First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Week 18…….after 37 fasts

    We have had a good week. Hubby doing lots of work on his motorbike in the garage keeping him busy. I have been upping my steps I have done 10,000 steps 4 days on the bounce. We had one meal out with friends with beer.

    I have lost 1 lb……13 lb off to date

    Hubby has lost 1 lb….8 lb off to date

    I am trying to have fruit breakfasts every day from today and see if it helps with weight loss..on another thread they are trying it with some success. I am trying to keep up with the stepping this next week. We are also away for 3 nights but hoping to keep on plan.

    I am also chasing my 1 lb off to make my first stone next week.

    I just finished my first week of 500 calorie 5:2 fast (fasting Monday and Thursday) and I’m definitely motivated by the results. I’m down 4.5 pounds !!! I know it probably won’t keep up at this rate, but I truly hope after many many MANY months of a plateau I’m on a new trend!

    Happy weekend and good luck to all who are fasting today!

    Yay so very well done to you both… that’s brilliant news.

    Enjoy your time away and hopefully that special result next week. Xxxx

    Well done
    Sounds like you had a great week, keep it up.
    We fasted yesterday, that’s it done till Monday!

    Hi Symba
    Great and well done, keep those steps going.

    Thanks for your comments

    RLW ….good weight loss good luck and keep going

    All have a lovely weekend.

    Week 19…… after 39 fasts

    We have been away this week on a 4 day break but kept to the plan. Even taking scales with me.

    I have decided to do the Fast Beach Diet for 6 weeks to see if I can get off the plateau and get the weight moving, hubby is staying as normal on the 5.2.

    I have been very good having 2 x 500 meals and a 800 calorie day the other 4 days keeping below 1200 calories. Hubby on a holiday mode staying with 2 fasting days then having 3 beers, fish and chips and sneaky few chocolate bars ( penguins) in the week!! He has just owned up to!

    I have lost 1 lb …loosing to date 14 lbs ( 1 stone)

    Hubby lost 1 lb….loosing to date 9 lbs

    When I am on a weekly loss it’s usually 1 lb a week so on the FBD it may not give me the 2 lb loss it advertises but we will see.

    I am thinking of the Freddy Mercury song ..”Another one bites the dust”… We are going down slowly that’s the main..and feeling positive.

    We are out tonight for my Birthday meal at a fish and chip restaurant and I may have a merlot later. I have decided Friday will be my day off to have a few treats but being mindful on the calories.

    Well done again to you both. It is lovely when you reach a stone marker.
    Good luck this next week. Xx

    Week 20…after 41 fasts

    We have had a very good week food wise. I am on the Fast Beach Diet for 6 weeks, hubby continuing on 5.2. It looks as if my plateau is moving.

    I have lost 2 lbs this week….loosing 16 lbs to date

    Hubby lost 1 lb this week…loosing 10 lbs to date

    I have been impressed this week with the loss just tweaking the food I am eating and calorie counting, a bit of a pain but if it works. My fruit for breakfast is cutting my calories by half.

    Eating mixed fruit for breakfast with no other food until lunchtime is supposed to cleanse your gut! and is very good for you.

    Hubby has had a bit of beer and a bit of chocolate which he includes in his week.

    I will be interested if I keep this loss up as its not normal for me. I am doing no exercise.

    Congratulations then, you have achieved your goals, just keep on walking though it seems to be difficult, Rome was not built in one day, all the best!

    Well done symba7
    For the weight loss but also well done for your perseverance. It’s all about the long road but if your anything like me you feel so much better for losing that weight.

    Well done to you both. So very pleased for you.. a brilliant result.

    Hope this week goes well for you too Xx

    Thank you all for your kind comments…we will all get there slowly.

    Week 21…….after 43 fasts

    We have had a good week and I am feeling good. Still having fruit breakfasts. Hubby had a couple of pints and I noticed some chocolate and chocolate biscuits passing his mouth…sneaky from me….nothing passes me and it was noted!

    I have stayed the same this week…16 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb on….8 lb off to date

    I have had a loss a few weeks on the trot hoping the plateau is not setting in again!

    Hubby wants to loose slower than me it’s coming off but not as strict. He likes his treats on the way…

    We are on a 6 day holiday from Monday, I am hoping to stay on plan the best I can….hubby will be in holiday mode he will be on his FDs as usual but he will be naughty I know that now before we go!

    Just wanted to thank you for your posts. I have read through your entire journey and found it incredibly helpful in grounding this process.
    I tried the fast diet last year with success of 10 pound loss, but then fell off the wagon.
    I started again and have been fasting for two weeks (entering my third week) and I have lost 7 pounds. I am feeling nervous because I was at a family gathering all weekend and ate ALL THE THINGS (so many sandwiches, baked goods, pie, bread). And I feel like I have gained weight; I am also about to get my period, so I am sure that is effecting my body too.
    Starting the week off with a fast day and hoping that I can still lose weight this week, and not have to worry about weight gain. Here is hoping. Thanks again! πŸ™‚


    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    You have to look at it as a way of life.. and things have to change.. You will have ups and downs but just push on.
    Good luck on your journey and keep positive.

    Week 22…. after 45 fasts

    We have had 5 days away but I have kept best to plan with a few treats. Hubby has been unwell with a bad back and has had some treats for his pain!

    The bottle of merlot I took came back unopened a first for me! and half a bar of Aldi chocolate uneaten!

    I have lost 3 lbs this week….to date lost 19lbs

    Hubby has stayed the same…..lost to date 8 lbs

    I am very pleased as I have been on the fast beach diet and it really has helped to get back on track and mindful on what I am eating, weighing all food which is a pain but working.

    Hubby is not as committed as me but his weight is coming off more slowly. He is happy with that. Still I am going to push him more but he wants away of life not a diet.

    Week 23…..after 47 fasts

    We have both had a positive week and it’s gone well. A couple of treats but counted into the calories. I am still doing the Fast Beach Diet and it is making me think what I am eating and portion sizes. We count calories while doing the FBD a pain but it’s working. Our intake of food has gone down dramatically, my food cupboard is not moving!

    I have lost 1 lb this week…20 lb to date

    Hubby has lost 3lbs this week…11 lbs to date

    Hubby is pleased of a bit of movement after a few weeks of not doing much. The weight seems to come in stop and starts, still on a downward spiral!!

    Oooh so pleased to hear your results this week. Well done to you both.

    The hard work has paid off. Xx

    I just finished my second week of 500 calorie 5:2 fast and I’m down 2,1 kilograms! Yesterday was my fourth fast day (500 calories) and I found it very easy. The first fast day was a bit hard, but apparently my body is getting used to it.

    Thanks Hemmy..x

    Good luck fastdutchgirl keep positive it works…

    Week 25….after 49 fasts..

    I am on week 6 of the FBD to give me a kick into action! It has worked well. It gets your head back in line with fasting, counting calories and weighing in twice a week. I had been on a plateau for a few weeks before and was struggling to loose the weight. Maybe I was slipping up with portion sizes!
    Hubby is not well with a bad back so not very mobile but he still doing ok on the 5.2.

    I have loss 1 lb this week….weight off up to date 21 lbs. (1 1/2 stone)

    Hubby has lost 1 lb this week….weight off to date 12 lbs.

    I am really pleased this week feeling I have reached a mile stone, a good round number, I am seeing a light at the end on the tunnel. Hoping hubbys health improves so we can do a bit of excerise.

    Well done Symba7
    You certainly are committed. I have religiously kept my calories for each day since Jan 1st. Up till yesterday I had consumed 312,180 calories!!! Still losing weight. I know it sounds a bit over the top but by doing this I keep focussed. I think we are all doing really well and should be proud of ourselves.
    Again, well done.
    Ps hope hubby back improves. I use the same line when the lawn needs cutting!!!!

    Week 26……..after 51 fasts

    We have had a challenging week, daughter and children from abroad visiting now for 5 weeks but not with us all the time but we will be joining up with them a lot. Cooking for all the family with merlot, chocolate and cakes flowing has been difficult.

    Hubby is still struggling with his back.

    I have put 1 lb on…..weight off to date 20 lbs

    Hubby also put 1 lb on…weight off to date 11 lbs

    This weekend we are away at a 40s weekend, hubby has said we are away with friends so no calorie restriction to spoil the weekend 😬

    We are going to try and loose over the next month but if we stay the same we are also OK about this. It is so difficult with visitors about. We will have to Fast on different days to try and keep on track.

    I just finished my fourth week of intermittent fasting on de 5:2 diet. I’ve lost 3.8 kilos (8.3 lbs) so far. Fasting days are now rather easy for me. I skip breakfast and lunch and eat 500 calories for dinner, mostly vegetables (a lot!) and some source of protein like fish, eggs, tofu or lentils. Sometimes I eat 6 almonds as a desert. I really love this life style because it’s so easy! I love planning my fast meals and not having to think about food for 2 days a week.

    Well done FDG..8 lb is very good going and you are now enjoying the fasting. I am like you good not thinking about food two days a week…nice and easy.

    Week 27…. after 53 fasts

    It’s been a good week, our visitors are still about so holding. Hubby is in a bad way with a prolapsed disc so not moving about as he cant walk.

    I have lost 1 lb…lost up to date 21 lbs

    Hubby put on 2 lbs…lost to date 9 lbs

    Hubby has had a good week food wise eating what I have eaten but with him feeling so unwell and on medication, it may have upset his system, maybe food in transit.

    He could be like this for a few months, I will log him but he is upset as his weight had started to move down..

    Week 28….after 55 fasts

    We have still got our visitors about and hubby still unwell. We have had a good week with food a few slip ups here and there, some chocolate, a large cookie and a few biscuits which we don’t normally do. Having them in for visitors visiting is a pain in the bum!

    Hubby stationery with his sciatica and bad back and blocked up with tablets. MRI this Sunday.

    I have been out and about to seaside, fish and chips finding it a bit challenging with the family although I did get 10 swimming lengths in at the leisure centre.

    I have stayed the same this week……21 lbs off to date.

    Hubby stayed the same this week…..9 lbs off to date

    We have held it together this week with the challenge of family about and hubby with his own problems. We are OK with this…hoping for a better result next week.

    I need to up the excerise a bit even a walk around our village.

    Hi Symba7
    It’s okay to stay the same especially when you have visitors. Its not easy I know but coming out of a ‘party period’ weighing the same as you went in, is no bad thing. We all need to let our hair down, it’s staying on track that’s the challenge and you sound like your both doing that. Well done and stay with it.
    Good luck with upping your exercise.

    Thanks Bigby….

    Week 29….after 57 fasts…..( one day early due to commitments)

    We have had a strong week. I went to the coast with the family and managed to just have a coffee on a FD when everybody else were eating a picnic! πŸ˜‡ Hubby is still unwell and not moving, I gave in to him one night with chocolate. Feeling sorry for himself and yes I had some! He felt the need…as we do sometimes..

    I have lost 2 lbs this week….23 lbs off to date.

    Hubby also lost 2 lbs this week….11 lbs off up to date.

    Really pleased with us both..we are being mindful with food and we are not having the big dinners of the past.

    I am nearing my first goal with another 5lbs to loose…I will then decide if I need to go lower.

    All is well and we are both feeling much better on the 5.2

    Week 30…after 59 fasts..

    This is the worse week we have had since Xmas. We have had 3 family meals out this week it’s a farewell to our daughter and family who have been on holiday for 5 weeks and are returning to the States this weekend, another meal tonight.

    Early in the week I was up in weight by 4 lbs..upsetting after the loss at last weeks weigh in. We have pulled back on food since then.

    I am up 1 lb this week…22 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 1 lb…..12 lbs off to date

    I am very pleased with the out come of the week…we are now pulling in our belt…and waving daughter bye bye πŸ˜€

    Well done for hanging in there symba7
    I truly know how hard it is to stay focussed during vistors. Just had friends staying for three days then I have family coming for a week. It’s hard to find those gap days to fast in but just staying close to the same weight means that it gives you a spring board to return after they have all gone, only putting on a pound really can be seen as a triumph.

    Week 31…after 61 fasts

    We have had a good week food wise kept to plan.

    We had visitors Tuesday and had wine and cakes it was a lovely day and worth it!

    A bit challenging from Wednesday as hubby had back spasms for over 30 hours, we went to A/E on a 999 Wednesday …then again our GP sent him back to hospital Thursday and he has been admitted.

    I have lost 1 lb this week..23 lbs off to date

    Hubby due to him being unwell, he is still fasting, blocked with tablets, he will return when better.

    We will both continue as best as we can.

    Bless him yesterday ..I asked what food did he have for dinner…beef salad as its FD..he was so high on drugs it’s a wonder he remembered

    Hi symba7
    Sorry to hear about hubby, he must’ve been in serious pain, poor guy.
    Good luck to you both.
    Best wishes
    Ps I’ve decided to wait re my uniform maybe after the summer.

    Week 32…after 63 fasts

    A very busy week for me, hubby has been admitted to hospital for two days. After a really bad 4 days we have got the pain under control. He is seeing a specialist next week. He has three slipped discs.

    We both have been fasting and he has kept me going fetching and 10,000 steps for me one day and I didn’t leave the house! Lots of cleaning, gardening, window washing and car wash that day. I had lost my cleaning partner!

    I have stayed the same this week…23 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 1 lb this week…13 lbs off to date

    Just for anyone with illness and taking tablets………
    Hubby didn’t weigh in due to being in hospital and very unwell last week. In the middle of the week when home he was 10 lbs up…he was so upset. He still had been fasting in hospital the best he could.

    It shows when you are on lots of tablets, ill and goods in transit it will show a weight gain but it comes off quickly.

    He is so pleased at today’s weigh in.

    Week 33 … after 65 fasts

    A good week really, weather hot so a couple of magnums eaten. A bit of chocolate and a couple of wines.
    Hubby feeling a lot better but still not moving much.

    I have stayed the same this week.. 23 lbs off to date.

    Hubby has lost 2lbs… 15 lbs off to date

    He is really pleased as his weight went sky high when ill and taking lots of tablets. He has a stone change over on the scales and is feeling good.

    I am pleased I am holding my own, 3 weeks at the same weight but it’s not going up.. I am ok with that.

    Week 34… after 67 fasts..

    Hubby is improving and getting back to near normal. We both have had a good week all very much on plan. We had a surprise visit from our daughter and grandson on Wednesday, so I made a fresh cream chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, we all had two pieces each which was so naughty but so lovely.

    I have lost 1 lb this week…..lost to date 24 lbs

    Hubby stayed the same…lost to date 15 lbs

    Our food bill is very much lower over these last 6 months and it’s very noticeable. We realise how much over eating we did. We still have treats but it’s more out in cafes occasionally and not in the house.

    I bake but more for others than us…as with the fresh cream cake on Wednesday it has to be eaten and not kept…you can push it on your visitors to eat it up!

    Things are slowing down for me, I am 3 lbs from my goal….but I am hoping to go another 7 lbs down if I can.

    Week 35… after 69 fasts

    We have had a busy week, a Birthday bash weekend in a hotel eating and drinking. I was up by 3 pounds at one point in the week quite upsetting. I don’t mind 1 or 2 pounds but after that I find it hard to accept.

    Hubby is a lot better health wise and about as normal as he can be…lol

    I have stayed the same this week….24 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 1 lb….16 lbs off to date

    I am surprised I have pulled back this week and very pleased with our results.

    We are away next week in the caravan for 5 nights so again we are going to have to be mindful on what we eat and drink. Hoping to get a bit more excerise in to help.

    Scales will be taken for our weigh in day.

    We have to fit it all into our lifestyle.

    Week 36…after 71 fasts

    We have been on holiday for 5 days. We have managed two fast days and upped the walking. Lots of chocolate, merlot and beer and BBQ’s. A lovely meal out.

    I have stayed the same…24 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb on….15 lbs off to date

    We are both very pleased, as hubby said he is on holiday and will have treats. We are pulling back with food and having some light days hoping for better results next week.

    Week 38….after 73 fasts…

    We had last Friday off like we always do but pulled in tight all week on food. We both managed to do two swimming sessions and I tried to do more steps than usual. No treats all week and was very mindful on what we were eating.

    I have lost 1 lb….25 lbs off to date.

    Hubby lost 1 lb….16 lbs off to date.

    We are realising when we eat out in restaurants / pubs we are struggling with the portions sizes, our stomach must have shrunk. We feel very uncomfortable. It makes us very positive for the week ahead. It presses the 5.2 button!

    Week 39…. after 77 fasts

    We have had a really good week two swimming sessions, upped the walking and calories well below our TDEE.
    We have had 1 wine, 2 croissants and 1 icecream but all counted in. We are being very mindful.

    I have stayed the same….25 lbs off to date

    Hubby put on 2 lbs….14 lbs off to date ( he is upset)

    I can’t understand it, hubby is well under his TDEE as he has more or less my calories. We are very disappointed. He only eats what I give him and always asks if he can have something and if he is allowed.

    Tape measure was brought out to cheer us up…since December 2015

    Hubby has lost 5″ off his waist… ( his only measurement)πŸ˜€

    I have lost 4″ off my waist….but counting my bust, waist, hips and top of two legs I have lost 15 1/2 ” overall.πŸ˜€

    My waist is less than half my height, and I am at last 24.9 in healthy range of BMI.

    Very good result……Keep going it’s a WOL….

    Hi Symba7
    Thanks for your supportive messages. I honestly understand your hubbys sentiments, I’m in the same place. I trained heavily over the last four weeks with no change.
    Sometimes I wonder if we expect too much too fast, let’s face it it took me decades to become over weight, now I want to reverse this over months! All I can say is the clear fact that you both are committed as we are can only be good for your well being. I sense you both have no intention of swaying like us so hang in there and keep on posting and fasting.


    You and M are very commited like us, hiccups on the way, social events, holidays and of course flying, but we will get there slowly does it…but we will.

    We are eating more healthy than we ever have been before, so it has to be good for us. Although we have just needed three days off 😬..FD day tomorrow..non negotiable !!

    All the very best to you both keep posting and keep fasting…we will look out for each other.


    Week 40… after 79 fasts.

    After a disappointed last week or even a slow few weeks! We went out and had haddock and chips, we also had a bottle of wine over the weekend. Really three days off, pulled our socks up drew the line and started our first FD of the week Monday as usual.

    We went back to basics, no carbs on a FD, of late we have had within calories but had egg and tomatoes on toast as we were fed up of salads! But it looks like it’s NO CARBS on a FD.

    I have lost 2 lbs…..27lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 2 lbs….15 lbs off to date…( looks like last weeks should read 13 lbs)

    We are away for a break on Sunday for three days but we will be continuing on plan. Getting back to basics.
    Swimming has stopped as hubbys back still not too good with the excerise.

    Week 41…after 81 fasts..

    We have been a way on a break for three days this week but still managed our two fasts. We have had a few extra things, a cake out, a couple of G & Ts, a bit of chocolate, a couple of kit kats. All in all I think quite good for a holiday break.

    I have put on 1 lb…26 lbs off to date

    Hubby has stayed the same….15 lbs off to date.

    I am nearing my first goal but I am now still 2 lbs away..😁..disappointed but push on for next week. It’s our day off plan today and we are going out for a meal tonight.

    Tomorrow we have a low mindful day and back on track.

    Week 42… after 83 fasts

    83 fasts I just can’t believe it…Pushed on as usual, I have found it quite easy and not hungry. Strange how some weeks are harder and others easy. We have both done well hubby eaten a bit more bread than me as he always does. The weight, the food eaten, the body, it never seems to does its own thing…we are going down slowly that’s the main.

    I have lost 1 lb……27 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb on….14 lbs off to date

    I feel as if we are playing tennis…the pound is being patted back and forth to each other. Hubby is fine he says we are not on a diet, the weight is coming down and that’s fine…I wish I could feel like that.

    Hello fellow posters, today is my first day here and I literally read every single post on this thread and it was so inspiring – I so admire both you symba (and your husband) and the others who contributed to the thread for your persistence and your willing to pick yourself up, brush yourself off – and start all over again.

    I look forward to reading more. My issue is more with eating healthy than losing weight (although I, like many, have an extra five or ten pounds that I really don’t need – mainly around the middle of course.) I like the fasting concept because I think it gives our digestive system a much needed rest from the daily onslaught of food that it has to deal with.

    Thanks Linda, many of us are on our journey, us to loose weight but also to eat and be healthy. Good luck to yourself on you being more healthy and maybe loosing your 10 pounds.


    Week 43… after 85 fasts

    We had a very feasting weekend, Friday night meal out and beer, Saturday a good meal in, a bottle of wine and chocolate!
    Then I thought come on pull your belt in, I need a pound off before holidays to get to my first goal weight.
    We have had a amazing solid week, scales looked good for hubby in the week so it made him very focused. We were really good!

    I have lost 2 lbs this week….29 lbs off to date

    Hubby lost 2 lbs this week….16 lbs off to date

    I got to my goal of 28 lbs off plus another pound…I am really pleased.

    I have now set another target of 9 lbs off which will take me to my final weight of 150lbs…I will let my body decide if thats too low, I may stop before that.

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