Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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  • Thanks 2myhealth, it was a struggle fasting on Monday, so I was glad I saw it though 🙂

    Yesterday was an eat day, and I actually felt hungrier than when I was fasting. Any small amount of food seems to trigger my hunger and makes me want to eat everything. (luckily I didnt and kept it quite low lol)

    Another normal day, but I’m tempted to add today as an additional fast. Tomorrow will be fasting as well. Not sure I am okay doing back to back fasts. Has anyone done this? I can try it, but won’t put too much pressure on myself. I do want to keep Thursday as my official fast day, as its easier with commitments of the day etc.

    Have a great day everyone, we are SO strong 🙂 🙂

    Hope everyones okay and keeping strong 🙂

    Oh, I do love this forum. I enjoy logging in when I get to work to catch up with posts, and read the wonderful support, its such a HUGE help, so much easier than going it alone.

    Its a fasting day for me today and I’m feeling positive. My hubby made me the most delicious dinner last night, it was heaven. Steak, onions, mushrooms, and a few chips. I savoured every mouthful lol.

    Nothing today until this evening. I’ve got painkillers with me in anticipation of the headache, although I plan to drink more water if at all possible. I suppose the extra trips to the toilet will be extra exercise haha.

    Have a great day everyone x

    I am fasting today and it’s going just fine. i have already had everything I am going to have today. Tomorrow is my normal LCHF-day and also my weighing morning. I expect I have lost some since I REALLY(again :D) started fasting+LCHF.My bloodsugar was great a few hours ago and I get more motivation thru that info too. I’ll tell you how my weight has reacted – see you tomorrow.

    This has been my toughest DD so far. I think it is because I had a light dinner last night. Cut my workout short. Am going out for 9 holes of golf in a bit. I did put an Oh Yeah bar (190 cal) in my bag. And some apple slices. And I have that homemade Negative Calorie soup pulled from freezer for dinner.

    Think stress (family issues) is contributing too. Plus company arriving tomorrow, and I always have a hard time figuring what to feed them. Stepdaughter is a vegetarian which also complicates problem.

    Ok, half of day is over. Going to go drink more water!

    2myhealth-I hope your day went ok even though you had challenges to overcome. My fasting day was just fine and my weight showed 71.1 kg (it was 73kg on the 1st of Feb..but I didn’t eat according to my plans during the flu and some other weeks too. I am very happy to see my health being better(blood sugar ok). And ofcourse the mood ! I am going down in the weight and also my health markers with this 2 fast days +LCHF other days. You all just keep going >>your health will get better which is important.

    Tuula, great job on the fast day 🙂 I love the health benefits of this plan 🙂 keep going!

    2myhealth, I sympathise with the family stress, I know it can hinder our plans. Hope your day ended okay. How was the golf? Thats good exercise with all the walking 🙂 I hope it all goes well with your guests today 🙂

    My fast day went well, I think I’m coming in at slightly under the 500 cals. I dont think this is a problem though. I was tempted to eat more than I should yesterday, but I stood firm and filled myself up with a cup of hot water and lemon 🙂 Struggled getting to sleep when I went to bed. I think that can be a side effect of the fast.

    Normal day today, and just had a small portion of Special K Cereal for breakfast. Delicious!

    Have a great day everyone xx

    Thanks for empathy! I got through the day, but also had trouble sleeping. In fact, very much so. Finally at 2:00a I gave in with a small bowl of Cheerios. It is technically the next day, but have never done that. At least it helped me to sleep. Going to have nonstop talking from stepdaughter and a 4yo and 2 yo. by noon today until Monday.
    Golf was good. Just played 9 holes and shot a 46 in very windy conditions. Since tourney starts on Monday, I am going to escape for an hour or so both days and go practice putting. That always needs attention!
    Weight showed 1/2# gain. Not going to sweat it. Good job on your down days and weight loss! And have a nice weekend, everybody.

    Monday morning weigh-in showed 2lbs down! So pleased 🙂

    I’m fasting today, and hoping it will go smoothly. People say they get easier, its the afternoons/early evening that I struggle. I can do this!

    Hope everyones okay x

    Monday at 6.30 P.M. It’s again another fast day which has been sucesful. I had a friend visiting me a homemade cheese with her ( I took a small piece of it). I think my calories are under 500 anyway. I’ll weigh myself after the second fast day on Thursday thus Friday morning – you’ll hear from me then. Have very good fast days all of you XXX

    Had another successful fast on Monday, I do think they seem to be getting easier, although I dont want to speak too soon. I also did a good workout on Monday afternoon after I left work, so felt good.

    Yesterday I had a day with my son, it was wonderful. I miss him so much and wish I could see him more. I ate normally yesterday, and feel okay about it.

    Next fast day is Thursday, and I’m looking forward to it. Today I plan to keep my calories quite low too.

    I’m enjoying my positivity about this. Just wish I could feel the same about work! Not in the mood at all.

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

    Fasting today 🙂 Feeling good about it 🙂

    Fasting…doing fine so far at noon (here). I am sure everything will go well.
    DragonFly ….feel good all day long. Have a good day ! 😀

    Hi ~ beginning of DD. Missed doing one on Monday, but tense enough days Mon-Wed with the golf tourney. Switched partners as former one never stopped talking. This one has some temper issues to,the point of making you feel uncomfortable. Calling opponent a bi… Not to her face but still….I had to listen to it. Then again I’m the common denominator so maybe it’s me. Ok, enough about that.

    Everyone doing fine? I am heading over to Fitness Center and then my house needs attention big time. Want to get ready to put on market so need to hop to it.

    Here’s to a great 500 calorie day!

    2myhealth, hope the golf tournament was good, despite the partner issues lol!!

    My fast day yesterday was rough to put it bluntly. I did it, but it was hard. I came in at 500 cals at the end of the day.

    Just had some cereal for brekkie now, and my tummy is making me suffer for it. Its so wierd how it does that. I dont feel hungry so much as a bit nauseus. Oh well …

    Snowing here today, really badly. I’m stuck at work at 8.15am, stressing about the drive home already. I’ve asked to leave at lunchtime. Getting stuck here is my worst nightmare!

    Have a great day everyone with whatever your plans for the day are 🙂

    Feeling really disappointed. The 2lbs I lost last week, were back on when I weighed this morning 🙁 I think it has to be the wine, I did have some this weekend. I got up and did some exercise this morning, and am fasting today, although feeling rather frustrated. Lots of hard work last week with fasting days and now a gain. I’ll try to stay positive, I’m guessing this can happen along the way.

    I forgot the fasting today -had my thoughts somewhere else. I’ll try to fast tomorrow. Keep strong DragonFly or then just relax a day or two and continue when you feel better and not so frustrated.

    Thanks Tuula 🙂 I did complete a fast day successfully yesterday, despite my annoyance at the scales. Normal eat day today.

    Have a good day x

    Hi! I’m back!
    So much catching up to do reading your posts!

    I was off for 2 weeks altogether. Great holiday, ate a lot, drank some too and got sunburned!

    I took already the sunday for fasting. I actually felt the need for it. My tummy couldn’t handle the return to a fiber rich diet. 😀 Went surprisingly smooth after the pause!

    Dragon, I read your post from 24 feb. Somehow I’ve struggled with similar issues. Started to wonder if I eat enough on normal days because of the sudden need to eat so much. Or should I just accept the fact of eating evening heavy, but plan it better and healthier?

    And, big news: I have a scale. Already hate it. Or the number it gave me (straight after the holiday). I try to stay cool, and step on it weekly no matter what!

    Keep calm, and keep fasting!

    Hi Saara, nice to see you back 🙂 Glad to hear you had a nice holiday 🙂

    So, yesterday was a normal day for me. I ate more than I usually would, but its fine. Someone was leaving at work, they brought cake, and it was delicious! I only had a small slice, I promise 😛

    Today is yet again a normal day, I was tempted to fast, but tomorrow is my day and it would be too hard were I to fast today as well.

    Busy at work this morning, its 11am now, and this is the first time I’ve had chance to get on here to update! Hopefully will be around more tomorrow/Friday though. I do need to be here when I’m fasting, it helps.

    Have a great day, and as you say Saara, keep calm, and keep fasting! (love it)

    Fasting today. Its my third week, and my sixth fast. For some reason I seem to be struggling this week. Not sure if its because I’d gained on Monday when I weighed myself. I’m carrying on, but its been a hard week. I’ll push on and hopefully see a drop on Monday. Last week I did quite a lot of exercise, so I’m trying to tell myself its muscle weight that was showing, but I dont know.

    I hope everyone’s doing okay. Cant wait for weekend when I can forget work for two days!!

    Stay strong and fast on …..

    I’m struggling with hunger today, and battling in my head about it. I’m not going to give in, but I do feel sooooooooo hungry for some reason. Trying to drink plenty of water, and work though it. It will pass …. I have an hour of work to go before I can get home, although I wont be eating until at least 8pm as we are taking the little boy to Karate class as soon as I get home! That doesnt finish till 8pm. It keeps my mind occupied though, and there’s no food there to tempt me lol ..

    Its quiet, hope everyones okay.

    Hi to you all – and especially Dragon , you seemed to have lonely time here!

    After I read the Mosley book and other stories about 5:2, I believed that after two weeks “you just ride it”. But I cannot really tell it from my experience. It still feels somewhat hard, easy days are more an exception.

    Are you sure, Dragon, that you eat enough on normal days, and get your good fats etc.?
    Or if the stress you feel at work simply eats all your energy?
    How are your fasting days? Could you just have light food throughout the day?

    I first started with 3 small meals per day, now one in the evening is ok. Often I keep some food with me as an “emergency”. As I work with children, I need to stay sharp and energetic without excuses…

    Everyone has probably had ups and downs with their fasting by now, right? Just stay strong, Dragon, even if the commitment doesn’t seem to pay off every week. In bigger cycles it should – maybe when you get to full month or past it you will realize the changes.

    But I also think if fasting is more a negative aspect in your life than positive, you should give yourself some compassion, and let it go for a while. But I truly hope that’s not the case, just a tough week maybe?

    Soon it’s weekend, let’s all enjoy it!

    Hi Dragon:

    As a person’s weight can vary a couple of pounds a day for apparently no reason, it is common for people to ‘gain’ weight while doing 5:2 if they weigh on one of the ‘up’ days. Also, if you have been exercising more than usual, you may have ‘damaged’ your muscles and the body retains water to repair damage caused by exercise. Many find they gain weight or don’t lose if they start to exercise at the same time they go on a diet.

    So just keep on keeping on, and you will lose weight.

    Here are some tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    That’s a good point, thanks simcoeluv!

    Thanks simcoeluv, that does make sense. Last week I did up the exercise somewhat! I need to be kinder to myself and not obsess too much about the numbers. On the whole, my body does feel better three weeks in 🙂 I will keep at it.

    Saara, thanks for your support. I think its just been a long week work wise. I’m feeling much better today. I did the fast, and stayed at the 500 cals. Personally, I have to eat one meal in the evening, its the only way I know I’ll stay at the 500 limit. I need to focus on the fact that hunger comes in waves, and doesnt last long! I’m proud to say I did it though, and its a normal day today.

    And, its Fridayyyy!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

    Oh dear, it seems I’m home alone posting here at the moment. Never mind, its my way of documenting progress.

    I’m on week four now, and have been fasting today. The headaches have completely gone on fast days now, which is great. I’m feeling a bit cold, and my tummy is rumbling but I feel positive.

    I actually seem to be losing inches rather than fat. I was the exact same weight again this morning as I was last Monday, and yet I’ve been following the plan as to the book as I possible can. Inches are fine … I wore a hoody yesterday that usually is snug when I zip it up, it was loose yesterday! I can handle losing inches, for now. I do want to see the weight go down, but I will not be too obsessed about what the scale tells me.

    I had the best weekend. Me and my fella spent most of it out in the countryside, the weather was wonderful, spring is in the air!

    Small dinner later to keep it below 500 cals, and then normal day again tomorrow 🙂

    I’ve been reading lots of threads on here today about how its a slow and steady weight loss, and some weeks you can even gain. I’m feeling clearer about it.

    For a Monday, I feel okay 🙂

    Good thursday!

    Sorry Dragon for your lonely time here! Luckily there are other good threads to keep busy with!

    I had to make a several meal plan today, somehow I was starving already from the morning. On fast days I usually try to sleep longer than normal, and today my system got mixed because of an early wake up.

    Just had a slice of dry rye bread with a boiled egg – tasted like the best thing ever!

    And miso soup – that is my new secret weapon!

    Saturday is the terrifying scale day, I’ll let you know how it went this time! One week after my holiday I had got 1kg (2,2 lbs) down, but so had my hubby who is not on 5:2…

    Yes – spring is in the air! Also here in north! Started the road bicycling season yesterday!

    Take care!

    Hi everyone,
    I am on hold with the fasting but surely will be back in a month’s time I suppose. Hope you’ll do fine with the fasting and other ways too. 😀

    Hi all!

    Short update: again 1 kg down in one week. That actually seems like a lot. Probably not a continuous weekly result.
    Todays fasting seemed to go really smooth. No cravings whatsoever. I could even watch my husband eating sausages.
    Then my muscles started aching, felt dizzy and I noticed I’ve got temperature…

    Oh well, now it’s only a battle against boredom, not being able to amuse myself with treats while staying at home. Lot of laundry will be done!

    How are you two, 2myhealth and Dragon?


    The thread is silent, and I haven’t been too active myself either…

    Fasting has become such a normal lifestyle for me, that this lovely support group has in fact become unnecessary. Which is kind of a good thing!..

    For me it has been soon 3 months experiment with one 2 weeks break in between, and some couple of days off during the rest of the time.

    Some weight loss is happening, but I’m not too concerned about it. I stick to my weekly weighings, though. Last week it was -400g. Interested to see what the next 2 months will do.

    The biggest benefit I still would say is psychological (although I do enjoy fitting in my skinny jeans again).

    – I’m less concerned of my blood sugar levels.
    I’ve found out that I stay better focused and sharp at work without snacking. The recommendations of 5-6 meals per day I cannot understand anymore.
    I even do not feel hungry every 3 hours as I did before.

    -Eating proper food when I do, and enjoying it. I do eat sweets, and without regrets. But I eat less for fun nowadays. And if I do, it really has to be good!

    So whether I keep up with 5:2 or not in the future, I definitely have got a lot of good things from it to keep in my life.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, also happy to read more in the future!
    Just letting you know my email will still notify any activity on this page, if anyone feels like chatting. 🙂

    Wishing you all a wonderful spring time!


    Hi Saara, this thread went so quiet, so I wasnt tending to post on it. I’m glad your still around, the support is indeed so vital to me, to keeping me on track 🙂

    Over the Easter break I went a little off the rails, but today is Monday, the first proper full week back at work after the break, and I’m attempting a fast today. Before Easter, the weight was really going down, I’m so mad at myself for letting it slip.

    I didnt sleep to well last night, stuff at home going on. I think its going to be a long day, but I’ll try and stay positive. I need to sleep!!!

    Have a good day, I hope this thread starts to pick up again 🙂


    Hi all, reading your posts are inspiring. How is everyone doing now? Since the last post was in February I was wondering if you were all able to keep working towards your goals. I started this program last week and am fasting today. Lost 2.2lbs my 1st week. 🙂

    Hi FastEnough 🙂 Thanks for your support 🙂 This thread started off quite busy, but seemed to quieten off. I’d love for it to pick up again.

    I’ve been fasting today, its been rough! I’ve got a pounding headache. I have been doing this for a short while, just over a month, I didnt fast over the Easter break and I can certainly feel it now!

    Hope your fast days going well 🙂 stay strong, and great weight loss! I love the results this plan gives, I know before Easter I was heading in the right direction. Just need to get my fasting days back on track now.

    Hope to chat to you more 🙂

    Glad you “guys” are back. So far today is going well. I would love another 2lbs gone this week but will be happy with 1/2. I have always heard that you need to shake up your routine to lose weight and I love the flexibility of this plan to do just that. I’ll keep doing 5:2 through April and will re-evaluate the plan in May.

    I too experience headaches with fasting. I’m making small steps in my life to not only lose weight but to be healthier like eating healthier snacks and meals. This being said, I still drink diet soda. Last week the headaches eased when I drank the diet drink. The day after fasting I was so nauseous but the soda helped settle me.

    Keep going!!!

    Yesterdays fast went to plan, so one under my belt for the week. Next one will be Thursday. I had herbal tea and water during the day, and a weightwatchers meal for dinner 197 calories, leaving enough for two small pieces of bread. Surprisingly, it filled me up nicely. I’m not too hungry this morning, although I have brought breakfast with me to work. I’ll hold off as long as I can before I eat. If I’m not hungry yet, no point eating just because I can.

    The headache was a slight problem yesterday but I think it was because of a lack of sleep on Sunday night. I’m not sleeping as much as I should be, and it shows.

    I hope everyone has a great day, stay focused and you can do this!

    Good luck x

    I’ll be doing my next fasting on Thursday with you. 😉

    We are active again!

    I’m also with you guys on thursday!

    I wonder what it is with the headaches, that everyone else seems to have.
    I keep sipping coffee throughout the day, maybe it helps? And basically only coffee and water until the evening meal.. Not too tummy friendly perhaps but no headaches either!

    Really interested to read how your 5:2 is going, FastEnough.
    I bet you will not quit after the 1st month! 🙂

    The Easter time got me hooked in chocolate, and there is still plenty left, lurking in the cupboard…. Not fair!

    Maybe see you tomorrow with updates!

    @saara – I hope I don’t quit. So far I’ve lost 2lbs in the 1st week. Friday is my official weigh-in but as of today, the scale shows another 1lb down – hope I don’t blow it! I have 15 health pounds to lose and maybe another 5 vanity pounds. My goal is by mid July for family photos.

    How are you doing on your journey? I’m thinking of going 16:8 today but not sure if so many changes are good for my body at once. I thought I would go 16:8 when my weight loss stalled and hit a plateau. Just going to listen to my body.

    Happy Thursday Saara and FastEnough! Are we all still fasting today? I plan to … I hope I manage to get through with no problems. Its not hunger thats so much the problem for me, I think psychologically I feel I should be eating around lunchtime, rather than be being actually hungry. I also hope that headaches are easier today. I managed to get more sleep last night, so hope it helps.

    What are your plans for your meals today. I’m just saving the calories for a small meal this evening. Its something to focus on. For me, if I eat all my calories early on in the day, its like I’ve nothing to look forward to. Is that crazy? Also, my other half will be eating this evening, and to sit there with nothing would kill me.

    Green tea and water for me until then. Hopefully work will keep my mind occupied.

    A positive, I am wearing a pair of trousers today that 12 months ago were so tight they were uncomfortable. They are now bordering on too big for me! Love it 😀

    Have a great day … fast on, we are stronger together 🙂

    Good luck!


    Fasting with you!

    Well done, Dragon! Concrete results are the best reward!

    I assume the fat is melting all over my body, but the best indicator is still my boobs shrinking in my bras…

    And you are so right about that – food time is social time and important to have!

    Many Thursdays I’ve survived, but still every time I doubt!.. I will save my porridge for the evening, but keeping a fruit with me for the day, just in case.

    FastEnough, I wonder if 16:8 combined with 5:2 is a bit too much. Just give 5:2 a month to see what it does alone. Over doing will only kill your spirit.

    The more I go on, the more I’m convinced that this is a lifestyle, or “journey” as you put it so well. And as it is your lifestyle, you do not want it to be a misery. 5:2 should work without extra pushing. Maybe not always as easy or quick as you hope, but it works.

    There are some really good posts on this forum for encouragement and motivation if you only have time to go trough them.
    (I did yesterday, and this link came up: http://charleycropley.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/FASTING-ART-Harpers.pdf , really interesting and well written stuff)

    It’s good to keep in mind other benefits besides the weight loss too!

    Have a good fasting today! We are strong!

    Dragon, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m fasting today here as well. I planned a small meal of chicken and carrots for dinner tonight but I may be meeting a friend I’ve been trying to catch up with for months (also a business partner) for lunch today so I have to plan carefully. Told her NO Chili’s – my favorite place! And no place that serves chips, bread or peanuts before the meal.

    Saara, I agree about waiting for a month and see how I progress before doing 16:8 although I’ll say most days I’m not really hungry. I have 14 weeks left to hit my goal of losing another 16-lbs so I’m not stressing yet. I think that is a realistic timeframe.

    Because I’m an excel nerd, I’m tracking my progress mostly with a spreadsheet. I do use MFP to track my weight but stopped using it to track calories because I want to try and make this a lifestyle change and cannot see myself tracking calories for the rest of my life. I’ll re-evaluate later if I start gaining or stalling for an extended period of time.

    I’ll check out the link too, thanks!

    Happy fasting!

    Saara, the link was a very interesting read. I like his style of writing and the back stories. My husband is one that believes that the medical community isn’t interested in preventing and curing diseases but in profiting from multiple visits and prescribed medications. I am not as cynically but it does make me stop and think about it from time to time.

    I have saved to send to loved ones that may be interested. I’m not ready for a long fast but sounds like an intriguing challenge for someone down the road – who knows.

    Pleasant Monday everyone!

    Fasting with me today?

    I actually realized my goal should be only couple of weeks away!

    So, what after? Have you guys thought about maintenance issues?

    I guess I will stay with you as long as 5:2 feels good (1 month-2?), and still have enough flesh on my bones. Not a problem yet!

    The past month i lost 3,5 kgs (7,7lbs). Not bad, huh?
    A big amount of it was of course from my holiday – fast gained, fast resolved.

    The sun is shining, spring is here!

    Have a good day!

    I’m fasting today too 🙂

    Saara, I’m in a similar position with my weight. In perhaps a month, I will be attempting to maintain. I havent really thought about what my plan will be then. Do people do 6.1? I’m scared of putting any weight lost back on!

    I’m so tired, I’m really not sleeping at all well at the moment 🙁

    Hope today goes well for everyone x

    Fasting today as well. I have a few months to go before I have to worry about maintenance. I think I’ll stick with 6:1 after and switch it up to 5:2 if I starting gaining. At least that’s what I’m thinking at the moment.

    Great job Saar and Dragon for getting close to your goals!

    Hi everyone, how are you doing? Finished my 3rd week of fasting and lost another pound. Down 4.8 in three weeks!!! 14lbs to go!

    olá a todos! sou brasileira, 56 anos e com muito peso para perder, já diminui 20 kg com dieta Paleo – LOWCARB iniciada a 2 anos, fiquei um ano num plato.
    Pesquisando sobre jejum Intermitente encontrei esse site Maravilhoso!
    Adoro ler os posts colocados aqui, ajuda muito no processo.
    Comecei dia 30 de março, estou muito satisfeita com os resultados – 2 kg em 15 dias.
    Por eu não consumir açúcar e farinhas, fica bem fácil de fazer o jejum, não dá picos de insulina e portanto não tenho fome, faz muito tempo que fico sem cafe da manha e a primeira refeição era as 12:00 horas, então para fazer o jejum foi fácil!
    Desculpe por não escrever na língua Inglesa, uso o corretor para a leitura.
    Moro no sul do Brasil, aqui ainda bastante quente, o inverno não começou, tenho mais facilidade de perder peso nos períodos frios, os dias são menores e as atividades sociais diminuem bastante.
    Um abraço a todos!!!

    Olá! Welcome Anaide, google translate helped me to read your post. 😀

    Here the winter is barely behind, slowly heading to summer!
    It felt like fighting the natural laws while fasting in winter. I felt so cold! But the winters in Brazil are quite different than ours here in north, that’s for sure!

    Great results already, bravo! FastEnough is also going strong – almost at the end of your first month now! Time flies!

    Does this happen to anyone else: on fast days I often find myself reading trough food recipes. As to torture myself! I really have to stop doing it.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone! Enjoy!

    Hi everyone and welcome Anaide 🙂

    I’ve been away for a few days, back at work today. I really over indulged with wine and all sorts of stuff I shouldnt, but moving on.

    Attempting to fast today. Water, green tea and have some painkillers for the headache should it occur. Hopefully not if I drink plenty.

    Good luck with the day everyone, what are you plans today? Stay strong!

    I am back fasting tomorrow after about a month’s brake. I’ll try to fast on Mo.+Thu but it may also change.On other days I eat according to LCHF. I don’t have very much to loose (some 9-10kg) but I want to keep my sugarlevel down to normal.
    I have kept an eye on you here -ha,ha !! See you.

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