Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • I’m wondering if the strategy works for these age groups – just thinking well ahead and wondering if I will be able to maintain my weight loss as I get older and presumably a little less active (exercise is a major factor in my success to date)
    Can anyone comment?

    welcome kris,

    no i’m in the 50’s but we still have the same great minds right 🙂

    if u click on names there might be on their profile their age

    remember in video of michael
    in truth about exercise he spoke 2 an 80 yr old person

    still ur doc should b aware


    Eat_Fast_and_Live_Longer By dr mosley

    wish u success

    I’m in my 60s and whilst I’ve been 6 months on 5:2 I’ve lost 24 lbs but more importantly by liver function has increased by 100% and my cholesterol has dropped from 5.9 to 4 and my sugars have dropped too. I do feel a lot healthier. Only downside I may need some new clothes very soon.

    Hi Kris,
    I am 73 years old and 4 foot 10inches tall, although when I married in 1961, I was five foot. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to keep under the BMI of 25, but fortunately I have always had a relatively small waist.
    I have tried for most of my life to eat sensibly and only eat an organic diet – mainly meat, sometimes fish and lots of green vegetables and carrots. I do not like fruit, but occasionally eat apples. I grow most of our vegetables in the summer and I love cooking, baking my own bread and making savoury meals. I never eat convenience food or takeaways.
    My Granddaughter suggested that I look at Horizon with Dr Mosley last year and in August I began my Alternative day fasting. I was nine stone seven and had been trying to lose a stone for thirty years but I could only manage to get down to nine stone. My husband is not a big eater and he often suggested, after we’d eaten a proper dinner, (meat, four veg and gravy) that we skip a dinner the next day. He is 5 foot 8 inches tall and his BMI is 23.
    By February I was down to 8 stone 7 pounds and I found this relatively easy. On a fasting day I eat one slice of my own wholemeal toasted bread for breakfast and no more carbs that day, either a salad lunch and home made soup for supper or vice versa. I never bother counting calories. On an eating day I still eat that slice of wholemeal toast, a paper thin bread sandwich with a chunky filling for lunch, or a toastie and an evening dinner of four veg meat and gravy. If I fancy a biscuit I would only eat one on an eating day. I seldom eat dessert but occasionally for a treat I make my own cheese, onion and chive dip with organic yoghurt and have a handful of crisps. I take pure Aloe Vera twice daily.
    I am just 25 BMI now and content with that. I have normal blood pressure, seldom eat chocolate or anything sweet, but I have high cholesterol. I did read that strokes were more likely to be caused by inflamed arteries through eating too much sugar than simply high cholesterol. Because I haven’t taken any medication for nearly forty years – I will not take Statins, as I do not trust anything artificial or man made.
    I probably do not get enough exercise in the garden, so I have recently started Pilates.
    After the scare re over 300 known chemicals found in breast milk, my house is as chemical free as I can make it. I only use safe cleaning materials and never put anything on my skin that has potentially harmful chemicals such as dishwashing liquid or perfumed air plugs as they upset me. I am concerned with the amount of chemical additives in processed food and seriously believe that instead of trying to Cure Cancer we should be Preventing it – by making our food pure and safe to eat and by producing safer household products.
    Lewis Morris

    I am a 72 yr old male. I have lost 20 lbs since April. I am holding there for a few weeks. Its the lowest weight I have carried in over 20 years. Feeling great. Walk quite a bit and play golf. I do need to do some weight exercises.

    I have been fortunate that my wife did this with me and my BMI has dropped into the “healthy” range. Never experienced and problems on Fast Days or other. I was fairly fit for my age, just too much of a spare tire. Its deflated a lot.

    5:2 has been wonderful for me. I have talked this up to friends and relatives, many of whom could use IF, but most are skeptical… some negative. Their loss (and not weight)!

    I am a 71 year old female. I have been doing 5:2 for some weeks now and lose weight at a steady 1Kg per week. this is pleasing as I thought my age would make weight loss difficult. My only problem is an energy slump in the mid to late afternoon. This can force me to rest or even go to bed. This slump does not occur on non fast days.
    Does anyone else have this problem? have they any tips to eliminate or minimise it?
    I am fit and well, an active walker and hill walker and I am not on any medications nor have any currently diagnosed health problems.
    Is this diet safe in the long term for those 70+?

    “My only problem is an energy slump in the mid to late afternoon. This can force me to rest or even go to bed. This slump does not occur on non fast days.”

    The world faces this slump in the afternoon, regardless of the day, fast or no fast.

    I found that a nap fits best for me, no longer than 10 minutes. It takes practice to do this so that it doesn’t extend for longer periods.

    I am 83 and have been following this method of eating for six, or seven weeks.

    I am 5 foot in height and originally weighed 8 stone 4 pounds. I have actually gone down to 7 stone 8 pounds though this morning it was 7 stone 10 pounds. I have not been consistent in my fast days and I wonder if this is why I have gained the two pounds.

    Is it better perhaps to fix on say, a Tuesday and a Thursday and to keep to this format? I have a feeling it is better. This is how I started but social events lately have messed up my original days.

    I take statins and tablets to lower my blood pressure. I believe one should not stop taking statins and expect the diet to lower cholesterol levels.

    I do not exercise much but I have noticed that since I lost weight I am not breathless and I have more energy. I have lost inches around my tummy and waist.

    I skip breakfast as I am never hungry then. Lunch consists usually of home-made soup sometimes followed by a Satsuma. Evening meal is my main meal which I never take after six.

    Eirlys. You sound Welsh like me, though I no longer live there. I have followed the 5:2 for a month and lost weight after the first two weeks, but less than 1pound after the second two weeks. So was feeling disappointed. However I read on the forum someone does 4:3:1 fast 2days. Careful 3days and go for it 1day a week! I think this could be manageable and will give it a go this week. I am 76 yrs, on statins, thyroxine (for low thyroid) and just started meds for high blood pressure and don’t do much exercise as I have arthritic knees. It all sounds rather gloomy but in fact I’m as fit as a flee! I fast Mon and Thurs. I divide my 500 cals between breakfast at 7am and dinner at 7 pm, though I sometimes can’t get past 6pm. I think this is what Dr Michael does. I hope you find a way to suit you. Maybe try eating breakfast to start your metabolism and eat less at 6pm. Good luck.

    Hi all,
    Yes I am a woman approaching 79 with glee.

    However, after 6 weeks on the diet I am VERY disappointed to have only lost 1 pound; I have found the routine very easy and enjoyed the recipes (only problem drinking a lot more water than usual – and I normally drink plenty – to convince myself I am not really hungry, means additional visits to the loo!)

    I put on some additional weight after a hysterectomy eighteen years ago. Before that, at 5’6″ I had been a slim 9stone 8lbs. Diagnosed with PMR four years ago, as a result of the steroid treatment I shot up to 14 and a half stone and from a size 16 to size 22. Because of spinal problems I am not very mobile so can only do seated exercises. My GP tells me immobility is the reason for so little weight loss.

    My husband joins me on the low calorie meal at breakfast and supper but has a normal meal at midday. He is not particularly active but has lost about 5 lbs in the six weeks I’ve been following this diet while I have only lost ONE!

    Has anyone else had this degree of frustration?


    We watched Dr Michael’s programme last night and decided to try the diet. We are both 73 and pretty active, playing badminton and walking on alternate days. I also do a lot of gardening. I have a large abdomen and have tried everything to get rid of it. Unfortunately, I have a very sweet tooth which I am desperately trying to control. No sweets, a few desserts but home made and plenty of fruit is my answer.

    My husband is taller than me but doesn’t seem to put on weight as I do. Does anyone have any recipes for something for a sweet tooth with no calories – a hopeless task I agree, but you never know!


    Dsftt123, I have a huge sweet tooth and what helps me is sugar free gum. I put three of them in one go into my mouth…and I usually hate chewing gum!

    It apparently also helps of getting rid of double chins!

    I am 70 and have been on the programme for 2 weeks. No weight loss yet, but I shall persevere! I’m envious of those who have lost weight in the first week, but a friend who has lost 1.5stone has told me not to become discouraged as he didn’t lose anything the first 2 weeks. Fingers crossed for next week.

    I am 60 and starting today. I’m doing a combo of Mosley’s/Harvie’s 2 day diet, fasting on two consecutive days at 600 cals/low carb per day, and eating normally the rest of the week. I think that extra 100 calories (600 instead of 500) will give me the impetus to really stick with this, and I read that fasting on two consecutive days/low carb keeps your insulin levels lower and makes it easier to lose.

    We’ll see how it goes and will tweak as needed.

    It would be nice if we can keep a senior thread going.

    Good luck teabrain. I wish you well. Not sure if I could fast for two days in a row though, but having said that I’m looking forward to a fast day tomorrow after a lovely Mothering Sunday dinner.

    I am posting again, if you don’t mind! I am still 83 but will be 84 in August.

    As I had reached my wanted weight by October, after following the Fast Diet for three months, I am now on intermittent fasting! This morning when I weighed I was 7 stone 9. I have gained a pound and I reckon this was after celebrating Mothering Sunday, yesterday. I ate rather a lot of chocolate! Not bad, really! I’ll just ease off today and weigh again tomorrow.

    BMI: 20.9

    If I want to lose more weight I shall re-commence the two days’ non-consecutive fasting. It has worked for me in the past, and, hopefully, will work again.

    I do not exercise!! I take BP lowering tablets but have rather dropped the statins as I have my doubts about them and know some brands have severe side-effects (Simvastatin I could not tolerate at all).

    I believe in vitamins and take Folic Acid and Co Enzyme Q10 regularly. I also take Garlic tablets, Vitamin C and Brewers’ Yeast, though not regularly. I have great faith in vitamins whatever people say (that they are a waste of money : not in my case.)

    I believe the Fast Diet is a successful (and healthy) way of losing weight and of keeping it off, whatever one’s age.

    Started July 2013 at 8 stone 4/5. Not overweight by any means but advised by doctor to lose 4 pounds. Lost 10 pounds by October 2013. Now regularly 7 stone 8/9 pounds. Feel far more energetic and have lost inches around waist and tummy.

    Eirlys, you are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work!

    Sorry, Clancy43, I am no angel (well not yet!!). :O)

    I realise I haven’t had to lose that many pounds but when one is short, old, and a couch potato, losing weight can be tricky.

    I do believe people OF ANY AGE could benefit from this “diet”.

    Eirlys thanks for you inspirational update! I love success stories!

    Well the sun gave me some energy and I helped my husband in the garden. I’m not keen on gardening as such, but the clearing I did, I really enjoyed. I was actually doing some exercise!! Even the cat came out to watch.

    As my husband was out to lunch the following day I decided to go without breakfast, eat a Weight Watchers meal for lunch. (It was AWFUL and more than half ended up in the bin); then I had soup and a sandwich for my evening meal.

    The next day I weighed and found I had GAINED TWO POUBDS . So now I am 7 stone 9 pound 8 ounzes.

    That will teach me to be smug! :O( And forget exercise!



    Blame the brandy I’m thinking about.

    Hi everyone,

    I posted this in the welcome page before finding all you lovely late starters, so I’m adding it here to see if anyone can relate to us and help us over and above the book advice.

    We are 68 & 71 respectively and yesterday completed Fast Day 1. We both have medical problems, me with raised blood pressure, coronary artery disease (stented 1998) diabetes Type 2 on Metformin 3 times daily, asthma (on pumps) & my husband with raised blood pressure, enlarged heart & Barrett’s Oesophagus with high grade dysplasia. Not a healthy couple, especially with obesity problems too, me more than my husband! We are both committed to changing our lives, ( even at this quite late stage ), losing weight and becoming healthier, and this regime seems to provide the answer for us.

    Hears hoping and thanks to all you silver fasters.

    I am taking everything you say on board Eirlys given your age and medications! Wish our starting point was your enviable weight but who knows, with inspiration like yours maybe we can get somewhere. Are you Welsh, we are, ex Cardiff and Rhymney but now living in Kent

    Hi Gilgil and co. I am just 68 last birthday and I lost 56 lb with WW 3 years ago and I have kept 50 of them off.. Hope I am repeating myself if any of you have been reading LOACA thread. But I could not help reading about Cardiff I live about 20 miles away towards Swansea. I love walking and I take the bus everywhere and walk to the next bus stop and get off a stop or two early to get my bit of exercise in. I have been doing 5-2 for 3 weeks or so. I lost 3 lb first few days but nothing since. But I do think I can keep this up. Good luck everyone. JIP

    Hi, thanks for responding. We lived in Langland Bay, Gower, before moving to Kent, so I guess you are halfway, Cardiff/Swansea, Bridgend way maybe? You are only a couple of weeks ahead of us so with luck can compare notes once in a while. Your weight loss with WW is impressive but I note that you like walking! As I said, we are lazy and don’t do exercise (yet!). Day 1 fast was excellent for me, OK for himself but strangely, I have felt most uncomfortable non fasting today, a bit toxic, tired and nowhere near as good as yesterday. It’s early days so I’ll reserve opinion. Did do the TDEE and believe I will have do drop both my fasting and daily cals to get anywhere with weight loss. Whilst this is not the be all and end all, as I am seriously overweight, 45-50 lbs, it will be important for me to get cracking. Himself has less far to go, lucky man.

    Why are you doing this now, if WW was so good for you. Your gain isn’t too terrible. Regards.

    It’s me again. Just wanted to ask, what is that thread you mentioned and how do I find it? Thanks

    Yes, Gilgil, I am Welsh. Though I have lived in Dorset since 1957, I still refer to Wales as “home”!

    I originally came from the Swansea Valley and the old Swansea was always a “day-treat” : cream cakes at Eynons and ice cream at that lovely ice cream parlour on the way to the beach.

    Have not visited Swansea for years and would bot know my way around it now, though with shopping malls all places seem alike.

    Have not fasted for nearly a month and am up to 7 stone 10.: brthdays and various celebrations.

    Do you speak Welsh?

    Hello Eirlys, fellow ex pat from Wales. Don’t speak Welsh alas, came from Cardiff before Swansea and only learned it till the 3rd form High School. Know Swansea well, that was where we moved from in 2006, when we came to Kent. Are you thinking of Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour? The best taste ever; really miss it. You seem to be a good weight, at least from my very position of many stones more than you!!! What did you start at if that’s not too personal? Anyway, you sound like a really grounded, cheerful, lady who seems to be doing well on the 5:2 despite the hiccup, but celebrations are very important so go for it!

    Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour. That was it! I had my first Knickerbocker Glory there: 2/6 (12 1/2p),a lot of money in those days and I couldn’t eat all of the ice cream!!

    I was 8 stone 4/5, not a lot, I know, but I am only around 5 foot now so every pound shows. I also had a triple bypass in 2000 so I decided to lose those 4 pounds following the Fast Diet. That was last July and I lost 10 pounds very quickly. Now weigh around 7 stone 10 pounds so am pleased I have kept those pounds at bay.

    Have found SOUP to be my best friend. Made some from the WW book. delicious and low in calories. I have always found soup to be very filling : never have it in restaurants as I cannot eat anything else.

    If I need to lose any weight I will simply go on a two day non-consecutive fast for a week or two.

    I don’t exercise though occasionally I enjoy a Wii Fit session.

    Hello again Eirlys.

    Thank you for quick reply and info. Despite your seniority*!* I can’t believe you have a Wii!!! You must be a very modern grandmother (probably great grandmother) and I am re inspired. I want to be like you!! Only maybe a few pounds heavier as I’m 5′ 4″. Keep talking to me and I may get there in a year or so. I did some gardening today, busg cutting actually, with electric hedge trimmer, does that count as exercise?

    Glad I could bring back the memory of the knickerbocker glory! Be good, bye for now

    Am still 7 stone 10 pounds though one day I weighed 7 stone 12. Had eaten a lot of chocolates and so I cut down on the calories the following day. I didn’t fast but I was back to the 10 pounds the next day. So the diet works and one can maintain the loss of weight.

    I know now I can lose a few more pounds for a special occasion but my body obviously likes the present weight.

    3:39 pm

    26 Feb 15


    I am new to this site but find all the comments a real support. I am a young 71yr old and have been on the 5.2 since 24th January. I have lost 71b so far. Yes the fasting days can be tough but knowing I can have that piece of toast and marmalade the next day keeps me from giving up. This is the first real eating plan that works for me and as I have an underactive thyroid I always found it really difficult to lose weight. I try and eat carefully on the non fast days but still eat out and have some treats.Don’t give up if you find that some weeks you lose nothing. That happened to me but I kept going and lost 31b this week. Good luck everyone.

    I’m back! (Sound like the Terminator). :O)

    Have not been on the diet for months but when I weighed recently I found I was 7 stone 12 pounds. As we have a wedding coming up in June I would like to lose four pounds so am going to go back on the two days’ fasting again.

    Good old M&S will be a help but I shall also depend a lot on Weight Watcher soups. I have quite a few of these in the freezer as they are delicious.

    Does anyone else here have the following book:

    5:2 Diet Photos: 600 Food Photos, 60 Low-Calorie Recipes & 30 Snack Ideas
    by Chris Cheyette

    This really is worth every penny of its £9.99 cost. Every item of food is photographed with the weight, calorie/fat content given. It should be a real help as, to be honest, my portions are a bit hit and miss. Seeing the size of the portions photographed is an eye-opener.

    It is 15 years the (29th) of this month since I had my triple by-pass so I think I’ll celebrate by losing a few pounds. It was Christmas that upped my weight and I’ve been lazy ever since.

    Hello Eirlys,
    Welcome back. I have the 5.2 recipe book by Kate Harrison but will try and purchase the one you have suggested as it sounds good. Although I am doing well 71bs since Jan 24th like you my portions are a bit of hit and miss. M&S and diet soups are certainly a god send on fast days. I still have about 101bs to lose so I am determined to keep going. I notice from earlier posts that you live in Dorset.My son lives in Weymouth and I am originally from the West Country(now near Windsor) I also noticed you take CQ10 I have started taking this but only 30mg daily. I would like to higher the dose but worried it may not interact with my thyroxine tablets that I have taken for the past 20yrs for an underactive thyroid.Any thoughts on this? I am sure you will lose your 4 pounds by the wedding and hope you have a lovely time.

    Well you are doing well so far, ah2424.

    I take CoQ10 30 mg daily as it expensive and I have persuaded my husband to take the tablets also. My heart specialist advised me to take them.

    Googled your question regarding conflict between Thyroxine and COQ10. Seems to be all right to take both but I would ask either a doctor, or a chemist, to be certain.

    Yes, I live in Dorset, now made famous, or infamous by Broadchurch!! Lovely county with the best of both worlds: countryside and coastal areas.

    Thank you Eirlys for your advice. I did ask in the health food shop and they didn’t seem to know so I will take your advice and ask the pharmacist or the doctor. You are so lucky living in Dorset its so beautiful all around there. You will soon lose your 41bs on the 5.2.

    Well I don’t know how it happened but I weighed 7 stone 10 pounds this morning. I weigh every day as if my weight creeps up it’s easier to lose 1 pound rather than 1 stone.

    Today is fasting day for me. I had no breakfast. I know lots of people will think that is wrong but I am not hungry in the morning. For lunch I had a bowl of curried sweet potato soup. Soup really fills me up and I can never have it when we eat out.

    For my evening meal I am dithering rather. I am trying to work out how much Moussaka I can have. The moussaka has mince in it so I can only have a little but I shall add some low-calorie vegetables to my meal.

    I do have some Ready meals in the freezer, all from Marks. They had special offers (3 for 2 etc) so I had a little spend.

    I try to drink a lot of water on my fasting day.

    Hope the day went well! Like you on fasting day I prefer not to have breakfast. I have M&S ready meals too. I love the salmon and new potatoes green beans and broccoli. Quite expensive normally but I usually manage to be in M&S when they are reduced. My husband is also losing weight even though he is not on the diet!! Its been a bit hectic this weekend as we have been looking after our two young grandchildren I must admit to finishing off what they have left!! My fast days are Mon and Wed and I am all geared up for Monday. Mind you when we drop these two little ones off tomorrow I think I will indulge myself in a nice glass of wine.I spoke to pharmacy today and they said CQ10 is fine.

    G’day – tomorrow IS THE DAY – have everything ready and now its on . Have tried almost everything but have faith that this is the way to go.

    I am 76 retired and very very lazy. Have had a triple bye pass operation but apart from that almost OK

    The wife and I are booked on a cruise in December and I would like to get rid of this enormous belly.

    Will be calling on you all for advise and will post my progress

    Kind regards to all


    Hello Peter – like you I’m fairly new to the forum and have been on the regime for a month. I’ve lost just over 2kg and although it isn’t a fantastic amount I feel better around the middle. You will do better, I’m sure, as I think men manage to lose the weight more rapidly! I’m 74 and had a quad bypass two years ago – I’m amazed how much better I’ve been since but I need to keep up the good work and get my excess weight off – like you I’m lazy when it comes to exercise and I know I should do more – maybe when the weather is better. Where will you be cruising? I’m thinking it might be a little more exensive than you first thought with all the new clothes you’ll have to buy! Good luck with it this week – you’ll soon get into the swing of things.

    ah2424: I’ll watch out for the M&S salmon dish. I have come up with an intolerance to shellfish, which is odd as I used to be able to eat shrimp/prawn cocktail. After two bouts of nasty sickness they are now off the menu for good!
    My husband is diabetic and very strict about his “diet”. Diabetic nurse calls him her “star pupil”! He is the weight he should be and very active for his age.
    Glad the pharmacist was able to help. I have always found them really helpful.

    Peter: I second Bunnie’s “welcome”. You will definitely lose weight on this diet and your desire for food seems to be reduced. Today, for instance after yesterday’s fasting, I don’t feel like food at all.
    Happy cruising but watch out for the food-temptations!

    Bunnie: I also am very lazy where exercise is concerned though when I feel really guilty I have sessions on the Wii Fit. The “instructors” there can’t criticise.

    My triple bypass is 15 years old and they are supposed to last around 13/14 years. Hope that isn’t so but am grateful for the last 15 years of extra time.

    It’s great to find fellow Senior Citizens/Silver Surfers/Oldies following this diet.

    Thanks for the encouragement Bunnie and Eirlys – to day the test of my metal starts .

    Second day of Autumn here in Australia so I am out cutting back the summer growth in the garden and hope that exercise will help as well.

    We have a motor home so as soon as the bush fire season is over we hope to get more use out of that and when the wife is up to it we will be off on short trips around Victoria again.

    Its so hard for her to walk and almost impossible for her to step up into even our 4×4 but I pray that will change when she has her hip replaced on 26/3.

    To lose weight we are both on the LCHF way of living which fits in with this 5:2 concept perfectly for me.

    Norma , my wife , is not doing 5:2 as she is going so well on LCHF alone.

    All we needed to do on LCHF was to eat butter, the fat on steak and chops, skin on chicken and cream but not eat grain or sugar in any form so no bread and little fruit and vegetables that grow underground.

    Earlier this year we had a short cruise on a ship “Celebrity Solstice” and it was wonderful so we have booked a 12 day cruise to the South Pacific in December with our two daughters and our grand children.

    Not sure how Norma will go because we have been on other cruises but one was really rough and Norma was seasick – took 20 years to get her on any sort of boat again – so fingers crossed.

    If she enjoys this we will book a flight to New York stay a week then cruise to the Caribbean .

    Lets compare notes along the way if that suits you both

    Kind regards


    Damn! After having the grandchildren for the weekend I have put on the 31b I lost last week! how can that be? I did indulge in a few sweet things and eat slightly more than I normally do but thought that all the running around after them would help. On my fast day today with a vengeance!!!

    ah2424 – I know you must feel disappointed after your weigh -in, but don’t despair! I’ve found that my weight goes up and downfrom day to day and so I try very hard to resist the temptation to weigh myself too often. The only thing that matters is that the overall trend will be down! The problem was obviously the grandchildren – certainly not the wine! Red wine (Bordeaux) is good for your heart (in moderation, of course).

    Eirlys – I’ve just treated myself to a soupmaker – I was feeling a bit guilty about it as it isn’t difficult to make soup in a pan. I used it today for the first time and it’s bliss – no risk of burning anything if you get called away to answer the doorbell or the phone. I also find soup is good value on a Fast Day as it certainly fills you up as you say.

    Peter – looking forward to hearing how you got on with your first Fast Day – just realised you’re in Australia! An international group – I’m in France!

    We are indeed international. I’m currently in California with my husband, David, visiting an old friend. But we go back to England tomorrow, Rushwick near Worcester to be more precise. I started the diet a year ago and lost just over a stone in time for my sons’s wedding in July. But since then I’ve been on holiday a few times and gained some of it back. And goodness knows what three weeks in California will do to me.
    So, back on the diet big-time once we’re home!


    ah2424: I know how you feel. I walked around a National Trust estate for ages and next day had gained weight. However after my two days last week I am back to 7st 10. I think my body likes that weight.

    I ate well yesterday including some Quality Street and various nuts! Today I am not hungry at all. I honestly think the fasting days shrink the stomach, inwardly, if not outwardly!

    Bunnie: Daughter gave her Dad a soup maker Christmas time and he loves using it. So easy, so quick, so reliable, he says. Well worth the money.
    I actually do weigh myself every day. I find it easier and I’ve stopped feeling guilty!

    Peter: My father was born in either Coolgardie or Karlgoorlie. Grandad was a gold miner out there. We were planning to go to Australia in 1939 but Hitler thought otherwise. Plan was shelved for good.

    As Bunnie said, an international group. I’m in the UK . Now England; originally Wales.

    Hi, I am 71 and started the 5:2 after the initial Horizon programme that Michael Mosely presented in Oct. 2012. I lost about a stone and a half very gradually. I wasn’t very overweight to start with and really did it for the other benefits it, I hope, offers. I found that I hit a plateau and went to fasting 3 days a week. I am now just about 8 stone which is about right. It can get tricky organising a social life but so far I have succeeded in not upsetting too many of my friends. I have a feeling that on my eating days I have gradually over-compensated and consequently have started to be a bit more careful on those days, though no difficulty in sticking to the 500 calories on the fast days. I, too have had some thoughts about what will happen as I get older but I hope that I can maintain the fasting regime and my current cycling and Pilates exercise while I am independent and live alone. I can’t really worry further into the future. If anyone has thoughts on this I would be very interested.

    Thanks Bunnie for the encouragement. You are right about the weight changes. I normally weigh at my lightest after my second fast day and I shall now stick to that. As long as the overall trend is down I will be happy.Fast day gone well today. Home made soup for lunch and a small chicken breast and salad just now. Will have a tangerine during the evening. I may purchase one of those soup makers they sound good. I see you live in France. I live nr Windsor about 25 miles from London.

    Thanks also for the encouragement. I felt really fed up this morning when I stepped on the scales. I have had a good fast day so back on track again. I didn’t feel hungry at all this morning so didn’t eat anything until about 1.30pm and then home made soup was nice and filling. Obviously losing weight is great but apparently this way of eating also reaps health benefits. So bring it on!!

    Hope your day went well. The first fast day is always the worse. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. I live in Windsor England (not in the castle though!!)

    Hi ah and welcome:

    The answer to your question is in this thread:

    Good Luck!

    Hi ahah2424, I started weighing myself, against all the usual advice, every morning, same time, same way. I have followed the 5-2 and then 4-3, and I wanted to understand what was going on. I agree that it can be disheartening when you fast and appear to have lost nothing. Over the past 2 years or so of doing this, a pattern has emerged which I now can anticipate. Mornings following a fast day usually results in no weight loss compared to the previous eating day. However, the next morning, following an eating day, usually shows some weight-loss. It seems as though the weight loss is more to do with elimination of waste-products than in the intake on the previous day. I just try to ‘keep the faith’ and enjoy the other benefits – like being able to wear clothes without trying to hide bulges.

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