Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Hey everyone. Today I woke up and started my 5:2 fast. I did this a few years ago with success for about 6 months but then stopped for really no reason at all. Well I need to lose some weight and then hopefully move on to up my fitness level. I am a male, 48, and live in the Washington, DC area. Would love to start some type of supportive chat to stay motivated.

    Hi Alx,

    Just come across your post and would love to join in the chat.

    Female, 54 from Wellington New Zealand. Started 5:2 in Dec 2017, lost 16kg by June 2018, then gained 8kg by Jan 2019. Started 5:2 again and lost 4kg so far, with 4kg to go.

    I stopped 5:2 in 2018 due to frustration of weigh loss plateau, also weather was getting colder. Have learned a lot since then on how to better manage non fast days (fast days were never a problem). Recently doing a very relaxed 5:2 and of course my weight loss plateau again.

    Fast day today (usually Mon & Thurs). Aim to eat one apple around 1-2pm, then small dinner.

    Will check in again soon.

    Hi Phoenix,

    Thank you for responding… and so cool to talk with someone from so far away! Your 2017-2018 results are impressive. Hope this new start for you goes well.

    Plateaus are real things and when I started to hit mine I bailed on 5:2 before committing to break through. I hope to lose 15lbs ((6.8k) before hitting a plateau on this venture and then getting through via more physical activity. This week, and probably next as well, I am focusing on just readjusting to fasting. I hurt my back last week so exercise is off the table anyways until I get pain-free movement back. I will be interested to see whether I can sustain exercise on fasting days, but in truth, at this point I need to sustain exercise on any day. If I can build some muscle, it probably would allow me to lower my weight loss goal.

    Monday’s fast went reasonably well. Small yogurt for lunch, large salad for dinner, only a minor headache in the afternoon and I didn’t try to kill anyone. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on work travel where my eating may have been a bit more than if I wasn’t traveling and meeting with lots of people, but overall not too out of hand. There was alcoholic beverages involved though, which in retrospect I could have avoided. Today is the second fasting day of the week and so far, so good.

    I wish I knew more about New Zealand, but from what I do know, it is a beautiful place. It is high on my list of places I aspire to visit. Looks like a hiker’s dream.

    Hi Alx, well done on your fast day.

    I too, find slow days are more of a challenge. When I was more strict, I only ate dinner during fast days and no breakfast on slow days during the working week. Then eat normally at weekends. But weekends usually caused the problem,

    Exercise wise, I didn’t find it affect my weight. I stick to the calories limit regardless of how much exercise I do. I also choose my goal weight calories as my slow day target, which is only 1500.

    As a dieter for a few decades, I believe the most effective way to control weight is through food intake. Exercise makes me feel happy and tone my body but I don’t link it with weight loss. When I linked the two, I tend to overeat as I will miscalculate the calories I burned.

    Hope your back is getting better. May be doing gentle exercise so your back will have time to recover?

    New Zealand is a beautiful place. I came to study here back in 1986, and ended up living here permanently. We are like a small community and we care about each other.

    If you like hiking, you will love New Zealand. If you are planning for a trip, make it a longish one as there are so many wonderful places you can explore.

    My fast day went well yesterday: one apple at 2pm, one slice of cheese at 4pm then grilled meat and vege for dinner.

    Skipped breakfast this morning but will eat out at lunch and dinner. Need to remember my 1500c limit.

    Have a lovely day!

    Hi Alx,

    I posted this morning and can’t find it here. May be I didn’t press the Submit button correctly.

    Well done on your successful fast day.

    Hope you take care of your back when you exercise. Very gentle exercise maybe?

    For me I need to separate the ideas of weight loss and exercise. I rely on 5:2 for weight management, and exercise for feeling good and toning my body. If I link the two then I’ll overeat, thinking exercise will earn me more calories. It’s easy to overestimate calories burned.

    I limit my slow days to 1500c, based on sedentary lifestyle and goal weight (I climb hill & go to gym 1-3 times a week). When I was more strict on 5:2, I ate dinner only on fast days and skip breakfast on slow days except for weekends. Weekends and/or away from home tend be very challenging eating wise.

    My fast day went well yesterday with one apple at 2pm, a slice of cheese at 4pm, then grilled meat and vege for dinner.

    Skipped breakfast this morning and only ate half the lunch (stirred fried udong noodles with seafood). Put the rest in a container to take home.

    New Zealand is a lovely place, and you will enjoy hiking here. If you do come over, make sure you plan for plenty of time. There are just too many wonderful places you can explore.

    Hi Pheonix,

    If climbing a hill and going to the gym 1-3 times per week is sedentary, then I am in real trouble!!! I tend to go through streaks. I will exercise well (4-5 times per week combination of weights and cardio) for a few months, then just stop and do nothing for several months. My work hours are long with a heavy commute at both ends so once I fall out of sync on my pattern I fall WAY OUT.

    I think your notion of separating the weight loss and fitness is wise. Really my goal is to feel better and be healthier. In this sense a good eating regimen and good fitness regimen do not need to be tied and trying to evolve them together adds more stress.

    I am through my second fast of the week without issues. Yogurt again for lunch and shared a light salad with my daughter last evening. Not really very hungry this morning but ate a small protein breakfast and do not feel the need to eat heavily for lunch either. The long weekend here (its a holiday) may be a different challenge, but I am not going to worry about it because I will resume the fasts next week. I have dropped 2 pounds since Monday (couldn’t resist checking), though probably just water weight. The weather here is really nice so I am hoping for an active weekend.

    Best to you

    Ha, you are right!

    My lifestyle is not exactly sedatory but I calculate maximum calories on slow days based on this. I have a desk job during the week but we live on a 250 acres lifestyle (a challenging) one so always have things to do. Fortunately most of the time the work stress is manageable. I did slipped a bit fasting wise when I was stress . Hope you don’t have too much stress from working long hours.

    Well done on your fast day & the weight loss. I weigh all the time, at least twice a day. Only record it formally on Monday morning – usually at my heaviest due to the weekend eating.

    Last Friday was a very successful slow day by eating half my lunch an dinner (both takeaway). This weekend has been going to plan apart from eating out on Saturday, that has cost me +500g. Still hoping my formal weigh in tomorrow will show a slight decrease in weight from last Monday.

    Have a great long weekend.

    Formal weigh in yesterday at 70.2kg, a reduction of 600g from last Monday. But I was between 68.5 – 69.5 kg in last few weeks, so really need to be stricter.

    This morning another drop of 700g, after a relaxed fast day yesterday – I needed to concentrate on some intensive number analysis and ate about one bowl of vege crisps. So calories intake was more like 800c.

    Slow day today. Plan to eat a pear for morning tea, then vege soup for lunch. And meat and vege for dinner.

    Hope your long weekend has gone well!

    Weekend went pretty well. I ate a little heartier than I intended, there were french fries at more than one meal, and beer. But I fasted on Monday regardless of it being a holiday and made it through admirably. I held all my calories for dinner, where we went to a friend’s barbecue. I resisted appetizers and ate a burger without bun, a scant amount of whole wheat pasta salad and a pickle. They also had a very low calorie ice pop thing for dessert. So I think I kept it to just around the 600 calorie target.

    My official weigh in Monday morning said -2lbs for week 1. I’ll take it given my non-fasting days were pretty rich. Monday’s fast was a concern for me so I weighed in on Tuesday morning just for the hell of it… and 3 more pounds came off! It must be all water, but I’ll take it! So that’s 5 pounds in 8 days and a nice way to start the day, though I know it’s a mirage. It would be nice to be at 5 pounds lost next Monday morning. I try not to weigh myself every day, but now I will be curious about tomorrow after I get some food in me and continue to hydrate.

    The goal for this week is to find the “new normal”. Make good choices on non-fast days and start moving more. I have a fitbit. Goal for today is to find it and charge it up! Had a small amount of scrambled eggs for breakfast with my coffee and I already know I am having a salad with grilled salmon for lunch. So I just need to be responsible about dinner.

    Best to you, keep it up and thanks for the companionship. We are doing this!

    Well done on fasting during the holiday. This is something I have not tried.

    My slow day didn’t go well yesterday, due to needing to stick to my desk for hours & I ended up ate bad food like crisp. The yummy carrot cake muffin my daughter baked last night did not help.

    To me, -2 pounds (about 1kg) a week is a lot of weight to loose. Looking at my record (I used the tracker religiously to record weight on Mondays), I managed – one pound on average per week before fallen off the wagon.

    You have done extremely well on losing 5 pounds in 8 days. Don’t be too disappointed if the weight loss in the following week is less. If I loose more weight in week one, then week two lost is usually less. Then week 3 is more and week 4 less and so on.

    Need to stay strong today (slow day), and prepare for a good fast day tomorrow.

    All the best to your day!

    Just keep going, Pheonix. Bad days or sub-optimal days are going to happen. I think one of the best parts about this program is that you just get back to it.

    Yesterday’s non-fast day was pretty good. Small protein breakfast, reasonable salad for lunch and then went out for thin-crust pizza. I ate a little more than I anticipated but didn’t stress over it. No sweet cravings, no hunger. This morning, as expected, I had put back on a pound which I know was rehydration, but I am pleased with the number on the scale after only 9 days and 3 fast days. So today I again had a small protein breakfast and will strive to eat moderately and drink a lot of water. Next fast day is Thursday and then another big weekend with lots of eating events that will be a challenge. I am not going to weigh myself until Monday.

    I found my fitbit this morning. Its charging. That does not count as exercise, but it’s a move in the right direction, yes?

    Hope your fast day is going easy for you. Drink!

    Thanks for your encouragement. I tend to go through a cycle that started with high level of determination, then declined after about 3-4 months. And now is on the decline.

    Quite bad slow day yesterday. Again stuck on the desk for too long and ended up eating crackers and crisps in the morning. Even though the lunch and dinner portions were fine, the carrot cake muffins have offset it.

    Surprisingly despite 2 bad slow days my weight has maintained since Tuesday morning.

    Fast day today so will eat an apple at around 1pm, then a small dinner.

    You have done so well and hope your fast day goes well too.

    I am putting myself in your corner. My support for you will hopefully help you, and for some reason helps me more than when I try to encourage myself. So yeah, selfish motive as well.

    Take the win on weight maintenance and remember that you cannot fail a slow day. The 5:2 theory is that we are not supposed to be too focused on the off days. Of course, we are doing just that, but overall I suspect the trend is in the right direction and that weight itself is not the sole measure. I know last time I saw remarkable improvement in blood glucose, heart rate, cholesterol and other measures. And by the way… no way I would resist a carrot cake muffin on a non-fast day either. That’s crazy talk.

    Funny that I too hit a challenge point. Yesterday’s non-fast day I found myself hungry. I ate three meals and a snack. Lots of carbs. More carbs and calories than I should have indulged, but I am not going to dwell on it. Again, we are playing long here. Plus I think my body has figured out that I’ve reduced calories and is rebelling. Good, right? That’s the whole idea. So I avoided the scale this morning as planned.

    Today is a fast day and I already know will be difficult. I woke up really hungry. I have had my coffee. Still really hungry. I brought my yogurt for lunch and want to eat it (Its 8:48am), but I wont. Today is going to suck, but I am determined to stay within my 600 cals and tell myself that the hunger means metabolism jolt and another push down the scale. Right? Right?

    My fitbit is charged and on my wrist! I am certain by the end of the day I will now have a step today that proves to me what I already know… I am not moving around enough. SCIENCE! That said, maybe it will also remind me to get up and move around more. If you can walk away from hunger, then maybe I am going to meet my step goal.

    We are both doing well because we are both still going. Its not a competition. The whole woman vs. man thing makes that unfair. Hope your fast went well, see you on the other side of mine.

    Thank you Alx! Your support is much appreciated. There have been months I was doing 5:2 on my own and it was difficult at times with no one to share information.

    Interestingly I found non fast days more challenging than fast days – in general.

    Most of the time my fast days were ok. One trick is limit the carb & calories the day before. Otherwise I feel more hungry the next morning. Regular non calories hot drinks (black tea/coffee, green/jasmine tea or even just hot water) throughout the day help. Engage in a different activity when you feel like eating: walk to talk to a colleague, make a phone call etc. My urge to eat never last long.

    For non fast days, especially in the weekends, limiting calories is a real challenge. To combat this I tried to either skip breakfast or just eat an apple in the morning on non fast days, then controlled portion of lunch and dinner. I tried to eat slowly, so I feel full quicker, try to only eat half portion if I eat out. Unfortunately for me I can’t eat “whatever I want” in non fast days. This is a quite a common challenge.

    My fast day went ok yesterday and all the best to your fast day.

    Long weekend coming up and we are going to Whanganui. The weather is not looking good. Hope we will do a lot of physical activities and not too much eating.

    I struggled through my fast day, but I did. I actually think I came in under 600 calories. I also made my step goal for the day! I just did it all with hunger.

    Woke up hungry this morning and broke the fast at about 8:15am with some eggs, a bit of sausage and, unfortunately, a biscuit. But its a non-fast day so I guess I shouldn’t fret over it. I can sense I am going to be in a spot the next few days as my body seems to want to fight the restricted calories just as I enter a weekend chock-full of events with lots of food. We shall see how that goes.

    I don’t know anything about Whanganui, but I am certain just by its name that it is more exciting than where I will be. Enjoy it, weather be damned.

    Congratulations! You did it – 600c on fast day.

    We should take one day at a time in this 5:2 journey. I find my resolve is weaning at the moment, and need quite a bit of effort to stay on track.

    Reached Whanganui last night and woke up with a wintery blast. We managed to visit the river side market & got some groceries. Then will stay indoor for the rest of the day.

    Booked on a jet boat & hiking tour tomorrow but it’s cancelled due to bad weather. Hope we can walk on the beach etc tomorrow.

    Eating wise, probably consumed too much calories yesterday with a work farewell morning tea, normal lunch and dinner out. Today is no better, had breakfast (coffee and muffin) then lunch out in a very nice cafe.

    As I’m on holiday so I won’t worry too much about calories. Will try to eat less calories tonight and tomorrow.

    All the best for the weekend.

    Hi All,

    I started yesterday with my 1st fast and although it got a bit tough at times, I feel really proud that I got through it. I planned my food the day before and stuck to it.

    Just finished a fortnight on Keto diet and lost 12lb but 5:2 will give me more flexibility. Although planning to stay low(ish) carb.

    I want to lose about 5 stone but have an immediate challenge of 2 stone by late July as I have a family wedding to go to.

    Sooo depressing as packed all my nice clothes away as nothing fits any more and I keep wandering around in a couple of shapeless items that have to be washed and put back on. Feel like a bag lady really – not good for the confidence.

    Anyway – determines to break the spiral of misery that this weight is causing me and do something about it.

    Wine and crisps are my worse enemy with wine taking top prize!

    Any tips, help out there and I would to leave to hear from you. Love to buddy up with some other newbies to encourage each other.

    Hi FarToGo, welcome to the conversation… and the journey. There are lots of little tips that you will pick up along the way, but I think the big one is to keep going. 5:2 works over time.

    Pheonix, I hope the weather improved and you got to hike and boat and just enjoy you holiday, calories be damned. Gotta live and enjoy when you can.

    My weekend went much as I thought. Its rare for me to have so many events and food packed into one weekend, so I just went with it. I was hopeful that my appetite and choices would be better than usual since I am 2 weeks into 5:2, but that went right out the window. Fajitas, Beer, bourbon, steaks, desserts, pasta, etc. etc. And cookies… so many cookies. It was two days of feasting. So Monday morning’s weigh-in was just as I thought, put back on 3 lbs of the 5 I had lost. So I am back to only 2.5-3lbs down in two weeks AND I am expecting a miserable fast day today.

    That said, I am not beating myself up about any of this and I am staying decidedly positive. I am sure I will drop 2 pounds today from the fast and then my goal is to begin to reign myself in on non-fast days and increase physical activity. If things go as I hope they will, I do not think this crazy weekend will amount to much and I am hopeful that at the end of 3 weeks that the overall weight loss will still average 2 pounds per week, or maybe even more.

    Water. Water is my friend today. Water and you guys.

    hi everyone
    can I join in the conversation

    Im Graham I’m a 61 year old British man living in London and starting my diet tomorrow with 70 pounds to lose

    I think this thread may help me with a little bit of accountability
    I tried the 5:2 a couple of years back but didn’t stick to it

    I feel it’s so much more simple to do than anything else I can really face (weighing food, carbs versus protein etc.)

    going out now to buy my eggs and soup for tomorrow
    wish me luck

    having failed and failed for years I’m full of dread to be honest but I’ve reached a stage where if I don’t lose the weight I’m going to nstart seriously damaging my health
    I have one brother who recently had a stroke and another 10 years younger than me who had a mild heart attack – they were both absolutely fine but it was a shock (mind you saying that it still hasnt stopped me eating)
    heart disease is in the family

    apart from that none of my clothes fit and i look and feel terrible
    usual stuff

    Jump in buddy. The more the merrier. I am starting to wish I had a partner here at work, someone I can take a walk with on fast days when everyone else is going to lunch.

    Returned to Wellington yesterday in lovely sunshine.

    Didn’t step outside the Whanganui holiday home till Sunday night. The day was super windy. So two daughters went to visit their friend, their partners & hubby went to do Go-Cart and Tenpin bowling. I enjoyed a very peaceful day by myself, worked on some accounting work and watched hours of drama on ipad at the same time. But it meant very little exercise. Eating wise it was ok.

    Weigh in this morning at 69.8kg – a reduction of 400g. Happy with that.

    AlX, you are doing well. There are always good and bad days. Don’t worry too much about the weight fluctuation. I found recording a formal weigh in on Monday morning works for me. I thought last week was not a good week & I’m wrong.

    There is one thing about baked food. I can’t remember the formula – but the combination of (butter) & carb (flour and sugar) stimulates the appetite and it is difficult to stop eating. I use 80:20 rule on non fast days: eat well 80% of the time, and don’t worry about eating 20% “bad” food. Saying that I need to compensate for not eating breakfast on non fast days to limit the calories intake.

    Welcome FarToGo! You have done Keto? You will find 5:2 a lot easier and sustainable. I gave some clothes that didn’t fit me to my daughter in late 2017, and I ask for them back after loosing 12kg. So hang on to the clothes. It’s very satisfying to fit into them again.

    However 2 stone (12.7kg) is a lot of weight to loose by July (9 weeks). For me I aim to loose 400g (0.9 pound) per week. May be check your weigh loss and then set a target then? There are a lot of information in this forum that offer by very seasoned faster too. Please read them, especially about how to manage wine & crisps.

    Welcome Grahanm58! Many of us have done 5:2 in the past and back for second or third round. Don’t think it is a failure but lessons we have learnt, that we can apply them to this 5:2 journey.

    I started 5:2 due to my bad knee, and I wanted to stay fit & didn’t want to give up hiking and exercise. Both my daughters have long term health issues and I need to stay healthy and strong (mentally and physically) for them.

    Fast day today for me. Have a great day everyone!

    Amazing how a good fast day can bring you right back! I actually was so busy I didn’t eat a thing until about 7pm then had a huge, but under 600 calorie salad. I also hit my 10,000 steps. As suspected, 2 of the 3 weekend pounds are gone this morning and all told I am not crazy hungry.

    Hopefully today’s non-fasting day will be healthy and thus I return to the normal routine and maybe another pound or so off this week.

    Keep it up everyone. This is a marathon, not a sprint. No matter how far off your goal seems, if you reel it in slowly, you are more likely to succeed and sustain. Beyond a weight goal, I think it equally important for me to do this for more than 4 months (the length of my last run) and hopefully it becomes permanent.

    Hooray Alx! Good on you to stick to your fasting.

    Like you, I dropped 1kg (2 pounds) from fasting yesterday. Had a pear at 4pm then a normal dinner. But I expect the weekly weight loss to be more like 400-500g.

    Keeping busy on fast day works for me too. Yesterday I added a treat to my fast day – an one hour whole body deep tissue massage. Sometimes my treat is going to an exercise class. Most fast days I’ll go for a long walk at lunch time.

    Non fast day today – plan to skipped breakfast, and have a light lunch and normal dinner.

    You are absolutely correct about this is a marathon and not a sprint. I believe in following a sustainable lifestyle that allows me to control my weight – which I accept I need to do all my life. There are just too many easily accessible high calories food out there. After trying many different types of diet I found 5:2 works for me.

    Have a great day everyone!

    hi all

    my first fast day went well yesterday and today I’m trying to stay under 2100 cals
    last time I did the 5:2 there was a lot of hype that you could eat as much as you want on non-fast days and I was bingeing a lot and that was a mistake so I’m being stricter this time
    not fanatically but just keeping the over eating in check
    so far so good – next step is aerobic walking with my heart monitor
    haven’t done any exercise for YEARS

    Good on you Graham58! All the best to your aerobic walk.

    I too made the same mistake first time on 5:2, that I could eat whatever I wanted on non fast days. And the weight lost achieved for fast days reversed during non fast days.

    However I still like a bit of snacking at non fast days, and compensate this with no breakfasts. I tried to limit non fast days calories to 1500 cals but not always successful.

    My non fast day was reasonable yesterday. However I need to limit to one cup of milky coffee in the morning (I didn’t feel well after the second cup), and eat fruits (instead of 3 small cup cakes).

    Fasting today.

    Have a great day everyone!

    have a nice fasting day tomorrow pheonixW thanks for your encouragement
    I think the “eat what you want” myth was a gimmick to put the 5:2 on the map
    I don’t think they push that claim now a few years on
    lots of people had problems with bingeing on non-fast days because of it

    It’s a good idea to watch your calorie intake on NFDs but for me I don’t want to get too extreme and then find I’m constantly hungry and constantly MISERABLE!
    I’m looking forward to losing weight this time but I’ll only do that if I push myself but it’s a balance between being strict and not becoming miserable from constantly feeling deprived when you over do it
    To be honest it’s a balance I somehow lost in my mid 30s having always been slim and I’ve never been able to get it back again

    I just want to be able to eat food and to view food like a normal person

    Hey Guys. I missed posting yesterday due to a family visit, but I am back today. So happy to be keeping up with you because now I feel accountable. Hope your weeks are going well and that you are working your plans.

    Me, I am totally faltering on non-fast days. Just eating too many calories of the wrong foods. Gotta make better choices. That said, while I am discouraged I am not quitting anything. Today is a fast day and I am actually looking forward to it! I need a good reset and I believe the coming days are calming down enough where I will be able to reset my non-fasting eating habits. I am NOT going to weigh myself while I settle in for the next few days.

    Graham… what is normal? Let me know when you figure that out. In the meantime find what works for you in a healthy way. Unfortunately “eat what you want” is never going to be a truth, but hopefully we can get to wanting what we can eat. (See what I did there?)

    Pheonix, I am in your corner but I have no magic for how to break the cupcake habit other than to get them out of your house. Everyone has a vice.

    On an unrelated note, I saw the Rocketman movie yesterday. I am not a huge Elton John fan but I really enjoyed the film.

    Fasting went well yesterday. It was cold in Wellington and my eating urge increases when it’s cold. Managed to hold on till 1pm & ate one pear. Then a light dinner.

    Alx, you are correct about the need to rid of temptation. We don’t have cheese, sweet biscuits (cookies) or chocolates at home. However I bake regularly at the moment, because younger daughter’s diet resulted in a lot of unused egg yolks. And I can’t stand throwing them out. So I tried to bake muffin that has less sugar (& lots of egg yolks) etc. Most muffins are consumed by daughter’s boyfriend thankfully.

    Like you, I’m in resetting mode. My weight has gone up and down in past 8 weights and I weigh the same as in early April. So hang on there and we will crack it.

    In general I found non fast days harder to manage. My learning on what to do on non fast days:
    1) Bulk the food up with a lot of vegetables & try to reduce (not eliminate) processed carb over time. My favorite non fast day lunch is usually a big bowl of rice, vegetable & egg soup, flavored with all sort of Asian sauces.
    2) Eat a piece of fruit before the main meal
    3) Eat slowly
    4) Slowly reduce the portion. When eating out I try to put half portion into a container from the start. Of course you can’t do this for some meals.
    5) Eat fruit when feeling hungry
    6) Allow food that I enjoy, as long as I include the calories into my daily limit.

    Of course I struggle to stick to them all the time. But I do need to eat more fruits, and less cup cake.

    What is helpful too is my husband cooks most of the time. He basically put frozen steak under grill and boil vege to death. So it’s not hard just to eat the minimum. If I cooked then all of us will eat more. So I try not to cook.

    Non fast day today, and I wish you all a happy day.

    ugh I can’t stand eating fruit!
    I buy it because I feel obliged and it rots in the fruit bowl and attracts flies!
    Maybe that’s another habit I need to develop this time around

    I went out with a friend today and we had coffee and she suggested going somewhere for cake AND I SAID NO!
    she was Fine she just said “oh sorry I forgot you’re dieting”
    it was a sign for me that I’m really serious this time

    haven’t lost any weight yet but I’m like this **MIGHT** be the one attempt to slim down that is going to actually last more than a couple of months

    Way to go, Graham! Little change have to add up over time.

    Non-fast day today. Skipped breakfast and went a little heavy on lunch, but I should be able to control dinner pretty well. Hoping for an active weekend as well.

    Best to all of you for a good weekend.

    hi all
    Al x I saw Rocketman today and thought it was great – so honest!

    I thought the guy playing Elton was fantastic I hope he gets some awards

    Just entered my MFP entry for today (a fast day) and I’ve had 400 calories
    Scrambled egg and 300g of soup in the evening
    Yesterday (NFD) I had too little as well so I may be guilty of getting too extreme as a beginner but I feel fine so I’m just going with that
    I dont see the point of eating 200 calories just for the sake of it tonight as I’m going to bed!

    I’m pretty sure all this under eating won’t last!

    Still haven’t done any exercise

    I’m really feeling hopeful – I’m enjoying DOING something about my weight finally and it’s really improving my mood

    Well done Graham for such good discipline!

    What about eating vegetables if you don’t like fruit? In fact some doctors advise severely limiting certain fruit because of their very high sugar content.

    I was stuck in front of computer most weekend battling with accounts and tax returns – it will continue for next few weeks. As a result I snacked a lot more than usual. Fortunately the weekly weight loss is 200g, not a gain.

    My husband has committed to skipping breakfast everyday. He has diabetes and was advised by a colleague to try this. It has been difficult to get him to fast – so this is a small progress. It means I also will commit to skipping breakfast everyday – including weekends.

    We also watched Rocketman at the weekend. It was fantastic. Agreed the actor is superb and will be great to see him and film gets some awards.

    Alx, hope your weekend eating gone well.

    Fasting today. Have a lovely Monday to you all!

    Hi All,

    I am on a plateau of my own making. Three weeks complete and still at 5 pounds. No mystery here. My non-fasting days and exercise regimen are just not good enough. That said, I am hopeful that last week & weekend were the end of a long line of food-heavy events.

    So another reset fast day has begun and I am going to try to double my normal water intake. See if a can wash an extra pound or so out. Tomorrow I will focus on cutting way down on those bad carbs… the white ones…. breads, sugar, rice, potato, pasta. I won’t necessarily eliminate them, but I can certainly cut them way back.

    Graham, I am not a huge fruit person either. Never have been and in the grand scheme of things, the ones I tend to like are heavy in sugar too. In my world, sticking to proteins or veggies helps with brief snacking. Beef jerky, lower calorie cheeses, a slice of cold cuts here and there are pretty satisfying. Carrot and celery sticks with a bit hummus is a nice snack. If I am really hungry I will take a slice of turkey and roll it up, dip it hummus. If I snack a little like that, my meal choices tend to be better…. of course I SAY this. I am currently not DOING this. But that is to change this week.

    Happy Monday guys.


    hi guys
    fasting day today and it cant come a moment too soon
    my whole mood crashed this weekend and all the interest in the whole losing weight dilemma evaporated into thin air and I was back to thinking “not sure if I am interested in doing this…..”

    I have to say although I did have THREE tortilla wraps one after another STANDING UP in the kitchen (not even bothering to sit down!)
    I think that was Friday night at about 10:30pm that was really the worst of it

    I was out having coffee yesterday in the West End which usually means cakes – but I didn’t indulge at all I had a tuna sandwich and that was it

    I’m now back fasting and trying to get my head together and I must say I do feel a lot more – if not exactly POSITIVE – a lot less NEGATIVE!

    I think it’s just the first of many periods where I just have to weather my own self sabotaging and negativity
    Also it’s the first week and I haven’t lost any weight or made any progress so the whole process feel very abstract and hypothetical

    As soon as I lose a bit it will encourage me and help me start to feel more committed – at the moment that just feels like it’s impossible

    the whole cliché “It’s a marathon not a sprint” is really true

    for me weight is all about emotions and moods and psychological things – things I have never really understood within myself – I’m not 16 stone for no reason

    I need to lose 70 pounds so I have a long journey ahead of me and it’s time to get used to the fact
    the days of throwing my toys out of the pram and stuffing my face are over 🙁

    Thanks for this thread I think it was quite a big factor in keeping me from completely losing it – you are out there doing exactly the same things yourselves – so why shouldn’t I??

    Keep The Faith! xx


    A good fast day may be all you need to regain the lost confidence. Forget about the numbers and just commit to the 5:2 thing holistically. In essence that alone cuts 20% of your caloric intake if you don’t go nuts on the non-fast days.

    I don’t think I lost any weight last week, which is pretty crappy for only week 3, but I do feel like I am headed in the right direction, and just when I was struggling to stay positive about it all, very randomly today a coworker said, “hey, you’re losing weight aren’t you?”. And just like that… I’m feeling a little better.

    A good fasting day yesterday. Took a long walk at lunch time. Ate an apple at around 2pm, then normal dinner. Non fast day today.

    Alx, loosing 5 pounds in 3 weeks is an excellent & sustainable achievement. It’s common for plateau to occur every 3-4 weeks. Like you I need to continue to work harder on non fast days.

    Graham, we all had our bad moments. Last weekend I did’t need the iced coffee (with heaps of ice cream) & large amount of snacks. However if I want 5:2 to be sustainable I need to be able to enjoy some food that I really like. My strategy is allow some ‘bad’ food and set weight target reasonably low (loosing 400 g or 1 pound per week).

    This forum has a lot of posts that are really helpful to stay motivated. I’m especially touched by the post from Merryme:

    Let’s be inspired by Merryme and continue on this journey.

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Its a good day. I am finding my fast days are becoming my easiest days. Life is pretty simple when you just accept the fact that you are fasting. I was very busy at work yesterday and wound up not eating until 7:30pm. No headaches, no mood issues. Just two cups of coffee and a lot of water all day. And that includes a two-hour meeting with tons of snack foods on offer. I looked, but I did not touch… and I mean really good stuff. I scrambled eggs for dinner with a little cheese on top, and done.

    This morning I feel pretty damn good. I shed a few pounds over the fast day as is typical but I am not counting my post-fast weighs. The interesting thing is that I am not really all that hungry this morning. I had my coffee and wrapped a slice of cheese around a slice of ham and on my way. I think I can probably go until lunch like this. I feel good.

    Pheonix, thanks for posting the link to the other thread. It’s good to see how others are doing and what insights can be gleaned.

    Have a great day guys!

    hi Guys
    Pheonix you’re right you are making yourself miserable if you get obsessed with having nice things to eat! It’s just not sustainable in the long run

    I’m just starting to remember this stuff because it’s 6 uears since I lost any real amount of weight

    the great thing is the things you learn come back to you
    I’m a complete cry baby – which I’d forgotten – so it was a good reminder this week that NO-ONE SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE EASY

    I had a great moment yesterday putting on my trousers – EASILY less of a battle to get them fastened!!!

    couldn’t believe it

    weighing yourself is great but it’s not the only sign that you’re going in the right direction and THINGS ARE HAPPENING
    Al when people say “have you lost weight?” that’s a sure sign you’re doing something right Fantastic

    you guys are really helping me – I think about what you’ve written during the day and it makes me feel so much less alone
    let’s try to keep this going!

    So fantastic to hear from both of you on your successes.

    Alx, like you, I find fast days are quite easy to manage. If I was offered yummy food during fast day, I put them into a container and eat them the next day – my way to ensure I don’t feel deprived. Also a message to my colleagues that I’m on 5:2

    Graham, fitting easier into clothes are very satisfying. Try not to throw smaller size clothes away yet, and restrain from buying too many new clothes for the time being. Saying that, I bought a dress that will only fit me when I get to my goal weight.

    I had a reasonable non fast day yesterday. Had a day off work but ended up stuck in front of computer for most day. I still snacked (on small quantity), and no iced coffee.

    Back to work today. Another non fast day and I plan to skipped breakfast, a vegetable soup for lunch, some fruits during the day and hopefully a light dinner.

    Have a lovely Wednesday!

    Non fast day yesterday and again today
    I’m really impressed with your eating regime on NFDs Pheonix – it’s definitely my Achilles heel one thing I need to learn is reining it in on non fast days
    I agree with you Alx the fasting is so straightforward! also no chance of sabotaging it without realising – I’m very good at going into complete denial about what I’m putting in my mouth

    Do you guys have a calorie goal to stay under for your non fast days?
    I’m reluctant to do that because psychologically one of the things that makes 5:2 sustainable is having that break
    But I think I’m having a bit TOO much of a break!

    It’s all a learning curve – I’ve realised over these last few days of starting this I have had YEARS of never asking myself ANY questions about food WHATSOEVER I have just been eating whenever and whatever I liked

    But that’s also part of the journey ahead, finding out the habits and changing them – seeing why I’m craving and trying to divert myself, SO MUCH WORK

    but a lot of my stuff is habits and habits are the easy part because it takes no will power to change them you just stop doing it!
    Apparently I read somewhere it takes 2 to 3 months to change and reset a habit – which is not that long at all especially when the end result will be so life changing

    I’m looking forward to exercise being a habit and also the 5:2 itself just being a normal part of the week

    Pheonix it’s a great idea to have clothes to have as a goal

    It’s been so miserable for me these last months because a lot of my shirts no longer fit and even just a 7 pound loss would mean I could start wearing them again – I’ve been rotating the few clothes that I can get into – awful
    And as for trousers! I’s double my wardrobe! I have about 6 pairs I haven’t worn for years!

    P.S. Can you guys get back to me about whether you count calories on non fast days? I can see I need to nip it in the bud or it’s going to stop me losing weight and then I’ll jack the whole thing in altogether!

    I do not count calories on non-fast days. I agree that the simplicity of 5:2 was that you didn’t have to worry too much on non-fast days, just be responsible and avoid going crazy. So my goal currently is to just make reasonably good choices, and I think this week I am finally doing that… and I can feel its working.

    Now, I will say that if and when I hit a real plateau, that I might calorie count on non-fast days as a good way to break through. We shall see.

    Today, so far, is a second non-fast day in a row where I am doing pretty well. A little hungrier than yesterday but so far I have been able to keep that in check. I skipped breakfast and ate a reasonable lunch, including one cookie. So now I just need to make sure dinner isn’t unreasonable.

    I am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s second fast day of the week. How weird is that? I think I have committed this into being a successful week no matter what. This message board is a factor in that. Thank you.

    I sort of count calories on non-fast days – but I’m an accountant so can’t help myself.

    My goal/limit for non fast day (1500c) is based on sedate lifestyle and my goal weight. After investing a little time to understand calories calculation, I can easily estimate calories e.g. a muffin is 300c, an egg 80c etc. But I’m not always successful to stay within 1500c, especially during weekends. I need to keep on working on different strategies so I can have food that I enjoy and stay within the limit.

    I also weigh myself in the morning and evening. This helps me if I go too overboard with food, so I can rein in. I record every Monday morning weight in the tracker (under Resources of this website).

    We need to work out ways that suit us. This forum has a lot of useful information. For e.g. fastingme has offer brilliant ideas and advice.

    Non fast day went well yesterday. I actually have lost 300g overnight. Fasting today and is going to be a good day.

    Have a happy Thursday!

    Pheonix, it’s so great that you are 16 hours ahead of me. How was Thursday? I am just getting started on my Thursday fast and I am wary.

    Have really been crushing it this week. Weds was another pretty good day from a calories standpoint, I think. I grazed dinner at a reception but feel I kept it within reason. I can feel this is a good week, but…

    Today is a fast day and I did wake up hungry. The good news is that I guess I am primed to drop more weight as my body seems to be fighting me on the fast. That means metabolism is strong. Bad news, its going to be a rough day. Filling the water glass now.

    Graham, I sense you are struggling because this is a struggle. My advice is to accept it. Welcome to the struggle. Let’s do it together, suffering and all. And if we do, I am certain that we will celebrate together as well.

    Hi guys
    Alx you’re right I find it a struggle but I’m hoping it gets easier as I learn the ropes – sorry if I moan a lot!
    One thing that stresses me is not really knowing what I’m doing or what to expect etc. but I know I will relax as I develop a rountine
    so far it has actually been must easier than I expected having put this weight battle off for six years, starting out was a huge barrier to get over – I finally just ran out of excuses!

    weighed myself yesterday – dead on 16 stone as usual – I haven’t lost an ounce!
    I think my body is on shock and just in disbelief that I’m actually controlling my food!

    anyway I’m not fixating on weighing myself because it’s not really an accurate way to measure progress but it was pretty annoying
    Fast day today and feeling ok so far

    actually did an aerobic walk in the pouring rain yesterday and got soaked! felt great to be moving though I AM SO UNFIT!!

    Hi all,

    Fasting went well yesterday. I drank 2 cups black coffee (with natural sweeteners) and lots of hot jasmine tea throughout the day. Ate a small apple at around 2pm then a dinner that was mainly vegetables.

    Fast days have been a challenge for me too, especially after a big dinner the night before. I tried to eat lighter the day before fast day, to avoid/reduce hunger pang the next morning.

    A few other things I found helpful:
    – mentally reminds myself regularly “I enjoy fasting. I’m allowing my body to rest from digesting food.”
    – add in treats like going for a 60 minutes massage on Fast Day.
    – keep myself very busy like going for a long walk at lunch time; and walk around the office talking to people instead of emailing/calling them.

    Alx & Graham, not sure whether you have read the 5:2 book by Michael M. If you haven’t, consider borrow one from the library. I made a lot of 5:2 mistakes before I read the book. The information in the book gives me structure/routine how to follow 5:2.

    Graham, sounds like you are reducing in size but not evident in weight yet. Good on you to do aerobic walk in the pouring rain. Both weigh loss and fitness will eventuate. We all need to stay on track.

    NFD today but our team is going to Yum Cha (yummy Chinese snacks) for lunch. I’ve agreed with the team that we will not overeat and will take the leftover food home.

    Have a great Friday!

    well done Pheonix it sounds like you are ticking over pretty so far
    I am looking forward to the 5:2 becoming a lifestyle and part of my weekly rountine
    I am not going to let rain or weighing scales discourage me
    there are plenty of people on YouTube declaring “I lost 70 pounds!”
    why shouldn’t I be one of those people?
    I mean over the next year or two – how ever long it takes
    I don’t want to be fat any more
    In fact Pheonix as you tell yourself “I’m resting my body” when I catch myself looking at sweets and biscuits when out shopping my mantra is “I don’t want to be fat any more”
    works for me – I remember all the misery my weight has brought me – and it helps me stop buying the wrong stuff

    I did have the book but I gve it to a friend
    this was a fast day for me and it went ok
    I also did another aerobic walk in the rain! It was fine!

    Hi fasters,

    Well done to you!

    Just popping in to say hello, and to encourage Grahame to write down what you are eating and drinking on nonFDs. Even if you do it without working out the calories, it works to help you be accountable to yourself. If you wanted to, you could count the calories for a couple days to get an idea of what calories are in what. The act of writing a list of what you eat and drink, even without working the calories has been proven to help people lose more weight than if they don’t. This doesn’t mean you need to do it all the time, but it’s good to do it every so often when you think you’re diverging upwards, or through challenging days.

    You may to write down the time you eat or drink which will help you work out a time of day that is a challenging time. When tired later at night is a weak spot for many people.

    This way of life works.
    Merry (Australia)
    Onwards and Downwards

    Hi Merry and thanks for the boost!

    I probably should read the book. Right now I am happy with my conversion to this lifestyle, but I know it will get harder and maybe that will be a good time to reinvest by becoming better informed.

    Another successful fast day, but not an easy one. I was hungry all day and counted calories closely to make sure I didn’t cross 600, but I really wanted all 600 of those allowed. This morning the scale is again down, so I if I can keep things reasonable fri-sat-sun, I should be a happy guy come Monday.

    Woke up hungry this morning and have been lightly grazing all morning. That may be something I try today, many small snacks throughout the day. I feel like if I go for a full meal, I may go too far. Also, isn’t grazing supposed to be good for the metabolism?

    So next week is going to be a real challenge for me. It may not be possible to do 5:2. I am on faculty for a 1-week institute. We go all day, all week and the experience includes meals that are like working lunches. I am trying to figure out if I try to fast during one or two of those days and suffer (and potentially impact my ability to perform well) or if I eat but try to be particularly dietetic in my food choices, which seems more feasible. Thoughts?


    So lovely to hear from you Merry. My younger daughter also has ME/CFS after a viral infection that damaged her nervous system 5 years ago. I was crying reading your posts – you are so courageous & resilience.

    Like you suggested, I wrote everything I ate when I began 5:2 to keep myself honest and this has been useful. Don’t need to do it now as I’m able to mentally add up calories every time I eat/drink.

    Graham, I retain more water when I excercise. This may be the reason your weight has not drop yet, as you are upping fitness. Keep persevering, it will happen. I also agree 5:2 is a lifestyle choice and we are in it in the long haul. I still eat my favourite food like donut in NFD sometimes, and I include the calories into the daily limit. So if I decide to eat one donut then I will skip lunch – it’s about choices.

    Alex, I assume you will be working with a number of people next week. I used to think I couldn’t fast if I’m stuck in a whole day meeting that come with working lunch. I was surprised to be able to fast at these events so far. Main reason I was kept very busy (mentally) during these meetings, and I put my share of food in containers for the next day (so I don’t feel missing out). However I don’t fast when I’m holidaying – have not developed a strategy for that yet.

    Yesterday NFD went well. Everyone in my team were very disciplined & did not over ate (too badly) at Yum Cha. We all got our containers of leftover food to take home. No special Occassion this weekend so eating should be under good control.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    hi guys
    hope you are coping being out of your routine Alx – if we mean to keep 5:2 as a lifestyle I suppose we have to learn to continue no matter what
    The reason I stopped last time was because every week was another event where fasting would have been very challenging, inappropriate, inconvenient etc. – but these are all excuses I latch onto any chance I get so this time I want to learn how to have more resolve

    Pheonix thanks for your encouragement – I really need it! How can it not be working?? Not one ounce lost!
    Jeez – so discouraging
    Having said that it would be crazy to stop now – but it’s an example of what can make you give up
    Actually the mirror is telling a differenty story my face is definitely thinner so something must be happening
    Of course as soon as I lose that first good amount of weight it will be so inspiring and I will start to get some momentum going – so far the whole project is just hypothetical and abstract Hey Ho!

    NFD today and I ate sensible amounts because I wasn’t hungry – could be I’m starting to change habits

    I have a friend staying next week so Monday I will be fasting and doing tourist stuff around London all day – determined to keep up with the 600 calories
    My friend will be supportive he’s a nurse and has told me for years I need to lose weight!

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