August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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  • Day 24. Already!!!!???FD.
    @michelinme – your carbtastic tum is hilarious. I’ve got one of them as well.
    You have done so well – it’s much nicer to be friends with your body than to regard it as the enemy. Once you discover fasting you stop fearing food, or yourself. That’s what I like. H

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Really need a good FD, but going out to dinner with friends this evening, so won’t happen. Need to stop at the grocery and get salad fixings for a good FD tomorrow.

    @strawberriesandcream – your broken foot escapades sound so trying! I had to look up Ceroc as it was a new word to me. Looks like fun! We have Zumba in the states, but that is more of a dance/exercise routine than just dance.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 – UK – NFD

    A good FD yesterday coming in at around 200cals for the day – not bad but weight this morning is just below the top of my acceptable range – must try and have a controlled weekend…..

    A lovely walk with friends this morning – we had intermittent sunshine and rain but not enough to dampen our spirits!

    @rainbowsmile – OH and I do enjoy all sorts of jazz/blues music – tonight we are going to listen to Blues Collusion, they are a Blues music duo (also play live with a full band) from Birmingham, consisting of Amera, vocalist and lyricist and Rolly, guitarist) – not heard of them before but on googling them, we thought that they sounded good so we decided to go along tonight as they are playing in a local jazz bar
    @strawberriesandcream – take care of that foot of yours and don’t try to do too much too soon as it will most certainly delay full healing – I was in the same boat a few years ago and I’m afraid that a bit of patience is called for x

    Looking forward to a lovely weekend – wishing the same to all

    2nd post

    @at – I think your last comment was directed to @rainbowsmile?? Happily my foot is now healed.

    Enjoy your evening – one of life’s great gifts – live music.

    Enjoy your evening too @songbirdme. Thanks for the link this morning – it motivated me into using MyFitnessPal again.

    Day 24 – Eastern WA USA- LFD

    Having a good week in the choices for my body. Monday a 36 hr LFD, Wednesday a 24 hr FD, & today going for another 36 hr LFD. T & Th were NFDs. Scale is moving downward from the high due to July indulgences.

    @rainbowsmile- an artistic friend prepares 5 cards for us to make, one at each station. She has all the materials, sample cards & directions prepared. She encourages to personalize as we desire so my cards end up a little different than others etc. I love it because she has all the stuff, I get to feel creative & don’t have to bring anything, just $20 for the class.
    Oh, I enjoyed the Spanish teletubbies.

    @strawberriesandcream – if I remember correctly, didn’t your foot get broken while dancing on a cruise?

    @daffodil2010 – I’m glad we could be your support and that things are going so well.

    @coda – congrats on becoming a grandmother! I hope you get to be a welcome part of your grandson’s life.

    Blessings on your day my international forum friends!

    Day 24, Surrey (UK), NFD, 153.6lb. Back in 10-stone-something land!

    What a strange week it has been, but what a fantastic ending! Finally, finally, the chest infection lurgi has relinquished its grip. Celebrated by going for a (gentle) run this morning, followed by some housework. Didn’t particularly enjoy that last activity, but I was sure pleased when it was done!

    So what happened to my weight this week? I’ve experienced Cruella fluctuations before, but never on this scale. I am not kidding when I say I was, at one point, 9lb heavier than when at my lowest weight about 3 weeks ago, before recent holidays. This week, following the usual 2 FDs, I have lost a whopping 8lb! So, now, I’m just one pound away from my record low from following this WOE, and 4lb away from my current target of 150lb.

    The sudden and dramatic gain has to be explained, at least in part, by unusual (for me) consumption of beer, wine, bread and pastry products, mostly whilst on holiday in Brittany. Most of that must have been water weight. It seems that pressing the re-set button whilst back at home has reversed the damage in equally dramatic fashion. It just goes to show, you can fall off the wagon, and climb right back on it again! This WOE really does work!

    Onwards and downwards, and keep on keeping on folks!

    Day 24, UK, NFD

    After successful FD yesterday, I was pleased to see further reduction in kg’s, not much, just around 0.5kg but it counts, I’ll take it 😀
    Been a good day today too, went for a walk with my friend and had a latte in a coffee shop.

    @michelinme, @daffodil2010 and someone else who commented …. my bird feeder is proving to be a success and I do get quite a few nice birds, but they are not there all the time. They come and go, finches/tit family/house sparrows, they seem to visit ocasionally and seem to move around a lot, probably to avoid predators. The regulars are starlings, 2 couples of doves, 2 wood pigeons and few feral pigeons (who I try and discourage). Oh I do have few squirrels around as well, they are unstoppable. This morning, I discovered that the squirrel opened a bag with half coconut suet shells for birds, buried 2 of them in one shrub and stole 3!! 😲 Unbelievable! 😡

    @dykask I hope that family conflict is nothing serious and is resolved quickly.

    @daffodil2010 its so good to see our group supporting each other 🤗

    @michelinme – “depends how still i stand on mechanical scales” – that made me laugh 😆 , and the rest of your post, love your style 😎

    @rainbowsmile positive attitude is a huge help in healing, but I hope you will take it easy and give your foot a rest and chance to heal 🤗

    Have a lovely weekend everyone ❤

    Day 24, Gozo, Malta, cd

    Yesterday I forgot to take my mobile with me but had a lovely time meeting my old class mates partying and dancing up till around midnight. A lot of school friends took pictures and videos with me and some promised to keep in touch via Facebook. Then I talked to two school mates who were with me since primary school who parked their car beside mine to leave together so they drive behind me as I forgot to fill my car with petrol to be on the safe side.

    This morning I weighted at 78.5 kilos. I cooked baked fish with capers and grape tomatos and served it with bulgar wheat salad which had olive oil, balsamic vinegar, walnuts, fresh herbs such as basil, mint and parsley, grape tomatoes, yellow and red peppers. My son in law likes this salad very much. My youngest pregnant daughter ate a spaghetti with zucchini , sun dried tomatoes, onion, pesto from a jar, and Parmesan by Mary Berry which I prepared for her this evening. She still gets nauseated.

    I ate fish and salad for lunch and had some more bulgar wheat salad this evening.

    Onwards and downwards, stay strong everyone.

    Day 25 – Japan – FD 81kg

    I’m actually over 20 hours into this fast as I started after lunch yesterday. I’m not sure how far I’ll carry it, but likely until tomorrow morning. This has been a messed up week but I made it through the wife’s birthday minefield. Yesterday we did a family salad bar lunch at a really nice place so that was what messed up my normal fasting.

    Day 25, Newcastle, NFD

    Dear friends, I’m going to wrap up my August challenge as we go on holiday on Thursday and currently it seems eating everything in the fridge/freezer prior to turning it off is more important than sticking to fast days. Need some time off thinking about food and just go with the flow.

    @rainbowsmile – Mari – thank you for being a magnificent host this month. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing about progress in due course.

    All the best folks – keep on keeping on.

    Day 25 – NFD; Bratislava, Slovakia

    Hi everyone,

    Just quickly checking in. 3 days into our holiday and the scales are up to 71kg, which isn’t catastrophic. I have been trying to be careful with portions and only eating breakfast and dinner in an effort to keep the calorie count as low as possible. I have been logging my food in MyFitnessPal and so far have managed to at least be below my TDEE everyday. If it continues on like this, I don’t think I will do that much damage and hopefully the extra weight will come off easily once we get back to our usual 5:2 regime.

    I’m sorry I’ve not had time to read all the posts, I hope you are all keeping well.

    Best of luck to you all, may we finish the month on a high! 6 more days!

    Day 25, Guildford UK, NFD

    I am feeling very sad today, no idea why. I suspect the thought of not dancing for a long time as I usually dance 3 times a week it’s my main exercise. I have two dance weekenders booked in November, one at the beginning which i will sell and one at the end of November which i will attend if i can.

    I failed one of my exams and passed the other two. It was a close call though so I will resit. On to the next set of exams, in total I have taken five and passed four. I will take that as good enough. Although I feel down about it.

    I also realise it’s two years to the day when my mother died so I am grieving again today.

    My ankle aches.

    I got through to yesterday and I am afraid I fell of the wagon and drank some alcohol. So Sept 1 will have to be part of August as per @debster251. It was after 7 though so I made the FD, but today is already over CFD.

    Weight lost on the tortoise method is so slow and I am quite bemused by it, however yesterday’s indulgence won’t help.


    @dykask I think you can allow yourself a pass on a salad bar breaking your fast!

    @anna6 as always your food sounds so yummy. Your meetup with school chums and the excitement of dancing and having fun is so wonderful.

    @shinything what joy you get from your bird feeder and it is likely so calming.

    @fatfingers yes, yes, yes to chest infection leaving and being in 10 st land! Joy, oh joy.

    @annemarilyn the teletubbies were my slight joke to cheer everyone and decided the Spanish version had so much sun it that it was worth a play. Trust it brought a smile.
    It sounds so lovely to be able to send cards so personal, and to get to make them at such a fair cost. I don’t know how much a personalised card would cost but these also have you in them.

    @at is there a link to the band, I do so love music and Jazz and blues.

    @strawberriesandcream thank you for the explanation, warning duly heeded. I did get treatment within 24 hrs and the boot is on my foot as I walk about anywhere. I think when we dance we do put a lot of pressure on our feet, especially in jive. My break is not the worst and I am expecting a fast recovery. I dance Ceroc but as you say it’s better to be cautious rather than risk a long term break. Did you rehab your muscles if not the bone? I have rehab from day 3 and have been told to start to take off the boot at week 3 whilst in the house. I will exercise with weights though although obviously not my foot. Enjoy your holiday and the freezer is a good place for left overs! I hope you get to dance.

    @songbirdme I have danced modern jive in the US but it was New Jersey though. I also danced in Philadelphia too. (Which is where I first learned about soul cycle which is spinning not dancing). Ceroc is very popular in the UK and Leroc in France. I also dance West Coast Swing which is US based and fairly similar. It is also my social life so I will miss it.

    @diana123 you are in my votive as is your MIL, my prayers are for healing peace and tranquillity.

    @flourbaby dreams have no calories I think. Encouraging you to make the 4FD. Willing you even.

    @michelinme, wow just wow. 6 whole inches.

    @daffodil2010, you noticed the silliness too…….


    In keeping with silliness, I just have to do it to lighten the mood

    It’s me and my GAL the musical

    Pocket list for day 25


    I have a wedding celebration to attend tonight at 7:30

    Have a great day


    Day 25, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Strawberriesandcream enjoy 😉 your holiday!

    Rainbowsmile please don’t be sad you’re such an excellent host and I’m sure your mother is praying for you in heaven.
    Congratulations 🎊🎉 on passing so many exams and best wishes for your resit. Just try to be as well prepared for it as you can and let God do the rest. Look forward to attend the wedding you’re invited to tonight.

    Today I cooked a pasta , chicken and three peppers salad and this evening we were invited to attend the first mass by a brand new priest in another town in Gozo. There will be a party afterwards.

    Onwards and downwards. Keep strong dear friends.

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Went out shopping this morning for work clothes. Everything I tried on in the fitting room not only fit well but looked well…so I bought everything! Two skirts, a tunic dress, two, no three, tops, a pair of block heel shoes in burgundy (which will go with a lot of the clothes I bought today) plus some nice pairs of navy and black opaque tights. It felt so good to be shopping for smart size 10 clothes again. ☺️

    Tonight I am cooking, so it will be fish cakes for starters, then chicken pieces with bacon lardons, Parmesan and cherry tomatoes sauce on fresh tagliatelle, and some crusty garlic bread. Nope, not even thinking about FD until Monday!!!

    @rainbowsmile, please don’t be sad ☹️

    Have a great Saturday all

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) FD

    Really need a good FD today. I can tell my body has indulged in too many sweets and carbs lately, but I know our WOL has allowed me to maintain despite some feasts.

    @rainbowsmile – your dance “career” sounds just marvelous! I know it must have been so enjoyable.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25, London, UK, NFD

    I can’t believe it’s Day 25 already!!!! I’m pressuring myself to meet my Club-Tortwah style target, 3lbs SEEMED so achievable, especially in a dry month!!!! I think the EPIC fail in water consumption has come back to bite me!!! I still have time though, although I know from past challenges, I can drop 2-4lbs with a real push and extra FDs in the final week, then it all comes back with a vengeance in week 1 of the next month. So, for me, I guess it’s slow and steady like a good Tor-twah!!!

    @songbirdme, I’ve stocked up on the salad fixings too, my choices at the moment are contradictory, soup (good) buttered baguette with it (Not so good)!!!!

    @fatfingers congrats on the confirmation of ‘easy-on’easy-off’ . During my dieting days, that type of gain would have sent me screaming towards the biscuit tin, now we just shrug our shoulders and say, “a couple of FDs should sort that out”!!!! Amazing how the money making dieting industry kept such a simple secret from us for so long!!!

    @strawberriesandcream, have a fantastic French getaway!! You know it’s the easiest thing to beat yourself up over ‘stuff’, try not to, just look forward to enjoying your time away, then come back refreshed, reset, and ready for Septembers’ challenge!!! Take care, as you’ve said before – flexibility is the key to success! P.S. – I’m sure your dad would appreciate a delivery of free food!!??

    @rainbowsmile, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the TRUTH!!!! Today, you’ll remember your mum with love………………….. that can only lift your heart!!! Stay strong my friendxxx …………
    ……………… thanks for thinking of me, but I’m on 4NFDs in a row, FDs are nothing compared to the pitfalls awaiting me on NFDs!!!! 2NFDs down, 2 to go……………………. Everything is crossed!!!

    I can’t wait to be shopping for size 10’s @daffodil2010, currently doing 10’s, 12’s and 14’s!!! I think it’s a confidence thing, giving myself some ‘growing room’ ………………… stupid I know, ‘growing’ is NOT on the cards!!!!

    There seems to be a little bit of a ‘downer’ feeling on the forum at the moment ………………………. This is our SUNSHINE month, time to practice some self love (NOT like that!!!) and remember, this WOL we’re following isn’t for anyone other than us, and I love myself enough to keep going, keep trying, keep succeeding, even keep falling off of the wagon!!!!! Keep on keeping on folks!!!!!

    2nd post … 33 hours into the water fast. I have to get up early and will break my fast around in about 8 hours. A good fast after stuffing myself on salad yesterday. 😀

    Day 25, UK, NFD

    Its been a healthy eating day, but I decided to have a glass of wine tonight, but thats ok since I haven’t had any for over a week 🙂

    @anna6 so good to hear that you had a great time with your old school mates 😀

    @Strawberriesandcream have a lovely holiday and break, see you when you get back x

    @rainbowsmile sorry to hear you are feeling down, but its not shocking given that you just recently hurt yourself and it will take time to heal, that always disrupts our routine and affects us in negative way. Anyversary of your mum death doesnt help either 🙁 ,but remember her with a smile today :). Sending you a virtual hug 🤗

    @daffodil2010 its such a great feeling when you try clothes in the fitting room and they fit perfectly 😊 , dangerous for the wallet though 😂

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend 🌹

    Day 25 UK NFD

    Yesterday evening was brought to me by dairy-free ice cream 😀 Tho my otherwise salad-based 16:8 day meant I was still well within my TDEE, and first icecream in a month or so, so not feeling too bad.

    Today I’ve baked a very seedy version of my oat & yogurt bread so it’s definitely full of protein as well as carb. Could have done with a little more salt, but tasty all the same – unfortunately.

    Very tired after getting to sleep very late indeed, and somehow skipped both yoga and meditation so of course today is a v distracted sort of day. Brain not working and writing an impossible dream so I’ve picked up a few niggling practical things.

    Washed bottles for blackberry and elderberry shrub but run out of sugar so finish it off tomorrow, if I remember to get sugar on my way home! Blocked a merino wrap ready for my friend’s birthday present tomorrow – been meaning to do that for about 3 months. And finally began preparing some of the resources for training day in two weeks -lovely recommended reading list, and adapted an image for the community artwork. Still got a big pile of writing to do for this and other events, all with NOW deadlines so I’ll have to be more disciplined Sun & Mon!

    Finished for today tho – quick salad, shower and hairwash and off for short relax ahead of early night. Tomorrow needs to be a better day -and No More Bread!

    @rainbowsmile many congratulations on your exam successes! I’m not surprised to hear you were so close on the one that got away, you can do this 🙂 Sorry to hear you are down, and sending you a big hug on the 2nd anniversary of your mother’s death. These times are always hard, as you mourn the loss of one so loved. You’ve had a lot come together today – not least the temporary loss of your beloved dancing, and the social life that comes with it. Hold fast to that which is good. You may choose this to be a time set apart which you use to grow in some other way, a resting place between the dancing chapters of your life xx

    Wishing you all a good weekend, whatever it holds x

    Day 25 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Looks like a little rain in your life right now @rainbowsmile but then comes the rainbow; just like your forum name. BTW I’m enjoying the variety of sun themed music. May you heal well. @strawberriesandcream healed, and so will you.

    @daffodil2010 – what an encouraging shopping trip!

    May everyone get recharged this weekend!

    2nd post

    ShinyThing thanks.

    This afternoon my eldest daughter brought me her son to babysit until she arrives from a holiday as she’s going there tomorrow and arriving on Wednesday.

    For tomorrow I ordered Chinese food for lunch.

    Good night 🌙💤😴😘

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    A very wet and rainy Sunday. DH will be off to work at 1pm so I have the day to myself. I plan to do some housework, get lists and things ready for our imminent holiday, do some yoga (I am really stiff after Thursday’s session), read my book, a nice ME day.

    Yesterday was glorious so I potted on my biennial seedlings, I sowed some seeds, tied up trailing plants, cleaned and cut and tidied, then myself and DH enjoyed an evening sitting outside on the patio enjoying the twilight garden and quaffing wine 🍷

    I don’t plan an EFS today, but there will be a cooked brunch with DH and I might have wine with dinner tonight, but as it’s the last few days of August I need to focus.

    @flourbaby Haha, I snorted my coffee with your saying “time to practice self love (NOT like that!!!)…….😄

    Have a good day everyone

    Day 26, Guildford UK, FD

    I struggled to get out the door to the wedding reception, I was late but glad I went. I took a taxi there and back. Stayed for 3 hours and I even sort of wobbled to one of my favourite tracks. It was a buffet I didn’t eat at all and I had one coffee with milk and a diet coke. I wore the dress! With my grandmother’s pearls left to be my mother, I had them restrung, they are exquisite, lovely reminder.

    My lovely Goddaughter, husband and two boys are coming to stay this week. So excited by that. Must go tidy up and do some cleaning. I have a lot of washing to do. My friend is taking me out tonight to a gin party but I can fool everyone by having slimline tonic.

    I want to put up a tv stand in my gym as it has been sitting there for 3 months. I am also going to either recycle or sell some clothes.

    It’s time to get up and get those macrophages going.

    Woke this morning and was craving protein and I ate 5 chicken pieces for breakfast!


    @anna6 a grandchild to indulge? Oh yes…..

    @annemarilyn thank you

    @daffodil2010 spill the beans, give the link. Oh I so love clothes.

    @michelinme it’s easy to concentrate on the hole in the donut, thank you for the reminder. You sound like you are going into a very busy time.

    @shinything I feel that hug.

    @dykask our resilient friend have a great Sunday.

    @flourbaby not enough H20?!!!! (concerned face with stern look of warning and surprise).

    @songbirdme just so.


    Today’s sunshine chill on Sunday some cheery blues to slow dance to (especially for those with broken bones or honeymooners)


    Pocket list


    Have a wonderful Sunday

    Day 26, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in for me today, unfortunately the weather is shocking, so I expect I’ll be stuck indoors avoiding food and getting some housework done. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

    I hope everyone is having a good controlled weekend, I’m looking forward to Fridays’ sailing trip, if only because it’ll mark the end of Abstinence-August for me!!!

    Stay strong everyone, Onward & Downwrds!!!

    Day 26 – Japan – NFD 80.8kg

    My water fast lasted 42 hours. Longer than normal as it covered 4 missed meals rather than 3. Interesting not much impact on weight, but it is hot and I’m drinking a LOT of water.

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was good at 600 calories. The big salad was wonderful about 6 p.m. with nothing but an apple and lots of water during the day.

    The air conditioning unit for the house decided to quit last night, and today is supposed to be hot and humid. Thinking about a movie mid-day to enjoy their a.c…. but that means I eat lots of popcorn. Hmm….

    @shinything – besides being a SongBird I am also a BirdFeeder. Generally only feed during snowy season as our birds here have plenty of vegetation to feed from their seeds, but I have multiple feeders and feed suet also. I love seeing all the various varieties as the winter and spring go on.

    @moukinator – I use MFP every day. It really has helped me (one who HATES counting calories) to maintain. Even the free version gives the weekly summary which is always interesting to see how I did on calories.

    @rainbowsmile – glad you enjoyed the wedding! A “gin party” sounds most interesting. Not sure we Americans have that? Hugs to you as you transition from rain to rainbow. @annemarilyn had it right!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26, UK, NFD

    I made a chicken soup today, and also a chicken roast, half in each. I might turn into a chicken if I continue like this 😂 . But its all good, healthy and low calories 🙂

    @rainbowsmile glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding reception, you sound a bit better 🤗

    @dykask well done on that 42 hours water fast! 💪

    @songbirdme isn’t watching birds so much fun and therapeutic? 😀

    I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday ❤

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Gentle Sunday trip into town, home again by 2pm. Resisted sugar and crackers in favour of wasabi seaweed – wonderful, healthy and only 22calories! Still craving bread when I got home so distracted myself with chores and making things. Whiled away the entire afternoon making blackberry shrub and elderberry shrub, now have 2.5litres of each!

    Not done any writing or project work but aiming for supper, bath and early night. Definitely need to catch up on sleep and reset for early start tomorrow. I’m out in the evening with family theatre trip, then very full week ahead. Ot’ll be a lot fuller if I don’t get this stuff done!

    Had c80g bread, eggs and tomatoes, and now feel in need of hot simple speedy food to warm me up and set me up for tomorrow’s WFD – baked sweet potato :)It’s suddenly 12C and wet outside! This time last week I was in a sun dress and feeling hot. Today I layered up a cotton dress with leggings, thick socks, cardigan, scarf and dryzabone and still got cold bc temperature dropped so quickly.

    @rainbowsmile so glad you enjoyed the wedding reception – and wore the dress! and your mother’s pearls, which sound wonderful. Lovely to have beloved guests to prepare for and friend to share evening with. By the time your foot is ready to dance again you may be stretched for space 🙂

    Here’s to resting places and breathing spaces x

    Day 27 – Japan – FD 79.3kg

    Working on water fast #59. My weight bubble seems to be deflating. My weight is fickle, but my fat continues to slowly decline. I can’t bring myself to do the cold showers but still the fat seems to be very slowly going away. I think the key to success here is not to give up.

    @dykask. Regards the cold showers. Have your normal set temp showers and then turn off the hot water. Stay under the shower for as long as you can tolerate it as it goes cold on you. Try for 30 seconds if you can manage it. Try and get the cold water falling on your upper body around the shoulders. That’s where most of your brown fat cells are located. My wife thinks Im crazy. Ive been doing this as well as fasting. Approaching 4 years now. Ive not had a cold in 4 year. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I have a family of 3 kids + wife and every year they catch their usual colds and niffles. I do not.

    Day 27 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Finally found some time to read through all the posts, cannot believe we’re almost at the end of August!

    After a very controlled month, yesterday was finally my undoing (let’s just say after maybe a little too much rose on Saturday night, the home made caramel slices in the fridge didn’t stand a change…!)

    Pretty disappointed I wasn’t able to exercise a little more self control, but at least I’ve felt nice and full for todays FD…lol! And looking forward, I’m going to focus on getting in some extra exercise, and focus on making healthy choices to finish off what will be the last week of winter (woohoooo!!).

    @rainbowsmile sorry to hear about your injury, I’ve had my fair share and they are never fun, so hopefully it’s a quick recovery! Thanks for being the most amazing host for this months challenge (which was my first, and definitely wont be the last!!), and for your continued positivity and support!

    4 days to go, lets finish this month strong!


    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    1st of B2B2B

    Right, focus, August goal will not be reached, I cannot physically lose 9lbs safely, so I must concentrate at least to getting back to my August starting point. Pounds are coming on and harder to lose since I changed careers, and now I gave a sedentary office job I need to be super careful.

    I am going to finish off the month with 3 FDs in a row, starting with a liquid only FD today. Focus focus focus. I plan to come home at lunchtime to have herbal tea (and avoid the office treats in the kitchen – a huge basket of fruit arrives every Monday and Wednesday, but I find fruit spikes my blood sugar and makes me hungry), then a big walk when I get home in the evening. Early to bed and hopefully a few pounds lighter tomorrow 🤓

    @rainbowsmile So glad you went to the wedding and worse the dress and even managed a wobble. You have been a super host, you have blazed a trail and left big boots to fill ☺️

    Have a great Monday everyone 👍

    2nd – post

    @bigbooty I thought you were doing the cold showers to kill your fat cells. I didn’t realize it my toughen up your immune system. Still I’m a wimp with the cold water. 30 seconds sounds tough.

    Day 27 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    I’m back after 5 days of wedding feasting and I’m up 3.2 lbs, still within maintenance range but needing today’s FD to break the daily wine, chocolate, ice cream routine. I’m unlikely to get back to my 1st August weight by the end of the month but I will at least resume my healthy WOE. I’ve enjoyed a fabulous few days of celebrating, the wedding was wonderful. Thank you all for your best wishes.

    I’ve skimmed through the past few days posts and seen that you have injured your foot @rainbowsmile – hope you’re not in too much discomfort and that it heals quickly.

    I’m taking strength from my fellow Monday fasters……….together we are stronger 😎

    Day 27 – UK – FD

    Day 27 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Up 2 pounds after my feast on movie theater popcorn and associated butter/salt that it requires. Ugh… but I know this gain is only temporary. Air conditioner hopefully will get fixed very soon. I have a call into the service company we use.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 London. UK. FD

    Greatly needed FD! Hello fellow fasters today. H

    Day 27 North Canton OH FD

    I am going for a liquid fast today. I plan to weigh in tomorrow, last week was very stressful.

    @rainbowsmile so sorry about your foot and your mom. The anniversary of my mom’s death is in May and despite my best intentions, I always experience sorrow as the day gets closer and on the day of her death. they say time heals all wounds, I am still waiting 18 years later…I know how you feel and I am holding your hand. Thank you for being such an excellent hostess for us.

    my best to you all

    Day 27, Gozo, Malta, fd

    Rainbow smile at the moment I’m taking care of three grandchildren all under three years. They are all asleep. I’m waiting for my second daughter to pick up her daughter in an hour s time. My other daughter was called to work again at the hospital and she phoned to tell me she’ll be back in half an hour s time but needs to study for an exam when she arrives here. I’ll have to go shopping for some groceries when she comes though leaving granson no 3 with her.

    Today baked chicken legs with fresh basil, mint and dried thyme with vegetables. I also boiled some peeled apples 🍎.

    Rainbowsmile you’ve been such an excellent host. Who’s going to host September?

    Onwards and downwards.

    Day 27, Guildford UK, NFD

    Very, very tired so slept a great deal. Ankle is very achy and the arnica cream has made my skin a sort of weird bronze colour on the foot.

    Will be taking an Epsom Salt Bath soon. I will go work out in my gym at home (upper body only). Binge watching YouTube on broken bones, inflammation and healing. Surprisingly no studies on broken bones, keto and fasting.

    Bone broth down the hatch, can’t help can it?

    @anna6 thank you, I don’t know if there is a volunteer for September. I was very nervous indeed and made it through. It is very excellent experience for building confidence and this group is so amazing and supportive. So I recommend hosting.

    @basyjames I am holding on tight.

    @songbirdme I hope you get chilled soon.

    @missybear how Lovely to hear from you, this is a special time for you to enjoy. Enjoy it every day.

    @dykask brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I just use a cold waist pack after sitting in my bath going cold. I have also be known to sit in my cold conservatory when its cold.

    @daffodil2010 this is a WOL to adapt to and life gets in the way. Thank you for the compliment, I enjoyed my month and if I am allowed will volunteer again next year.

    @gretta one caramel slice (Or several) doesn’t spoil a month! It’s the 80:20 rule. You have done well, see you in September.

    @dykask fellow member of the tortoise club!

    @michelinme please enjoy your day. Yes weather temperature is everywhere. Duvet on, duvet off.

    @shinything chicken yum……..nom nom nom

    @songbirdme I only had one G&T but tasted 3 or 4 others. Slimline of course. The company was silent pool, I couldn’t have driven anyway, so taxis two days on the run.
    I love salad. Absolutely love it, so super healthy. Not so sure about popcorn I suppose it depends on topping.


    Today’s sunshine dose

    About holidays on islands in the sun by Deezer


    Pocket list day 27

    @emma Taylor

    Have a great Monday


    Day 27 UK FD

    Happy Bank Holiday to all who have one.

    Not sure what sort of FD it’s going to be, but thus far one in which I’ve only had not-enough-water and one black coffee. This morning was about sleep, with a little tidying up and faffing online at lunchtime. No brain day again today – fatigue, I suspect – so have done practical things, inc laying down fruit vinegars and clearing up.

    This afternoon still no brain so instead spent mindful time sewing together a knitted cushion cover made sporadically over the last couple of months for a lovely friend. Kept me up late last night, but I’ve enjoyed it! And somehow it Got me from anxious and stuck to creating, pondering and feeling present.

    In an hour I have to get ready for family theatre evening. My mother isn’t yet well and will need looking after, and everyone will expect me to be decisive and attentive bc I organised the evening. Not in that place just now, more feeling disorganised, tired and v behind. But going to do some gentle yoga and meditation and get ready my head ready ahead of my body. And aim to be fully present this evening – the first in a long time – rather than thinking about what’s not yet done. All shall be well.

    Pocket list day 27 – add yourself if you’re fasting.

    @emma Taylor

    Day 27, UK, FD

    This FD is going well so far, all I had is chicken soup that I made yesterday, and 2 black coffees. Hopefully I will have just an apple later and that will be it 🙂

    No one wants to host September? 😧

    Pocket list day 27 – add yourself if you’re fasting.

    @emma Taylor

    Lets do this together 🙂

    Day 27 West of Ireland 🇮🇪 NFD

    Just very quickly checking in. Holiday has been wonderful so far. Busy but relaxing time with family. Trips to Bishops Quarter beach and the Burren in county Clare (wonderful perfumery, cafe and garden!). Haven’t been calorie counting or doing FDs but mindful of what I’m eating/how much. Not able to weigh in either as no scales but not a bad thing I think! Most days have been at TDEE or thereabouts with the exception of yesterday. Not able to do 30 day Shred either so I’m looking forward to getting back to it come September.

    We had little ones birthday party yesterday which was great fun. Lots of cousins and family and food! Sadly he seemed a bit under the weather and was quite clingy which is very unlike him. Visit to doctor today revealed he has tonsillitis! Poor baby, he’s been on great form considering how painful it must be. Hoping for speedy recovery. Alas I too am feeling rotten and hoping I can ward it off.

    Thinking of you all and hoping this last week of the August challenge goes well. Stay strong!

    Day 27-NFD-NY_USA

    I’ve been MIA for the last week because I went on vacation (or holiday) to Cape Cod. It was great! Lots of fun but not relaxing. And my puppy (Opal is her name) is bigger and I was only gone a week! So, today is exhausting and I’m just trying to get through it. Trying to get back to normal. All I did on vacation was eat. I think Jim Gaffigan said “vacation means eating in places you haven’t eaten before” (or something like that). So I need to re-boot!

    Day 26 Eastern WA USA – NFD
    Day 27 LFD

    Pocket list day 27 – add yourself if you’re fasting.

    @emma Taylor

    Yay, my son set up my computer yesterday so I can copy and paste.
    I’m so pleased that my NFDs on the weekend were controlled. It’s nice not to have to do damage control on Monday. Hopefully this will continue the downward trend of last week. It’s a rainy day, for a change (it’s needed for the fires), but I’m cold. So sipping on some tea to keep warm

    @rainbowsmile – so glad you were able to wear your lovely dress & the pearls! I bet you felt pretty.

    @missybear – sounds like you enjoyed your wedding celebrations. I’m glad!

    @lorky35 – hooray for vacations and also for this WOL you can slip back into.

    Make it a great FD all you pocket fasters!

    opps – So excited to copy and paste & then I forgot to add my name.

    Pocket list day 27 – add yourself if you’re fasting.

    @emma Taylor


    Day 27 – Atlanta,GA,USA – FD

    Pocket list day 27 – add yourself if you’re fasting.

    @emma Taylor

    @dykask. Its to stimulate the brown fat cells. All babies have them and use them for body temp control. It was thought that they disappeared with age. Adults also have them, only recently discovered. The cold showers aren’t for weight loss, more to do with health. Heck I could be completely off on this and have been inflicting suffering on myself for nearly four years. My n=1 study tells me to keep doing it. Four winter seasons without a cold.

    Day 27, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Was absent for a little while. Now back and need to catch up on posts.
    Hope everyone is doing well.😊🐞🦋

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD 78.1kg

    Actually had a lower weight but I’m sure I’ve pushed my weight above the morning level now. My stomach feels full.

    @bigbooty – I remember some mentions about adult brown fat. I’ll have to pay more attention. However I’m not sure that freezing yourself for 15 minutes a day is better than not getting any colds. I also don’t see the connection, it seems like if colds are prevented more than converting fat to brown fat is going on.

    Good luck to the rest of the Day 27 fasters!

    @emma Taylor

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