I have lost 1 lb this week…to date 7 lbs off

    Hubby stayed the same… date 10 lbs off

    Hubby a bit disappointed to stay the same for two weeks but he did loose a lot the first two weeks, hoping for some off next week. Looks like I am back to my normal 1 pound a week.
    Next week is our months measure….

    5 Weeks….same 8 fasts

    A quick 8 day holiday to Dubai to visit family, so no fasting this week. A very American/ English family going to the U.S. way…..too many cookies, coffees, muffins not a lot of normal cooking and takeaways. Also many hours without food!! With wine and chocolate thrown in!!

    No weigh in this week hoping Friday weigh in will be kind…….

    Must admit we had a lovely week with family and very much wanted sun, after the UK weather.

    Getting back on board.

    Week 5, 7 fasts

    Hi Symba,

    I’m well jealous of your trip to Dubai! Sounds really lovely – food and sun are two of my favourite things. 🙂

    I’m only at 7 fasts as I celebrated a birthday last week, and struggled to fast over spending time (at restaurants) with friends and family. I got one in, but was one down from before…so hey ho.

    I fasted all day on Monday this week, only to be reminded at 16:30 that I’d made plans to meet with friends at the pub for supper. Therefore, I fasted properly on the Tuesday. Tomorrow will be my second day and bump me to 8 fasts.

    I think I’m getting used to feeling hungry – it’s just the evening that really drives me mad. I’ve been drinking loads of water, trying to to think about what’s in the fridge/cupboards. I also plan out my breakfast the next morning so that I have something to look forward to (even if it’s just muesli and yogurt).

    I hadn’t lost any weight at all thanks to birthday cake and moscato, but I’m hoping this week will put me back on track.

    Good luck for Friday!

    There are some good weight losses from you all, very inspiring for a newbe. I get excited just reading about the losses. This is day 4 of my first week so on Monday I am hoping to see the scales register something less than they did last week.
    Well done to you all.

    Week 6……same 8 fasts

    Coming back from holiday has been rather hard, with jet lag and not eating properly over the holiday. We both really needed proper food away from wine and all the sweet things we have had. It is alway so difficult out there fitting in the way the family eat, as it’s not the way we usually do things.

    We both decided to have this week off as we did no swimming, the cold weather with salads wasn’t rocking our boat and jet lagged. We shall start Monday as we need to get some weight moving.

    Happy Birthday SlexOr….all these hic ups….something always gets in the way but that’s life…..Good Luck for today

    Welcome Wekalegs…good luck for Monday

    We have been off 5.2 for 9 months.

    Due to husband having knee surgery, and off the 5.2 and being greedy all the weights gone back on. Very poor excuse for not being on 5.2 and being greedy at least. We had put on about half the weight, tried to get back on board for 6 weeks due to holidays and non swimming the other half of weight went on this past 9 months.

    So now back on board and weigh in Friday…this weight has to come off for health reasons and it has to stay off for both of us.


    Week 1….. after 2 fasts

    We have had a good first week back on board with enthusium. Although we have had a busy week doing jobs and getting ready for Xmas it has kept us out of the house.

    We have done two swimming sessions on our fast days, 20 lengths each, we will have to build up to our stamina to do our past 30 lengths.

    I have lost 4 lbs

    Hubby also lost 4 lbs

    We are both really pleased and surprised. As it’s the first week and with more water loss, we thought more to 2 or 3 lbs.

    Week 2…..after 4 fasts

    We have both had a good week with 2 swimming sessions, doing 24 lengths each time. Kept to what we can eat and also busy.

    I have lost 1 lb ..making 5 lb off

    Hubby put 1 lb on … making 3 lb off

    He is a bit disappointed but we lost a lot the first week, it will steady down. We both had injections this week, I had 2 and hubby 3… We felt quite low for a couple of days and very heavy and breathless when swimming.

    We are both on track for this week feeling very positive.

    Week 3…… after 6 fasts..

    We have had a good fast week, no swimming this week due to being unwell. We have visited family and went out for a carvery and drinks, also had 3 fairy cakes/ 2 choc cornflakes buns with a cup of tea. Naughty! I was cooking for Xmas so 3 mince pies was also eaten. We only managed a 30 min walk.

    I have lost 2 lbs this week……making 7 lbs off

    Hubby lost the same 2 lbs……making 5 lbs off

    We are very pleased with the loss, we expect as in the past about 7 lb off per month. This 5.2 plan really works if you stick with it and just so easy to do. Just determination on fast days.

    Week 4…..after 8 fasts…1 Month

    We have both had a good first month, both feeling very positive with good results. We have stopped swimming as the children are coming off school and it gets too busy also they are closed a week for maintanance. As Christmas is a week away the next two weeks will be difficult due to visiting and too much food about. Hubby went out for lunch on his fast day, a bit naughty but had no dinner so he pulled it back a bit!

    I have lost 2 lbs this week…making 9 lbs off…
    A Monthly Measure over the bust, waist, hips, thighs..A loss of 7 inch

    Hubby lost 1 lb this week…making 6 lbs off…
    His Monthly measure waist only..A loss 3 1/2 inch

    Our clothes are starting to get a bit slacker noticing it around our waist. I have now got a belt on my stretchy jeans as they keep slipping down, normally I wouldn’t need one. Hubby is also a notch tighter on his belt.

    Week 5….after 10 fasts

    It’s been a difficult week as Xmas approaches, we have been visiting family and friends. We have managed a very 2 loose fasts missing a few meals and a short weeks of 5 days.

    I have put 1 lb on….making it 8 lbs off

    Hubby the same 1 lb on….making him 5 lbs off

    We are off the plan for one week over Xmas starting again 4th January 2016
    It proves if you stick to the 5.2 it works…if you don’t it doesn’t….

    Week 6…after 12 fasts

    Xmas week this week so not expecting any good news on the weight front. I nearly was going to miss this week but I think it needs to be logged to realise we go up and down. If you eat wrongly the fat goes back on!

    I put 1 lb on…..7 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb on….4 lbs off to date

    All in all we expected a lot more damage, so over the pre Xmas week and Xmas week 2 lb on each. We are quite happy with that.
    New Years Eve and New Year’s Day so we are on the last two days of festivities. All the chocolate, biscuits etc will be put away for weekend treats.

    Pushing on from the 4th January, Monday and Thursday Fast Days weigh in Friday as usual.

    Week 7…. after 14 fasts..

    A really good fast week after Xmas. I had a tooth out at the beginning of week and it has left me feeling quite low. Quite difficult to extract one tooth took 40 mins.

    I lost 2 lb…..making it 9 lb off to date

    Hubby stayed the same….keeping the 4 lb off

    I am to my pre Xmas weight, hubby just struggling to get back on board after the holidays but he is OK now.

    Oh well done Sym and hubby.

    So very pleased for you. Well deserved especially after the tough week with your tooth.

    Lovely thread very inspiring.x

    Thanks Hemmy

    Hi Symba
    I found you! You keep moving around though. I am not great at technology!
    Anyway loved reading your entries. You and hubby have clearly been successful over the period, I suppose it’s all about being consistent. That’s why I am intent on fasting for the whole year, regardless of holidays, visitors and special days.
    Good luck to you both and I will be following your entries.

    Thanks Bigsby good luck as well
    Cheers x

    Week 9…. after 16 fasts…

    After 10 days my tooth extraction is feeling a lot better but still taking a lot of painkillers. We have continued with the fasting although our eating pattern in the week was far from normal.

    I have lost 1 lb making a loss of 10 lbs….overall measurements I have lost 9 inches

    Hubby has put a pound on..making a loss of 3 lb…his waist measurement down 4 inches

    I am really pleased with my loss.

    A bit confused with hubby, he eats what I give him, he did finish a couple of chops from me and also had a couple of glasses of whiskey. We had a few low calorie type meals over the weekend as I wasn’t fit to cook. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we tend to eat what we want with a few treats which haven’t happened. Today we are going out for a meal at a fish and chip restaurant to kick start the weekend, I do think if you eat low calories all week you get these hiccups it takes you back to an ordinary diet which the 5.2 isn’t . Maybe a little more walking around the village may help as this has stopped while I have been unwell.

    Well done … may you both continue to do well. Xx

    Hemmy ..thanks for your support…as always

    Week 9….. after 18 fasts… (Previous should read …week 8)

    Again we have had a good two fast days. I was concerned with hubby not loosing weight the last two weeks I took him out for a kick start…fish and chip restaurant meal, bread and butter etc, and out for another mid week meal! I believe as I have been unwell and we have not been eating enough due to me not cooking as normal …..he had hit a plateau….. It worked! 🙂

    I have lost 1 lb….loosing to date 11 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb…loosing to date 4 lbs

    We are both very pleased and back on track.

    Well done both. Xx

    Eleven pounds and you will soon be knocking on that magic stone door.

    How long is it till you go away and what are you hoping to lose before?
    Take care both. Xx

    Week 10 …after 20 fasts….

    It’s been a hard week for us. We have had a meal out and eaten more than we should have done. We missed out Monday fast so I did a B2B fast Wednesday / Thursday which I found quite hard. We are also packing to go on a two holiday and very much in a holiday mood.

    I have stayed the same… date 11 lbs off

    Hubby stayed the same……to date 4 lbs off

    It does prove if you keep to the plan the weight does come off but you can also eat and stay the same.

    We are now away on holiday for two weeks…hoping not increase our weight too much….
    Weighing in on the 19th February….when we will get back on track and start getting this weight moving and also starting some excerise.

    Symba7, as said before your posts are very inspirational!

    I started this week and searched this forum for all the “how quickly can I loose weight” posts as I want quick results, but your posts show that the weeks quickly add up and long term you will see great results, and is also helpful to see how to bounce back when you put a bit back on.

    Good luck to you and your husband!

    hi Symba7
    Your posts are truly inspirational. I read somewhere that you can always learn when things don’t go as you plan and you can then continue with more understanding of how to reach your goal. Your posts certainly show that to be true and I am certain that with your determination you will get lighter and feel healthier. I have been on lots of diets and like you I think this is the best. I don’t know why we sometimes lose our motivation but I have a friend who has lost lots of weight and kept it off for years and I think of her when things get tough. I have been on the 5:2 for four months and lost 20lbs so far and still feel very keen.
    All the best to you and your husband

    Thisonepleasework and Qsue,

    Thanks for your kind replies as ones starting and ones loosing 20 lb really well done.

    We are back off holiday shaking the jet lag off and a few loose pounds which are up a bit.

    Starting back on FD this Monday and Thursday weigh in again Friday. A week late but needed to start feeling normal again after all the travelling…..Feeling very positive and really need to get back on track.

    Week 11… after 22 fasts

    We have been away for 16 days on holiday, we then had 5 days before we started fasting again to get back into normal eating again and get over jet lag. I nearly died when I jumped on the scales first morning back and realised I had put on 7lbs!
    We have both had good solid fasting this week with a few 30 min walking session around the village. Hubby has been in the garage working on his motorbike bending and stretching different excerise to me!

    I have put on 1 lb….to date 10lbs off

    Hubby has lost 2 lb…to date 6lbs off

    All in all pulling back 6lb for me from the AI holiday I am quite pleased. Hubby is very pleased with his result. The weight is coming off steady and slowly with Xmas hitting us after we started 5.2 maybe it was a bad time to start the diet and this holiday it has caused us a bit of a blip. Still we are now moving forward and hoping for a more constant weight loss.

    Wow .. well done you two. Brilliant news.

    You must have both worked so hard this week with a damn good result.

    Really back on track … had a lovely holiday too.

    Good luck this week. Xx

    Week 12……..after 24 fasts

    We have got back on board after our holiday. I have been upping my steps getting to over 10,000 on three of the days this week, hubby has been working in the garage lifting and stretching over a few days. We have had good fast days being thoughtful what we have been eating

    I have stayed the same….staying at 10 lbs off

    Hubby stayed the same…staying at 6 lbs off

    We are disappointed as we both worked hard this week, our clothes are surprising getting loose, I am feeling more slimmer and hubby keeps loosing his trousers so something is happening!

    Hoping for some loss next week!

    Both your loses over the 12 weeks are very good.

    Some weeks it always appears that whatever we do the body weight stays the same.

    Doing your extra steps .. you are probably building muscle.

    Lovely thread Sym.. looking forward to next week. Xx

    Thanks Hemmy keep going is the motto…😃

    This is very interesting! My impression is that we humans vary a surprising amount in how our metabolisms etc work…
    I am on Day 59 and have lost 4kg BUT I put on 2kg in week one before it started to go down! Then I revised my 1200 calorie daily target down to 1000 kcal per day and added in the 2 FAST days at 500 kcal target. Still v slow progress – but not difficult – so wef day 55 I have downed my daily total to 800kcal.
    I am now thinking that we are all different and how unhelpful it is that a typical family sits down to the same meals when they are a unique combination of very active men, growing young people and me a middle-aged woman! Not a good eating environment as one size does NOT fit all…
    Also in evolutionary survival terms women past childbearing age would logically have minimal energy requirements compared to the rest of the community. Finally these changes – whether they creep up on us or happen in steps – ought to be recognised and we ought to then react by revising our diets and habits. In fact we simply carry on and get overweight. As s’one who was always slim and BMI 19 I never counted calories. But after having children it all changed. Prevention is better (certainly easier) than cure surely?
    Regards to all!


    I agree with you we are all different, we are mixing it around to try and suit us.

    I feel the 4.3 we are trying this week doesn’t make much diffence and it is the same results as 5.2…..4.3 is a lot harder and I think the body needs the up and down calories to make this WOL work….going too low on calories slows the weight down…throwing in some food and naughties kick starts the weight loss.

    As you are fighting against your body, lowering the calories your body works at the lower calories! Eating In between ‘as normal’ keeps the body burning calories. My thoughts…

    For us swimming is the answer also…..we will start again after Easter when the children are back at school on fast days. We lost a lot more before with swimming and 5.2 together.

    Week 13…..after 25 fasts

    After staying the same last week we decided to do a 4.3 week. We have been very good and stayed within the calories and lower calories even on the in between normal days. Disappointedly it didn’t work, I think we were too low on calories!

    I have stayed the same with 10 lb off

    Hubby stayed the same with 6 lb off

    We are both disappointed as we both were good, we have hit a plateau and maybe the holiday has caused the hiccup in the weight loss. We are pushing on but back to the 5.2 I think this suits us better and fits into our lifestyle.

    The 4.3 really made us feel on a diet which we don’t want.

    Week 14…after 29 fasts.. ( last week fasts should read 27 fasts..sorry)

    We have had a strange week..staying the same for the past two weeks eating very good…this week I thought sod it, away for two days in the caravan, eating fish and chips in restaurant, latte and biscuits out, another latte and toasted cheese sandwich out, pint of beer, two small bars of chocolate each…this is the Tuesday and Wednesday middle of our Fast days…which we never do..only treats at the weekend.

    I have lost 1lb….making my weight off to date to 11 lbs

    Hubby has stayed the same…6 lbs off

    The upping of food has really kick started me, a bit upset on hubby as he has not moved for three weeks although he eats the same as me. He is not bothered as his trousers are falling down and he is looking like a sack of potatoes around his waist! So something is happening.

    Swimming is starting after Easter for both of us when the children are back at school to see if it helps.

    Well done both. Hopefully you are on your way again Sym… and hubby next week. xx

    Week 15….after 31 fasts

    We both had good fasts this week clothes are getting looser, hubby has put two pair of jeans away which were too big, belt pulled in with a frill around the top! We are not moving weight wise …strange..

    I have put 1 lb on this week…back to 10 lbs

    Hubby 1 lb on this week…5 lb to date

    Disappointed but of bodies are changing….just keep pushing on and hope to start the downward move again.

    Hi Symba7

    Well done in staying focussed and I totally understand about the body change. My uniform is becoming very loose. It’s staying consistent that matters and you both are doing that.

    Week 16…. after 33 fasts

    We have had a heavy last weekend, a wedding do with drinks and buffet, a Sunday meal at someone’s house with pudding and half a bottle of wine!! We fasted well again throughout the week not expecting much on our weigh in today.
    Husband is not well with his chest and throat, so he has had 2 bottles of cough syrup and yesterday’s fast day he has had half a pint of milk and a pint of beer ( to help his throat) on top of his 600 calories!

    I have lost 2 lbs this week….making it 12 lbs to date

    Hubby has lost 2 lbs this week…..making it 7 lbs to date

    The plateau now seems to be moving after this month of going up and down with the same pound and also staying the same.

    We know what to do with the 5.2 but I really don’t understand how you loose. The eating of food never seems to match the weight loss…you are very good one week with no loss….then you have a very bad weekend then loose. It’s just strange.

    I suppose you push on and expect the loss when your body wants to.

    Hi Symba:

    You have hit on a very important observation. Weight loss is not constant or consistent. People that think it should be get worried when they ‘do everything right’ and don’t lose weight that week or even day. They then sometimes try something different – like even eating more – to ‘shake things up’ and get going again. Then they lose some weight and think what they did to shake things up caused the weight loss. But it didn’t – they would have lost the weight anyway without doing anything different.

    So you are exactly right – just keep on doing 5:2 as well as possible and you will lose weight. But maybe just not when you expect to!

    Good Luck!

    Thanks Simcoeluv for your imput…you are right. I think we want it more positive than that…and it isn’t.

    Well done to you both. So very pleased your patience has paid off for you… Good luck again next week. Xx

    I’m so inspired by your posts and wanted to say congratulations to you all. I’ve found losing weight a struggle all my life. There are so many conflicting plans and stories but having completed 3 fasts so far I have more energy and I’ve lost 3lbs in my first week. It’s so exciting. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Thanks Hemmy and Shampers,

    We just all need patience!!

    Well done on your 3 lbs loss Shampers.

    Week 17….after 35 fasts,

    We have had a really good week food wise, pulled our belts in. Hubby still not too well lots of cough syrup drunk. Two fasts and a extra 800 calorie day.

    I have stayed the same…12 lbs still off

    Hubby stayed the same…..7 lbs still off

    Ate out last week because of weekend commitments eating and drinking far too much and lost the 2 lb.each then this week really really good no loss!

    Hey hoe push on……at least we are the same….disappointment yes…but it is going down slowly!

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