Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • So I survived my first fast day 😁
    To be honest it was not too hard, mainly because it was my first day back at work after 10 days off and I was that busy I never thought about food. (Other than the fact there was a Macmillan coffee morning in the office which I’m proud to have resisted)
    I drank black coffee and drank lots of water, had two boiled eggs for breakfast with half a grapefruit and 120gr Chicken breast with boiled carrots, followed by an apple for evening dinner.
    The thing I’m confused about is what to eat on a NFD. I’ve put my stats in the calculator and my TDEE was 1590 calories, so by fasting I’m saving 1090 cals, so it’s going to take me 3 to 4 fasts to loose 1lb. So should I aim to eat less than 1590 calls to speed up my loss or not? Not counted calories for years as slimming world diet does not do that which I think was the issue as eating far to many calories than I needed probably.
    I did have a banging headache at bedtime, could have been my return to work or the fasting, I’ll have to see what happens on my next fast day on Thursday.I recently lost my dog and I didn’t eat for three days and never once thought about food, amazing what grief does to you.
    Thanks for the recipe link I’ll take a look later as just off to work. Have a good day everyone.

    My low-carb NFD was derailed by a sneaky employee with a cake. Damn people with birthdays! I was doing great up to that point. Had nice cup of coffee, a bit of eggs in the morning. A reasonably healthy salad with chicken for lunch. Then boom! Birthday bitch shows up with her absolutely amazing chocolate raspberry cake. No avoiding it and no kidding ourselves that there were probably 2,000 cals per slice. I can FEEL it, but it was damn tasty.

    So hopefully I can go light on dinner and I am definitely going to do 3 fast days this week…. because the sex thing is still not fully worked out 😉

    Susie, most people see NFD eating challenging, once we got used to the fast days. I tried (not very successfully) to eat the calories to maintain my ideal weight, not current weight. Initially I looked up calories for food that I eat, and now can do a mental calculation easily. Also I weigh every time I change my clothes (twice a day) – a bit obsessive but it helps me to keep track.

    Alx, temptation is hard to resist. A colleague is a fantastic baker, and I can never resist her cake. I tried not to eat lunch if I do this. More eating events are coming: Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas, on top of birthdays etc.

    NFD has gone ok today. Planning for fasting tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone

    Fast day today. No problem, I’ve got this. Except the birthday girl from yesterday didn’t bring the leftover cake home. They’re bringing it back out this afternoon! That’s tough, but I can refuse and resist. It ain’t her birthday today.

    A strange and new thing happened to me last night. I bought a white turkey chili to try out and steamed a little rice to go with it. It was disgusting. Typically a food fail is noted so as never to repeat that mistake again, but last night I took it a step further. I tossed the whole thing out. Typically I hate to waste food, but last night I decided I would rather not eat than consume food I didn’t like and didn’t need. I could have just eaten the rice, maybe mixed in other stuff, but I tossed that too because otherwise I was headed for a carb-loaded mess. I think it was the smart move.

    I wish I could say that I went back to the kitchen for a smarter meal. That wasn’t exactly what happened, but I can say that the meal I ultimately ate was a better choice than what I pitched… taste, carbs, and calories.

    Baby steps.

    Fasting today. Decided not to go to gym this morning to catch up some urgent work.

    NDF went well yesterday. Our family survived vegan diet since Monday. It will be stir fry tofu, beansprouts and noodles for dinner tonight.

    Need to be careful about the calories intake however. Cooked chick peas, peanut butter etc have high calories. Hope I can manage some weight loss by Monday.

    Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

    2nd fast day almost completed. I’ve just cleaned my teeth to make sure I eat nothing and drink only water for the rest of the night. I’ve had two small meals, 2 eggs for breakfast and a shop bought calorie counted chicken salad and half a carton of carrot soup for evening dinner. To be honest never gave food a thought at work today, usually I’m looking at the clock waiting for a reasonable time to start eating my lunch! Hubby has sat here eating chocolate grrrr but I’ve not mentioned I’m on a fast day as he would be trying to sabotage me so I’ve tried not to look bothered which must have worked as he’s not offered me a piece. I’ve been swimming twice this week so looking forward to weigh in. I’m hoping to loose at least a stone by Christmas which does not seem an impossible target.

    Well done Alx for making conscious food choice. I used to eat food even I didn’t like them. Now I evaluate whether they worth my “investment”. Doesn’t mean I always eat healthy food, but I don’t “waste” calories for food that I don’t like.

    Fortunately for me, food scrap go to the pig bucket for my colleague’s pet pigs. Or at home we can feed them to the wild birds. So no waste.

    Fasting day didn’t last past morning tea time yesterday. I was dealing with a stressful staff issue and decided I needed more energy to last the day. Surprisingly I have lost quite a bit of weight overnight. Stress burn more calories, obviously.

    NFD today and again the staff issue is continuing today.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    Hey all,
    Another quick check in from me, so busy and quite exhausted!
    Not had the best FD today, as I was so utterly tired, I ended up eating a tiny portion of mash with gravy and a thin sausage, along with carrots and greens, so not hideous, but I didn’t count… I reckon probably a little over 500, I really don’t know.
    Aside from that, I had 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and quite a few coffees, with a little milk, so very probably over, but I’m not eating anything else and I’ll go as long as I can tomorrow before eating again. Just needed the energy boost tbh.

    Hope all of you are doing good, I probably won’t bother weighing until next Tuesday, after a proper FD on Monday, so I’ll be absent from the forum until then.

    Happy fasting to all and hope you’re all feeling good! xx

    1st weigh in 165lbs – Loss 3lbs. Zip a de do dah ! 😁
    Really chuffed with that. I know that is not going to happen every week but 1lb will do. Intending to fast Monday and Thursday again this week. Meals already planned. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that. I’ve aimed at 1500 cals on NFD’s so will do that again. Hopefully another loss will follow.

    Penguinchick, you are always so disciplined. I’m dealing with high level of work stress at the moment, so sympathise needing energy to get through the day. But I don’t think your calories intake was > 500.

    Well done Susie, 3 ibs loss is big achievement.

    Official weigh in today shows no change in weight from last week. This is fine. My vegan diet started 7 days ago has resulted in higher than normal consumption of food. The diet will finish on Wed, so hope the weight loss will continue after that.

    Fasting today but work stress is expected to continue today. So see how today goes.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Well done Susie! Three lbs is awesome! I envy you… I have gained 1.5lbs – hardly surprising, as I’ve been really bad the last few days – Not so disciplined as you think Phoenix! FD tomorrow and I’m determined to have a good one, I grazed all day today, getting lots of work done, trying to organise the home too, as I have a backlog of cleaning/laundry!
    Well done on the vegan eating too Phoenix – do you feel better internally for it? I used to be vegetarian, but due to a blood issue, I needed to start eating some meat again, which instantly corrected my iron levels, now I eat a little, but not every day and most days are vegetarian, but not vegan – my taste buds can’t cope with the ‘replacement’ things like tofu (actually makes me feel sick!).

    Good luck with the work stress too, I’ll be with you there, though eating more mindfully this week, have to drop those lbs I’ve gained and get back out walking once this manic week is over.
    Hope you’re doing well too Al?
    Happy fasting and let’s be stronger for Monday!

    Penguinchick, I have been fortunate for being super healthy (touch wood). E.g. I have only took half a day sick leave in last 5 years! However 5:2 way of life has reduced my eating, and I feel better (less bloated etc). Therefore vegan diet has not caused any noticeable change for me so far, but we only do it for 10 days.

    Don’t worry about the fluctuating weight, we are in for the long game.

    My fasting didn’t go well yesterday. I probably consumed a little less than normal NFD calories. It was still quite stressful at work. Today I’m in a whole day meeting, and the catered lunch is of very small portion, so hopefully I will eat less than a normal NFD.

    It’s sunny and reasonably warm in Wellington today. Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday.

    Fast day 3 done. Busy at work so not even had tummy rumbles today. Did 2 eggs and an Apple for breakfast and a chicken breast and cabbage for evening meal I’ve been swimming tonight too and done 30th lengths. It’s so new for me so I’m enjoying the fasting challenge, it’s when the weight stops coming off I’ll get despondent.
    My daughter was vegetarian up till this January and she then decided to go vegan. She eats really well considering previously she only ate carrots and processed peas, she now eats all sorts of vegetables. I don’t really eat a lot of meat but vegan is harder as so many thing contain eggs and milk.
    Good luck to you all on your FD’s this week.

    Afternoon all,

    NFD for me today and boy, was yesterday tough lol! I did dump 1 lb of the weight I put on, so that’s good. I’ve decided to have a whole week of controlled days, just to kick start the losses again, so I’m sticking to around 1k or under for my NFD’s and 500 on my FD’s, so we’ll see what that brings, I really did eat a lot of rubbish last week, snacks… bad bad snacks – stress eating is bad!
    Hopefully a slightly less stressy week, so I’m planning and cooking again tonight, as I have just finished work – early, so going to cook for the week now.
    Well done on the vegan food Phoenix, eggs aren’t/shouldn’t be a problem for vegans – as they’re not dairy, but some interpret veganism to include eggs if they prefer not to eat them. Isn’t there another term for people who don’t eat eggs? I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve heard it mentioned.
    Anyway, have a great day everyone, I’ll check in after my next FD, happy fasting! x

    Susie, great to hear you completed your fast days successfully. Well done to incorporate exercises into your fast days too.

    My daughter has been vegan for about 3 years and only given up recently due to her body building training. Our definition of vegan is very strict, so eggs are not allowed. I didn’t plan well this time for our 10 days vegan challenge, and ended up buying too much vegan biscuits that high in sugar. Next time, at around Feb 2020, I will be more prepared and cook/bake more.

    I agree vegan diet is very hard. Only very few brands sell vegan bread, crackers, biscuits etc, and vegan protein is very expensive at supermarket. Fortunately we have a Saturday market that sells 6 different type of tofu, big bag of bean sprouts and vegan fresh noodles at very affordable price. Also another tip: try asian supermarket for dehydrated vegan meat that made of soy beans. Try to avoid vegan meat made of gluten, they are bad for our tummies.

    Penguinchick, I like your ideas of controlled days. Will work out how to incorporate them into my week. May be fasting Mon & Thurs, and controlled Tue, Wed & Fri. Weekends are usually my worst eating days so they should be controlled but with higher calories.

    NFD today. Cooked vege and tofu curry and turmeric coconut rice for a work shared lunch today. So will be facing eating challenge but I will exercise control.

    Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone!

    Today was a NFD and boy it was strange. I’ve eaten healthily throughout the day however when I got back from work I felt all light headed and shaky, so much so I had to lie in the bed, not like me at all. I’ve had salmon and salad for tea and I’m feeling ok now so a little blip, not sure if it was yesterday’s lack of food or something else.
    There’s loads of vegan stuff available in the UK and my daughter has so many vegan cook books she could open a shop. It’s quite surprising really I never realised marmite was vegan as are chicken gravy granules we have here.
    Fast day 4 on Thursday. Have a good day everyone.

    Hi everyone. Sorry I have had to lay low for a while. Just busy stuff, nothing dramatic. My news is simple, I have stuck with the plan! Had to swap out my planned fast and non-fast days, but overall I did do 3 fast days last week and will do 2 this week. Weight is consistently fluctuating between the same 3-pound range. Given my non-fast days are still not what they should be, I’ll take it.

    I think all of this is proving that the 5:2 way of life is more than achievable. And if this is my base weight with zero exercise and no restrictions on NFDs, that’s not too bad. That said, when next I motivate to do more (or less if your brain works that way), I will be starting from this new base and I am sure I can drop it down.

    Good choices must rule the day. Exercise is coming at some point.

    starting today and want to lose 10 kgs in total. I’m in Auckland

    Welcome bex. You will get there.

    On my second fast day today. While most fast days are easy for me, I awoke this morning knowing this one will not. I am going to take my hunger as a sign of progress and try to hold the line.

    Wishing everyone a great day!

    Good to hear from you Alx, and you stick to 5:2.

    Welcome bex, I’m from Wellington and aim to lose 5-7 kg.

    Susie, when I was on no carb diet I experienced shakiness after couple of weeks and had to give up. Another cause may be your blood pressure. A friend tried fasting but couldn’t do it as her blood pressure is low. Take care.

    Missed posting yesterday due to many meetings. Much better today.

    NFD today. Been to the gym already (only second time this week).

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    Pleased to say I completed day 4 fast day yesterday and have not had any further shaky and light headed issues. I’m not a big carb eater Phoenix but if it happens again I’ll get my blood pressure checked out. I’m quite surprised I’ve found it so easy to fast, I know it’s early days and it’s a bit of a novelty at the moment but perhaps knowing you’re not going to eat anything in the day stops you thinking about food so much. Looking forward to weigh in Sunday. I almost got on the scales today but stopped myself. Have a good day everyone.

    Hey all,
    Sorry I’ve been a bit awol – still working on this work thing, going to be another couple of weeks of madness… No change on the weight for me, but this current job is sitting at a desk for 10-12 hours a day, not much movement, so not expecting a great change in the coming weeks, haven’t got much free time and weather is horrendous, plus it’s tiring mentally, so my sleep is vital.
    Anyway, well done on the fasts Susie, you’ll get used to them – some will be easier than others, as you’re finding them easy at the moment, some will not be so easy, but enjoy the easy ones!
    Good to hear Al and Phoenix keeping things on the right track 😉 I’m doing ok, some good choices, some not so good, but once this project is done, I’ll be back on it with exercise again.
    Have a great weekend all, I may be away from forums this week, as it’s just manic with work, so have a great week if I don’t get to post, I’ll try and be good with my NFD’s/FD’s! xx

    Weigh in 2 – 164lbs loss 1lb. I’ll take it. Would have liked two though. Working all week this week to cover holiday, that’s a good thing for me as I’ll be less tempted to eat and if I’m very busy won’t even think of food. Wondering whether to take advantage and do three fast days. What do you think of that idea experienced fasters?

    Weight has not changed in last 3 weeks. Dinner out at Denny’s on Saturday must have caused 1kg of damage.

    Busy this week as working on different issues on the charities as Treasurer. Also organising a plant stall (fundraising for a charity) at a local fair this Saturday. Very exciting as this will be a new experience for us.

    Fasting today and a lovely sunny day in Wellington.

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Hey everyone. Its a holiday here today, though you wouldn’t know it because I came into the office to work AND its a fast day for me! All good though.

    Weight has been remarkably consistent. I start the week on Mondays at 187lbs after weekends of less than best choices. By Friday I am at 184 after 2 fast days. No exercise. I am broken record.

    Fact is that I am getting what I put in. I could tighten up my NFD calories, but have not been all that disciplined. Its there for me and when I do it, I am sure I can drop a few more lbs on regular 5:2. There is also the option of going 4:3 occasionally, which I do occasionally, but not thrilled about making a regular thing. And then there the “move your ass” part. I’ll let you all know when that happens more than once in a row.

    Drink water everyone. Hydration is the key to hydration. I defy you to debate me otherwise.


    Good to hear from you Alx. It appears you, Penguinchick and me are in a bit of lull. We will get through it.

    Fasting only lasted till noon yesterday. I’ll try cut back calories on NFD by eating more vege. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to skip both breakfast and lunch at fast days.

    Extremely busy at work and after work. Hope to get to the plants nursery after work today to tidy and record the plants for the charity plant sale this weekend.

    NFD today and have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

    Yes, a lovely Tuesday. I stuck to a very difficult fast day yesterday. Made it, but already I ate a bit more breakfast this morning than I needed to. Lots of meetings and stress today. Hope I can stick to a good food regimen.

    Hope, of course, is not a strategy.

    NFD yesterday went sort of ok. A small slice of yummy cake offset by a light dinner – I hope.

    Worked for more than 2 hours at home last night sorting out 2 charity trusts matter. Last thing I wanted to do, after working full day at work. But at least they are done , and now I can concentrate on the charity plant sale this weekend.

    Skipping morning gym this week to work on charity matters before work. Not sure whether this will result in weight gain or loss.

    NFD today and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

    Good food always gets in the way of my good intentions. Special luncheon at work was tasty and while I didn’t necessarily overdo it, I did partake. Then our dinner meeting, which was super boring was catered by a super-delicious caterer. That’s a deadly combination. So I am sure my total daily calorie count was way over the mark.

    Fast day today. Already hungry. Not sure why my very easy fast days are now not so easy. Could that be a good sign?

    Hi all. Did my fast day Monday and doing second tomorrow. Had a bit of a fall out with a lemon drizzle cake yesterday so I know my calories are up this week, plus I didn’t go swimming Monday as it was throwing it down with rain at 8pm and I could be bothered to go out. Working all week as well has kept me busy but I will go swimming tomorrow night.

    Al x – I’m hoping my fast days stay easy, I know I’d never manage a fast on a Friday Saturday or Sunday tho.

    Susie, I hope your fast days are easy too! I am starting to theorize though that easy fasts may mean that your body has adjusted and maybe your metabolism thus slows, which is not a good thing. Maybe its wishful thinking but I am taking my hard-again fasts as a good sign that the body is fighting it, meaning I can resume shedding pounds. I am happy with the 10-12 lbs gone but I have 10 more I’d like to see come off.

    I complete failed fast day yesterday. Hard fast meets appealing lunch. Fail! Then went home and failed some more. Terrible fast day, though not the worst NFD, so I am making today the 2nd fast day and while its another hard one, I am determined to make it work. Have to.

    I ALMOST gave it all up in my mind this week. Started to recognize this is where I just bail the 5:2 program, at the 4-5 month mark. Its what happened last time. But I am NOT GOING TO DO IT! I must go on. At the very least I have a doctor’s appointment on November 9th and I want that pudgy nag to see my weight under 185. I am also curious to see if my blood tests show any differences.

    Keep going everyone! Its only 2 fasts a week!

    I have an underactive thyroid so I really hope my metabolism does not slow anymore. I work 6 hours a day normally between 9:30 and 15:30 and don’t get a lunch break plus my travelling time of at least 30 mins each way means I’m not really bothered about food. The minute I get home I start cooking tea. It’s the 7.30 munchies that get me. I know I’m not hungry but all I can think about is what can I have to eat. Usually I want cakes, biscuits or chocolate. There’s a little demon on my shoulder saying have it and a little angel on my other shoulder saying your not hungry so don’t have it. It’s a constant battle. Today is my fast day and I’m only drinking water for the rest of the night. It’s hard but it’s only one day, already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Anyway now I’m off swimming.

    Alx, I’m struggling on fast days too. After the re-start in Jan 2019, I was good for about 3-4 months then hit the plateau.

    I’m super busy both at work and social (helping charities) this week and failed both fast days. It will get better next week. I must also stop finding excuses, and find the motivation I once had.

    NFD today so should go ok.

    Tomorrow is our charity plant sale at a local fair. Quite excited about running a stall for the first time.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    Well its nice to know I am not alone in the struggle. I am trying a new fast day strategy. I ate lunch at noon but kept it to a small salad. Could not have been more than 300 calories but I am going to count it as 400. My hope is that I can now make it far enough into the evening that a large tea and a small 200 calorie or less snack can carry me until bedtime. Something different at least.

    Hey everyone!

    I’m with you on the struggles for FD’s! I have decided it’s the weather change; When it gets cooler, we naturally want to eat comforting things, as we feel cooler, it’s not bright outside and we want that ‘snuggle by the fire with a cup of cocoa’ kind of feeling… That’s my excuse anyway 😀 !!
    I have managed to lose 1lb – but only the stars can say why, as I feel like I haven’t stopped eating, though it’s small snacky meals, rather than sitting down for a family meal – therein lies the problem, I never fill up, so am hungry faster. I’m trying very hard to snack on things like carrots, salad and beetroot, but I have had ‘other’ things 🙁
    I will try to be better at this, but due to the workload I’ve had, it’s been hard to plan meals properly. I’m going to defrost all the soups and stock I made a month ago and stick to those next week – it’s the weekend now and I’m super busy all weekend, so I’m not going to flap about food for now!
    Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll all keep each other going for the next few FD’s!
    Be strong my friends, we can do this! x

    Weigh in 3 – 164lbs. The same as last week. Only have myself to blame I know I’ve eaten too many calories on NFD’s To much cake !!!
    Disappointed with myself but onwards and hopefully downwards next week.
    I totally get what you mean with the weather change. Time to get the slow cooker out and get the warm comforting foods on. I find soups quite filling. Time to make some I think.
    Fasting Monday and Thursday this week although it may be Wednesday as I’ve got a dental appointment Wednesday, if I get an injection might swap the day as eating with a numb mouth is no enjoyment.

    Sussie, When I first started 5:2, it was common to go through a fortnight cycle that I lose weight on one week, then almost none the next week.

    Weekend charity fair was a success. Despite very active over the weekend I probably ate too much calories.

    Fast day today and I will stick to my plan – No food till lunch time (an apple), then a small dinner.

    Will start attending the work gym from tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Monday Monday, da da da da-da.

    I should take it as a victory that my weekly weight check was no worse than the prior two weeks. I had a great 3-day visit to see my daughter and we ate and drank were merry.

    Fast day today and my goal is simply to get it done. I haven’t had an easy FD in a while so I need to focus and just back to doing them right. Water! More water!

    The weather is indeed something to be wary of. Cool temps make for comfort foods. Also, I have noticed that fasting makes me cold. So I need to treat that with teas and not hot cocoa!

    Have a great week guys!

    Fast day yesterday has gone well. Managed one apple at lunch time and a smallish dinner. I felt hungry a times, especially in the morning, and managed it by black coffee and Chinese tea. Will repeat it at next fast day (Thursday).

    NFD today. Got celery and brown rice in the fridge. Will get something meaty at lunch time to go with them. Work morning tea this morning so plan for a light lunch.

    Alx, hope your fasting has gone well yesterday.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    Uh oh. Did a very controlled fast day yesterday. It felt like a fast day. I did everything right. On really good fast days I lose about 2 pounds and given yesterday’s was so solid I figured I would hop on the scale this morning just to see…. NOTHING! Not an ounce off from the day before. How could that be?

    I am not going to panic, but I am pissed off. So while today is a NFD, I am going to really cut it back. Minimal carbs today and small meals. I cannot put on 3 pounds at a time when I needed to shave off another 3. That’s 6 in the wrong direction and that is not acceptable. I will go 3 fast days this week and head into each of them on half my usual NFD calories. That will show me.

    I wonder if I am mad enough to hit the gym?

    Alx, please don’t be put off by lack of weight loss. I think after 4-6 months of 5:2, our bodies got used to it and will take a bit longer to show the result.

    There are some very funny articles in the forum about weight fluctuation you may want to read.

    NFD went well yesterday. Lots of cooked celery, half a cup of brown rice and a little bit of meat for lunch worked. Will repeat this today and Friday. Also will control dinner portion tonight to prepare for fast day tomorrow.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    Managed to attend the work gym first time this fortnight.

    Yesterday NFD went well till later at night. I was distracted by a minor car accident on our drive way (my son-in-law was driving, nobody was hurt but the car was a write off) I have comfort eaten couple of big cookies.

    Fasting today, and I will be disciplined.

    Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Well done for getting to the gym Phoenix, good effort! I’ve been laying low a bit, work has been super busy and lots of other stuff going on, I’ve not weighed myself since last week, I’m going to do a weigh in on Friday, as Thursday is my FD, wish me luck, as Monday didn’t quite work out as I’d have liked!

    I’ll be with you fasting Phoenix, hope yours goes by easily. I’ve been a bit ‘meh’ these last couple of weeks and ‘feel’ like I’ve gained, so Friday will tell :/
    Funny how easy it is to feel lost if you have a bad few days/weeks. Hoping to get back on track properly next week and do lots of walking/exercise! Have a great day everyone xx

    Yes Penguinchick, we need to continue practicing fasting & support each other.

    Fasting yesterday went ok till about afternoon tea time, but not too bad overall.

    NFD today. Completed a gym session this morning (even though I was very tempted to skip it), will go for a long walk and eat large amount of cooked celery (plus some brown rice and meat) as lunch.

    Long weekend coming up for us in New Zealand. The weather supposed to be good so I hope for plenty of outdoor activities to distract me from the kitchen and eating.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Weigh in 4 164lbs AGAIN.
    Positive no gain but so disappointed.
    Fasted Monday and Wednesday this week. Eating 2 eggs for breakfast and an Apple and skinny veg soup at 200 cals for tea with a couple of plums. Drank black coffee and water. Am I going wrong somewhere? I’ve swam twice this week, walked alot and had NO cake. I’ve kept to 1700 calls the other days.
    I really hoped after reading the book that this fasting would work for me. Any advice appreciated.

    Hey Susie,

    Don’t be disheartened, we all have ‘plateaus’ where there is no loss for a few weeks, keep on with the system and if you feel you need a boost to kick start the losses (thought they WILL happen if your cal intake is overall lower), then add an extra FD OR do a water fast day, where you take in zero cals – I’m going to try this on Thursday next week to kick start my losses again.
    Some weeks the body goes into a ‘maintaining’ state, where you need to boot it a bit to get losses going. Perhaps your body has become accustomed to what you eat/do and has become ‘comfy’ with itself. I don’t know tbh, but I always feel the need to step it up a notch when I’ve had no losses, then I usually get a chunky loss the week following and it all begins again! Give it a go for a week and see what happens?
    As an example, my hubby tried a water fast last week after 6 weeks of no loss at all and he lost 4 lbs since last Saturday, having added a water fast on Wednesday of this week, so it definitely shifted the scales for him… My turn next! Have a great Sunday all and good luck Susie, keep doing the program, it does work, it’s just slow :/ xx

    Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to the end of days! Why is this you say? Because I hit the gym this weekend, TWICE! AND, hold your children close, I woke up at 5:45am this morning and got on the damn elliptical machine for 45 minutes before heading to work. New leaf? I hope so! That or Armageddon. Take your pick.

    That’s my big news. 2 successful fast days last week and a third that ended poorly. Decent weekend, maybe a bit too many calories, but I am exercised and I am going on the assumption that this is the better thing to emphasize.

    Fast day today as well, so I am curious to see how that goes after a morning sweat.

    Have a good week everyone!

    Bravo Alx for your new exercise regime! Don’t be discourage if you notice some initial weigh gain, as the water retention may increase initially. Also muscles weight heavier too.

    My eating over the long weekend (Labour Day yesterday) was not particularly good. But no weight gain.

    NDF today. Completed an upper body gym work out this morning, and planning for a lunch that consist of lots of cooked celery, half a cup of rice and roast chicken meat. Then a small dinner.

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

    Thanks for the advice Penguinchick. When you say water fast do you have only water for 36 hours. I seriously doubt I could do that, I love my food.x
    I’ve had a fast day today, 2 eggs for breakfast and porridge for my tea, yep porridge for tea made with water. I’ve just done 35 lengths at swimming and I don’t actually feel hungry at all. That being said I could quite easily eat some biscuits, I know my downfall is eating because I like the taste, rather than eating because I’m hungry.
    Went for a good walk yesterday too, I lost my dog two months ago so me and the other half went and stalked all the dogs in our local park to fuss. I think I need to make sure I get some exercise everyday.
    Fast day on Thursday next. Have a good week all.

    Hey all,

    It’s late here, but I won’t have time tomorrow – did a good Fd today, stayed under 500 (Amazing, but hungry and ignored it or drank more water!) I had carrot soup for dinner, but I split it into 2 small bowls, to make it seem like it was more food and ate one bowl at 7pm, the second at 10pm, planned an early night, then had a call from a friend, so that was my early night gone – but lovely to chat with my friend.
    Susie, yes – a water fast is the same time frame as a normal fast – 36 hours. If you don’t think it would work for you, I hear you! I’m going to try, didn’t say I would succeed lol 😀 (I think we all love our food… flavour and taste are such a delight!)

    Good work Al! Well done for getting back on that horse! Well done Phoenix too, always so good with the training – I would do a thumbs up emoji, but don’t know how here lol!

    I’m on a NFD tomorrow, heading to bed now, but am going to try really hard to keep this week sensible, as I want to try the water fast on Thursday and shrinking the expectations of my stomach is a ‘must’, if I’m to succeed at it!
    Wish me luck lol! (I’ll probably give in and have soup… we’ll see!).

    Have a good week, stay strong! xx

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