First week weigh in..very pleased

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First week weigh in..very pleased

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  • Week 68… after 132 fasts..

    We have had a very busy work week doing outside jobs around the house…another three fasts this week and all went well. With the Easter holiday we are returning to fasting twice a week…

    I have stayed the same this week…..loosing to date 32 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb…..loosing to date 15 lbs

    I am getting close to goal and my weight is really nearly at a stand still….I have lost a bit more doing three fasts a week but it has come to a stop again…I shall continue as we are if it goes down it does….maybe I have to declare goal shortly.

    Hubby moving again but he is slowing down….after all the hard work done I would have thought some more weight off but no….he still has 14 lbs to loose…

    Week 69….after 134 fasts

    We have had the Easter holiday a few Easter eggs eaten and we are back to two days fasting a week. We are away in the caravan next week for 5 days but will still be fasting.

    I have stayed the same this week…32 lbs off to date

    Hubby 2 lbs on….. 13 lbs off to date

    We are both very much at a plateau and can’t seem to get weight off…we are moving up 2 lbs then down 2 lbs ….staying in the same area. Hubby is thinking that we are now in the maintaining area. We really have been like this for 6 months…I still would like a bit more off and I feel he could take another stone off…we will continue and see were we finish.

    Week 70… after 136 fasts…

    We have been away for 5 days in the caravan but have continued to have the 2 fasts. We have had a steak meal out with a couple of drinks.

    I have maintained this week…32 lbs off to date

    Hubby 2 lbs on…..11 lbs off to date

    Hubby is good on 5.2 but not doing very well weight wise. He is on a lot of tablets from the doctors which he has tried to cut down on…but has had to continue due to the increase in pain….I am wondering if this is stopping him loosing weight.

    We are going to try our twice weekly swimming which we have in the past and that has helped with our weight loss…just open to any idea which may help him. It is now our way of life so we will continue and see. It’s disappointing..

    I am still 3 lbs away from goal.

    Week 71….after 138 fasts

    Fasting twice this week managed to do Monday although it was a bank holiday.

    I have gained 1 lb this week…31 lbs off to date.

    Hubby lost 1 lb….12 lbs off to date

    I have slowed down and I am maintaining…I have set a new goal of 2 lbs to loose to goal then I will be maintaining 2 lbs up and 2 lbs down….

    Hubby is still struggling and on a plateau ..

    Week 72………after 140 fasts

    We have had visitors this week so had quite a lot of cakes, scones and fruit cake…we were going to be strong but gave in, only for one day..😬

    Managed the usual two fasts…

    I have maintained this week…31 lbs off to date

    Hubby 1 lb off…..13 lbs off to date

    Hubby after maintaining for many months has lost three weeks on the trott hope this continues…I am still hovering near goal but not there yet…

    Week 73…after 142 fasts..

    It has been a disappointing 6 months going up and down hovering around the same weight…maintaining yes..but wanting to go further down…for me am I chasing vanity pounds?..maybe…hubby still has a stone to loose..

    Looked on line and I have researched a lot….bigbooty will be proud of me….I have shaken our food about, eaten to just under TDEE for both of us on NFD’s..I have put MFP on hubbys phone so I am now logging him properly…it was OMG when I realised what he was eating for breakfast..he only does his own breakfast food …I do the rest…it was over double of what he should eat! Although ok for NFD’s …FD’s a definetly No!

    His face was a picture when I weighed his food and the small amount what he should have. Bread is down and also potatoes, different menu so hubby doesn’t notice…I have increased, different veggies, different salads, fruit, nuts, seeds in allowed portions, chai seeds and ground flax seed for health benefits. On line it told me our weight would increase for a couple of weeks before it balances out..but good news..πŸ˜€

    I have lost 1 lb this week…32 lbs off to date..

    Hubby lost 1 lb….14 lbs off to date

    We are on holiday from Tuesday for two weeks..the first week we could maintain but the second week with friends eating and drinking could be a problem…the scales are going with us…

    Hubby has already stated he is on holiday!….it is WOL and we will continue the best we can.

    Week 74…after 144 fasts

    We are on holiday but we have managed to fast two days… we have eaten a bit more..

    I have put on 1 lb…31 lbs off to date

    Hubby.. put on 1 lb…13 lbs off to date

    We have another 10 days on holiday so we are expecting an increase in weight.. we will still be doing the usual fasting.

    Week 75…after 146 fasts..

    We have been away on holiday managed fasting the first week then didn’t fast our second week…it was just too difficult…

    This week we are back on track although both of us have been very taking medications, whisky toddies, sucking buttery sweets, extra drinks…even on the FD’s

    I have stayed the same…losing to date 31 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb…14 lbs off to date

    I am still maintaining within my 4 lbs window….hubby back to pre holiday weight.

    Week 76…after 148 fasts..

    How time flies we have living the 5.2 now for 20 months and are finding it the normal eating now..

    We have both been quite ill this week just slightly improving..we have continued to fast.
    I have also started eating in a 16.8 window for the full week and not counting calories, hubby is not joining me staying on the 5.2. After maintaining for about 6 months I would really like the push for 3 more pounds…I am in my maintaining window and I am quite relaxed about that….I will see what happens.

    I have lost 1 lb this week…losing to date 32 lbs

    Hubby stayed the same..14 lbs up to date..

    I need to get hubby more motivated, he would like more weight off, he is fasting but very maintaining this weight…we will push on and see…unknown to him I am trying to change our eating meals about to see if it helps.

    Well done with sticking at it for so long.

    Don’t be discouraged by the slow weight loss, just think that you would likely have gained weight if you weren’t fasting.

    Thanks Big Bill,

    I am relaxed at my weight now just would like round number possibly vanity weight for

    Hubby has another stone to loose, not very active due to bad knees but he tries…lol

    It’s a complete way of life for us now…

    Good luck to yourself

    Week 77…after 150 fasts….now maintaining..

    Pushing on in this very hot weather…looking back over 8 months for me and hubby over 6 months we are both maintaining…I would like hubby to loose more weight but our level is very stable…we seem to go up a pound then down again.

    I will continue to log but I am hoping to stay about were we are..we have commitments over the next 3 months maybe in October we will re assess, see where we are and decide if we need to start swimming through the winter months.

    I have put on 1 lb…. 30 lbs off to date

    Hubby has stayed the same…..14 lbs off to date.

    My daughter and children are arriving for 5 weeks holiday from the States on Wednesday so it will be a testing time for both of us…she likes a good chat with a glass of wine…I managed last year with a gain of a couple of pounds hope it’s as good this year…we will fast as we can..

    Week 78/79… after 152 fasts..

    A difficult month for us as we have our daughter here visiting for a month from America…over this last two weeks we have only managed to fast one fast each week..

    Out and about taking them visiting and eating out our window.

    I have put on 2 lbs….29 lbs off to date….( I am a pound out on my counting!) better for me…lol

    Hubby has put on 1 lb….13 lbs off to date..

    We have another 2 weeks with visitors so some more increases I suppose….😬

    Week 80… after 154 fasts

    We still have our visitors and it’s hard going…managed two fasts….holding our own…big meals and family get together, wine, cake and chocolate..😬

    I have stayed the same….29 lbs off to date

    Hubby stayed the same…13 lbs off to date

    We have another two weeks of our visitors they leave 1st if we can stay the same by the end of month we will be happy..

    As i read all of your post Symba7 you are so doing this. Yes there are always bumps road.You just keep on going. I have lost 4 and a half pounds, not bad for my first week doing 4:3.

    Well done Yellow…4 1/2 lbs is really good going….it is a very much a way of life for us now…

    Holidays and visitors do get in our way…we have August to get back on track then visiting the States for a month in September ….that will be a nightmare for food, as it’s not a healthy country at all…all processed, salt, coated in sauces even to buy in supermarkets.

    Good luck on your journey x

    Week 81….. after 157 fasts…

    We have had a hard month with our visitors…our weight rocketed up in the week by 3 lbs above our weigh in…we pulled our socks up and did three fasts, it worked…going to try to continue this week if we can…

    I have lost 1 lb….lost up to date 30 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb…lost to date 14 lbs

    Our visitors are going back to the States on Thursday so we can get back to some normal eating and hopefully weight loss…

    Week 82… after 160 fasts…

    Last week of visitors before they departed back to America. We have managed three fasts this week to try and get us back on track..we are now back to normal eating….fitting the extra fast in has been quite easy….we are trying to do it again this week…

    I have lost 2 lbs…lost to date 32 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb….lost to date 15 lbs

    We are very pleased we have maintained our weight this month, hubby loosing another pound…it’s been quite challenging around all different food, meals out and lots of drink..

    We are now counting down to our own holidays..5 weeks to go…

    Week 83…. after 164 fasts..

    We have managed two x b2b fasts to help get us back in the swing now we are on our own again….I am now bang in the middle of my maintaining mode which I am pleased about….hubby is stable at his weight for the moment.
    We have 4 weeks to the start of our holiday and have decided when we are back we will start swimming again. For me it will be for the toning and hoping hubby will loose his last stone and strengthen his legs..

    I have stayed the same…32 lbs off to date ( maintaining)

    Hubby stayed the same…..15 lbs of to date

    This way of life is now quite easy…Friday and Saturday our days off and treat days only, a meal out and a bit of vino…..very on board and thoughtful for the rest of the week..

    Week 84… after 166 fasts..

    We have done two fasts this week we would of liked a couple more but it didn’t happen..a couple of heavier days, and a meal out, an engagement in the family and a wedding next year…a bit of a celebration.

    I have stayed the same..32 lbs off and maintaining

    Hubby stayed the same…15 lbs off and maintaining at the moment

    We are away on Thursday in the caravan for 4 days…so we will continue as we are…keep in the maintaining mode.

    Week 85…after 168 fasts..

    We have been very strict this week and we have done two fasts….we are now away on a 4 day break in the caravan and with friends joining us… so a difficult few days as eating and drinking, as we seem to do when we are together. We are Lytham St Anne’s 40’s weekend, showers about but plenty to do.

    I am maintaining.. 32 lbs off to date

    Hubby maintaining.. 15 lbs off to date

    We are happy staying the same getting the body to settle on one weight..we have 10 days before we are away for a month in the States then will be a challenging time… such processed food we have no chance!!!!

    Week 86….after 170 fasts

    We have been away for 4 days break with friends…totally off plan, took the finger off the button..the weight goes back on…😬😬

    We all know this, I should after 21 months…heart burn and feeling crap…I think it’s nice sometimes it makes you realise why you are doing the 5.2 way of life…

    I have put 3 lbs on 😬😬😬….28lbs off to date

    Hubby has put 1 lb on….14 lbs off to date

    A good weekend I know, that’s life…pull our socks up now..
    A week before our holiday hoping to loose what we have put on before our last weigh in for a month..

    Week 87…after 172 fasts

    A week at home……we managed 2 fasts …dog walking this week as dog sitting so lots of walks.

    Packing and busy this week as away for a month to the States..crap process food awaits us, in restaurants and supermarkets very hard to find any food what’s not been messed about with. Staying with family and a trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

    I have lost 2 lbs…loosing to date 30 lbs

    Hubby lost 1 lb…loosing to date 15 lbs

    This is the last weigh in until October 6th…hoping to do some fast days or low days…let’s see the damage when back…

    Symba, it is possible to get food in the States that isn’t messed with. Most supermarkets have an organic veggie section, and you will probably find minimally-processed meats too. Many restaurants are getting into locavore and farm-to-table sourcing, so again not much messing with.
    Are you self-catering? If so, easy to continue Fasting. If dining at hotels/B&Bs, order the 2-egg omelette on Fast Days for breakfast and eat 2 appetizers for dinner. I find that a Fasting breakfast is at least a help. From the buffet, stick to meat and veg, avoiding the ‘plate-filler’ bread, potatoes, rice.
    Another thing that works for us for keeping the weight down on vacation is “Linner”. This is a late lunch [2 pm-ish] which then means we don’t feel the need for dinner.

    have fun on your vacation.

    Fasting me…
    Thanks I will have to look harder maybe I have missed the healthy bit…lol

    We are visiting Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for a week and Louisiana for three weeks to my daughter…we did start cooking last time as we eat a bit differently and earlier than they eat…as it was football season for the older children, we looked after little one and ate early with the children so that helped..
    My daughter is a tinker as the red wine flows, weathers great you sit outside chatting…so that’s my fault…it’s hard to say no….still it is Holidays we will get any weight what’s gone on, Off when back..

    It’s 10 months now and maintaining, up and down a couple of pounds but stable.

    Thanks for your advice…I will look better at the supermarkets…I promise…lol


    Off fasting for 1 month on holiday…

    Week 88… after 174 fasts..

    Back off holiday…a month off fasting and it shows..😬

    America and its food, being with family lots of wine and cake eaten…lovely chatty catchups…that’s what life is about. You feel as you have to be social and join in the food…it’s hard to say no…wine was my downfall.

    We came back Wednesday, with travelling managed to fast, then decided to throw Thursday fast so well back on board….

    I have put on 6 lbs 😬….26 lbs lost to date

    Hubby put on 3 lbs….12 lbs lost to date

    Making a big effort to loose and get this weight off….I am now out of maintenance and back to loosing. Swimming is starting on our two fast days next week helping to tone and strengthen hubbys knees.

    Life is for living but you have to get straight back on track…I have missed fasting and having decent healthy food….hoping for a better weigh in next week.

    So true, Symba: one can ‘miss’ Fasting.
    Glad you had a good vacation with your family as well as a nice tour of the canyons and bayous. You certainly visited varied terrain!
    Try this next time the wine and conversation are flowing: sip your first glass of wine, then have a glass of water, then another wine, and so on. Keeps you hydrated and lets you drink too.

    Fasting me….
    I never drink enough water so it is a good idea…the wine glass was being topped up so you never knew how much you were drinking…that’s it for another year..that’s life..
    Throwing in extra FD today..Saturday …as we alcohol free till Xmas so every day the same…lol


    Week 89… after 176 fasts..

    We have got straight back on board after holidays like a breeze…a shock at the gain made us feel positive.
    Away again for two days but ok we will try and be thoughtful as on our own…maybe missing lunch out.

    I have lost 2 lbs this week….26 lbs to date…( previous figures wrong)

    Hubby lost 4 lbs…..lost to date 16 lbs

    Hubby has done great….loosing 3 lbs holiday weight plus another…I have stopped his daily banana and sweetners…although he is having one sugar in his tea….he has been waiting for this pound off for ever..see what next week brings…

    Well done Symba7 I am starting my journey on Monday next week, I have been motivated reading your posts. It does get harder losing weight as you get older (I am 62). I too have problems with mobility and struggle to walk very far. Keep up the good work.

    Good luck in your’s easy once you get going, a couple of weeks or so..come and join us on ‘ Fat Busting Brits’…under Weight Loss…

    We are a friendly lot and it’s nice to have the support it makes it a lot easier…

    Jean x

    Week 90… after 178 fasts…

    We have really been trying hard this week but we went away for three days…so that involved alcohol, restaurants and buffet breakfasts….I feel we must stop holidays!!…I am upping my excerise I have done over 10,000 steps every day this week……making more a healthy me and a bit of toning..

    I have stayed the same…26lbs off to date

    Hubby stayed the same….16 lbs off to date

    We are disappointed with no movement but I suppose it’s expected.
    We have nothing planned for the next two weeks…so head down and no excuses..

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