The 31 day October Challenge

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The 31 day October Challenge

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  • Hi Fuvvie count me in too please. I want to lose at least 4kgs over October plus really cut down on my drinking and increase my exercise. I started back at the gym this week so am on the right path. Thanks for taking this on Fuvvie xx

    Hi i would love to join the Oct challenge. Have not been very motivated so this will give me the kick start.

    Hi Fuvvie, I would love to join your challenge. Like Jacky M, I have a big hill to climb currently weighing in at 100kg at 5’4″ and also living in Yorkshire! Thanks 🙂

    Hello everyone just registered on the site! I’m looking for a new approach to weight loss and healthier eating so excited to get on board with the October challenge. Hope to pick up some good tips and support along the way 😀

    hey, just signed up. Please add me to the challenge. Great way for me to get going….3 months to Christmas and summer here (Australia).

    Surrey UK…. Checking in for October, and thank you Fuvvie for taking us all on, starting with CODA and then DEBBIEQ, you guys are great. September was not the best month for me, but there are still 3 days left, so hopefully a shift of attitude will be well in place by the end of the month.

    Hi Fuvvie, I would love to join too please! Have been doing the September challenge and struggling on holidays this week. Would really love for October to get back on track and ideally lose 2 kgs. Would love to lose more but have averaged just 1kg a month so far. Also getting back into exercise again after three weeks off with a back injury. I know being a part of this challenge will help me.

    Wow, we are building quite a team. By the time October 1 comes along, we will have some who have named a goal weight, many wanting to focus on their exercise levels, several wanting to reset themselves back to basics (I include myself in this mindset), and others just keen to continue the momentum they’ve gained over past 3 challenges.
    Welcome to lollypops38, LindaSue, Lesswobblybits, JS1948, nicky08,Grapey, Scooterbug, and SoniaR. Really happy to see Rocy65, Anna6, Maui, Jayneyb69, K-Lo, HannahWatto, Lany36, JFitzy, August2024, and NorrieB continuing on as you all contribute so much and will inspire and support our newbies.
    I thought it might be a vipassana retreat, Pissupoosa. They run them near Pomona here on the Sunshine Coast – not for the faint-hearted. But supposed to be positively mind changing.
    There are 48 people on the list so far. I’ve had to be careful not to double up as I added names from the September challenge as people said they were in before I found out how to put a link up. And now they are signing in here lol.

    Hello all. I’d like to join the October challenge. Brand new registered to the site. Have been fascinated with fasting since that Harper’s “Starving Your Way to Vigor” article some years ago. Then heard Dr. Mosley on radio shows. I’d tried 5:2 a couple of times for a few weeks each and loved it — so nice not feeling weighed down with food. But each time got off track. (Socializing, family stuff, etc. excuses, excuses). Am ready to do this for real! Going to get a new battery for my scale today. I’m all in! Thanks for having me.

    Hello all! Fuvvie, please count me IN for this challenge.

    Hi Fuvvie

    Would like to join the challenge too. I’m 42, full-time nursing student and also work as a finance officer. I live in Perth, Aust.
    Former 5:2 follower that lost her way. Hoping to find the path, starting tomorrow 28th Sep.
    I’m 165cm and currently weigh 93kg. Target weight is 70kg. Goal for October is 4kgs. My exercise goal is to go for a 30 min walk at least 4 days a week. I have 4 assignments due in Oct and I’m usually quite sedentary anyway, so this will be a feat.
    Good luck everyone 🙂

    i would love to join. i am starting on monday 3rd. after getting back from a long holiday.
    is it ok still to be included please? x

    oh, i should say, i am 5 foot 6.5 and weigh 84.2 kilos.
    i put on this massive amount of weight from being 60 kilos because of anti seizure and anti epileptic drugs and mood stabilizers, but basically that all adds up to, for MIGRAINES.
    so, not my fault to have my metabolism totally altered and get insulin resistant but there it is.
    i am going all out with this.
    i think i can do it, it’s just a feeling.
    i wish you all lots of luck and best wishes and hope we can all support each other.

    I would like to be a part of this challenge in October, I am curious to know more about what to expect from being a part of it? What accountability do I have each day? posting a daily update? Are there tips and challenges for us to try specific for this October challenge, or do we simply share and read what each other is doing and if something sounds good, try it?
    Fuvvie, as you are the leader of this particular challenge coming up, are you an official member or representative of the website and the 5:2 team, or are you a fellow 5:2 participant who is volunteering to gather us all and lead the way?
    I have previously followed the 5:2 eating plan back during the summer of 2014 and stuck to it really well for a good 9 months! The longest I have ever stuck to a specific plan and I really enjoyed doing it as I was successful with my weight loss results. I do not really have any health issues manifesting themselves, though I am sure with the 4 or 5 stone I would like to get rid of, it may be just a matter of time that my body will wear out and I WILL be dealing with various ailments… I would like to avoid that or put it off for quite a few more years.
    So, thank you for taking the time to gather us participants in for this October challenge. Reconnecting with this plan I will be glad to create new eating patterns again, slim down and feel better within too.

    Hi Fuvvie, I started the September Challenge but trailed off signing in! I did keep up the wol though so I would like to re-join you all for the October Challenge if that’s ok. I have lost 1/2 stone since August but I would like to lose another 1/2 if poss. I love reading everyone’s adventures with this wol – it’ can be inspiring, comforting and sometimes a kick up the proverbial!
    I will endeavour to keep up with checking in this time! However, I am away for the last week of October and I’m not sure if we’ll have Internet access – if not, I will update when I get back.
    Let’s do this!

    do we wait for replies or assume we are accepted and welcomed or what do we do? xx

    Hello whyamisoshy, I am trying to reply to everyone, but 6 of you signed since I went to sleep, so haven’t caught up with you yet. I’ve been catching up this morning with The September Challenge first and this link doesn’t truly kick off till first October. I’m delighted that you have chosen to join us. I’ve found the support I get from fellow travellers on this journey invaluable.
    Maisang, I am not an official, just another 5:2 participant. I have no claims to fame lol. We are only accountable to ourselves, but find that sharing the way we do helps us with this accountability. I do ask you to post everyday as this helps to keep us on track. Simcoluv put a link on the first page of this thread which helps those new to this way of eating and way of life. There are tips galore there. But people find a variety of ways that helps them and they share this, others try it and report back about how they found the advice. I’m only the leader in that I will read everyone’s posts and try to be as responsive as I can, enter on a spreadsheet when people sign in, and enter comments etc so that at the end of the month, I can feed back to everyone what we as a group have achieved. Coda initiated these challenges back in May, and because people found them so helpful, they have wanted to keep it up. When Coda had to travel DebbieQ put up her hand, and as she couldn’t do it in October, I put up my hand. I think Back2thefuture might have said she would do November but I might have that wrong. I get Back2thefuture and NorthernDawn mixed up, but that’s the ageing brain coming into action. Both great people so it’s easily done lol.
    I already had you down, Moecho, so you must have mentioned in the September Challenge that you wanted in for October. You’re 9th on my list. So you are definitely in.
    I remember you, SSB and have got you down. 53 have now signed in. I’ll encourage you to stay the distance.
    One thing that Coda suggested to us earlier was that we print out a calendar for the month, mark in our planned FDs and NFDs (fast days and non fast days) and write in our exercise goals. I didn’t do it, as I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants type person (is that how I got to 123.9kgs in the first place?) This time, I am going to do the calendar and try to use this to make me more accountable. So inspite of the fact that I got down to 103.2 kgs in August, I have put on 4 kgs telling myself I could try a little bit of what I fancy. Nope. No can do. So it’s back to basics. I’m relying on you all to help me and I’ll try and help you. No-one is in this alone.
    Got to get on with the chores. Will check in this evening. Toodles.

    Sorry I missed out talking to you Baygirl. Sounds like you have a load on your plate. Being sedentary certainly brings its health challenges. But it doesn’t have to stop the loss. You might find Buttonboots thread very enlightening. She is truly inspiring and exercise is something she can’t manage. Good luck with your assignments. We had a lot of mature aged nursing students doing time with us when I worked in ACAT. I’d bump into them again when assessing in the wards at NGH in Nambour and it was lovely to see them reaping the rewards of all that study.
    I misspelt Simcoeluv. Sorry.

    Also missed Greatlakes. Welcome and I hope you find a lot of support and also provide tips etc that help you. I love the international flavour of these threads. See you on 1st October or anytime sooner if you like. I’m checking in every day, several times.

    Hi Fuvvie… I’d like to sign on but will be intermittent for the first two weeks of October but I will try my best to.

    lollipops38 .. I too have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I can tell you that the 5:2 way of life has been a Godsend. I have lost weight before by walking every day but it had gotten to the stage that I was walking 2-3 hours a day to maintain and with working full time and having a family, it was just too much. I found 5:2 and started in April and haven’t looked back since. I know how very difficult it is to lose weight with this disease and would encourage you to give it your all.

    DebbieQ, I would love to have you along on this challenge for whatever days you can fit in. I was reading on one of Jason Fung’s sites today where someone asked about fasting and Hashimoto’s and I got the impression it was ok. Must look for it again and see if I can get the link. Being aware of the September challenge and all the reading/you tube viewing in prep for October stopped me from going to the fridge and tearing into ice cream that I know is in there. Thought about diving into the nuts but didn’t. The pull to take responsibility is strong right now.

    I’d like to join as well. New to the community so learning as I go.

    Thank you Fuvvie and all! Yesterday was my first day back and went great. Hopefully keeping the momentum. That is a great idea from Coda about marking a calendar. I am going to do that, even if it I end up having to swap days. Also I started My Fitness Pal again. It didn’t appreciate my low-calorie day, which is good. I’m glad they’re looking out for people with eating disorders. Not that here — excited about Indian food lunch. Keep up the good work all!

    Thanks for the welcome, Fuvvie. Appreciate the encouragement. I’m an ex-Sunshine Coaster. Lovely part of the world.
    First fast day today. I was hoping to do a waterfast, which I’ve managed to do before with relative ease. In hindsight, probably not the brightest idea. Perhaps I’ll try again when I get back into the rhythm of 5:2. Otherwise, it went well. Consumed about 250 cal, so, in the scheme of things, pretty successful. Also managed to go for a walk along the beach with my dog and nephew, so getting into the exercise rhythm too. Start off as you mean to go on.
    Looking forward to October.

    Hey y’all. What a great topic, I really enjoy the conversation stream and I’m very happy I joined the team. Its very uplifting and motivational. I’m goaling for 4kgs in October, too. But first and foremost, stick to the fasting days of course. I’m so excited, cannot wait for October to arrive 🙂

    My goals: (It always seems more REAL when I write them down for the interwebz to see..) =)

    -Exercise at least 3 times per week, combo of lifting and cardio training
    -Cure my addiction to Skittles candy…..
    -Lose 4 lbs. in October, bringing my average daily weight to 135 by 1 Nov 2016.

    There. I said it.


    Bajlish Rose, haha…. I guess I would have my own book then ! Look forward to chatting with you on the Challenge thread.

    Hello Fuvvie, I a 56 year old woman from Calgary, Canada, 5′ 5″ weighing in at 192 lbs, looking to loose 40 lbs. I have currently just started 5:2 had my first fast day on Monday and feel that if I am part of a challenge I might actually be able to motivate myself to keep going with the support of a group of like minded people. I have been a vegetarian since age 10, love those carbs… but generally eat a clean diet and yet have been over weight since the dreaded meno… I would love to join this group, please sign me up…

    Can I ask you lovely ladies if anyone prefers 4:3 over 5:2?

    Hello all. Just – literally – just signed up and my first fast day will be tomorrow. The 31 day October Challenge sounds like a brilliant way for me to stay focused, supported (please) and successful. I have over 5 stone to lose so a positive start will be a much needed boost to my weight loss.
    I look forward to getting to know many of you in the coming challenge.

    First time posting to the forum. I need a challenge and goal for the month. I’ve been on 5:2 since mid April, had huge success (34# loss) but have recently stalled these last 3 weeks. I exercise 5+ times a week and average 14,000 steps a week as well. I fast Monday – Thursday and eat and drink all the food and wine I want on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. This month I hope to control my NFD to a greater degree and work out on NFD regularly. Hope to bring my loss up to 40#! Thanks for the challenge!

    Sunshine Coast Aus : 2 days after today to Day 1 : Welcome to MisGizmo, smileycgirl, and JoyT. I hope you find the support and friendship that has been a hallmark of these challenges. Already there is comradeship building up and we haven’t even started lol.
    smileycgirl, I have visited friends (transplanted Aussies) in Vegreville and Edmonton and loved my time there and our drive through the Rockies. Great memories. Lovely part of the world.
    Great name MisGizmo. You’re all signed up on the spreadsheet. Good luck and may you reach your goals.
    JoyT, you are in good company here as there are several of us who have to lose a similar amount. Have you got a short term goal for the month of October? As Moecho said, it seems more real when you put it out there.
    If you want to get a calendar, just google blank calendar and print it out.

    Hi Fuvvie
    please add me to the October Challenge.
    I am new to the 5:2 just starting on Tuesday. I have at least 25kgs to lose at 98kgs,and my October goal is to lose 5kgs and to get motivated to do some form of exercise 2-3 times a week. looking forward to the coming month and chatting with all these lovely people!

    I’m really looking forward to this challenge. I’ve done 5:2 since September 5th (when my children went back to school!) and have done ok but I’ve identified some failings. Eating the wrong food on NFD for example. I need and indeed will plan what I am going to eat on those days to prevent eating rubbish. FD I shall try for water & tea (absolute necessity) but I’ll have good quality soups to hand for emergencies. A kiddy sized yoghurt for those absolute emergencies if I’m truly about to go off plan. I would like to loose 6-8lb in October. I will be strict on myself. I will. Any other tips or ideas…type them my way!!

    Hi Fuvvi,
    I would love to join the challenge, I’m close to some of the milestones that I’ve set up (first one being 1 kg from a healthy bmi) and figure a challenge might do me some good. I’m looking at loosing 2,5 kg (6lb) in October to stay on track to reach my ideal weight by christmas.

    Hello All!

    I am a new joiner although have been secretly stalking these forums since August. I started 5:2 diet end of July and went from 65 kg to 59 kg in 6 weeks, not much but made an amazing difference (I’m only 5ft 5/160 cm) plus I found it so easy!

    Since celebrating my 30th and going to Italy for a week I have bounced up to 61.5 kg, not terrible but still aware I am going up instead of down.

    I want to have feel slim over the festive period rather than like a stuffed turkey, I also have my sister’s wedding next year which I am the Made of Honour for so would like to be maintaining by then.

    Aim is to get to 57kg/9st by December so mini goal of 59-60kg by end of Oct.

    Hi , I’d love to join in with the October challenge . Lost 2 1/2 stones on it before but fell off the wagon when my dad became ill last year . He sadly died 2 weeks later then my mum also passed away just a few weeks after that ( they were both remarried but still good friends ) . Following that I’ve been very inactive due to 2 long absences from work ( stress & migraines now a hand injury 😫) . I’m a nurse so usually on my feet a lot . I’m hoping to get back to work very soon but started back on 5:2 last week and feeling very motivated!! I’m in Scotland age 46 . Would love a 5:2 buddy if anyone is looking – I’m 5 ft 4 and want to lose 2 stone 7lb !!

    What a popular challenge this is turning out to be! Thank you Furvvie for my welcoming email, and I shall print off a blank diary to keep track of my October journey.
    Moecho was brave enough to put her goals for October for all to see – so here goes….
    I will lose 7 pounds minimum by 1st November.
    I will have accepted the new eating pattern as a healthy life plan and not a diet.
    I will exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes a session. (Yikes, what am I promising???)
    Seriously, I shall embrace this challenge and do all that I can to help and encourage others.

    Hi, my name is Julie and I am new to this site. I have done the 5:2 diet before but not properly so would welcome tips and encouragement. I am a mum of 2 girls aged 7 and 4 and from Lincolnshire, England

    Gozo, Malta

    Hello Bajlish Rose. I started 5:2 on 6 June but switched to 4:3 by the end of June. I’ve been doing 4:3 since except for one or two weeks when I was on holiday. I have lost a total of 13 kilos or 28 pounds and I find 4:3 suits me more. I prefer 4:3 as you lose more weight that way.

    I’ll be posting next Saturday here.

    SheilyBee, so sorry to hear about your difficulties the past year. Glad you’re here (and everyone)! Tuesday was my first fast day and today’s my second. Getting into the groove… (Just following my newly notated calendar, right?! Thanks!)

    My October Challenge Goal: 8 pounds (3.6 kilos) loss for October.

    I’ve just had general weight creep. I logged into MyFitnessPal for the first time in a long time and saw my 2014 recorded weight. Realized I’d put on 18 pounds (8.2 kilos) over the past two years!! Of course I sort of noticed it happening–my jeans were getting tighter and certain shirts were just not wearable anymore. But I had no idea it was that much.

    I started going to trainer once a week for an hour over summer and that’s been great. Now I just need to really focus on exercising more on the other days.

    5:2 here I come.

    Second entry prior to getting to bed. Welcome itsmytime78, Flolily65, Frida, NicT, ShellyBee, and Julie33. Also have Lael and Bethany82 coming over from the September challenge. It’s 10:24pm here and time for sleepyboboes, as the Goodies used to say.
    ShelleyB, I can identify what it’s like to react to the stress of losing one’s parents. When Mum died, I put on 20+kilos in 3 months and have been fighting to get rid of it ever since. She died in 2003. So it’s a good thing that you are into caring for yourself now and taking control. Lovely to hear you are so motivated. A hand injury is hard for a nurse. Good luck.
    really must retire. Can’t think. ‘Night and talk further tomorrow.

    New to 5:2 and fancy a challenge so can you add me too please?

    Hi All Wow Fuvvie this October challenge is really taking off. Looking forward to the start of this challenge with vigour refreshed and renewed. x

    Good night Fuvvie! Thanks for arranging all this this month!

    I’ve not done it before but I *think* we can create a group in myfiynesspal app as well if anyone wants to.
    I am just starting this plan so I am excited to learn.
    I workout about 5 days a week now with the 21 day fix or Piyo.
    The exercise and 1200 per day isn’t working so I am determined to find a healthy plan that works for me.
    My goal is to lose 7 lbs in October so that I have a good jump start before my Aussie holiday. 🙂

    Sunshine Coast Aus: 30th September : last day before the October bus gets going. Will weigh in tomorrow morning as Day 1, the same as the date so that makes it easy.
    Welcome Casper Mermaid. Yours is the 65th name I’ve added to the list. That is going to be a lot of posts to read each day, but I find it has taken the place of reading books on my Kindle. For now, I’m going to go out to the patch of garden I can see that isn’t a garden but a forest of weeds. Billy Goat weed, or blue top as it is also known, has a pretty colour but is a menace. Must get MOVING.

    I’d like to join the October challenge. I’ve just begun 5:2 fasting; I’m in my third week. Fast days aren’t as bad as I’d thought they would be. I eat 500 – 600 calories, which is appropriate for my size per the calculator. I take my calories as small meals as I’m a grumpy-kin if I don’t eat at all. I’m enjoying the challenge of planning small, nutritionally dense meals. It’s also very nice to not worry so much about making as many full meals. I try to make as many of my fast day meals from pre-packaged and pre-portioned things as possible, to avoid nibbling. Next week I’d like to start exercising on my fast days; I wanted to see how my energy levels were first, and to avoid too many changes at once, which usually leads to binging and frustration.

    Hello, I’m from eastern Canada and I’m answering the challenge. Fuvvie as I write this you will be fast asleep, but tomorrow morning, I hope you read this note of thanks for organizing this challenge. And a big shoutout of support to everyone who is tackling this.

    Background: I’ve been on the diet since late July and I lost 2 pounds a week until the last ten days, when I started to get bored and thought I could slack off a bit, maybe do 6:1 for awhile. Nope.

    My goals. First, on the 5 NF days, I am trying to stick to ‘diet training’ – i.e. permanently altering my diet habits. I am apt to eat when stressed, and mindlessly eat at that. I am very fond of sweets; the challenge is to figure out when I can have the occasional indulgence, without slipping back into the habit of letting ‘occasional’ become a daily mandatory consumption.

    Second, I have to relax on FD, and stop thinking of those days as punishments. I need to think of FD as resting my body’s digestive system, soothing it, restoring it. And not to panic, I haven’t starved yet. 😉

    I want to lose 6 pounds in October.

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