Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • been following all you boys and girls and think your all marvelous – I am 77 5’6″ male and very overweight – I just thought cuddly but no – overweight by heaps.
    Started off at 110 kilo in October 2014 on a new way of life – the LCHF way of eating and things happened and by February I was down to 97 kilo .

    I do not know how or why but I drifted back to 102 kilo .

    Started 5:2 but I just seem to be stuck between 100 and 102 kilos

    My calorie intake is 1200 and I am always under that . No grain,sugar and only non starchy vegetables – plenty of butter plus fish,meat and chicken in 100 gram doses.

    I do not exercise and I am aware that its great for health but not essential for weight loss

    All you people really making such a fist of it and here am I – like a modest violet

    My wife Norma started at the same time as me and she has gone from 103 kilo to 83 kilo as of now and she just eats the LCHF way – I do the cooking and she has the same as me

    I will keep trying but sometimes it is disappointing

    kindest regards to all


    Peter, I eat what I like on non-fast days though I try to be sensible. I have not fasted now for a couple of months and, after celebrating a wedding, with an anniversary and a birthday coming up on the 17th and 18th, I am really pleased to find my weight is 7 stone 11 pounds. I really thought I would weigh more than that.

    I read somewhere that it isn’t good to eat too little on non-fasting days.

    I don’t exercise and I know I should for my heart’s sake. Grandson has just been given a Labrador puppy so I hope he exercises him around here then I can go along as well! Certainly exercising a dog does get one out and about.

    Hi all
    I’m 73 and since beginning of March have dropped from 71kg (10.13) to 63kg (9.13) I’m pleased about that as although I’ve been a weight watcher for years have struggled to get back to my goal weight. I am now 6lb under goal weight. I don’t do masses of exercise as I have a prosthetic mitral valve .
    I think Eirlys is correct in that we shouldn’t lower our calories on non fast days to very low levels and 1200 is far too low for a man .
    I try to stick to 1300 on none fast days.

    Hi Peter,

    You are not alone in being stuck at a certain weight and the disappointment that it brings.

    I’m not sure if you have looked but there is a whole load of advice on this forum and on the website about this subject. So do keep going if only to challenge your wife 😉

    I’m hoping that the cure for my plateau will be the Italian holiday we’ve just had with added pasta and cream not to mention far too much gelato. I like the idea of the contrast between my fast days and my holiday days. Well that’s my excuse. Amazingly I only put on 2kgs so perhaps there is hope when I get back to fasting properly.

    Incidentally, I am 76.

    Just how lucky are you – fancy visiting Italy and only putting on 2 kg .

    Yep the challenge is there so I will give it a go and am searching ways to get going – think a shot at the egg diet for a couple of days might get me going.
    Will let you know.
    Are you in France ?
    kindest regards


    Can I have your favourite low cal soup recipes?
    I am gearing up to starting this – have ordered the books anyway!
    I am retiring next week and we plan to travel the world in a motorhome (well Europe anyway) my partner has moderate stage Parkinson’s so we feel we have no time to lose.
    I would dearly love to have lost two stone or be getting there by the time I set off (still have to sell our house to do it!)
    I have been reading a lot of these forum posts and the ones about carb addiction worried me a bit as they find this diet isn’t for them and they have to go away and deal with that first….. I did try the 5:2 for two weeks but didn’t lose. Felt hungry and got discouraged. I do crave carbs.
    Hoping to do it better this time.
    so…your favourite home made soups? (Or bought)
    Thanks x

    JacSprat – would love to do that – we have a sprinter motor home here and love it – to old to hire one in UK at 76 so they say.
    LCHF is not difficult and its beaut to cook bacon and eggs on the road and use butter – only need to remember no underground vegetables – potatoes etc . no peas but as many leafy vegetables as you like – no fruit , sugar or grain products.

    the secret seems to be to keep carbs to 20 gms per day and enjoy natural fat on meat and fish.

    I love the 5:2 way of living and it fits well with the LCHF way of eating and after a short time both are just the thing to do – automatic.

    my experience is that i feel terrific but weight loss for me is very slow and i have only moved from 110 kg to 100.4 kgs in eight months but my wife has moved from 100 kg to 84 kg in the same time and she does not do the 5:2

    neither of us do any exercise but that may change as the wife is just on her feet after her second hip replacement in three months and we attribute her rapid recovery to our way of eating

    some ways of eating suit different people and i am encouraged by the people on this site

    have a wonderful day

    kindest regards


    ps we love to simmer a chook and add any vegetable available – we then have soup and chicken – what a deal

    Hi all

    I thought it was about time I paid a visit to see how everybody is doing.

    Hi enfrance, Peter and Jacsprat

    I see that you all seem to see the weight moving slowly.

    I watched a programme about how they produce Konjac noodles on the TV a few weeks ago and since then I have been doing a lot of research. Konjac root is a yam and is used a lot in Asian cookery, it has been for over a thousand years and is a natural product. They process this to remove the starvch from the fibre which is the important part. This is used for many things, to make shiritake noodles also called miracle rice, slim noodles and bare naked noodles. This is tasteless and you have to add spices to add flavour. There are hardly any calories to these products and no carbohydrates.

    The fibre part is also known as Glucommanan. This can be used in cooking to thicken soups, stews and sauces. I imagine it will be cheaper to buy from an Asian shop if you are near one. If not it is sold on Amazon. There is also a product called psyllium husks again the basis of this is fibre. Both of the products mentioned are also in many slimming tablets. Look up the weight loss results of skinny fibre. They take two to three tablets before a meal and they are very expensive. I would not suggest buying these but you may give a thought to adding either psyllium or Glucommanan to cooking.

    All of the research I have looked at results in reduced cholesterol and most of it to weight loss. It also helps food pass through you and so you won’t get constipated. I am prone to this and want to lower np y cholesterol and if I have a little weight loss on the side all good. I tend to lose a minimum of 4lbs a month so I am not complaining.

    Look at the research and see what you think. I have posted a link for you.

    Hi Jacsprat

    What a lovely time you are planning, I wish you all of the bast. My mother suffered from Parkinson’s.
    The doctor gave her a pill for anxiety and this made her worse. We had a good time in the beginning though and she lived with me for five years.

    I hope you both really enjoy some quality time on your travels.


    The post above mine is a scam. I shall ask to have it removed.


    Just a thought Ginette,
    As I look in the site at the latest posts, I think you have possibly removed the “post above you as a scam”, as I’m sure that peterseaford’s post is not a scam??
    As he has been posting good and friendly advice for a long time.
    Or did you mean the link that you posted? (Most likely)


    Hi John

    No it certainly wasn’t peterseaford. There was another one just above the first one of mine.

    The post was removed it had a link to lose weight in three weeks, I saw this when it came in, but as it came up on another two threads I follow in quick succession I knew it was spam. I asked for the post and the user to be removed. Tech thanked me for the alert and said that it had come up on a few threads. These posts are very annoying and some get through from time to time.


    Carb addiction? I find I need carbohydrates some days and I don’t go without.
    I love bread and butter, toast, boiled, and baked potatoes. Actually the experts say it is the fat that adds the calories so I suppose one should go easy on the butter. Usually I do, as I have a plant-sterol spread but every now and again I treat myself to real butter! Life’s too short to go without.

    There are numerous soup recipes on line, JacSprat. I love curried sweet potato, and broccoli and Stilton soups. These were WW recipes which we followed at home using our Christmas-gift soup-maker. Brilliant and easy!

    Google will find you lots of low-calorie recipes then it’s a case of try and taste!

    I use my soup maker. It makes a fab mushroom soup also chunky veg and bean stew . These are low in calories as no fat is used. I also love my actifry. You can cook chips, roast potatoes and also Mediterranean vegetables with just a teaspoon of oil.
    I wish the 5/2 had been available when I was younger as I would’ve not had to struggle with my weight for all these years.

    Yes, Peter, we are in SW France. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post about how we can eat quite cheaply on a 5 course menu de jour for 26€ (that’s for two, about £18.50) including some rosé and a coffee. So the temptation is always there. However, in practice eating at lunchtime means we don’t eat anything that evening so in a way it can help keep the weight down.

    I’m not sure I can congratulate myself after the Italian holiday because it was so hot that our appetites were much lower although we did get to enjoy the Ligurian pasta but it was always with fish so perhaps that helped.

    My missus isn’t well at the moment so we’ve postponed restarting 5:2 for a while which will give us a spell to research how to get over the plateau we’d both reached.

    Hi Ginette,

    That is very interesting but please go easy on the ‘bare naked noodles’. Some of us are at a delicate age and a shock like that can be very dodgy in fact I can feel the hot flush starting again 😉

    Hi Enfrance. 2003,
    I hope your wife’s health improves very soon and you can concentrate on your 5:2again soon.
    Although it must be more difficult in France.
    I was lucky to be able to go camping in France, Paris and best of all the French Alps, for 9 days in July, and we could not resist the Boulonges (sorry about the Spelling)
    Such a large variety of delicious pastries and breads of all types.
    We kept off the motorways and found the local towns and villages en route much more friendly and interesting.
    So we can’t wait to go again before the end of the summer.

    Dear Enfrance hope the wife is much better and as Italy is so close no doubt you will be back in nicer weather .
    You must find it hard to restrict the calories – the wife and I found a beaut little local restaurant in Niece – close to the post office -the chef was ex army and could he cook – left our hotel for dust.

    In France I must have put on heaps as I needed braces to hold up my pants – the belts just would not fit.
    Now i am on 5:2 things are gradually changing and i hope to be closer to “normal” before our cruise in December

    My wife has relatives in the north of France – what a beautiful country you have

    kind regards

    Just thought I’d pop in – I lurk but am very lazy about posting. I seem to have settled into the 5:2 way of life and don’t actually feel as though I’m following a regime any more – I fast on Monday and Friday so its easy to remember and my OH has got the hang of what I’m doing now even though he’s very much addicted to puddings and all the things I don’t have – or even want any more. Even on a FD I can cook chips and burgers for him if that’s what he wants and then I go and sit out in the sun feeling smug, but I do draw the line at having to watch him eat all that junk! It really has paid off for me. I’ve been doing this since February and have lost just over 13 kilos. Yesterday I went to the charity shop with six big bags full of falling down trousers and baggy tops and am absolutely thrilled to be wearing a pair of size 12 trousers today – I never ever thought I’d see a 12 again! I do have a few more pounds to go though – my BMI still has me as borderline overweight and I still have my spare tyre, even though I have a puncture. Last week a friend came out on holiday and said “oh you really shouldn’t lose any more – you’ll have bony shoulders” she is also of the opinion that my spare tyre will respond to exercise! I don’t know why people say things like that – why not congratulate you on being thinner and say how good you look. Anyway, I’ve not let it bother me – I’d probably have been more upset if she hadn’t noticed!

    Hi everyone. I’ve been lazy about posting but want to catch up. Good news from doctor–my blood sugars have been lower in the last months since we started on the 5/2 diet and I can stop my diabetes medicines. I’ve only lost 20 lbs. so was surprised–and pleased.
    We had a tough summer with moving and getting settled, and hubby spent a week in the hospital but are back on track with 5/2. It’s an easy way of life that I wish we’d known about years ago.
    Enjoying the fresh apples and pears this fall, and we’ve become addicted to some premixed kale salads our stores are carrying. Frozen meals are still a big part of our menus–easy fixing and cleaning up, which I like. I’ll be 80 on Thursday which means I’ll be in the really, really old category according to my grandkids!

    Hello…. I have been following a different thread. Now I realize I possibly should be on this one. I turned 70 in Aug this yr. I began 5:2 mid Aug of 2013. In 9 months I lost 25 lbs and reached my goal. Went from a size 16 to 8. That is not the kind of size reduction that ever before happen in loosing 25lbs. But, I will take it. Much of my life has been a preoccupation with loosing and then gaining back weight. When I heard about 5:2 (saw the documentary on Netflix) I thought it was worth a try and so did my husband. Then as we did it for 3 months or so I determined that I could do this for the rest of my life. I expect to as I don’t eat consistently on the fives to keep the lbs off. Now it is a total habit. We fast two days a week and it is fine. It seems perfect. I do wish that more friends would pick up on it. I was so excited. I still am, but do not understand why others do not decide to try it. I thought at first, well if they see the results on my body then they will want to try it. Only three have done that. They are having success. Ah well, I feel better. I do exercise 4 days a week for 50-60 minutes in gym. I have a walking challenge as result of a bike accident 14 yrs ago. That is part of what keeps me in the gym. It does help metabolism. But it helps my mental health even more. Pea Jay

    PeaJay: Well done! That’s an inspirational post, and weight loss. Hope you’ve kept Before and After images!!

    I also have been lazy about posting mainly because I have not been on the fasting diet for quite a while now. Weighed myself the other day(apprehensively,) and was delighted to find I weighed 7 stone 11 pounds. That means I have only gained one pound since my last fasting day. This diet seems to help one maintain one’s weight and I believe that is the disadvantage of following other diets. With the latter weight seems to be put back on quickly.

    The lovely thing about the two day fasting diet is that one can eat normally (sensibly) on the other five days.

    I still think soup is the answer to those fasting days. It is so filling and enjoyable. I even have a few packets of cuppa soup in the house . At around 90 calories this is occasionally my nightcap!

    Small is now 5’6 to 5’9, peterseaford, I’m 5’4 so really a very tall dwarf, and have been successful on the two regimes you mention. Drifting up now a little as, since retiring, my wife asking “What are we having for breakfast” contradicts my particular 5/2 regime of having nothing until teatime!
    Now have a ‘layered’ diet to counter failure of 1.No fructose 2.No sugar 3.Don’t mix sugar(high carbs) with protein/fat 4. Fast when I can. Found the LCHF taught me how to eat, just crazy life of retirement not as ‘iron-railed’ as working life!

    G’day everybody – just popped in to say

    Merry Christmas to an d a Very Happy New Year

    I am still sticking to LCHF way of eating plus 5:2 and feel on top of the world but the weight loss factor is a lost cause for me so far.

    Started back in February and took measurements and weight – I was 98.7 kg then and today I am 98.2 kg and my measurements are just the same.

    My wife eats exactly the same me but and has lost over 20 kg and changes size from 26 to 12 and had both hips replaced along the way.

    I will stick to doing what we are doing and watch my weight ” float around ” between 99 kg and it has been as low as 95 kg but usually around the 97/98 mark and we both have only about 1000 cals per day each but we both feel great so what more should we want

    Have a beaut day

    love and regards to all


    Peter: I reckon your body has chosen your present weight as being the ideal one! Mine certainly likes my present weight though with fasting I can come down another three pounds. Not fussed!

    Do you exercise? I don’t as I’m old, and lazy!

    Your accent sounds Australian! :O) My father was Australian.

    Hi All… Expect you are busy at this time of year. I know I am. I feel for you not loosing since Feb, Peter. I would be disappointed. My husband did want to loose more and doesn’t seem to be able either. We both follow 5:2 since 8/2013. He would like to be five lbs lighter. He weighs 70.29 kg. 5 ft 6inches. He does exercise 3 times per week and golfs twice a week. He in past has lost more on a regular diet, but of course neither of us were able to keep it off before. Now we have been at near goal/goal for 18 mo. We are good about doing 5:2. Except on a summer holiday of 5 wks. My husband refused to do 5: 2 Because rich foods don’t set well with him he resisted much more than I did. He came out having gained 1 lb. He was walking a lot and I was not. I road a travel scoot so I could keep up. Turned out he was pushed to keep up with me some of the time. So all that figured in on his small weight gain during 5 weeks.

    Exercise is suppose to raise your metabolism. I do exercise as I have nearly all my adult life. I would like to know what LCHF means?

    Success to all if you are having deadlines to meet this mo, Pea Jay

    Hi Pea Jay:

    LCHF means a low carbohydrate high fat diet.

    Thank you simcoeluv. I was just wondering if others are tempted in this way during Dec. I tasted some fudge I really liked and asked for the recipe. Perhaps I should not have asked in the first place. But I did, now what do I do? I am thinking of a few people I can give it to as a little gifty. Then of course I realize I want to do is eat it myself and will I be disciplined enough to share it before I stash or eat a bunch? I can listen to how very nice it would be for others.

    Still not sure of what to do. Does it strike a chord? This is the season in which it is socially acceptable to eat very rich sweet treats. For me a healthy treat in December is a ginger cookie. I like them, but a couple with milk satisfy. Chocolate or licorice calls my name. Pea Jay

    Has anyone done an average weight loss for the sum of everyone who reports on this site, so we can get an idea of the range of weight loss we can expect according to age, gender, starting BMI, number of months on the diet?
    This would be very interesting and motivating.

    I’m 85 and weighed 8stone 4 at my heaviest. I’m only 5 foot so it shows!

    Have been down to 7 stone 8 but now weigh 7 stone 12 as I have not followed the diet for some time and I am eating very well! I know I could lose if I went back to fasting.

    Doesn’t help much, Vero, but for what it’s worth!!

    You will get nauseated on the egg diet. As soon as something more appetizing comes into view you will crack. ! Have a bit of everything.

    Agree with Vero. A varied diet works well for me and I have nothing but praise for the 2 day fasting diet.

    We have our main meal at lunchtime and I wonder if the time one eats has something to do with weight loss?

    We often have soup for our evening meal but then with our night-time cup of tea will indulge with some crisps or a small sandwich!

    Vero…why don’t you go back to fasting? For some reason I like it. It says to me you do have will power and that is a warm fuzzy to me. I could loose more if I were to eat according to my actual hunger on the 5 days, never satisfying the urge to eat to avoid a task. I admit my nearly life long bad habit. Pea Jay

    Thanks Pea Jay. I am getting back to it. I am even trying a variant, i.e. eating only one good meal a day. I have to fight against getting discouraged.

    Hi everyone, I was just enjoying reading all your posts and thinking how inspirational this online forum is. I am in Australia and last night had the family round to celebrate my two year old grandson’s birthday.We had a feast including arincini which are Italian rice balls, pizza, lots of salads, fruits, cheeses, wines and chocolate birthday cake and I ate and drank whatever I wanted to. Every other diet I have been on I would have been trying to eat low calorie or low carb, not eating the cake etc but this time I could just enjoy myself and not feel a bit guilty. This is such a good way of eating and living. I have been on the 5:2 plan for six months now, I just do 5:2 most of the time and I have lost 13 kilos so far which is about 2 stone I think. I have moved from obese to the healthy range and it works so well.
    I love my scales and always weigh in the morning after my second fast for the week as I find this is the time when I am at my lightest. If I am still a bit over sometimes I fast for part of the second day and find I will usually drop a few more hundred grams during the day. I only do this occasionally but it works.
    Best Wishes to everyone

    Congratulations, QSue. That’s quite a loss and you don’t sound deprived!!

    I am maintaining my weight, just keeping an eye on portions now, though today I was told my potassium levels are up, possible the result of a drug. The latter has been stopped and I have to have another blood test in a week’s time.

    Am reading about low-potassium foods to try and lower mine, if only slightly.

    The nuisances of growing old, eh?

    QSue it is very good to hear about your loss. Thanks for the tip about fasting some on the second day after you have weighed. For some reason the morning after a fast I am not hungry at all. It would be good to stay in the mentality of waiting until I am hungry then to have a light meal.

    I am above my weight goal by 2 lbs. I stay on the 5:2 just to maintain my goal weight. I probably could cut down on calories on the five, but being able to have cake and other goodies for a celebration is so freeing from the diets of my lifetime.

    I celebrate 5:2 as good way of eating. Pea Jay

    Should have added I also weigh after the second fasting day. That is when my weight-loss is noticeable.

    It’s inspiring to read these posts
    We now have our motorhome and are off to France next Sunday for a month.
    We took a cheeky winter holiday in Portugal after I had lost half a stone on the 5:2
    I got derailed by the loss of routine on holiday (lousy excuse I know) but never got back on track. Not only did I put that weight back on but another half stone over Xmas and moving house.
    So feeling rather cross with myself I’m hoping to start again now. It’s just a mind set isn’t it?

    JacSprat: Today, I feel fat! I have decided to re-start my 5:2 diet for the next few weeks. I haven’t weighed and I don’t intend to. I am basing my dissatisfaction on the fact that my clothes feel tight. Losing even a few pounds makes a big difference as far as I am concerned.
    So, it’s back to soup for most of the day!

    Enjoy your trip to France. Keep a “sensible” eye on portions but I wouldn’t go without. If you have days where you just sunbathe guess those would be the perfect days to eat only 500/600 calories.

    Hi I have just joined and hoping to start the 5.2 diet. Reading all your posts is helpful particularly if they include tips.
    I am 71 and hoping to lose around 21 lbs.
    Here’s wishing us all success

    Thanks simcoeluv, I will have a read of it

    Hi… Having some trouble withdrawing from sugar foods after overindulging on non fast days. I think I will probably cut them out on the five in lieu of fruits. I am up 3 lb from goal weight. I was on a thread of “Americans and others” to learn some of them have stopped trigger foods on the five and that would be sweets for me. So will do the same and see if I am much happier with scales.

    NicaG I hope you do well on 5:2. I am on maintenance having lost 26 lbs 9 mo. after I began in Aug of 2013. I will be 71 this year. I think it is a fantastic way to eat!
    Pea Jay

    Thanks Pea Jay, I am starting tomorrow, I intend to start with Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think they will be the best days for me. I might even try doing 4.3 to shift the weight more quickly to begin with and give me a boost for my holiday but….
    Carry on the good work, sweets are a trigger for me as well, I am sure we can both do it
    Good luck x

    Hi Everyone on this great thread.
    I did try LCHF diet for over a year and did lose weight but I found if I ate anything that was not on the diet I gained weight really easily and I found it too restrictive. I now eat a variety of all kinds of foods but I usually eat healthy non processed foods unless I have a social occasion.
    I have just got back from my first holiday since I started 5:2. I found I just couldn’t find the willpower to fast whilst I was away and managed to gain 2 kilos.
    I tried to fast as soon as I got back but it was too hard, I felt very hungry and tired and ended up eating lots of sugary holiday left overs we had in the fridge.
    I am now starting my second fast for the week, I have got all the junk food out of the house and hope I can manage for 36 hours on 500 calories. I am sure eating lots of holiday carbs has made fasting a lot harder.
    I think I would have just given up before but reading this forum makes me realize we are doing this for life despite the problems along the way. Thank you all for being so inspirational.

    There’s no need to fast for 36 hours that’s far too long. 16 to 18 hours including sleep is enough.
    I’ve lost 18 lbs and am now down to a healthy 9st 10.
    I just do 6/1 now as the one day is enough to pull back any weight I gain from a few days away.
    Hope you manage to get back into it

    I have decided to eat more than the given 500 on my fasting day but well under 1000. At my age I cannot afford to feel dizzy or weak. I think Annvelo’s one day fast is an excellent idea.

    Really what I need is exercise. Guess it’s back to the Wii Fit.

    Hello Again
    From what I have read in the 5:2 books each of the 2 fasts you do each week should be 36 hours long. You start after your evening meal say 7pm, sleep during the night, have 500 calories the next day, sleep during the night and then the next day at 7am it is back to normal. Is that how other people do it?

    QSue…I understand the fast of 36 hours to be what you described. I find morning after fast day I am not hungry enough to have anything until noon. Sometimes I eat anyway more for getting oatmeal and dried fruit in. Good 5:2 to you with little hassle. I am determined to keep trigger foods at a minimum on feed days. Thanks for the encouragement bloggers. Pea Jay

    QSue: That is what I did but now I tend to not have anything to eat after 5.30 every day. This seems to help maintain my weight loss.

    As I have said many many times here, SOUP is my best dieting friend, especially ones from a slimming book I have. Very filling.

    On a fast day today but I’ve got a cold, so instead of over-eating to soothe my sort throat (and as an excuse) I am taking only liquids, with the added strategy of re-filling mug with water once it is half-empty, thus increasing liquid without increasing ‘content’, i.e oxo, cuppa soup etc.
    This might be a good strategy for normal fast days, with liquids taken up to main meal. Or perhaps a good one if you want to go Joanna Lumley and only eat at night? Watch this space.

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