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Very Low calorie Soups

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  • Hi

    I am trying to find a recipes for any very low calorie soups, anybody have any for us both to try.


    Hi there 🙂

    I must say, soup is my fave meal on fast days!

    I usually cook celery and frozen garden peas (the celery for bulk/low cal, the peas for fibre) and if I’m craving carbs, I’ll put a small potato in there with some vegetable stock. 🙂

    The one I made today for example was as follows:

    110g potato (84 cals)
    2 stalks of celery (12 cals)
    100g frozen peas (81 cals)
    1/2 knorr vegetable stock cube (8 cals)

    So this (according to MyFitnessPal App) came in at around 185 calories.

    I usually eat 3 larger meals rather than snack throughout the day so feel free to chop some of those calories I suppose 🙂

    Bella x


    There is a really tasty and filling soup I have been making on my fast days.

    1 onion
    3 garlic cloves
    3 carrots
    150g green beans
    75g chorizo
    1tsp paprika
    can of chopped toms
    about 1.5L chicken stock
    can of canellini beans
    and a big handful of kale

    Add ingredients, bring to the boil for 15 mins then add the beans and kale and simmer for another 10 mins.

    makes 6 portions which can be frozen and is around 150 cals a serving (1 large bowl full)

    Hope you enjoy

    I make the following huge pot of soup and share it with my husband on fast days so it’s 200 calories each and we get approx. 2-3 bowls per person.

    3 Knorr chicken stock cubes
    350g carrots, chopped
    250g onions, chopped
    300g leeks, chopped

    Boil together the stock, half the carrots, all the onions and half the leeks. Simmer until soft, blend and then add the rest of the carrots and leeks. Simmer until tender, add salt to taste and pepper. This is delicious, hearty and filling. Add 50g cooked chopped chicken breast for protein if you’d like for an extra 70 calories.

    A very low cal, quick soup I highly recommend and make a lot is spicy chicken noodle. One chicken stock cube simmered in water (small pot) with a clove of garlic and a knob of ginger as well as thinly sliced chilli to taste (I use red). Add half a nest/block of Sharwood fine noodles to the simmering stock, crushed in your hand or left whole, depending on taste. Add in 25g chopped, cooked chicken breast. Cook for a few minutes, add freshly ground black pepper. Gives 2 bowls at 86 calories per bowl!

    Aargh, forgot to say, remove the garlic and ginger, it’s just for flavour!

    My version of Chicken Noodle Soup. Add or omit vegetables as you like. Is quick to make and involves hardly any cooking.
    Serves 2

    Enough chicken Stock for two bowls of soup. (make from either fresh chicken pieces or left over roast chicken carcass and keep in freezer)
    3 x celery sticks finely chopped
    Red, Green and yellow pepper finely chopped
    Finely sliced mushrooms
    Handful of Beansprouts
    Handful of Spinach or coriander
    1 pack of noodles (I use Amoy Fine vacuum packed noodles)
    grated fresh ginger
    1 finely chopped chilli
    Chopped spring onions (keep some back to add to serve)
    Dash of lime juice
    Dash of Fish Sauce
    Dash of Soy Sauce

    Heat the chicken stock and add the ginger, chilli and celery. Bring to a slow boil and add all the other ingredients. Don’t overcook to keep the keep the vegetable fresh and crunchy.

    Taste,adjust seasoning, serve in bowls and sprinkle with extra spring onions.

    I’m not sure of the calorie count for this soup but if in doubt have it on a non-fasting day.

    I made this today.. Makes about 2 and a half litres of soup. The whole lot is only about 780 cals so if you divide it into 6 portions of about 400ml it is 130ish cal per portion soup. The rest can be frozen for another fast day.

    250g butternut squash diced
    250g parsnips diced
    1 med sized carrot diced
    Finely chopped onion
    3 sticks of celery finely chopped
    25g red lentils
    1 tin tomatoes
    1 and a half to 2 litres of boiling water
    2 tsp vegetarian bouillon
    herbs and salt and pepper to taste
    put everything into a large saucepan, and pour over a litre and a half of the boiling water, and simmer until everything is soft (about 20 mins)
    Liquidise with a hand blender, and divide into six portions of about 400ml each. Add extra water if you want to..

    Starting my diet tomorrow. Thanks all for your soup recipes, I will definitely give them a go! 🙂

    Some of these look good 🙂 My wife makes a polenta soup with garlic, turkey and veggies. Not super low calorie but very healthy

    One tin of tomatoes 80 calories 3 red peppers 120 (peppers cut and cooked in oven with some fry light) I add chilli and garlic powder and blend
    I over estimate the calories so I say 250 calories for the pan ( the pan provides 3 good bowls ) so about 90 cals a bowl xx

    If you can’t be bothered to cook it I found Covent Garden mushroom soup is only 85 calories per half a carton which is good value. Especially at the moment as it is on offer at Waitrose if you have one near you.

    I made the simplest Carrot & coriander soup ever on Monday. As I’m shaking up my fastdays and wanted something low GI I tweaked the Weight watchers recipe I usually use and cut out the potato – Total success! It was lovely and thick, tasted yum and made a really good sized 4 portions or 5 or 6 if you were going to use them as snack portions for during the day (I was having mine as my main meal of the day with a bread roll).

    About 1kg of carrots, peeled & chopped,
    1-2 red onions chopped (to taste),
    2 cellery sticks chopped
    1 Veg stock cube & 1 Chicken stock cube in 1L of hot water,
    1 bunch of fresh coriander,
    A bit of dried coriander and pepper to taste.

    Method: Bunged everything but the coriander in the slow cooker on high for 2 hours. Added the chopped & dried coriander for the last 10 minutes or so (while the bread roll was warming) and then whizzed it all up in the blender prior to serving.

    YUM! and I’ve just worked out the calories and found that splitting it into 4 portions should equate to 100kcal or LESS per portion!!! Crazy good value for calories.

    Soup is an essential dish of my normal diet, as I am watching what I eat. Though, my problem is, that I get used to food quite easy, and I do not like eating the same stuff every day, so I am glad I’ve come across this post, as now I have a plenty of soup recipes. So my diet will not be boring anymore, and I will experiment on trying different bowling for soup versions.

    If you really want speed, V8 veg juice is really delicious either as it is hot or cold, or added to other things like onion and lentils. It’s pretty low cal, so you just have to work out what you’ve added cal wise.

    Don’t know if you can get this outside UK, but it’s tomato, celery, carrot plus a few other things (beetroot?) and spices.

    Hmm, never tried to heat up V8 juice. Interesting idea. I will experiment with that. Thank you.

    I use the V8 veg juice as a base for several soups that I do. The spicy tomato one is my favourite, as it adds nice flavour to things like minestrone or beef stew. I use that in place of tinned tomatoes, as neither my husband or my daughter like tomato chunks. I have also dumped it to the pot in place of the stock. Gives it a little thickness and is just very yum! 🙂

    Thermomix Red Lentil soup is great

    have tried this potato soup
    Replace your starch filled potato soup with a cauliflower soup and instead add some baked potatoes as a topping. Quite a delicious and low carb diet which you would definitely love.
    Calories – 185 per serving
    Carbs – 24.9 grams per serving

    Thanks all for your soup recipes, I will definitely try!

    Spiced Vegetable Broth
    Makes 6 one cup serves (abt 60 cal)

    100g red lentils (260 cal)
    100g cauliflower (20 cal)
    120g brown onion (30 cal)
    30g celery (4 cal)
    100g carrot (23 cal)
    2 vege. stock cubes (12 cal)
    150g tomato (20 cal)
    4 cups water

    Wash lentils.
    Finely dice vegetables and combine with a powdered spice mix. Sweat down for a few minutes in a little water. The spice blend I used was:

    1 tsp ground coriander seeds
    1/2 tsp ground cumin seeds
    1/4 tsp asafoetida
    1/4 tsp chilli powder
    1/4 tsp ground black pepper
    1/4 tsp garlic powder
    1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 bay leaves

    Add the red lentils and the rest of the water. Bring to a simmer and cook on a low heat for 15 mins. Remove the bay leaves. Eat as is or blend slightly for a thicker broth.

    You can halve the calories by using 100g of cooked lentils (70 cal).

    LaZuppa soups are really low cal and quite tasty and spicy! When you don’t have time to cook. The one I have in the cupboard atm is South American style Chicken and corn and has only 23 calories!(100)kj.
    You find them above the cup a soups in Coles and Woolies 🙂

    I’ve used this quick and easy soup before that doesn’t take any effort. I take about 4 Tbsp of salsa, most store bought brands are about 15 calories per 2 Tbsp. Add enough water to it to make a bowlful of soup. Microwave to heat it up and enjoy.

    This is one of my very favourite homemade soups.

    Butternut Squash and Carrot.

    500g Butternut Squash 81 cals
    3 Large carrots (120gms)45 cals
    1 Onion (150gms) 55 cals
    1 Tin Crushed Tomatoes 110 cals
    1 Veg Stock Cube 10 cals
    100g Mascapone Cheese. 412 Cals
    I also add a splash of tabasco sauce about 10 drops and salt and pepper and a little Basil. The tabasco is 0 calls and the Basil is 1.2cals for 2 tsps.

    Method (simple)
    Put all ingredients (except the mascapone) into a slow cooker or pan on low heat. I use a slow cooker.
    Cook until everything is tender then blitz. Add the mascarpone and blitz again until smooth. You could leave it a bit chunky if that´s how you like your soup. This makes 4 delicious servings and works out at 110 cals per serving, I used the Myfitnesspal for calorie count.
    My husband loves this soup as well and he has his with chunky homemade bread!!!
    Hope you like it.

    Sorry to anyone who tried out my recipe as I left out one very important ingredient,
    One litre of water to desolve the stock cube.
    So the method should read put all the ingredients into a saucepan or slow cooker including the stock cube desolved in the litre of water. The rest as written.

    mostly i’m having this soup in my evening snacks time or my fast day

    i love this soup

    1.Apple & parsnip soup=

    2.Carrot & coriander soup

    3.Arbi Soup with Oriental Spices

    this are so delicious you should try this soup.

    find on fingo9

    If I’m using soup as my main meal on FDs I use any combination of seasonal veg, usually with legumes as they are filling and also supply some protein.

    However, If I need a speedy soup that requires no cooking and has almost no calories then I make a miso broth with konjac noodles. It only takes as long to make as the time taken to boil a kettle:
    1 sachet miso paste
    1/2 packet of konjac (shirataki) noodles
    1 1/2 – 2 cups boiling water

    Place the boiling water into a large bowl and dissolve the miso into it.
    Put the konjac noodles into a sieve and drain. Rinse in hot water. You can cut them into smaller pieces if you prefer.
    Add to the miso stock. Eat.
    Depending on which brand of products you use this has roughly 160kj (38 calories). I use Hikari Instant Miso Soup sachets (117kj each) and Changs Super LoCal Wok-Ready Konjac Noodles (44kj 1/2 packet)
    The konjac noodles make it quite filling and I think it tastes better that commercial cup-a-soups.

    You can also turn this into a more complex and larger soup by placing the ingredients into a saucepan and adding shredded asian vegetables (eg bean sprouts, snow peas, spring onions, brocolli, choy sum) and aromatics (eg lime leaves, laksa paste, tamari, fish sauce, lime juice, lemon grass, garlic, ginger, chilli).

    I’ve only started this week and being a lover of soups I’m going to be trying out these recipes

    thanks everyone – I’ll add some of mine when Ive got myself organised

    LJoyce where do you buy hikari miso soup sachets from?

    Hi Hereigo

    I get both the miso and the konjac noodles from my local supermarkets. I live in Australia, so the brands we have may not be the same internationally. All of my local supermarkets carry it (Coles, Woolworths and Foodland). It is shelved with the Asian products rather than with other stocks. All of the supermarkets have multiple brands – some were packets of single serve sachets (which is what the Hiraki brand were) and some were containers or bags of miso paste that you would use 1-2 teaspoons at a time.

    If your local supermarkets don’t have miso paste then try health food shops – my local one also carries miso but it is a more expensive place to buy it from. You could also use an ordinary stock cube if you can’t find the miso.

    Just in case you haven’t come across konjac before, I probably should also mention that it’s not grain based it’s plant fibre. So very different to normal noodles and a fraction of the calories. If you made this broth with normal noodles the calorie count would be much higher.

    I was in the mood for a creamy soup today, so thought I’d share my cream of mushroom recipie.

    oil spray
    1 onion
    1 carrot
    1 stick celery
    250grams well flavoured mushrooms (eg field, portabello or swiss brown)
    2 teaspoons beef stock powder (I use Massel vegetarian stock powders)
    1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves (or 1/4 tsp dry thyme)
    Cracked pepper
    1 garlic clove
    3-4 porcini mushrooms (optional)
    1.25 litres water
    1/4 cup skim milk powder

    Peel the onion and carrot and destring the celery. Chop all vegetables into large chunks.
    Spray a 2-3 litre saucepan with oil spray and heat over medium heat.
    Add the onion and garlic and stir for 2-3 minutes until they start to soften.
    Add remaining vegetables, including the porcini if you are using these, thyme, pepper, water and stock powder.
    Put the lid on and simmer for 30 minutes, or until all vegetables are very soft.
    Leave with the lid on to cool for 30 minutes. Add the skim milk powder and then blend the soup to a smooth puree. You can use either a stick blender or normal blender.

    You should have roughly 1.5 litres of soup.
    Per cup it is 180 kilojoules (43 calories).
    For a snack or light lunch I have 1 cup, or as a main meal I have 3 cups (half of the soup). Sometimes I add diced cooked chicken for a more balanced meal.
    Leftovers can be frozen once cooled.

    You can use a cup of fresh low fat milk instead of the powdered milk, but you need to reduce the water accordingly or the soup will be too thin. I particularly like using skim milk powder for creamy pureed soups as it adds the milky creamy texture I’m seeking, without diluting the soup.

    some lovely recipes for soup here. I have soup nearly every day for lunch after taking the dogs for a long walk on the beach. I often cheat by buying pre chopped veg from the supermarket usually buy 2 get one free. Yesterday we had butter squash and sweet potato mix and I just added chicken stock and seasoned it. Tasted lovely. Not sure how many calories were in it but it can’t be a lot? I had a bowl full and my husband had a extra large helping with a bread bun. Tomorrow I am making vegetable soup, again pre diced and chopped veg…good at getting your 5 a day into your diet. I always have protein in my main meal…usually chicken because I love it. I do have a soup bible which gives loads of lovely soup recipes in it, may be worth ordering a book. If it hasn’t got calories and nutritional information in you can work it out and write it down on the page. Great for the cold weather and super tasty and filling.

    hi there how much water do you add and the 200cals each…is that each bowl or in total? thanks krista

    I add salsa or Rotel tomatoes to my veggie soups and OMG, I even crave it on non-fast days.

    On very hot days, I prefer a quick vegetable soup that requires no more cooking at all. My preferred Low FODMAP Breakfast friendly. It’s really very tasty. Few days Ago one more recipe Which I have Tried is Low FODMAP vegetable Soup. It was also very tasty and cooked in less time. If You want to try this recipe than you can read this blog also. It contains more low fodmap recipes which is very Low in Calorie. I have found this recipe here

    Hope You Enjoy!

    Mexican soup. my favorite. a small piece of chilli pepper (30 g)

    1 tablespoon of olive oil (10 g)

    2 onions (200 g)

    2 red peppers (500 g)

    1/2 cans of corn (100 g)

    4 cups of broth (1000 g)

    100g of chicken minced meat (100 g)

    1 tablespoon of tomato paste (100 g)

    1/2 cans of red beans (200 g)

    1 can of tomatoes (400 g)

    In a pot, sauté the onions in olive oil, add the diced peppers. Fry 3 minutes.

    Add minced meat and vegetable broth. Cook for 10 minutes.

    Add beans and corn.

    Add tomatoes in a tin and tomato purée.

    Mix whole, season to taste and cook until the peppers are soft and the soup is thick.

    I like the idea of sharing recipes. I live in the USA, so when I post a recipe I’ll try to write it in both USA cups/spoons and Metric grams/litres format. Also, I’ll have to count on you to help me find any glaring errors, since I will have to use an converter! It will be good practice with metric.

    Wow, thanks for all the amazing recipes.

    Lentil soup
    chicken noodle
    chicken rice soup
    pasta fagioli

    All homemade of course, they do make those progresso 100 calorie soups and my mom loves them but you have to watch the salt content. Cream based soups are too fattening but are very good

    Without the cheesey bread Tesco’s ‘Nana’s Magic Soup’ comes in at 97 according to the comments on the recipe page!

    Thanks for the recipes

    Thank you all for info)

    Absolutely, here are a few recipes for very low-calorie soups that are both nutritious and satisfying:

    1. **Vegetable Broth Soup**:
    – Ingredients: Assorted vegetables (such as carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, spinach), low-sodium vegetable broth, herbs and spices (like thyme, oregano, parsley), salt and pepper to taste.
    – Instructions: Chop the vegetables and simmer them in the vegetable broth until they’re soft. Season with herbs, spices, salt, and pepper to taste. You can blend it for a smoother consistency if desired.

    2. **Cabbage Soup**:
    – Ingredients: Cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, low-sodium vegetable broth, garlic, herbs and spices (like bay leaves, paprika, black pepper), salt to taste.
    – Instructions: Chop all the vegetables and sauté them with garlic in a pot until softened. Add vegetable broth and bring to a simmer. Season with herbs, spices, and salt. Let it cook until all the vegetables are tender.

    3. **Tomato Soup**:
    – Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes (or canned tomatoes for convenience), onions, garlic, low-sodium vegetable broth, herbs and spices (like basil, oregano, thyme), salt and pepper to taste.
    – Instructions: Sauté onions and garlic until soft, then add chopped tomatoes and vegetable broth. Simmer until the tomatoes are cooked through. Blend the soup until smooth, then season with herbs, spices, salt, and pepper.

    4. **Spinach and Lentil Soup**:
    – Ingredients: Spinach, lentils, onions, garlic, low-sodium vegetable broth, herbs and spices (like cumin, coriander, turmeric), salt and pepper to taste.
    – Instructions: Sauté onions and garlic until translucent, then add lentils and vegetable broth. Cook until the lentils are tender. Add spinach and let it wilt. Season with herbs, spices, salt, and pepper.

    These soups are not only low in calories but also packed with nutrients, making them great options for a light and healthy meal. Feel free to customize the recipes with your favorite vegetables and seasonings!

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