The 31 day October Challenge

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The 31 day October Challenge

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  • London | Day 1 | NFD

    Hello everyone,
    Looking forward to an excellent October with you!

    Here are my stats:

    Start weight: 72.5kg
    Goal weight: 71kg

    Exercise Goal:
    β€’ 1 min plank a day | adding 30 secs each week
    β€’ Upper arm exercises yet to be decided on. Any tips anyone?

    This is in addition to cycling 16miles/ 25km a day Mo-Fri and 63 mins of crosstrainer on Saturdays.

    FD= less than 500 cals twice a week
    NFD= normal eating in 12/12 rhythm leaving bigger gaps between meals and practicing mindful eating.

    I’m looking forward to the next month and to see what 5:2 brings after a few weeks. I have completed three FDs so far and already feel so well with it. Coming from having counted calories for six month (dropping 12kg) it was hard to not obsess about NFDs but I feel really rather chilled about it now and think it will only get better as I go on and realise with every FD that a bit of hunger is a good thing and stuffing my face for comfort is unnecessary. On FDs I rewire my brain to seek other coping mechanisms. Exciting times!

    Happy October everyone πŸ™‚


    Ohio | Day 1 | NFD

    Start weight: 131 lbs (59.4 kg)
    Goal weight: 123 lbs (55.8 kg)

    Exercise goals: Keeping up my gym schedule or going more as possible. Home goals specifically: -Daily planks, getting from 1 minute to 2:30.
    -Pushups, getting from 10 to 20.

    Food: I need to cut down on wine at the end of the evenings.

    Weight is based on my home scale which unfortunately I think is a few pounds lower than the more official gym scales! Oh well.

    Happy October everyone!

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Weight: 162.2 pounds (73.6kg)
    Goal: 160
    Exercise 3x per week (not on FD’s but try to do a power 15 minute walk on FD’s)

    My real name is Gwynne. I’m a 68 year old retired school music teacher, singer, choir director, church musician, and private lesson piano teacher. I am also very involved with an emerging children’s museum in our area. Due to circumstances of life, my husband and I are separated right now, so I am living alone. Don’t really mind that….

    Menopause was my weight gain reason, and I’ve never put forth the effort to work on it hard enough to really get it off. Just kept putting on a few pounds every year, that is until 5:2 was brought up to me by an Aussie Words With Friends acquaintance. I just love that there are people on this board from all over the world! Probably one of my biggest joys here is learning new words (actually words that are different from how I know them). Just today from Norrie learned “bursary” for what I know as “scholarship,” and last board “courgette” for “zucchini.” I am also a linguaphile.

    I have lost 26 pounds since mid-March on 5:2 and could not be happier about it. Originally I had hoped to make this challenge just maintenance, but still have 2 pounds to go for my goal. I have seen 159.8 once on my scale the other day, but we know scales pop up and down on us, all on their own (don’t they?). I haven’t seen 159 for over 10 years.

    I look forward to cheering on all of you fellow travelers on this journey! Thanks, Fuvvie (fellow musician) for your efforts on our behalf.

    QuΓ©bec, day 1
    Going kayaking.

    Bonne journΓ©e x. ( for you SongBirdMe )

    Day 1 US NFD. Beginning weight 136 lbs. 61.689 kg. BMI 33.3. I seriously think something is wrong with me because I am averaging under 1000 calories a day and have not lost any weight in the last 3 weeks.

    Day 1. Fla USA nfd. Finally finished my 6 Day Road Trip. It was fantastic. Tried to keep to my tdee but unfortunately it didn’t work. Up 3 pounds but ready with a great mindset for October’s challenge. Thanks Fuvvie for taking on this challenge it just seems insurmountable but I know like Debbie Q are going to do a fantastic job looking forward to a great month.

    Day 1. Missouri Ozarks, USA NFD Started 5:2 on September 22nd weighing 153, weigh 149 this morning. Goal is about 145 and to maintain there. Much lower and I start looked “aged”.

    Crisp cool day here, planning on making a peanut butter cheesecake pie for a fish fry/birthday party we are attending (and guests at) as it is celebrating the birthdays of my husband and grandson tomorrow. Will be a good test to see if I can eat moderately yet still celebrate. Had a birthday cake/ice cream celebration here last week and didn’t over do. Happy October to you all.

    Sunshine Coast Aus #rd post,
    I have new posts to welcome but have been out all day after doing 3 hours at the computer this morning and then just arrived hime an hour ago and it is past midnight. It’s lovely to see so many people posting weight and goals. I have made a few blunders with this Xecel sheet and it will take ages to fix. Once it’s done, it should be smooth sailing. We’re off to a good start otherwise. We went to a bush dance this evening. Ate far too much but got over 12000steps in which is a lot for me. Exhausted now. Good night.

    Scotland – Day 1 NFD

    Starting weight: 85.4
    Oct goal weight: 82
    End goal weight 68

    I’m going to increase my exercise to 4 x weekly, greatly reduce the wine and eat more healthily on NFD.

    Good luck everyone πŸ˜€

    Day 1: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK: Fast day.
    My aim for this challenge is to continue to maintain my target weight which I finally reached at the beginning of the September Challenge.
    I admit my eating has been a bit uncontrolled lately, but I’m feeling positive today. It will be the first successful fast-day for over a week!

    2nd post. Strarting weight. 194 lbs. Goal to loose the 3 pounds I gained on my toad trip plus another 5 for a total of 8.

    US, Day 1, a rainy day in New Jersey. NFD.

    5.2 Start Weight – 131 lbs (59.4)
    October Challenge Start Weight – 120.0 (54.4 kg)
    Goal Weight 117.0 (53.1)

    Height – 5′ 1.5″

    Age 61

    Leodinaso, regular eating is waaaaay overrated. 5.2 rocks!


    Day 1 Taunton UK


    Start weight 65kg
    Goal weight 60kg before Christmas.

    Exercise Pilates 3x a week.
    Static bike HIT 3x per week.
    Swimming twice a week.

    My plan – get back to basics of 5.2. I’ve started to re-read the Fast Diet, I down loaded the revised edition onto my tablet.
    I’m finding so much information that makes so more sense now I’ve been doing 5.2 for 5 months. Also reading the Obesity Code.
    Fast days – bone broth plus one small low cal meal in the evening.
    Non fast days – to make healthy choices, low carb, good fats, small amount of protein and lots of vegetables. No sugar. No alcohol during the week.

    Once thing I’ve found doing this WOE apart from that it really does work!
    Is that even though the past 2 months have been a challenge (emotional and holiday), I’ve still managed to lose weight!
    On previous diets I would have slipped back into old habits by now.

    But I have to say that it has been these challenges, having to post daily.

    Being on this journey with so many lovely, supportive, motiating people.

    Ciren2 congratulations for getting to target in September!

    Good luck to everyone as we begin this new challenge, onwards and down!!!

    HI all – I hope it’s not too late to be counted for this challenge. I’m checking in from Seattle, Washington (US).

    Here are my goals for the month:

    1. Weekly 5:2
    2. Daily stretches (I work in front of the computer and need the breaks)
    3. Push-ups and planks
    4. Drink water

    On FD I will have liquids, coffee, and broth. On NFD I will go with whole foods (green salads, soups, veggies, and protein).

    Looking forward to what this month brings!

    Lahaina/Hawaii/USA Day 1 NFD
    Starting weight 174.2 lbs (79 kg ?)
    Goal 168 lbs
    Plan on the 5:2 diet
    FD 500 calories
    NFD LCHF (low carb, high fat)
    Adding 16:8 most everyday as I don’t usually eat solid food before 11am
    Excercise Daily morning walk 30 to 60 minutes
    Thanks to Fuvvie for running this October Challenge and for all the October team members providing one another with the support. This is so valuable. We would be pay big bucks for a personal coach or therapist who probably won’t even be as effective!

    2nd post just to give my starting weight 241lbs, can’t find my tape measure so will look tomorrow and post measurements xx

    Day 1: Pacific NW USA, NFD

    Hi Fuvvie! Wow, day 1 and we’re already on page 4! I haven’t quite caught up on the beginning reading but it’s great to hear the distinct rumble of so many voices! We can read anyone’s Profile by clicking on their name in front of their posting so I won’t repeat my background here.

    I set a goal of 10 lbs for September and didn’t quite make it so I’m going to go for the same this month because while I didn’t quite make it last month I think I came closer than I would have if I had set the bar lower.

    My goals for October are to lose 10 lbs and get into the low 170’s, and to lose 1/2 inch from bust, waist and hips. My exercise goal is to do Koegels as my Gyn recommends (Ha! for me that’s a tougher goal than the HIIT bike and walking I do each day)! I will also follow my PT’s instruction throughout each day for posture control with back, hips and core stabilization and also with my rhomboid muscle exercises. My eating goals are to fast 2-3 days per week, primarily liquid only fasts and to stay blow BMR with LCHF on most NFD’s. I will pay particular daily attention this month to staying hydrated, adding fiber and vinegar to my diet and singing the joys of how lucky we all are to have discovered the 5:2 WOL!

    We’re off to the races everyone and the only competition is with our own inner voices!

    GrammaSpice – that must be annoying after you have been working so hard. It might not show on the scales but have you taken your measurements? Hugs

    Australia Day 2 NFD it is a long weekend here so am doing a fair bit of eating but also a lot of exercise so hopefully it will all balance out. Someone was asking about arm exercises. Here is a link to a group of arm exercises on Fitness magazine website. Most need free weights but if you don’t have them the arm dips are something you can do in the house

    London | Day 1 | NFD

    Current stats:
    Weight = 67.7kg
    Waist = 73 cm
    Hips = 93.5 cm
    Average body fat (with callipers) = 24%

    Goals for October:
    1. Continue with 5:2
    2. Exercise goals (except between 5th-16th while I’m on retreat):
    a) Minimum 10K steps/day
    b) 4-5 days/week intensive exercise – 30-45 mins at least (running, TRX, yoga, cycling etc)
    3. Reduce ADDED SUGAR – log more details on MFP to keep track

    Day 1
    exercise – 20 mile bike ride out in the beautiful Essex countryside. 2h 53 mins riding (last hour in torrential rain!).
    Steps taken – 12,850

    All the best to everyone starting/continuing on this October journey. Well done all who’ve achieved their goal and maintaining it.
    Stay strong!

    Still Day 1: Pacific NW USA, NFD

    Adding to my goals as I sit here and ponder:

    In addition to following Dr M’s advise I will also take heed of Dr Fung’s advise to eat nutrient dense meals only when hungry, to not snack between meals, and to not eat processed foods or meal replacements. I have not found a solution to help me get better sleep so that’s a work in progress. (Not particularly pertaining to this web site but I also have a lot of work to do on my mindfulness, my perfectionism especially as it concerns myself and guilt, guilt, guilt that I’m letting someone somewhere down – boy, easier said than done!)

    And yes, Fuvvie, I was the one that volunteered to head up November but anyone else feeling a strong desire by that time could certainly jump up and down and get our attention! (From your page 2 post, I’m very content to be mixed up in your mind with Northern if by chance it would help channel some of her wisdom over to my brain!)

    Hi Fuvvie, please sign me up for the October challenge! Thank you.

    Day 1| NFD| Toronto
    Wgt today 86.2 kls (jump up after a “silly” NFD)
    Goals for October:
    1. Continue establishing 5:2 life style
    2. Establish a better regular exercise program
    3. Oct. 31st Wgt Target 83 kls

    US Day 1.. NFD. Hi Fuvvie… checking in for the day.

    Sydney Australia

    Day 2 NFD
    Sorry Fuvvie, I forgot to tell you yesterday was also a NFD! Yesterday 10318 steps!
    Weighed in at 98.7kg this morning.
    1.1kgs on yesterday! My parter went fishing and left me to my own devices yesterday. The football grand final was on, and ate everything in sight. Today is the other grand final, there will be people around, so hopefully, I will be more accountable for what I eat. Bring on tomorrow’s FD!

    2nd Oct- Perth/Australia/NFD

    Hi Fuvvie and fellow challengers?challengees?

    Weighed in at 91.4 kg this morning.
    Yesterday’s fast day went well, had approximately 120 calls for the day.
    I was at Uni doing my assignment, although we lost power for 2.5 hours, which kind of interrupted the process. Did it though, all submitted. 😊 On to the next one now πŸ˜•.
    I’m hoping I don’t go silly today like I did after my first FD. Likely the reason I haven’t had a great loss for my first week. Oh well, today is a new day, lesson learned and all that.

    Wishing everyone a lovely day!

    E. Canada day 1/NFD
    Start weight: 136
    Goal weight, end Oct: 130

    Lesson of today: keep almonds or similar healthy snack with one for times spouse is packing doughnuts (like today, when we had a day trip to make)
    Healthy snacks okay, doughnuts not okay.

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 2: FD: This challenge group still continues to grow. After sitting here for 2 hours, I think I have re-read every post and updated the spread sheet to correctly reflect everyone’s starting weights, goals both in terms of health and exercise. The variety is vast and ambitious in many quarters.
    Welcome to Suzank and Moya G. I hope you find what you are looking for here. There is such a wealth of wisdom.
    It’s strange how much slimmer and more agile I feel, but when I saw a photo taken last night at the bush dance (video, actually) I realised just how far I have to go to look slim and be slim. It’s nothing like the picture of me I have in my head. In this world of instant gratification, it is hard to not let it get you down when the fairy godmother doesn’t wave her magic wand and I’m left looking like a pumpkin on legs. OK Fuvvie, fix your eye on the end goal, allowing myself to be that slim woman in the skinny jeans and fitted top, with everyone saying how amazing I look and feeling all excited. As they say, in this life, this is not a dress rehearsal, so get on with it. Slimmer me, here I come. Enjoy those FDs and the freedom from the tyranny of food. Forget the sugar and starchy foods, as they got you where you are. Time to get my rear end off this chair, away from the screen and out into the fresh air. Thank you all for signing up and I’ll check in to night to capture the rest of the first day entries and those who have put in their second day.

    Hi Fuvvie

    I sympathise with your feelings about seeing yourself in the video. It’s amazing how our mind likes to trick us (the camera too!). It was seeing myself in a photo recently that was the impetus for me returning to 5:2. I saw another photo last night where I was quite a lot thinner than I am now and was a little terrified at what that meant I looked like now πŸ˜•
    But, much like yourself, I’m using it as motivation. I have a trip to Cambodia in January, doing health volunteer work, and a) I don’t want to be a sweaty, uncomfortable mess, and b) I’d like to have some photos of full length me that I can be proud to show around, rather than bring them with shame (as has happened in my last half a dozen trips away).
    I’ve been reading lurking around some threads, and I hope you’re congratulating yourself on what you’ve achieved this far, knowing you can do it!

    Hear ye, hear ye
    I am copying a post that Coda put up at the beginning of the challenge in July. It may help those who are struggling to come up with an exercise plan. I was very impressed with the amount of effort she put into this. It is refreshing to reread it and instructive for those who haven’t read it.

    24 Jun 16
    Hi Everyone

    I am conscious I don’t know you, I don’t know what health issues you may have or what your capabilities are. If necessary clear things with your Dr or don’t do it – this is entirely your decision and not an absolute for the challenge. These are only suggestions.

    I have the fast exercise book by Dr Mosley so some ideas are taken from that – other bits and pieces are ideas of mine and how to incorporate HIT in your life. You may be able to come up with your own. I want you to think ahead and get planning how you can work this into your routine and what days you are going to do it – remember anything is better than nothing but if you don’t want to that is also fine.

    You can apply HIT (High Intensity Training) to anything – walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, housework, skipping, dancing. I am also conscious of those who don’t like exercise but I would still like you to think of ways to incorporate something a little more that you may not even consider as exercise per say.

    Do you have stairs in your house? Go up as fast as you can and as safely as you can – walk down slowly and go up again as fast as you can. If possible repeat 5 times. Would you be able to do this daily?

    Do you swim? while swimming lengths swim one length as fast as you can – then go back to normal and repeat as often as you can during your swim.

    Don’t go swimming or have stairs (or access to flight of steps) can you jog on spot or do you have a mini trampoline? Set the kitchen timer for 10 secs. Start a gentle run on spot or on trampoline or take alternative steps on a small step or bottom stair – then for 10 secs go hell for leather – if you can’t manage that do the same as before but incorporate your arms – raise and lower or swing – then go back to normal and when ready speed up again repeat 5 times or try this with jumping jacks – can’t do arms just to legs.

    Do you walk? as you approach a marker like a lamp post, driveway or tree speed up to another marker ahead – relax and continue to speed up and back to normal along the rest of your route – if you can jog – jog in between markers.

    The HIT is entirely up to you – do you dance think of a slow dance and then think of punk or rock and alternate between the two. Washing a kitchen floor do it the usual way but every now and then give those shoulders a work out and move the mop or brush vigorously. Anything you can think of doing at different rates can be counted as HIT. Even sitting and you can raise/swing your arms vigorously is still a form of HIT.

    So in addition to this I thought – for each week of the challenge we are going to do 4 different body weight exercises Week 1 Plank, week 2 squat, week 3 press up, week 4 bridge. Google any of these exercises to ensure good form.

    Week 1 Plank – this can be elbows bent or straight arms – ensure core is tight – no bum in the air or dip in the back – you are to be as the name suggests as straight as a plank. For anyone new starting begin with 10 secs relax and do another 10 secs 3 times. feel confident – build up gradually adding 5 secs each time – anyone can do anything for 5 secs more.

    Week 2 squat – again ensure good form at all times – think of this as about to sit down and then changing your mind and standing up again do three reps of 10 squats to start and then build up.

    Week 3 press up – can be started on knees as an assisted press up again start with what you can do and build up gradually increasing when you feel able.

    Week 4 Bridge – this is where you lie down on back and raise your bum creating an inverted v really squeeze your bum at top of the motion, when you lower your bum before you touch the floor raise again and squeeze – for 10 repetitions.

    I thought you could all decide what you plan to do and what number and repetitions you plan to start with – at the end of the week you should have been able to increase even a little.

    What we can do is week 1 is the plank, week 2 is plank and squat, week 3 is plank, squat and press up with week 4 all four exercises – but again this is just a suggestion for any who wish to do it.

    Again this is not set in stone and just my suggestions to get you thinking.

    You are a legend, Coda πŸ˜‡πŸ‘

    Thanks Baygirl. It’s a journey.

    Croatia, Day 2, NFD
    Weight: 76.1 Kg

    Australia Day 2 FD
    Weighed in this morning after my week on holidays with no fd’s and too much eating and was very disappointed. Nor totally suprised though didn’t think I would have increased so much. Though I normally only weigh in after fd’s so I’m hoping a large about is food in transit and water weight or something anyway.

    Starting weight 69.3 kgs.
    I put on almost 3 kgs last week! πŸ˜•πŸ˜£ Fasting today and drinking plenty of water so hoping it might have a big jump tomorrow morning or else I’m way behind. Teo weeks ago I was 66.1 kgs. I think it really showed me how fasting also resets my appetite as I have been over eating while away. I’m planning to learn from this and continue to move forward.

    My original goal was to lose 2 kgs this month,but that would still be above where I was even last week. So hoping to get back to where I was then lose at least another kg. If this extra weight doesn’t shift quickly then I’ll still be happy just to lose some again.
    Other main goal is to not have another set back like this. I feel like all that hard work was wasted so don’t want to waste any more.
    Really want to get back into exercise this week. I’m starting a 12 week exercise plan at home that will hopefully have me looking much better just in time for Christmas!
    Good luck everyone and thanks Fuvvie I’m so grateful to be a party of this challenge as I really need the motivation and support.

    USA, Day 1 ( I’m 40 minutes late) NFD
    Wow! fuvvie, you have certainly got your work cut out for you! As I said in a post on September’s thread, the change of seasons is significant for people. Goes to show. You’ve got a huge amount of people signing up! Lot’s of people unhappy with where they are and wanting to change something.

    I looked back on my best weight losses since April, per week and per month, over the last 5 months. I’ve never, ever lost more than 7.2 pounds in 4 weeks, I think. Even when I did liquid fast days! It seems a lot of people have decided on 4-7 kg, or similar number, as their goal. I’m just putting this out there so that some people, especially if you don’t have more than 50 pounds to lose, won’t get discouraged. It seems to me 4- 5 kg, or even close to that, as a goal this month, might be setting yourself up for a fail/fall. I just hate for people to set themselves up for a disappointment. I’m sure there are some people that have lost that amount in 4 weeks, though. It’s tough, though, when you are just starting.

    I’ve spent several hours reading the posts for this thread. Lots of good people wanting to be successful. They will have to pay attention and also research this way of eating, this way of life, if they want to be successful. The onus is on them, inevitably. Not you, fuvvie, as the host of this thread. Certainly, this supportive group provides them with many tips and strategies. If they would really want to be successful, they should/would read the old challenge threads and learn from those, also.

    143.6 lbs this morning, up from 142 yesterday. I feel kind of heavy, for the first time in quite a while. No surprise since at the end of every challenge I kind of celebrate by going over calories. Mostly healthy stuff. Just too much of it. Not enough to gain a real pound (?), but enough weight in food to add to my overall weight for a day or two. Guess we will see.
    Good luck to all. Best of luck to you, fuvvie, as you go forward with this challenge.

    NZ, Day 2, NFD
    Didn’t weigh myself – focusing on healthy clean food & not overeating on NFDs. Will weigh myself tomorrow morning for start of FD.

    Did 30min run + 15min walk.

    Halfway through daily water intake – need to get sipping!

    NorthernDawn – you’re probably right about too bigger weight loss goal. I said 4kg this month & then down to 2kg per Nov & Dec. It’s the NFD days that are my issue & undo FD benefits!!

    Great to read everyone’s posts.

    Sussex UK Day 2 NFD
    I think I am adjusting to Autumn! During the summer I found it really easy to fast and exercise regularly doing at least 15,000 steps along with running cycling and swimming. Now I’m back at work and the days are shorter, it’s a bit more of a challenge – but then again, this IS a challenge!
    OK day yesterday food-wise – I’m sure lots of you already know about it, but I made cauliflower ‘rice’ for the first time to go with a veggie chilli – wow! It was fab – definitely nicer than the real thing.
    A couple of things people might like to look at –
    Mark’s Daily Apple – a great website on Primal living – you don’t have to do the whole thing but some really great tips on exercise, reducing carbs and also some very nice recipes. Dr Mosley references MDA in the fast diet book (which is how I came to find it)
    For those who need an extra psychological boost – I can also recommend Paul McKenna ‘l can make you thin’. The book is quite an insight and has some useful stuff about emotional eating as well as general advice on weight-loss but the audio hypnosis bit is very good. I thought of you Fuvvie because he encourages you very much to ‘see’ your ideal slim body – it’s also just wonderfully relaxing.
    I will be going for a run later but then I have been invited for Afternoon Tea at a posh place near us – there’s a carb-fest if ever there was one! FD tomorrow will be seriously needed!
    Keep smiling.

    Day 2 Italy NFD
    Yesterday i sorted out my food cupboards and threw out crisps, biscuits, chocolates all sorts of naughty things that have crept in there while i had house guests. I hate throwing food out but, i am no longer prepared to be a ‘Human dustbin’, eating what my little girl refuses, eating larger portions than i really want to because it would be a shame to waste good food, etc, etc.
    I realise that if i have these things in the house i will eat them. So they are GONE. The Slim Christmas Holly would not stuff her face with that rubbish so neither will I.
    So happy to see many favourites on this challenge, even though lots seem to be at goal or very nearly there, you are all inspiring. Sad we seemed to have lost dead man walking, i thought he really needed our support.
    Planning on fasting tomorrow and having a healthy Day today.

    Day 2, Brussels, NFD.

    Just came home after a 10 km walk in the morning and is now heading out for brunch with friends. Have been a very good weekend so far with eating reasonable and 1 glas of wine yesterday, last weekend was a disaster food wise for me so I’m really happy of how this one have turned out! I’m ready to attack a new week!

    UK Nottingham- Day 2

    NFD – starting this challenge with 2 NFDs, so expect the scales to go up before I see a loss. Today it’s 240.8lbs.

    I so want to be slim and healthy, go into shops and buy something to wear because actually like it and not because it’s the only thing that fits. I’m only 5ft 2″ so small and FAT!!!

    I am trying my hardest to be more active with my fit bit, but this damned medication gives me aching joints and muscles, my mind is in it, but my body just won’t play! That’s the joy of cancer for you.

    Sunday lunch today, so lots of veggies and protein, I will get round to putting my measurements on today.

    Jayne xx

    Day 2 Portugal
    FD hoping to do 2-3 of these per week
    69.4kg up marginally from yesterday
    Just completed a 35 minute HIIT workout with fitness blender and hope to get a 2-3 km walk in today as well.
    Have a good day everyone.

    Hi all uk day 2 nfd

    I had one of those moments Fuvvie! I feel so much slimmer so it came as a bit of a shock while at a yoga class to see my reflection in a mirror, not looking at all what I thought I looked like. I realised I had a lot more work to do lol.

    Northern dawn totally agree about goals. I think there is the goal we would like! For me I would like to loose 7lbs this month and in an ideal world that seems doable. But realistically I know my body does not shed even weight each week. It may loose nothing for a week or even 2 then a loss, maybe throw in a little gain. It is all adjustment. So while I may like to loose 7 I would not select that as my goal – realistically I would go for half that but I haven’t set a goal of a weight to lose. Due to previous experience my goal is to stick to the plan, I have my calendar printed, my fast days planned and events I know of marked in. If I stick to it then I’ll see what my reward is at end of challenge. Off course we know this from experience having completed challenges before. As long as those who have set challenges can accept even if their goal was not met but they finished the challenge they are still winners. Since I started these challenges the drop out rate from those signing up to those completing was about 50%! So to stick with the challenge, committing to post daily and being here at finish line is an achievement in itself. Wonder if DebbieQ found the same for September!

    Grammaspice just a thought for you. Dr Fung advises calorie diets don’t work because while you lose weight initially the body adjusts to the lower calories in, to the expenditure going out. It tries to balance it for you. The blood sugar diet from what I understand is for 8 weeks only eating 800 calories a day. This is to give you a boost a time to reset eating habits. With 5:2 or IF the way I understand it is you fast 2 days but eat up to your TDEE 5 days. This fools the body and your metabolism remains high. Maybe you should increase your calories on a few days. Do you know what your TDEE is OK? I remember being at a slimming class years ago and a girl was almost at goal but couldn’t loose the last few lbs. The leader advised her to go and have a nice meal out and go back to plan – her body let go of the last few lbs and she got to goal. At the end of the day your body will do anything to keep you alive. It will only shed weight when it feels it is safe to do so. Look up Dr Jason Fung on YouTube as some of his talks explain it so well.

    Norrie please don’t apologise for a long post – you are a great contributor to these challenges, feel free any time to tell us your experiences.

    Hi, I’ve just joined the group and would like to join in with the October challenge but I’m not sure how this all works. Do I have to register somewhere?

    Hi mytimenow welcome to our challenge. Fuvvie will add you to her spreadsheet – she is our leader for this month and will keep an eye on everyone. Your part is to commit to posting daily. Start with where you are in the world, the day we are on (which coincides with the day of the month) and whether it is a non fast day or a fast day. Look back on some of the posts and you’ll get the idea. If you want to give a starting weight, measurements etc feel free. If you want to set goals feel free, it is up to you.

    Australia, Day 2, NFD

    A lazy sleepy day with ok food choices.

    Essex uk.

    I made a huge mistake yesterday. I ate a burger bun. And I feel bloated, uncomfortable and I seem to retain fluid when I eat processed carbs. I struggle to pee and I feel it. I think I’ll pop to a health food shop to see if there is anything I can take to help. Not a good start to the October challenge at all and the scales agree. Right……Draw a line under that start. moving forward today I’ll have a roast chicken dinner. No pud and try to pee. I’ll drink a good amount but hope to get rid of waste too. It really is uncomfortable. A FD tomorrow. I think for the rest of this week I’ll have a super low carbs week to help. πŸ˜”.

    Day 2: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK: Non-fast day. A beautiful sunny morning here in the west of England.
    Yesterday, I completed a 36-hour water-only fast for the first time in awhile. That was teatime on Friday ’til breakfast time today (Sunday). I’m relieved I can still do it….I was beginning to doubt myself.
    Fuvvie: You must be amazing keeping up with that enormous spreadsheet of yours. I’m afraid I only have time to skim most of the entries, just to get a flavour of what is going on with everyone!
    Good luck today, all of you out there.

    Hi Fuvvie,
    Count me in for the October challenge please😊

    Australia, day 2, NFD,
    Start weight 65.0kgs (143lbs, 10st 3lbs)
    “Goal” for October 63.0kgs (138.6lbs, 9st 12.6lbs)
    Final Goal is 62kgs (136.4lbs, 9st 10.4lbs)

    Hi October Challengers, good to see you all here from all over the world!

    I’ve been a 5:2er for nearly 2yrs. I am a bit of a 5:2 tortoise as I am mobile but unable to exercise. Even so, I have lost 13kgs in the 1st year and in the 2nd year I had several Capital L life things happen at the same time so went into maintenance for 8 months and lost 5kgs in the remainder of the year. I am 3kgs from my final goal weight. I don’t put dates on goals but would absolutely love to get 2 kgs off by the end of October, so I reach my final goal weight in November when we’re going on holiday.

    I’ve done the July and August challenges and enjoyed being part of this lovely group. I had to think carefully about it this time as I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep up with reading all the posts. For those who don’t know me I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) of 18 yrs duration and put nearly all my weight on after becoming very ill. My life approximates a normal life but I do have definite limitations. I would love to read all the posts but really don’t think I can this month, and will have to keep my posts to mostly just check-ins. I hope everyone’s’ OZk with that. On the plus side I think I’m a good example of the power of 5:2. If someone like me is able to lose weight using this way of life then it’s an amazing programme. I have to stick to the low GI low cal foods and not drink calories, but I’ve still had Christmas, birthdays etc.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Tweed Coast Australia / Day 2 / NFD

    Hi Merry! Good to see you here too!

    Ha! Had a night of very little sleep and then had to get out of bed 2 hours early this morning (partly due to Australian Eastern Daylight Savings kicking in). I wondered if I might feel starving all day due to the lack of sleep and I did. Being extra tired, I didn’t feel the oomph to handle it and so I ate whenever I felt that hunger and indulged in choices I’d clearly given up for the September Challenge! However, in the bigger scheme of things, those choices were okay for me. Yes, I ate more than I would have, were I in a more rested state, though I look at what I chose and it could have been much worse! I’ll even go so far as to say I loved every bite I took! They were healthy bites, even if too numerous!

    I do feel that a good night’s sleep and tomorrow’s fasting day will help me get back on track and into the zone.

    I’m in maintenance mode and so at present I’m happy to end this challenge weighing 57.5 kg or less. So that’s my goal! After today, I might have to work on that a bit!

    Day 2 Dubai
    1st FD
    I won’t be weighing every day so at the moment I think I will weigh on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    No exercise other than a rather long wander around the hyper market.

    I need to drink more water so keep having to remind myself.

    I am about 1/2 way through the day and so far not struggling have had a bowl of porridge and am about 1/2way through my 500 cal allowance.

    UK day 2 NFD – they all will be this week, my Mums visiting, I only see her once or twice a year so although I’m going to try and make good choices I want to be able to take her out to eat etc, I am aiming to get some exercise in and hopefully stay on an even keel and have a super good week the week after

    Good to see you back Merryme X

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