Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • Enilorac: You’re right. I checked my old diary before throwing it away. My weight loss showed up the second day after my fasting day. Better late than never!

    ah2424: Soup is the answer I am convinced. I reckon three bowls of soup a day when one feels lazy would be great. I love broccoli and stilton soup, curried sweet potato, my daughter’s chicken soup made with cream so a SMALL bowl, vegetable soup. I love Heinz tomato soup but with grated cheese on top so that’s out unless I cut quantities.

    simcoeluv: Greetings! I had forgotten about that helpful page. Thanks for the reminder.

    Anyone tried quorn or tofu?

    (All these pseudonyms make me think of M15!!)

    G’day everybody
    what a fabulous site – everyone paddling in the same direction and all so friendly – it feels like a family and we are spread all around the world.

    Might have guessed that Bunnie was from England so France tossed me.

    We love all of Europe – never dreamed that countries could be as beautiful as Australia so we got a big shock on our very first visit.

    Here we are so casual and careless – so different to Europe and even New Zealand where – to us – we felt like we were in a theme park all the time . The people even had time to stop and chat for a minute or two where as here most are so engaged in their own busy world many do not even know their next door neighbours .

    Well enough of that – First Fast Day went much better than I expected had just the 600 calories over lunch and dinner and my weight this morning is 98 kg

    I weigh myself three times each morning at the same hour – why ?

    Well I am very attached to our olde bathroom scales but now we also have the scales that connect to Fitbit and the computer by wifi plus we have a WII

    Looking forward to Thursday – my next fast day.

    When you have time would someone advise where to get some good recipes – we made mini meatloaves in a muffin tray and that made things simple because each is only 181 cal but Norma suggested that to reduce meat an egg would be better for lunch as that is only 71cal – salad made up the difference plus some pork crackle.

    Have a wonderful day – where ever you are



    Hi Kriss I am 82 just starting tbe fast diet,will let you know how I get on

    Peter: There are lots of books around, many on this site. If I were you I would check Amazon. Just type in 5:2 and you will find lots of books listed. Always read the reviews; they can be so helpful.

    I find the 5:2 Diet Photos particularly good.

    If you just want one or two recipes then I am sure there are many on this site. Otherwise Google them.

    I entered recipes in the Search box above and found lots of soup recipes for instance here at:

    Hi Enilorac,
    You are right that the weight loss is more to do with the elimination of waste products (nicely put!) I was a bit bunged up last week when I didn’t lose weight! That combined with snacking with the grandchildren was not good. Any way back on track now 2nd fast day tomorrow. I will try not to over eat on my non fast days and also watch my portions! I believe you and I are about the same age. Yes it will be lovely not to have to try and camouflage the bulges!! we can only try and keep as healthy as we can and don’t forget the seventies are young these days! I still work part time and take exercise classes on a free lance basis for the elderly. We have quite a few in their nineties and it always the active residents that are the fittest.

    Pleased to say I have lost 11b this week. Not much but enough for me to stay on track. I am now in the healthy range of BMI but still have a way to go!! I agree Enilorac I think eliminating waste products (nicely put)has a lot to do with it too. I am not very good at the weekends but its nice to know you can eat normally within reason and its not like being on a constant strict diet. Also looking forward to wearing clothes and not having to worry about hiding the bulges!!!

    Yesterday was my fasting day. No breakfast; soup for lunch and a little macaroni cheese for evening meal, plus a small pear.

    Had lost 4 ounces when I weighed this morning but hope that tomorrow will show the real loss!!

    Don’t feel hungry today; just pleasantly full.

    Hi ah and welcome:

    “Pleased to say I have lost 11b this week. Not much but enough for me to stay on track.”

    The average weight loss on 5:2 over time is a pound a week. Virtually no one can lose 11 pounds of fat in a week. Even people eating no food average only 4 to 5 pounds a week weight loss. So a large part of your 11 pounds was water. You cannot expect to lose that much water each week, as you do not have that much water in you available for quick weight loss.

    Be happy you lost that much weight, but please don’t expect to lose 11 pounds or more a week on any diet, or even if you are doing total water fasts.

    Good Luck!

    Hi simcoeluv
    No I haven’t lost eleven pounds it was a typing mistake it should have read one pound!! I think I would be quite worried if I lost 11b in one week. I want to lose weight but not that fast!! Since 24th Jan I have lost 8lb so I feel happy with that. Thanks for all the good advice though.

    Glad to find this forum. My husband and I are 79 and started the 5:2 in January. Bill has lost 14 lbs. now and I’m down 8. We’re finding it easy to do and plan to make it our way of life (however long that is!) On non-fast days, we eat frozen meals for dinner such as Lean Cuisine or WW Smart Ones–they really help with portion and calorie control and have gotten much better in taste, sodium control, etc. Also lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and 100 calorie Greek yogurt as a snack.

    For fast days, usually a small bowl of high protein cereal with low fat milk–160 cal. Hubby tends to skip lunch; because I’m diabetic, I’ll eat some cottage cheese or something similar. Dinner may be chicken stir fry with lots of veggies or a low cal frozen meal–WW has several below 200 calories. May have 10 cal. of Jello later or some canned fruit–serving of lite apricots only 30 cal. Don’t want to give the wrong impression–we still go out to eat or have the kids over for dinner, but go back to our “formula” the rest of the time. I’ve got lots to lose but Bill only needs to lose 20 lbs. or so more.

    We’ve got our share of medical problems too–he has a pacemaker and a stent in his heart plus knees that he should have had replaced years ago. I’ve had both of mine replaced and we’ve both had back surgery. I’ve also got leukemia; one doctor who had a great bedside manner, told me I’d probably die WITH it rather than FROM it! I finished chemo in the fall and am doing fine now. Yet I’d say we’re both doing well. I try to walk three times a week for 30 min. on our treadmill; he usually goes to an exercise room where he can use machines and free weights. He was a coach for many years and got used to regular exercise, something I’d rather avoid.

    We live in the middle of the U.S., Kansas, but are getting ready to move to North Carolina next month. Am not looking forward to the moving process even though we’ve moved many, many times in our almost 61 years of marriage. Some things are just easier when you’re young, don’t you think?

    Didn’t mean to rattle on so long–I promise to keep my posts short and snappy in the future. But am really glad to find others our age who are following the 5:2.

    G’day all

    this morning is the day after my second fast day – Thursday – and my weight is 98.1 kg up .5 on the 97.6 kg I was yesterday but I did a lot of gardening so maybe my six pack is developing.
    Must say I have never felt better for ages so its working for me
    Have a wonderful day and kindest regards


    Welcome to the 5.2 kkirkm.I have also been on the 5.2 since Jan and like you have lost 8Ibs. I also find WW meals and Lean Cuisine a blessing on fast days. I like to feel I have had a meal in the evening and these are perfect. I am 71yrs old and live in the UK near London. I am so glad to hear you are now doing fine since the chemo. My husband and I are very lucky other than me having an under active thyroid and Mike on statins to control high cholesterol we are both well and healthy. Apparently this way of eating not only helps to lose weight but also has lots of other health benefits. My problem is I tend to over eat a bit on non fast days and I have to watch my portion control!! Kind regards.

    I hear what you’re saying, ah2424! I’ve decided that I’ve cooked my quota of meals over the years so I’m going to rely on frozen meals, salads (I can bring myself to chop up stuff!), fruit, etc. It sure makes shopping, preparing, and cleaning up simpler, and pretty much takes care of portion control. I always bought the large size of chips, etc. because they were cheaper and we had four kids. Now I get the individual size packs of chips and cookies–a little more expensive but where we used to keep eating stuff, we rarely will get out two packages. Funny how easy it is to fool ourselves.

    I’m down another lb. and hubby’s down 2 this week!

    Hello Eirlys, I have eaten tofu and Quorn. I felt that it was necessary to marinade or coat tofu with spices (curry type) and then fry or wok it, then mix with tasty veg. in order to give it a bit of flavour. Otherwise its a useful source of protein but high in calories if it is fried, but considerably lower if baked. Quorn mince is pretty low as are the chunks. It will just depend on how it is cooked. I find that some white fish is the lowest in calories and I bake it with some spices and veg in a little water, covered with foil so that it doesn’t dry up. I add a large portion of lightly steamed cabbage and follow with fruit. I hope this gives you some ideas. (As long as you are not a vegetarian!)

    Thank you, Enilorac (Caroline). That’s really useful information and no, I am not a vegetarian. Have a feeling Other Half would be reluctant to try Tofu/Quorn but I can try.

    Am stuck on 7 stone 10 pounds! I think exercise is called for and I hate that, especially at my age.

    Hi, 7 stone 10 sounds pretty good to me unless you are very short and even then…I am stuck at around 8st 1lb but I realise that I am compensating on my eating days to make up for the fasting ones.

    Meanwhile back to the Tofu/Quorn question, the only reason I have had dealings with it was because when my son was living with me and he did quite a lot of the cooking, he ate a vegan diet and so it provided an alternative protein to beans and lentils. I still use a meat-free soya mince (though I prefer makes other than Quorn which I think is a milk based protein)to make Veggie Chilli.

    My exercise consists of cycling and Pilates. These work pretty well with two hip replacements and don’t mess up knees and other vulnerable bits.

    Can I join??
    I am 80 come next birthday and was interested to read this part of the forum for people are seem to be mainly retired.
    Well I guess most will be if they are 70 80 or 90.
    Its great to see so many active people who have the willpower and enthusiasm to stay healthy and active instead of swapping news on their ailments.

    I started on the 5:2 fast diet 6 weeks ago, and kepp it up on Mondays and Thursdays, but am not doing so well as I have only lost about 4 pounds which Aint much.
    So I reckon I will have to spend more time in our forums to pick up some tips on what other people are doing to achieve their goals..

    Good luck to everyone.

    Hi kiwiflyer79. I’ll be 80 in October so looks like we’ve both found the right forum. Try to be happy with a 4 lb. loss in 6 weeks–most diet plans like Weight Watchers or Atkins claim a 1/2 to 2 lbs. loss a week and are MUCH harder to follow. I think we lose slower at our age for a couple of reasons–we’re not as physically active and our metabolism slows down a bit, too. Stick with it and you’ll see a steady downward trend!

    kiwiflyer79: I am 85 in August so it looks as if I am the Senior here, so far!!It’s good to find people from the same generation; who remember Joe Loss

    Yes, kkirkm, I guess losing weight is more difficult as one gets older. I used to burn off calories without any effort just doing my daily job. Now I am more of a couch potato and the weight just settles.

    Enilorac : I am 5 foot so every extra pound shows. When I wanted a bust, like Msrilyn Monroe, and Jayne Mansfield, (well perhaps not her), and Jane Russell, I was more like Audrey Hepburn. Then, Like Topsy, I “just growed”!

    Younger Son is getting married in June and I need to lose some of my tummy before then. Evenings are the worst. I find myself on automatic pilot reaching out for nuts and seeds and crisps.I’ll have to take up cross stitch again.

    After a fasting day I find a packets of hot chocolate powder (around 40 calories) very satisfying as a bedtime drink. Other days I find the drink far too sweet.

    Hey Kiwi take a look at something that goes beautifully with this way of eating

    The Diet Doctor – and then Page4 LCHF and then The Banting Diet

    I’m in the same boat as you but stick at it and it will happen just like the other forum members have said.

    kind regards


    Good Morning everyone, many thanks for your advice and help.

    Later on today, I will spend a lot more time on reading this forum from start to finish so that I can get to know all you lovely people \.
    But as the sun is shining now, I will do some work outside in my new garden which will give me some good exercise.
    My wife Emilie is very pleased as she went to the surgery this morning for her check up results after her blood test for Diabetese etc and she was pleased that she weighed 2 kilos less than last time.

    Ha ha, maybe cos she is 10 years younger than me !!!!

    Anyway, now the weather is getting better I will have a lot of exercice getting the garden sorted out for healthy veggies and lots of flowers.

    So many thanks to you all for giving me some good advice and reasons why I am not getting such big results as some other people who are a lot younger.

    Just a note on some great info I picked up last week, was a product called black seed oil, which apparently is great stuff for Asthma and Diebetes plus many other illnesses.

    I don’t sell it or anything but I ordered it a few days ago and should get it delivered in the next few days.

    Hello all,
    I am a newbie, 76yrs lady and quite fit. I am 5ft 1 and1/2 inches tall and have put on a few unwanted pounds over the last 2 years. It may not be much about7lbs, but shows when you are small having been the same weight for most of my adult life. I started the fasting day today having had a bowl of porridge with
    Milk for breakfast plus green tea followed by 2 rice cakes with marmite and a cup of coffee for lunch. I then
    Went out for a brisk walk which is no problem for me, however after walking for about 20mins I started to feel very weak blood sugar low I expect,I was glad to reach home and had to sit down a couple of times on the way, I have never felt like this before. Has anyone else had this experience?

    Hello TMP123,
    I am 71 and have been on the 5.2 since the end of January. I am losing 1-2 pounds per week so am happy with that.Yes I have felt like you a couple days on my fast days and think it must have something to do with low sugar. like you I am quite fit but I try not to rush around too much on fast days. I also feel a bit wobbly when I wake up the day after a fast day but ok once I have had something sweet (either a sweet or a few grapes) I do get hungry on the fast days but the health benefits of this way of eating as well as losing weight keep me going! Just think tomorrow you will be able to have your normal breakfast! Good luck and kind regards.

    Hello TMP123, I too have occasional moments of light-headedness but I find it soon wears off. I suppose it would be as well to check with ones GP that everything is OK. However, I think you are right about the low blood sugar level. I have been doing the 5:2 (or 3-4) for over 2 years and now I think my body has got used to the diet. I sometimes cycle on fast days and have gone for 20 miles without any ill effects although part of the fun of the cycling is to stop for coffee and/or a pub lunch and that doesn’t work on fast days! I am 71 and finding the last few pounds that I would like to lose are the most difficult.

    This is a super forum and I hope we can keep on encouraging one another and passing on tips and experiences. Good luck.

    Hello ah2424,
    Thank-you so much for your quick reply I suppose I will have to get used to the feeling of hunger, a new experience for me. Thank-you for the tips on keeping blood sugar up. I think I will give exercise a miss on fast days until I get used to it.
    Thanks also for your good wishes.

    Hello Enilorac,

    How lucky am I, two replies in such a short time, thank-you.
    I too like to cycle, and Nordic Walk when the weather is fine. I did not feel light headed just rather weak!
    I’m sure I will be fine when I get used to fasting, but will give exercise a miss on those days.
    Thank-you for your support

    I also have had moments of feeling rather weak. This usually happens towards evening. Oddly I am fine in the morning even without breakfast.

    I am thinking of having porridge for lunch and my main meal in the evening with a hot chocolate drink last thing. My weight seems to fluctuate between 7 10 and 7 11. It would help if I was consistent in following two days fasting a week and, perhaps, the same days.

    Does anyone follow the same two days every week?

    It looks like we have a similar problem. I think being small with not much to lose makes it harder to get results. I still think it is better to eat first thing to get the metabolism working.

    Hi Eirlys, I, also don’t start my fast days with any food and except for black coffee I eat nothing until I have my evening meal which consists of fish, vegetables and fruit. Then tea with milk in the evening. I find that I don’t feel hungry or even think much about the meals I am missing, though I do look forward to the evening meal. Having said all that, I am still having trouble shifting the last few pounds. I fluctuate between 7st13lb and 8st 2lb.

    I don’t fast on the same days each week but do almost alternate days working them around what I am doing during the week. Some of my activities mean that I have to eat in order to be sociable and usually I do 3 days fasting and 4 eating days.

    I am getting worried about how I am going to manage if I do not keep to this strict routine because I have a nasty feeling I would put on weight very quickly and feel completely out of control and I find that very scary. Has any one been through this stage and if so how did you do it?
    Best wishes, to everybody.

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 for about 18months now and see it as a way of life. I lost 11kgs in the first 8 months and it was quite a bumpy road, up, down or sometimes no loss at all, but I kept going and reached my goal. I stayed on the regime and kept my weight stable but over the last 6 months I stopped recording my calorie count and got a bit lax on my non fast days. Old habits creeping back etc and I have put 6kgs back on and I’m mortified. So this week I’m fired up and I have started to record my cals daily again. Wish me luck. I use an app on my I pad to record everything I eat and it does the counting for me. Like the rest of you I am 77 yrs old and have arthritic knees so not much exercise I’m afraid. You all sound very dedicated. Maybe we should swap recipes sometimes.

    I’m feeling quite pleased with myself – I went out for tea yesterday with some people I hadn’t seen since Christmas – loads of comments on my slimmer me! I also managed to take the smallest slice of cake and no seconds! I was also amazed that my fairly new Spring jacket is now rather on the large side and my favourite trousers are falling off! Luckily M&S now do mail order in France so I can top up the wardrobe later on. Regrettably there are no charity shops (or shops for that matter) near to where I live but I shall pack up all my large clothes and look for an Oxfam on my next trip to UK! I do still have a long way to go though and the scales don’t really reflect the change in shape. Fast day today – I’m finding I’m quite looking forward to them and the novelty of my soupmaker hasn’t worn off yet! Best of luck to all you fellow youngsters out there!

    Very pleased that I have lost another 1 pound this week. Its not much I know but I was happy as I had rather over eaten on my non fast days this week so thought I may have stayed the same or worst scenario put some on!! I definitely find the best time to weigh is the morning after my second fast day and I am not tempted to weigh again until exactly a week later.I have lost 9Ibs now since end Jan. The test will be at the weekend when I am going out for lunch on Saturday and Sunday re Mothers day. Thank goodness they are not fast days!!!

    Beautiful day for a fast! Had a bowl of cereal for breakfast; will have cottage cheese and tomatoes for lunch and a chicken stir fry for dinner–maybe a bowl of Jello afterwards. If you’re feeling a little weak in afternoon on fast days, I agree it might be low blood sugar (since I’m diabetic, I can poke my finger & find out real quickly). Whether or not it is, you should be sure you get some protein for lunch and drink lots of water. I also keep Glycerna bars handy–they’re 90 calories so I sometimes cut one in half–but they have slow release carbs which helps keep your sugars steady. My doctor suggested them when I was dropping too low in the afternoon when I was still teaching. Of course, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor if the weakness continues.

    Not quite there yet, I am 68. I have been on the 5:2 diet for about 18 months now and have lost just under 2st. I am looking to lose about 7 or 8lb more and then I will try to maintain. The weight loss has slowed down over recent months but is still going down slowly, last week I only lost 0.25lb. I find this a very good way of losing weight as I am not constantly counting calories. Good luck to all of you.

    I agree pamton that this is a very good way of losing weight. You don’t feel you are constantly on a diet. I have been on it since the end of Jan and have lost 9Ib.I know I overeat this weekend (Mothers day) but I didn’t feel guilty and was straight back on my fast day on Monday. I have about another 101bs to lose and some weeks I stay the same. It is always better to lose weight slowly as it is more likely to stay off. I expect like me you are looking forward to the summer and mot having to worry about wearing lighter clothes. Good luck and kind regards.


    You are doing great to have lost 9pounds since end of January, I started on the 19th and have only lost around 4 pounds or less, depending on what day I weigh.
    The best thing is, I am certainly not gaining which is good.
    As the warm weather finally takes over, it will be easier to drink more water which is supposed to help, also I have decided to cut out as much sugar as possible which means no honey in tea and cornflakes without sugar on top.

    Also will be easier to get more exercise outside as it has been far too cold over the past few months.
    Good luck to everyone.

    Hi everyone. Good to hear all the positive comments about the diet. I’m convinced this is the way to live for us older folk who’ve battled weight problems most of our lives–just wish I’d known about it when I was 40 years younger! Ah, well. I’ve lost 10 lbs since January although today I’m up a pound. It doesn’t bother me as much when I have weight fluctuations now as I’m continuing on a downward slope. The fast days continue to get easier as I find more foods that fit into 500 c. Last night, hubby had a beef stew and I had a chicken merlot dish, both from Lean Cuisine with 210 calories (may be off a little in count but I did check them before we ate.) Filling, tasty, and not boring as a lot of diets become.

    Our first great grandchild is going to be born on Thursday–a fast day but may slip in a glass of wine to celebrate!

    What a great thread, proving 5:2 can kick your losses into high gear no matter what your age!

    Hi I’m in my fifties but have read your posts and just want to commend you for being so proactive. The people who don’t like exercise and can’t exercise for long periods of time I must say that the Wii fit is a really good way to do it. It is essentially a game but fun and silly and so addictive. You can do five minutes at a time. I started this way a few years ago. I lost 2 stone just through wii fit. I had a knee injury through another game tennis which I love and so it put me out of action.

    Over the next couple of years no exercise and a stressful job 9.30 till about 8.30 meant that I fell into bad ways. I have been made redundant so now I am trying to get back to health through 5:2 I have lost 12lb since January 10th. Now as it is slowing down I have got the Wii games out and I am gradually starting to do them.

    Gym membership would be too expensive and I don’t like the idea of it anyway, so my Wii can start me off back into good habits.

    Good luck to all of you on your journey to lose weight and improve health.


    Hi Ginette,

    As a younger, (well younger than me anyway) member of our “oldie” forum, I wonder if you could explain the Wii way of exercise.

    I would be interested to learn and I expect others would also like to.

    I guess that most members in this special team on here, are more up to date and better informed than most when it comes to the internet and downloading stuff.
    I remember a few years back when I was promoting a government sponsored FREE scheme to help people learn how to do internet stuff, and I was surprised how many people would say “Oh I am too old for that stuff” at 50 odd.
    So it’s great to see and read posts from so many youngsters on here that are really keen to change their lives and improve their health.

    As they say in New Zealand and Australia; Good-on-yer all.

    kkirkm : I do hope you had that glass of wine! A great grandchild deserves to be celebrated.

    It’s great hearing what other people eat on a fasting day. I have stopped now for a few weeks but will re-commence next week. Am 7 stone 11 still.
    Must also re-commence with my WiFit exercises.

    kiwiflyer79: Wi Fit is an exercise game designed by Nintendo. You have to buy the set-up which is attached to the TV. We have had ours for quite a while now and still enjoy using it. Exercise programmes have been added and I have two of these. I ‘s strengths and weaknesses.

    There are balance “games” and a meditation one which I love.

    The little girl next door comes in and plays tennis with me on this video set-up. It’s good fun and the skittles one is addictive, as far as I am concerned.

    Ginette will probably explain all this better than I have but if you Google Wii Fit it will take you to the actual website and you can read all about it. If you do buy the set-up shop around as prices van vary.

    I loathe sport but enjoy this fun way of “exercising” and it fits in with my life-style and age.

    …….the part omitted should read…

    “the instructor gears the exercises to one’s strengths and weaknesses”

    Many thanks Eirlys,

    I will take a look at the site to learn more about it.
    At under 8 stone you have really done well so it encourages us all to keep at it.

    Many thanks.

    Good luck everyone and keep going on the 5.2 The last 2 weeks I haven’t lost any weight but I am pleased that I haven’t put any on. I have been a bit naughty on the non fast days and indulging too much! I am now going to really try and be good on these days as I need to lose another 9Ibs by the summer. I would recommend this eating plan though because I have been on numerous diets and by now I would have given up and put the weight back on. Congratulations on the birth of your great grandchild kkirkm and hope you had that glass of bubbly! My little grandson has his 5th birthday party on Saturday I will make sure I only have a small piece of birthday cake!! Keep posting everyone as reading them keeps the enthusiasm going!

    I honestly believe this diet works. Because I know I can eat “normally” the following day I don’t really feel I am being hard done by.

    The Option packets of instant chocolate drinks are great as “comfort” drinks last thing at night and satisfy that longing for something sweet as well as being low in calories.(40.60 calories, I believe).

    I cannot recommend too highly the following book:

    5:2 Diet Photos: 600 Food Photos, 60 Low-Calorie Recipes & 30 Snack Ideas
    by Chris Cheyette and Yello Balolia

    Seeing the portion size has really helped me!

    Thanks Eirlys

    I looked at the reviews on the book you recommended and the big majority of people, like you have really been pleased with the book.

    So as I need a lot more inspiration to keep on track and lose more weight I decided to buy it.

    Looking on Amazon, it was 6.99 and 7.42 on Ebay, but Amazon will charge a good bit extra for postage, so Ebay with free postage was the best buy.

    Hopes this helps other members to choose as well.

    Where is everyone?? Hope you’re all out enjoying spring (at least those of us in the north) and still staying on your diet. We’ve lost 11 and 19 lbs. since Jan. so are feeling pretty good about where we are. And I think it’s getting easier and easier to follow the diet. Went out to eat last week and had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy so was afraid to see the scales this morning, but glory be–we were both within a few ounces of where we were last week. Funny thing is that I’m more motivated to diet when I lose some than when I pop up–you’d think it would be the other way around!

    Sorry I haven’t been very active on the forum – but I’ve been skulking and reading the posts. I’ve been losing weight very slowly and after a few weeks when I was jumping on the scales at every opportunity (and getting very disheartened when the figures were going up and down from day to day) I’ve managed to adopt a once a week weigh in. Since I started at the beginning of February I’ve managed to lose 13lbs so I’m pleased with that. Over the past few days its been a bit difficult as friends came out from Wales for their Easter Holiday, so we’ve been entertaining and all went out for a meal yesterday. My partner was given custody of the “doggy bag”, but unfortunately forgot to bring it away with him – much to my embarrassment it was delivered to the house today(anonymously)and was hanging on the gate when I took the dog for his walk this afternoon! Dog was delighted – but I shall have to brazen it out at the restaurant when we go for Sunday lunch with some other friends coming out from Liverpool next Sunday! Fast day today for my sins – haven’t dared go near the scales this week! I’ve still got an awful lot of weight to lose, but I already look and feel a lot better and am getting to the point where I need to be getting the sewing machine out to see if I can alter a few things – I don’t have any gravity defying trousers left!

    I have been taking a break from fasting! As a result I am almost afraid to weigh myself. Will probably have gained 2-3 pounds. It’s the evenings that are my bugbear. I am fine during the day but once I settle to watch TV I find myself reaching for the nuts, the chocolates, the crisps (UK sort).

    Did find that I watched an episode of “Breaking Bad” without helping myself to snacks. Have now bought the box set!!

    Am off for a week’s holiday soon so I should have another go at 5:2 before we leave. The tummy area could do with being smaller.

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