August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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  • Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd B2B2B

    Yay, nearly 3lbs dispatched after yesterday’s (almost) liquid fast. I did have a small oat bran bread toasted with a smidge of Philly at bedtime as the carbs help me sleep. And I slept like a log. The alarm woke me up! That rarely happens…I am such a lark I am normally waiting for the alarm, or rise earlier ☺️

    Today will be a 500 calories FD, plenty of green and dandelion tea, 3 litres of water as usual. Only 2lbs to reach August start. Over 6lbs to reach August goal but that won’t be happening.

    Interesting comments about “brown fat” from @bigbooty and @dykask…..though it sounds kind of urgh 😱

    @missybear welcome back Mrs Missybear. Your wedding sounds wonderful 😍
    @beedoo so sorry to hear about the little ones tonsillitis ☹️ Hope you can enjoy your trip to the aul sod nevertheless 🇮🇪

    Anybody up for September! I will be MIA for three weeks on holiday so cannot commit, but having hosted earlier this year it’s really not a bother. Now, of course, @rainbowsmile has really set the bar high for future hosting, many thanks ☺️

    I can set up the spreadsheet and get September forum rolling if needs be, but from the 11th I can only pop in sporadically. But I am keen to ensure seamless rollover so if you guys don’t mind a sporadic hostess (and apologies right now for not being as super as @rainbowsmile), I will do it if nobody else offers 🤔

    Enjoy Tuesday. Only a few more days. Let’s do this.

    Day 28, London, UK, FD

    I think I missed posting yesterday, some ‘stuff’ has come up and I’m struggling to deal with it. I don’t want to revert to my default ostrich mode, as that just leads to mega stress, anxiety, chocolate, carbs & booze ………………………. Never a great combination!! Pulling up my ‘big-girl-pants’ and getting on with being back at work, the other crap can wait ‘til I get home.

    I haven’t caught up with recent posts, but I hope everyone is well.

    Stay strong folks.

    @dykask. Whoa steady on, Im brave but Im not that brave. I don’t have 15 minute cold showers!! About 30 seconds is all I can tolerate. In summer yeah its a lot easier and sometimes its so warm I really don’t need to use the hot water tap at all. Chronic and acute cold activates brown fat. The connection between cold showers and no colds is based on a study of n=1. I might just have been real lucky for four seasons. Personally I believe there is a connection between fasting cold showers and a well function immune system. I saw a program and the guy was saying that we are constantly getting cancer and catching illnesses. Most of the time however our immune system is able to get on top of the situation. A compromised immune system leads to problems. It was a “the penny just dropped” moment which I have embraced.

    Here is a link to a nice article.

    Day 28 North canton OH Healthy Eating day

    So I have really adopted this LCHF lifestyle and was able to avoid carbs for a spell. then I got stressed out on Friday and finished the bottle of red wine that had been hanging around my house; thankfully it was just a glass and a half. I’m not buying anymore so that wont be a problem going forward, the other thing was I started making LCHF desserts and over indulging on those because they are “healthy” plus the mixed nuts – I went all in on those. So while I haven’t gained any weight, I haven’t lost any either and I really want to shed these last fab 5 🙂 So I am mixing it up a tad.

    I want to try 5:2 combined with a LCHF diet in an 8 hour window. At this point, I am seeking sustainability. I am well within a healthy BMI, clothes fit great, I feel great and my tummy is flat so I should be good but for those pesky 5 pounds away from goal….Onward!

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Another hot and steamy day today, and I am ever so glad the A.C. fix was quick. The part was even under warranty so no charge for that! More than the heat, it was the humidity here in northern Illinois that was really severe.

    I continue to be amazed at how many people feel that missing meals is unhealthy. Suppose I used to feel that way too, but I am ever so glad I saw the light!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Off to the west side of the state today and tomorrow. Going to celebrate retirement with a fellow teacher colleague who retired with me. We’re having breakfast together tomorrow morning at Multnomah Falls Lodge along the Columbia Gorge. It’s supposed to be the 1st day of back to school for the kiddos we used to teach. The celebration is overshadowed a bit by the strike that is to take place unless the district comes up with a better offer. I’m glad I don’t have to mess with the strike as I’m done with that piece.

    @songbirdme – glad you got your AC taken care of. Only so much popcorn your body can handle 🙂

    @basyjames – sounds like you have done well. Do you think maybe this is the weight you body wants to be? Especially if you’re already at a healthy BMI.

    I think we have a lot of folks off on vacations.
    May all enjoy their day, whether feasting of fasting and vacationing or working!

    Day 28 UK CD

    Successful FD yesterday ended withlate OMAD of small tofu and egg salad followed by ff gk yogurt with cacao and baked banana. I might have made it a WFD but don’t think I’d realised quite how much I normally drink when home-based, or how far that’s thrown by being out for 6 hours. Theatre trip got a bit stressful at times but we got there, had a cuppa, saw the play, met up in the interval and got home safely. All a bit full on and made for a very late night.

    Broke my fast with a banana at lunchtime and just had tofu and avocado on toast with salad on the side plus a hot vegemite. Amazing how wonderful simple food tastes after fasting 🙂 AIming to have a light, early supper and a very early night – last night I was still lying awake at 3am listening to the radio, so some stringent self-care needed.

    It’s my first week back into project mode post-pneumonia break of nearly 2 months and plenty to do. I don’t know what I’m capable of but I’m going gently and aiming for balance while recognising commitments already made. Tomorrow has a live radio interview about an event I’m part of – my first ever and I’m a bit scared, but hoping exam head will kick in and carry me through. Then a trip into town for 6.5hrs of meetings on different aspects of 3 different projects/events! Thursday has two meetings on two more projects, but they are both exciting first meetings and no homework to do! Still not done writing stuff and getting a bit fed up with myself for lack of filter & focus, but began by preparing for meetings and some good planning ahead, now hoping the rest will follow more easily now my mind is less cluttered.

    @flourbaby hope your situation resolves without too much stress xx
    @annemarilyn wishing you a lovely freedom breakfast with your friend 🙂
    @basyjames sounds like good insight has made a good plan! It seems the last bit is possibly the hardest to lose
    @daffodil2010 thank you for kind offer to host September around your holiday if no-one else can. @rainbowsmile is a hard act to follow and it’s good to know you are there if needed xx I’m also happy to host again after my busy quarter – should have breathing space from late November onwards

    whether fasting or feasting, working or relaxing, wishing you all a happy Tuesday x

    Day 28 – Florida

    NFD today. I’m back from a great cruise to Cuba. For Americans, the only way we can visit Cuba is by cruise or with a travel agent. 🙁 However, our cruise was great and we had 2 full days in Cuba. What a learning experience!
    I weight in when I got home and did gain but not that bad. Unfortunately, I got the stomach virus, not the norovirus and guess you could say I’ve been fasting for 3 days now. Ugh! Not much fun but I have lost my extra pounds. Trying to look at the bright side. 🙂
    Have a great day!

    @daffodil2010 – thank you ever so much for stepping in for September. I am sure the rest of us “long-timers” can do our best to cover for you when you go on holiday.

    @rainbowsmile – you have set the standard high for being host around here!

    Day 28 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Late to check in today, distracted by paperwork involved in changing my name to my DH’s surname……long list of organisations and people to contact but loving being ‘Mrs’.

    Yesterday’s FD was tougher than usual after letting go a bit…..a few days of sweet treats certainly left me feeling hungrier than I would normally be on a Monday FD, happy to be back to my normal WOE. The scales were kind this morning so I have hope that my end of month weight will be close to my August starting weight.

    Keep on keeping on everyone 😎

    Day 28, Guildford UK, NFD

    Tough day, very tired, the boot has caused bruising on my foot (not near the broken bone though) so I feel more comfortable with it off most of the time. Means working from home.

    Achy foot. Some swelling but brain is working well!

    Late to check in today.

    I have eaten too much today and I felt like eating chocolate so I bought some 70% it was the best I can get and I had two pieces. Today is veg day and I had potatoes, smashed avocados and poached egg. About 1500 cals. Probably too many cals.

    Tomorrow FD.

    @missybear what a lovely admin task to have to do. Yep sweet treats do that but what is a newly married lass to do?

    @songbirdme thank you for the compliment, happy now I know what I am doing to chip in too.

    @kaywesterman always wanted to go to Cuba to learn to dance! I didn’t put you on the pocket list for fasting yesterday but I did today. Keep those liquids up. Get well soon.

    @michelinme as you said to me, don’t overdo it. I have the sense that you will go your own way though!

    @annemarilyn strike? Sounds very awkward indeed? How are you affected? I did feel pretty, that seems like a song is coming on…….

    @songbirdme yes you will have to be the queen of cool now the IC is fixed, it might trigger some brown fat if it’s cold enough.

    @basyjames rooting for that last 5 lbs for you. Sometimes just holding steady is enough during holiday time.

    @lorky35, I have a wonderful image of Opal, her colouring and enthusiasm. Are there any links to her breed?

    @bigbooty yes the cold is awesome for the immune system. I do ice therapy after a sauna. Heatshock proteins are great too.

    @flourbaby sending you super rainbow strength. We are here if you need a sunshine boost.

    @daffodil2010, I am prepared to cover a week or so of your holiday, it’s the spreadsheet bit that I lack confidence in doing. That’s where @shinything was so wonderful. As a gap filler in so to speak. Thank you for hosting am delighted to hand over to such a brilliant host.

    @dykask be careful of frost bitten bits. Brrrrrrr

    @redrockgirl302 and @mishty lovely to have you return after your holiday. Let’s hear all the news: blow by blow account needed!

    @diana123 hope all is ok?


    Coming to the end of the sunshine month so I had better up my game

    The fabulous Ella Fitzgerald singing about summertime


    Day 28 Pocket list

    @dykask? Day 27 or 28?

    Have a beautiful evening all my lovely August Sunshiners


    2nd post

    Just to confirm that I have now set up the September challenge and the September spreadsheet. With just a few days to go its good to have it organised. Heres hoping it will be a great month for us all.

    Oh @rainbowsmile How wonderful that you play Ella Fitzgerald!! I love her so much!!

    Day 27 Belfast NFD

    Just a quickie before I go to the pictures to see Mamma Mia.

    @rainbowsmile – well done on your exam success and your determination to succeed. Sending you a big hug my friend. You’ve generated so much sunshine for us. Here’s some sunshine for you. And your self control is exemplary!
    @strawberriesandcream – enjoy your break
    @daffodil2010 well done on your successful skinny shopping. I bet you look a million dollars.
    @annemarilyn – now you’re really retired. It’s hard to believe it while you’re on holiday!
    @michelinme – good luck with your radio interview.
    @missybear – maybe you should change your handle to ‘MrsBear’ lol. Welcome back and congratulations.

    I’ve not really been engaged with this WOL this month and find myself slipping back into old habits. I’m 2 lbs above my upper weight which I hope to despatch before Friday. I’m off in the caravan this weekend, then Dublin next weekend, so I need to knuckle down.
    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 28, UK, NFD

    I had a good FD yesterday, but the scales don’t think so 😐 . Still at the same weight, if not a bit heavier. I will take that as a range of my weight and call it the same as before, 53kg. It doesn’t look like I’ll reach my monthly goal yet again.
    Here I come September 😀

    @beedoo aw tonsillitis is so not fun, poor little one 🙁 . Wishing him speedy recovery 🤗

    @lorky35 welcome back 😀 , glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday 😀

    @flourbaby I hope you find the strength to deal with whatever problems life threw at you now. Sending you a hug 🤗

    @annemarilyn enjoy the retirement celebration with your friend 💃

    @michelinme your schedule sounds very full on, I hope you are not pushing yourself too hard? Remember to take it easy 🤗

    @daffodil2010 thank you for offering to host September, you are a star! 💐 We will all chip in while you are on holiday 😀

    @kaywesterman welcome back, I’m glad you enjoyed your cruise 😀

    @rainbowsmile sorry you’ve had such a tough and uncomfortable day, hang in there.
    Here is a hug 🤗 and flowers for our wonderful hostess 💐

    One more FD still in August, lets do the final push people! 💪

    Day28, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Yesterday s fast day turned into a jam feast day. My sister in law gave me a jar of dark fog jam last Sunday and I simply couldn’t resist eating about half of it. It was delicious. Today I made a cottage pie, and had a piece blus some more of the fig jam and we went to give a gift for the newly ordained catholic priest and we were served a lot of lovely looking food and sweets which I happily sampled.

    Well tomorrow I’ll fast.

    Keep on keeping on dear friends. Onwards and downwards.

    Daffodil2010 thanks for offering to host the September challenge.

    I need forgiveness.

    I just ate another square of chocolate.

    And it’s after 7 pm.


    Days 19 through 28 – USA – NFD

    Apologies to all for not checking for 10 days…haven’t fasted and haven’t even thought about my weight, but alas, I weighed in when I returned and have 3.8 lbs. in transit. I spent the days travelling and just returned home on Saturday. Have just finished up paperwork, returning phone calls, etc. that happens when you’re away. However, I read all the posts with interest since I left, but do not have the energy to respond individually. Thank you, @rainbowsmile, for hosting August. It was quite a memorable month. And thank you, @daffodil2010, for volunteering to host September. I guess I’m officially still in maintenance, but if it’s not 3.8 lbs. of “in transit”, then I’m a few lbs. from my goal. We’ll see in a few days.

    Day 29 – Japan – NFD 78.8kg

    @bigbooty – I understand … 30 seconds. My typical shower is wet, scrub myself with the water off and rinse. Not sure I could really rinse in 30 seconds. 😀
    I do believe we are constantly fighting off colds and even things like cancer. That is partly why I view water fasting over 3 days as getting more risky. A reboot of the immune system is probably extremely healthy unless you get a major setback while the immune system is in the process of being rebooted. With teens in the house the risk seems pretty high.

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    3rd of B2B2B

    Here we go, final FD of August. All set not to break fast until lunch with a small bowl of tomato soup (I am awash with tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅🍅), then chicken and chickpea for dinner. All under 500 calories.

    I have decided tomorrow will be officially my weigh day as DH is off to tomorrow and with the best will in the world I know I will find it hard to fast tomorrow evening. I will try for CD. But as I don’t see him much awake during the week I do like to spend time with him when he is off 🍷

    I have set up the September Challenge and the spreadsheet, if anyone needs a link to it here do let me know. I am sure I will be logging in when I get to our beachside retreat in Spain but as I will be on the iPad I am limited what I can do cut and paste wise.

    @rainbowsmile don’t be hard on yourself, let’s get through the remainder of August together !!

    Day 29, London, UK, FD

    It’s GOT to be the weather!!! Just feeling Uurgh!! At the moment, allowing minor things to stress me out – mountains & molehills if you know what I mean which leads to poor sleep, which leads to feeling Uurgh the next day, then a poor nights sleep and the cycle continues!!!! The grey-grey sky is just as depressing as the bouncy-bouncy scales (my -3lb target looks in danger of becoming +3lbs…………………….. & I’ve been booze free too!!???). Thanks for all the well wishes and positive vibes directed my way, I’ll be fine, the pity party was short-lived!!

    @rainbowsmile, your hosting this month has been reminiscent of my early days on this forum, when the host would log details on the spreadsheet, so they had to be on top form to keep track of everyone daily ……………………. Just as you have been this month!!!! & of course the sun/summer theme has been a blessing particularly since the weather right now is pants!!!!! I don’t think those boots are designed for comfort, some extra padding might be in order.

    @metatauta, glad to see you back, ‘easy on, easy off’ should see you right for the start of September!!!

    @daffodil2010, I chuckled at your post “I do like to spend time with him when he is off 🍷 ” …………….. I would have expected a love heart, or kissing face emoji, but I suppose you’ve got to love a man holding a glass of red!!!!!!!

    Keep on keeping on folks, there’s nothing else to do is there????

    Day 29 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @daffodil2010 Spanish beachside retreat sounds wonderful, have a great time 😎 and thanks for starting up September for us.

    @flourbaby are you still in the big girl pants – hope things aren’t too stressful 🤗

    @rainbowsmile sending positive healing vibes for your foot to get better quickly ☀️

    Still 3 days of August to enjoy, let’s make them count……..and note to self: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!!!

    Day 29 UK ?FD

    Tired but sort of ready for the day. Pleased to have had a day comfortably under TDEE yesterday, even if it was rather awash with tomatoes (me too @daffodil2010). Thinking today might be a good day to fast as tomorrow has unexpected teatime meeting, and today is super full, but going to listen to body and see how I go.

    Got through radio interview even tho it was last min audio rather than video call and i kept forgetting the questions! Trying not to beat myself up with what didn’t work, remember what worked and what I can learn for the future. Otherwise i will be subsumed with anxiety and overwhelmed into paralysis – not a helpful start to busy period!

    @flourbaby sending you a big hug and a bucket of empathy! My own week of full anxiety immersion was directly linked – at least partly – to forgetting to use magnesium oil at night – plus not getting enough sleep, not making space for meditation and yoga etc. Even tho i still haven’t had enough sleep or done daily yoga & meditation, I’ve remembered to use MO and am feeling a lot less anxious. Hope you find something that shifts perception and enables light in xx

    @daffodil2010 Thank you for setting up September challenge! We’ll mind the shop while you have a well-deserved holiday after your epic summer x

    @rainbowsmile 3 squares of chocolate does not a downhill slide make! Hope it gave you a wonderful boost,treats of all sorts are so important when we are struggling xxx Reflecting back to you your own words of wisdom, be gentle with yourself, listen to what’s possible, learn from what isn’t and hold fast to that which is good xxx

    Off to stretch again, short time to meditate and set off for first very full day post-pneumonia. Including follow up conversation with challenging colleague. Positive vibes, prayers and peaceful thoughts are all very welcome today.

    Whatever today brings, hope you have a good one xx

    Day 29 – USA – NFD

    As expected, I got my whoosh, yay! However, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or not, so I weighed 3 times within a few minutes…148…149.8…148. I’ll take it. It’s still under goal, so I’m not complaining. Turns out I did 1 FD each week except one this month, and if that’s the key to staying between 147-150, that’s what will work for me, including 16:8, LCHF. I finally bought the magnesium flakes and made my own oil and spritz it on my feet nightly and sleep like a log, but my skin on my feet does not flake as others have reported. Once the weather starts getting a little cooler, I’m aiming in September to walk daily and continue toning the bat wings with free weights. @daffodil2010, can you include me on September’s spreadsheet?

    Day 29, Finland, NFD

    While not being active on line, I have kept up to date with reading posts. My aim for September will be to post more often.
    Thanks to @daffodil2010 for hosting in September, and a big thankyou to @@rainbowsmile for the wonderful hosting of August.

    My August has been up and down, first up felt great, weight going down…. last week and to some extent this week has been sabotage….when I feel great I get complacent. When will I realize that having just a little something sweet inevitably leads to something else and time spent running next to the wagon trying to get back on? Hoping to finish off with a FD tomorrow.

    Strong finish everyone and see you on September 1.

    Day 29, second post

    I forgot to mention… for those that commented, I chose to substitute cows milk with oat milk purely based on taste. I don’t like almond or soy milk so much, but whole family loves oat milk.

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Off to yoga followed by Silver Sneakers this morning. I always wonder if it is okay to exercise on an empty stomach. Any opinions out there? As long as I eat some protein within about an hour after my gym time, I generally feel pretty good.

    @metatauta – happy you’re back safely, and yeah for the whoosh!

    @flourbaby – Yes, I also remember early days of this Forum where we did not have access to the spreadsheet ourselves. This makes so much sense to have it this way!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29 – Florida

    NFD but I guess I could say I have had 3 FD in a row, although not by choice. I’ve lost some more but don’t want to claim it until I feel better and get back on my normal eating routine.
    Thanks, @rainbowsmile, and @shinything. Not back to 100% but I can see the end, I think.:)
    At least I’ve had the time to go through my photos from our trip. I’m also writing a blog about our trip to Cuba.

    Have a great day.

    Day 29, Gozo, Malta, fd

    Rainbowsmile you haven’t fallen off the wagon for some squares of chocolate. Keep up the good faith.

    Today I had some left over cottage pie and three peaches. This evening I intend to have one bag of organic rice crips at 170 calories only.

    Weight is the same as yesterday. I’m four and a half kilos above what I’d like to be.

    Take care everyone and welcome back metatauta.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    I’m sorry I haven’t checked in for a while things have been a little bit crazy. But I am ready to get back on track and will end the month with a B2B. Hopefully I can make September a productive month for me and I plan on cutting out junk food and alcohol at home and I am going to start a new round of 30 day shred.

    I hope everyone is well and I’m sending you all positive vibes.

    Day 29 – Atlanta,GA,USA – FD

    Day 28-NFD USA

    took kids to lake for an hour this am. Heat advisory in effect! So this afternoon we’re doing indoor things. Like picking up the house. Not much enthusiasm and met with much resistance!

    So I’m reading 2 books by Stephen Guise. The first one is called “mini habits” and the second one is called “mini habits for weight loss” anyone else read these? My current mini-habit is to have 10 swallows of water after everytime I use the bathroom. Seems to be working. But this leads me to my second question; of those who are in maintenance, how long have you been in maintenance? He talks about yo-you dieting but I don’t think IF is. I think it’s lots of mini habits over a long period of time. Thoughts anyone?

    Day 29 – USA – NFD

    Second post: @lorky35, I have only been in maintenance for a few weeks, but my weight loss 40+ lbs. took a year and a half. The habits I started were simple: mainly to plan to fast 2 specific days a week as the 5:2 basic book says. I also planned out 500 calories for each FD. I also planned to research as I went along to find substitutes for high carbohydrates, and sugar-laden items. One by one, I started a recipe library that incorporated all my favorite foods, but tweaked to reflect low carb, healthy fat and moderate protein. I also decided to have 2 meals a day, to increase my fasting window from the night before. I stopped eating breakfast at 7am and instead had brunch at 10-10:30 a.m., and then another meal within an 8 hour window of that. Yes, I flubbed and drank beer and had no-no’s like pizza and pasta once in a while, but it was wonderful to be able to lose that weight slowly without ever feeling deprived. Hope this helps.

    Day 29-NFD-2nd post

    For @rainbowsmile ps://
    Opal is a dark brindle color (the black coat with the brown stripes? (I mean I guess they’re stripes?)Lots of people gave me a hard time about getting a purebred dog, versus one from a shelter. But I saw Opal first and it was love; there was no one else!! And she’s just the sweetest puppy. 🙂 If I get another puppy…I’ll get it from a shelter.

    Great quote from book I’m reading:
    “Don’t Assign Morality to Your Food Choices”
    “Once you make food a moral battle, you weaken. Eating certain types of food doesn’t make you good or bad. It doesn’t make you inferior or superior to anyone else. We eat food to survive. Some food is more nutritious than other food, but it all (mostly) works to keep us alive.
    “Food choices aren’t good and bad. They are beneficial or harmful to your health, well-being, and weight loss goal. When you eat a donut, you needn’t feel as if you betrayed your best friend. You needn’t feel like you’re a bad person.”

    Day 29, Guildford UK, FD

    Poor ankle day, I worked today and moved about too much, the boot is causing bruising. Can’t wait for my knee trolley, no more boot.

    I don’t recommend the boot as a fashion statement!


    @songbirdme the link didn’t work for me.

    @lorky35 I like the thought of mini changes sounds interesting.

    @sarahbob lovely to see you.

    @anna6 4.5 kilos is home straight to maintain.

    @kaywesterman I get that, get well soon.

    @kerryn73 I have never tried oat milk, I may try it.

    @metatauta yeah! A whoooooosh , go go go!

    @michelinme I need that magnesium oil to ease my anxiety too. Can’t miss that.

    @missybear concentrating that healing on my poorly foot.

    @flourbaby I love keeping track of my chicks, I fret that everyone does well and how they are. I wouldn’t have done quite so well on the spreadsheet thing without @shinything and her support. You all made it so easy for me.

    @daffodil2010 yes the month isn’t over, let’s get to the end with a great roll.

    @shinything the body is intelligent if you have lost fat it will show eventually.

    @anna6 I tried googling the jam and got a strange answer. Would love an explanation sounds interesting.


    Today’s sunshine

    Why the sun shines.


    Today’s pocket list


    may everyone sleep well


    Day 30 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Final fast day of the month! Haven’t been on the scales for a few days now, usually weigh in later in the week so I’ll jump on tomorrow to see how things are looking.

    Yesterday was a bit of a shocker, felt very run down and possibly a little hormonal, but thankfully stayed away from those pesky caramel slices that are still in the fridge. Probably had a few too many calories, but had plenty of nutritious food which is the main thing!

    Have a couple of fun runs coming up, which I have not done enough running for – a 10k in September and a half (my very first, eeek) in October, so Septembers goal will be nice consistent training, and balanced nutrition to support this! My new GPS watch arrived in the mail today, hopefully that’s the encouragement I need!

    Lovely reading everyone’s messages, it’s always hugely motivating! Let’s finish this month strong!

    Starting a pocket list for day 30

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Final weigh in has me at August start which is good considering the major life upheaval August has been. I will update my stats in the spreadsheet later but I am happy with waist measurement etc.

    DH is off to get the motorcycle serviced in BMW which means…..we are off on the bike on holidays in a couple of weeks 😎☀️ So looking forward to it.

    Tonight, however, we have declared is “Date Night” as its a full on weekend ahead with overnight guests tomorrow, then babysitting our granddaughter on Saturday, and cheering on Dublin in the All Ireland GAA football final on Sunday. Come on the boys in Blue, 4 in a row!!!!

    So, @flourbaby, yes it’s 😍 But also 🍷 Ha ha!!!!

    @lorky35 don’t let anyone give you a hard time over a decision you make. Your pup sounds gorgeous.

    Have a great Thursday everyone. Try to make somebody happy today, then you too will feel happier ☺️

    Day 30 UK FD 1st of B2B

    I’m feeling positive and motivated and ready to kick butt again.

    A little voice keeps telling me “This WOL works you’re just doing it wrong.” I’ve accidentally fallen into maintenance, which is great as I haven’t gained anything but it wasn’t my intention. It’s time to tame the carb dragon once and for all and start making some progress.

    Wishing you all a fab day.

    Pocket list for day 30

    Day 30, London, UK, NFD,

    Unusual for me to have only completed a B2B, but there was some coleslaw in the fridge left over from Mondays’ Bank holiday lunch, and I’m away sailing this weekend so, waste not want not. Today I’m having a CD as the coleslaw has added a whopping 400cals to my OMAD salad!!!! I’ve been using full fat Greek yoghurt as a mayo substitute for such a long time now, I had forgotten what a calorie bomb mayonnaise could be!!!!

    @michelinme, my hormones are seriously challenging me at the moment!!! I think a foot soak is in order tonight. The nightly niacin hasn’t been helping (I may have a dud bottle or I’m saturated already?? – no flushing whatsoever!!), for those interested there’s a good article here ………………………….

    @metatauta, Congratulations on confirming easy-on, easy-off is REAL!!!! Stick with the MO, perhaps rub it in too. My hands (& palms!!!) started to flake a few weeks in, not so much nowadays though.

    @kaywesterman, I expect we’ll get a link to that blog?????? Cuba is still number 4 on my bucket list!!!!

    As yesterday was my last August FD, my end weight for the month today is +0.8lbs from the start, I’ll be honest ……………………… I’ve really been half-arsing this month!!!! I assumed abstaining from the booze would make up for all the other indulgences (by that I mean CARBS!!), but it would seem that I have to be controlled with EVERYTHING I put in my mouth……………………… who knew!!!!! LOL!!! I got into a bad habit of adding resistant carbs (cold pasta, potatoes, brown rice) to my salads, bumping up the calories, and justifying it by looking at exercise calories (30 Day shred is great, but it isn’t a miracle!!). Great idea in theory, not so good in practice. I think September will be back to basics, 5:2, limited wine, limited carbs and no deprivation to send me to the fresh-from-the-oven-bread!!!!!!

    Roll on September ………………………. And yes, I will be yanking up my big-girl pants, pulling my finger out, stop faffing about…………………… and just GETTING ON WITH IT!!!!!!!

    Day 30. What!!!??? Already? Where did August go?

    Adding myself to today’s fasters. I managed to eat two ( count ‘em) lemon cheesecake thingies yesterday just because they come in twos and I didn’t one one to get lonely in the fridge. Oh dear….

    Hope everybody is well or, in some cases, on the mend. Says it’s going to be hot here in the UK next week. Can that be true? I like autumn so not too worried what it does now.

    Pocket list for day 30

    Day 30 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Have a good day everyone 😎

    Pocket list for day 30

    Day 30, UK, FD

    I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, it was a hectic day. Today is going to be busy and long day too, so just a quick check in before I go to work 🙂

    I read all posts and guys, you make me laugh 😂 , some really witty, funny posts 😂

    Adding myself to the pocket list …

    Pocket list for day 30

    its a last FD day for August, lets do the final push people! We can do this 💪

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) CD

    Going to manage a good CD today. Had some back pain during yoga yesterday, so not as limber as I wanted to be… probably need a good massage!

    @rainbowsmile – this article seems to have the same information. Hopefully the link will work: The idea is that protein is an important part of our diet. And also for weight loss:

    Onward and downward.

    hmm… inserted links seem to be downloading instead of opening for me… change in my own computer or change with our website?

    Day – NFD
    Day 29 – CD
    Day 28 – 😈
    Day 27 – FD (428cals)
    Day 25-26 – NFD

    Not been in the Challenge mindset for most of this month but managing to stay below the top of my target range!!! I have managed to do 8 FDs for the month including tomorrow’s planned one but also had 7 Feast Days 😈
    However I am very happy that I have managed to keep up with my exercise regime throughout the month and so maintenance carries on – I’ll definitely be in for the September challenge to keep me focused and hopefully contribute a bit more 🤗

    @Strawberriesandcream – sorry for getting you and @rainbowsmile confused regarding foot injuries……
    @rainbowsmile – hopefully the foot is slowly feeling better but be careful not to overdo things too early on -Thank you for leading the August Challenge – these are for you 💐
    Here is a link to Blues Collusion | Blues Band from Birmingham, UK
    Going to more jazz this week tonight and then again on Saturday:- “Ambleside Days is a Contemporary Jazz Festival taking place at Zeffirellis from Thursday 30th August to Sunday 2nd September 2018.
    A celebration of world class contemporary Jazz performances featuring some of the world’s most outstanding players coming together for this unique festival in the heart of the English Lake District.
    What makes this festival unique is the collaboration and interaction between these world class performers, with fluid movement of the musicians into different and exciting groupings.”

    Not enough time to read all the posts today and catch up so hoping that all the August Challengers are in a good place both mentally and physically.

    September is a new month and a new challenge and still 4 months until the end of 2018 so plenty of time to set ourselves a mini challenge to achieve by the end of the year!!

    @daffodil2010 – Thank you for setting up the September Challenge in the absence of any other volunteers and of course we will all support the challenge whilst you are on holidays from the 11th at your beachside retreat in Spain🤗

    Remember “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Yesterday turned out to be a FD, 770 cals., not my usual 500, but acceptable. I notice Cruella being very fickle, giving me 3 different readings at 3 different times within a few minutes of each other. Is it because of the way my feet are positioned on the scale? Any thoughts? Anyway, I averaged them out and it turns out I am at 149.1, which is .9 below my goal of 150. However, I’m going to keep fasting at least 1 day a week, possibly 2 if I become naughtier, to keep a range of 145-150. I’m looking forward to cooler weather in September so I can take the afternoon walks amidst the beautiful park behind my home.

    Day 30 – Atlanta,GA,USA – FD

    This will be my last FD for this month

    Pocket list for day 30


    Day 30 August is going, going, gone North Canton OH FD
    @rainbowsmile I have to tip my hat to you. You were an awesome host. Thank you, thank you, and more thanks!
    @metatauta yay for the whoosh and maintenance plan. Figuring that out is half the battle.
    @annemarilyn I often wonder about what you mentioned, whether this is the weight my body is most comfortable with and whether that is why I am stuck on this last 5. I was 5 pounds lighter last year, but poor eating habits got me above my goal. Now I feel much better about my eating and exercise regimen and I think I have found what works. That is why I plan to keep pushing; it’s taking much longer than I would like, but if I can lose it and keep it off, that will be a win.
    @daffodil2010 thank you for hosting September. September always makes me think of that Green Day song – wake me up when September ends.
    @missybear welcome back and congratulations 

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Yes, I was not really with the August Challenge the second half of the month. Not being mindful gave me a couple extra pounds. 😜

    Looking forward to the September Challenge. Thanks @daffodil2010!⚘🦋⚘

    Thank you for hosting the August Challenge @rainbowsmile. 🥀🐞🌻

    Have a good Thursday everyone! 😊😊😊

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