Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • Derek, Google for articles by Dr Michael Mosley as he has so many positive things to say about the various forms of the Fast Diet. Hope you read this.

    It’s me again. Just wanted to ask, what is that thread you mentioned and how do I find it?

    If you mean Dr Mosley just type in his name in Google and you will find lots of interesting and helpful articles.

    Sorry no idea what this is.

    Eirlys, I reported these tow posts as I don’t want to click on any stage links. We’ve both given the guy help and encouragement, so I don’t understand why he’s come back.

    I know this mobdro site gives access to things one usually has to pay for.

    Anyway, how are you doing in lockdown? I’m champing at the bit to get out, as a fit and healthy 73 year old. Doing tai chi and poetry groups on zoom and will have our first Welsh conversation zoom session on Wednesday. Food discipline wavering as we have to eat what we have in order to just shop once a week, rather than pop out. I confess to buying a lemon drizzle cake – at least it’s smaller than if I’d made one.

    Went and weighed myself as soon as I’d read your message. I am 7 stone 2 so I have put on 2 pounds recently. Not surprised. DIL baked me a rather large Victoria sponge and her mother gave me half a large lemon /ginger cheesecake. Have eaten all the latter and half the former!! Daughter cooks for me and I have had to ask her to stop for a while as freezer is full. I also have fish meal on Friday and roast dinner on Sunday from local pub! I shall be 90 in August and have heart problems so I am well in the vulnerable category. Might as well enjoy myself while I can
    Any means of private messages here?

    Wow, Eirlys, you’re tiny!

    I don’t feel tiny!

    I was 8 stone 4 when I started the 5:2 diet. Found it easy and successful.

    How tall are you? I’m 5’3″ and had crept up to 11st 4lbs, the 4 having shown after a trip to Ireland where we were practically force-fed. I’m now 9st 3lb, my top wriggle room, but BMI is 22.5 or so. I wear size 10 trousers and size 12 tops, so I’m very happy. My face is thin, I definitely do not want to go under 9st.

    I was 5.1 but have shrunk over the years! I take 8/10 trousers and tops though have got into some size 6’s not because they were a size 6 I reckon but vanity sizing by the firm.

    Any way we can correspond privately?

    Has anyone tried a Keto diet and successfully lost any weight? I’ve been enjoying it but the weight is very stubborn.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! yes the restart process is working all good!

Viewing 13 posts - 351 through 363 (of 363 total)

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