Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • Well I started, had a fast day on Tuesday and one again on Thursday. showing up as having lost two pounds, now……..have to work at not putting it back on again.
    Keep up the good work folks x

    Hello everyone…new here as have made up my mind I’m definitely starting this tomorrow! Been reading your encouraging comments and hope to do as well as you folk!! Cheers!

    Hi Queen and welcome:

    Here is the information you need to be successful:

    Good Luck!

    Really helpful Sim…many thanks….looking forward to it but also a bit nervous!

    Hi All
    Thank you for your tip Eirlys I will keep it in mind. At the moment I am still losing just fasting twice a week but it is good to know for when I start to plateau.
    I have managed to lose all the 4 1/2ibs I gained over my indulgent holiday by the sea and it has only taken two weeks which is great.
    Good luck African Queen… I loved that film.

    Hello Everyone, I am a lady who has just turned 70 and decided to get myself fit. I have the feeling it is going to be a struggle. Followed another famous diet for a week to the letter and put on 2lb. I was so so disappointed. Picked myself up and decided to 5:2. Well in fact for the first week I am doing 3:4. It is hard to exercise due to foot problem and back problem but I have been walking on average about 8000 steps a day. I am 5ft 9″ and weigh 196 lb. I have found this forum very informative and I have read Dr Mosley’s book. I have my first weigh in tomorrow. I think I may be eating too much on a normal food day and suspect I will have to calorie count on those days. Calculations say I can eat 2000 calories to maintain weight. Would be nice to chat to someone in the same age bracket.

    Troodaloo : Well you’ve come to the right place for encouragement as everyone here wants to lose weight! I think most of us are agreed that this diet works. Another benefit is that someone on the diabetic cusp,and who loses weight, can “reverse” this.

    I do have days when I have to eat a biscuit! I give in and then cut down on my breakfast muesli. In fact I can go without breakfast and when I do fast I prefer to have the “extra” calories later in the day.

    I wish someone could find me an easy way to exercise. I don’t do any and I know I should. After a certain age one’s body shape changes and I think exercise would help. I don’t even go out for walks!

    Any ideas?

    Hi and welcome Troodaloo, and the rest on this thread. I am 70 & turn 71 mid yr. I began 5:2 in 2013 mid yr. I had lost 26 lbs in 9-10 months. And I have been keeping it off with 5:2 since. It is a good weight for me although I could loose more but no real push for that. The fat pretty much left me with no butt and narrow hips. It was shocking. I had never been in a 6-8 since adult. I like 5:2 so much. Not unlike many others I look forward to fast days. I generally do them with 2 days between. Fast gets easier. For the first 2-3 months I would get to the end of the fast day and say yea…another fast day down. The feed days are more difficult at times. Right now I am up 3 lbs. that is not good. I must work harder to eat less on feed days

    I work out at gym. Have always done some kind of exercise. It might have been another who said she/he doesn’t even walk. I would say find something you like. Some do the wii game.

    This thread is so great. So many ideas and interesting thoughts about getting down. Best to each of you!

    I’m nearly 74 and now 9stone 10lbs which is a lovely weight for my height 5ft 4ins as at my age don’t want to be scrawny. I got down to this weight before Xmas and apart from the odd blip have managed to maintain it. The only problem I am experiencing is that on fast days I get night cramps in my legs. I drink a lot of fluids during fast days. Any suggestions please. Does anyone else have this problem??

    Thanks for your welcome Pea Jay. My first weigh in today and have lost 3lb so am well chuffed. The first fast day was hard and my tummy was complaining. The second day was a little better but the third day was even better because I realise that my body likes three little meals a day. Michael’s book is really helpful but I have another 5:2 diet book which gives pictures of meals and snacks specifically for 5:2 dieters with all information under each picture, cals, carbs, protein etc. It is a godsend, not sure whether I am allowed to tell you about it on this site. So here is to another successful week.

    Pea Jay: Yes, I think I will go back to my WiFi. I have one with exercises where the trainer (!) adapts exercises one finds difficult/hard. Had forgotten about them!

    Troodaloo: I find that book invaluable.

    I have lost my way!!I was on the 5.2 way of eating for over a year and after holidays, days out, family celebrations etc etc (yes I know all excuses)I definitely now want to get back on track. I don’t feel as well as when I was keeping to the 5.2 plan. My clothes are all tight and I don’t have as much energy. I am a healthy 73 yr old woman but have got into my old habits of eating all the wrong things again. I am starting tomorrow and I cant wait to get going!! This time I will succeed and all your tips and comments will help me achieve this.


    I do understand how it feels to need to get started again. I went on holiday for a month on an all inclusive basis. I had decided not to visit the desserts but even so I put on a few pounds. I have got back into the 5-2 system and it wasn’t as difficult as I had expected. So, take heart and enjoy the “being in control” feeling once more.

    Good luck,

    I don’t eat breakfast but find it hard to give up lunch and a little supper in the evenings. Wine is my downfall as I can’t resist it. I’m age 67 and heavy for my height of 5ft4.

    annvelo: I get cramp also and have read that drinking more, helps. I think they meant water!!! I know I don’t drink enough but find if I add ice, I quite enjoy water.

    I take BP pills and these are said to “cause” cramp in some people. I seem to be one of them and I carry around a PAINGONE PEN. I won this in a competition and have found this really helpful.

    I am not on the 5:2 diet at the moment. If I put on weight I will go back to it. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and often have soup as the latter fills me up quite quickly.

    Hi Eirlys,

    My problem is not being able to sleep after a fasting day. It makes next day’s breakfast feel a very long way away. I am interested in your use of the Paingone. Just had a flyer about it and took it round to a friend who was a bit sceptical about it. Best wishes,

    Have to say I would never have thought about buying the PainGone: it was a win. However I carry it around with me in my handbag and I have used it in public, on occasion. I don’t know HOW it works and I am sure that lots will say it is the placebo-effect, but quite quickly it has relieved the really painful calf-cramps, and the cramp I get in a toe that was operated on.

    Don’t know its cost but do know that there are other pain helpers on the market and thesecan be found at Boots (UK).

    Just had a thought! The acupuncture “points” seem to help patients. The PainGone possibly has a similar effect with its little electrical-type charge. As I said, just a thought1

    I also have the problem of not sleeping after a fast day so have succumbed to taking Nytol when I don’t sleep. I wouldn’t take them every night but they are a good standby. Started back on 5.2 on Monday after losing my way!! First fast very hard going but not too bad today. For anyone that’s interested here is my diet for today.
    Breakfast-porridge with water 98 cals.
    Lunch- weight watchers tomato soup 75 cals
    Dinner- M&S count on us Mini chicken fillets and gravy 308 calories.
    Small portion sugar free jelly + 2 Strawberries 20 cals
    + water, lemon tea, peppermint tea. that just over 500 calories.
    I find I cant be bothered with much cooking on fast days so something like this suits me fine. I also find a Breakfast Lunch and Dinner works best for me. Just hope I get some zzzzzs tonight!!

    Well done. That is great for me to hear as I have just begun the 5.2 diet today.

    Well done

    HI Ja5ck6 and others who might be checking this thread. I have a challenge ahead. I continue on 5:2, but have for a yr eaten too much on non fast days. That translates up 8 lbs. They need to be non sweet days. That is my downfall. I don’t drink alcohol which is helpful. I am 73 turning 74 in Aug.

    So you just began your 5:2 on 3 June. Have you done your second fast day now? It was a challenge to do this in the beginning, but each month I felt it easier. In my earlier post 10May16 I mentioned how I often look forward to fast days. Of late I realize I have been overeating mainly on sweets, so I am glad to have some restraint on a fast day.

    Hope you like it and have great success. What do you think of it?

    Hi Pea Jay
    I started 5.2 last week and find there is a temptation to do it every day, but I will maybe do 4.3 i find that on non fast days i don’t want to eat too much because i don’t want to negate the fast day. I have lost two inches off my thighs and one off of my waist. I have quite a way to go though but it is a good start. I will be 74 in January. I find that living in NZ is perhaps easier than some countries as we tend to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid processed food, so we don’t see loads of ads for it.
    I find that 5.2 is so easy for me because I have never been a breakfast eater, so lunch is my first meal and on fast days, a few cruskits and tomatoe and a cup of instant soup. Dinner is meat and vegetables. I used to eat a lot of yoghurt but have cut that down to 2 a week on non fast days. My bell fat is going now too. Please keep up letting us know how you are doing.

    I have just started too African Queen. Seems very doable so far doesn’t it? I want to lost about 15 kg.

    Ja5ck6 I think it is great how enthusiastic you are regarding 5:2. I appreciate the encouragement. I will try and keep posting. Feel I need the help…moral support. I think some weeks I could do 4:3. But I need to simply remain steady on non fast days.
    Thanks for the support.

    Pea Jay I find that to plan what I am going to eat each day really helps. When we have to forage or think oh what am I going to eat, we often fall into temptation. I don’t keep anything that i have a weakness for in the house like chocolate or cake. If i desperately need a treat I go out to have it, then I buy one, say little chocolate bar or cake and then when I have had it I go home. I used to love fancy cakes, but found that after not having them for a while they no longer appeal to me. My daughter told me once that it takes 21 days to break a habit and I have found this so true. I have the added challenge of looking at my darling husband of 50 years who is the same weight as when we were going out together. Haha

    Born in ’75. I liked the 90’s as it’s when I went through high school and college and early adulthood, and it was a fun decade. I feel like the 90’s ended with the advent of the cell phone. Life has never been the same.

    I feel like the 90’s ended with the advent of the cell phone. Life has never been the same.

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    Don’t fast every day, that will negate the effects. In theory we should eat up to our TDEE on non-fast days, but I found that hard, too, as my appetite soon reduced as my stomach shrunk.

    I’m 72 and coming up to my third anniversary of maintenance.

    It actually took me until my 70s to find a diet that actually worked! You name it, I would have tried it, although I avoided Weight Watchers and other similar groups since I was, and still am, the world’s slowest loser and therefore a very likely candidate for public humiliation when the scales refused to budge.

    While living in Switzerland in my mid-40s I went to a so-called slimming club where we did Pilates each in our own individual heated tent. Having lost just 100 g in four weeks, I was accused, in front of all the other members, of cheating and lying about my food intake and then advised to resign myself to eating nothing but salads (without dressing) for the rest of my life!

    Having been brought up in a fat, face-stuffing family, throughout my adult life I have eaten healthily, fortunately disliking or able easily to do without fatty, sugary stuff, but still not losing any weight, possibly due to portion sizes.

    5:2 has been the game-changer. I it relatively easy to fast 2 days a week and sticking to a long window, e.g. 1- or 17 hours without eating relatively easy (most of the time any way) and considerably reduced portions have become a habit – if I overeat, my body makes it very clear that it’s a very bad idea.

    It’s still taking forever. It’s taken 6 years to lose 20 kilos (one year it took me all of 12 months to lose 1.5 kilos) and to reduce BMI from 85 to 27, still overweight but looking and feeling pretty damn good. However, I’m off all medication and I can still say, with the 80s appearing over the horizon, I’ve never been seriously ill, never had a serious injury (with no breakages at all) and have never been hospitalised and I’m still working freelance at a sometimes mind-bending job. With fingers crossed, I’m hoping that continuing with 5:2 – for most of the time anyway – will enable me to stay as healthy and compos mentis. I might even get rid of the lingering 5 kilos of excess blubber.

    I have not posted for quite a long time but have kept an eye on the website and still receive notices of postings.

    I no longer fast but I believe the effect of the 5:2 diet has affected my daily eating. When I started I weighed 8 stone 4 pounds. I wanted to lose a little weight and soon managed to get down to 7 stone 10 pounds. This I have maintained until last year. Nursing my husband meant I was stressed and I lost weight! I am now down to 7 stone. This may seem too low but I am around 4 foot 11, small boned (size 2 shoes) and find this weight “agrees” with me. I eat well and healthily but find sweets and chocolate no longer appeal as they once did. Currant cake, I love: fresh fruit also and I have discovered water melon!

    I enjoy the occasional glass of wine diluted with lemonade. I add brandy to my bedtime glass of milk occasionally though Manuka honey is a definite addition. I take daily vitamins but have a rest every now and then from them.

    I have unearthed my old Wii Fit and mean to start exercising again. My balance is not that good but I also know balance exercises will help. I can indulge in tennis and golf and bowling when I feel like a game!

    On Sunday I shall be 89. My hair is still its original mouse: my teeth are all mine.

    Th 5:2 diet WORKS and lost weight can be maintained!

    Correction to my earlier email. I started with BMI 35.4 85 kilos was my starting weight – not ideal for someone of 5ft 1in. Maths are not my strong point. Eirlys, you’ve given me hope for the next 10 years. Many happy returns of Sunday.

    hermajtomomi: Thank you for the good wishes.

    Keep persevering. You won’t be sorry!

    Ja5ck6…I thank you for suggestions of planning what I will eat and not having sweet temptations in the house. I have realized the latter is very true. I have a husband who has to work to maintain a good waistline. So he fasts with me. That helps. We have the food in house for our fast days. As your daughter said 21 days to establish a new habit pattern. I have heard the same.

    I posted in 8 June last and since was able to tip the scales down 4 lbs by not eating sweets or snacks on non fast day. Have had guests for a full week who came with sweets. I am without the guests & sweets now so feel once again I can gather determination to do it again (21 days) so my clothes can be more comfortable. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Eirlys …you are so fortunate to be in good health, you were a smart eater all along!

    Pea Jay: I uttered the Chinese phrase “Bad rice” when I read your post. This was to avert that big bad foot coming down from the sky and flattening me. I had a triple bypass in 2000 so I am not in total good health but I keep plodding on! My aim at losing 4 pounds was to help my heart but I managed to lose far more with ease.

    I found soup to be a great help when I felt hungry. Bachelor’s Potato and Leek soup is a favourite of mine. Of course it isn’t as good as homemade but I like it and the calories are counted for me. Soup fills me up very quickly. I wouldn’t live on this range : I like homemade soup far too much, but on fasting days I found it helpful.

    I have been trying to get my daughter to try the 5:2 so far, without success. The point is one must WANT to lose weight and be DETERMINED to do so. I can vouch that it works.

    Ja5ck6: Like you I can go without breakfast so I save calories towards my other meals this way.

    hermajtomomi: Slow, but sure. You will get there!!

    I’m probably the oldest here and remmber war time rations!!

    Pea Jay, I’m surprised that you’re tempted by sweets now. Time was when I’d fall for a lovely-looking big slice of coffee sponge in a cafe. Not now, my tastes have changed so much. It’s helpful that your husband is on board, though. We are both fasting, I’m maintaining, OH still has 2st to lose. We find daily weighing helps keep a check, especially after a little indulgence.

    Herm, you know you can do it. You’ve already done very well. Easy flat walks in Cambridge?

    Eirlys, I just about remember sweets being rationed and ‘the big girl’ next door in charge of the coupons when we went to buy them. Pity they didn’t stay on ration! There’d be fewer fillings in my teeth. Probably less of a weight problem with kids, too.

    I do occasionally fancy something sweet but as my late husband was diabetic I cut down on sugar years ago. I still like it in coffee but not in tea. Coffee and walnut cake is my favourite indulgence.

    Pollypenny: Well I still have most of my own teeth so sweet rationing was a blessing in a way. I do love nuts and seeds and used to buy these when they were a lot dearer than sweets. Now the latter have caught up with the former but nuts and seeds are better for one, in sensible portions!

    Does anyone here take Vitamins?

    Hi, Eirlys, I’m taking calcium tablets and Macushield, the latter since my father had AMD and my aunt is now virtually blind with it.

    I have only lost two teeth, cracked one on an olive stone and the other from a broken root, strangely. Loads of fillings, though.

    Are you Welsh and still living in Wales? I’m in Flintshire. A hwntw migrant. 😄

    I take CQ10 and Folic Acid, plus Vitamins C and D, occasionally E. I practically rattle!!

    Pollypenny: Ys, I am Welsh (Swansea Valley), but have been living in England since 1957. First language was Welsh but I am probably more fluent in English now.

    First post in a long time and want to get back on the 5.2 after losing my way!! Can anyone tell me have the number of calories you can eat on a fast day now been raised to 800? and has anyone still lost weight consuming these extra calories over the 2 day fast.
    Eirlys you said in one of your posts that your balance is not that good. I had the same problem but since joining a Tai Chi class it has improved so much. When I was in my thirties I had both toe joints removed but my balance now is better than it has ever been and its fun too. In my class people range from 40s right up to 90s so suitable for everyone.
    We have our house up for sale at the moment and soo stressful and when stressed I eat!!! So cant wait to get back on the 5.2!!

    Ah2424, I’m only maintaining now. I don’t count calories any longer, as I have a rough idea of what my meals are and I do 16:8 every day, no breakfast.

    I’ve been doing tai chi for nearly 12 years now, it’s great for balance, leg strength and keeping us supple.

    Eirlys, are you enjoying the rugby? I can’t say I enjoyed Sunday’s game. We get too worked up.

    ah2424: Yes, 800 calories and still low. If you can manage to skip breakfast that should help. I am not hungry in the morning but after 6 p.m it is a different story!

    I am in the throes of moving also. I am swopping homes with my youngest : a change of occupancy rather than ownership. People are intrigued, I have found , with the swop arrangement. This is because I will then be within walking distance of shops as well as doctor, dentist, optician etc. I have started eating out with family members and friends so that when I access these places on my own I know what to expect.

    Strangely I have lost weight with all the stress of moving from a large house to a small flat. The result is all my clothes are too big! This is an expensive nuisance. Charity shops have benefited and I have acquired some bargains from them as I don’t know how long I will remain this size!

    Pollypenny: Both you and ah2424 have mentioned tai chi. This could be something to consider in the future. I also have my Wi which has some great balancing games. Balance does improve when one tackles these games.

    I have not followed the Rugby but I was really delighted when I saw on line that Japanese Rugby fans had actually learnt to sing the Welsh National Anthem, many knowing the words off by heart. What a compliment to the Welsh team and supporters. I hope all members of the former learn the words now!!

    Eirlys, I’m pretty sure all our team sing Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau with passion. The only who didn’t was Talupe Falatue.

    Am I imagining this or does Prince William join in?

    It is a lovely National Anthem, but then I’m prejudiced!

    If I want to lose more weight I shall re-commence the two days’ non-consecutive fasting. It has worked for me in the past, and, hopefully, will work again.

    Restarting 5:2 as a pattern sounds the obvious way to go, derek. Good luck. 😄.

    I KNOW this works! I have maintained last year’s weight loss. I eat well and the only complaint I have is that I have had to buy a new lot of clothes!
    Go for it, Derek!

    Loved the 5:2 but have been told that I shouldn’t do it because I take warfarin. Since then I’ve put on 10lbs and no other diet seems to work.

    Annvelo: So sorry to hear that. Didn’t know and Googled for more info. Definitely not recommended for anyone taking Warfarinif. If on any medication I would always check with a doctor. before tackling any diet. better be safe than sorry!

    Derek, I don’t know what your comment means. Both Eirlys and I suggested that you would have no problem restarting 5:2.

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