First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Going off on a nearly three week holiday…no fasting….back on October 21st..

    Hoping to have not put too much weight back on..😁 scales!

    Wow, that is great regarding the weight loss success! Congrats. Enjoy your holiday.

    I had a good day, out with friends shopping and lunch. We ate a Wendy’s (fast food place, chili – burgers – ice cream, etc. I had the small chili and the smallest ice cream (it is called a Frosty, served in a cup, not a cone and very yummy.) Total calories were 370 so I might just make this a fasting day as I hadn’t eaten anything else and can have a big salad for dinner. I was discussing this plan at lunch and everybody thinks it makes so much sense, a lot of us have been following another plan – NO S, which is No snacks, no sweets no seconds unless the day begins with S (such as Saturday, Sunday or a special day like a birthday)….

    Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is my husband’s 73rd so there will be birthday cake, ice cream, etc. No fasting day tomorrow. I will make Monday and Wednesday fasting days for sure as that will be easy to do at work.

    Again, congrats to you and your hubby. I, too, would like to be down a few before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays hit us full force.

    Good luck Linda and enjoy your husbands birthday.

    We are going to Louisiana to visit our daughter…hopefully not too many steaks and half rack of ribs, fries and Merlots!!


    Thanks ! Enjoy Louisiana and your daughter – and speaking of ribs, that is on the birthday menu. haha…

    symba i find you wonderful! inspiring! WELL DONE

    how is your fasting going now… are you at the same weight, down 1 st and 11 pounds… or did you decide to go down further

    oh hang on, i just read more pages, i am still new to this site and really dont get forums… lol… but i see you are 64, have trouble walking and yet have lost nearly 3 stone in two years. am i along the right lines here?

    what an inspiring female you are.

    i am heavily considering starting this when back from extended hols and i will be using you as my role model.

    Go and have a great holiday symba7. You and hubby have done brilliantly. Hey try fasting one day a week maybe! As hubby says this not a diet so if it’s WOE then you can show everyone in USA how you have lost the weight. Anyway have a great time, oh and I LOVE RIBS, especially with a cold beer,,,,or two,,,or three!

    Hi L
    Welcome yup it’s a great way of balancing out the eating week, M and I know that whatever we do we will be fasting two days week. We started in Jan and its transformed our lives, both losing 2st and that’s with a lot of partying this summer. for sure it aids the digestion system and there are other health benefits too.
    I’ll write about that on my string.
    Happy fasting!


    I am now 67 years old and just hit 2 stone 1 lb / 29 lbs off. Since December 2015.

    Yes my feet do slow me down a bit but I think with the weight off they are now much better. This is third time lucky with the 5.2 and it will keep off this time. ( I have lost this the first time then hubby had two new knees people brought gifts of chocolates etc and it all went back on, we tried for a second time and couldn’t get on board again and failed…started in December 2015 again and as above..πŸ˜€

    My goal was the 2 stone off but have decided to go down a bit more so 9 lbs more unless I start going scraggy looking…lol

    Good luck to your journey start after your holidays.


    I will have ribs and a merlot while away…you did say didn’t you…lol

    We will be trying to fast while away or cutting some meals out per day. As you know it’s a nightmare in the states and being with the family is no difference…eating at 9 pm on a night far too late for us, donuts for breakfast!!

    We will try and keep clear and try and do our own food but I don’t want to feel rude…will have to try and balance it…17 days of eating…plane food and nibbles…oh dear…

    Good luck to you both and well done on M weight loss.


    I totally understand what you mean, doughnuts for breakfast! Wow.
    Good luck and enjoy family time.

    Week 45….after 87 fasts

    We are back from our holidays in America we were away for 17 days. A nightmare of food all processed with lots of sugar, hard to find any plain food! We were visiting our daughter so lots of wine drunk, I was sharing a bottle of Merlot each day with a lot of catch up chatting. Hubby went on the lite beer as it was less gassy. Days out, lots of cake at cafes, a couple of restaurant meals with wine and beer.

    I have put 1lb on….28 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 1 lb…..17 lbs off to date

    This is the first holiday our weight has stayed about the same, I can’t believe it after all what we had eaten.

    Who eats donuts for breakfast then I had two? Son in law cooked BBQ ribs…2 bottles of BBQ sauce and a cup of sugar went into his sticky sauce, I was horrified…portion sizes that’s another area. All my fruit bought for my breakfast eaten by the family!! ..but apparently nobody likes it?? ..most of my melon eaten by son in law….lol….the milk fairy drank all the milk!!

    I am thankful all the families weights are pretty normal…at the moment.

    We are very much on track and fallen back into our WOL very easy which isn’t always easy… there is still a fair bit of weight to loose for both of us but we are getting there.

    Week 46….. after 90 fasts.

    We have had a very good week both managing 3 fasts. We are very focussed after holidays and straight back on track as sometimes is not the case.

    I have lost 2 lbs….30 lbs off to date

    Hubby up 1 lb…..16 lbs off to date

    We have a strange body, we have both eaten exactly the same portions of food all week, only breakfast he has a bit more. I don’t understand why he’s put on….Hoping he catches up next week.

    We are both off the alcohol until nearer Xmas, two weeks up to now.


    Unless your other half is the same sex as you, weighs the same as you, has the same muscle/fat composition, same height, same age as you and does the exact same activities as you why would you expect that eating the same portions would produce equal results?


    Point taken about all around stuff but men are supposed to loose weight more quickly then the women!

    Thanks…You are telling me I work

    We always have gained the same weight together and loose the same weight together…always 2 stone different. This time he has had a bad back which laid him low for 3 months so we are not the same now.

    But I know what you are saying.

    LOL. Youre just going to have to give your OH smaller portions and tell him to catch up.

    Week 47….after 92 fasts

    Another good week, still off the alcohol. Very much a way of life now getting so much easier to do.

    Putting my belt on my jeans today counted my holes I have lost around my waist…now on the tightest hole….7 holes 7″ lost over 11 months.

    Hubby came in wearing his jeans, new fashion, belt very tight with a frill of waistband above his belt….looks like a sack of spuds!

    I have lost 1 lb….. 31 lbs off up to date

    Hubby stayed the same….16 lbs off to date

    Hubby is struggling at the moment, maintaining, he is eating what I give him and no extra, he is off the alcohol. He is not bothered as he says it will move and it’s a way of life.

    I saw a friend today who I have not seen for a year…..she said god where has all your weight gone, you look fabulous ….next question how have you done it…..nice to be told.

    We are away for 4 days from Monday but we will be sticking to our way of eating. We will be out and about a bit so a bit more excerise will be done. I hope a loss for hubby next week.

    Week 48… after 94 fasts

    We have had a few days away this week in the caravan but still fasted. We had a meal out on Wednesday and a couple of cream cakes each which has shown up in my weight gain. Still off the alcohol for both of us nearly 4 weeks now, only had one drink each with a lunch out with friends.

    I know why, it’s better than not knowing …….a tight week ahead to get it back off.

    I have gained 1 lb…..30 lbs off to date

    Hubby maintained….16 lbs off to date

    We are still focussed with our new way of life and it’s fitting in very nicely. Onwards and upwards….

    Week 49…after 96 fasts

    Still pushing on and fasting is now more normal and our way of life. It doesn’t take the effort as it did in the beginning.

    I have lost 1 lb…31 lbs off to date

    Hubby maintained….16 lbs off to date

    I am still concerned for hubby he is maintaining and not loosing the plateau has now lasted about 6 or 7 weeks. He is not concerned as he is not gaining. I would be pulling my hair out if it was me! He says it will move. He is doing well on 5.2 and not cheating, we have a treat or two and Friday off. That makes it easy and fits into a life pattern.

    Week 50….after 98 fasts

    We have had four day break away in the caravan at a Xmas Fayre, so not been easy on the food front. We have tried to stay on plan but we did decide to be flexible on food as it was a booked Xmas treat.

    I have lost 2 lbs….33 lbs off to date

    Hubby maintained….16 lbs off to date

    The plateau continues for hubby. I am going to try and up the water intake as we both don’t drink enough. I have drunk more water this week and it has given me 2 lbs off…is it the water!

    We have eaten more sweet things than we normally do…we SHOULD have maintained or agained a pound!! Back to normal this week and not many treat breaks now until Xmas.

    I am now seeing my goal in sight…2 lbs more to go….then a few more pounds offfor wriggle room….lol

    Week 51….after 100 fasts

    It’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US we have been fasting for a year now and also been on the forum, it’s a very much a way of life. A bit of a struggle at the start but it definitely gets easier we do it without thinking now.

    The change of food in our lives has really changed, cut down on bread and potatoes. The sweet things in the house, chocolates and biscuits are not eaten, they are here but for visitors. Food bill halved!!

    I have stayed the same this week….33 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 3 lbs…..19 lbs off to date

    We are now thinking a head for December…as commitments start coming in we will miss meals out to compensate for increased food intake, meals out, family visits…..we are fasting until Thursday before Christmas until 2 nd January….about 10 days, trying to throw some fasting days in if we can. We will be missing only two fast days. As Christmas falls on a weekend we are all getting away lightly this year.

    Week 52…. after 102 fasts.

    A challenging week as Xmas catchups have started, two meals out. We are hoping to maintain for the month although any loss would be good.

    I have stayed the same…33 lbs off to date

    Hubby 3 lbs on….16 lbs off to date

    I think in the New Year a different plan of attack and maybe a bit more excerise …swimming. We can’t do a lot due to health reasons. Hubby is taking a fair few bits of medication I think this must be slowing his weight loss down. I would like to see him reduce his tablets if this is possible.

    The good thing although he is going up and down a bit, he is going down generally and staying in the couple of pounds weight range. I thought he was on a plateau but he lost and gained, so there is some movement.

    Thinking of AFDs maybe….

    Week 53… after 104 fasts πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

    We have started going out for Xmas lunches so trying to hold our own…a bit challenging at this time of the year. Christmas is a time to be having a few treats with family and friends…a line can be drawn in the New Year to get our new eating plans in place. πŸŽ„

    I have stayed the same…33 lbs off to date

    Hubby lost 1 lb…..17 lbs off to date

    I am getting close to my goal weight it would of been nice to get the 2 lbs off and finish the year off nice but it’s not to be. Hoping to fast next week but we have some things planned.

    Hubby is under his plateau after two months so that’s good to finish on.

    Week 54…after 106 fasts

    We have managed the two fasts this week a bit challenging with family visits with food and puddings. We are holding our own this month not expecting any weight loss.

    I have stayed the same..ending the year with 33lbs off

    Hubby stayed the same…ending the year with 17 lbs off

    Both very happy with what we have achieved. We are having a week off from fasting …to enjoy Christmas…

    Starting the New Year first fast day 2nd January weighing in on the usual Friday.

    πŸŽ…πŸΌMerry Christmas to everybody…lets get healthy and slim in 2017 with a new way of life with the 5.2.. πŸŽ…πŸΌ

    Congratulations symba! Well done! You’ve both done really well.

    A merry Christmas to you and Mr S,
    Onwards and downwards,

    Thank you, I hope you and yours have a good Christmas..

    Even now I really feel strange not fasting next week, and I am not to Monday yet…odd really…


    January 2017.. Our second year

    Week 56…after 108 fasts

    This last year has passed so quick and our new life style is getting in a routine.

    We have had 12 days of Christmas off…taking the finger off the button the weight jumped up fast, I put on 5 lbs and hubby 8lbs. We enjoyed ourselves with family and friends..line drawn now and a New Year ahead.

    We have pulled back this week and completed our first two fasts on the year, and lost some of our Christmas weight.

    I have put on 2lbs…pre Christmas weight….lost up to date 31 lbs

    Hubby put on 4 lbs…pre Christmas weight…lost to date 13 lbs

    We have to battle down now and put our mind to loosing weight. We have found it a nice feeling getting back to fasting. Getting off all the sugary food and drinks and feeling much better. I felt my body was rebelling against the junk food.

    Week 58….. after 110 fasts

    We have got our head around fasting straight back after Christmas break. Things have gone quiet good this week. We have decided to shake the food front about a bit.

    Our thought is….Friday is our day off and Saturday as a normal day.

    Our NFD s for the rest of the week will be a late breakfast about 9.30 and dinner about 4.30… we are missing lunch…making it a 7 hour eating window and 17 hours fasting..FD’s as usual.

    I have lost 2 lbs…33 lbs off to date

    Hubby has lost 4 lbs….17lbs off to date

    We are back to pre Christmas weight and hoping our new routine will shuffle some weight off.


    Symba I have just signed up and will commence my first fast today. Your posts are inspirational and I look forward to your encouraging words. So what do you recommend I eat on our first day of fasting?

    Hi Tray…

    I eat a small bowl of mixed berries for breakfast about 70 cals
    About 5 cups of tea or coffee with a dash of milk
    Dinner is a large mixed salad with 100 gr of meat or fish, tuna, prawns, 2 lamb chops, a pork chop, a small chicken breast..
    or a two egg omelette smattering of cheese, tomato, onions, a mushroom all chopped up small.

    I would suggest you buy the book it gives you the basic of why you are doing it not just for weight loss.

    Find a thread on here which suits you and join and get the help and support you need…and keep posting and joining the thread.

    Good luck


    Thanks for that, it gave me a bit of an idea. I will get the book. Today I had a shake 95 cal and two coffees with milk and steamed vegs beans, brussels and caulflower with two small lamb chops only because thats what I had in the fridge. I think I should be around the 500 cal mark?

    Week 59… after 112 fasts

    We are still going well as a way of life….it’s been a difficult week as I have been unwell and laid up. We have done less than 2000 steps a day. Making it a very lazy week for both of us. We don’t do any excerise but I like to get to 6000 /7000 steps in at least a day.

    I have stayed the same….33 lbs off to date

    Hubby put on 1 lb…16 lbs off to date

    I am more or less to goal..over the last 8 weeks, 6 weeks I have stayed the same except for Christmas..I am wondering if my body is where it wants to be, I am ok with that but another 4 lbs off taking me into my next stone down would be good. Only time will tell.

    Week 60…. after 114 fasts

    We have had two heavy meals out this weekend although very good for the rest of the week it really shows….as soon as you take your finger off the button and loose focus you have a wobble.

    I have stayed the same….33 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb on….15 lbs to date

    We are going away to Florida for nearly three weeks so our next weigh is on 24th February..

    Hoping we don’t put too much on while away…I am nearly to goal…hubby about another stone to loose..this way of life is so easy now and it just fits into life…just slowly does it..

    Week 61….after 116 fasts..

    We are back after 18 days holiday in Florida and finishing our first fast week. America is a nightmare of a place to visit for food the quantity and no quality at all…All brown and cream food, chips, donuts, cookies…no coloured food to be seen…this is when you think it’s best to stay at home…still we had a good holiday plenty of warm weather and relaxing time.

    I have put on 4 lbs…..29 lbs off to date

    Hubby put on 2 lbs…13 lbs to date

    We have thrown ourselves back into the way of life, enjoying our coloured food, salads are back and my fruit, really missed them…lol.. hoping to get the weight off quickly before it has time to settle…I don’t like it at all my graph has gone sky high..

    Week 62…after 118 fasts

    All back on track after holiday, it’s been a good week really thoughtful keeping off any treats and alcohol.
    I am thinking of upping our calories on our NFDs keeping about 200 calories under our TDEE. I have been keeping it quite low and really we should be feasting and famine. So for at least two NFDs I will up the food, keeping to good calories, continuing with two FD’s. We are also back on whole milk.

    I have lost 2 lbs…..31 lbs to date

    Hubby lost 1 lb….14 lbs off to date

    Away this coming week in the caravan but continuing with our WOL …see if the changes make any difference.

    Well done Sym and Steve. A good loss .

    Think you are very wise to be back on full fat milk. More filling and makes a nicer coffee or tea.

    I know you drink quite a bit but may not need so much now. Sometimes I mix a little water for a cup of hot milk… still tastes better then semi or skimmed milk. Lol Xx

    Thanks Hemmy we will all get there…πŸ˜€

    Week 63….after 120 fasts

    We have been away for three days in the caravan, we have continued to fast….I thought we had had a good week ☹️but not….we have a heating boiler fitted this week so we will be a upside down and no water for some of the time.

    I have put on 2 lbs this week….lost to date 29 lbs

    Hubby put on 2 lbs this week …lost to date 12 lbs

    I have to re assess our eating….I think we are floating along not putting the effort in…we are really maintaining which isn’t bad but we should be loosing…we both need more weight off.

    After our 18 months we are not so focussed, we are still on 5.2 making it our life. I will have to re read the book and sort things out.

    We are still going to have our Fridays off but be more thoughtful on what we are eating the rest of the week and stop leading each other astray.

    The caravan holidays are starting and we go away twice a month, we need to be in more control.

    We are just hovering at the same weight a bit up then a bit down.

    Hi Symba7 I started 5:2, 2 weeks ago, have done 4 fasts and so far lost 2kgs (4lbs). I came across this thread and have read the whole of your story from Aug 2013 over the last few days. You are amazing and such an inspiration to me. You have wonderful persistence and determination. I truly believe that once you have re-read the book and tweaked a few things you will be back on track. Perhaps you should also re-read your story too LOL and see what a fantastic journey you have travelled to date, bless you. Looking forward to seeing how things are for you next week πŸ™‚

    Thank you Pixie …I just have shake a few things up…for me and hubby…

    Really good you have moved 4 lbs already…I suggest you join a thread if you haven’t already it really helps with support.


    Week 64… after 123 fasts..

    A new routine this week 3 fasts hoping to continue for the month…seeing if we can kick the plateau…we have had a good week, a weakness in the middle when hubby brought in two vanilla slices and two eclairs…I wasn’t happy but they were well enjoyed!! Very naughty…No alcohol only Friday and Saturday and only a couple of wines for me and beer for hubby…

    I have lost 1 lb…lost to date 30 lbs

    Hubby lost 2 lbs….lost to date 14 lbs

    We will continue on ..a day off Friday..trying to eat more on a NFD, feasting and fasting three days…

    Well done Symba7 you’re back on track! I’m down another 400 grams this week, nearly 1lb. My husband is doing this with me too and is doing well. He did the 5:2 when it first started and lost 1 stone, but gradually put it back on again over the last few months. I thought I would do it with him this time and hopefully maintain with 1 day a week when we arrive at goal weights. Have a good week πŸ™‚

    Well done Pixie..keep going…it’s nice your husband is doing it with you..

    Week 65…after 123 fasts..

    We have had a good week managing three fast days..although on holiday we kept the fasting going…the scales came on holiday..πŸ˜€

    I have lost 1 lb…loosing to date 31 lbs

    Hubby put on 1 lb…losing to date 13 lbs

    I can’t understand hubbys gain…we have eaten the same ….although he popped on the scales before going to the loo..he weighs once and that’s it…maybe more off next week. We are all different..

    Hi, I am new here, I intend to start a difficult program to lose weight, I now begin to read all the successes stories in the world and collect the maximum information in my blog so the prestation of the feedback of the members in this forum .

    Would welcome me!

    Welcome Oliviaanna, lots of threads on here to join and get help with information..good luck..

    Week 66… after 126 fasts…

    We are continuing with three fasts a week and move this stagnant weight. It’s gone quite well not really noticed the extra day.

    We are away again for 4 days in the caravan so have to be strong and thoughtful as it’s easy to have extra things you shouldn’t e.g. Wine, beer!

    I have lost 1 lb this week…loosing to date 32 lbs

    Hubby has lost this week 1 lb….loosing to date 14 lbs

    Hubby is really struggling at the moment. He is eating very good only eating what I give him…no alcohol, biscuits, eating healthy, the weight is very slow up and down….not really moving…..he is happy to just continue and hopefully it will move soon.

    Week 67…after 129 fasts

    We have been away for 4 days in the caravan although being quite good having three fasts.. We have had a couple of cakes, a couple of drinks, Haddock and chips…and about 6 biscuits each which is quite naughty. Must hide those biscuits in caravan…hubby saw them!

    I have stayed the same this week…32 lbs off to date

    Hubby also stayed the same…14 lbs off to date

    Alls well with staying the same… that we are holding our own…we have lots of breaks through the year so we have to fast through these as a part of our life, occasionally we have to enjoy ourselves…we blame the sun this time…lol

    Hi Symba7!

    Do you have a smoker, you can make really yummy meals with just the flavour from the smoke instead of having add calories and sugar full sauce and dressings! Its how I started enjoying chicken again, I used to find it so bland with all the just lemon or pepper!

    2 chicken breasts, skinless
    For the coating:

    A little olive oil
    1tbsp dried thyme
    1tbsp black peppercorns, crushed in a pestle and mortar
    1tsp dried chillies, crushed in a pestle and mortar
    Β½tsp sea salt
    For the smoking mixture:

    Black tea leaves from 14-16 bags
    Put all the ingredients for the coating in a dish and roll the chicken breasts in it. Set aside in the fridge for a couple of hours.
    When you’re ready to cook, carefully put the chicken breasts in a sieve or colander or steaming rack.
    Line a large saucepan or wok with tin foil. Mix the ingredients for the the smoking mixture together and add to the bottom of the foil. Put the chicken (in the sieve/colander) on top of the pan and tightly cover with more tin foil.
    Put the heat on the hob to the lowest possible setting and cook the chicken for 30 mins. After that time, remove the foil and leave the chicken to cool a little.
    Once cool, carve the chicken on the diaganal into 0.5cm thick slices.
    For the stir-fried noodles and vegetables, cook the noodles in a large pan of boiling water for 4-5 mins (or according to pack instructions). Drain and rinse under cold water and set aside.
    Add the oil to a large frying pan or wok and stir-fry the sugar snaps and peppers for 4-5 mins until tender, then add the mushrooms.
    Stir-fry for a further minute before adding 2 tbsp black bean sauce and 1 tbsp hot bean sauce and 1 tsp sugar. Stir, then return the noodles to the pan.

    We used to have a electric smokers which was really convenient for because you could just doing lovely smoked flavours and use it in the house! However that one just broke and we just picked up the weber charcoal grill and smoker, give it a try your healthy recipe options will open! I have been converted!

    We don’t use smokers in the UK..not really keen on smoking food flavour

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