Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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Tuula and Dragon's weight loss begins right here

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  • Saara, I too look at recipes on my fast days, glad I’m not the only one.

    I ate a lot of pasta last night so I’m thankful for todays fast.

    Great to have you back Tuula!

    My last weeks result was only -100g.. So, if it slows down for good, I’ll have to think what to do.
    This weeks weighing will tell!

    Lately I have been really bored of fasting. But still persistent to find out how this thing develops!

    Having you all here is so helpful for getting inspiration and good vibes!

    Good to be back thanks.
    Doing just fine.The first part of today’s fasting since last night was 14hours and now soon off for a walk and then a cup of coffee with 2 spoonful of cream and again fasting until next morning. That should be all right. Let’s see.

    Saara, I wonder if when we hit a point where the scale is not moving if switching from 4:3 to 5:2 or vice versa would shake up our systems more and help get over the plateau? Hope you’re not there yet but I have been losing pretty well right now and know that soon I’ll be in that situation and wonder the best way to approach it.

    Yes, exactly!

    Difficult to imagine the weight would only keep decreasing so close to the goal.

    I’m afraid to push the weight loss (meaning anything beyond 5:2), especially if i end up in a weight I’ll not be able to maintain long term. So rather a kg or two more than too little.

    I quess I have just felt so fatigue and out of energy lately, that it eats my motivation!

    Do you know if fasting can cause anemia?..

    I did already get some iron supplements, doesn’t do any harm!

    Hope you are ready for tomorrow! See you soon!

    Tuesday fasting went by fasting and now on Thursday I am on it again. Haven’t had anything else than a black coffee in the morning + water (after last evening from 6 P.M.) Going to have an egg or 2 + vegetable soup+coffee with 3 spoonful of cream for lunch.Let’s see again.
    We have a beautiful sunny morning now at 9 A.M.Have a good day each and everyone of you fasting buddies.

    This week (fasting on Tue.+Thu.) I lost 0.5kg. Am I glad ? Yaeah,sure. I’ll continue next week. See you soon.

    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday in Brazil was a holiday, so I fasted three days in a row, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it was worth the effort decreases 1 kg yesterday lunch with friends, but I made the menu fully Paleo and I ate LOW CARB which greatly facilitates the fasts is not eating carbohydrates, in my case is just neglecting me and compulsion back.
    Today breakfast in company with co-workers.
    I think I’ll only get to fast again on Monday.
    But I was happy to have organized the week this way!

    A Brazilian hug everyone !!!

    Hello ANAIDE,
    Your fasting seems doing you good. I myself have thought of fasting 3 days in a week but not in a row. I’ll try it at least once in the future. On non-fasting day I eat low carb + normal fat like olive oil and butter,my carbs go from 20grams up to 30 grams,mainly from vegetables,not fruits because of my diabetes2.And no flour either because flour becomes sugar in the system. I have read quite a many books of LCHF (on the net DietDoctor.com ). Thanks for the Brazilian hug…mine comes from FInland πŸ™‚

    I didn’t stick to the fast yesterday and had hoped exercising last night would show a loss on the scale but sadly, this was not the case. I didn’t gain either so I’m not too disappointed. Trying to decide if I’ll fast today or start again on Monday.

    Hugs from America! πŸ™‚

    Ups and downs on our way to better health but we just keep on going…. πŸ™‚ We won’t give in, oh no ! Good to have hugs from America too ! I guess FastEnough is from USA ? Or Canada?

    By the way – do you use skype ? I mean it’s so easy to talk about fasting or whatever on skype. I have friends from USA,Australia,Japan,S.Africa and even met 4 of them at my place,one couple from Australia twice !!

    How do I post pictures?

    Hi ANAIDE,
    I don’t know if you can post pics here at all. Maybe you’ll find away to do it when reading the above FAQ e.g. but I haven’t ever seen pictures here on the forum.

    Hi everyone! A week since I updated. I’ve been half heartedly following the plan, not been in a very good headspace lately. Anxiety is a big problem at the moment, not sure whats wrong with me πŸ™

    Fasting today. I weighed this morning and am the same weight I’ve been for a few weeks. The dreaded plateau.

    Everyone sounds as though their doing great. Keep up the good work.

    Happy fasting πŸ™‚

    Hi Dragon and the others !
    I have a fasting day today. Going not so good today but trying any way. Next day on Thursday.
    Keep going…it’ll be all right. πŸ™‚

    Hi all!

    So.. the plateau hit you, Dragon.. At least you didn’t gain anything lately, did you?
    Take care of yourself now and try to charge your batteries!

    This time of the year tends to be quite hectic and even stressful for me… Is it also for you Dragon?

    And now: the latest weighing proved that I didn’t start to plateau.
    I would be in top model range if I only had 25 cm more in height!

    My plan is to keep doing 5:2, but take it easier with the food. Let’s see where it get’s me…
    I think it’s the best way – keeping the rhythm, but increasing the calories a tiny bit. Or decreasing again if needed!

    Have a good Monday!

    TuulaL, obrigado pela informação!!!

    ANAIDE – you’re welcome. Did you find a way to post pictures here on the forum ?

    I have to change my fast day to Friday but no problem there. See you !


    Anyone fasting today?

    My past 3 weeks have been filled with food!
    Every weekend parties and happenings, and way too much sugar! And it continued on weekdays.

    I did kind of fast, but filled my calories with crappy stuff (a doughnut for ex..). And last thursday I simply skipped.

    Feels good to be back to 5:2 routine!
    Also a (small) gain in weight motivates a great bit!

    Lovely beginning of the week for everyone!

    Hi …
    Mother’s Day yesterday -cake,ice cream + everything else. The results I saw on the scale. Have to think this over again. Maybe fasting on Thursday. Besides we have had very warm /hot days the past week which could have been good fasting days but I kind of thought I have to get used to the warm weather and enjoy it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Excuses,excuses ! See you later.

    Hi everyone, I’m making today a fast day, then again on Thursday.

    Saara, I’ve been exactly the same, this past few weeks I’ve not fasted at all. I’m disappointed because I can feel the weight creeping back on. Why does it do that faster than it comes off!!!

    I’m with you on the fasting today, I’ll check in later if I can. I will definiately need the support today.

    Tuula, hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the day xx

    Dragon and Saara….
    Keep on the good mood and fasting. You’ll succeed.
    Thanx for the wishes for Mother’s Day (yesterday),Dragon.
    I’ll check here every now and then.

    Seems a bit quiet here, how is everyone. I’m sorry I’ve not been around, work has been busy, and I’ve been struggling. Not with the eating/fasting, thats going ok, just everything else stressing me out. When I weighed on Monday I was the same weight .. i’ll keep pushing on. I wish I had the metabolism I had in my 20s! I want to see results too quickly sometimes, and yet I KNOW this isnt how 5.2 works, its a marathon not a sprint.

    Stay strong everyone, hope your all out there doing really well πŸ™‚


    Hi Dragon,
    I am not fasting this week. Been stressed about the exhome which is now sold.I guess I can start thinking of fasting again but first next week. Tomorrow I’ll again start(think of starting walking sessions)walking and then next week the fasting days. It’s this start of summer which changes everything (at least in my life).Hope to see you all here some day.

    Hi! Here I am!

    Didn’t have much to report lately… Sorry.

    Two weeks of feasting takes two weeks of fasting for getting back to the old numbers!
    The non 5:2 weeks gave an immediate feedback. Lesson learned.

    In fact only less than a kilo more, but I prefer not to gain any! Saturday will tell if I got rid of it or not.

    It’s all about balancing now, since I feel quite good in my body already.

    But yes – this springtime, as lovely as it is, also is impossible for maintaining normal routines…

    …What the heck – let’s just enjoy it!

    All the best!

    Oh my word, just about remembered my password for this.

    I’m fasting today … going ok, but its lunchtime at work which is always a test.

    I’ve become way too lazy on all levels.

    Back on it today and I’m writing down in a diary all the food I eat/exercise that I do.

    I really need to do this.

    Fast days Mon/Thurs.

    Weigh in – Monday mornings.

    Hi Dragon Fly,
    I am thinking of having fast days too. Let’s see if I can start next week on Monday.
    Good luck to you or it’s not about luck or is it…. πŸ˜€

    Tuula .. give it a go! I’ve done one day and already feel better, its so strange! πŸ™‚

    So, yesterday’s fast day went so well, and no alcohol! I thought I’d struggle with that given that I’ve had some every night since Christmas.

    I did a work out yesterday morning and I’ve done another today. Muscles are very sore, but its telling me that I can do this.

    Normal eating day, within reason, I’m keeping it low still. I want to see a good loss next Monday.

    Next fast day Thursday, so will probably update then.

    Its been a really good week so far, fingers crossed it carries on.

    Fasting today, although have woke up with a headache, so really hope that wont cause a problem. I’m hoping I’ll be busy at work, which also helps.

    I really need to see a loss on Monday, I’ve tried so hard this week, and the big thing I’m proud of is NO ALCOHOL at all! I will be SO disappointed if there isn’t a decent loss.

    Push on … and keep fasting today πŸ™‚

    Where are the painkillers though …. πŸ™

    Good to hear your good news DF=Dragon Fly. Keep going…
    I actually started this morning with an egg + a cup of coffee with a spoonful of cream. Later this afternoon,as late as possible I’ll have a vegetable soup+an egg. I’ll calculate the calories but I remember that it was under 500 kcal. Besides I thought I might go for a short walk in the windy weather in the afternoon.

    Hi DF (and possibly other people too πŸ˜€ )
    I had a very good day yesterday while starting my 5:2 again. Next Monday is the second fast day. I ate something else yesterday but at least around 500,not under but not much more either. Didn’t go on a walk -too rainy or I was lazy either or…

    Good morning,
    This Monday will be my second fasting day -this time ! I will try to keep a low profile,nothing special to eat just the normal habits I used to have. Maybe a walk outside and plenty of drinking water.
    Have a good day everybody.

    Good luck with the day Tuula, I’m fasting too! πŸ™‚

    Weigh in this morning, and I was 2lb down. I’ve exercised every day, save one, since I started last Monday, I wonder if I’m building muscle.

    Fasting today .. black coffee this morning, and plenty of water.

    Feeling positive, and its only one week in. I need more weight gone!

    Good for you DF !!You probably build muscle because you exercise.
    My fast ended at 3 P.M. when a group of friends came to see us after a long time. I couldn’t stay outside the cakes and biscuits + ice cream which I offered.They didn’t know my fasting and I didn’t want to start telling it. But tomorrow is another day ! And then there is Thursday.

    Hi Tuula, I completely understand about not wanting to start explaining about fasting to people who don’t know, I’d have done the same … I bet the cakes and biscuits were really good πŸ™‚

    I had another successful fast day yesterday, I think I came in at about 560, so slightly over, but I’m not too bothered about that. Hot water with lemon after my evening meal, so refreshing, and I slept so well!

    Normal day today, but again keeping it low-ish. I did another work out this morning … it can get addictive. I was going to give it a miss, but felt a bit guilty!!

    Work is quiet for me, which always makes the days harder. I’ll remain strong though .. and refuse to wander to the bakery at lunchtime πŸ˜€

    Stay strong!

    This day wasn’t so good for fasting,but on Thursday it’ll be easier because my husband goes to the lab tests and must fast over the night so we both keep fasting in the morning and I can continue a little longer. That’s what I’ve planned but you never know what will happen. At least I have started.
    And yes Dragon Fly the cake and everything else was delicious ! It was good to see the old friends. What kind of work out you do ? At home?
    We’ll continue on Thursday.

    No, I don’t work from home. I really wish I did! I’m a Legal Secretary in a Solicitors office, about 45 mins from home. I work 8-4 every week day. Its hard work, but pays a salary and that’s all I do it for lol!

    I’m fasting today. I had a day off work yesterday, I had a dental appointment first thing, and then spent the rest of the day with my son. We ate lunch, and then I ate dinner later. I even had 3 gin and orange juices before bed! Far too much, although it wasn’t a fasting day, so I’m okay with it.

    Got up and did a workout before work this morning, showered and am ready to face the day!

    Just enjoying my black coffee now πŸ™‚

    Have a great day, and stay strong. Tuula, we’ve got this fast day done!!


    Hi Dragon Fly,
    I put my words wrong concerning your workout….I knew about your work but don’t know what kind of workout you do πŸ˜€ We came from the lab and I had a cup of coffee with a spoonful of cream + a boiled egg. The weather is sunny, +1 C and thought of going for a walk while I’ll put a pan cake in the oven for my husband – later this day. It’s 10 A.M according the PC.
    You seem to have had a very enjoyable day yesterday in spite of the dentist-I’ll go to mine in Feb. yearly check up.
    Yes, we’ll have a good day today. Have a good day you too my friend.

    Haha, sorry I misunderstood πŸ˜› I do workouts at home. I have so many exercise dvd’s is easy to do it at home before work. I’ve never actually been in a gym in my life!

    Fast day was successful again yesterday, although stomach cramps were a huge problem πŸ™ nothing would ease it. Hope it doesn’t carry on today, because it was making me feel sick by the end of the day.

    Normal eating day today, and its Friday! Cant wait to sleep in tomorrow and have a day off my exercise routine. I’m exhausted!

    Have a good day and stay strong whoever is reading this πŸ™‚

    Dragon Fly,
    Thank you for the information. It seems again that fasting with my LCHF isn’t for me or my body /soul ! I either keep to LCHF or fasting and now I again decided choose LCHF which is easier for me (keep away from cakes,biscuits,ice cream etc. and eat real food every day- most often similar breakfast when fasting but lunch and supper (?) around 6P.M.).
    I will though follow your way here and keep in contact this way+FB.
    See you…Tuula

    Tuula, you have to go with what suits you best πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    I’m down another 1 lb.

    Fasting today.

    Its so cold … headache a bit of a problem, but I can push through that!

    Good morning Dragon Fly,
    Yes you do it your way and I do it my way but we’ll do what we have decided.
    Hope you’ll get rid of your problems soon…water,water,tea etc.
    I didn’t sleep more than 4-5 hours last night. I guess one of the reasons is that I watched TV longer than I usually do and it was in Swedish which I followed well>>>the brains got going !!
    Have a good fasting day.

    Hi again !
    I started the journey a week ago. This week my fast days will be Tuesday and Friday. That’s what I had last week. I hardly reach 300 kcal per fast day but I think it suits me ok so I’ll continue if it’ll be all right in the future too.

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