Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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  • Hi ! I am TuulaL (call me Tuula) and started again today. I need support all the way…and at least Dragon promised to help me.See you all here soon.

    Thanks Tuula for starting this thread, I am going to use it to keep me motivated, because I seriously need motivation right now! I was unwell over the weekend, so my planned fast day yesterday didnt happen. Trying today though. Water and green tea during the day and then I’m going to mums for dinner after work. She knows me very well, and it will be under the 500 cal limit, which should leave me enough for a low cal drink before bed.

    Its hard at work during the lunch break, when I can smell everyone cooking their food. I’m going to go out and look at clothes for the full hour, I need some new trousers for work, so will spend time doing that today πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the day, and hope we get some support along the way from other forum members should they wish to join us. The more the merrier I say.

    Stay strong x

    Have a good day today Dragon ! I understand it can be difficult during the lunch hour if the smell is too good but as you’ve planned to do something else during that time > you’ll be fine.
    I had my first fast day yesterday (in several months) and you may wonder about my eating…in the morning I didn’t have more than a large cup of tea and late in the afternoon,at 2.30 P.M.(late for me) I had 57grams of cherrytomatoes,a boiled egg, 50g cucumber,coffee with 3 spoonfuls of cream and a glas of white wine =435kcal(I counted it in the Finnish FINELI which is easy to use, http://www.fineli.fi/ it’s also in English on that web adress).
    And I survived !! On Thursday I will not have wine but something else πŸ™
    Stay strong you too xx

    Hello Tuula and Dragon Fly!

    I’m joining your thread, for sharing ideas and support! I’m quite new to 5:2, heard of it 3 weeks ago, and begun right away!
    I’m in my 30’s, looking for getting rid of some extra 3-5kgs, that seem to have come to stay. Also I recognize some bad habits in my eating (sweets in the late evening..), that I want to get rid of.

    So, how was your 1st day,Tuula? Are you doing mo-thu fasting like me? And Dragon?

    So far I have noticed this is more a mental challenge than a physical one. As for Dragon I also struggle when having a good smell of food in my nose. In fact I can feel totally fine and not hungry, but such impulse straight triggers my tummy to shout for food!
    When it happens I try to tell myself “it is only a smell”, as I like to think “hunger is just a feeling”.

    Have a good day ladies and eat well today!

    Hi Saara (sounds Finnish name) and welcome to the thread to support and get supported.
    Well,my fast day went just fine. I am not hungry at all on fast days(I’ve fasted 3 times before but somehow went back to the old habbits – because of psychological reasons-this ‘fast business’ and my life alltogether is and has been stressful the past year and I eat for psychological reasons.If I know there is a cake or something like that in fridge…I start eating it while noticing that it wasn’t as good as I had thought. And I do mo-thu fasting,hope to be able to continue this way=hope the stress will disappear soon,really soon.By the way i read what I had written above -it was 2 spoonfuls of cream,the wine was very dry.
    Have a nice day Saara ! I’ll be here on Thursday again (I guess) πŸ˜€

    Hi ! I have got a bad flu (common cold),not inluenza.Today it’s quite ok,I take Virgin Coconut oil in tea,which kills viruses.Hopefully I can fast tomorrow.If not then on Friday. I though would like to fast tomorrow but I’ll try to listen to my body which tells if I am ok to fast.Just to inform you Dragon and Saara.

    As you said yourself, listen to your body, Tuula! There are other days (and weeks) for fasting if not tomorrow!

    I’m having a tough and long day at work tomorrow, worries me a bit. I have to plan my meals really carefully . Just not feeling too confident in how I will manage…

    I like to keep my food simple: small portions of oatmeal with (blue)berries, egg or two, and vegetable soup are the things I like to have during the day (+coffee!). I’m trying to switch from 3 meals to 2 now. We’ll see!

    Take care you two!

    Good morning ladies! As I thought I am not fasting.The flu seems to be quite hard. I haven’t had flu in 3-4 years but now I got it from my hubby(I think). I’ll fast another day,maybe on Monday and let my body to get over this slight fever and other flu symptoms.See you later. Take care.

    I find fasting when I’m sickish great. Thing is since I started 5:2 and then did the 4-5 day fasts once a month I haven’t had more than a little sniffle and a couple a times I’d get a cough starting to settle in, I’d fast through it and it in two days it was gone.

    Usually I spend 2 – 3 weeks in the hospital each winter. Flu shots and all and I would still end up with pneumonia that would about kill me. 9 plus years of that.

    But not last year when I started 5:2 and so far not this year. A sniffle a bit of a cough. I’m on a water fast till it’s gone. Two maybe three days, sure beats the ….. tar out of 2 weeks in a tent feeling like I’m drowning from the inside out.

    I’m not saying do it or even try it. Just that it seems to work for me. Who knows might well have gone away not gotten worse without me doing a thing. I’m not looking at a free pass from being ill.

    Morning ladies, and welcome Saara and QuietOne πŸ™‚ I really wanted to do proper fasts this week, but I’ve been so unwell. Tuula, hope your feeling better soon, its been a similar thing with me, bad cold, sore throat and generally feeling run down. I think I will focus on next week to bring back the proper fasts. I’ve kept my food low this week though. My body has been crying out for energy, so … rather frustrating, but we must listen to how we are feeling.

    We’re moving to a new office as of next week, and Sunday is my birthday. I’m using both events as the focus for my proper new start lol.

    Good luck with the day πŸ™‚ At the moment, I feel I could fast, but its only 8.30am, so a long day ahead.

    Almost weekend and rest time!

    Stay strong xx

    Ok .. I love how motivating this forum is. I’m going to fast today, properly! I have to do it now, I’ve written it down lol. Wish me luck πŸ˜€

    Hi Dragon,
    You can do it for sure. I have been in the bed for the most of the day. I have really bad flu BUT I will get over it and continue my fast day plan as planned !


    Really interesting what QuietOne is saying!

    How did you all survive your thursday? Feeling any better, Tuula and Dragon?

    For me it was a bit of surviving around 6pm, but only 2 almonds made miracles until i got my “proper” meal!

    One thing I’ve learned from fasting (and of myself), is that even a huge hunger can actually be settled with a tiny amount of food! Kind of disappointing to notice, since I enjoy eating so much!..

    Hi everyone πŸ™‚ Friday at last. I did fast yesterday, kind of. I probably went slightly over the 500 cals, but I’m okay with that. Like I said, Monday is my fresh start and I plan to go all out.

    Today I’m not too hungry yet, but its early. We’re moving office today, so it will be a mixed up day of moving/packing boxes. I hope it goes quick, need to get home!

    Tuula, I hope your feeling better, take care x

    Hi! I had to drove car yesterday and even today which I found was not ‘healthy’ but I am getting better=I slept better last night,the night before I was up from 2.A.M. drinking tea,not sleepy at all etc. I’ll probably have a fast day on Monday.
    QuietOne- your wasy to handle the flu probably would work for many other people and next time I’ll try it or at least 1-2 days only water. I think when the body gets nothing but water it has a possibility to cure and kill viruses and your experiances with pneumonia in the past and your life later shows that fasting several days with water is good for you.I figure this out that way (I am an ex-nurse,retired).

    Jeans update / baby steps forward

    So: today I took out the jeans that got me doing this 5:2 in the first place.
    Last time I wore them I had to keep the waist button open for the whole day to allow some blood circulation in my torso. SInce then I hided them to the darkest corner of my wardrobe, trying to ignore what my waist was trying to tell me…
    The past 1-2 months I have embraced a baggy “boyfriend jean” style, just to forget my waist ever existed.

    As I said, today, after 3 full weeks of 5:2 I took my old pair of jeans (after organizing my wardrobe yesterday and having to face them again) getting ready to be disappointed. And they fit! They fit as they did when I bought them. Snug, yet comfortable. I’m sitting in a bus at the moment, and still don’t need to open the button!

    So I guess this bloody fasting is working! Not that i doubted, just thought it would take longer to notice anything!

    For those who might be interested in numbers: I do not own a scale, and didn’t measure my waist when I started. Sorry. But when I get to the point that I feel it’s enough, I will buy a scale, measure myself, and try to keep it there – hopefully for the rest of my life.

    And naturally: the challenge continues!

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

    Hello everybody !
    Good for you Saara. This 5:2 really works. I am glad you managed so quickly to start using your ‘old’ jeans.
    I will have a fast day tomorrow though I am not well yet but I think fasting will just do me good. Then I will continue on Thursday as planned if nothing special happens.See you later….

    Morning πŸ™‚

    Saara, how wonderful it feels when you can get into clothes again! I love that feeling, it really helps motivate to carry on.

    Tuula, I hope your feeling better now, take care of yourself.

    Its a new start for me today, Monday and I’m fasting seriously today. My next one will be Thursday, wish me luck! I am hoping today as the first fast day will be easier than Thursday is going to be πŸ™‚

    Stay strong xx

    Ok, I’m updating now because its the lunch break at work (the hardest time for me) … I went out for a walk and am back at my desk now, and I’m proud to say that I didnt buy any lunch! I’ve had black coffee and water so far today, although probably not the best choice given that I am bound to end up with a headache later. Oh well, no food is my focus, and I know I can do this.

    I will have soup later and then hopefully sleep.

    Hope everyones going well today πŸ™‚

    Hi ladies. Starting today. Recently bought a pair of shorts that I can zip & button but way too tight to actually wear. Will fast today and Thurs and try them on come Friday. Will try not to be disappointed if not there yet, but will use as my gauge
    Question: How often do you weigh? I like to weigh daily, but am considering doing once/week.

    Hi everyone and welcome 2myhealth πŸ™‚ I prefer to weigh once a week, I did do it daily, but it fluctuated so much it drove me mad! I do need some new batteries for my scale though. Note to self, get some!

    Hope your fast day went well. I fast Mon/Thurs.

    Good luck πŸ™‚ x

    Hello ! Welcome 2myhealth. To answer to your question of weighing…it depends but now after I started again I weigh myself after 2 fast days thus on Friday morning. Yesterday went very well -actually I was not hungry at all so my kcal must have been under 500,I didn’t count πŸ™ But after Thursday (my second fast day this week) I certainly will weigh myself.I am 65yrs and want to get down to some 62-64kg from 73kg.I watch the carbs always even on fast days though I must admit that I took 2!!!! large slices of home made cake on Sunday. I am going to start my walking sessions again as soon as possible after my flu which isn’t over yet.Besides it’s raining cats and dogs (should not be any excuse because I have suitable cloths and boots).End of excuses. Have a nice day everyone πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the welcome! And weigh-in advice. Had a great day yest & could not help but weigh this a.m. Lost 1/2#. However, with no alcohol and lots of water, tea the sideway glimpse of my body was astonishing. Swear stomach really shrunk. Ah, heck, maybe it’s the empty feeling…..LOL

    Sorry about the flu! Did you have a shot? Just curious.

    So will now try heed your advice & not weigh til Fri. It seems so amazing that I am not dreading Thurs at all. Happy to be here.

    Hi 2myhealth ! I had /have normal common cold as it was called at my school time. I took the influenza shot which I prviously took 2011 and I was not going to take it now either but having asthma in the family(not me) I decided to take it.
    Your stomach may and obviously have shrunken…if I remember right dr.Mosley said in his book that stomach starts to get smaller after some time of fasting because we even on ‘normal’ days tend to eat less or at least do not eat it totally full.

    Hi everyone!

    And welcome 2myhealth! I also love the flat feeling in my tummy.
    Not sure how much real weight loss I had in the first weeks, but I felt immediately a lot less bloated and could see the difference!
    As I told earlier (as an answer to the weighing) I’m doing this a bit unorthodox way, without a scale – one way of doing it I guess! πŸ˜€

    Some help needed: I find it difficult and annoying to count calories, and that’s probably why I stick to same routines every fast day. So, would you people have any good recipes to share? πŸ™‚

    What I can share (for difficult moments), is chia seeds mixed with water. Dull taste, but gives a feeling of having something solid in your stomach!

    So, I guess everyone is doing well and back on track?

    See you soon!

    I’m positive about how my weeks going food wise. Yesterday was a normal day, but I didnt over do it, although I did have some pancakes when I got home with maple syrup (yum!!) they really filled me up, so didnt really have dinner after that.

    One thing I have noticed this week is my stomach is so sore, its not nice. Last night and most of yesterday it was making me feel really queasy. Not sure if its diet related, but I’m just going to have fruit tea and water throughout the day today. I remember after my fast days last time I did this, my tummy felt delicate the day after. Thankfully it eased before bed time and I slept so well.

    Have a good day everyone with whatever your plan is today.

    We are strong!

    Hope everyones doing okay. My tummy troubles have a positive, as I’m on my third fast day this week πŸ™‚ I hope it settles down soon though, because its not good being uncomfortable when sat at work all day πŸ™

    Ready for weekend now, its been a long week with the office move. I’m so tired.

    Have a great day, whether fasting or enjoying a normal day. Stay strong xx

    Dragon, you seemed to have a difficult week! But you’ve almost made it now! Really hope your tummy gets better soon.. A big hug to you!

    I’m fasting today. (8th day, makes a month now! ) Going as long as I can with a cup of coffee today…
    Yesterday for some reason I had a huge craving for food. Normally on non fasting days I find it easy to keep control, but not this time.

    I also feel flu trying to get a grip on me, fighting back strongly!

    Soon it’s weekend, I’m also looking forward to it (especially the reservation to a restaurant, that we made months in advance)!

    Keep up the spirit!

    2nd fasting day here. Will keep busy.
    Saara, would you share your one month results? If you’re comfortable doing so. Dragonfly, hope you are feeling better. And you, Tuula?
    Quiet one, that was interesting about fasting through illness.
    Ok, tomorrow is first weigh-in day for me.

    Happy Friday everyone πŸ™‚

    2myhealth – I’m feeling much better today, thankyou! Hope your weigh-in was positive today πŸ™‚ I still havent got any batteries for my scale!

    Saara – thanks for the hugs. I’m relieved to say my tummy is much better today. I’m wondering if I had a bug or something.

    Tuula – How are you? I hope your feeling better now *hug*

    Its wierd, I’ve not weighed but today I feel lighter. Its a nice feeling. I’ve done three fasts this week, and feel so much better for it. I just hope I dont blow all my hard work this weekend. I know i’ll be okay with the food aspect, its just the wine and the fact that its weekend and my other half will be enjoying a few drinks! I’m allowed a glass right? I promise I wont go mad lol.

    Have a great day everyone, and stay strong πŸ™‚

    Hi everyone,
    Yesterday was my fast day and it went really fine,no problems at all. I think I will weigh myself next week because I had the flu and ate ‘wrong’.I think I have lost a bit of my weight too but not sure. I am very stressed now (DragonFly knows the reason)-I eat for negative feelings. Hope the weekend will be better or at least the near future.

    Was anxious to c/i here to see how your weeks went Tuula and Dragon Fly. Glad you are feeling better.

    Lost 1/2# on both DD. Very satisfied. Will enjoy the weekend and then be back at it on Monday.

    Monday again!

    How is everyone?

    I also had a terrible flu, felt totally sh*t for two days.
    From now it can only get better.
    But I also did enjoy good food and drinks as a compensation! Better to allow yourself some treats at time to time without bad conscience.

    2myhealth, I will share whatever there is to share. πŸ˜€ I do not have any specific numbers, but this I can tell:
    Based on my jeans I must have lost at least an inch.
    My small but wobbly love handles have almost disappeared. This was confirmed by my husband, who is well known of his brutally honest opinions.
    And my bra: a lovely, expensive new bra that I got only 3 weeks ago. Too big! I have gone 1 cup size down! I do not know whether to cry or laugh, but one thing is sure: it’s plain fat loss!

    Possibly I’ve lost 1,5 -2 kgs? Just to say, I’m a very short person, so even small changes in my weight are quite visible both in good and bad..

    And – I actually talked one guy at the gym into 5:2 last week! A small entourage building up! πŸ˜€

    All the best, especially for those fasting today!

    Hi !
    Started fine this morning. Then got distant friends over…so…another day.

    Feel ready for another DD. Not sure if I have done damage over weekend but don’t think so.

    Saara, don’t you hate when you lose weight in your breasts? Too bad about the nice bra. Although now that I’m older, I wouldn’t mind losing some there. 2kgs = how many lbs? Sorry, being from U.S. Don’t know metric system. Sounds impressive!

    It’s great when you feel lighter! I do too! Ok, hope to take another lb off this week.

    Ok, Tuula and Dragon, did you die? Where are you?

    I am here but not fasting. This week goes by without fasting. Next week is another chapter. You all fasting -keep going strong !

    Oh ok so nothing to report. Maybe Dragon is taking a break also. It’s 11:30a and feeling hungry but I know it will pass. Have celery & carrot sticks all cut up for this afternoon. Coke Zero is next. How’s everyone else doing?

    I’m so sorry for being absent. Lots of family stuff going on this week, and I too haven’t fasted once πŸ™ … I’m so disappointed in myself, but I vow to get back to it on Monday. I’m struggling adjusting to my new office surroundings too, which isnt helping. I’m really not good with change.

    I’ve kept my meals low this week, but I’ve had wine .. my complete weakness, and I KNOW this is what makes me retain the weight.

    I need to get my head together.

    Stay strong everyone. I promise I’ll be around more next week.


    Hi DragonFly and all the others !
    It’s not a sin to keep e.g. a week in between the fast weeks. We can very well adjust to this fasting system. I do not care if I have something more important to do than keep up to fast days – just relax everybody !! Please allow yourselves to live your life ! πŸ˜€ XXXX

    Ah, it’s ok. Life does enter in. Can be back next week. We have company coming next week Fri-Mon and so I’ll be sidetracked too. Think I’ll switch Mon DD to Tues. back to this day.

    Well, I at first thought I had gained back last week’s lb. lost, but turns out I gained 1/2#. BUT, I lost inches! Have never been much for measuring but did take the time nearly 2 weeks ago and it proved valuable.
    Today will be a morning walk and golf this afternoon.

    Have a great weekend!

    Good Morning, hope everyones ok πŸ™‚ I’m back on the fasting wagon today! Plenty of water for me, I think I will feel better to get a fast day under my belt. I weighed this morning, and was actually pleasantly surprised as I was lower than I thought I would be, fantastic motivation.

    I downloaded a pedometer app onto my phone, so am using that as of today. I’m going to walk at lunch, take the stairs at work rather than the lift (I’ve got so lazy with that) and hope for a good loss this week.

    Have a great day everyone whatever your plans are πŸ™‚

    My fasting day is at noon in Β½ an hour. So far ok and why shouldn’t it go well the rest of the day. I was on one 86th birthday on Saturday (ate a large piece of chocolate cake,Sacher cake).But yesterday at another birthday (16yrs) I had my own ‘pieces’ with me = cheese and everything went well. After Saturday I felt awful -high sugarlevels, so it reminded me of a better life ! Today is a continum of a better life when fasting. The next fast day should be on Friday.Have a pleasant day and stay strong.

    Hello everyone!

    Has been quiet, but I’m still here!

    Everyone seems to be good? And Dragon Fly is on fire! πŸ˜€

    It’s not always an easy ride, but I’ve managed to keep the rhythm up. The noons are always the worst for me!

    I’m off to a holiday (late honeymoon in fact) in couple of days, and will be totally off of fasting too.
    But I’ll be back!

    I might have even bought a scale by then!

    All the best to you and see you soon!

    Hello Saara !
    Good to hear you’ve kept the rythm up. Honeymoon…wow…congratulations ! It’s good you don’t think of fasting at all. There’s something else to do on a honeymoon!
    I’ll have 40th Anniv. in April. Seems such a short time πŸ˜€

    Saara, enjoy your honeymoon break πŸ™‚ sounds amazing. Like you, i’d definately not be fasting during that time πŸ™‚

    Its lunchtime where I am, and although I’m a little hungry, I think its just habit rather than actual hunger, so I plan to keep going! I know I can eat tomorrow lunchtime, so am keeping that in mind. This is just one day. Its strange how just one week without fasting can make the first fast day a bit harder.

    Tuula, I hope you are well over your flu virus now. The cake at the party sounded delicious!!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, we’ve got this!

    Hi everyone !
    It’s almost 8 P.M. This fast day went fine and I’m looking forward to Friday. DragonFly – I am all right now after the horrible flu,it hit my husband very hard and I kind of escaped it though we both were really sick a long time -it wasn’t influenza but very bad common cold=flu.
    See you after Friday here on this site. Take care everyone. We’ll manage this thing very well now and in the future. Sure !

    Sounds like everyone is back on track. Saara, have a wonderful time and break on your honeymoon.

    Not sure how it happened, but I lost 1# over these last 3 UDs. Hopefully, today’s DD moves me even closer to goal. But I had gained so at the start of week 3 I have lost 1.5#. Happy with it.

    Had a workout this a.m. Late lunch was cottage cheese, some cantaloupe and strawberries. Hope everyone has a great day or evening!

    I did my fast yesterday, and at the end of the day the calories were probably slightly under the 500! It was rough though. By mid-afternoon I had a banging head, but stuck with it. By the time I was warming up my soup I felt quite nauseus. Oh my soup tasted so good πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Went to bed feeling proud of myself.

    Just enjoying a nice yoghurt for breakfast now, and will look forward to a sandwich at lunch time.

    Next fast will be Thursday.

    2myhealth, I bet the workout made you feel great. I love how I feel after exercise πŸ™‚

    Tuula, see you after Friday πŸ™‚ Stay strong!

    As you should be proud, Dragonfly!

    Another lb. gone. 2.5# to go. One more fast day this week, then kids & grandkids arrive. That means feeding frenzy, and coming up with vegetarian meals. And tonite I learned 17 yo grandson is coming to visit with his girlfriend over spring break. Told my dd and SIL, he is more than welcome but make sure he can fend for himself somewhat because we don’t eat 6-8X/day. I am so not exaggerating. Those of you with teenagers can relate, yes?

    Make it a good day!

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