The 31 day October Challenge

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The 31 day October Challenge

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  • Hello to all those who have followed Coda and DebbieQ in the previous challenges and to anyone else wishing to join in the next phase of these challenges. I’m picking up the baton for this leg of the journey and am happy to start marking down the names and goals ready for kick off on 1st October. Coda challenged us to include exercise in the July August challenge and DebbieQ’s challenge has been focussing on our NFDs. I’ve been trying to think about what people do to get back on track. What are people’s long term goals? What are the steps they are taking to reach those goals? Others may well be inspired by those steps that help get there. Are there any suggestions about what you would like to see as the main focus of this challenge?

    Thank you Fuvvie! I found it! Sign me up for the October challenge!

    Hi Fuvvie, I wanna join too. Is this challenge just two days per week fasting or is a little experimentation allowed as well?

    Hello Fuvvie…here I am….again.
    As for goals, to maintain my so recently achieved goal weight! I need the commitment being on these challenges gives me. I struggle on non-fast days….and, recently a bit on fast days as well.

    I’m in! Been doing mostly 18:6 daily but want to throw in some 5:2 as well- need to really jump start my progress this month!!

    Hi Fuvvie, i’m in for October. I’m visualising myself at Goal weight for Christmas, and using any Christmas money on loads of lovely slimfitting clothes!!
    I think you’ll be brilliant heading up the challenge, i found you inspiring when we were 6lb buddies and always enjoy your posts…full of compassion and wisdom. All the best, see you in October xx

    Hi Fuvvie – I plan to join up following our September Challenge! Thank you for doing this!

    Hi Fuvvie, the gangs all here in October with you! This will be my 6th month on 5:2 challenges and I’ve had such good results I feel like shouting from the roof top that this world-wide support group is what has made it a success for me. 5:2 gives us the “what” but the “how” has to be digging deeper every day and sticking with it and that is so much more possible with so many good minds backed us up along the way! I’ll post here next on October 1.

    Sunshine Coast Aus: I’m sitting here with a big grin all over my face, as I read the posts. Welcome to the new faces, mrsKati and paleofast. And so pleased to see our regulars continuing on this journey. Your input has been invaluable and along with several other threads I like to drop into and those that I lurk behind, are the reason I am able to continue, inspite of a month long plateau.
    mrsKati, you are welcome to do whatever works for you, as you will see that there is a wide variety of interpretations of how this can work. Some do 5:2, 4:3, alternate day fasts (AFD), 6:1 like bigbooty who drops in from time to time as he is in maintenance mode. Some do 16:8 on their NFDs (non fast days) and it looks as though that is what paleofast has been doing on a regular basis.
    Others who have said they will sign in on our September thread are Rocy65, BrightonBelle, NorrieB, Moecho, itsmyturn.
    The process will be the same, with people writing where they come from, the day, and whether they are doing an FD or an NFD. Any comments are welcome, and we have all been sharing a lot of information about ourselves and our goals, but that is entirely optional. Some just report their weight which is also fascinating to watch. I love it. The international flavour is brilliant. The friendliness never ceases to warm the cockles of my heart.
    Thanks for your lovely words, HollyLJ. It is a two way street, my friend. Ciren2, you have done brilliantly. Don’t hark back to where you’ve come from as much as where you are headed. The positive statements are the best I believe. And you have got to your goal. What is that allowing you to do that you couldn’t do before. My eldest daughter saw me duck under an electric fence the other day and she said, “Mum. I didn’t realise how much more agile you are tillI saw you do that.” I hadn’t realised how obvious it was that I had become clumsy and awkward LOL.
    Have to get through the rest of my September challenge yet.

    I’m in!:-)

    Suggestion: FD – one meal – only fresh fruit.

    Hi I come from Melbourne Australia. I am 67yo and have 30kg to lose currently 93kg,I would like to commence the challenge for October.
    I am going to do the 5:2 and cut out all sugar, (after watching Sugar Crash the other evening I realise that I have not paid enough attention to the amount of sugar in foods, so, will cut it out completely and become a Sugar Nazi and see if it helps).
    Anyway, I plan to commence the 5:2 tomorrow, 26th September and see how I go.

    I believe you’ve found the perfect way to break through your plateau and keep your focus by hosting this thread, Fuvvie! Your positive approach is a winner.

    Good luck to you and those who join you for October.

    Love — Lolly

    Hello Fuvvie, I would like to sign up for the October challenge. If you don’t mind too much.

    I love your posts Northern Dawn. Always very inspiring and interesting. All the more, the merrier. Welcome MaggieLass. I’ve felt so much better since giving up sugar. Goodo, Neostaford. Is that how you’re achieving your steady loss, having one fresh fruit meal on FD?
    See you all here on the first.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence, Lolly. I felt it was one way of giving back and someone needed to step up to the plate. It’s been a very inspiring group and I think you are right…it may help smash the plateau.

    Hi all – would love to join the October challenge please – just started, have a big hill to climb as presently 107kg and looking to get down to 60kg, I’m 5’4″ and from Yorkshire. Looking forward to being a part of it all x

    Welcome JackyM. I’ll add you to our growing list. October is shaping up to being a busy month.

    Hi Fuvvie

    I would like to join the October challenge. I live in the US and I have about 50lb to lose. I recently lost 35lbs but haven’t lost anything in 3 months. Hoping to have success with the 5:2. Thank you

    Hi there, I am from South Africa and live in Vancouver now. Single no kids, full time Executive Assistant plus doing my Masters degree…pretty busy and a lot of sitting quietly, reading and writing. I am 46 years old. Tall 5ft 10 and would like to lose 10 lbs, the ones I have put on since studying (2 years). I’m pretty active, work out 3 times a week but I still have gained weight ( bad habits). Tried 5:2 a few times but can never get through a day of 500 calories, thought a group forum and all the inspiration here may help. I have a bad cold at the moment so thought of starting Sat Oct 1. Thanks for letting me join.

    No I didn’t. I read about this guy,, and i tried this saturday to eat whole day just fruit. I lost weight. I believe that you all have to control your NFD days. I’m not even thinkng what i eat. This month i ate a lot of junk food, but my weight is good. Last year i tried water fast, even dry fast for three days for health issues and i found it good for health. In terms of weight loss i think it is better to eat one meal on FD days and up to BMR level on NFD days. Every 14 days eat little over your TDEE level.

    Hi Fuvvie I’m in for October please and thank you again for taking charge – much appreciated x

    Hi there, I would love to join the October challenge. Have been following 5:2 on & off for past 12 months but has been rather half-heartedly & keep yo-yo’ing the same 8-10 kgs (1.5 stone). I can do a FD fine (prefer just water) but my NFDs need more control as I’m completely undoing the FD benefits.

    Anyway, hope okay to join in – I’m looking forward to it! School holidays here in NZ till 10th Oct so the extra support while being at home with my girls will be great. Forever getting meals & snacks ready – hard on FD days! Easier when at work & food not nearby!

    i am in my second challenge and looking forward to it… and three months before the wedding gosh…

    Hi I would like to join the October challenge. I live in Portugal, 10-12kg to lose to get to 58-60kg. Have tried 5:2 on and off for past 8 months but find it hard to keep motivated. Thought this might keep me accountable. Thanks.

    Hi Fuvvie, I’d like to continue with the October challenge, however there will be a 9/10-day gap in my postings, from 6th-15th Oct – I’m going on a 10-day meditation retreat and won’t have access to any electronics/social media etc. Please let me know if this is still ok? Thank you.

    Lovely to see more newbies on the list and old hands continuing on. Have listed Murphy60, Coda, Neostaford, Time4me, skinny 55, Erika45, Tracey12, Pissapoosa.
    A 10 day meditation retreat sounds like my idea of heaven, Pissapoosa. Is it a silent retreat? You are most welcome to sign in daily till you go and I’ll fill in the dates on my spread sheet that you will be away. Hope to be hugely inspired by your new insights on your return.

    Could I suggest, as Coda and DebbieQ did in the past challenges, that you update your profile so that fellow challengers can click on your name and learn a little about you. It is not obligatory, but can help with the bonds that a lot of us form in these challenges that spur us on.

    Hello Fuvvie,
    I have just started the 5:2 lifestyle today and I’d love to be included in the October challenge. I think the challenge will be a great inspiration for me.

    I am from England and have 4 stone to loose (writing that down has shocked me!). I did the 5:2 a couple of years ago and was so surprised at how well I felt, even as those around me we’re suffering with various colds and illnesses I didn’t catch a thing. I totally put this down to the 5:2 diet.

    As a suggestion for the challenge perhaps consider a set amount of steps per day (not sure if this has been done before). I am just finishing a 10,000 step per day for the month of September and have mostly enjoyed it. As I said, it’s just a suggestion though.

    Thanks very much.

    Sign me up! This is my 1st day of 5:2 – hello from Montreal

    Right, I’m in for October too. I found the Sept group very helpful for getting me back into the groove of 5:2. Whenever it gets tough it is great to check in and read some posts and know there are others out there doing the hard yards too! Goals are lose the other 2kg to match the 2kg gone in Sept to get to goal weight of 65kg. I’m pretty much 6ft tall and normally active but struggling with a back injury means no exercise and I’ve gained a few kilos and want them gone. Will treat myself to a fab new seafolly bikini for the aussie summer once I get there. Already feeling much healthier and happier, despite my long injury dragging on.

    Welcome, Zelle and plateaugirl42. You’re on my list.
    Lots of the folk on the challenge in September do 10000 steps, Zelle. Coda also suggested in the July challenge that people start off with the plank and added on 3 more exercises over the next 3 weeks. A lot of people found it very useful. But there are several people, who for one health reason or another, are unable to do the walking or exercises, and thanks to 5:2 way of eating, still managed to lose weight. I wear a fitbit and have to admit I don’t get all my steps in most days. In fact, when I do hit 10000 steps, the buzzing on my arm freaks me out lol. Doing HIT in one form or another was also suggested, and was added to lots of people’s regimens.

    I’ve been wondering if it is worth suggesting that trying one new activity during the challenge would be worthwhile…eg ten pin bowling, lawn bowls, table tennis….whatever has seemed to be a bit appealing in the past but which one didn’t ever get around to doing. The field is wide open. One could attempt starting a herb garden in order to supplement the larder. It’s all exercise.

    Suggestions are good, because what one might think is passé, another will see it as a lightbulb moment and pick it up and run with it. That is the beauty of people contributing on these threads. Even if you help just one person to get over that bump, you’ve done a good thing. I’m so excited about this last week in the September challenge and the upandcoming October challenge.

    Hi Fuvvie please add me to the list too.

    What about trying to focus on exercise this month? Nothing difficult just making sure everyone does around 20-30 minutes a day. It can be walking, cycling, pilates which can be done at home or even house work!! 🙂

    Thank you Fuvvie.
    Yes, it’s a silent retreat on a very rigorous routine – wake up bell at 4am and lights out at 930pm, with 2 vegetarian meals a day, and >10h/day of vipassana meditation. It’s essentially 18:6 fasting continuously for 10 days. I will indeed post an update when I’m back 🙂

    In terms of my goals for October:
    1. Cut out added sugar (only exception – 2 family and 1 close friend’s birthdays in Oct, when I probably won’t be able to get out of eating cake!) – I know it’s not the best time to do this, but rather now than any closer to Christmas!
    2. Lose another 3.5 (minimum)- 5 (ideal) kg on the way to ideal weight.

    I’m hoping the retreat will give me an extra boost to strengthen my resolve and stay away from sugary temptation 😉

    Hi Fuvvie our posts crossed!! 🙂

    Oops only just saw the ‘exercise goal’ for this month. Sounds good. I most certainly can up my levels.
    Fuvvie – same here with the Fitbit step goal, lol. I used to hit 10-12K at the beginning but now I walk faster and end up taking less steps! May be this is my prompt to walk/run a longer distance…

    Hey Fuvvie can I sign up for the October challenge. I only started the 5:2 last week have a goal of getting to goal weight for Xmas.

    Hi from Toronto, I look forward to the October Challenge. Adding an exercise focus, especially HIIT, to eating concerns and challenges seems a great build to new habit formation for a relative “newbie” like me.

    Just wondering Im just starting out but have Hashimatos Underactive thyroid but interested to hear if anyone out there has this and has been doing the 5:2 fasting and if you find losing weight easier as with this thyroid issue its so hard to lose anything even if I train everyday I lose but only small amounts. I’m hoping the fast will speed up this process.

    Sign me up please!

    Would love to join this Motley Crew – I mean, wonderful group !

    My goal is to exercise every day, fast Monday and Wednesday each week and not to have diet soda more than once a week.

    A four pound weight loss by the end of the Monday would be great as well.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all better.

    Hello all.

    Would love to join the October challenge as well!

    Just starting again after a “stage zero” breast surgery (confusing sounding, but means I’m ok). Have not been able to exercise for a month and now finally feeling ready to get going.

    Want the wobbly bum and thighs much less wobbly by the holidays. Planning on fasting Mondays and Thursdays, and walking a minimum of 45 minutes a day. Looking forward to doing this together!

    Meant to say by the end of the month (October) not by the end of Monday re: four pound weight loss.

    haha, I even make me laugh I am so goofy.

    Gozo, Malta

    Fuvvie please count me in for the October challenge. Like back2thefuture I’ll post here on 1 st October. I mean to step up my exercise by going to yoga/Pilates and aerobic classes. I want to walk as much as I can to this coming challenge.

    Stay strong you wonderful people.

    Hello from Essex, U.K. I have 9lb to loose but need to keep motivated and disciplined. Thank you all in advance for your help!

    Please count me in. I started in September and love being part of this great support group. Everyone’s comments have been so helpful. I like the idea of adding excercise and focusing on our long term goal with a plan for reaching it.

    Lindasue, I was wondering but I was ready to poach any tips if you did manage it!!

    Hi Fuvvie, I would like to rejoin please. I was part of Coda’s July challenge and then I have been away most of August and nearly a week in September celebrating my husbands 50th. Checking in every day really does motivate you to be mindful of what you are doing. Looking forward to shifting some lard as I am feeling rather uncomfortable after all my summer excesses. It’s great to see so many familiar name still going strong.

    Hi Fuvvie,
    Please count me in for October! Thankyou for taking the lead on this one.

    I’ll be home then and able to get back to 5.2 basics. Really looking forward to it! I previously got Dr Ms book from the library but am off to get my own copy tomorrow!

    second post!
    My targets before October
    Tomorrow buy Dr Mosleys 5.2 book!
    This week re-read Dr Mosley’s 5.2 book.

    1st October get back to 5.2 basics!!!
    Firstly, get back to my swimming, I used to swim a mile twice a week.
    Secondly, I’ve got 5kg to lose to reach my target, which I believe I can achieve during October.

    I know I can do this with the help of this thread and all you great people and with you Fuvvie at the helm!

    We can support each other to reach our goals.

    Hi Fuvvie
    Please add me to the challenge for October.
    I started in September and have found the forum so helpful.
    Both my degrees are in Exercise Science and Health (yet this year with more knowledge than ever I still let myself get 8.5kg overweight!!!!)
    I already exercise 6 days a week so maybe I can help with some ideas for those who are looking in that direction this month and I hope to keep finding inspiration and motivation from all when I have a food related struggle.
    My goal is to get back to 58kg by Christmas, the end of September challenge weigh in will tell me how much further I need to go down to get there.

    Hi all:

    Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Fuvvie, raising my hand to be counted!

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