Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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Anyone out there in their 70s, 80s or 90s?

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  • Yes like you Eirlys I also have taken a break from fasting. I thought with Easter coming up (any excuse)and having things going on I would get back to it today. Now my son is working in the area and wants us to meet up for a meal this evening so bang goes my fast day again! Like you I am almost afraid to weigh myself as I also indulge in the evenings and when I am good I am really really good but when I am bad I just pick the whole evening. I have decided after my meal out (and pudding) this evening I will do my fast day tomorrow and Friday and then back to the normal fast days of Monday and Wednesday next week and will weigh next Thursday. That will have given me 4 fast days and I will try and eat sensibly in between. I blame it on Easter!!

    Hi I am 76 year old woman with heart problems and have gained weight through all the meds I take and inactivity since retirement

    I have been on the 5-2 diet for a month and walk (albeit gently) 30 minutes a day as I am limited to exercise because of my shortage of breath

    I realise at 76 we expect to gain a bit as we are more sedentary but I am so unhappy have always been size 10-12 now am 16-18 and my tummy hurts all the time had checks to make sure it s nothing untoward

    have not lost an inch or a lb yet on this diet, but have to confess I struggle to know what to have on fast days, usually fruit or yoghurt for breakfast maybe eggs and smoked salmon or jacket for lunch boring with out butter or cheese lol and maybe soup or fruit in the evening or mug of oxo

    have cut out bread and a lot of dairy as my cholesterol was rising again although am on statins for life

    now have a tea size plate for my dinner on normal days and mostly drink water all day perhaps 1 coffee never drink tea

    am at a loss completely and so unhappy with this awful fat tummy and looking so fat there otherwise I am slim all over

    I must be going wrong somewhere as all these posters here say they have lost weight from the 1st week can you advise me please?

    thankyou Lesley-Deanna x


    I find it is a similar problem and possible solution to when I gave up smoking a very long time ago. I found that doing something as an alternative helped enormously. Try crosswords, sudoku, knitting or really anything which uses your hands (preferably both of them) and that you enjoy doing. I have found that my grocery bill has been much reduced and although I haven’t done this it might be worth trying to do the sums to check on it. It was very useful when I was giving up smoking but I guess much more complicated in this situation.

    I get round the problem by not eating until my evening meal and I’m not generally troubled by wanting to during the day. But I gather from other people’s posts that they would find this very difficult. You might like to try it? Let us know.

    Hi to the person who was finding evening eating a problem.

    hi Lesley-Deanna

    some of us take a wee bit longer to get going – I lost not an ounce in the first three weeks, I reckon I had to put the brakes on first.

    Also, to be honest, I think it took me that long to get my head around it. Once I got going lost a lot quickly, my third month has not gone too well, but still heading down. Some seem to lose from day one, some lose steadily and for some its fits and starts. So dont be discouraged if you are a tortoise not a hare, you are only competing with yourself, after all!

    Dont give up, read the posts, there is a LOT of soup eaten on fast days. The fast days really do get easier, just go steady on normal days too. Whatever you want to eat, just not everything you want to eat.

    Good luck and travel hopefully.

    So sorry that you’re having problems and that you are feeling so downhearted. All I can say is that the diet really does work – if your intake of calories is less than your TDEE you should lose weight, although when you are older and less active the results will come more slowly. Did you work out your calorie requirements on the site? Although on a fast day most of us settle for 500 calories the allowance on a non-fast day will vary from person to person so I would advise that you check your figures. It might also be a good idea to go back to your doctor and have another chat with him. Don’t give up – and let us know how you get on.

    Morning al someone asked if there were any oldies here? that’s me….replied twice to posts here but they haven’t appeared guess this wont either help!!!!!

    Thank you all for posting again: as every time someone makes a post it sends a reminder to our emails that there is still activity in our part of the forum.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s good news (someone is losing weight)or not so good news (someone having problems with menus or no progress)

    For me, it’s a reminder to stop being so lazy and concentrate on making more effort to achieve my goals of losing a few more pounds.
    I find it is so easy to slip back into the old eating habits of forgetting to check the calories on fast days and eating more on non fast days.
    Also making excuses not to get some exercise etc.

    When I check the scales mostly once a week and find hardly any difference after I have made the effort of fasting the day before with no sugar sticking to 600 cals. etc and still only lost about 4 pounds since I started in January, I do lose momentum.
    So when I get an email reminder that one of our forum members has posted to share their good news it gives me a boost and helps to keep me on track.
    I know that the 5.2 DOES work, because so many people are succeeding, so I am going to try harder to make it work for me.

    Good Morning Lesley-Deanna,

    I can understand your frustration in the fact that so many people have lost so many pounds and you (and I, probably loads of other members as well)do not seem to get the same results.

    Well, I am convinced that we need to make a bit more effort and really count those calories on fast days also very important to watch the calories on non fast days together with drinking more water and walking a bit more for exercise.
    This is what I am going to do to see if it makes a difference as I’m sure it will.
    There is so much information all over the forum to help and it’s all free good advice.
    So my request to everyone, is please keep posting, good or bad, so that we all get more enthusiastic in achieving our goals.

    You have to realise just how, as we get older, we slow down and how this affects the need for food. I’m relatively active, walking up large hills and doing things around the house, but the other day my wife fell on a cobbled street and four people got to her before me!
    John Lennon said that he couldn’t wait to get old to get the slowness, so we have to see the advantages as well, one of which is the ability to put things into perspective and carry on.
    The government advises that the old should have two nutritious meals a day, so that again might be factored in.

    Hello Lesley-Deanna,

    I am seeing your posts. I am 71 and looking in better shape, if not as fit, as I was when I was much younger, but working on it. Anyway, I am sticking with the eating regime and although I am at the weight I would like to stay at, I am really doing it for the other health benefits it is suppose to provide.

    You do need to register and Log in each time you post if that helps.

    Hi Lesley-Deanna, I have a feeling you’ve been hopping from one thread to another! Never mind. From what you were saying I think you might well be advised to monitor your calorie intake very carefully until you get used to this way of life and get accustomed to portion sizes and so on. Certainly its OK to eat anything you like, but within your calulated limits! However, this may not always be the healthiest thing to do – I gave in to a rum baba on Tuesday even though I included it in my calorie allowance (food for the soul, maybe – but probably not good for my body)! There are lots of websites which will give you calorific values of foods and, of course, the best information is really on the boxes and packets (even though according to recent TV programme this isn’t always correct either!). However – an Oxo cube is about 7 calories which makes it a good thing to have to stave off hunger pangs on a fast day. There are calories in fruit – for example a medium apple could be 50 calories. I usually try to stick to soup and salad on fast days, but if I feel like making a tasy curry or something I use cauliflower rice – which cauliflower chopped up very small and microwaved without water for about 2 minutes – don’t, whatever you do – use frozen cauli – it goes all soggy and horrible! Hope this helps a bit – don’t give up and keep posting – we’re here to help.

    Don’t get disheartened if you don’t lose as much weight as you would like to or if you stay the same. I have stayed the same for the last 3 weeks now and I know it is because I eat too much on my non fast days so I am now working at that. But honestly if I can do this anyone can! I have tried so many diets over the years (I am now 71)and nothing worked for me.This is the only plan that allows me to eat sort of normally 5 days a week without putting weight on. As I said in earlier post I did go a bit mad at Easter and have been picking in the evening but I am now back on track and not beating myself up about it.Fast day today and I have had Oat so Simple made with water for Breakfast (not very nice but fills you up!) 100g of chicken pieces at Lunchtime and this evening will have a Ready Meal for 300 calories. This comes to 498 calories. I sometimes go over by 50 calories or so but that is not the end of the world. Good luck everyone and keep going.

    Ha ha, you have certainly hit the nail on the head !!
    You said if you stay the same without gaining weight, that must still be a good result.
    That must be the best piece of advice I have seen today.
    So I reckon if I can stay the same weight and gradually improve my eating habits and eat a bit less and exercise a bit more, I will slowly lose the weight I require
    Thanks for that.
    John E.

    Right Everyone! This is where we throw out all negative thoughts.

    From now on we think positive and we say “Every day, in every way I am getting better and better”. It’s an old maxim but it does work and, therefore, it will work where the fasting days are concerned.

    Lesley-Deanna: Like you I have heart problems. Had a triple by-pass fifteen years ago (which is approximately how long they last!!). I take statins though I don’t like them as they have side -effects. I rely on oats, Benecol or Pro-Activ spreads. The latter were recommended to me by my heart nurse who said she was very sceptical when she first heard about them. To her amazement they worked! My cholesterol level is 3.75 now.

    I honestly think this fasting diet helps to reduce chances of Diabetes 2. Statins can increase chances of getting the latter I have read, and I was actually summoned to have a glucose fasting blood test. Fortunately this was negative but it served as a warning. The 5:2 diet has been shown to help and that’s another reason for following it.

    SOUP is our saviour. Buy a soup making machine, pricey, (shop around) , but worth every penny. Then use the Weightwatcher soup recipes. These are low in calories and delicious.

    I have tried ready meals but liked only a few. Trying to work out my own calorie-count, I found boring. I now find:

    No breakfast. I am fine in the mornings.
    Soup for lunch
    Different Soup for evening meal
    Bedtime drink of low-calorie drinking chocolate.

    “Boring” I hear you say? That’s a negative thought. OUT with it!
    Be POSITIVE! It’s one day then you get a break before the next one.

    As I wrote in an earlier post the evenings are the worst. I try to watch a programme that interests me. I have taken up cross-stitch again. (You can’t indulge whilst thus occupied). I use my I-Pad a lot, (Scrabble, e-Bay, Facebook, Gardening sites).
    The evenings pass quickly and next day normal eating can re-commence, though I do find I don’t want as much.

    However I am with Lesley-Deanna on one point : I do wish I could magic away my tummy. My Other Half gets quite cross with me when I moan about mine. He says we have an unrealistic view of what middle-aged and older women are really like. Helen Mirren is an exception!!! Sadly.

    There is a book out – The Calorie Myth – which states categorically that it is impossible to either gain or lose weight unless you fill your plate with deep green rabbit food (2 thirds-u know the stuff) and hi-value protein, as much as you like. That moves the set weight that your body tries to maintain down until you are, as in youth, at your ‘natural’ weight.
    Not going to happen, of course, as I love to eat ‘normal’ food, but I’ve noticed recently that I maintain a steady weight circa 11st 7lbs whilst cursing myself for not fasting, and while eating the ‘right’ foods without the rubbish.
    So I’m on the Fast again as, anyway, it does give you the extra benefits named by others here, calorie myth or not. I like to omit breakfast and lunch just to get the feeling that I’m succeeding in at least cutting down on the hormone which produces cells instead of letting the cells I have be repaired, and THAT is my real bonus. Target ten stone, achieved daily – better health. Cheers

    Hi everyone. I’ve been following the 5:2 regime for 18 months and I lost 11kg in 10 months but it was very undulating and there were times I was downhearted. I bit the bullet and kept on going and my cholesterol lowered, my blood sugar came down from pre-diabetic to normal limits. Once I figured out that my TDEE was only 1400 cals things became a lot better and weight came down. I ate 500 cals on fast days and 1200-1400 cals on non fast days. I used an app on my iPad called ‘my fitness pal’ which figures out the calorie count for you. You punch in everything you eat and it tots up the calories. Now I still follow the 5:2 but eat a bit more than 1400cals on non fast days. If I overdo it though my weight goes up, so one always have to be vigilant and those evening munchies still pose a problem for me on some nights. I don’t beat myself up anymore. Keep going all of you, the benefits are more than weight loss.

    hi to Every one who has taken the trouble to email me it is really interesting to hear so many different views

    have made a note of the things I didn’t know and will use them

    I have to confess I dislike ready meals even expensive ones like Pru Leith although her fish pie is good but calorific,

    am ok eating ordinary days because I do keep to a healthy diet then for my cholesterol, but fasting days were difficult ,tried eating nothing all day but soup and water my dietician told me that this is bad ..not eating at all in the day is not beneficial and messes with our metabolism so much conflicting info isn’t there?

    how ever will continue to persevere and also try & do my 30 min stroll each day although I cant always it depends if it is a good day for me or not the heart is not great now

    many thanx to you all will keep trying x

    My apologies kiwiflyer 79

    I should have suscribed to this site.

    The Wii has many different exercises on it.

    The beauty for people who don’t do these type of exercises are they start at 2 minutes long but are addictive, be warned. If you don’t succeed you will often try again all adding up.

    The exercises are entertaining and made me laugh the first time I tried them. It took a bit of time to get the hang of especially the bird and the obstacle one. The pinball machine also sharpens your brain as you have to add up. I will try to find my longer explanations and post them here.

    If you click on my name you will find a little abit about the threads I am on and you can alo find my replies. They go back to March I think, maybe February. Not sure when I joined. I have started a thread my 10 week weight loss week by week.

    Have a look on there as I also post hints and tips.


    Link to wii fit info

    Also wii fit for disabled it shows the way anybody can benefit even if they are sitting down using it.

    I hope you find these helpful.

    It’s great to get on line and read a lot more tips and helpful suggestions from our members.

    Reading many positive posts certainly keeps me focused on this healthy lifestyle, so thank you to everyone for your help and suggestions.
    Ginete K, thanks for the site, I will follow up on that.
    Meanwhile we are taking a short 3 day trip,to Holland to view the bulb fields, leaving on Sunday and camping.

    That’s ok

    Have a nice break.


    Well I weighed myself today! Am still 7 stone 11 pounds. When I followed the Fast Diet conscientiously I actually went down to 7 stone 8 pounds. However my body likes to be between the 10 pound and the 11 pound weight so I am listening to it! Just pleased I haven’t gone back to my original 8 stone 4/5 pounds. Doesn’t sound that heavy, I know, but when you are short with heart problems, every pound counts!

    I enjoy all the tips here. One you might be interested in : Lecithin Granules. They help ” to ensure an ample supply of substances that help break down body fat.” and so are ideal for dieters. Also help the brain and the heart.

    Oh NO! I have put on 4Ibs how did that happen!! Could it be to do with over indulging at Easter! Back to the drawing board today! Only had a bowl of soup so far today.

    Too many Easter eggs ??

    I weighed myself today, Eirlys, and I’m the exact opposite of you – well, was 11st 7lbs – but in two weeks down 11st 3lbs. And the start of the two weeks was just ‘watching’ what I was eating, with me back on the fasts only on Tues and yesterday.
    I have several weights targeted: 10st 6lbs to get within proper, healthy BMI range; 10st to be sure; 9st 2lbs to be my ‘twenties weight ideal, and then 8st 10lbs to get some sort of a six-pack! Well, they say it’s not exercise that does it but getting rid of the fat bell by eating right. I am only 5’4″ so these weights are correctly in range. Big break-through yesterday was to get my wife to omit the potatoes and add spinach instead – the deep greens and protein ideal I feel I need on fast days to make sure I am fasting – and it seems to work. My wife is a big key to my successful fasting so getting her to dump the pots really is good. Just been out and had a curry for lunch at place we’ve never been to before, but chose rice instead of chips and it will be my last meal – flexibility has to be another key or you’ll be a robot!

    Another likeable aspect of this diet for me is the fact that one can indulge occasionally. Maybe not on the fasting day itself but the next day.

    ah2424: I’ve been there. Just don’t weigh for another few days!! It’s surprising how weight fluctuates.

    ‘Maybe’ not on a fasting day, Eirlys???! Maybe you’ve got an idea there: if we could compile/discover a list of ‘indulgences’ that are compatible with a fast!
    No, not going to happen. But I find that missing meals helps on non-fast days as it gives you the flexibility and, at least in my case, lets you avoid bloating which, if you are fasting successfully, is bound to happen with any indulgences.
    Fact is, though, any food which is attractive is not going to be subtractive!

    Thanks Eirlys.I was fed up this morning about putting on weight but am taking your advice and will wait a few days before weighing again. I am definitely going to keep going on this plan. Nice to get encouragement from everyone.

    Gosh, I asked where everyone was and look what happened! We’re happy with the diet, but maybe it’s because I decided (for both of us!) that this is simply going to be our way of eating from now on so am not worrying quite so much about how much we lose/gain each week. Hubby still does better than me, even though I catch him snacking now and then. He’s lost 21 lbs while I’m down 11 since Jan. He goes to see his heart doctor on Monday and should get a good report as dr. has been after him to lose weight.

    I do try to drink lots of water on fast days. My daughter in law got me interested in all the tea varieties and I find a cup of one of the fruit or nut flavored ones helps in the evening. Strawberry or peach are my favorites right now. You can do this Lesley-Deanna; we’re all cheering for you!

    Hi kkirkm

    I will ofen have very week juice but with hot water and in a pint glass. This is nice. I currently have the summer fruits one from tesco I also have a very weak version of this in cold water on the other days during the week. So weak that it just looks like tinted water. I don’t really enjoy water on its own.

    I am on other threads and not in the age range of people here but enjoy this thread and I love to see that you are all having the same problems as us LOACA and mid fifties thread.

    I hope you don’t mind me joining you all once in a while.


    Hi All

    To anyone who has missed the original program with Michael Mosley here is a link to an article in the Telegraph.

    There are links to many other related articles in the middle of this one.


    Hi Ginette K
    Thank you for the Michael Mosely link, very interesting. Like you I am also not very fond of water. I sometimes just put a little squirt of Robinsons no added sugar (the little ones you just squeeze in a drink) it has been on offer in Tesco and its handy as you can carry it in your bag and just put one squirt in a bottle of water. I am going to try a pint of hot weakened juice on my fast days especially when the hunger pangs are trying to get the better of me!! Thanks for your input and as a youngster! you are very welcome on this site. Yes no matter what age we are we all seem to experience the same problems. Kind regards.

    I find I am not drinking enough during the day. Discovered Robinson’s Peach drink with Barley water the other day and like that. Not sure of calorie content.

    Does anyone here make Barley Eater these days? My mother used to as an old-folk remedy.

    She also made Ginger Beer. This was halved and given away, I recall, but the details escape me. Must Google it. Wonder how many calories would be in a small glass of Ginger Beer. It’s a delicious drink.

    On a fasting day I like a drink of hot Marmite. It’s satisfying, tasty, and has only 10 calories.

    (I know. I know. You either love Marmite, or you loathe it!)

    I love it too Eirlys also an Oxo in hot water I don’t know how many calories though) Ginger Beer, lovely could just drink a glass of that now!

    Afraid I’m a Marmite hater – but Bovril and Oxo are OK – the same number of calories. A chap I met at a village BBQ was trying to convince people that Marmite deterred mosquitos – however I didn’t discover if you drank it or rubbed it in! A tall story I think!

    Bunnie: very mixed re-actions to that belief. You simply eat the Marmite as normal and some say it has worked for them. Read somewhere it is the Brewers’ Yeast content that is responsible for this: mosquitos hate the smell. I have taken B.Y. in the past as it is a very cheap source of all the B vitamins. I believe as a result my hair is still its original colour ( mouse)!!

    Thanks Ah2424

    Calories in oxo are 13 not too bad.

    Eirlys not sure but if you only add very little it won’t be much. I used to drink flavoured water but I then found out there were lots of calories in it. The one I had was about 25 calories for a pint glass and in the summer I have about 2 a day. Not a lot 50 calories on a normal day but they all add up.

    I really enjoy the squashes I shall try the peach one next it sounds lovely. I really like the green bottle elderflower drink but that is packed with calories as well. 30 calories for 100ml so 300 for a pint!

    Have a really good week all.


    Hi All

    I am just starting to watch a series Back in Time for Dinner. This is about a family who literally go back in time for their food choices. The kitchen is redesigned to suit. So week 1 starts with no fridge, milk kept in the larder in a basin of water which is on a marble slab.

    The tin opener bit is hilarious, I have used one of these as my Nan had one. Wondering if I can another one now. Rationing is till in place and they are eating bread and dripping as part of their meals. I have never had this but older peopke in my family have and they look back on it with fondness.

    You can find the program on the iplayer it was on BBC2. For those of you not in Britain this can be found via the link below:

    I am just off to see if I can find the food survey they mention.

    I can put the link up to I player if you like there is 4 episodes 50s onwards.

    It will be interesting to see how food has changed over the years and how it has effected our weight gain


    We watched that, Ginette, though we missed the 50’s. Never mind! We lived through that!!

    Guess the wartime rationing diet would soon sort us all out.

    I’ve had a fasting day and feel quite full. No breakfast; 3/4 of a bowl of home-made Asparagus Soup for lunch: home-made Spanish Frittata for evening meal. Latter was not that tasty without cheese but wasn’t bad. Filling! Then a Satsuma.

    Total calories: under 500.

    Will have my second fasting day Thursday.

    I feel quite satisfied but won’t weigh tomorrow!

    Tried fasting all day today until about 6pm – didn’t find it all that bad – kept sipping my fizzy water. No visitors around today – off seeing the sights, so no temptations and was able to do a little gardening. The last two weeks have been difficult with friends here – eating out and so on – hopefully by the weekend I can truly make an effort. I must say all this talk about dripping is taking me back – nothing quite like bread and dripping with the jelly from the bottom of the basin and lots of salt!

    Fasted yesterday, weighed today as I know I did a good fast – lost half pound since Saturday weekly weigh-in so even though had big curry Friday satisfied I’m progressing. Exercising more now but that, though seems silly to say, does build muscle and consequently weight, so real progress in my book.

    I don’t exercise apart from a little gardening now and then. Should walk, really, as this is an excellent way to lose weight, though maybe my sauntering isn’t what one should do.

    fasteddie: Every little helps. Half a pound loss every week for a year: nearly two stone.

    Bunnie: I have never eaten bread and dripping but I love bread with lashings of butter.

    Other Half bought me some Genoa Cake as a treat! Help!

    Went to pub and had MASSIVE salad, chicken and bacon with black pudding – on a fast day! Ideal third of a plate of protein/fat and rest deepest green vag with no potatoes. This to me is combining the modern science of getting the right carbs with fat and protein to make sure that fasting is not just cutting out food but getting the right stuff while you’re doing it.
    Saunter all you want, Eirlys, it helps in more ways than one and proves the need for an individual approach.

    down from 11st 3lbs to 10st 13 in two short weeks but combining fasts with low-carb diet now after reading How We Get Fat: mine of info on how body really works and does not diss the fast diet, just explains that doctors/state giving wrong advice or misinterpreting for years. Insulin, and the carbs which makes it flow, is the enemy. Intend to get appointment for yearly test when I reach 10st 7lbs, the top of my safe BMI. I have had to cut the exercise as well this week due to circumstances so the loss is positive news.

    Well done fast Eddie

    Living up to your name then.

    Hi All

    Lots of meal plans on here free

    Also recipes

    It looks good. I hope you have all had a good week.

    Eirlys well done on your loss a nice steady one but with brilliant results.



    Hi Everyone,
    We just got back from a camping trip to Holland to see the bulb fields and it was well worth the long drive as the flower displays and aroma was very special.

    So now back to concentrate on getting the weight off.
    Well done to Eirlys and Fast Eddie, your hard work and great results are inspiring.

    Thanks Ginette for the link to meal plans.

    I am going to pick out the one’s that I like so pick and mix, to get some stricter control on my fast and non fast days.

    Hello Everyone,
    Have just got back from a 3 day trip to Cornwall visiting the Eden Project. I will admit to having a couple cream teas and a pasty! (well you have to in Cornwall don’t you!)Annoyingly my husband can eat whatever he likes and doesn’t put on weight but I am now back on the 5.2 in a serious way! This is the only thing that works for me as I don’t feel I am constantly on a diet so I didn’t beat myself up about eating slightly more whilst away. Thank you Ginette for the meal plan link very helpful.

    These are recipes for 300cal 5:2 meals.

    There are 50 of them so a good chance you can find something you like. Link below:


    Hi everyone! I am a 72 year old grandmother, just started the FD last week, losing 2lbs. I have been a yoyo dieter all my life and this feels like my last chance to shift the weight! My family try to encourage me but after so many failures have almost given up. Life has been a real rollercoaster, and my reaction has always been to comfort eat. No one sits on me and forces food down my throat. Sorry if I’m moaning on, but when I read about those of about 8st. trying to lose weight (sorry if this is you) I just about give up! My target is 11 st. which is what my GP recommends. On a positive note I am taking up nordic walking (GP’s advice) and the sunny weather here in London certainly encourages a more outdoor lifestyle. I really really need someone to hold on to me through the ups and downs of FD. Help!

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