The 31 day October Challenge

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The 31 day October Challenge

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  • Day 31, Australia, NFD

    End weight 76.9

    Thanks for running Oct Fuvvie.

    Australia, October challenge finished.
    Weighed in this morning and super happy as have been stuck around 67 for two or three weeks despite 3 fds most weeks.
    Started crazy high after an indulgent holiday and goal was if possible to get back below September’s low of 66.1kgs. So very happy when this morning the scale read 66.0 kgs! Just lower, but what a great feeling. So glad I water fasted yesterday as it wouldn’t have happened otherwise.
    Thanks again Fuvvie for running this challenge, couldn’t have done it without you, and everyone else too. Makes sick a difference to have support like this. Hope to see you all in the November challenge.

    2nd post

    Final weigh in =88.2kg

    This is a .7kg jump in 4 days – despite a successful water fast yesterday.Oops. Thinking it may be hormonal.

    The good news is still managed to drop 4.3kg during this challenge and a total of 4.6kg total since Sept 28th.

    Again, thank you to Fuvvie for hosting this. It really has kept me accountable and on track. Thank you to all the other challengers for your words of wisdom and support. See you in the November challenge πŸ™‚

    Hi all uk day 31 and the end of our challenge πŸ˜”

    This night owl has just caught up with all the posts and wants to reply to lots but it will have to wait until tmorrow as I must get to sleep earlier than I have been lately. Will weight tomorrow as well to give me a starting point for November. It’s goodnight from me x

    Australia, end of October challenge,

    Start weight: 65.0kgs. (143 lbs, 10 stone 3lbs)
    End weight: 63.4kgs. ( 139 1/2 lbs, 9 stone 13 1/2 lbs)
    Goal weight for challenge was : 63kgs
    A loss of: 1.6kgs. (3 1/2 lbs)

    Not bad for a sedintary mid 60’s older lady. Gotta love 5:2! Who would ever have thought we would find the Holy Grail of weightloss, and reversal of some of the health nasties.

    So…not quite at my goal weight, but I had no drop from yesterday’s FD. Same this morning as yesterday morning – 63.4. My ankles feel a little fluidy this morning, I have had several late nights in a row, which I know throws my body ‘off’, so I think I’ve just got a bit of extra fluid retention today. A few early nights and, from experience, I expect a bigger drop after next FD or an unexplained drop drop after a nirmal NFD somewhere in the next week. 0.4kgs is about what I would normally drop after a FD so I’m very happy with being only 0.4 over my goal for the month. At 63.4kgs I am now 1.4kgs from my final goal weight when I started 5:2 2yrs ago.

    I’m giving the November challenge a miss but will pop in now and again.

    Fuvvie – thank you so much for hosting October! I haven’t been able to read more than a couple of posts each day, but I know from those comments what an excellent job you’ve done. Be well, keep getting back on the horse, you will find your 5:2 stride, every day whether a good day or a bad one has lessons to be learnt, and you will get there. It is early days.

    Thank you Coda for starting the challenges. The November one looks amazing!

    B2tf: good luck and have fun with this wonderful group of people from all over the world.

    Onwards and downwards, and keep getting back on the horse,

    Sunshine Coast Australia Day 1 of the November challenge but just finishing off this challenge. After the FD that I was definitely going to complete, and did not, I’m 106.4 kgs, which is 400gms up on the start. I’m actually supremely grateful that it isn’t more as it had the potential to be a total washout.

    Hi MisGizmo, What an amazing trip you seem to have planned. If you come anywhere near the Sunshine Coast, give us a hoy. And you don’t have to think anyone has to go hunting for posts. All one has to do is double tap on your name and tap replies created and all your entries are right there with the dates and the threads. Easy peasy. Would be lovely to hear a bit about your journey along the way. Whatever is easiest for you though. You may be so distracted with all you are seeing and doing that the 5:2 thread may be the last thing on your mind. Thank you for being part of this challenge.

    You are very welcome, GoldenSun. Still love the name. 🌞

    I’m all dressed up ready for the Melbourne Cup party. Can’t drink much as I have to pick the grandsons up from school and take them to dancing class. So it’s soda water for me after the one glass of champagne. I’m not sure what the weather is like down in Melbourne. It’s fairly overcast here. How I wish it would rain. The grass is all drying out.

    Day 31. E. Canada. FD.

    Oh boy. This was Hallowe’en. The supermarket gave out free chocolate treats. Strike one. But had a salad and a spoon or two of tuna. Okay.

    Worked hard at a project. Ate a ‘timbit’. Strike two.

    Had one of our own Hallowe’en candies. Strike three.

    Finally, went for a caffe latte – and THEY were giving out free chocolate treats. Strike four – I guess I’ve invented a new kind of baseball. Finished the day at around 1000 calories.

    In terms of nutrition today was, well, a real horror show. Well, it IS Hallowe’en. Lots of cute kids in cute costumes tonight – there were two kids maybe 3 or 4 dressed up as fish, another as a dinosaur, another as a “Minion.” Those were my favourites. But it was a cold damp Hallowe’en.

    The monster calorie mash. Good thing I’ve signed up for November.

    Weighed myself just now though and I’m 129, though I hope that lasts through to tomorrow.

    USA (Minnesota) Day 31 NFD
    Final weigh-in 142.6 lbs, or 10 stone 2.6 lbs, or 64.8 kg.
    Thank you again for leading this challenge, Fuvvie, and I hope you have a wonderful time traveling this next month. You deserve it!
    B2tF, you are right that daily posting is most helpful for accountability and commitment, and so I think it best that I pass on the November challenge, since I’m not able to give it the time and consideration it deserves. I don’t want to set a precedent or set a bad example. I’m sure you will do a great job of leading this wonderful group towards the achievement of their goals. I’ll be reading as many posts as possible, and I’m sure they will be as inspiring as ever.
    Best of luck to all of you in November. Stay strong, patient, honest with yourself, and positive.

    Nov 1, Australia, NFD
    FD yesterday.
    Weigh in today.
    82kg, down 3.5KG from my 85.5 at start of October.
    I increased my walking this month from average of 26km to 53km in October. This has helped a lot but FD’s are getting easier as time goes by and the huge choice of <350 Cal recipes available means lots of choice (= not bored with meals).

    Thanks to all who have encouraged those who may have fallen off the wagon during October.
    Keep at it, it’s worth the effort!

    Good luck FD-er’s

    NZ NFD
    Weight today up from the start of Oct!!!! Only a few hundred grams buts it’s bizarre when I felt like I was really getting the hang of 5:2 this month

    I’m holding on and continuing into November challenge feeling dubious but still committed.

    Misgizmo if you make it to the South Island of New Zealand you must try a cheese roll. They are truely fabulous, best accompaniment to soup or a lazy Sunday lunch ever invented but they only exist in their proper form in the south and further south the better😊

    See all of you who are continuing the challenge in November

    Day31: Pacific NW USA, Liquid only FD

    Thank you itsmyturn, talking about your fasting and I kept you in my mind and it helped make it a true fast day for me today, first in a while, and I will continue tomorrow as I feel like I get more done on a FD when I don’t have to slow down and eat! Maui – you fasting tomorrow too?

    Thanks for a great month, Fuvvie. As the mother hen of November’s group I hope you will find some battery left in your phone to log in once in a while in November and cheer us on like you do so well! I will weigh in tomorrow.

    NorrieB, I will dust off the appropriate wand and experiment with a few spells!

    Calgary Canada day 31 FD
    Weight in tomorrow , Halloween tonigh darn

    Cornwall UK

    Hi fuvvie very pleased to report that my b2b fast days have taken me from 65.8 done this mornings final weight for this challenge of 64.7kg.

    Im doing 16/8 today to give me a good start for the November challenge. New challenge new resolve, my goal is within reach!!

    See you on the November thread.

    Day 31/ Final FD completed yesterday!!
    First, Thank you Fuvvie for keeping this all together!!
    Second, I can say without hesitation that it was an incredibly successful month for me and I feel fantastic!
    I think i finally got the hang of the 5:2 – i was really scared coming into the challenge 1 day after having read about the lifestyle and not knowing how any of it works much less having any coping skills.
    I’ve learned so much from everyone here and look forward to continuing this journey.
    and Last but not Least – my final weight in is 147.5/148 lbs – technically i only lost 2 lbs this month and frankly i find that unbelievable because i feel so great – my clothes fit better, rings are falling off. I got into the cute pair of black shorts that were on my goal list (they are a little tight in the waist but wearable) i guessed before i got on the scale this morning that i had lost at least 5 lbs- but Alas! – yet again, the scale did not agree with me. That scale is a guideline and not my final judge and jury!!


    It’s been an interesting October – I wasn’t very good with posting and keeping up with the thread (sorry Fuvvie!), I’ve struggled with my moods and not lost as much weight as I’d hoped.
    On the positive side – I’ve lost 1.2kg overall, ~5cm smaller around my waist (definitely shows!), meditation has helped me cope with my mood swings, in terms of exercise; I’m carrying on and really enjoying running, yoga, TRX etc.

    Thank you Fuvvie for your great effort with the October Challenge. See you in the November Challenge πŸ™‚
    Over and out.

    Final weigh in for October
    Starting weight 76.8kg
    Finishing weight 75.5kg
    Lost 1.3 kg
    I had got down to 74.3 but messed it all up towards the end. Thanks once again Fuvvie and everyone else for all the wonderful support…see you all over on the November thread.

    Day after end of challenge Sunny Coast Qld Aus: Keep those weights coming in everyone. The losses are certainly starting to add up.

    B2tf, love your posts and looking forward to being supported and supporting wherever that may be in this next month. All the best.

    Looking forward to the November challenge Pissupoosa. We set ourselves up with high ideals and get cross with ourselves if we can’t keep up the pace. We will walk arm in arm through this next challenge and I feel it will be a good outcome. Several buddies are continuing on and so many new faces to bring new inspiration.

    Will keep checking in till all the numbers are in.

    Thank you for the lovely words Fuvvie.
    Forgot to add my final weight – 66.5 kg. 0.8kg up from the 28th (65.7).

    Final check in

    Hi UK end of October challenge

    First results – start of October
    11 st 12 and half lbs (75.6 or 166.61)

    end of October
    11 st.9 and half lbs (74.20 or 163.60) so not as bad as I thought it was going to be at all. I think the good days Monday and Tuesday helped and I felt much more in control again but I think I just hit the scales on a good day. Still not down to what I was before my holiday but I am feeling a lot more positive going into November.

    Lael – very interesting and thought provoking post. Thank you

    NorrieB and to any other UK challengers – what you said NorrieB planted thoughts of planning something maybe in 2017 like a UK convention of 5:2 challenge members? What would others think? I think it would certainly motivate me and hopefully if it was planned enough in advance for people to arrange their schedule? Any thoughts?

    Merryme – I hope you will pop in from time to time as I think your posts are so valuable and inspiring.

    NorrieB – I know it is hard not to but we should not compare what one has to lose to others. We are probably all guilty of it – I look at what I have to lose and think why has it taken me so long when others have lost the same or more in a shorter time (must be something wrong with me – negative talk) – no matter whether is it 1 stone or 10 stone it all starts with a first step and just think if I had lost it within a couple of months I would not have met all you lovely people. So I will enjoy the journey and those I meet along the way (positive talk).

    Fuvvie – thank you so much for your efforts this month – I hope you enjoy your travels and come back renewed. And you are getting to see the ‘farm’ with the painted chicken shed and the fountain with flowers at the front. You will meet the animals we have heard so much of and will meet ETJ. Please give her a hug from me.

    Northerndawn – I don’t believe I am stepping on anyone’s toes with this suggestion and while I believe commitment to the challenge should still be daily posting for newbies. It has been noted for all the challenges since May the numbers of those that sign up will fall by at least 50% if not more, daily posting certainly proves commitment to the challenge. For someone who has shown commitment for so long, if you wish to be part of November I think a post once a week would be more than acceptable rather than lose you completely. I have granted you exemption from daily posts – your challenge for November Northerndawn should you wish to accept it is to post weekly?

    Congratulations on everyone who completed October’s challenge, whether you attained your goal or not you are here at the end – others are not – so you are all winners and to be congratulated. I hope you learnt something along the way, your strengths and weaknesses which will carry you on to the next part of your journey. See you on the next page. Liz x

    Surrey UK Final post: 1st October 97.9 kg
    31st October 97.3 kg

    At least it’s not up…if I could find any emojis I would have one that is frowning right now! Thanks Fuvvie, see you on the other side!

    October finish| Toronto| 85.1 kilos
    Congratulations all.
    Well, my October challenge good news is that between Thanksgiving, weekends away, and dental surgery my final weight is not as disappointing as I thought it would be. Taking antibiotics and pain killers over the last 5 days put a brake on my metabolism but surprisingly not as bad as expected. My goal was <83, my lowest point was 84.4;I did increase my exercise over the month but not consistently.
    Best wishes to all as we have another day, today, to make small steps/changes that will have lasting benefits and help defeat our “Dragons”!

    Fuvvie – thank you for October!

    I looked back to what I posted for my Oct 1 goals, success!

    “My goals for October are to lose 10 lbs and get into the low 170’s, and to lose 1/2 inch from bust, waist and hips. My exercise goal is to do Koegels as my Gyn recommends (Ha! for me that’s a tougher goal than the HIIT bike and walking I do each day)! I will also follow my PT’s instruction throughout each day for posture control with back, hips and core stabilization and also with my rhomboid muscle exercises. My eating goals are to fast 2-3 days per week, primarily liquid only fasts and to stay blow BMR with LCHF on most NFD’s. I will pay particular daily attention this month to staying hydrated, adding fiber and vinegar to my diet and singing the joys of how lucky we all are to have discovered the 5:2 WOL!”

    I made most of them!!

    Weight – down 10.2 lbs, I am in the very low 170’s
    Waist – down 3 inches (am I finally losing visceral fat??)
    Hips – down 1.5 inches
    Bust – down .5 inch
    Neck – down .25 inch

    I forgot my Kegels half way through the month. I love my Fast Exercise app for my HIT stationary bike riding and walking. I did maintain my liquid only fasting until Grandmother duties started and I still do not eat refined carbs with LCHF diet. I haven’t been monitoring my fiber very well and only tried vinegar a couple of times.

    I am still so happy to have found 5:2 and this group support process! Thank you everyone. On to a November with the the same support!

    October Finish – down 2.2 lb
    Start 174.2 lb
    Finish 172 lb
    I had hoped to see the last of the 170’s but I seem to be clinging to 7 like it’s my lucky number! And I do realize the 2.2 lb loss was after two b2b FD’s so I am proceeding with awareness that I need to tighten up on following the program. Reading so many success stories makes me realize it does work. Hearing of the struggles others experience makes me realize I’m not alone. All in all this thread is my life line that keeos me from giving up. Thanks to all, especially Fuvvie, for the October challenge!

    October finish| Bucks UK

    6lbs weight loss since the start of October.
    Would have been more but I gained 3lbs over the weekend.
    Overall I am very pleased with myself, and happy to have found this lovely group x

    Calgary,Canada recap
    starting weight 192.4
    end weight 189.6
    Start waist 37.25″
    end waist 35″
    So slow on the weight loss but very happy with the inches off my waist…
    thanks to everyone for the great inspiring posts…
    I am off to try the 8 week Blood Sugar diet…
    take care all… and good luck

    Hello all October challengers. I waited to see if there were any more entries.

    Weight shed was a hefty 49.3 kgs which is 108.6 lb or 7.7 stone. πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

    Weight gained was 3.5 kgs which is 7.7 pound just over 1/2 a stone. πŸ˜‚ These were made up of 1 lb here or one pound there.

    This is an impressive outcome and everyone is to be congratulated. Persistence paying off.

    Good luck to all those continuing on whether in the November challenge or on your own or some other thread. It has been a real honour to head up this challenge and I would have gained a lot more than .4kg, .8lb which is less than a pound , less than a pat of butter, had I not been continuing with 5:2 and this challenge. Thanks for your support and kind words. You are all legends, as my grandchildren like to say.

    2nd post ; I have just uploaded the spreadsheet for the end of the challenge for those who are interested. It is on A few people did want to look at it. So long from this thread.

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