The 31 day October Challenge

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The 31 day October Challenge

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  • Coda: Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I know I am hard on myself, a bit of a perfectionist. I will see what tomorrow holds. Every day can be a new start.
    Maybe it’s the endless dull, grey weather that’s got me down….plus the clocks going back an hour! Dark evenings.
    I DO like the discipline of checking in every day….otherwise, I certainly could see myself drifting.
    Thanks again xx

    Hi just me again so I as was coming in from garden I saw a pear on our pear tree, I just tested it to see if it was ready when it came off in my hand. Before I had even thought of it I had taken a bite but rather than throw it away I enjoyed it and counted 57 in my fitness pal. I also had some homemade vegetable soup I had made earlier in week I thought I would have it instead of my usual sunday dinner. Had quite a large bowl about 700g and was quite surprised when mfp calculated it at 685. It was just a generic calculation so I suppose just an estimate. I also had 2 small bite sized pieces of chicken when serving up dinner for the others that looked so juicy and tasty. So according to mfb I am well over my fd allowance but not even half of my tdee. I also said no thanks to 2 fruit pastilles that were offered and there has been no other snacking. So for me this is a successful day.

    Day 30 Cornwall UK FD

    Coda I think we’ve both done well today!x

    I’m feeling good because despite having a load of β€˜stuff’ going round in my head causing anxiety, I’ve had my soup for lunch and a chicken salad for supper which came to just over 500 cals.

    Walked the dog for 5k.

    I’m aiming for a fd tomorrow and will get back to strength exercises.

    ciren, you’ve done so well, don’t be hard on yourself!

    Good luck to fellow fasters tomorrow.

    Day 30|NFD| Bucks UK

    My daughter hosted a sleepover last night and they had pizza… I ate some pizza… I ate some this morning too 😩
    Definitely a FD tomorrow and will weigh in on Tues morning with the months progress 😊

    Sunshine Coast Australia Day 31 FD: I’ve said it is an FD and I mean it. How many of us are making this the make or break day this challenge. I weighed in at 106 KGS this morning, exactly the same weight as at the beginning of the challenge. So after a proper fast, I should see a little drop.

    Weighing in tomorrow, the 1st November is fine, Maui. It is what a lot of us do.

    Coda, I agree with you that it would be much better if some people want to nominate a weekly post or 3 daily or whatever it takes to de-stress themselves and still stay with us. It is such a lovely group of people and it is hard to see them go.

    Itsmyturn, I felt gutted for you at the loss of your sister’s friend. How awful.

    I felt a wave of cold go through me when I read Itsmyturn’s post. It just shows how we are physically affected by our minds. The autonomic nervous system, our hormones, the response to our senses……sometimes I feel like a puppet on a string pulled by all these ebb and flo things going on in my body. October has really been that sort of a month for me. So I am grateful that I have at least maintained. Then I have Lolly and ETJ, whom I am meeting in November, Coldpizza on her thread as well as here, Buttonboots, all wonderful examples of what we can achieve when we set our hearts and minds to it. I am not going to write all 60 odd names of the folk on this thread, but all have inspired me in a multitude of ways to want to achieve my goals. Thank you.

    I’ve just realised that I haven’t seen Hannah in a bit. Also Greatlakes. I’ll submit this post so as not to lose it and then go looking to see if they have posted and I have just missed it.

    2nd post: I had actually missed several days of Hannah’s posts but not since 26th October. I hope you are ok Hannah and still hanging in there. I know it has been a tough month.

    You have only missed a couple of days, GreatLakes. Since you are usually very consistent, I hope all is well with you as well.

    Day 30 – E. Canada NFD

    Well, we’re all almost at the end of the month. Thank you Fuvvie for all your hard work. I will definitely join the November challenge, hosted by ??? Glad to read the posts and find everyone determined and reasonably upbeat.

    Yesterday, Day 29, didn’t end quite as well as it began. I was at 490, and then had a piece of salmon steak that I’m not buying again – some cuts of farmed salmon are too fatty no matter how one cooks it. So lesson learned.
    I also ate an entire large cookie, instead of saving half. So, next time, I’m having a ‘Timbit’ as a treat instead. (A Timbit is the centre part of a doughnut, made when the hole is punched out of a doughnut.) It’s 80 calories in its entirety, so makes a self-limiting treat. But as it was I am fairly certain I ate 1250 – 1350 calories, or just a little under TDEE.

    Today, day 30.

    I did garden work – raking leaves, ripping up the last of the annuals πŸ™
    and getting my ‘winter’ garden ready (brightly coloured twigs, evergreens in pots, some artificial berries.)

    The day: bran flakes 200, raising tea biscuit with 1 tsp butter 300/st 500, 1/2 bagel with 2/3 avocado 310, st 810 coffee with timbit, 80, st 890.
    About to have supper of beef tournedo with bacon 250 (?), 1/2 a spud with 1 tsp butter 85, salad 50, about 1290…probably going to eat close to TDEE again. I’d like to finish for the month under 130 pounds, but at this rate I might not. We shall see.

    Perth, Australia, Day 31, FD

    Will weigh in tomorrow. Feeling a bit lethargic over the last few days. Not sure why, maybe a combination of fighting this virus and exam stress, although the latter would be alleviated with some study which I haven’t got stuck into yet. The old ostrich head in the sand trick πŸ˜•

    Happy fasting everyone and thank you for your support during this month.

    London | Day 29 | NFD
    London | Day 30 | NFD
    London | Day 31 | FD

    Fuvvie are you meeting in person Lolly and ETJ? How wonderful. I had thought I would be able to meet with a few uk mainland members when over in September but the timings didnt work out. That will be something to look forward to.
    Thank you very much for seeing us through October especially as it was such a difficult month. x

    Australia, day 31, FD

    Sorry to mislead you, Coda. I am not meeting Lolly (how I wish I were. Just find her so supportive.) But I am meeting ETJ. We have made contact and I am going to see her farm and have a cuppa and meet someone whom I have also found to be very supportive. I’m really very excited about it. A friend and I are driving past her way on 10th November so we are calling in. This thread has certainly opened up new friendships in more ways than one.

    There have been difficulties in this month, but I have really gained some lovely benefits from this whole experience…I have rediscovered going to the beach for the sheer joy of it, the wind, waves, golden beach, positive vibes. This group has helped me to see that there is balance in all of this. There are the ups and downs, but a balance has been maintained for many.

    You’re a bit of a night owl, aren’t you, Coda?! I imagine you are in bed by now though. I remember when you were trying to set up visits with various site members and I think I suggested you include Australia in your trip and then we could meet lol.

    There are a number of people who have been doing the 5:2 for some time now. I would love to know what people like Dr Mosley and Dr Fung would make of the struggle that some of us are having not to sabotage so far down the track. Is it because we cut our calories too much in our enthusiasm at the beginning and therefore the body is trying to get back to its set point (heaven preserve us. That would be heart breaking). Or is it as Mark Stephens suggests and we are in a negative state of moving away from the heaviest point and the further you get from that, the less influence it has, rather than moving positively towards a goal. Lolly and I are about to have a bit of a discussion on this. I am doing a little research before I answer her question.

    Moth 54, Back2thefuture is hosting the November challenge and she put the link up a few days ago. I think it under weight loss and has the word November in it. Will look it up.

    This is the link for the November challenge. I just dropped in there. Tons of new names some of whom have been inspired by our current challenge. So you can all pat yourselves on the back as you are already inspiring people.

    2nd post
    Just finished Jason Fung’s new book. – I have to tell you it is not just Dr Fung but him and 8 additional experts weighing in on the issue of fasting. This book has so much information I can’t thank you enough for bringing it to my attention I am thrilled I read it and I really feel like it has cleared a lot of the questions I had on fasting and made my path a whole lot cleaner. I also listened to a number of YouTube interviews with Dr Fung. They were so interesting – please do yourself a favor and listen to some of these YouTube interviews they were so full of information for each and every one of us on this path.

    Tweed Coast Australia / Day 31 / FD or NFD I haven’t decided yet!

    Well, I wasn’t planning on fasting today, but it is almost noon and all I’ve had is water! It would be easy to turn this into a FD. The thing is that it is Monday and I just fasted on Saturday. I find I usually do better leaving 2 days between FDs. I’ll have to let you know how whether this pans out as a FD when I write my first post in the next challenge!

    Good news is… I’m celebrating this morning! For all I’ve written about struggling to maintain weight since reaching goal, I was pleasantly surprised to find I’m back there! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes given that I had a big blow out on Friday and though I fasted Saturday, yesterday I snacked my way through the afternoon. The redeeming factor is that yesterday’s snacks were healthy choices which included a few apples, macadamia nuts and spoons of coconut butter (which I absolutely love)! So, I’m a happy camper at the end of this challenge having reached this last day of challenge at 57.6, which is just 100 grams over on the high side of my maintenance range (yes, technically ‘over’ range but pretty good after the blowout and then yesterday’s snacks)!

    Thank you Fuuvie for hosting this challenge! It has been a great experience and I know it helped me greatly on so many levels!

    I want to add that being a binger from way back, I too find the questions you and Lolly are looking into about sabotage as so worthy, because I think a lot of people experience a struggle with this.

    Personally, at the moment I’ve been finding maintenance more challenging than my 5:2 weight loss phase! I’d attributed this to the fact that since reaching goal weight I’ve taken on a higher level of study which brings with it so much more stress with meeting assignment deadlines, etc. …However, I sense there’s more to it in that I’m aware that I ‘feel’ much more as a ‘thin person’ and I’m more aware and sensitive as a ‘thin person’ than I was with all the extra padding. As a result I’m less able to handle or tolerate certain things that I was able to put up with when I had all that extra padding. It was almost like that padding cushioned me from things I had difficulty dealing with. This is just one aspect I’m discovering about getting to know myself as a ‘thin person’. For example, I have a friend who I used to just go along with who requires much more energy and attention than I’m finding I’m able to give, now that I’ve lost all my extra weight! However, when I was overweight, I would go along with her to the cafe for morning tea that turned into lunch and then afternoon tea since my friend seemingly needed that amount of time to talk out a recurring problem that I’d already heard about for months with no resolution. I was able to listen patiently and receptively when I was overweight and I’d often indulge in the cakes and sweets at the cafe where we met together as part and parcel of our meeting. After practicing 5:2 for some time though I no longer wanted to eat those cakes for morning and afternoon tea and found I actually couldn’t sit there peacefully and listen to my friend for so many hours talk about the same problem over and over. I’d leave feeling very distressed and if I didn’t eat cakes in the cafe, I’d sure want to when I got home and so that would get me started on emotional snacking that would take days to run out. Eventually I had to have a difficult talk with that friend to let her know that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Thankfully, she understood and we are still friends. However, it wasn’t until I spoke those words, that I felt truly free of the gnawing hunger. …That said, this is just an observation about my own life and I acknowledge that maintenance phase can be challenged by other factors including nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, etc.

    USA Minnesota Day 30 NFD

    Anna, Coda, and Fuvvie, I thank you for your kind words. You have no idea what that means to me.
    Coda, you did not just put out the invite! You put out encouragement, stories, affirmations, and let’s not forget the big stick!

    Fuvvie, my posts would probably be better off on a personal page, as you suggest, since I am so verbose. But I have a hard time believing that would be for anyone else’s benefit, other than my own ego. I haven’t had a great amount to lose compared to others, and not a dramatic story. I’ve tried to cut my posts back to just a few words. It’s not easy for me, alas! 😞 Still tend toward the verbose.

    If I could post just once in awhile this month, maybe every third day, or once a week, that would be a great relief. I have obligations this month that will take a lot of my energy, to be honest, and some days will be a struggle to post, if even possible. And of course, the feelings I expressed earlier of needing a break after 5 months, altogether, just make a perfect storm. I will, of course, continue reading the posts, but I won’t be able to read them daily.

    If Back2theFuture is ok with it, I would like to check in to the November challenge once or twice a week. If anyone feels that would be unfair to others, then that’s ok and I certainly understand.

    Best to everyone. Go Cubs! Please win at least one at Wrigley Field, for your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Australia Day 31 NFD – apologies for dropping off Fuvvie. A combination of not losing any weight this month and feeling so ashamed of myself for my lack of control, and a long weekend away with my husband. All food and drink was included so you can imagine how that went! I will catch up with everyone’s posts but in the meantime I just want to say thank you to Fuvvie for managing this challenge and thank you to everyone else for being such a wonderful community. xxx

    Day 30: Pacific NW USA, FD became a NFD

    I’m suffering from sleep deprivation, nerves and no consistent schedule. I haven’t had a real FD in this new-baby-world week. Today I tried to have just a 150 cal chicken/veg soup at lunch and it backfired, merely woke up thoughts of food rather than quenching hunger. I’ll try again tomorrow. I think itsmyturn is also and because it’s helped in the past to visualized someone else fasting at the same time I am maybe that will help me round out this month back on track. So Fuvvie I will give you my stats for October on Tuesday.

    Northern – you are experienced enough to be the best judge of what you need to do in November. We would all benefit from whenever and however much you want to log into the November challenge, so of course I’m OK with it! That being said, I feel very strongly that it was the consistency of a daily comittment to Coda’s initial challenge (and her big stick!) and making it a habit that formed the basis of my success with IF. I hope others who have joined for November will still commit to daily posting except in those circumstances where they are away from wifi, etc. and they can let me know. Does that sound OK to all my experienced pals??

    Yes, Fuvvie, it’s looking great to have so many joining for November, I just hope they can get the support we have all found so beneficial! The anticipation of “leading” the group is bringing out the mother hen in me!

    UK day 31 FD Going for my usual Monday fast today to end the October challenge on a positive note as overall Ive not done great,but I’m putting it behind me I’m entering November with renewed enthusiasm.

    Fuvvie and all, thanks for October – see some of you over on the November challenge x

    NZ, Day 31, NFD
    End of month weight 63.7
    Happy with weight loss – not quite my lofty goal of 4kg loss that I set at beginning of October………little did I know the month would have so many ups & downs. Probably no more than normal but when you write things down daily it creates greater awareness.

    It feels like only yesterday that this challenge was beginning – a big thanks to Fuvvie for running this challenge. I’m so pleased to have joined up – I couldn’t have done this month without the sense of belonging and openness that this group provides. Have enjoyed reading all the posts & often see my own battles written in other’s posts.

    Thank you so much again Fuvvie & everyone here – hope to see you all next month (tomorrow!!) in the November challenge!!

    Take care all & keep shining. Xxx

    No pressure HannahWatto. πŸ€”πŸ˜ˆWe don’t believe in shame on this thread. We are all in the same boat and have very similar feelings a lot of the time. That’s why we are drawn to posting and how we got here in the first place. I doubt there is anything you could own up to that one or other or several of us haven’t already done. So never feel you can’t post because of how you are feeling. Our feelings are a response to our thoughts and our thoughts aren’t always rational. They fool us into believing things that aren’t necessarily true.

    Great post Lael. Tough discussions can lead to good outcomes. It’s easy to become resentful if you are simmering away, so when you bring it out into the open you can let those feelings go and be more supportive in the short term. It can help the other person to become more self-reliant when they get out of their rut.

    I’m enjoying Jason Fung’s book as well, Itsmyturn. It does give a broad outline of how fasting works from several different aspects. It’s the goods.

    Day 31 Italy – FD
    We’re having a Halloween party tonight, so I’m not going to eat all day and I’ve made sure that there will be plenty of healthy stuff on the buffet as well. Let’s see how it goes. Will weigh in as usual tomorrow. Thanks so much Fuvvie you have been an amazing host!

    Day 31 Sussex U.K.
    Well I am finishing this month two pounds up. Now 12 stone 12 pounds.
    Like others I have not yet got to grips with feelings and food and self sabotage when just about to break through a barrier. Finding some days so easy and then everything out the window.
    Moth – thanks for the reply about soy sauce. I think you are right. Salt and sweet go together in so much food.
    Will continue on as this group is so great and I love all the words of encouragement that people send to one another. We will get there.
    Out of the country for two weeks but will post when I can.

    Day 31 Cornwall U.K. FD

    Good day everyone on this last day of the challenge! catching up on posts I notice a lot of us have had our personal struggles with life in general. Sadly I can’t see mine getting any easier but I really have to learn to deal it so it doesn’t affect my everyday life.

    Many of us have got to a stage on our 5.2 wol which is just hard, Im now being asked when I’m going to come off my β€˜diet’, I don’t need to lose any more!!

    I know that I am within sight of my goal and I am determined to get there and maintain!

    b2f thankyou for taking over for November! I would like to continue to post every day as it really helps.

    Today OH has a stinking cold – caught from our darling grandchildren superspreaders!!
    I have a headache but hope it doesn’t progress! I get ravenous when I get a cold!!

    Fuvvie thankyou for leading this month, please continue with your wise posts.
    I’ll post final weight on this thread in the morning.

    Best of luck to fellow fasters today x

    Gozo, Malta
    Day 31

    Today is a fast day for me. After eating all that gorgeous food yesterday I truly need it.

    Fuvvie it’s the last day I’ll post here and I want to thank you for taking up this challenge even though you have so much commitment in your life like taking care of your family and your mother in law. You are truly a warm and caring person and it must have taken your much needed time to commit to this challenge. Well done and see and hear from you the next November challenge hosted by back2thefuture.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 31 Surrey UK FD. Just practicing the format that we will be using for November! Last weigh in for this month… Started the month I see by my notes, 97.9 kg and finished the month at 97.3 kg. With all the ups and downs of the month, so be it.
    I can’t begin to say how valuable this forum has been. Every single one of us has made a huge contribution to the welfare of all of us.
    @itsmytime, thanks for the feedback on Dr Fung’s book, good to know.
    @Lael, Saying what you did to your friend probably helped her as well..maybe she will look at her approach and opt for a change,who knows?
    @northerndawn, all the posts are useful, whatever tone they take, because there will always be someone who is feeling the same way. Hope you hang around!
    @coda, if you come over again we should really make an effort to meet, and anyone else in the UK who wants to meet up. We have become virtual friends as it were, and I just know we would get along. Chances of me going to Ireland in the near future are very slim, too busy paying the UK Border Agency aka Home Office! Australia feels like a million miles away, but friendship is just a click away!
    Perhaps B2tF should change Coda’s big stick into a magic wand and use ‘Expelliamus!’or any other magic word.

    I look at some of the posts where people weigh 60 and even 70 kgs…in my dreams! Last time I weighed 73 kgs I was in my thirties. See you all in November, and let’s go for it.

    Fuvvie, just to say, if I haven’t done so already, I have huge admiration for you, you sound like such a warm loving person. Thank you for everything you have said through the month..we will move forward together, all of us.

    Thanks NorrieB. Just reading your post, I feel like we are kindred spirits. I too look at the people in their 60s and 70s kgs and wish……..if only………. I was in the low 60s in 1989. It did not last and look where I am now. But we have not given up and are not going to give up. Bring on the November challenge πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸ’

    Good Morning All – USA – Missouri Ozarks – Day 31 – Fasting

    Back to my three fasting days, my non fasting days went fine – better than previous weeks, I believe. Got in all my exercise, and more. Got in all my water, and more. Our church starts a revival tonight so we won’t be eating until after that. My fast will therefore be from about 7 p.m. last night until about 9 or 10 tonight. Eating that late I will definitely keep it very light, probably a salad. Not sure how I will fit in all of my exercise at home so I will probably go for a nice vigorous walk at lunch as it is going to be a gorgeous day (record high for Halloween around here).

    As we end the month, I also want to extend my appreciation for this board. It has kept me accountable and I have so enjoyed “meeting” all of you and sharing this journey to a better life.

    On to November !

    Thank you to all those who have said thanks. It has indeed been a journey worth taking. I haven’t lost weight but have pretty much maintained. I’ll be travelling for two weeks in November but will have my phone with me so will have no excuse for not posting. I’m thinking of taking some photos and maybe posting them in instagram under Tokeepmylovealive. Can’t wait. Will start adding up gains and losses and stay the same tomorrow. Will update the spreadsheet and post it on google drive for those who want to see it.

    Have had all sorts of sweets that I bought in case halloween caught on in our area. It hasn’t so my grandchildren went down the back stairs and came to the front door and we have all had our fill off sweets. It was fun. So much for the FD that was not going to be a failed FD. I guess i really only managed till lunchtime after all. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

    Australia Day 31 fd
    Trying to end with a great water fast. Hoping I’ll move a little down in the scales when I weigh in in the morning.

    Fuvvie thank you so much for running this challenge. Especially for tie lovely words of encouragement and caring. I know this hasn’t been the easiest month for you and you have been just amazing! I was really happy to read about the lovely things you have felt have changed for you this month, especially about making time to enjoy the beach again, you have really indulged me to enjoy my journey more not just be waiting for the finish line to enjoy life. Thanks for that.
    I’ll add my final weight in the morning.

    Georgia/ USA/ Day 31/NFD:

    We made it through the month everybody!! I’m excited about net month. Thinking about doing the 6:1. Any one have success with this? Please share details…

    US, Day 31…FD. Can I get through today without Halloween candy?

    Final weight. 121.3. That’s UP one pound for the month. My lower back is really bothering me today. And I am CRANKY.

    Day 31|FD|Toronto
    BOO!! I will post my month end tomorrow;it would truly be too much of a Halloween fright today as antibiotics and pain pills had a “Monstrous” impact on my metabolism since Thursday.

    Day 29, Saturday: NFD
    Day 30, Sunday: NFD
    Day 31: FD

    Happy end of October challenge!

    Weigh in this morning: 130.0 lbs (59.0 kgs)

    I’ve seen lower, but that’s OK. Not a huge drop from beginning of challenge but I also switched to a better scale. Looking forward to November challenge!

    Thank you Fuvvie, and everyone!

    And @fuvvie so sorry! Part of my “unplugged” weekends. But you all are always on my mind!

    Day 31: Gloucestershire UK: Fast day (PLEASE).
    End of month, two pounds UP from my target weight. OH well..
    Thanks Fuvvie for hosting this month for us all.
    See you on the November challenge now.

    Oh, and YAY CUBS !!!!

    Also, should it be needed for the charting, today’s weight is 147.

    Day 31 FLA USA FD. Really enjoyed my back-to-back fast days last week so I am doing it again this week figured i would end October and start November on a roll! After reading Dr. Fung’s new book and listening to the YouTube Presentations I really feel like the two days will help me more and for me doing the water tea and coffee only fasts work better. Ended October 11.4 lbs down since I started in early September. Looking forward to getting thru November and December without any major problems.
    Fuvvie. Thank you so much for being our guiding light for October – you are so good at this. I look forward to your posts. Onward and downward!

    Day 31, Texas. Happy Halloween everybody.
    My scale was halloweenish today and not very happy. I decided to postpone fasting till tomorrow.
    See ya’ll in November. πŸ˜€

    Day 31|FD| Bucks UK
    Making a large batch of butternut squash and leek soup… peeling a butternut squash is such a bore… 😣

    @fuvvie many thanks for your hospitality, hope to see you and many others in @back2thefuture home.
    Will check out tomorrow πŸ˜™

    Butternut squash tip. Stab it a few times and stick it in the microwave . Once it softens you can easily cut it in half and scoop it out

    @k-lo omg!! Thanks 😧

    Day 31 USA Hawaii FD
    Trying to finish the month with b2b FD
    Water, coffee, miso soup all day at work and salad for dinner.
    Weighin tomorrow.

    Day 31 USA (Illinois)

    Yeah, Fuvvie! We did another challenge! Thank you for your leadership and tabulations!

    NFD for me – maintained my goal weight of 160 this month. That was my plan all along, actually want to make it maintained until January 1. I have learned that 6:1 seems to work and not to overeat on my NFD’s. A good lesson to keep working on!

    YEAH Cubs indeed! Live to play another day (Tuesday night in Cleveland, Ohio). Thanks Linda Sue and others for your good remarks about my team.

    See you all tomorrow in November!
    Onward and downward!

    Sussex UK Day 31 FD
    Kept to the FD until I got home but then had few nuts to keep me going until dinner (Salade Niçoise).
    It was a bit of a struggle – back to work after a week in the sun and eating nice things!
    Will weigh in tomorrow and report in.
    Keep smiling O&D

    Day 31 : NFD : Cheshire, UK

    NFD again – what a surprise πŸ™‚ November WILL be better!

    2nd post
    Well managed a reasonable fast day, went a little over 500cals, but happy with that! I’ll post my end weight in the morning.

    See you in November challenge! Onwards and DOWN!!

    Second Post : Thank you Fuvvie for hosting this challenge. I’m truly grateful. xoxo

    Day 31 – South Florida USA
    It looks like my post from yesterday or this morning didn’t go through… *sigh*
    Anyway – I did Yoga this morning and a FD today and will do a final weigh -in tommorrow – which will be my start weight for november. I am travelling a lot in November so I think i might lurk and post instead of join so that nobody has to search for my sporadic posts. HOWEVER – I will be back in December and will do the full on challenge. My personal goal for November will be to Not gain with all of the travelling – Toykyo, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and Arizona… How do you visit all of those awesome places and NOT enjoy the local cuisine???
    There will be lots of walking so hopefully will walk most of it off.

    Thank you everyone – I’ve very much enjoyed being part of this group. I think I’ve got a fantastic Jump Start to how this works now and I look forward to seeing you going forward!!!


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